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May 27, 9:57am
Excellent Penny Arcade comic on Google's AI Overviews today. #artificialintelligence #comics mastodon
May 21, 4:46pm
@bangbangcon I remember being really impressed with Mirabai's captioning at !!Con West! Her comprehension was better than mine, and I was grateful for the captions. (Link to my comment of appreciat... mastodon
May 21, 1:35am
Highest respect to Realtek Semiconductor Corp. for never changing their 1987 logo crab thingy. mastodon
May 20, 10:06pm
To avoid the A.I. text at the top of Google Search results, add udm=14 to the query string. Instructions in link. mastodon
May 18, 12:06am
Using A.I. to automatically generate police reports from officers’ bodycam audio is a frightening prospect. I appreciate the @eff quote, @404mediaco. mastodon
May 17, 5:15pm
Woohoo! Finished reading a book. Can't wait to start my next one. Here's my queue (subject to change at any time): * Fire in the Hole (Short Stories) by Elmore Leonard * Raylan by Elmore Leonard ... mastodon
May 16, 9:18am
I'm finishing a good book. This is one of my favorite times in life. #books #reading mastodon
May 15, 2:42pm
The URL to @pluralistic 's post "Even if you think AI search could be good, it won't be good" is a pithy quote from Mark Zuckerberg (that's also applicable to Google). https://pluralistic... mastodon
May 14, 12:00am
On AI art, @pluralistic writes, "AI doesn't have a mind. It doesn't have an intention. The aesthetic choices made by AI aren't choices, they're averages." mastodon
May 10, 3:20pm
I really expected Randall Munroe's XKCD "Chasing" chart to include "Lunar Eclipses" (near "no") and "Solar Eclipses" (near "yes"). #comics #xkcd h... mastodon
May 7, 11:11pm
I'm so happy that GnuPlot 6 added Braille character support for its CLI terminal plots. These two plots are of AirPassengers.csv, the top using Braille, the bottom using term "dumb". The ... mastodon
May 6, 11:20am
Ted Chiang's science fiction short story, "Story of Your Life" (~50 pages) is great. You should read it. #scifi mastodon
May 3, 8:56am
Poorly Drawn Lines #comics mastodon
Apr 28, 10:08am
@JetForMe I've seen a couple of recommendations for as an alternative to Google. (From people who did their searches twice to compare results, and found that finally, they could t... mastodon
Apr 28, 10:05am
@JetForMe Everything I use is trending downhill. Can't even search with "" for an improved search, because there are now services to poison Reddit with AI posts from truste... mastodon
Apr 27, 10:54am
It's almost as if @MrLovenstein worked directly with @pluralistic on this one. mastodon
Apr 27, 10:41am
@integerpoet Nowadays we don't know if this is your own or a recent AI generated snippet you liked. mastodon
Apr 22, 5:14pm
@JetForMe I'm sitting here waiting for my Kaleidescape ship to come in. mastodon
Apr 22, 10:34am
@integerpoet It took me a beat to process the image here in Mastodon, (are they videos? Should I click one?) but once I did: Yeah, the ad's answering the question. Lie to the customer, make them th... mastodon
Apr 19, 10:29pm
@jaredzimmerman I can't tell if I'm getting more Marcel the Shell With Shoes On vibes, or more Adventure Time vibes. mastodon
Apr 19, 10:14am
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Global replacements with regexes on the shoulder of projects... I watched C-code glitter in the dark by a customized theme. All those tweaks wi... mastodon
Apr 17, 8:57am
@thisismissem @404mediaco @vmstan I wonder if the GDPR covers something like this. mastodon
Apr 17, 8:55am
I gave up and added the following "what's the highlight info for the word under the cursor" to my vim/nvim rc files: function! SynGroup() let l:s = synID(line('.'), col('.'), 1) e... mastodon
Apr 17, 7:26am
From Joseph Cox @404mediaco : Spy Pet, the Discord aggregator, says, “We prioritize your privacy as a user searcher. Your searches are secure and confidential.” At the bottom of the site, a button ... mastodon
Apr 13, 9:32am
@JetForMe sudo, pronounced s'doh, from the Japanese modifier when spoken from a superior to their junior. Ex., "Sudo, make me udon." "Sudo do it again." Used so often by Hattori... mastodon
Apr 12, 7:59am
@JetForMe When I'm around you, I'm going to pronounce it "suhdoh". (Or if I pretend it's Japanese, shorten the u to s'doh.) 😂 mastodon
Apr 8, 9:20pm
@creativenull Imagine my pain: I'd been using Y to yank lines in vim for years, only to migrate to neovim and see they correctly changed it to "yank to the end of the line", like C, D, et... mastodon
Apr 8, 9:15pm
I saw that @creativenull 's GitHub description has "Stuck configuring vim config everyday." And I felt attacked. mastodon
Apr 5, 8:39pm
@Jerry I've got two examples of why I "care somewhat". One: I probably suck at recycling correctly, because I get no feedback about what I'm doing. Similarly I might care if it really was... mastodon
Apr 5, 5:33pm
(note to self) It's like `cp`. The first argument exists, the second one is the one you want to "create". mastodon
Apr 4, 11:25pm
