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Dec 1 2023, 8:55pm
dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 16th Annual Space Telescope Advent Calendar! (Esp. for pastilla ) plurk
Oct 28 2023, 6:58pm
dblume says pastilla , thought of you when I saw the photo near the bottom ofThe crap I Will Take to the Antiques Roadshow | The ... plurk
Jun 30 2023, 6:01am
dblume says ten or eleven years ago there were all these covers of Touhou's Bad Apple!!Bad Apple!! - Touhou Cover (feat. FamilyJules7x, Max... plurk
Dec 1 2022, 7:22pm
dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 15th Annual Space Telescope Advent Calendar! (Esp. for pastilla) plurk
Apr 26 2022, 6:48pm
dblume wonders if anybody here is over at Mastodon too? plurk
Mar 18 2022, 3:56pm
dblume says my first website is 25 years old. plurk
Feb 13 2022, 4:55pm
dblume says happy Superb Owl Sunday! Esp for sjonsvenson plurk
Jan 8 2022, 8:45am
dblume shares Happy 10 year anniverary to Girls' Generation Japanese version of "Mr. Taxi" Girls' Generation 少女時代 'MR. TAXI' MV (JPN Ver.) plurk
Jan 5 2022, 6:03am
dblume shares an amazing metal music video: Bloodywood - Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal) Bloodywood - Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal) plurk
Dec 1 2021, 5:24pm
dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 14th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
Aug 10 2021, 1:17am
dblume thinks he may have found is Summer anthem. (Having a 20s daughter working minimum wage jobs.) 전소연(JEON SOYEON) - '삠삠 (BEAM BEAM)' Official Music V... plurk
Feb 5 2021, 7:35am
dblume says There's a new Bibi video! L,o,v,e! 비비 BIBI - '사랑의 묘약' (Eat My Love) Official MV - YouTu... plurk
Dec 1 2020, 6:38pm
dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 13th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
Jun 14 2020, 10:31pm
dblume shares another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two. Big Two - David's Place plurk
May 19 2020, 1:15am
dblume shares People recommended the FX miniseries Devs. Here's why it reminded me of the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. From Wipeout to Devs - David's Place plurk
May 15 2020, 11:33pm
dblume shares some Shelter In Place music. The JWZ Mixtape 215 jwz mixtape 215 plurk
Apr 9 2020, 11:53pm
dblume shares I just published the rules for a variant of "Chinese Poker" that we like to play. A “Chinese Poker” Card Game Variant - David Blume - ... plurk
Dec 15 2019, 9:36pm
dblume shares Here's blinrey's Advent Calendar of Curiosities: Advent Calendar of Curiosities plurk
Dec 1 2019, 6:13pm
dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 12th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
Dec 1 2019, 6:34am
dblume shares In Korea, "Nabi" (Butterfly) is a common name for a housecat. Watch BiBi play a cat, complete with pushing a glass off a table and giving you a "wat?" look. [MV] BIBI(비비) _ NABI(나비) plurk
Oct 10 2019, 6:07pm
dblume shares A desktop vacation to the Bungle Bungles in Australia, esp. for pastilla A Photo Trip to the Bungle Bungles plurk
Jun 2 2019, 7:39am
dblume shares It's (almost) the one-year anniversary of an awesome cover of one of my favorite Perfume songs. "Flash" as performed by Girlfriend. Perfumeさんの「FLASH」をGIRLFRIENDが歌ってみました! plurk
Apr 2 2019, 4:11am
dblume says if you follow my blog in a feed reader, please update the feed URL. The feed URL is now David's Place plurk
Dec 1 2018, 11:53pm
dblume shares The Atlantic is doing their 11th annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
Jul 6 2018, 4:31am
dblume shares A puzzle on my son's Father's Day card to me reminded me why I like developing code. plurk
May 16 2018, 4:19am
dblume shares I don't know how to waste time on the internet anymo.... What do you guys think? plurk
May 3 2018, 10:41pm
dblume shares Simply Brutal. Be sure to click through to the Gallery. The best stuff is hidden in the gallery. plurk
Apr 2 2018, 12:45am
dblume says I wrote up a little history on the evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version. plurk
Feb 6 2018, 1:03am
dblume shares this month my first website turns 21 years old! Get a job, website! plurk
Dec 1 2017, 4:08pm
dblume shares The 2017 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
Jul 9 2017, 5:30pm
dblume shares It's a Tachikoma lamp, you guys. plurk
Jun 29 2017, 7:51pm
dblume shares Winners of the Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition. plurk
Jun 19 2017, 3:19pm
dblume asks need a little inspiration? The Eerie Humanoid Driftwood Sculptures of Nagato Iwasaki. plurk
Apr 18 2017, 9:06pm
dblume asks Is it weird that after the start, I ended up reading this in zannah 's voice? A day on the internet in 2017, an internal transcript. plurk
Apr 12 2017, 11:02pm
dblume shares Woohoo! This rain has been great. Before and After Photos of California's Historic Drought. plurk
Mar 31 2017, 3:45pm
dblume wishes all the best to halophoenix at his next gig! I'm sure great things are in store. plurk
Mar 10 2017, 10:25pm
dblume asks pastilla , does this qualify as a desktop vacation? JR Onagawa Station is Rebuilt by Shigeru Ban and Hiroshi Senju plurk
Feb 28 2017, 6:35pm
dblume shares Esp. for neonepiphany The Book Design of Haruki Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore”. plurk
Feb 15 2017, 6:12am
dblume shares The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest. plurk
Feb 5 2017, 6:10pm
dblume shares It's the end of an era: FRUiTS is shuttering. plurk
Feb 5 2017, 4:29pm
dblume shares Hope you all enjoy Superb owl Sunday! plurk
Feb 4 2017, 5:44am
dblume shares "The only way to prevent another Bowling Green Massacre is to stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway." plurk
Jan 27 2017, 4:39pm
dblume says Hey zannah , what if that were a Tokidoki bill on that Pokemon hat? plurk
Jan 8 2017, 5:42pm
dblume shares Some of the earliest color images of life around the world. plurk
Jan 4 2017, 5:18am
dblume says I'm still reading Wapsi Square, for the occasional strip like this one: Big Deal – Wapsi Square plurk
Jan 3 2017, 4:25pm
dblume says pastilla, if you miss Kurii being home, you can always get a Kuri. plurk
Dec 31 2016, 7:18pm
dblume says This is reasonably concise and worth the read: 13 Things to give up to be successful. Happy New Year, everybody! plurk
Dec 26 2016, 11:37pm
dblume says You guys! I've got an idea for my next stupid micro site! Stuck wheels are beginning to turn again. plurk
Dec 14 2016, 4:36pm
dblume shares You guys! halophoenix got interviewed by Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools! Next up: This Week in Tech! plurk
Dec 2 2016, 12:42am
dblume shares The 2016 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
Nov 23 2016, 4:37pm
dblume thinks this Metal Gear Rex looks pretty good. plurk
Nov 8 2016, 11:38pm
dblume shares JavaScript console output from the two US President nominees' sites. E.J. Dyksen on Twitter plurk
Nov 8 2016, 5:51pm
dblume says Great. Now everybody knows. Time to find a new spot. plurk
Nov 4 2016, 9:15pm
dblume shares Taeyoen sings this song about it being Pocky time (11:11), but not having any Pocky to eat. It's a sad song. TAEYEON 태연_11:11_Music Video plurk
Nov 3 2016, 3:55pm
dblume shares 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the ... plurk
Oct 30 2016, 9:48pm
dblume thinks halophoenix would have useful things to add to this article on which music to listen to while working, with suggestions. plurk
Oct 28 2016, 7:52am
dblume says The only question is, Red and Blue and Yellow Tachikoma versions! plurk
Oct 22 2016, 3:41am
dblume says X-23! X-23! X-23! Logan | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX! X-23! plurk
Oct 14 2016, 3:42pm
dblume shares TRON maps, people! plurk
Oct 13 2016, 6:49am
dblume says I decided to make my Google Chrome Interrobang AddOn open source. plurk
Oct 9 2016, 9:26pm
dblume says I finally discovered why my Interrobang AddOn's keyboard shortcut stopped working. plurk
Oct 1 2016, 1:52pm
dblume says I sorta want a 1:1 scale xenomorph facehugger. plurk
Sep 29 2016, 4:45am
dblume shares esp. for Zannah, all four members of the Crunchyroll staff are wearing Tokidoki for the Fall Rollout. Crunchyroll Fall Rollout plurk
Sep 24 2016, 3:23am
dblume shares Emails from a CEO who's making the presentation himself this time. plurk
Sep 19 2016, 4:50pm
dblume says That's the first time I've seen "its’" (plural possessive form) in a company-wide email. plurk
Sep 15 2016, 8:22am
dblume says Attention zannah: A BB-8 Lanyard. plurk
Sep 15 2016, 3:18am
dblume says I saw this iOS LifeHacker link in my Facebook feed before I even knew I needed it. plurk
Sep 11 2016, 5:36am
dblume shares I recognized more songs from Namie's fashion than I thought I would. Cartoons! Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) w/z BMG plurk
Sep 8 2016, 4:08am
dblume shares There's a "sequel" to Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop! It's HYPER-REALITY. HYPER-REALITY plurk
Aug 28 2016, 5:57pm
dblume shares My favorite thing in Pokemon Go is sniping gyms with Gozer the Destructor, a Magikarp. plurk
Aug 27 2016, 6:03am
dblume shares It's the six year anniversary of my TechCrunch Feed Filter. plurk
Aug 3 2016, 3:34pm
dblume has not been this excited for a Windows update in a long, long time! Can't wait for WSL! plurk
Aug 2 2016, 8:17pm
dblume shares So I guess the octopus' brain is just a tinier octopus operating it like a giant robot. plurk
Jul 31 2016, 3:57pm
dblume shares How Can I Be as Unhappy as Possible? Some good points by James Altucher. plurk
Jul 30 2016, 7:11am
dblume shares Daria Movie Trailer (with Aubrey Plaza) I'd so watch this! plurk
Jul 25 2016, 4:37am
dblume shares I think I'm hilarious. plurk
Jul 17 2016, 4:58pm
dblume shares My Pokemon Go crew. Had just strengthened Valor's hold on the local gym. What's your team look like? plurk
Jul 17 2016, 4:52am
dblume shares Aaron as "dejected Ash" because the Pokemon Go serve.... plurk
Jul 13 2016, 10:18pm
dblume shares Leigh Reyes shares how she made her latest lyrics and calligraphy video. plurk
Jul 11 2016, 4:07am
dblume says I made this countdown timer to help you worry about the next epoch fail. plurk
Jul 4 2016, 3:47pm
dblume says Happy Brexit day, fellow USA citizens! plurk
Jun 19 2016, 5:35am
dblume shares 安室奈美恵 / 「B Who I Want 2 B feat. HATSUNE MIKU」 Namie Amuro pairs up with Hastune Miku for B Who I Want 2 B. plurk
Jun 10 2016, 5:21am
dblume says Shortly after I admit I've searched the web for man pages, XKCD posts a new man page. plurk
Jun 2 2016, 3:35pm
dblume shares Edward Scissorhands Bishoujo Statue plurk
May 19 2016, 2:07pm
dblume shares a virtual trip to Patagonia, esp. for pastilla. plurk
May 17 2016, 3:42pm
dblume says I've always loved Boomslank. Always surround yourself with apex predators. Nice artwork through the link, too. plurk
May 15 2016, 2:46pm
dblume says plurk
May 14 2016, 11:52pm
dblume says You guys don't see me here much anymore. On the one hand, I'm proud of my work. On the other hand, I hope it has nothing to do with the end of humanity. plurk
May 6 2016, 4:27am
dblume says Next year, I'll have been online 30 years. plurk
May 4 2016, 1:12am
dblume shares 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest plurk
May 1 2016, 8:11pm
dblume shares Explosm's take on Lifehacks. plurk
Apr 27 2016, 2:23pm
dblume says Happy-making: This weekend, I did something (for fun) that requires some full-stack technical know-how, and the community appreciated it. plurk
Apr 15 2016, 7:13pm
dblume says Any of you know how iZombie is full of puns? Anybody amused that Rob Thomas (writer) had Rob Thomas (musician) cameo on this season's finale? plurk
Apr 15 2016, 3:30am
dblume says Dear YouTube: Stop suggesting I watch The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep again. Because I will. watch. it. again. The Clash at Demonhead - Black Sheep [FULL MUSIC VID... plurk
Apr 13 2016, 2:28pm
dblume shares A- Ayukawa! plurk
Apr 9 2016, 5:27pm
dblume shares There was a botched? suicide-by-car-crash attempt near my house. plurk
Apr 8 2016, 2:52am
dblume says I had to sign up on SnapChat so my teenage kids would notice me. I'm "hellopraemus" over there. plurk
Apr 6 2016, 8:05pm
dblume shares Data USA A pretty nice collaboration between Deloitte, Macro Connections at the MIT Media Lab, and Datawheel that visualizes government data. plurk
Mar 31 2016, 7:49am
dblume asks davidd if he's seen ‘Hikaru Dorodango’ is the Japanese Art of Turning Dirt into Perfect Spheres yet? plurk
Mar 26 2016, 9:00pm
dblume shares Perfume and Baby Metal are coming to San Francisco! <3 plurk
Mar 16 2016, 5:05pm
dblume asks What is this logo for? Seen at an RxJS talk. plurk
Mar 11 2016, 8:06am
dblume shares I just had to explain to my wife how I'd aged my 8-bit avatar. plurk
Mar 8 2016, 12:15am
dblume shares The Dizzying Cityscape of Hong Kong plurk
Feb 29 2016, 4:28pm
dblume says zannah, make sure you don't miss Google's Leap Day rabbit rabbit rabbit. plurk
Feb 20 2016, 9:06pm
dblume shares Note to self: You really liked L by Tycho at the Indie Game exhibit at the EMP. Hohokum Soundtrack - L by Tycho plurk
Feb 17 2016, 4:18am
dblume shares At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. plurk
Feb 6 2016, 5:03pm
dblume shares An interview with Nirvana, mentioning Shonen Knife and Lemmy. plurk
Feb 3 2016, 4:50am
dblume says You guys, halophoenix has an amazing accomplishment to report! Let's just say that this page needs an update. plurk
Feb 3 2016, 12:25am
dblume says My wife just now discovered Tsum Tsums. Any advice for someone who's just getting into it? She's got her eye on the Star Wars ones. plurk
Jan 25 2016, 4:29am
dblume says on the news today here in California, there was a segment on how to use an umbrella. Apparently, we've forgotten. plurk
Jan 18 2016, 6:47pm
dblume loves the third panel of today's Wapsi Square. plurk
Jan 14 2016, 4:11pm
dblume wonders is it weird that I even love Loish's signature/watermark? plurk
Jan 11 2016, 10:01am
dblume shares Namie Amuro "Can You Celebrate?" 1997 &... Namie Amuro singing "Can You Celebrate" 17 years apart. plurk
Dec 27 2015, 4:39am
dblume shares We replaced my old Raspberry Pi with a new one. To ensure it is doing its job, I've set up this War Games tribute site. plurk
Dec 23 2015, 8:36pm
dblume asks Narilka if she's still interested in data analysis and visualization like this? plurk
Dec 16 2015, 7:21pm
dblume shares My year in books. plurk
Dec 11 2015, 5:52am
dblume shares I'm so seriously considering this Pan shirt. plurk
Dec 11 2015, 3:56am
dblume shares 安室奈美恵 / 「Anything」 (from New Album「_genic」) Namie Amuro plurk
Dec 11 2015, 3:01am
dblume quotes, "that includes you, Washington." What's Legal Oregon - In Oregon, it's legal for adults ... plurk
Dec 1 2015, 5:42pm
dblume shares The 2015 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. plurk
Nov 27 2015, 5:34pm
dblume says davidd's Travels with Karrah: Adventures in the American West has been amazing. plurk
Nov 27 2015, 5:26pm
dblume shares These photos are why I’m trapped in Tokyo forever now — Medium plurk
Nov 27 2015, 5:06pm
dblume shares xkcd: Food Combinations Be sure to read the hover text. Also, every time I hit the store, I look for Ketchup flavored Pringles. plurk
Nov 16 2015, 12:35am
dblume shares Baby Pictures to Nuclear Launch Codes. I realize that my geekiness is usually one step beyond. plurk
Nov 15 2015, 4:42pm
dblume says I really love Forestdweller's current userpic. Best viewed on her profile page. plurk
Nov 11 2015, 4:25pm
dblume shares Happy Pocky Day, everyone! plurk
Nov 10 2015, 4:59pm
dblume says Well, I'm delighted by Starbuck's seasonal tomato sauce colored cups. plurk
Nov 9 2015, 11:30pm
dblume says In a world without Men's Pocky, I'm forced to search for Dark Chocolate Pepero or Pejoy for this year's Pocky Day. plurk
Nov 8 2015, 7:08pm
dblume says it's probably weird that when the cute little trapped bacteria says, "What is happening?" at 2:02 in this video, I heard it in zannah's voice. The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection plurk
Nov 6 2015, 9:08pm
dblume shares click here to learn more. plurk
Nov 6 2015, 4:58pm
dblume says Excuse me, The Atlantic, she's not just "a person in a costume". She's Black Rock Shooter's Strength. plurk
Nov 6 2015, 6:50am
dblume shares Sucks to be a Millennial. plurk
Nov 3 2015, 4:29pm
dblume shares I don't know if any of you have been reading Camp Weedonwantcha, but the current arc has been amazing. plurk