So far I like the search engine Kagi. But what I still need in Chrome is search autocomplete (esp for versus), where you type "thing vs", and Google tells you what its competitors are. An... mastodon
Apr 4, 11:31am
Maybe I'll start poisoning my posts with signature text from A.I. As of my last knowledge update in April 2024, it seems like it could be interesting. #ai #discordianism mastodon
Apr 4, 12:40am
"They have ventured too deep into the Library and forgotten the way out." I almost thought this was going to be about Stephen Wolfram and his "A New Kind of Science". Which, app... mastodon
Apr 4, 12:22am
Alexander Miller's "Conway's Game of Hope" combines Conway’s Game of Life with Pandora’s Box. mastodon
Mar 31, 10:22pm
@quephird I dunno, this hits me like look at all the vulnerabilities in our world-wide infrastructures, and I am dyinggg. I guess maybe I'm dyinggg too, but more in a sadness way than anything else... mastodon
Mar 31, 9:49pm
@SpaceLifeForm Did you mean "For AT&T to have only retained 7.6M of those 73M customers in 2019?" Yeah, that's a lot of churn. What we don't know is how many signed up (or otherwise g... mastodon
Mar 29, 5:12pm
@404mediaco , I like the private full RSS feed. You got my money. More power to you. Good luck! mastodon
Mar 27, 7:57am
If I'm going to work in a cafe, I have to visit neverssl (to get past a captive portal) before I code with openssl (for security). mastodon
Mar 25, 3:21pm
Thank you @pluralistic , for selling your ebooks DRM free. I'd never want to go through Rohit's ordeal. mastodon
Mar 25, 12:30pm
Devin can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever. #ai mastodon
Mar 21, 8:38pm
I looked up the locations for the amazing sets for Full Metal Jacket. The location for Da Nang was Isle of Dogs, London. Isle of Dogs isn't just a movie! It's a real place. TIL. mastodon
Mar 18, 7:21pm
Love this GitHub badge, "No Maintenance Intended", and I don't even have to re-clone my repos to add it, I can edit the README right in GitHub. This'll be nearly the first time I actually... mastodon
Mar 15, 8:32pm
@stargirl That's so aesthetically pleasing! Stuff like that is inspiring. In very stark contrast, I added a screen cap of text to my own dotfiles repo today, because for some reason I wanted to sho... mastodon
Mar 15, 9:54am
Amazon telling warehouse workers to close their eyes and think happy thoughts mirrors Portal 2's "stare at the art and feel mentally... mastodon
Mar 14, 9:01am
Important post by @pluralistic , "If we manage to snuff out the right to scrape and the right to analyze without permission – we won't stop media companies from selling creative workers' outpu... mastodon
Mar 11, 10:20pm
@JetForMe vaccines (My point is I've been reduced to the equivalent of asking, "just don't come to work and cough on me". Just the simplest of hygiene would be an improvement. I can't wai... mastodon
Mar 11, 6:08pm
If you use the same password at multiple sites: don't do that. Credential stuffing seems to be in the news a lot. Also, the WordPress plugin "Limit Login Attempts Reloaded" works! Had it ... mastodon
Mar 10, 1:44pm
I'd gladly read a post called, "How to Start" in order to avoid starting quite yet. mastodon
Mar 9, 10:52pm
Shell/vim tip: One can use process substitution to put search (ripgrep in this case) results in a quickfix window: vim +"copen" -q <(rg -n needle) Previously, I'd populated a scrat... mastodon
Mar 9, 5:46pm
@JetForMe It's still useful to try quotes, results are inconsistent nowadays though. mastodon
Mar 9, 5:42pm
Improve Google Search: Used to be you could use quotes to make Google search take a search term as a requirement. Now you can achieve similar results by clicking Tools at the right of the Search Re... mastodon
Mar 8, 2:04pm
How does one create a Mastodon link converter from normal RSS feed links from other instances into links on their instance that they can interact with. Ex. to, https... mastodon
Mar 5, 10:57am
Thanks, I hate it. It is worth reading @404media 's Inside the World of TikTok Spammers and the AI Tools That Enable Them. Even if you have to provide an email account. mastodon
Mar 4, 8:20am
Language from Intuit management During tax season, @pluralistic mentioned an "Intuit manager who woke up one day and said 'Fuck all those people. Just fuck them'", but it wasn't about our... mastodon
Mar 3, 10:05am
If you do Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) 's book Humble Bundle, be sure to click on "Adjust Donation" and drag the sliders according to the distribution you intend before you click Checkout... mastodon
Mar 1, 8:42pm
Here's a cute Easter Egg by @pluralistic. The intra-page link to his PE Hospital article, (link name /5000-bats), is "#charnel-house". It's fun to watch Cory get riled up. The explanation... mastodon
Mar 1, 10:43am
@b0rk A custom bash function that tries for __git_ps1 first and falls back eventually to a local implementation. mastodon
Feb 27, 1:55pm
Sometimes the Unix timestamp ends with 000000 when the local time is 00:00:00 (midnight). And they stay in sync for a minute! Partay! In California, we gonna party for a full minute on midnight mor... mastodon
Feb 22, 12:39am
Heh. I made a JSON-to-CSV converter script #!/usr/bin/jq -rf # (clever jq code from StackOverflow) only to learn I never needed it.'s VisiData already imported my JSON just fi... mastodon
Feb 21, 9:56am
Really enjoyed this @404mediaco article on the emergence of AI-generated fake recipes with fake images. This is just the beginning. mastodon
Feb 19, 10:56am
The MIT AI Lab PDP-10 had a switch with "Magic" and "More Magic" modes? That reminds me that `vim` also has Magic and Very Magic regex modes. mastodon
Feb 13, 2:40pm
Nice to see that @pluralistic 's "enshittification" has made it. @danhon made a handy reply guidance banner, "Do not reply to teach me about capitalism or enshittification. I know.&q... mastodon
Feb 12, 11:59am
So the experiment has run its course. I respect that the maintainers knew that the name could eventually fund the Taliban and knew the other associated risks. So it goes with a few TLDs, .... mastodon
Feb 7, 9:37am
@Claire @b0rk As an example, I saw Julia's reply (or accidental post?) to @gvwilson about awesome sqlite examples in my feed reader. But I don't and never have followed Greg. The post was available... mastodon
Feb 6, 9:57pm
Oops! That was supposed to be my favorite git config option in reply to @b0rk 's thread mastodon
Feb 6, 8:33am
[merge] conflictstyle = diff3 mastodon
Feb 4, 9:27am
@Em0nM4stodon How to choose‽ Based on the number of commits and size of my dotfiles, I have to go with #vim. .vimrc has gotten the most love and attention. mastodon
Feb 3, 10:11pm
You know, as I was reading a book, and I was hoping that Amazon wasn't wasting CPU and bandwidth as they notify everyone about it. As one does. As our forefathers did. (Turns out Amazon's bug was t... mastodon
Feb 3, 10:07pm
@JetForMe That's good! Is it yours? mastodon
Feb 3, 8:01pm
GoodReads' HTTP Conditional GET is broken. We get 304s ("Not Modified") I updated a book today. GET works: $ curl -s " mastodon
Feb 1, 8:23am
@404mediaco @keyoxide For example, here's verifiable cryptographic proof of things that are mine on the web. And if you're wondering if something else is mine, then encrypt a message to me (with my... mastodon
Feb 1, 8:20am
Reading @404mediaco 's "Fake Bill Ackman and Jim Cramer Instagram Ads are Trying to Take My Money" about how Meta hosts obviously scam ads that link to others' CRD numbers as "proof ... mastodon
Jan 29, 12:52pm
@georgetakei Yes, boys too. (Cries in Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar Filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread.) mastodon
Jan 29, 9:06am
I'm not into SportsBall, but I feel hopeful when I visit the "Mr. Irrelevant" page of Wikipedia and see the photo of the QB for the 2023 NFC champions there. Let's go, Mr. Irrelevants, ev... mastodon
Jan 26, 11:24pm
Oh! And I happen to be reading both Cory Doctorow and Ed Brubaker right now! I'm reading The Lost Cause on Kindle and the Reckless books on paper. 3/2 mastodon
Jan 26, 11:16pm
And @pluralistic just mentioned it in "Tabs Give me Superpowers", citing himself in 2004 #productivity #gtd 2/2 mastodon
Jan 26, 11:15pm
Pleased to see @pluralistic, Ed Brubaker and myself each wrote about a productivity technique, using the Zeigarnik Effect. (Stopping at an intentionally unfinished point.) I cited Brubaker in "... mastodon
Jan 21, 4:57pm
Remember what you were working on right before your area shut down for Covid-19? I wrote a script to get on the Salesforce Tower Tours, and the tours were promptly cancelled! But then, unrelated, N... mastodon
Jan 19, 3:12pm
2600 already provides an RSS feed. The education/support I'd like to see from influencers like Doctorow is why to use an RSS feed reader. With your own reader, there no platform in the middle to hi... mastodon
Jan 19, 11:46am
@pluralistic went on about how unfair platforms are to 2600 without once mentioning 2600's RSS feed. RSS feeds don't have the platforms (Gmail spam filter, Facebook boost requirement) problem. Use ... mastodon
Jan 15, 3:02pm
And then @pluralistic succinctly summarizes his own article "while we're nowhere near a place where bots can steal your job, we're certainly at the point where your boss can be suckered into f... mastodon
Jan 15, 1:34pm
From an American on Reddit re Houthi missile attacks: "They can keep f'ing around, but they'll discover why we don't have free healthcare." mastodon
Jan 15, 9:20am
@integerpoet Hopefully that dope found something fun to do like make snarky self-deprecating social media posts. mastodon
Jan 12, 9:53pm
Sad truth from @pluralistic Re: AI that'd help radiologists double-check x-rays for tumors: "AI's sales pitch is not 'Buy an AI tool and increase your costs while increasing your accuracy.' Th... mastodon
Jan 12, 10:20am
Given these maps of the most popular browsers, knowing me, I should really be using Mozilla Firefox. mastodon
Jan 11, 11:13pm