Nov 2 2015, 5:42pm
dblume shares Concrete Soviet Bus Stops as Tributes to their Unknown Designers. Esp. for pastilla plurk
Nov 2 2015, 3:23pm
dblume says in the nearly-a-year since I've installed Dark Sky, today is the first day I got to see it with a Dark Sky! It rained!! plurk
Oct 31 2015, 10:03pm
dblume says Yay! halophoenix and I both bought in to Google Photos for our photo de-clutteri...! plurk
Oct 27 2015, 12:42am
dblume shares "The hardest part has been writing more." 7 things I did to reboot my life, by Wil Wheaton plurk
Oct 22 2015, 2:17pm
dblume shares Do not use the figure with hot drinks. plurk
Oct 13 2015, 5:04pm
dblume shares Cute little walking Tachikoma. plurk
Oct 11 2015, 6:47pm
dblume says it's conceding defeat to progress, but I've finally upgraded my 13yo Daddy Blog to a responsive theme. plurk
Oct 11 2015, 2:34pm
dblume says David's Dead Man's Switch has been triggered. This is real, but almost certainly a false positive. More at David's Place plurk
Oct 6 2015, 5:45pm
dblume shares 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest plurk
Oct 4 2015, 8:14pm
dblume says OMG you guys, I continue to love the Monogatari series. Owarimonogatari's first two episodes just aired this weekend. plurk
Sep 30 2015, 8:00pm
dblume says Not sure where I got the idea Narilka and zannah would like Shimmerfy your own inks. Because you can. plurk
Sep 27 2015, 7:39pm
dblume says I got to write both, "one of the most horrible Skeuomorphism abominations of all time" and "shoot me now". plurk
Sep 15 2015, 10:20pm
dblume says You guys! Loish is *this* close to the £200,000 stretch goal where we'd get Loish playing cards! plurk
Sep 8 2015, 3:45pm
dblume shares This is what happens when code you wrote five years ago wakes up now and tries to interact with the new world. plurk
Sep 8 2015, 3:42pm
dblume shares Autumn in California 2015: Branches falling off dying trees like the leaves do on trees where there's no drought. It's already started. plurk
Sep 6 2015, 8:44pm
dblume shares Bacon beer at the bacon festival. plurk
Sep 5 2015, 5:50pm
dblume shares I've been away so long my Dead Man's Switch triggered. plurk
Aug 27 2015, 4:18pm
dblume shares Live cyber attack map. Best screensaver ever. Pew, pew, pew! plurk
Aug 27 2015, 3:57am
dblume shares For comparison. My son breaking a board a couple of years ago... Breaking a Board plurk
Aug 25 2015, 7:41pm
dblume asks are any of my Seattle friends going to PAX this year? plurk
Aug 21 2015, 6:52pm
dblume shares the Information Commissioner's Office is attempting to subvert the Streisand Effect. plurk
Aug 20 2015, 3:49pm
dblume shares from A series of observations explained via Post-it notes. plurk
Aug 9 2015, 2:11am
dblume says One day, I'd like to watch a triple feature of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and "Inception". plurk
Aug 7 2015, 9:34pm
dblume loves Élodie Yung cast as Elektra. plurk
Aug 7 2015, 4:50am
dblume says I don't know why someone is squatting on plurk
Aug 2 2015, 5:51pm
dblume shares Cosplayer Geek Trivia Challenge: WonderCon 2015 Edit... I hate being this easily manipulated. Was I drawn in just because of the boobs, or because I know all of the characters being cosplayed? plurk
Aug 2 2015, 5:48pm
dblume shares Can you hear me now? also, "We're living in the future", by Shamus Young. plurk
Jul 30 2015, 3:55pm
dblume shares A good review of the Futayaku double-sided brush pen. plurk
Jul 30 2015, 4:58am
dblume shares Bay Area to Standard American English Translator. Pretty accurate. plurk
Jul 29 2015, 3:15pm
dblume thinks Windows 10 is getting closer to the functionality of Dave's Quick Search Deskbar from 2002. Good steps, please keep going, Microsoft! plurk
Jul 27 2015, 9:22am
dblume shares a 7.5' Baymax. plurk
Jul 24 2015, 3:38pm
dblume wonders why do I love depressing comic week? plurk
Jul 23 2015, 4:45pm
dblume shares Learning Seattle's Work Habits from Bicycle Counts, esp. for Narilka plurk
Jul 19 2015, 5:44pm
dblume says In some ways, I can see where Alan Moore is coming from. plurk
Jul 15 2015, 10:09pm
dblume says I was at the house where Harry Potter was born in Godric's Hollow! (That's what they told me...) plurk
Jul 15 2015, 12:29pm
dblume says Quest complete! I found Glico Men's Pocky in Europe! plurk
Jul 4 2015, 9:18pm
dblume shares Flirting, then and now. plurk
Jul 3 2015, 6:02pm
dblume asks Why don't I have this Feral Finders shirt‽ plurk
Jun 29 2015, 4:13pm
dblume says I can be such an idiot. plurk
Jun 29 2015, 4:20am
dblume shares 「進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN」立体機動予告編 plurk
Jun 28 2015, 5:02am
dblume says You guys, we finally watched 50 Shades of Grey. I now know everything about BDSM. Go ahead and ask me. I'll explain. plurk
Jun 27 2015, 3:43am
dblume says Let's play "things Anastasia would say"! plurk
Jun 26 2015, 5:47pm
dblume asks won't you join in a general, nationwide whipping up of the anti-American sentiment. plurk
Jun 26 2015, 3:41pm
dblume shares Susan Pigott does the *best* ink reviews. plurk
Jun 24 2015, 3:43pm
dblume says zannah , DO NOT listen to this week's 99% Invisible podcast: Children of the Magenta. plurk
Jun 24 2015, 6:26am
dblume asks is there a pop song that serves as a summer anthem this year? plurk
Jun 21 2015, 11:51pm
dblume shares I kinda just liked saying, " FollowMee along OpenPaths". plurk
Jun 21 2015, 5:09am
dblume shares "We gave our bearded dragon a toy lizard, now he's attached and won't leave its side ever this is how he sleeps every day." esp. for pastilla plurk
Jun 17 2015, 3:06pm
dblume shares LEGO Dimensions Portal Trailer (E3 2015) - All Detai... plurk
Jun 16 2015, 5:10am
dblume says Oops, didn't log back in to my personal account before "liking" a friend's tweet from one of my backup profiles. plurk
Jun 8 2015, 2:28am
dblume shares you guys wanna see a technical interview question that I've pretty much given up on? Here you go. plurk
Jun 3 2015, 2:30pm
dblume says Ah, I had no idea how poseable the armor was around Kancolle girls. plurk
May 29 2015, 2:31pm
dblume says You guys!! You can get Bravest Warriors' Beth Tezuka. plurk
May 26 2015, 3:28pm
dblume says Hot Topic buying ThinkGeek makes my brain hurt. plurk
May 22 2015, 11:38pm
dblume shares From The Trenches. Checked Mate Check. plurk
May 19 2015, 6:27pm
May 17 2015, 3:50am
dblume shares Catch and Release by Matt Simons - calligraphy lyric... plurk
May 16 2015, 4:11am
dblume says the weather here is amazing. plurk
May 13 2015, 7:29pm
dblume shares Tiger's Nest, in Bhutan plurk
May 4 2015, 5:53pm
dblume says Sure, they joke. But the scenario is legitimately horrifying. plurk
May 4 2015, 2:31pm
dblume says I searched for the teen horror film, "Unfriended" at Netflix, and they came up with the 1987 film, "Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel". plurk
May 4 2015, 7:48am
dblume says May the 4th be with you. plurk
May 2 2015, 5:01pm
dblume shares Protip: Turn Chrome's "what tab is making sound" speaker icon into a mute button, too. plurk
Apr 30 2015, 6:09am
dblume says Leigh Reyes references Bill Sienkiewicz's Electra and then doodles Electra in her latest post. plurk
Apr 25 2015, 4:59am
dblume says I didn't know that Tsukimonogatari was already out! plurk
Apr 24 2015, 6:54am
dblume asks why isn't Wolf Children easier to find and watch‽ (I love Mamoru Hosoda's other works, Samurai Champloo, Summer Wars, The Girl Who Lept Through Time.) plurk
Apr 23 2015, 5:41pm
dblume shares A snail being hand fed. plurk
Apr 22 2015, 9:44pm
dblume shares my congressman has a transgender grandchild, and supports and loves her. plurk
Apr 14 2015, 4:56pm
dblume says Slack seems to be getting more and more popular. plurk
Apr 11 2015, 6:54pm
dblume shares My "New tab" page. For those of you who like to snoop in on other people's desks and desktops and things. plurk
Apr 10 2015, 10:21pm
dblume shares Godzilla View Room. plurk
Apr 4 2015, 1:36am
dblume loved Furious 7. And not just because of that wiggle. (Spoilers in the comments.) plurk
Mar 31 2015, 2:33pm
dblume shares Toyota G's Japanese Baseball Commercial plurk
Mar 31 2015, 3:39am
dblume says it sounds like zannah was especially lucky to avoid the SDCC hotel sale fail. plurk
Mar 30 2015, 3:53am
dblume shares "When you said 'sandwich', it make me think of Japan." plurk
Mar 28 2015, 5:37am
dblume shares esp. for vanlal, Welcome to emits the Clacks-Overhead HTTP header. A little more here. plurk
Mar 24 2015, 2:42pm
dblume shares Jedi Kittens Strike Back via sjonsvenson plurk
Mar 23 2015, 6:04pm
dblume shares Life in life plurk
Mar 19 2015, 6:59pm
dblume says This 20-year ride is coming to an end next month. It's really bittersweet for me. I've been with it since the beginning. (Dark Horse version.) plurk
Mar 17 2015, 2:28pm
dblume says You guys! There's a cleaning version of Eren Jaeger, too! plurk
Mar 9 2015, 10:10pm
dblume likes that we get cookies from both Girl Scout cookie bakers. plurk
Mar 2 2015, 11:15pm
dblume says neonepiphany reminded me (again) that I'm not alone. plurk
Feb 18 2015, 3:25pm
dblume shares Samurai General Darth Vader plurk
Feb 12 2015, 6:11pm
dblume shares So I read a post on notebook covers that starts with, "I seem to have a problem." and I think of Narilka. For no particular reason. plurk
Feb 10 2015, 10:28pm
dblume shares so I'm reading an article on dating in San Francisco, when some text, "OOH SHINY THING OVER THERE", reminded me of zannah plurk
Feb 8 2015, 6:35pm
dblume likes the Valentine's Day themed Plurk Creatures in the corner. plurk
Feb 8 2015, 6:31am
dblume shares A story about my one-changed-word GitHub fork. plurk
Feb 6 2015, 11:09pm
dblume says All the little weather apps have a new icon! plurk
Feb 6 2015, 8:23am
dblume shares No one is born a butterfly. A song by Rie Fu, where women write messages to themselves 10 years ago. plurk
Feb 4 2015, 8:40pm
dblume asks can you hear the "The Odd Couple" theme in your head? Tycho and Gabriel's desks. Esp. for halophoenix plurk
Feb 4 2015, 6:47pm
dblume shares Lois van Baarle's still trying to come to terms with the ugly purple fairy I drew at 16yo. plurk
Feb 2 2015, 4:42pm
dblume says the Seahawks played well, and it was the best Superbowl in years. Arizona, Seattle, and New England should be proud. plurk
Jan 28 2015, 6:54pm
dblume shares Jesus, why do I even have a weather app‽ plurk
Jan 24 2015, 11:02pm
dblume shares Portal plurk
Jan 24 2015, 5:22am
dblume shares The Bay Area setting world records again! W00T! plurk
Jan 22 2015, 12:16am
dblume shares TicketMaster sent this out. The kerning is making my head hurt. Who would do that‽ plurk
Jan 16 2015, 6:14am
dblume says I can't be the only one who saw the tie between the spider skit in the latest Episode Schmepisode - S1E10 - Cyanide & Happiness Sh... and Charlie Hebdo. plurk
Jan 14 2015, 10:38pm
dblume says Um, I don't understand why the Japanese should buy a selfie stick. plurk
Jan 12 2015, 5:12am
dblume says I just watched "The Wind Rises" and didn't realize the main character was voiced by Hideaki Anno until I watched the extras. plurk
Jan 8 2015, 12:36am
dblume shares One of my first drawing from this year's page-a-day calendar. plurk
Jan 7 2015, 7:59pm
dblume shares since zannah and narilka are talking about mice and keyboards, I'll share that my son went nuts when he got a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for his birthday. plurk
Jan 2 2015, 5:47am
dblume shares 18 Libraries Every Book Lover Should Visit In Their Lifetime plurk
Dec 24 2014, 7:21pm
dblume shares Today's cooltools is right, Forecast is pretty nifty. plurk
Dec 19 2014, 7:26am
dblume shares - Home of Cyanide and Happiness Good episode of Cyanide and Happiness. plurk
Dec 18 2014, 5:47pm
dblume shares Literally, we are in the realm of beyond stupid with this. - Cybersecurity expert Peter Singer on the Sony Hack. plurk
Dec 16 2014, 11:11pm
dblume says every time I think of it and try to register I discover somebody else got it. plurk
Dec 13 2014, 5:31pm
dblume is pretty impressed with this posable S.H. Figuarts Harley Quinn. plurk
Dec 13 2014, 1:15am
dblume thinks zannah would be amused to see the results of people looking in the "everyone, worldwide" distribution list and accidentally hitting send here. Then replying-all and saying, "sorry!" plurk
Dec 12 2014, 10:47pm
dblume shares TIL Changing the pauses in the morse code for "SOS HELP" turns it into "I AM HIS DATE". plurk
Dec 11 2014, 7:01am
dblume says it's probably going to rain tomorrow, so they're closing the schools. plurk
Dec 9 2014, 6:39am
dblume shares Margaret Hamilton, lead software engineer, Project Apollo. via neonepiphany plurk
Dec 6 2014, 7:32pm
dblume says I just showed my son a Minecraft clip recorded on an Alienware 17 with all effects maxed out. plurk
Dec 5 2014, 9:07am
dblume says it sorta makes me sad that when people say, "chan-style culture" they mean this. plurk
Dec 5 2014, 5:30am
dblume shares Alien | Typeset In the Future. plurk
Dec 4 2014, 5:15pm
dblume wonders if zannah will be one of the ones who gets this story about the benefits of taking Pokemon trade-ins. plurk
Dec 3 2014, 6:22pm
dblume shares The bttn. Reminds me of the old powermate button, dial, controller thingy. plurk
Dec 3 2014, 6:04pm
dblume says The Bay Area is at normal rainfall levels for the season! (For a month, our drought didn't worsen.) Yay! plurk
Dec 2 2014, 9:04pm
dblume shares Boomslank's current Crunchyroll playlist. plurk
Dec 2 2014, 4:56pm
dblume shares The 2014 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. plurk
Dec 2 2014, 6:56am
dblume shares Zen Pencils, Gavin Aung Than plurk
Nov 28 2014, 7:44pm
dblume shares One of J.J. Abrams's clues in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. plurk
Nov 28 2014, 4:23am
dblume says the Seahawks are playing strong, and Sherman is earning his keep! plurk
Nov 25 2014, 6:32pm
dblume says Katie Rice just threw down the gauntlet. plurk
Nov 24 2014, 5:49pm
dblume shares an online customer support success story. plurk
Nov 23 2014, 7:14pm
dblume says Did you know that when the ambient temperature is below, I dunno, 85°f, bacon grease solidifies‽ The things you learn in winter! plurk
Nov 22 2014, 7:25pm
dblume says As a Californian, watching these bozos clean their filters under continuously running, clean, water was madness. plurk
Nov 22 2014, 6:20am
dblume says some days you cruise by Reddit and say to yourself, "how do I make sure that link stays blue forever?" plurk
Nov 21 2014, 5:24pm
dblume shares Commitlogs from Last Night does not disappoint. plurk
Nov 21 2014, 4:26pm
dblume shares Olympus. plurk
Nov 21 2014, 6:06am
dblume says Yes, I love the Braintree HTML source ads in places like this. plurk
Nov 19 2014, 9:23pm
dblume says I forgot to celebrate Pocky Day last week!! plurk
Nov 13 2014, 6:03am
dblume says Top story of the news: Storm Watch! Storm Tracker! "...playing havoc..." Fancy graphics. Doppler radar! plurk
Nov 10 2014, 7:15pm
dblume says "I don’t want to sound like one of those idiots but the fact of the matter is the Xbox One is a garbage system for trash people." --Gabe, Penny Arcade plurk
Nov 9 2014, 7:44am
dblume shares I wrote about why dads work on jalopies in the garage. Except it was about web services and Python. plurk
Nov 8 2014, 6:11am
dblume shares 100% honest random screen cap. I got up to kiss the kids goodnight, and walked back to this. plurk
Nov 6 2014, 5:41am
dblume shares ALL ABOUT THAT BASE (Star Wars Parody - Meghan Train... plurk
Nov 5 2014, 6:48pm
dblume shares the food truck outside is "Oh Miso Hungry". plurk
Nov 1 2014, 5:39pm
dblume says I've been telling people that my son, in the bottom right, is going as a Koch Industries Executive. Scariest thing ever. plurk
Oct 31 2014, 8:50pm
dblume says We have genuine rain. plurk
Oct 30 2014, 6:44am
dblume shares I fear anime might be getting worse. Or at least lazier. plurk
Oct 30 2014, 5:01am
dblume says That was an awesome nail-biting end to the World Series. And I'm glad that my home team won. But... plurk
Oct 29 2014, 10:39pm
dblume shares My kids are rabid! plurk
Oct 27 2014, 5:26pm
dblume says my daughter's school just sent a mass email with photo for a "lost right with writing". plurk
Oct 26 2014, 6:19pm
dblume shares It’s deep. It’s long. It’s completely unfair. It doesn’t even feel bad about it. Shamus Young on Nethack. plurk
Oct 26 2014, 4:13am
dblume shares a Spot-on description of hacker motivation. plurk
Oct 25 2014, 5:44pm