Just noticed that Andri Möll's vim-bbye's documentation has this most excellent line, "If you've just got your splits and columns perfectly tuned, having them messed up equals a punch in the f... mastodon
Jan 8, 1:38pm
@radiolab replayed 2009's Stochasticity about how the order of reality seems to come from randomness. Nowadays it just hits like real life Stable Diffusion. Start with the noise, then remove the no... mastodon
Jan 8, 11:39am
If you miss Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cooper Spread chocolate bars, you might enjoy Tcho's "Aww Nuts!" Almond Butter chocolate bars. I got gifted these, and they brought be ba... mastodon
Jan 7, 1:20pm
@JetForMe Yep, I've seen various pithy memes about the media falling for Rufo's strategies. Here's another link. (Worth reading the linked article there, too.) mastodon
Jan 4, 10:16pm
@luna I loved your poem. Looks like a lot of us identify with the feeling. This doesn't fix the problem, but for some it's better than nothing: I follow some Mastodon friends via their [instance]/u... mastodon
Dec 30 2023, 11:37pm
Here! Nicky Case's The Evolution of Trust mastodon
Dec 30 2023, 11:36pm
"Most of life is not zero sum." I really enjoyed this Veritasium video, "What the Prisoner's Dilemma reveals about life, the universe, and everything", and especially love that ... mastodon
Dec 23 2023, 12:32pm
@integerpoet Ha! So was I. mastodon
Dec 22 2023, 4:55pm
Excalidraw is pretty wonderful. I love being able to specify a sloppiness that frees me of having to be too precise. #collaboration #diagram mastodon
Dec 22 2023, 2:22pm
We are completely uploaded and fine mastodon
Dec 19 2023, 8:43am
Cory Doctorow @pluralistic channeling Jamie Zawinski @jwz "...nonconsensually enlist the population of San Francisco in an experimental murderbot development program" https://pluralistic.... mastodon
Dec 17 2023, 4:33pm
I released Vim Git-Tab today. It's a tiny but handy vimscript that intuits what I want when I type Log, Blame, Diff or Show from the context of the current buffer and word under the cursor. https:/... mastodon
Dec 16 2023, 3:21pm
Here, let me jinx myself: In the next few days I'm going to open-source a tiny project of mine that I might love just as much as Tim Pope @tpope loves vim-fugitive. #opensource mastodon
Dec 15 2023, 5:20pm
Cory Doctorow @pluralistic drives his point home: "[Trudeau made] swathes of works by living Canadian authors illegal at the stroke of a pen, in a gift to the distant descendants of long-dead ... mastodon
Dec 13 2023, 7:37am
Great article "Polish Hackers Repaired Trains the Manufacturer Artificially Bricked. Now The Train Company Is Threatening Them" from @404mediaco I half expected to hear about this from @p... mastodon
Dec 10 2023, 12:07am
I wrote some notes about navigating vim in tmux or in i3 at my wiki. The wiki has some tables that show their similarities. I think this is the sort of meta thinking about process that Julia Evans ... mastodon
Dec 9 2023, 8:11pm
So I just went and assessed Pixlr, Photopea, Krita and Pinta for how easy it is to annotate with text and arrows. I learned that Pixlr just rebranded as an "AI Image Generator and AI Design to... mastodon
Dec 8 2023, 4:33pm
Now I know Cory Doctorow @pluralistic is baiting me. "Like Pavel Chekov says, a phaser on the bridge in Act I is going to go off by Act III." mastodon
Dec 7 2023, 11:42pm
@JetForMe That was really interesting. Thanks for linking directly to the meat. mastodon
Dec 7 2023, 7:54am
@integerpoet "echinacea" is the number of echidna that'd fill the South China Sea. Much more practical a number and less ridiculous than the concept of a mole of moles. https://what-if.xk... mastodon
Dec 4 2023, 3:05pm
Check your air filters. Test your alarms. Consider bumping your bcrypt.gensalt() work factor... (Yes, I have production code that is so old I may have to bump my bcrypt work factor.) #cryptography ... mastodon
Dec 3 2023, 9:32pm
I'm just starting Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse, and this team could do Elektra: Assassin justice. #comics #movies #billsienkiewicz mastodon
Dec 3 2023, 7:55am
@integerpoet I get curious about what your prompts (and process) might've been. mastodon
Nov 30 2023, 12:03am
Looks like the upgrade to PHP 8.3 is going to be way easier than the upgrade to 8.2 was. mastodon
Nov 28 2023, 8:10pm
@JetForMe I've got some code up there. mastodon
Nov 28 2023, 7:41pm
The Advent of Code sounds like fun. mastodon
Nov 27 2023, 3:05pm
Just remembered that time I submitted my website to Yahoo for inclusion in their hand-curated directory. #old mastodon
Nov 27 2023, 8:17am
@JetForMe Aww, that's disappointing. You'd think they'd understand the value of the improved visibility the variety of colors can provide. mastodon
Nov 25 2023, 12:17pm
"These Les Mis LARPers rigged the price of bread!" It's quotes like this that keep me reading Cory Doctorow. @pluralistic mastodon
Nov 20 2023, 10:24am
"It is worth noting that many of the people predicting an AI-powered doomsday are also the people funding, developing, and raising money for new AI capabilities." from @404mediaco's http... mastodon
Nov 15 2023, 2:23pm