dblume shares CONFIRMED: EXPECTED CLOUDS plurk
Oct 23 2014, 6:59pm
dblume shares "A week after the attack, 28 bodies were discovered in a mass grave outside the city, but forensic analysis so far suggests that none of them belonged to the 43 missing students." plurk
Oct 23 2014, 6:39pm
dblume almost shared a cute giraffe flowerpot that I saw in Pinterest for zannah , but then realized that she's the one who pinned it. plurk
Oct 21 2014, 5:44pm
dblume shares From a Vimeo email. plurk
Oct 19 2014, 6:47pm
dblume shares You guys. "Tsukimonogatari" anime adaptation confirmed. plurk
Oct 17 2014, 7:50am
dblume shares It's a pull-back tank from the closing of Girls Und Panzer. plurk
Oct 17 2014, 7:07am
dblume says Sooo, I just played a level of the gamespot 404 page. plurk
Oct 15 2014, 4:40pm
dblume shares Medium post on fate of Metafilter leads to awesome demo of small multiples interactive chart. plurk
Oct 15 2014, 6:09am
dblume says some clouds grazed by us on their way to Seattle and the local news teams went nuts. plurk
Oct 13 2014, 3:56pm
dblume shares Free, unlimited cloud storage. Linked to the Hacker News discussion because "free unlimited" is interesting. plurk
Oct 11 2014, 6:05pm
dblume shares Winter in Japan. Especially for pastilla plurk
Oct 10 2014, 5:08pm
dblume shares An Indonesian Marine tank fires in mid-air. plurk
Oct 8 2014, 3:59pm
dblume asks have any of my DreamHost-using friends survived the transition from Debian "squeeze" to Ubuntu 12.4 Precise? plurk
Oct 7 2014, 3:47pm
dblume shares if you buy one of Leigh's pens, she'll send you hearts and doodles. plurk
Oct 6 2014, 4:59am
dblume has a friend who flew to Seattle yesterday. She gloated with a capture of the weather app: 99° San Jose, 70° Seattle. Pretty much a 30° difference. plurk
Oct 4 2014, 5:02am
dblume shares Visualization of Server Traffic is Like the Coolest Game of Pong plurk
Oct 3 2014, 7:23pm
dblume asks How do you hyphenate "jumping spider like" in the sentence, "Tachikoma are jumping spider like robots"? plurk
Oct 3 2014, 4:59am
dblume thinks EvilCouch is being very brave in the face of Jessica's departure from SNSD. plurk
Oct 2 2014, 3:06am
dblume says they say the daily high temperature might be below 90° next week. Hello, winter! plurk
Sep 30 2014, 2:43pm
dblume says Somehow, this comic reminds me of zannah. plurk
Sep 29 2014, 4:01pm
dblume shares today is International Coffee Day. plurk
Sep 26 2014, 8:57pm
dblume shares Ready for Rain — Medium A really lovely post about Seattle. plurk
Sep 25 2014, 11:20pm
dblume says I took a photo of the great California rainstorm of 2014 for you guys. plurk
Sep 18 2014, 8:46am
dblume says Somehow, I'd never seen Satoshi Kon's "Ohayo" short before. Ohayo (オハヨウ) Satoshi Kon plurk
Sep 16 2014, 3:38pm
dblume says we're having a 10 million Rokus celebration at work. It shouldn't surprise me, but the Bay Area, Washington DC, and Seattle are the top users. plurk
Sep 14 2014, 4:33am
dblume shares Extra History - World War I: The Seminal Tragedy - C... plurk
Sep 13 2014, 4:56pm
dblume says Those of you who are my friends at Facebook can read something that I'm proud of. plurk
Sep 13 2014, 4:09pm
dblume asks How am I not at XOXO‽ plurk
Sep 13 2014, 8:02am
dblume says You can get a figma Pyramid-Head. plurk
Sep 9 2014, 3:28pm
dblume shares A little down time. Art by Akihiko Yoshida plurk
Sep 5 2014, 8:13am
dblume says I don't know why Penny Arcade decided to do this comic. But I think ninjanuity will get it. plurk
Sep 4 2014, 4:57pm
dblume says it was cloudy this morning!! Seems like the first time we've had clouds in a very very long time. plurk
Aug 29 2014, 2:42pm
dblume shares I've got one more Crunchyroll All-Access Guest Pass. Let me know if you're interested. plurk
Aug 29 2014, 4:41am
dblume shares Le Telepathé - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts plurk
Aug 27 2014, 4:40pm
dblume says I just unchecked "Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages" in Outlook. It's the little things that can make life so much better. plurk
Aug 24 2014, 5:26pm
dblume says Well, that was an early, long, rolling earthquake. plurk
Aug 23 2014, 3:41am
dblume asks if vanlal has seen this photo series? plurk
Aug 18 2014, 3:49am
dblume says You guys! Hanamonogatari is coming to Crunchyroll! plurk
Aug 11 2014, 6:05am
dblume shares Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On Lupe Fiasco and Canon in <strike>D</strike>G? ninjanuity and zannah must've heard this one. plurk
Aug 6 2014, 3:57am
dblume shares 艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 先行PV第壱弾 The "KanColle" Anime Trailer. plurk
Aug 2 2014, 3:06am
dblume shares The problem with being a software developer. plurk
Jul 31 2014, 3:04pm
dblume says those who've been to San Diego Comic Con will probably have extra appreciation for Drew: The Man Behind The Poster It covers his appearance there, and it's really touching. plurk
Jul 29 2014, 5:49am
dblume says I photobombed my wife again. I had to run and stand on my toes, practically jumped, but it worked. plurk
Jul 28 2014, 6:09pm
dblume shares there's a new OKCupid blogpost! "So, your picture is worth that fabled thousand words, but your actual words are worth…almost nothing." plurk
Jul 28 2014, 9:50am
dblume shares Numbers plurk
Jul 26 2014, 8:30pm
dblume loves The Comic-Con exclusive Ghost in the Shell anniversary poster. plurk
Jul 16 2014, 2:31pm
dblume shares 3 Years Later, Google+ Drops Its Dumb Real Name Rule And Apologizes. Esp. for some of my friends. plurk
Jul 12 2014, 5:35pm
dblume says I'm on the cusp of releasing one more personal project, but vacation interferes! Why do I have to leave my dev environment‽ Or, how many big wide monitors can I take with me? plurk
Jul 11 2014, 3:03am
dblume shares I almost died during my workout today. plurk
Jul 10 2014, 6:10pm
dblume shares After years of the native hierarchical list application TaskPaper, I just learned about Workflowy. plurk
Jul 8 2014, 5:37pm
dblume shares This is one of the cutest user-submitted stories at The Trenches about game development. "'FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!' ... type type type." plurk
Jul 7 2014, 6:23pm
dblume says a blog post is forming in my head about open recs for "full stack" developers, but I don't think I'd write it, as my general audience doesn't know the domain. plurk
Jul 3 2014, 4:53pm
dblume asks vanlal pastilla Have you guys seen The Lunchbox yet? It finally became available over here, and I saw it last night. plurk
Jun 26 2014, 6:41am
dblume shares Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness Less stuff, more happiness. Esp. for davidd plurk
Jun 22 2014, 5:18am
dblume shares There are new Hanamonogatari teasers! plurk
Jun 16 2014, 2:50pm
dblume shares preorders are open for the Ghost in the Shell Arise Logicoma Plastic Model. plurk
Jun 12 2014, 4:46am
dblume shares Where I teach the family another "dad joke". plurk
Jun 12 2014, 12:45am
dblume says so I Google Street View some place in Seattle, and it's all gray and no shadows, and I wondered if they were doing night-time image acquisitions now. plurk
Jun 11 2014, 8:14pm
dblume says Hey, zannah, view Plurk with a desktop browser! They added a hamburger for you in their menu bar. They say, "you're welcome!" plurk
Jun 3 2014, 9:14pm
dblume shares Crunchyroll got Chromecast support! plurk
Jun 2 2014, 3:08am
dblume asks now that we've seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, how, exactly is Professor X alive in that movie? plurk
May 31 2014, 5:05am
dblume says Tron: Legacy Encom Boardroom. Type "cd github" and then "run github.exe". Tron: Legacy Encom Boardroom Visualization plurk
May 30 2014, 6:33pm
dblume says I noticed a domain that didn't exist but really should have. So I bought it and gave it a quick page. plurk
May 29 2014, 3:56pm
dblume shares You want some of this? plurk
May 25 2014, 4:25am
dblume shares Kill the hamburger button. Especially for zannah plurk
May 21 2014, 9:03pm
dblume says suppose, theoretically, you wanted to walk from the San Francisco Bay to the breakers of the Pacific Ocean, it'd take you 2 hours and 15 minutes. plurk
May 21 2014, 3:22am
dblume says OMG, Microsoft. Word breaks all intra-page anchors‽ I just discovered this, and learned it's a "feature". plurk
May 18 2014, 4:56am
dblume says Aaron thought the tortillas were for eating... plurk
May 14 2014, 7:54pm
dblume just saw a tall thin guy in a black turtleneck sweater. Outside. It's over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. plurk
May 9 2014, 8:47pm
dblume shares Fisheye Placebo. Blame vanlal for showing me tapastic. plurk
May 9 2014, 8:42am
dblume shares JohnnyExpress JohnnyExpress plurk
May 8 2014, 4:43pm
dblume shares Potential pop summer anthems for 2014. Even though the summer of 2013 hasn't really ended yet, I'm ready for some new fun songs. plurk
May 7 2014, 9:03pm
dblume shares After 10 years (don't click), it's finally happened. Netflix has nothing to send me to fill an empty slot. plurk
May 6 2014, 3:47am
dblume says I think this response to "RSS is dead" is true. plurk
May 5 2014, 4:13pm
dblume says AT&T writes me, "After reviewing your account, we've determined..." "that you are officially eligible for a reward." (See reply in plurk for eligible.) plurk
May 1 2014, 6:43pm
dblume says If that were a proper goatee, then ThinkGeek's would've had Gordon Freeman in that Jedi Robe. plurk
Apr 29 2014, 8:54pm
dblume shares You guys! I'm a huge Image Comics fan, and a supporter of the CBLDF. So I've already got these comics. You should get them, too. plurk
Apr 28 2014, 5:15pm
dblume shares Creative process for a Penny Arcade comic. One of the best 4th Panel episodes. Shows the work in the creative process of making the comic. plurk
Apr 24 2014, 12:18am
dblume says farewell, sweet sweet static IPv4 address. I thought we'd be together forever. I'd give you to my children, and they'd look at it with wonder. plurk
Apr 23 2014, 6:47pm
dblume says $2000 / 1br - 10ft² - artisanal mission artist loft space... mission district So that's either about 2'x5' or the 10ft² is a typo. plurk
Apr 22 2014, 3:41pm
dblume says Crunchyroll got into a $500 million joint venture with AT&T. plurk
Apr 21 2014, 3:47am
dblume shares "Attack on Titan" 1/8th Scale Mikasa Ackerman plurk
Apr 20 2014, 11:36pm
dblume says "Otona no Milk" Pocky really is milk chocolate Pocky, despite the lovely dark box that reminded me of Men's Pocky. plurk
Apr 19 2014, 5:24am
dblume says Pocky sighted in Bodacious Space Pirates, eaten by the Electronic Warfare Specialist, episode 9, 5:16. plurk
Apr 17 2014, 10:01pm
dblume says Time to remind the family that Father's Day is coming. plurk
Apr 17 2014, 6:23pm
dblume says I'm already looking forward to the school quarter ending next week. Don't want to get ahead of myself, though, there's still one more essay to write. plurk
Apr 17 2014, 2:56am
dblume shares Lindzee - Amelymeloptical illusion Esp. for EvilCouch plurk
Apr 16 2014, 2:41pm
dblume says apparently we have tentative reservations at a Hotel Giraffe. And it's not in Africa. plurk
Apr 14 2014, 2:40am
dblume shares You guys wanna see me embarrass my daughter in public? OK! plurk
Apr 13 2014, 7:37am
dblume shares So I'm watching Gatchaman Crowds, and then a girl with giraffe on a t-shirt appears. I know somebody who'd probably notice that. plurk
Apr 12 2014, 11:54pm
dblume says Extra Credits Announces Extra Remix, Launching April... Looks dangerous. What do you think, halophoenix? plurk
Apr 10 2014, 9:05pm
dblume says thanks, halophoenix, for pointing out that Dreamhost can fulfill my dynamic DNS needs now that DynDNS is giving my freeloading ass the boot. plurk
Apr 8 2014, 6:59pm
dblume says Folks, if you want a Crunchyroll All-Access Guest Pass, lemme know. I've got one to give away. plurk
Apr 8 2014, 5:27am
dblume says Were you wondering just how geeky I can be? plurk
Apr 6 2014, 6:03pm
dblume says I'm back in the Bay Area, and there are dessicated worms all over the sidewalk. Like it had rained for a few days in the middle of this drought and they didn't know what to do. plurk
Apr 1 2014, 2:50am
dblume says Somebody from Seattle flew down to California? It rained. plurk
Mar 31 2014, 4:36pm
dblume says today is my Friday! plurk
Mar 29 2014, 9:13pm
dblume says I have to get the bad taste of the ending of Galilei Donna out of my mouth, so I'm starting Wizard Barristers this weekend. (Esp. for forestdweller. Have you finished it?) plurk
Mar 27 2014, 6:10pm
dblume shares Peanuts characters in coffee art. plurk
Mar 26 2014, 10:20pm
dblume says ProTip: If you sit on an exercise ball at the office, don't fart. The ball magnifies the sound of the fart such that it sounds like Godzilla is descending upon you. plurk
Mar 26 2014, 3:56am
dblume says my wife, in all seriousness, just called the good people of Seattle "Seatians". plurk
Mar 24 2014, 4:55pm
dblume shares Comics I Bought Lately and other wanderings... If I were ever capable of liking a haul video, this'd be it. Sadly, haul videos that don't go into depth into the things just aren't for me. plurk
Mar 20 2014, 11:18pm
dblume says This article on the high cost of 4k movies by disk is optimistic for 4k streaming. I think it'll be great... in some places. Not everywhere. plurk
Mar 18 2014, 6:16pm
dblume says You guys. Don't let me go on Kickstarter. plurk
Mar 18 2014, 5:52pm
dblume says There was dew on the car windshield this morning. This is going to sound hyperbolic, but I forgot how to handle that. I drove it without being able to see, thinking it would self-resolve. plurk
Mar 17 2014, 5:38pm
dblume says Sometimes the theme song in my head while I'm coding is the Theme to National Geographic. Sometimes it's Yakety Sax or Entrance of the Gladiators. You can imagine the code. plurk
Mar 17 2014, 5:24pm
dblume shares Ghost in the Shell Arise - Trailer HD TIL that Ghost in the Shell Arise exists. plurk
Mar 14 2014, 12:21am
dblume shares A recent battlestation. Bottom left corner: The Laughing Man (from GiTS) embroidered on his bag. plurk
Mar 13 2014, 4:04pm
dblume says So it's Joss Whedon week at Amazon, all his series are on sale for like $17. That's great, but Bakemonogatari Blu-ray is still over $200. When's it going to be Bakemonogatari day‽ plurk
Mar 12 2014, 9:11pm
dblume says so I'm watching Girls und Panzer, living vicariously through them, and then Arnold Swarzenegger gets his own tank. Will It Crush? plurk
Mar 6 2014, 10:38pm
dblume says I love this explanation of what actually happens when you get a shiver. plurk
Mar 6 2014, 6:47pm
dblume says I don't understand a word of it, yet I've never been more excited about the probable failure of supersymmetry. plurk
Mar 6 2014, 5:44pm
dblume says After having finished Arpeggio of Blue Steel, seeing a sexualized anthropomorphic personification of a destroyer class ship is perfectly, perfectly normal. plurk
Mar 6 2014, 5:03pm
dblume says I still don't think displaying ads alongside web search results sounds like a viable business. plurk
Mar 5 2014, 4:08am
dblume shares ABCDEFGeek. You guys! Click through! plurk
Mar 4 2014, 6:07pm
dblume shares So this local Googler cracks a misspelling joke, and throws in a Yoko Kanno song for atmosphere. plurk
Mar 3 2014, 11:02pm
dblume shares And there it is, XKCD's comic 1337 is here. plurk
Mar 3 2014, 4:03am
dblume shares Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal Still love this. More than the original. plurk
Mar 2 2014, 6:35am
dblume says My name is listed on a page with Neal Stephenson, Daniel Suarez and Neil Gaiman. Not to mention some locals like Matt Mullenweg, too. plurk
Mar 1 2014, 6:56pm
dblume says is already taken. plurk
Feb 26 2014, 4:58pm
dblume says Zombox will have crafting tables! "Click to Enlarge" only works over here. plurk
Feb 24 2014, 4:45pm
dblume thinks the latest Windows 7 System and Security Update broke Windows. My computer says it got installed, but it's not asking me to reboot the system. Should I reboot it anyway? plurk
Feb 24 2014, 1:02am
dblume shares I wrote some thoughts on hope and inspiration based on a couple of things that happened around here last week. plurk
Feb 21 2014, 3:45pm
dblume shares Frau Koujiro's area is littered with Pocky. plurk
Feb 20 2014, 6:36am
dblume asks hypothetically speaking, what would you do with an extra $425,000,000.00 dollars? plurk
Feb 20 2014, 5:21am
dblume shares If you can't handle the answer, don't ask the question. A true story. plurk
Feb 18 2014, 4:15am