Most of the time, my IDE is stacks of tunnels. I usually choose two or three of these: *ssh*: a text-only connection to a remote target machine *tmux*: looking throw panes and windows on that ssh l... mastodon
Nov 11 2023, 10:29am
Another good read by Cory Doctorow @pluralistic : "Jezebel's owner's top-exec is bent on ending reality-based coverage in favor of 'letting robots shit out brand safe AI-assisted articles abou... mastodon
Nov 10 2023, 7:05pm
I have a note to self to "Get rid of test code generating vim" I have no idea what I meant. @zannah might appreciate the sentiment. #code #todo mastodon
Nov 10 2023, 9:49am
@integerpoet You'd think, right? But even after this election, I fear identity politics will overcome reason for the next one. mastodon
Nov 7 2023, 10:04pm
Minor hand injury @JetForMe Tell us the story! What did you do? What's the prognosis? Is that a stitches situation? You up to date on your shots? Did you drive yourself to the hospital like that? D... mastodon
Nov 5 2023, 10:08pm
Note to self: The Scathing Atheist crew loves playing Codenames and Codenames: Pictures. And I should try Dave the Diver sometime. #games mastodon
Oct 29 2023, 10:37am
@jwz I get Dave McKean (Sandman artist) vibes from the visuals. mastodon
Oct 28 2023, 10:57am
@JetForMe I just discovered him today (via front page of reddit), and I'm captivated. mastodon
Oct 28 2023, 10:54am
I just discovered Neil Kohney's "The Other End", and this comic is deeply profound. #comics #life #serenity mastodon
Oct 28 2023, 10:33am
The tale of Bog-Thing, in Neil Kohney's The Other End. #comics #preservation mastodon
Oct 28 2023, 8:59am
@JetForMe If you'd used LLMDB you could've used a more concise declarative format: "dump the interesting area in a relevant way" 😂 It's like pair programming. mastodon
Oct 18 2023, 10:24pm
@JetForMe I think it's awesome. Keep it up. mastodon
Oct 18 2023, 7:20pm
@tommyyum Are objects in the universe lazy loaded? That seems fine, we've been doing that for years. #code #computerscience #algorithms mastodon
Oct 17 2023, 8:40am
@nixCraft If you're going to use your history, then curate it by removing dupes. #unix #linux #bash mastodon
Oct 17 2023, 7:54am
Nathan Yau made a heatmap of how the Most Common Causes of Death, by Age, has changed over the last few decades. #data #datavi... mastodon
Oct 12 2023, 8:26am
@pluralistic Can you make Amazon X-Ray files for those who read your ebooks on Amazon devices? #books #ebooks mastodon
Oct 8 2023, 8:40pm
Sometimes I get sad that my kids will never have played Guitar Hero or Rock Band (or even Taiko: Drum Master) with friends. I'm sure they'll do other wonderful stuff, but that was a nice moment in ... mastodon
Sep 30 2023, 12:57pm
Click through and read the "DISPATCH FROM THE CYBERPUNK CITY" manifesto in the tiny box by @jwz, of Mozilla, XScreenSaver and DNA Lounge fame. It describes today. It's worth it. https://w... mastodon
Sep 28 2023, 10:30am
@integerpoet I'm dreading that there's going to be so many more of these. I'm "dyslexic" in that way - where I write words that aren't what I meant, but are sorta plausible. I'd be that h... mastodon
Sep 26 2023, 2:16pm
I feel like I'm the only one at work who likes git trailers (key:value pairs at the end of commit messages). I have to fight our tool which automatically adds non-trailer lines to the end of commit... mastodon
Sep 25 2023, 5:11pm
To procrastinate? Or if my boss is looking, I'll pococurate. #haiku #wotd mastodon
Sep 25 2023, 2:22pm
Favorite Reddit comment of the week, on Taylor Swift asking people to register to vote: "I don't exactly cherish the idea of a pop star saving the world from a game show host, but at this poin... mastodon
Sep 14 2023, 10:37pm
@mafe Apparently vim has six modes, but I only use three regularly. My IDE is tmux+vim+entr, for pretty much everything. Would love to get into go and rust soon. What're you coding? mastodon
Sep 13 2023, 9:27am
Been using vim for ages. Just learned that "z" is the fold command key because the shape of the z looks like folded paper from the side. #code #vim #til mastodon
Sep 11 2023, 8:07am
Has Woke gone too far? Starfield makes some users change gender to fire guns. (True article, but my "woke" intro is pure sarcasm.) #gaming mastodon
Sep 10 2023, 9:20am
@integerpoet If it were, I imagine it risks the feline jumping off. mastodon
Sep 8 2023, 10:38am
When you visit a new website, always pretend to navigate to another tab or the close box, and the page will get scared and offer you a coupon to stay. Like a car dealership. #protip #sitedesign #da... mastodon
Sep 4 2023, 10:09am
@JetForMe @mastodonmigration I wonder if visibility would've been better if you'd added hashtags even though you're on your own instance. I'll boost, but as you know, I can't comment/change anything. mastodon
Sep 2 2023, 10:05pm
@integerpoet Yes and it was the trainers. They looked at eyes, and swiped right. The machine generated content we're getting now is a reflection of what the trainers looked at, and now we know they... mastodon
Sep 2 2023, 3:09pm
It says something about humanity that we've trained our A.I. to create images of people with amazing eyes, lips, boobs and butts, but mere vague Lovecraftian suggestions of crab tentacles for finge... mastodon
Aug 29 2023, 5:10pm
@JetForMe I'm stunned. Who could have predicted that‽ Only fix is to provide encryption backdoors, I guess. Nothing could go wrong with that. mastodon
Aug 26 2023, 11:10pm
@JetForMe It's JWZ's. mastodon
Aug 25 2023, 9:16am
@rubymayvalentine So much yes. In addition to RSS, provide email notification to those who opt in. Not everybody uses feed readers. But, more and more people are returning, so yay! Nicky Case is ba... mastodon
Aug 21 2023, 9:05pm
Lines like this are one of the reasons why I read Cory Doctorow: "To call this a 'transparent ruse' is to do violence to good, hardworking transparent ruses all the world over" #openai h... mastodon
Aug 18 2023, 9:59am
My .clang-format file references where it explicitly doesn't enforce line length. Thanks @torvalds! #code #c #formatwars mastodon
Aug 17 2023, 10:38pm
@JetForMe I was hoping for a haiku and started counting syllables. mastodon
Aug 17 2023, 10:31pm
I'm having fun reading Elmore Leonard books, and only now realize he got to enjoy seeing 3:10 to Yuma made into a movie twice, 50 years apart from each other. I wonder what he thought of that. #mov... mastodon
Aug 15 2023, 9:08am
When I log in to a new device after a few days, I "git pull" my personal dotfiles repo out of a compulsive habit. Just in case. Even though you'd think I'd know if a pull is needed, as I'... mastodon
Aug 14 2023, 11:00am
Long thread/15 @pluralistic @medium Re: Medium, I noticed that if you try to use to share the members-only article, it exposes up to the first dinkus, but doesn't give a clue that there's ... mastodon
Aug 9 2023, 8:55am
Every time I get on Mastodon, I wish we'd implement @jwz's suggestion here. #mastodon #activitypub #threads mastodon
Aug 9 2023, 7:38am
@unwiredben I'm interested to hear what you find out. I remember hearing him on the podcast This Week in Tech. mastodon
Aug 8 2023, 9:37am
@JetForMe @olivierlacan I'm often pessimistic and sarcastic. Instead, I'm going to be honest here: Yeah, I believe they will. I try to be charitable with voluntary claims about robots.txt. mastodon
Aug 8 2023, 9:32am
@b0rk It's not just me! I have re-written things I'd thought would be interesting without realizing it too. (Proprietary work scripts so can't share.) mastodon
Aug 4 2023, 8:17pm
I'm here for @b0rk throwing shade at ltrace. 😂 mastodon
Aug 4 2023, 8:02pm
A great post on Google's Web Environment Integrity by Cory Doctorow. #wei #google #privacy #enshittification mastodon
Jul 22 2023, 4:15pm
"La derecha oprime, la izquierda libera" is "the right oppresses, the left liberates". It's also a mnemonic for which way to turn a screw, like, "rightie tightie, leftie lo... mastodon
Jul 19 2023, 1:14pm
@integerpoet I didn't mean to imply I put any effort into anything. I just subscribe to RSS feeds, and notice that often for some feeds people delete posts, but the contents live on in the feeds, a... mastodon
Jul 18 2023, 9:31am
@integerpoet "Delete?" Cute. Want to see it in my RSS feed? Do you tell your kids it's possible to delete things they send from their phones? mastodon
Jul 16 2023, 4:30pm
@integerpoet It's wishful thinking to say "The Age of Social Media is Dead". I think some of the points are correct, though. "social-media operators discovered that the more emotiona... mastodon
Jul 12 2023, 9:50am
@dmitry I have a forkbomb shirt that gets reactions from a certain type of folk. What's your 2600 shirt look like? mastodon
Jul 7 2023, 4:43pm
@JetForMe yep, I think you and Doctorow would agree on that being an important factor. Breaks your heart for local businesses that don’t do SEO and lose out to crappy alternatives. mastodon
Jul 7 2023, 4:38pm
@JetForMe the way I read Mastodon, threading is not great. After I asked for context here, *then* I read your earlier post that set up the context. Yeah, sorry to hear about the options you have. M... mastodon
Jul 7 2023, 3:55pm
@JetForMe Heh, Cory Doctorow has been writing about the enshittification of everything for a year now. He actually breaks it down pretty nicely, but it looks like things will get worse before they ... mastodon
Jul 7 2023, 3:44pm
@JetForMe Are you OK? (Mostly jk, but sorta want to hear the story that led to you posting this.) mastodon
Jul 6 2023, 7:53pm
My most secret not-a-secret is I host an online glossary for Neal Stephenson's "Anathem", and not only that, I created a Kindle .mobi glossary for in-situ definitions when reading the boo... mastodon
Jul 6 2023, 7:31pm
@StillIRise1963 I'd settle for just official blogs with RSS feeds from the government. mastodon
Jul 6 2023, 10:55am
I'm staying on Mastodon because I like services having a web UI. I'll create a Threads account too, but the lock-in to a mobile app means I likely won't use it as much. mastodon
Jul 6 2023, 9:59am