dblume shares A giraffe photo-bomb from our trip to Safari West today. plurk
Feb 16 2014, 11:58pm
dblume says had neonepiphany in mind when we made a noble effort to get a Pliney the Younger today. plurk
Feb 14 2014, 5:03pm
dblume says Today is 2♥14/2014. plurk
Feb 14 2014, 10:08am
dblume asks have you guys seen this Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Rex Black Ver. kit? plurk
Feb 14 2014, 6:32am
dblume says Supercell -『Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari』 I really like the equalizer visualization here. plurk
Feb 13 2014, 5:37pm
Feb 13 2014, 4:19am
dblume says You can be old as dirt and still get goosebumps when a favorite song comes on. plurk
Feb 11 2014, 7:44pm
dblume says I'd buy more music if it were for sale here. (No, I'm not going to import a CD for $60.00, thank you very much.) plurk
Feb 6 2014, 5:44pm
dblume shares The Infinity Augmented Reality Concept Video plurk
Feb 6 2014, 4:43am
dblume says We're all in a tizzy! We've had rainfall that measured from 0.00" up to 0.01". Essentially many, many thousandths of an inch in some places! plurk
Feb 6 2014, 12:11am
dblume shares Hairy Potter plurk
Feb 5 2014, 5:44pm
dblume shares Jimi Hendrix on The Experience | Blank on Blank | PB... The animation only adds to the interview. Worth watching. plurk
Feb 4 2014, 7:22pm
dblume shares Jazz hands! plurk
Feb 4 2014, 7:11pm
dblume shares Pleasant places to live in the U.S. plurk
Feb 4 2014, 6:55pm
dblume says You Won't Believe This One Simple Secret That Affects My Web Surfing! Zimbio, BuzzFeed And Upworthy Hate This! plurk
Feb 3 2014, 5:48pm
dblume shares One of the better Weedonwantcha comics. First, you read the comic. Then, you find the feral cat. plurk
Feb 2 2014, 1:15am
dblume shares The difference between men and women. These two items were right next to each other in my feed. plurk
Jan 29 2014, 7:03pm
dblume says You can't even escape a wrongful "it's" from Yale's course on Constitutional Law at Coursera. plurk
Jan 29 2014, 2:48am
dblume says there were some clouds this evening, and they freaked me out. I couldn't figure out why everything was sorta wrong. plurk
Jan 27 2014, 9:41pm
dblume asks what are you guys going to do after the final episode of Monogatari airs tomorrow? plurk
Jan 26 2014, 5:44am
dblume says Yeah, so the guy who made Adventure Time was playing my game and laughing his ass off. plurk
Jan 24 2014, 8:35pm
dblume shares Why you should seek quiet every day. plurk
Jan 24 2014, 5:18pm
dblume shares Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots (Official Video) I can't get enough of Damon Albarn's voice. (He does 2D of the Gorrilaz, too.) plurk
Jan 24 2014, 6:45am
dblume says Some of my colleagues in Canada didn't understand my new avatar. So I made a version that speaks Canadian for them. plurk
Jan 23 2014, 9:52pm
dblume says So I get nostalgic for an old BBS I used to use, only to discover that this other guy that mentioned it, Hal Finney, was the recipient in the first transaction of the Bitcoin network. plurk
Jan 23 2014, 5:26pm
dblume shares TIL: National Handwriting Day occurs during #goblinweek. plurk
Jan 23 2014, 8:25am
dblume shares Cyanide & Happiness - Junk Mail plurk
Jan 22 2014, 6:47am
dblume shares I describe the transition from my previous avatar to the new one. plurk
Jan 21 2014, 2:12am
dblume shares My submission for Goblin Week. plurk
Jan 21 2014, 12:57am
dblume shares "Self Control" by Saskia Keultjes plurk
Jan 20 2014, 7:14pm
dblume shares ‘To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse …’ by Richard Sherman plurk
Jan 18 2014, 9:02pm
dblume shares how a geek dad makes the most of the drought. plurk
Jan 18 2014, 12:46am
dblume says And today Google shuts down Schemer. plurk
Jan 16 2014, 7:36pm
dblume shares finally, a way to know which browser tab is playing that audio. plurk
Jan 16 2014, 6:53pm
dblume says I don't know if you guys do the find-the-cat thing in Camp Weedonwantcha, but today's was the hardest ever. plurk
Jan 15 2014, 9:33pm
dblume shares Surprise dancing Fraggle. plurk
Jan 15 2014, 6:50pm
dblume asks Is it weird that I look forward to Extra Credits so I can hear what they choose for the outro music? plurk
Jan 14 2014, 8:04pm
dblume asks And... I forgot where I left my online brain. plurk
Jan 12 2014, 5:02pm
dblume shares Bunny with a Korilakkuma backpack. plurk
Jan 11 2014, 10:55pm
dblume shares T8 3D Printed Octoped Robot - Spider Salsa Rumba! Ha... plurk
Jan 9 2014, 1:03am
dblume says I'm sure that neonepiphany has already seen this one. Xbox One Sign Out Trolling plurk
Jan 8 2014, 5:04pm
dblume says I love CrunchyRoll, but can't help but feel a little conflicted when the occasional hyper big breasts cooking rhythm game comes around. plurk
Jan 3 2014, 12:36am
dblume asks davidd is this one of yours? plurk
Jan 2 2014, 11:16pm
dblume says Wowow waka wowow waka waka waka. plurk
Jan 2 2014, 6:01pm
dblume shares Soon, my kids will be old enough for me to forbid them from listening to Rage Against the Machine. plurk
Jan 2 2014, 5:27am
dblume wonders if evilcouch has already seen this. Making of "The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up" in Ablet... plurk
Dec 28 2013, 8:03pm
dblume says I want to try some Phở Quỳnh food at the Phở Quỳnh r.... plurk
Dec 28 2013, 5:04am
dblume says You guys wanna see one of my secret abandoned gags? Here. plurk
Dec 24 2013, 4:58am
dblume says Oh, 49ers are gonna win... Oh, wow, Falcons are gonna win by scoring two touchdowns in the last two minutes!! Wait, the 49ers intercepted and kept the lead! plurk
Dec 21 2013, 7:49am
dblume shares “...are ga Deneb, Altair, and Vega...” plurk
Dec 18 2013, 6:26pm
dblume shares I'm not racist, but... plurk
Dec 18 2013, 6:06pm
dblume shares Nice to see Extra Creditz showing good site migration hygiene. (That's a link to my own explanation.) plurk
Dec 18 2013, 4:57pm
dblume shares This is my wife. ( From Penny Arcade. ) plurk
Dec 18 2013, 6:22am
dblume shares some office/desktop porn from Good Smile, esp. for halophoenix plurk
Dec 17 2013, 9:24pm
dblume shares Top 10 Kiyomi Compilation - (하리) 귀요미 송 HARI - Cutie ... Did zannah already post a Gwiyomi video? Did I miss it? plurk
Dec 17 2013, 6:05pm
dblume shares all of Silicon Valley smells like burnt electronics. This is not a joke. You wouldn't believe what this is doing to us. plurk
Dec 16 2013, 12:08am
dblume says the next anime series I'm watching looks like it'll be Bakemonogatari. plurk
Dec 13 2013, 9:10am
dblume shares why it is a big deal to me that I got around to finishing Time of Eve. plurk
Dec 10 2013, 7:47pm
dblume shares 26 years of growth, showing Shanghai in 1987 and in 2013. plurk
Dec 10 2013, 3:49am
dblume shares A Little Aperture Book: The Cake is a Lie plurk
Dec 9 2013, 7:14pm
dblume says NO! For the last time animating gifs of stats like this are bad! Global population in 4 gifs. plurk
Dec 8 2013, 5:00am
dblume says I just finished Gosick. What should I watch next? thatkidwho, are you still there? plurk
Dec 7 2013, 6:22am
dblume shares My favorite post of the week. narilka might like it. Data, visualizing, mistakes. plurk
Dec 4 2013, 12:01am
dblume asks narilka if zannah has stopped buying herself things for the month? plurk
Dec 2 2013, 9:44pm
dblume shares The 2013 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. plurk
Dec 2 2013, 5:38am
dblume says So, I bought my first Black Friday thingie. plurk
Nov 29 2013, 5:39am
dblume says I'm really tempted by this tiny model Tachikoma. plurk
Nov 27 2013, 6:59pm
dblume says I don't know what it's going to be, but my next app or daemon is going to be named KINAB. (Mouse over the title to see the explanation.) plurk
Nov 27 2013, 3:47pm
dblume wonders if you've seen the Star Wars Mara Jade ARTFX Bishoujo Statue? plurk
Nov 26 2013, 10:00pm
dblume says The Seattle "no" is the Japanese "no". plurk
Nov 23 2013, 7:25am
dblume shares The uncomfortable racial preferences revealed by online dating. plurk
Nov 21 2013, 3:13pm
dblume shares Attack on Titan wall here in Oakland. plurk
Nov 21 2013, 5:45am
dblume says ProTip: Microsoft, this is a bad idea. plurk
Nov 18 2013, 6:42pm
dblume shares Microsoft still hasn't taken down their Never Be Free From Work ad. plurk
Nov 17 2013, 3:07am
dblume shares Just me sitting on the benches outside the Exploratorium. plurk
Nov 15 2013, 9:52pm
dblume shares Praying mantises in Kahramanmaras, Turkey plurk
Nov 13 2013, 1:18am
dblume shares The Innovation of Loneliness Social Networks are making us lonely. plurk
Nov 11 2013, 9:24pm
dblume says Happy Pocky Day everybody! plurk
Nov 5 2013, 4:44pm
dblume shares Stealth Attack: The New Abortion Laws. It's a cartoon! Go read it. plurk
Nov 4 2013, 6:17pm
dblume says the XKCD forum guys have already cracked an Adobe user's password from the comic alone : "Matthias". plurk
Nov 2 2013, 4:41pm
dblume says So. This isn't a joke‽ You can apparently get a limited edition of special cleaning-guy version of Captain Levi? plurk
Nov 1 2013, 2:43pm
dblume wonders how well this ad would've worked on zannah if she were local. plurk
Nov 1 2013, 2:34pm
dblume says The artwork in this ad is almost enough to make me get over the grammatical mistake in what's supposed to be a play-on-words. plurk
Oct 30 2013, 9:12pm
dblume says I don't want to choose between RAW image format and having GPS EXIF data. plurk
Oct 29 2013, 9:27pm
dblume asks How do you make Long Fall Boots? plurk
Oct 29 2013, 2:39pm
dblume wonders if there's time to make a Survey Corps costume this year? This shirt made me think of it. plurk
Oct 28 2013, 4:01pm
dblume shares BEAUTY OF MATHEMATICS Beauty of mathematics plurk
Oct 26 2013, 5:35am
dblume asks forestdweller, It's been three years. How do we read Amazon Wishlists now? Everybody's screenscraping or hacking widgets. Just provide an API. plurk
Oct 25 2013, 7:20pm
dblume says Damn you, Penny Arcade, for showing me these dice vaults. plurk
Oct 24 2013, 9:08pm
dblume shares Damn, girl... plurk
Oct 23 2013, 7:20pm
dblume says the Spectacle Creep issue of Extra Credits applies to both Games and Movies. It really hits home. plurk
Oct 20 2013, 9:56pm
dblume says So this guy posts (his battlestation), and I'm all, "Oh, shit, did Sooyoung really sign that‽" And I had to dive into the comments. plurk
Oct 20 2013, 4:23pm
dblume says Wow, this Mikasa Ackerman figma is nicely articula...ble? How do you say that? plurk
Oct 18 2013, 11:56pm
dblume shares I've given in and have added the walled garden of Facebook to my Lifestream's periodic table. Symbol "f". plurk
Oct 18 2013, 4:03pm
dblume shares Good news for Generation Y: Generation X is raising its children like they raise their Pokemon. plurk
Oct 17 2013, 7:54am
dblume shares I'm just so frustrated with Microsoft right now. On the bright side, everything but Create A System Image works, so I had high expectations. plurk
Oct 17 2013, 6:48am
dblume shares The single biggest mistake in all of history. plurk
Oct 16 2013, 9:40pm
dblume asks if anyone remembers a blog post from a gay man explaining to his friends that he wasn't straight simply because some of his partners were pre-op trans men. plurk
Oct 16 2013, 4:32am
dblume wonders if zannah has seen today's giraffe XKCD? plurk
Oct 11 2013, 5:03pm
dblume shares For those of you struggling with Drawtober. I'll leave this here. plurk
Oct 11 2013, 4:47pm
dblume says The "hidden" path in To Be Or Not To Be is easier to unravel in the paper book than in the e-book. (Sorry, pastilla.) plurk
Oct 8 2013, 4:53am
dblume asks halophoenix if he's visited the battlestations subreddit? plurk
Oct 8 2013, 4:18am
dblume says I caught up on Attack on Titan, and now I'm going to give Gosick a try. Strange name. plurk
Oct 8 2013, 4:03am
dblume asks forestdweller Help!! I made my ThinkGeek order at 9:00pm today but the Halloween coupon expired. plurk
Oct 7 2013, 4:39pm
dblume shares Somebody here might appreciate that one of those heads belongs to Ramona Flowers. plurk
Oct 5 2013, 6:42pm
dblume shares There was a bold, majestic creature outside our front door this morning. plurk
Oct 3 2013, 6:37pm
dblume shares Dragon from another planet. #drawtober plurk
Oct 2 2013, 9:34pm
dblume shares A Girl and her Robot. (A Drawtober thingy). plurk
Oct 1 2013, 11:29pm
dblume shares My kids are so needy. plurk
Oct 1 2013, 6:08pm
dblume shares Best "Tales from the Trenches" ever. (They're stories from Game Testers.) plurk
Sep 30 2013, 5:26pm
dblume shares I do this highlighting thing while I read, too. plurk
Sep 29 2013, 4:38pm
dblume says Yeah, that's not Jun Kazama. plurk
Sep 28 2013, 5:59am
dblume quotes, "Jesus already gave me two burrito forks." Source. plurk
Sep 27 2013, 7:21pm
dblume says I put a lot of effort into my part of the Cinema One, so it's gratifying that it won a CEDIA Manufacturer's Excellence Award. plurk
Sep 26 2013, 8:40pm
dblume asks What kind of fake tooth should I get? plurk
Sep 25 2013, 5:43pm
dblume asks halophoenix if he noticed an extra neutrino flux last week? plurk
Sep 25 2013, 4:30pm
dblume says I think you all already know I'm a little bit the Crypto Nut. plurk
Sep 24 2013, 8:08pm
dblume shares ProTip: Drilling a bolt into your skull hurts. plurk
Sep 23 2013, 3:54pm
dblume shares Leigh Reyes share what she carries everyday, including a pretty Sypderco knife. plurk
Sep 20 2013, 4:57pm
dblume shares One of my two favorite Fuck You pictures. plurk
Sep 20 2013, 4:14am
dblume says there's Jim Mahfood again. plurk
Sep 16 2013, 10:49pm
dblume says calling Data Visualizers (narilka): Anybody visualized the data at the bottom of this chart? plurk
Sep 16 2013, 9:11pm
dblume shares Try as you might, they always grow back. plurk
Sep 16 2013, 2:32pm
dblume says This week's Breaking Bad's subtitles had the phrase, "tow the line." ಠ_ಠ plurk
Sep 10 2013, 2:40pm
dblume says I'm, uh, how far? into To Be Or Not To Be, and Romeo And/Or Juliet has already been announced. plurk
Sep 9 2013, 11:30pm
dblume asks forestdweller: Do you know what was? plurk
Sep 9 2013, 8:57pm
dblume shares Sex. Money. Power. Respect. (found via Reddit, but something I would do for my son.) plurk
Sep 8 2013, 4:48am
dblume shares Notch's Team Fortress stream is currently titled, "Taking a break from Cookie Clicker." That game is pure evil. plurk
Sep 5 2013, 11:50pm
dblume shares Nerd³ Plays... Cookie Clicker plurk
Sep 5 2013, 3:07am
dblume shares Unpaid Internships Must End. plurk
Sep 4 2013, 5:02pm
dblume is amused at this review of Miley Cyrus's We Can't Stop. Saddest song of the summer. plurk
Sep 3 2013, 3:43pm
dblume says So, it's "teen asian pov" for you guys, is it? ( chart from ) plurk
Sep 3 2013, 3:17am
dblume says Hmm, "Whole Groin Crackers" does not look like something I want. :eers:: Oh, "whole grain crackers." plurk
Aug 31 2013, 8:30am
dblume says So... I should be starting a new project. Can't stop nesting. plurk
Aug 30 2013, 4:35pm
dblume shares a good example of why Twenty Sided is one of my favorite blogs. Shamus walks us through implementing one of his game ideas. plurk
Aug 29 2013, 4:35pm
dblume shares Cyanide & Happiness - The Rope plurk
Aug 24 2013, 5:34am
dblume shares Our family got a small thrill when the kids got their photo in the local paper. plurk
Aug 22 2013, 4:18am
dblume says The Kickstarter book finally came in and looks nice! plurk
Aug 18 2013, 5:26am
dblume shares Do I Really Want All This Stuff? Something that davidd could have written. plurk
Aug 17 2013, 5:05am
dblume shares How to make the perfect French Press. Jason Mantzoukas: Boy's Minute plurk
Aug 14 2013, 2:39am
dblume shares A library. Esp. for neonepiphany plurk
Aug 13 2013, 11:50pm
dblume can't wait to see how people like Microsoft's new Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop keyboard. I'm looking forward to it. plurk
Aug 13 2013, 6:23pm
dblume shares Yuu Koutari hopes you ordered her other figma. plurk
Aug 13 2013, 6:05pm
dblume shares Nice Kaleidescape review. "This instant convenience, and high quality, is really how all things should work." plurk
Aug 10 2013, 7:08pm
dblume shares There was a teachable moment between my son and me this morning. plurk
Aug 9 2013, 4:34am
dblume shares Best necklace charm ever. plurk
Aug 7 2013, 4:13pm
dblume shares The Piemaster. plurk
Aug 5 2013, 9:29pm
dblume shares Wired is trying to kill me. Someone please put the L Sprng on the L bud. plurk
Aug 4 2013, 7:59am
dblume shares I don't like making plans for the day... plurk
Aug 4 2013, 4:45am
dblume shares Kaleidescape at CEDIA EXPO 2012 This was filmed at my work. plurk