@integerpoet Interesting choice on their part that made your recipe work. They chose no web UI. So deleting the mobile app is sufficient to remove all functionality. Doesn't really affect your home... mastodon
Jul 4 2023, 4:01pm
@b0rk Related, you can usually tweak your shell's history settings to only keep unique and interesting commands you've executed, so it's easier to find them. mastodon
Jul 3 2023, 1:42pm
This is how we get Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" mastodon
Jul 2 2023, 4:37pm
@integerpoet I'm right behind you. Sounds nice. mastodon
Jun 26 2023, 3:03pm
Artwork probably about two little weirdos being friends. mastodon
Jun 25 2023, 10:38am
"The idea of a cage match between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk doesn’t strike me as fun or exciting or cute or clever. It strikes me as lame." A good, short post by M. G. Siegler https:/... mastodon
Jun 24 2023, 10:11pm
Note to self, consider: Sequence Diagrams: Class Diagrams: Freeform: #collaboration #communication mastodon
Jun 23 2023, 10:30pm
@SpaceLifeForm Thanks, I was wondering about that. mastodon
Jun 23 2023, 4:05pm
@JetForMe I hear ya. I hope your days get better. mastodon
Jun 16 2023, 7:53pm
@SpaceLifeForm @JetForMe @ProPublica Yeah, I think I had the same problem with Cory Doctorow. Wanted to see original posts and real engagement, but landed on an account that just had too many boost... mastodon
Jun 12 2023, 12:01pm
First great Revisionist History podcast in a long time: "The Pushkin Prize for Egregiously Deceptive Self-Promotion," taking the piss out of Columbia University and George Santos at the s... mastodon
Jun 10 2023, 8:45pm
@JetForMe 👍 mastodon
Jun 9 2023, 9:55am
Mastodon or ActivityPub feature request: We have RSS feeds for original public user posts. Would like another feed for public user boosts. #mastodo... mastodon
Jun 8 2023, 12:39pm
Randall Munroe's "What if? 2" has the following snippet: "I notice that I started this paragraph with 'there's some good news.' I don't know why I did that." I feel like that co... mastodon
Jun 6 2023, 5:10pm
CLI quick tip: URL encode with jq: $ printf %s 'encode this' | jq -sRr @uri encode%20this $ jq -rn --arg x 'encode this' '$x|@uri' encode%20this mastodon
Jun 5 2023, 5:02pm
Probably the best take on the "AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue" story is this one from Cory Doctorow @pluralistic. We're in danger of being misdirected by regular crooks who want us to wat... mastodon
May 28 2023, 12:58pm
I love that Cory Doctorow is staging "ideas lying around" for the coming crises that'll cause use to grasp for ideas for change. His ideas are in Chokepoint Capitalism and a series of pos... mastodon
May 27 2023, 10:32am
I made some notes about Keyoxide at my wiki. The only assumption is that the reader already has a PGP key pair. #identity #cryptography #pgp #keyoxide mastodon
May 27 2023, 9:43am
Discovered Keyoxide here at Mastodon. Not the worst use of "TXT" DNS records, and I learned about GPG key "notations". So now I'm on Keyoxide too. mastodon
May 27 2023, 1:00am
Every once in a while, I'll check the text and verify the PGP signature in's weekly warrant canary. Can't believe I haven't automated it yet. mastodon
May 25 2023, 9:31am
I used to think "begging the question" was a smart-person way to say "assuming the original point". I now much prefer to think it's just a straight up bad, cursed translation. h... mastodon
May 1 2023, 8:30pm
I really wanted to “quote post” the Mastodon post about quote posts coming soon. But I couldn’t. Yet… mastodon
Apr 27 2023, 6:55pm
"This is absolute catnip for private equity — free government money, no obligations, no enforcement, and the people you harm are literally dying and can’t complain. What’s not to like?" -... mastodon
Apr 14 2023, 9:01pm
Where does Cory Doctorow come up with these? "[Some countries] must constantly innovate new ways to osculate the cloacae of large firms, lest they slither over to another country and set up 'h... mastodon
Mar 31 2023, 6:30pm
Of course GPT-4 hired a TaskRabbit worker to solve CAPTCHAs. mastodon
Mar 26 2023, 8:56am
Cory Doctorow reminds us "The fight over these [judicial] decisions to create socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the poor is a political fight. ... what will make change is th... mastodon
Mar 24 2023, 5:06pm
I don't know when they did it, but GitHub added the support needed for verified links for Mastodon. You don't have to fool with anymore! Yay! mastodon
Mar 21 2023, 10:51pm
Another great read from Cory Doctorow. "These layoffs have nothing to do with 'trimming the fat' or correcting the hiring excesses of the lockdown. They're a project to transfer value from wor... mastodon
Mar 13 2023, 11:04am
Happy National Napping Day! mastodon
Mar 10 2023, 11:17am
"replace 'AI' with 'SALAMI' ('Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences'). It’s a lot easier to keep a clear head when someone asks you, 'Is this SALAMI intelligent? ... mastodon
Feb 27 2023, 12:24am