Aug 1 2013, 4:15am
dblume shares Glamdamnit explains "The Labyrinth". plurk
Jul 30 2013, 7:00pm
dblume shares Daughter. By Cyanide and Happiness. plurk
Jul 29 2013, 4:34pm
dblume says I can't believe that I lost track of time. plurk
Jul 28 2013, 4:49pm
dblume says Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael (MUSIC VIDEO) ... This could so easily have been filmed in Milpitas. plurk
Jul 25 2013, 3:33pm
dblume shares Black Rock Shooter figma of Yuu Koutari's existence in the alternate world - Strength. Love the articulation of this one. plurk
Jul 24 2013, 5:20pm
dblume shares Game Compulsion Part 3, by Extra Credits. plurk
Jul 24 2013, 4:43pm
dblume shares Assault Android Cactus, a bullet hell game, esp. for pastilla's Kurii, and halophoenix. plurk
Jul 23 2013, 9:05pm
dblume shares Kathy Sierra: Building the minimum Badass User, Business of Softw... I'm really glad to see Kathy Sierra is still at it. plurk
Jul 23 2013, 4:24pm
dblume shares the Cinema One is the thing I've been working on. We're a small company, and we're really proud of it. We're striving to bring the best experience to more people. plurk
Jul 22 2013, 7:31pm
dblume shares some raw data for income/region/generation, esp. for narilka. Data used by NY Times. plurk
Jul 14 2013, 5:09pm
dblume shares This is me and my family not in Canada. Tired. Frustrated. plurk
Jul 11 2013, 6:02pm
dblume shares TIL "American foulbrood" wasn't about my kids. plurk
Jul 11 2013, 2:53am
dblume shares 「パワードジャケットMK3」世界初の搭乗型パワードスーツ市販モデル-PoweredJacket MK3- Please let this lead to Tachikoma and Fuchikoma. plurk
Jul 10 2013, 8:54pm
dblume says they just added Ryan North's Machine of Death to the Humble eBook Bundle II. plurk
Jul 9 2013, 4:22pm
dblume needs more summer anthems for 2013 to combat Icona Pop's "I love it." More like Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." What's good? plurk
Jul 8 2013, 6:41pm
dblume shares How to say "beer" in various European countries. via The Drey. plurk
Jul 6 2013, 6:21pm
dblume shares Yonatan's initial reaction to the dog shooting, with interesting followup by Megazone and Sai. Search for their responses. plurk
Jul 5 2013, 6:10pm
dblume shares T8 the Bio Inspired 3D Printed Spider Octopod Robot plurk
Jul 5 2013, 2:52pm
dblume shares The best Instagram video from Taeyeon yet. plurk
Jul 3 2013, 10:31pm
dblume shares In Ohio you can potentially be legally pregnant before you've even met the father of the child, since pregnancy starts with the cessation of the mother's last period. plurk
Jul 2 2013, 9:38pm
dblume shares Yonatan Zunger does a great job of explaining objectification. plurk
Jul 2 2013, 3:32pm
dblume asks my Seattle friends if this wordmap is accurate? plurk
Jul 2 2013, 3:25pm
dblume shares Handwriting: yours, but better. By Leigh Reyes (especially for zannah) plurk
Jul 2 2013, 4:27am
dblume says I'm planning the Summer Roadtrip Playlists, and am weighing whether I have to trade Sistar for Dio. I don't think anybody else has this type of problem. plurk
Jul 1 2013, 6:28pm
dblume says it warms my heart that Tycho feels the same way about Sinistar as I do. plurk
Jul 1 2013, 1:34am
dblume shares Another Bike Ride with the Kids I made yet another sequel to the first bike ride video with my kids. plurk
Jul 1 2013, 12:22am
dblume shares Unusual Words Rendered in Bold Graphics plurk
Jun 30 2013, 11:04pm
dblume says halophoenix I wish you'd written your Cloud Storage article before I'd written mine. And please play nice with DreamHost. plurk
Jun 30 2013, 4:55am
dblume asks Why am I wearing pants‽ You can't do this (very effectively) while wearing pants! plurk
Jun 29 2013, 5:46pm
dblume shares plurk
Jun 28 2013, 3:50pm
dblume shares Cut and fold. Watch the making-of video at the bottom of the page. plurk
Jun 27 2013, 2:09pm
dblume says don't drive away from the coffee shop without tasting your coffee. plurk
Jun 26 2013, 9:34pm
dblume asks is it weird that I'm easing my son into RTS gaming by way of Tower Defense games? I feel like a drug pusher. plurk
Jun 26 2013, 4:57pm
dblume shares Platinum Soft Fine Scritchy scritchy scritch. plurk
Jun 25 2013, 5:14pm
dblume says Huh, there's a new Bishoujo Phylocke statue. plurk
Jun 24 2013, 5:50pm
dblume shares Red Tree Reader looks promising. Because bears. plurk
Jun 22 2013, 5:23pm
dblume shares the Tursion Huion tablet, recommended by artists, esp. for narilka plurk
Jun 22 2013, 3:54am
dblume says in case you were wondering what's wrong with me. (I meant me me. Not you me.) plurk
Jun 21 2013, 10:12pm
dblume shares narilka, neonepiphany: Beer Recommendation system in R. Two great tastes (statistics visualization and beer), that taste great together! plurk
Jun 21 2013, 7:04pm
dblume shares That was nice. Come back, let's cuddle. plurk
Jun 21 2013, 5:29am
dblume shares If you find a baby Song Bird out of its nest... plurk
Jun 21 2013, 4:34am
dblume shares "MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF" teaser plurk
Jun 19 2013, 7:10pm
dblume says I have my next secret project. Just sayin'. plurk
Jun 17 2013, 11:05pm
dblume remains hopeful for the Digg Reader. plurk
Jun 17 2013, 5:10am
dblume shares [Live HD] 130616 #SNSD Cut 6 - VCR + I'm A Diamond +... Go one minute 8 seconds in. Taeyeon stole a play from Kanye West's Power video. plurk
Jun 15 2013, 3:11pm
dblume shares I can't wait for Zombox. Here's a flythrough of a city. plurk
Jun 14 2013, 9:59pm
dblume shares In the war to distinguish themselves against Nerds, Geeks narrowly scored "boobies." plurk
Jun 9 2013, 6:35am
dblume is watching Toradora because of halophoenix. plurk
Jun 9 2013, 5:14am
dblume shares The simplest dessert in the world. plurk
Jun 8 2013, 8:40am
dblume says I wrote about backing-up to the cloud. plurk
Jun 7 2013, 5:29pm
dblume shares Strip Search, Season 1, Episode 29 - A Kick in the P... plurk
Jun 6 2013, 8:49pm
dblume shares Bowling For Soup - Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day (Ly... Here. We. Go. Again. plurk
Jun 6 2013, 7:52pm
dblume thinks reticule is a strangely overloaded word. plurk
Jun 5 2013, 6:38pm
dblume shares pastilla going for a swim in Europe. As seen here. plurk
Jun 5 2013, 2:35pm
dblume has just had his first coffee in a few days. Buzz, buzz, buzz. plurk
May 31 2013, 9:55pm
dblume says Internet post? Sparkles? Giraffe? Zannah? Nope. Taeyeon trying to confuse me. plurk
May 31 2013, 5:19pm
dblume says TIL'd that there's an official video for Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster. plurk
May 30 2013, 9:14am
dblume says Samurai Champloo will be 10 years old next year. plurk
May 29 2013, 8:33pm
dblume loves The Penny Arcade DLC pin. plurk
May 29 2013, 4:15pm
dblume shares Lego Venn diagram plurk
May 29 2013, 4:07pm
dblume shares The Purge Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Ethan Hawke, ... plurk
May 25 2013, 1:43am
dblume asks is it weird if all I want are the Tachikomas? plurk
May 24 2013, 4:58pm
dblume shares The flawed concept of Good VS Evil, The Philosophy of Hayao Miyazaki plurk
May 22 2013, 6:57pm
dblume is shallow. Cannot ever be made to appreciate Cosette. Her vibrato reminds me of Snow White's. Too saccharine. Her hard life as a child does not move me. plurk
May 19 2013, 12:31pm
dblume is on his way to Bay to Breakers! plurk
May 19 2013, 2:11am
dblume shares We're ready for Bay to Breakers. plurk
May 18 2013, 10:10pm
dblume asks are any of you on Over there, I'm calling myself... (wait for it) ... dblume. plurk
May 13 2013, 5:04pm
dblume shares Geography of hate against gays, races, and the disabled. plurk
May 11 2013, 4:58pm
dblume says something cool about Kaleidescape, only we can offer a service to, without effort, upgrade your physical DVDs to Blu-Ray quality downloads. plurk
May 11 2013, 5:55am
dblume says Yes, I did read the whole article on attention spans without tabbing away. plurk
May 9 2013, 10:09pm
dblume shares Hyperbole and a Halfs Depression Part Two. plurk
May 8 2013, 3:46am
dblume says "Oculus Sinister" plurk
May 5 2013, 4:05am
dblume says ProTip: When you see an ever-growing pile of sawdust on your windowsill, tell your husband. plurk
May 4 2013, 10:38pm
dblume shares Especially for pastilla. plurk
May 4 2013, 4:49pm
dblume says Lots of people in line for Free Comic Book Day. plurk
May 3 2013, 9:57pm
dblume shares How to use a Ketchup Cup Properly plurk
May 3 2013, 8:32am
dblume shares How the TSA, FAA, and airlines encourage crime. plurk
May 3 2013, 3:57am
dblume says I like what Michael Wolf said about Kaleidescape. plurk
May 2 2013, 4:54pm
dblume says My uncle has passed away. Time for awkward humor: I am now the eldest male Blume in this bloodline. I was pretty sure there'd be a quickening with lightning and music by Queen. plurk
May 1 2013, 10:41pm
dblume says These two announcements reveal why I do what I do: Netflix to lose almost 2,000 titles, Kaleidescape offers Blu-ray-quality downloads. plurk
May 1 2013, 5:25pm
dblume shares from Penny Arcade plurk
May 1 2013, 4:52pm
dblume shares Omelette plurk
Apr 30 2013, 4:23am
dblume says I feel a field trip coming on. plurk
Apr 27 2013, 3:42am
dblume shares "How my buddy announced he was having a boy" via Reddit. I understand this man. plurk
Apr 24 2013, 12:04am
dblume says everytime I see the Me So Hungry food truck, I say to myself, "Me eat food long time." plurk
Apr 23 2013, 10:49pm
dblume shares Aftermath. esp. for zannah plurk
Apr 23 2013, 9:03pm
dblume shares from Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips plurk
Apr 23 2013, 8:50pm
dblume shares Time Travel in Movies from Mr. Dalliard plurk
Apr 20 2013, 7:04pm
dblume is near Golden Gate Park on 4/20. Kids are learning things. plurk
Apr 20 2013, 4:04pm
dblume shares I did a double-take when I saw my 12yo daughter had just bought the Glee version of "Closer." plurk
Apr 16 2013, 6:35pm
dblume shares Wealth Inequality in America Wealth Inequality in America plurk
Apr 15 2013, 10:58pm
dblume shares esp. for Elfkin, Pentagon calls off new medal for drone, cyber warriors. plurk
Apr 15 2013, 6:04pm
dblume shares Arctic will be free of ice within 20 years Due to the positive feedback loops, the old "wake-up call" is looking more like a "lights out." plurk
Apr 15 2013, 4:21pm
dblume shares Dissecting a Trailer: The Parts of the Film That Make the Cut. plurk
Apr 15 2013, 2:43am
dblume shares A high school kid explains how he used Facebook to improve his dating live. plurk
Apr 13 2013, 5:51am
dblume asks so who's going to the Bacon festival after the Taco festival? plurk
Apr 12 2013, 3:51pm
dblume quotes, "North Korea lashed out at Tokyo's standing orders to destroy any missile heading toward Japan." plurk
Apr 11 2013, 5:56pm
dblume has configured my Inactive Account Manager settings. plurk
Apr 11 2013, 5:20pm
dblume let his beard grow for a couple of days. More gray than original color! Achievement Get! plurk
Apr 10 2013, 4:50pm
dblume says I just saw the "A Glitch Is a Glitch" episode of Adventure Time where the girl noms her cat with that blank stare, and couldn't help but think of zannah. plurk
Apr 10 2013, 12:13am
dblume says it sorta makes me sad that the Is Thatcher Dead Yet site story doesn't mention the old single-serving Natalie Portman Countdown to Legality site. plurk
Apr 9 2013, 5:43pm
dblume shares ProTip: Launch Chrome with --disable-new-menu-style if you don't benefit from the touch-device-friendly new menu style. plurk
Apr 8 2013, 10:52pm
dblume shares I would rather be ashes than dust. Gavin Than hits it out of the park again. Loved the meter. plurk
Apr 8 2013, 10:15pm
dblume shares I'm not sure how hard it would be to solve a ROULETTE Wheel IQ Cube. (Similar to a Rubik's cube.) plurk
Apr 5 2013, 4:20am
dblume shares SNSD documentary in Japan. Especially for their number one fan, evilcouch. I don't know why he loves them so much. plurk
Apr 3 2013, 7:51pm
dblume shares This is me as a dad now. plurk
Apr 3 2013, 4:07am
dblume shares Our Regressive Web. An illustration of the usefulness we've lost in favor of maximizing ad impressions and pageviews. plurk
Apr 2 2013, 7:00pm
dblume says that was the best Penny Arcade Strip Search episode yet. plurk
Apr 2 2013, 12:34am
dblume shares I just installed JIRA Jr. for the kids. I can't believe we used to use 3x5 cards. plurk
Apr 1 2013, 5:31pm
dblume shares 23 Of The Most Creative Marriage Equality Facebook Pictures. plurk
Mar 31 2013, 5:57pm
dblume thinks it's a little odd that Taeyeon is one of the more prolific posters to my Instagram stream. I didn't think that that'd last. plurk
Mar 30 2013, 6:15am
dblume says I've chosen my replacement for Google Reader. plurk
Mar 29 2013, 7:14pm
dblume shares Someone is a little shy. (From Reddit.) Made me think of someone here, but I forget whom. plurk
Mar 29 2013, 3:48am
dblume says weird, old venues for K-Pop are drying up as the songs are appearing on iTunes and Amazon. plurk
Mar 27 2013, 11:32pm
dblume shares Tear-able Javascript cloth. Go. Play. Tear. plurk
Mar 27 2013, 3:27pm
dblume says Tachikoma t-shirts on sale. plurk
Mar 26 2013, 8:50pm
dblume saw an awesome dermal piercing at Planet Granite today. On the back of the neck, one each on alternating sides of a cervical vertebra. Gave the illusion of being connected through the bone. plurk
Mar 25 2013, 10:49pm
dblume is really happy for Crunchyroll. Hope good things keep happening for them and their customers. plurk
Mar 25 2013, 2:39pm
dblume wonders what my Plurk friends think of the "Harry Potter style background" in the BuzzFeed UK flyer? plurk
Mar 25 2013, 6:07am
dblume says OK, so todays XKCD is animated at one frame per half hour. plurk
Mar 24 2013, 2:59pm
dblume shares Catbug (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 11 Season 1 on Cartoo... The Catbug episode was awesome! plurk
Mar 21 2013, 3:56pm
dblume says it's so weird how kids these days associate George R. R. Martin with A Song of Fire and Ice instead of the creation of Chewbacca. plurk
Mar 21 2013, 7:40am
dblume left some flowers at the Google graveyard. plurk
Mar 20 2013, 5:54pm
dblume says I'm so sorry adorable little jumping spider on my computer screen. I love you, but today is not your day. plurk
Mar 18 2013, 11:39pm
dblume says Zen Pencils Sophie Scholl: The fire within. Highly recommended. plurk
Mar 18 2013, 2:41pm
dblume says Google's so quick to kill projects, Google Keep ended before it started. plurk
Mar 18 2013, 2:33pm
dblume shares From "Sad Pictures for Children." plurk
Mar 13 2013, 8:59pm
dblume shares Archaeopteryx Demo-Clip Archaeopteryx Demo-Clip. The sort of thing Daedalus would have created. plurk
Mar 12 2013, 5:08am
dblume says "Canned cans canned cans can can can canned cans." plurk
Mar 11 2013, 5:49am
dblume shares The first day of the rest of your life. plurk
Mar 9 2013, 5:16pm
dblume says ninjanuity, don't tell zannah about the achievements and badges that this app lets you collect. plurk
Mar 6 2013, 5:26pm
dblume shares Destroy All Software: WAT plurk
Mar 5 2013, 6:50pm
dblume says if the First Party notebook set had pages that were blank on one side, and grid on the other, I'd buy so many! I'm tempted as it is. plurk
Mar 5 2013, 6:12am
dblume shares NINs Head Like a Hole mashed with Call Me Maybe is terrible and perfect. plurk
Mar 5 2013, 5:47am
dblume says m-flo loves Girls Generation is almost out. plurk
Mar 4 2013, 5:37am
dblume says Keith Houston used interesting characters (octothorpe, etc.) to identify the tables at his wedding, and saved the interrobang for the top table! Yay! plurk
Mar 3 2013, 3:23am
dblume shares Daddy Cooking Tip #4, combining cooking with physics. plurk
Mar 3 2013, 12:28am
dblume says that was a good season ending for The Clone Wars. Also, this season had the best fight scene yet. plurk
Mar 2 2013, 10:20pm
dblume likes that Caterina Fake's next Findery open house will have a demo of a game by an entity called, "Floor is Lava." Bodes well. plurk
Feb 28 2013, 5:00pm
dblume says I listened to the NPR interview with the author of Erasing Death, and have decided that if I'm resuscitated, I'll mutter about noodly appendages, meatballs, and say, "ramen." plurk
Feb 25 2013, 6:39pm
dblume says I have no idea what I just Command+w closed. I was looking at a window on the wrong screen. Hello, Monday. plurk
Feb 25 2013, 5:23pm
dblume asks do you guys think it's weird how you sometimes drop links here without any explanation? plurk
Feb 24 2013, 6:12pm
dblume hopes vanlal approves of this smart phone version of the Anathem glossary. plurk
Feb 24 2013, 1:37am
dblume shares I took the week off to take inventory of some of my parents' boxes, and to try and clear more room in the house. plurk
Feb 23 2013, 10:57pm
dblume says If murder was not fun, they would not have to make it illegal. plurk
Feb 23 2013, 4:33am
dblume says halophoenix, I love so much that Extra Credits seriously took on the question of funding XCOM. plurk
Feb 18 2013, 7:42am
dblume says this was a fun day. Climbing, walking across the bridge, then walking from North Beach to the crookedest street. plurk
Feb 17 2013, 4:42am
dblume shares Namaqua rain frog - Breviceps namaquensis Do you ever feel like this little guy? plurk
Feb 14 2013, 5:50pm
dblume shares How the "Shit My Dad Says" Dad Celebrates Valentines Day. plurk
Feb 14 2013, 5:38pm
dblume shares I matched my record of consecutive weeks going to Planet Granite. plurk
Feb 14 2013, 12:42am
dblume has determined that halophoenix is a robot. plurk
Feb 11 2013, 5:56pm
dblume shares Loishs take on a redraw of an Escher Girl. plurk
Feb 11 2013, 3:51am
dblume says pretty much all of you except for pastilla are in the Fourth Amendment Exclusion Zone. plurk
Feb 10 2013, 8:24pm
dblume shares It's Raining Spiders In Brazil zannah should not watch this, and should probably even mute this plurk. plurk
Feb 10 2013, 5:07pm
dblume shares An Experiment in Accurate But Misleading Movie Descriptions. plurk
Feb 8 2013, 4:45pm
dblume is making another domain! For every little idea, I'm like, "hmm, I'd like to navigate to a domain like that with just a few key presses." plurk
Feb 8 2013, 7:14am
dblume shares Faulkner and Bukowski on creativity. plurk
Feb 7 2013, 1:32am
dblume says there's a divide in the house. Everybody else wants Girls' Generation, I want Sistar19. (They released a new song a week or so ago. Another torchy one I like.) plurk
Feb 6 2013, 11:23pm
dblume shares Dubai (from The 2013 Sony World Photography Awards ) plurk
Feb 6 2013, 10:10pm
dblume says so Amara crowdsources subtitling and captions of YouTube videos. Interesting. plurk
Feb 5 2013, 10:43pm
dblume shares "Oh, oh, wah, I'm crying now like you're going to cry when you get cut." -- My wife, to me. plurk
Feb 5 2013, 6:15pm
dblume shares Flowchart for whether or not to enter the pub. plurk
Feb 2 2013, 5:36am
dblume says my account was one of the ones affected. Happily, I already followed good password hygiene. Good on Twitter for being so open about it, too. plurk
Feb 1 2013, 9:16pm
dblume asks iPhone users: What app do you use for Plurk? The official app hasn't worked for me for a few days. plurk
Feb 1 2013, 4:10am
dblume shares Paperman - Full Animated Short Film via vanlal plurk
Jan 31 2013, 10:32pm
dblume says "Thanks so much for reaching out. Quick question before we set anything up: are <company>’s health plans fully trans-inclusive?" A useful reply to recruiting messages. plurk
Jan 31 2013, 7:40pm
dblume says the only thing this site needs is more Comic Sans. Maybe some more animated GIFs, too. "Please REFRESH YOUR BROWSER." plurk
Jan 31 2013, 5:56pm
dblume has to choose between buying prescription glasses for his son, and throwing him off a cliff and trying again for a better combination of genes. plurk
Jan 31 2013, 5:58am
dblume says psst, neonepiphany, Mike Krahulik loves Kate Beatons work. plurk
Jan 31 2013, 3:40am
dblume says this week's free iTunes track is one from Thao and the Get Down Stay Down! plurk
Jan 31 2013, 3:36am
dblume is tempted by the $39.99 upgrade to Windows 8, but I don't think my current systems would benefit substantially from the upgrade. plurk
Jan 30 2013, 10:31pm
dblume shares The Internet. plurk
Jan 29 2013, 12:03am
dblume shares Since pastilla shared her artwork, here's one of today's doodles. Apparently it's hard to find drawings of this online. plurk
Jan 28 2013, 10:48pm
dblume is surprised he hadn't heard halophoenix go on about the TechTV bit in the finale of Attack of the Show. plurk
Jan 27 2013, 4:26am
dblume shares One of our Christmas portrait rejects back in 2009. plurk
Jan 25 2013, 4:30am
dblume shares Xilent - Boss Wave (Official Video) plurk
Jan 24 2013, 6:39pm
dblume loves this photo essay of The European Southern Observatory. plurk
Jan 24 2013, 6:18pm
dblume says You guys need more art in your lives. I give you Dootz. plurk
Jan 24 2013, 8:23am
dblume has suspicions about the effect that these new anonymous plurks will have. plurk
Jan 23 2013, 6:22pm
dblume says Russell Beattie is too aggressive, but he makes good points. Why do all Windows 8 compliant keyboards have the awful Fn key at the bottom left, but Microsoft Surfaces doesnt? plurk
Jan 23 2013, 4:47pm
dblume shares "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." - Francis Bacon plurk
Jan 22 2013, 11:02pm
dblume shares The PNG filename is In-the-world-of-cartoons,-computer-programmers-look-just-like-serial-pedophiles.-Just-sayin. plurk
Jan 22 2013, 9:54pm
dblume wishes sjonsvenson a belated but happy 10-year LiveJournal anniversary! plurk
Jan 21 2013, 6:19pm
dblume says Oh, what a fantastic rendition of Sagans Pale Blue Dot! plurk
Jan 21 2013, 4:35pm
dblume says this Insane Black Rock Shooter PVC Figure made me think of a couple of you guys. plurk
Jan 18 2013, 8:47pm
dblume shares I want a Keyshark bottle opener. plurk
Jan 17 2013, 7:05pm
dblume shares The Great Showdowns, by Scott Campbell. Lion King. plurk
Jan 16 2013, 5:27am
dblume says OCD friends of mine: DO NOT DRIVE THE ZAMBONI AT GOOGLE.COM. Don't even go there. plurk
Jan 16 2013, 5:06am
dblume says it's opposite day! I'm arguing against a permanent Aaron Swartz memorial, and for an offensive zombie mutilated Venus de Milo statue. plurk
Jan 15 2013, 11:18pm
dblume shares The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law: 16 A - Problems plurk
Jan 13 2013, 5:24am
dblume is really disappointed to hear about Aaron Swartz's suicide. I've followed his work for a long time. plurk
Jan 13 2013, 4:36am
dblume is looking forward to the next matchup between the 49ers and the Seahawks. plurk
Jan 12 2013, 5:01am
dblume is crazy mad with jealousy! halophoenix has Bonaparte! How do I get him‽ plurk
Jan 11 2013, 5:42pm
dblume shares foxy doodles by Loish. plurk
Jan 8 2013, 7:41pm
dblume says Shamus Young has been struggling with Linux vs. Windows. He's offered some genuine criticism of both. Then he went insane. plurk
Jan 8 2013, 5:08pm
dblume says I dare you to close all tabs but two. Two is OK. plurk
Jan 8 2013, 2:08am
dblume shares an interesting idea on making Social Security taxes less regressive. plurk
Jan 7 2013, 5:03pm
dblume says so, Adobe's 2005 release of CS2 Premium Plus is free. Smart move, I think. plurk
Jan 7 2013, 4:13am
dblume shares Two Americana interrobangs as presented to Keith Houston! plurk
Jan 5 2013, 4:47pm
dblume shares Charles M. Schulz's desk. plurk
Jan 5 2013, 4:14pm
dblume says today, there will be much screaming and gnashing of teeth. plurk
Jan 2 2013, 3:25am
dblume says I liked Jack Reacher more than I liked The Dark Knight Rises. plurk
Jan 2 2013, 3:05am
dblume shares Is Our Republic Ending? A sobering read. plurk
Jan 1 2013, 8:03pm
dblume shares An animated .gif of amigurumi making the Python programming language logo. Now youve seen everything. plurk
Jan 1 2013, 7:25am
dblume shares A photo from earlier in the day. plurk
Dec 31 2012, 12:38am
dblume shares IT HAS BEGUN: BANANAPOCALYPSE Why didn't you guys tell me about YOMYOMF sooner? Now I have so much more Internet to watch! plurk
Dec 28 2012, 5:53pm
dblume shares Errant Signal - Hotline Miami (Spoilers) When Errant Signal mentioned synesthesia in gameplay, I thought of neonepiphany. plurk
Dec 28 2012, 4:45pm
dblume shares This map was made by running all the countries’ “History of _” Wikipedia article through a word cloud, then writing out the most common word to fit into the country’s boundary. plurk
Dec 27 2012, 9:39am
dblume shares So, I'm watching episode "Get Gellar" of Dexter, and this guy's room has a huge David Mack mural on the wall. First thing I think is, "Has zannah seen this‽" plurk
Dec 26 2012, 6:55am
dblume wonders if any of you old bloggers have made your last website, too? plurk
Dec 25 2012, 6:00pm
dblume shares My family knows me well. plurk
Dec 25 2012, 3:32am
dblume shares A screensaver of mine (over 10 years old!) has an Easter Egg where it shows Christmas trees this time of year. plurk
Dec 25 2012, 2:45am
dblume shares Aaron hopes you appreciate good pizza like he does. Capisce? plurk
Dec 25 2012, 2:33am
dblume says Flickr extended my Pro account as a holiday gift! Nice. plurk
Dec 24 2012, 5:10am
dblume shares Art of Jin: NRA Saejin Oh covers the USA's NRA. (I think he's in South Korea.) plurk
Dec 24 2012, 5:00am
dblume asks did you forget what a geek I am? Im getting myself Vim for my birthday. plurk
Dec 23 2012, 5:06am
dblume shares Minecraft Documentary Producers Voluntarily Put Film on The Pirate Bay. plurk
Dec 22 2012, 10:07am
dblume likes seeing Summer Wars getting mentioned in Twitters Year End Review. plurk
Dec 22 2012, 9:55am
dblume asks you wanna see a personal, dark place? plurk
Dec 22 2012, 2:58am
dblume shares Kicking back. From loish. plurk
Dec 21 2012, 3:46pm
dblume shares Happy Mayan Prophecy Post-Apocalyptic Holidays from davidd plurk
Dec 21 2012, 4:12am
dblume shares Girls' Generation/SNSD - Dancing Queen MV So Girls' Generation was going to (sorta) cover Mercy by Duffy a few years ago, but they're releasing it now, to tease the next album. plurk
Dec 20 2012, 5:04pm
dblume wonders if anyone has listened to Ai Otsuka's new group Rabbit's new album yet? plurk
Dec 19 2012, 3:18am
dblume shares How to cut a pizza. (From nedroid. ) plurk
Dec 19 2012, 12:47am
dblume shares Butter Lettuce (Bravest Warriors - Ep. 3 Season 1) So. Many. Levels. plurk
Dec 18 2012, 8:23pm
dblume shares Charles Bukowski on Creativity and Air and Light and Time and Space. plurk
Dec 17 2012, 10:00pm
dblume shares Companion Cube D6s. I almost wonder if some of you are giving these to other some of you. plurk
Dec 14 2012, 4:37am
dblume says So. I've convinced the company to recompile and redeploy vim to suit my .vimrc file. plurk
Dec 13 2012, 10:06am
dblume says I lost my dad while Aaron and I were at Minecon to see Notch last year. Notch lost his less than a month afterwards. plurk
Dec 13 2012, 10:03am
dblume shares Pacific Rim Official Trailer I so hear GlaDOS in this movie's trailer. plurk
Dec 12 2012, 6:43pm
dblume shares Medium:The Twitter co-founders’ latest venture is another sign that professional typography on the web is the new norm. Has more font-related links within, too! plurk
Dec 12 2012, 5:36am
dblume asks is it wrong if I watch Bravest Warriors because Beth Tezuka reminds me a little of Marceline? plurk
Dec 9 2012, 6:13pm
dblume shares WHEEEEE! plurk
Dec 9 2012, 5:53am
dblume asks what should my 2 to 4 letter Periodic Table symbol be for Instagram? Igrm? Istg? IG? It'll go in the table at the top of my lifestream. plurk
Dec 7 2012, 9:17am
dblume says What'd I do last night? Covert my hover-shadow from Javascript to CSS. ... Yep. plurk
Dec 6 2012, 11:52pm
dblume says So I go to Ryan Norths Kickstarter to back it, and there's a huge image from Kate Beaton staring at me. How hard can I back this thing‽ plurk
Dec 6 2012, 9:58pm
dblume shares 2012 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar plurk
Dec 6 2012, 5:35am
dblume loves pastilla's Socially Awkward Christmas Penguin. plurk
Dec 5 2012, 12:20am
dblume shares Café pressé. See how it was made. Esp. for neonepiphany. plurk
Dec 4 2012, 3:13pm
dblume shares Lunar Trails Lunar Trails, real world mapping of the paths made by players of the arcade classic Lunar Lander. plurk
Dec 4 2012, 2:35pm
dblume says apparently Psys label is starting a new group based on the Pussycat Dolls called Girls Generation. plurk
Dec 4 2012, 6:08am
dblume shares A Pirate giraffe riding a Great White shark. plurk
Dec 3 2012, 5:41am
dblume says so there are two groups that I play more frequently than NPR. No, wait, Shojo Jidai is Japanese for So Nyuh Shi Dae. There's only one group I listen to more than NPR podcasts. plurk
Dec 3 2012, 5:13am
dblume shares SISTAR 씨스타_나혼자(Alone)_Music VideoHD This is the song currently at the top of my playlist. I didn't know there was a KPop torch song. plurk
Dec 2 2012, 10:51pm
dblume shares a short story in which I learn something about my wife. plurk
Dec 2 2012, 8:29pm
dblume gets a little downtime today. Time to catch up on a little H+ and Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. plurk
Dec 2 2012, 6:21am
dblume liked the last Twilight movie way more than he expected to. plurk
Dec 1 2012, 7:22pm
dblume shares Reddit founders Steve Huffman & Alexis Ohanian t... plurk
Nov 30 2012, 5:28pm
dblume asks where is my shadow? Where is the sun‽ How did I get wet‽! AAaaaaa! What is this‽ plurk
Nov 30 2012, 5:30am
dblume says Dammit, Dell, I really want to want your Linux ultrabook, but not for $1,549 for 1366x768 resolution. What the hell. plurk
Nov 29 2012, 1:26am
dblume says so there's a new Namie Amuro album, a new Girls' Generation JPop album, and I got neither because I'm busy listening to KPop. I don't even recognize me anymore. plurk
Nov 27 2012, 9:53pm
dblume shares Beware the dragon making the duck face. (from nedroid ) plurk
Nov 27 2012, 12:10am
dblume shares Republicans have confessed that the real purpose of Florida voter suppression was to inhibit Democratic voters. plurk
Nov 26 2012, 6:41pm
dblume shares A little creative process. A sketchbook page by Tom Gauld. plurk
Nov 24 2012, 4:44am
dblume says Wow. That was so much more tedious work than it had any right to be. So that's why people don't manually upgrade blog engines and then move the blogs, eh? plurk
Nov 23 2012, 3:53am
dblume says Yay!! Paul Taylor likes Serenity Rose, too! plurk
Nov 21 2012, 11:30pm
dblume shares Manga Studio EX4 is 90% off at $30.00 this Friday. You have to subscribe to the SmithMicro mailing list to get the link. Of course, you all already have Manga Studio, though. plurk
Nov 20 2012, 7:01pm
dblume shares Chinese Architecture, Old and New. I have mixed feelings about that library that lets some direct sunlight hit the books, though. plurk
Nov 20 2012, 5:57am
dblume shares Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore. Absolutely correct. plurk
Nov 16 2012, 5:03pm
dblume says it's probably wrong how much I love this tribute to Anthony Clark of Nedroid. plurk
Nov 15 2012, 6:31am
dblume shares 20121113 少女時代と"踊ってみた"イベント [PLAY WITH GG] :... Japanese fans lip-syncing to Girls Generation. The girls five minutes in is probably the closest that zannah and I can come to agreeing on JPop. plurk
Nov 15 2012, 4:09am
dblume shares I'm really liking the look of the Misfit Shine. plurk
Nov 14 2012, 6:04am
dblume shares Really, White Men? Really? plurk
Nov 12 2012, 2:09am
dblume says This brings out the American Psycho in me. plurk
Nov 8 2012, 9:44pm
dblume shares Birds with Passwords. plurk
Nov 8 2012, 7:31pm
dblume shares Rachel Maddow on Obama's Re-election plurk
Nov 6 2012, 4:24am
dblume says Q. "What was your grandmother's occupation?" A. "She was the wife of the opium dealer!" plurk
Nov 5 2012, 6:09pm
dblume says so I was all set to go visit The Oatmeal at Pixar until I read the ugly. plurk
Nov 4 2012, 5:51pm
dblume says Why doesn't anybody talk anymore?! plurk
Nov 2 2012, 7:38am
dblume shares J-Min 제이민_아름다운 그대에게 OST_일어나(Stand Up) _Music Video (... She reminds me of Aya Kamiki. I've got a soft spot for guitar and piano players. plurk
Oct 29 2012, 4:15pm
dblume shares From the very first panel, we knew what was going on with that pumpkin. source plurk
Oct 29 2012, 3:43am
dblume says great World Series game, regardless of who wins. plurk
Oct 26 2012, 9:52pm
dblume shares from The Windows you Love plurk
Oct 26 2012, 4:55pm
dblume shares Why Obama Now plurk
Oct 25 2012, 12:31am
dblume loves Swarm Robots Cooperate with AR Drone plurk
Oct 23 2012, 3:27pm
dblume shares from The Trenches. plurk
Oct 23 2012, 3:45am
dblume says the ending to that game was ridiculous! plurk
Oct 22 2012, 12:18am
dblume shares "Minecraft Style" - A Parody of PSY's ... plurk
Oct 21 2012, 3:28am
dblume shares Breaking a Board My son broke his first board in martial arts class. plurk
Oct 20 2012, 4:57pm
dblume shares Some pens keep secrets. By Leigh Reyes plurk
Oct 20 2012, 3:43am
dblume says Seriously, Minnesota? plurk
Oct 19 2012, 5:15pm
dblume says I'm all about XKCD-style plots in Python. plurk
Oct 18 2012, 8:27am