Great rant: "There's NEVER just one ant. I guaran-f*cking-tee you that these same creeps have 1,000 other fake Wix websites with 1,000 fake Amex merchant accounts for 1,000 REAL businesses. Ho... mastodon
Jan 6 2023, 9:58pm
Welcome to 2023, an inflection point where it becomes frustratingly hard to know if anything is real or trustworthy. #machinelearning #chatgpt #stablediffusion mastodon
Dec 22 2022, 9:44am
Content warning: Great professional advice #code #developers, but link to birdsite "They'll be quiet and sound unsure." I feel attacked. But excellent advice from @thingskatedid about usi... mastodon
Dec 20 2022, 4:14pm
It's heartbreaking because it can take months for a nebula to puff back up again after you remove the slide. mastodon
Dec 20 2022, 4:13pm
The 20th picture in the Space Telescope Advent Calendar is somebody taking a microscope slide and pushing it down on the nebula to flatten it for a better in-focus picture. You can tell where the g... mastodon
Dec 16 2022, 10:30pm
@ianepperson welcome to the fediverse! It'll take a little getting used to. Consider following @feditips . Make an intro post, and use hashtags. Mastodon relies on hashtags for discovery. mastodon
Dec 14 2022, 2:48pm
It's time to get to work. (A #comic by Poorly Drawn Lines that attacked me.) #comics mastodon
Dec 12 2022, 4:54pm
I've been a professional developer for 200 years and I'm still tweaking my .vimrc. Receipt: Found a couple of comments after keyboard mappings. That's a bug. #code #vim mastodon
Dec 10 2022, 10:32pm
"Freaks and Geeks", the 2000-era TV show about high school in 1980 is closer to its subject than we are to it. #tv #old mastodon
Dec 6 2022, 8:23pm
When coffee is all gone. It's over. mastodon
Dec 3 2022, 5:26pm
Done. No more Hulu visible form the main page. For archival purposes, here are the four entries from my 2008 Hulu activity feed: mastodon
Dec 3 2022, 2:52pm
In 2008 to 2009, Hulu provided user activity RSS feeds! I wish more companies provided those. Today I'm going to replace my Hulu feed with my Mastodon feed in my Lifestream. I'm "replacing&quo... mastodon
Dec 1 2022, 9:54am
Today's Google Doodle honors videogame pioneer Jerry Lawson, and lets you make video games. Try it out! #game #gamedev mastodon
Dec 1 2022, 12:12am
I just tried playing Tiny Islands. It's kinda fun and adorable. h/t @zannah #game mastodon
Nov 30 2022, 7:49am
#protip for happiness: Exercise, eat well, get enough sleep. Have more and warmer social connections of all kinds. From the multi-generational Waldinger’s study. #happiness #health #friends #sleep ... mastodon
Nov 27 2022, 12:43am
I may have to learn Rust, because I really want GitUI to work with Vim key bindings. So I may have to fix #code #rust #git mastodon
Nov 26 2022, 3:04pm
@zannah if you add 'rel="me"' to your Mastodon link at, you'll get a little checkmark by it in your Mastodon profile. (May have to touch your profile to refresh.) Edit: And... ... mastodon
Nov 24 2022, 10:01pm
I just added the CSS prefers-color-scheme media feature at my simple portal. It's just text, so just background/foreground. But adding the feature anyway made me happy that the page will try to acc... mastodon
Nov 23 2022, 9:20am
I love Philz Coffee. This is the story of its founder, Phil Jaber. "The Man Who Caffeinates Silicon Valley" mastodon
Nov 22 2022, 10:23pm
I have a private wiki where I keep things like a list of which cans of coffee I'd buy again. #coffee #wiki #sharing mastodon
Nov 20 2022, 9:30pm
Motivated by love. am•a•teur |ˌømədər| noun ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from French, from Italian amatore, from Latin amator ‘lover,’ from amare ‘to love.’ (As seen at mastodon
Nov 17 2022, 1:10am
Shakira's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" may be my favorite official FIFA song of all time. Such a positive and energetic vibe. mastodon
Nov 15 2022, 9:52am
This Twitter "verified account" fiasco? It's horrifying that UVA students didn’t know if they could trust the verified UVA account during an active shooter this week. #Twitter mastodon
Nov 13 2022, 11:16am
Dang, it's hard to write "forever" code. Just has a server get full, abandoning a "lock file" despite correct RAII, and every service that relied on it blocked or eventually thr... mastodon
May 8 2022, 2:32pm
I just re-read the Lazarus TPBs, and highly recommend them. Great world building, full of potential for so many stories. Lots of intrigue, science fiction, action and a dash of dystopia. Five (of s... mastodon
May 7 2022, 12:29am
Adam Mastroianni says you should go see "Everything Everywhere All at Once" for the sake of pop culture itself. "Pop Culture Has Become an Oligopoly" https://experimentalhistory... mastodon
May 1 2022, 12:37am
Something I love about Mastodon: Mastodon has activity RSS feeds of your public posts. Format is: [instance]/users/[username].rss Mine is: Your friends can ... mastodon
Apr 25 2022, 6:18pm
I'm a rock-climbing father of two and a software developer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Would love to connect with my friends from other social networks. In another life, I'd be a maker. As it is... mastodon