dblume says Grr! Google+ helpfully hid and queued for deletion one of my posts without telling me. plurk
Oct 17 2012, 10:50pm
dblume shares The Next Twenty Years: Why the closed distribution model of Windows 8 must be changed for the sake of developers, consumers, and Microsoft itself. plurk
Oct 17 2012, 3:12pm
dblume says Yay I got explicit permission from Ars Electronica to use Machine with Concrete like I do. plurk
Oct 16 2012, 5:29pm
dblume wonders why there arent trees on the Faroe islands. plurk
Oct 15 2012, 2:47am
dblume wonders if zannah looks for similar qualities in new hires as I do in Well-Mannered Daemons. plurk
Oct 13 2012, 5:15am
dblume shares Patience is a Creature. plurk
Oct 12 2012, 7:19pm
dblume shares Invention of Love (2010) - Animated Short Film plurk
Oct 11 2012, 9:02pm
dblume says the Giants made a little history, there, coming back from a two-game deficit. plurk
Oct 11 2012, 5:09pm
dblume shares "Don't Worry, We Won't Kill You" plurk
Oct 11 2012, 3:21pm
dblume shares The Maker plurk
Oct 11 2012, 2:17am
dblume says So, a bunch of us parents are talking about how much we love playing Minecraft with our children. And one of us is GvR, the inventor of the programming language Python. plurk
Oct 8 2012, 12:25am
dblume shares How To See The Future, by Warren Ellis, esp for evilcouch who's probably already read it. plurk
Oct 5 2012, 5:55am
dblume shares Last Kiss BONNIE PINK A solo acoustic version of my favorite Bonnie Pink song, Last Kiss. plurk
Oct 4 2012, 11:41pm
dblume shares ZenPencils illustrates Randy Pauschs explanation for the brick walls. plurk
Oct 4 2012, 10:11pm
dblume loves this real-time visualization of attacks captured by honeypots of the Honeynet Project. plurk
Oct 4 2012, 4:39am
dblume loves This Land Is Mine This Land Is Mine plurk
Oct 3 2012, 5:12pm
dblume shares The rock climber in me sees this and just says, "what the hell‽" plurk
Oct 2 2012, 6:50pm
dblume shares Pencil nunchucks, where the chain was carved from a single lead. plurk
Oct 2 2012, 2:51pm
dblume shares You wont believe how nice Notchs office is. plurk
Oct 1 2012, 3:20am
dblume shares 8-bit Heart Necklace plurk
Oct 1 2012, 2:23am
dblume shares Interrobang was recently the Word of the Day at Merriam Webster. plurk
Sep 30 2012, 4:48pm
dblume shares Analog and Digital Carry, notes from a Cyborg Girl that a Robot Girl might appreciate. plurk
Sep 29 2012, 8:00pm
dblume says my wife just asked Siri to call Jake Gyllenhaal for her. plurk
Sep 27 2012, 10:39pm
dblume shares The Apple Maps app icon, from here. plurk
Sep 27 2012, 9:28pm
dblume shares A Conversation With Randall Munroe, the Creator of XKCD. plurk
Sep 26 2012, 5:09pm
dblume shares A key difference between Western and Islamic society given a historical perspective. plurk
Sep 25 2012, 2:19pm
dblume shares T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey (좀비 ver.) MV TIL the Korean word for Zombies. plurk
Sep 24 2012, 9:58pm
dblume shares for you who like to look in on the real lives of your online friends, I uploaded a couple of albums. plurk
Sep 22 2012, 5:26pm
dblume says you'll all be delighted that Google got the patent on Pseudonyms. Maybe now they can come to Google+? plurk
Sep 22 2012, 6:11am
dblume asks Can I use this as a desktop even if I'm not a Doctor Who fan? plurk
Sep 21 2012, 6:25pm
dblume shares Jupiter and the Moon light up the sky above a rock formation near Kitaibaraki City, Japan plurk
Sep 21 2012, 5:55pm
dblume shares Endeavour passing NASA Ames, as seen from our roof. plurk
Sep 21 2012, 4:39pm
dblume says we'll all be making our way onto the rooftops soon! plurk
Sep 20 2012, 9:14pm
dblume says "I bought some more. There was a frenzy. I had to claw another geek's face to get them." plurk
Sep 20 2012, 4:35pm
dblume says forestdweller, I got my AWS newsletter, and it was totally missing references to Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Firefly. I'm so confused. plurk
Sep 19 2012, 4:29pm
dblume shares Todays XKCD is amazing. plurk
Sep 19 2012, 4:16pm
dblume shares Leo Laportes desk, especially for halophoenix plurk
Sep 19 2012, 2:52pm
dblume shares Today only: Open registration at We Draw Comics! plurk
Sep 19 2012, 3:10am
dblume shares Mitt Romney Is Just Going to Pretend He Said Something Completely Different. plurk
Sep 18 2012, 9:57pm
dblume shares America caught allowing toxic Flag into Pakistan. plurk
Sep 18 2012, 4:59pm
dblume shares cowboys herding cats I think a few managers out there will appreciate this. plurk
Sep 12 2012, 4:21pm
dblume shares Extra Credits explains to some game developers how theyre using energy systems wrongly. plurk
Sep 11 2012, 9:34pm
dblume shares plurk
Sep 10 2012, 8:47am
dblume wonders if Nintendo is listening. plurk
Sep 8 2012, 3:45am
dblume asks halophoenix forestdweller, what's that awesome zombie shuffle slide song? You know the one. plurk
Sep 7 2012, 5:00pm
dblume shares a story told in Hasidic literature that answers why God made Atheists. plurk
Sep 6 2012, 2:21am
dblume says What the hell, Adobe‽ I hate you so much right now. plurk
Sep 5 2012, 9:08pm
dblume says my next pseudonym was going to be Arthur Prior. (A patent joke about prior art.) plurk
Sep 5 2012, 2:49pm
dblume shares this is a cool live javascript editor. plurk
Sep 5 2012, 12:12am
dblume says This is the month we find out! This is the month! This is the month! Squee! plurk
Sep 3 2012, 5:16pm
dblume loves the way Leigh uses refocusable images in her Two Girls and an Adjustable Nib post. plurk
Aug 29 2012, 9:44pm
dblume is impressed that Barack Obama did a Reddit AMA. plurk
Aug 29 2012, 4:43pm
dblume shares "Listen up, mister Thing-On-My-Screen. I don’t want you anymore. Be gone!" - by networkworld plurk
Aug 28 2012, 4:37pm
dblume shares One of these days, youre going to wake up with a pen barrel stabbed into the side of your neck. - My wife plurk
Aug 27 2012, 9:16pm
dblume shares Anti-Gay Activist and Prop 8 Donor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Young Boys. plurk
Aug 27 2012, 1:35am
dblume says BEWARE YOUR ECHO-CHAMBER. These Google fans think Samsung won the suit with Apple. plurk
Aug 25 2012, 5:13pm
dblume shares Some of my favorite posters from Portal 2. plurk
Aug 24 2012, 5:08am
dblume says we'll be in the city during the Real Escape Game X Evangelion during J-POP at New People. plurk
Aug 23 2012, 5:16pm
dblume shares That's some interesting letter spacing there, Microsoft. (Compared to Andrew Kim's proposal.) plurk
Aug 22 2012, 5:06pm
dblume shares WATER-LIGHT-GRAFFITI-Antonin-Fourneau-2012 WATER-LIGHT-GRAFFITI-Antonin-Fourneau-2012 plurk
Aug 21 2012, 8:36pm
dblume shares BFF-sized popcorn! plurk
Aug 20 2012, 11:03pm
dblume shares zenpencils does Mark Twains An Educational Journey. plurk
Aug 20 2012, 6:12pm
dblume sees that halophoenix got a shout-out at TechCrunch. plurk
Aug 19 2012, 11:09pm
dblume loves that the Curiosity Rover uses the Twitter tag #PewPew when it zaps things with its laser. plurk
Aug 19 2012, 10:56pm
dblume shares Caterina Fake taught me the word frisson. plurk
Aug 18 2012, 10:59pm
dblume shares Kaleidescape at CEDIA EXPO 2012 This was filmed where I work. plurk
Aug 15 2012, 5:27pm
dblume shares davidd explains how Karate Chop Guy and the spastic sitting guy were meant to work. (Click through.) plurk
Aug 15 2012, 1:32am
dblume loved Kate Beckinsale in Total Recall. Movies by directors who love their stars are the best. plurk
Aug 12 2012, 11:23pm
dblume is playing Gnarls Barkley as he burns the rental-car music CD for the family vacation. plurk
Aug 12 2012, 2:51am
dblume shares Batmobile golf cart. plurk
Aug 10 2012, 12:14am
dblume wonders if his wife will buy into his logic. plurk
Aug 9 2012, 8:25am
dblume says evilcouch, how much does that cost in ₩? (I could write that because it's in my extension now.) plurk
Aug 8 2012, 5:53pm
dblume shares Sight Another good short film about cyber enhancement. plurk
Aug 8 2012, 5:31pm
dblume asks if evilcouch has played the game mentioned at this weeks Extra Credits? Loneliness. Stay for the credits. plurk
Aug 8 2012, 5:44am
dblume shares The kids at the Humane Society Summer Camp. plurk
Aug 7 2012, 5:10pm
dblume shares Want. (This model of the Curiosity rover with functional laser cutter.) plurk
Aug 6 2012, 10:47pm
dblume will be going to the next Quantified Self meetup at Singularity University at NASA Ames Research Park. plurk
Aug 2 2012, 4:30pm
dblume shares My little Alien. plurk
Aug 1 2012, 5:05pm
dblume shares Wise people admit their mistakes easily... plurk
Jul 31 2012, 5:35pm
dblume shares France in the Year 2000, as predicted in 1899-1901. plurk
Jul 31 2012, 5:06pm
dblume says French retailer seeks to trademark Anonymous logo. That's going to go well. plurk
Jul 30 2012, 6:48pm
dblume shares After fabricating Bob Dylan quotes, Jonah Lehrer resigns from the New Yorker. plurk
Jul 30 2012, 5:34pm
dblume shares wh-psh! plurk
Jul 29 2012, 10:14pm
dblume says this is how I felt about The Dark Knight Rises. (Spoilers aplenty!) plurk
Jul 29 2012, 12:46am
dblume quotes Notch on Minecraft, every character and animal in Minecraft is homosexual. plurk
Jul 28 2012, 11:53pm
dblume gave his wife a chance to see Magic Mike, but on her call we saw Ted instead! plurk
Jul 26 2012, 6:30pm
dblume shares Minecraft is Just Awesome plurk
Jul 25 2012, 5:10pm
dblume says Todays Penny Arcade reminds me of the Black Keys Tighten Up video. plurk
Jul 25 2012, 4:46pm
dblume shares Cave Johnson and Caroline at SDCC. As cosplayed by the original models for Cave Johnson and Caroline! plurk
Jul 23 2012, 4:29pm
dblume shares Marble machine chronicle Very inspiring! plurk
Jul 21 2012, 6:26pm
dblume says Its a parents responsibility to set a good example for his children. (Me, video games, son.) plurk
Jul 21 2012, 6:45am
dblume is seriously thinking about the Drobo Mini. plurk
Jul 18 2012, 4:04pm
dblume shares Airborn Humpback whale. From the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. plurk
Jul 17 2012, 5:27am
dblume says Steam really has its hooks into me this year. (Mostly because I can finally really play these old games with my son.) plurk
Jul 16 2012, 6:05pm
dblume shares plurk
Jul 12 2012, 5:42pm
dblume just today discovered zenpencils. plurk
Jul 12 2012, 1:45am
dblume shares An email my 9yo son sent to me today. He's plotting a Minecraft adventure together! plurk
Jul 11 2012, 7:10pm
dblume shares another nice music outro from Extra Credits. plurk
Jul 10 2012, 5:52pm
dblume shares I figure zannah will get this one. ( From Lex. ) plurk
Jul 10 2012, 5:42pm
dblume shares a good review of Younhas latest album, Supersonic. plurk
Jul 10 2012, 3:40pm
dblume says I like Penny Arcades Kickstarter, but I wont fund it. plurk
Jul 9 2012, 8:29pm
dblume shares DC SHOES: KEN BLOCKS GYMKHANA FIVE: ULTIMATE URBAN P... I'm pretty sure I saw some of those skid marks this weekend. plurk
Jul 8 2012, 6:54am
dblume shares Sometimes what the rest of the family needs is a good old photobomb. plurk
Jul 7 2012, 10:37pm
dblume belongs on the Left Coast. I loved visiting Manhattan, but returning to the Fillmore Jazz Festival? This is home. plurk
Jul 6 2012, 5:39pm
dblume says extra PTO day at home after a vacation? Best thing ever. plurk
Jul 6 2012, 7:10am
dblume says I think I need these floating mugs. plurk
Jul 4 2012, 6:56pm
dblume says todays XKCD seems directed at halophoenix and davidd. plurk
Jun 30 2012, 3:04am
dblume says Im in New York! plurk
Jun 29 2012, 6:08am
dblume shares Who could be against critical thinking? Hint: It starts with "Republican Party of" and ends with "Texas". plurk
Jun 28 2012, 8:39pm
dblume loves The Wizard of Oz in China. plurk
Jun 28 2012, 4:07pm
dblume says Happy Tau Day! plurk
Jun 27 2012, 11:19pm
dblume shares Marceline the Vampire Queen as Princess Mononoke. By deighvid. plurk
Jun 27 2012, 5:45pm
dblume shares The worst fucking airplane landing. plurk
Jun 26 2012, 4:27am
dblume just blasted the King of the Hill theme for his family, and told his wife that "this is the music of my people." plurk
Jun 25 2012, 8:35pm
dblume shares So, people liked 21 Jump Street, the movie. esp. for zannah. plurk
Jun 25 2012, 4:57pm
dblume shares One woman did not realize what she had been doing until seeing this photo of the facility fifty years later. plurk
Jun 25 2012, 4:38am
dblume shares R.I.P., Lonesome George. plurk
Jun 23 2012, 4:10pm
dblume says Girls Generation won Album of the Year at Japan's MTV VMAJ awards. plurk
Jun 23 2012, 8:15am
dblume shares David Blankenhorn, the principal expert witness in favor of Prop 8 in California recants his position! plurk
Jun 22 2012, 6:55pm
dblume would like to see HTTP status code 451 adopted. Nice tribute to Ray Bradbury. plurk
Jun 22 2012, 4:55pm
dblume shares Baobab trees. plurk
Jun 20 2012, 6:15pm
dblume shares The answer to "What's wrong with this picture?" at the end of that scene in Falling Down. plurk
Jun 19 2012, 5:12pm
dblume shares Saejin does Marvel vs. Capcom. plurk
Jun 18 2012, 9:43pm
dblume shares Portrait made with a single sewing thread. plurk
Jun 18 2012, 6:18am
dblume shares why I returned my Chromebook. plurk
Jun 15 2012, 11:21pm
dblume shares HYUNA Bubble Pop! The kids are out of school, and asked for this song for the summer vacation playlist. plurk
Jun 14 2012, 8:30am
dblume shares The observations of a small, metal lizard. Especially for pastilla plurk
Jun 13 2012, 5:50pm
dblume shares What was up with Pythagoras? A tale of irrationality and beans. plurk
Jun 13 2012, 4:08pm
dblume says zannah, "works" has been applied for, but "werks" is still available. plurk
Jun 13 2012, 5:14am
dblume says so, the lawyer is trying to stop The Oatmeals charitable donation, now? plurk
Jun 11 2012, 5:36pm
dblume shares a Protip: Know what you're doing if you buy a laptop the week before WWDC. plurk
Jun 9 2012, 5:42am
dblume shares Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA I'm saying "no" to Old Mila Kunis. Are you? plurk
Jun 7 2012, 9:23pm
dblume shares Brian Presley didn't notice the girl he was flirting with was tweeting the ordeal the whole time. plurk
Jun 7 2012, 6:27pm
dblume says having already bought the latest Humble Indie Bundle, they just added Super Meat Boy! It's like I just got a gift out of the blue! plurk
Jun 7 2012, 5:22pm
dblume shares Custom Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen HD Skrich, skrich, skrich. Esp. for zannah. plurk
Jun 7 2012, 4:32pm
dblume shares The Episode of SH-06D NERV The Evangelion Android phone. plurk
Jun 6 2012, 10:32pm
dblume shares Creativity on demand. Especially for zannah, Leigh did these on Paper by FiftyThree! plurk
Jun 4 2012, 4:42pm
dblume loves Today's Disgaea Penny Arcade. plurk
Jun 4 2012, 12:06am
dblume shares Cloud watching at Mission Peak My family went here this weekend. plurk
May 31 2012, 6:10pm
dblume says you can hardly imagine how close I am to buying the new Chromebook. plurk
May 31 2012, 5:38pm
dblume says FourSquare checkin at Starbucks for (RED). plurk
May 30 2012, 5:33pm
dblume loves these two Olympic portrait sets: American athletes and Londoners. plurk
May 26 2012, 12:10am
dblume shares I framed and hung that Ralph McQuarrie illustration I plurked back on May the Fourth. plurk
May 25 2012, 5:50am
dblume shares Micro line following robot (Li-Po battery) Why do I love these little guys so much‽ plurk
May 22 2012, 4:27am
dblume shares A is for Agrajag. plurk
May 21 2012, 11:23pm
dblume shares The image name is "Paytoia: Give us a kiss." from arstechica. plurk
May 21 2012, 5:09pm
dblume shares the Oatmeals response to a criticism of his Tesla article. plurk
May 21 2012, 4:04am
dblume shares Here is where my family and I walked this morning. plurk
May 20 2012, 3:18am
dblume has tortillas and sharpies. Will be wearing clothes this time. plurk
May 17 2012, 4:28pm
dblume shares How common is your birthday? (from Brit) plurk
May 17 2012, 8:04am
dblume shares What happens when you don't update your blog for a while. plurk
May 17 2012, 2:21am
dblume shares You Will Never Sleep With a Woman Who Looks Like That. plurk
May 14 2012, 11:45pm
dblume shares Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers Welcome to Life® plurk
May 13 2012, 6:28pm
dblume says this makes me sad: A future without key social and economic statistics for the country. plurk
May 13 2012, 6:21pm
dblume shares Cory Johnson released his album for The Legend of Zelda. plurk
May 11 2012, 7:10pm
dblume is not sure he's capable of not retweeting this. plurk
May 9 2012, 10:23pm
dblume shares The Higgs Boson Explained The Higgs Boson Explained plurk
May 9 2012, 2:34am
dblume says Testing the migration of my dead man's switch to Plurk API 2.0. Nothing to see here. David: deactivate the switch. plurk
May 7 2012, 7:41pm
dblume will never stop being fascinated with Kowloon Walled City. plurk
May 7 2012, 5:12am
dblume asks zannah, who do you think you're fooling? Sure, you "like" those plurks, promising yourself you'll get back to them and follow the links... plurk
May 4 2012, 9:20pm
dblume says I am totally not trying to weasel my way into the Girls Generation concert at Google. plurk
May 4 2012, 4:56pm
dblume shares May the fourth be with you. (via binarybonsai ) plurk
May 4 2012, 4:02am
dblume asks what the hell, Maker Faire, that's Bay To Breakers weekend! I've gotta be in the city both days. plurk
May 2 2012, 5:05pm
dblume says You can't discuss ARGs without me viewing source at every page linked to by the discussion. Just sayin'. plurk
May 2 2012, 4:33pm
dblume says there's an emergency meetup just south of San Francisco to recover the rest of the space ship. plurk
May 1 2012, 11:13pm
dblume says davidd's students are going to get a great view of the transit of Venus across the Sun. plurk
May 1 2012, 5:49pm
dblume shares The Shitty Singularity. (via picturesforsadchildren ) plurk
Apr 30 2012, 1:40am
dblume says Aww, Plurk changed their API to be more than 10x slower. I wonder what I can do about this. plurk
Apr 29 2012, 6:19pm
dblume shares Doodle every chance you can. -Leigh Reyes plurk
Apr 29 2012, 5:36pm
dblume shares Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Kitten Mittens Kitten Mittens plurk
Apr 29 2012, 2:03am
dblume says I'm taking the kids to see the sky tonight. plurk
Apr 28 2012, 4:12am
dblume shares Tenacious Ds Rize of the Fenix on SoundCloud. plurk
Apr 28 2012, 3:52am
dblume shares Motorized Lego Tachikoma. I couldn't hit the Support button fast enough. plurk
Apr 27 2012, 6:03pm
dblume shares Chop Chop plurk
Apr 27 2012, 2:58am
dblume says Wow. My FaceBook friends are really falling for this bogus Starbucks giveaway. From a domain in India, and HTML source with math.Random(). plurk
Apr 26 2012, 11:56pm
dblume says Surprise! We amended and passed CISPA for you today, so you don't have to protest tomorrow. You're welcome! plurk
Apr 26 2012, 4:19pm
dblume shares Yesterday's NPR interview with Hugh Laurie for all the fan-girls out there. You know who you are. plurk
Apr 25 2012, 4:00pm
dblume says Aww, Loish snuck in a little Cthulhu in her latest commission. plurk
Apr 24 2012, 8:45pm
dblume thinks the Oatmeal and I had similar thoughts. plurk
Apr 24 2012, 5:20am
dblume went to his SkyDrive account and clicked on "Don't downgrade my account from 25GB to 7GB." Yay? plurk
Apr 23 2012, 4:42pm
dblume shares QM is actually a hardware problem. (From Abstruse Goose ) plurk
Apr 20 2012, 5:01pm
dblume says zen harder. It's like you're holding us back. Now put your back into it, and try to catch up. plurk
Apr 20 2012, 4:17pm
dblume shares Loish uploaded a lot of her old artwork! So inspiring! plurk
Apr 20 2012, 2:57am
dblume says this week's Adventure Time was just like Charlotte's Web! plurk
Apr 18 2012, 10:03pm
dblume says Review for InstaMorph moldable plastic, "You need it in ways you can't even comprehend." (was ShapeLock.) plurk
Apr 18 2012, 6:48pm
dblume says Kickstarter is my Etsy. They had me at OpenBeam Trebuchet. (Page down for the trebuchet.) plurk
Apr 18 2012, 6:30pm
dblume says today, Tycho sends us to Etsy. plurk
Apr 18 2012, 4:25am
dblume shares MADMEN Bittorrent Edition With a deeper explanation. plurk
Apr 16 2012, 5:39pm
dblume shares Interactive Islands of Mankind, esp. for narilka. The explanation. plurk
Apr 14 2012, 6:07am
dblume asks Coachella why couldn't you have had this while I lived down there‽ I've driven through there a hundred times. All before the festival. plurk
Apr 11 2012, 4:36pm
dblume shares Delver - quick alpha runthrough Delver looks really fun to me. plurk
Apr 10 2012, 9:44pm
dblume loves that github made a stylesheet for the DCPU-16. plurk
Apr 10 2012, 9:35pm
dblume shares Born in the Gulag: Why a North Korean Boy Sent His Own Mother to Her Death. plurk
Apr 10 2012, 4:39pm
dblume shares Pixel Heart Mug. plurk
Apr 7 2012, 5:47am
dblume says there will be a long funeral procession tomorrow. From Richmond district to Chinatown then down to Colma. We're going to tie up the city. plurk
Apr 6 2012, 11:21pm
dblume shares HYUNA Bubble Pop! My ohrwurm right now. plurk
Apr 6 2012, 5:15pm
dblume shares The New York Times newsroom in 1912. plurk
Apr 5 2012, 11:12pm
dblume says oh, God, the logical extension to my Location Predictor and Lifestream is to merge the two, of course. plurk
Apr 5 2012, 8:55am
dblume added a lookup feature to his little location webpage thingy. plurk
Apr 4 2012, 6:14pm
dblume shares California legislature passing new law forbidding wearing glasses while driving. plurk
Apr 4 2012, 5:02pm
dblume is keeping an eye on this URL: plurk
Apr 4 2012, 4:12pm
dblume says Awesome. Gave $5.00 for a Google Offer Starbucks eCard for $10.00, $3.00 went to "Create Jobs" and my eCard transferred to my usual card. plurk
Apr 3 2012, 8:50pm
dblume is ready to begin his next project! plurk
Apr 3 2012, 5:02am
dblume shares Pens and ink and a signature in a lovely color. plurk
Apr 2 2012, 10:27pm
dblume shares R2D2 skirt via etsy plurk
Apr 2 2012, 10:02pm
dblume shares I describe some of the things involved behind the scenes of a tiny little webpage. plurk
Apr 1 2012, 8:52pm
dblume shares Saejin's Artists New 20 Commandments, incl. "You already have everything." and "It'll take a long time. " plurk
Apr 1 2012, 7:27am
dblume shares Another zombies and boobies movie. I sense a genre coming on. plurk
Mar 31 2012, 6:42am
dblume says Buckethead with Claypool Bernie Worrell and Brain The plan was to program to Les Claypool and Buckethead tonight... plurk
Mar 31 2012, 6:08am
dblume says Sorry, narilka. Somehow I thought it was really important you knew it wasn't the pool boy. Not. The. Pool boy. plurk
Mar 30 2012, 7:25pm
dblume shares "Draw Something" missed opportunities plurk
Mar 30 2012, 4:40pm
dblume doesn't have enough time! plurk
Mar 30 2012, 3:39am
dblume is OCD enough to let "ready" Draw Something challenges bother him. Must clear queue. plurk
Mar 29 2012, 9:00pm
dblume has a couple of pinwheel invites to give. As if any of you Caterina Fake fans didn't already have accounts. plurk
Mar 29 2012, 6:16pm
dblume shares Trichrome Blue Trichrome Blue, an interesting promotional/art-school-graduation animation. plurk
Mar 29 2012, 1:54am
dblume is so frustrated! I waited one more day to buy my new pen, looking at inks, and now it's out-of-stock! plurk
Mar 28 2012, 4:05pm
dblume shares Notch likes computers, so he put a computer in his computer game. plurk
Mar 27 2012, 4:15pm
dblume says thank you for going meta on me, halophoenix! Loved it. Did you like your daikaiju movie? plurk
Mar 27 2012, 5:27am
dblume shares today I drew SNSD complete with arrow to Taeyeon for my wife in a game of Draw Something. plurk
Mar 26 2012, 9:08pm
dblume shares Manufacturer vows to fight. I'm proud of my company. Shame we have to go through this. plurk
Mar 26 2012, 8:24pm
dblume says TIL: I cannot walk to lunch and draw stuff for "draw something." Sorry everybody, you have inadvertently extra-challenging drawings coming. plurk
Mar 26 2012, 5:25pm
dblume says OMG. I'm the one squatting on that twitter name I've had my eye on. No joke. plurk
Mar 26 2012, 2:46am
dblume shares Draw Something revenge. plurk
Mar 24 2012, 11:58pm
dblume shares Japanese Notebook Happiness by Leigh Reyes plurk
Mar 24 2012, 11:08pm
dblume asks zannah, was that a cat in your catapult? plurk
Mar 21 2012, 8:46pm
dblume shares 鉄拳 振り子 Tekken Pendulum plurk
Mar 21 2012, 4:48pm
dblume shares Legacy. Music composed for Mass Effect. plurk
Mar 21 2012, 7:21am
dblume shares zb39ky44bsg75 Blood and Chrome. "Release the Frakken!" plurk
Mar 21 2012, 3:11am
dblume shares Hi it's me. ( from Nedroid Fun Times ) plurk
Mar 20 2012, 6:02pm
dblume says halophonix I posted a fix for get-shit-done in a comment at one your your lifehacker articles. plurk
Mar 18 2012, 7:06pm
dblume shares SNSD made over 70,000,000,000 in revenue over the last three years. plurk
Mar 18 2012, 6:50pm
dblume shares An Ode to Marilyn. plurk
Mar 17 2012, 5:31pm
dblume wonders how long davidd was holding onto a mummifed cat just in case an opportunity for a dead cat joke came up? plurk
Mar 17 2012, 5:40am
dblume says Ergo Proxy opening [Full] Tonight we program to MONORAL's Kiri. plurk
Mar 16 2012, 8:27pm
dblume shares ZBoard, the weight sensing electric skateboard. Want. plurk
Mar 15 2012, 10:40pm
dblume shares ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!) 40 Sec TEASER Directed by a friend of a friend. plurk
Mar 15 2012, 6:56pm
dblume shares A world without people. plurk
Mar 15 2012, 2:50am
dblume says TIL about curators code. ↬the fishbowl plurk
Mar 14 2012, 1:22pm
dblume says we had an Encyclopedia Britannica at home, once, long ago. plurk
Mar 14 2012, 4:02am
dblume says redditors get it. plurk
Mar 13 2012, 6:37pm
dblume says Aha! They did renumber two PEPs so PEP-404 would be the "Python 2.8 Not Found" PEP. plurk
Mar 12 2012, 10:03pm
dblume wonders if will ever make local showtimes and TV listings handy again? It wasn't bad a couple of years ago... plurk
Mar 12 2012, 4:41pm
dblume shares from WB embarrasses self, everyone with Disc-to-Digital program. plurk
Mar 11 2012, 4:50am
dblume shares Step 167: Send follow-up emails when necessary. plurk
Mar 11 2012, 3:57am
dblume says all black Yamaha cum Ducati; pure sex. Taylor Lautner rider. Wife openly lusting over him. plurk
Mar 10 2012, 10:44pm
dblume shares Biomimetic Pushpins. plurk
Mar 9 2012, 7:21pm
dblume loves his little Where will David be? predictor. plurk
Mar 9 2012, 5:53pm
dblume appreciated the candor about sex in this week's PATV 4th Panel. plurk
Mar 9 2012, 7:52am
dblume is doing a little late-night programming to Yoko Kanno. plurk
Mar 8 2012, 11:06pm
dblume shares Ancho chilli and lime. Chocolate. plurk
Mar 8 2012, 7:52pm
dblume loves New Japanese BRAVE trailer (English subtitles) I prefer the Japanese trailer to the domestic one. plurk
Mar 8 2012, 7:18pm
dblume shares The Oatmeal wrote about zannah today. plurk
Mar 7 2012, 10:47pm
dblume shares apostróphe... I just can't. plurk
Mar 5 2012, 10:07pm
dblume asks remember that time the computer got accidentally sucked into space and you needed to call wolfram support? plurk
Mar 5 2012, 7:30pm
dblume is looking forward to learning what happened to Dreamhost, its panels, its SQL servers and its sites today. plurk
Mar 4 2012, 9:35pm
dblume shares The essential Kindle Touch Mod. I'm pretty proud of this fix. plurk
Mar 4 2012, 7:48am
dblume shares Ralph McQuarrie plurk
Mar 3 2012, 7:10pm
dblume shares Why do cats purr? via fakescience plurk
Mar 1 2012, 8:22pm
dblume shares Life in the Netherlands. The link. plurk
Mar 1 2012, 5:16am
dblume suggests unfucking your relationship with technology. plurk
Feb 29 2012, 4:02pm
dblume shares 72 hours of wind in the USA. What's up with Mount Washington, NH? plurk
Feb 29 2012, 1:14am
dblume thinks the ASUS Padfone is the sort of device I've wanted for a long time. plurk
Feb 28 2012, 10:00pm
dblume thinks somebody should get this for evilcouch. plurk
Feb 28 2012, 7:08pm
dblume disliked No Strings Attached but liked Friends with Benefits. plurk
Feb 25 2012, 12:34am
dblume shares The Love Letter plurk
Feb 24 2012, 7:52pm
dblume says I came across another use of one of davidd's flickr images at a blog I read about a patent troll. plurk
Feb 24 2012, 4:09am
dblume says the Kit Kat fairy came! The Kit Kat fairy came! plurk
Feb 23 2012, 9:27am
dblume shares Drive Fast and Crash A Lot. So that's why that game was so short. plurk
Feb 22 2012, 6:33pm
dblume shares Portal Engagement Rings plurk
Feb 22 2012, 5:58pm
dblume asks vanlal, I see that your username is "Banana Cannon." Be advised that that's been my Pornstar name for the past three films. plurk
Feb 22 2012, 5:41pm
dblume shares Kim Dotcom's backyard giraffes. (esp. for zannah) plurk
Feb 21 2012, 11:40pm
dblume shares We're back from Disneyland! And 100s of rides on Splash Mountain. plurk
Feb 18 2012, 4:58am
dblume says my new Kindle touch arrived the day before we leave for Disneyland! So lucky! Amazon estimated that it'd arrive next week! plurk
Feb 17 2012, 10:18pm
dblume shares YouTube Rating Preview Chrome extension plurk
Feb 17 2012, 8:53pm
dblume shares Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) plurk
Feb 17 2012, 6:20pm
dblume shares Python latte plurk
Feb 15 2012, 7:49pm
dblume shares Four Ways to Slice Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal. plurk
Feb 15 2012, 1:11am
dblume shares Mech Warfare 2011 - Immortal plurk
Feb 14 2012, 11:23pm
dblume shares Skullcandy is sponsoring the PyCon party. plurk
Feb 14 2012, 6:32pm
dblume shares pastilla, the co-creator of Plurk just shared another Thomas Cole series. plurk
Feb 14 2012, 5:22am
dblume shares Florida Law Requires This Notice to Be Posted... plurk
Feb 13 2012, 4:55am
dblume says Greatest thing ever? Listening to your wife and kids fight over who gets to spend time with you. plurk
Feb 13 2012, 4:48am
dblume says if you have to watch either The Losers or The Tree of Life, see The Losers. plurk
Feb 12 2012, 6:02pm
dblume says It's 2012, and EW just gave David Lee Roth-led Van Halen's latest album an A-. plurk
Feb 11 2012, 7:08pm
dblume shares Sonar Sonar plurk
Feb 10 2012, 5:56pm
dblume shares Fear vs. Understanding (via thisisindexed.) plurk
Feb 10 2012, 5:25pm
dblume shares Todays kxcd makes me want to register plurk
Feb 10 2012, 9:41am
dblume shares Inception [2010] + Paprika [2006] plurk
Feb 10 2012, 1:19am
dblume shares Sheena easton - Almost over you - 1983 I still can't forgive Sheena Easton for crushing Sinistar. plurk
Feb 9 2012, 10:50am
dblume is so freakin' tempted to fund Double Fines latest point-and-click adventure. plurk
Feb 8 2012, 5:31pm
dblume shares I want to live in this store. From esdafable plurk
Feb 7 2012, 6:15pm
dblume shares Gay marriage Prop 8s ban ruled unconstitutional. Good. On to the next step, though. plurk
Feb 7 2012, 12:31am
dblume shares my next project has chosen me! It's way too hard, and I don't know how to do it. I'm so excited! plurk
Feb 6 2012, 7:47pm
dblume shares Bear 71. A powerful interactive presentation. plurk
Feb 6 2012, 6:01pm
dblume shares Darth Vader helmet art. plurk
Feb 4 2012, 1:00am
dblume shares Especially for those of you taking classes this semester. plurk
Feb 3 2012, 5:28pm
dblume shares Every OS Sucks. Stay through the credits, too. plurk
Feb 3 2012, 8:03am
dblume shares Daddy, play that song where hes afraid of Americans. plurk
Feb 3 2012, 3:58am
dblume shares Swashbot3 More fun things to do with servos and ShapeLock. plurk
Feb 3 2012, 3:41am
dblume shares Things I do when my internet connection is being slow. plurk
Feb 2 2012, 7:15pm
dblume shares A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors plurk
Feb 2 2012, 3:34pm
dblume David's Dead Man's Switch has been triggered. This is real, but almost certainly a false positive. More at plurk
Jan 31 2012, 4:05pm
dblume shares I should have seen it coming. I shouldn't have been surprised. plurk
Jan 31 2012, 7:12am
dblume shares Soda Mentos Explosion Demonstration My 3rd-grade son's class assignment: do a demonstration. plurk
Jan 31 2012, 4:59am
dblume shares A mysterious land full of people that like things that you don't, and have opinions you can't even understand. plurk
Jan 30 2012, 5:22am
dblume shares "Self portrait with pizza." via Nedriod. plurk
Jan 28 2012, 6:08pm
dblume shares Ama Dablam 6,856m in the fullmoon light plurk
Jan 28 2012, 12:54am
dblume wonders when I'll treat the family to the 1983 Animation retrospective showing "Rock and Rule" and "Fire and Ice?" plurk
Jan 27 2012, 8:58pm
dblume shares Portal 2 - This Is Aperture plurk
Jan 26 2012, 11:18pm
dblume likes the idea of flexible LED strip lights. plurk
Jan 25 2012, 7:17pm
dblume says when Penny Arcade goes down, Reddit tells you more about it than Twitter. plurk
Jan 25 2012, 5:32pm
dblume hopes davidd reads this article I’d Rather Watch Instagram Than A Movie. plurk
Jan 25 2012, 9:37am
dblume quotes, "Friends are forged in a great furnace, they are solid and light as titanium, complete with that impressive fatigue limit." plurk
Jan 23 2012, 6:31pm
dblume shares investigative exercises and analysis for xkcd? plurk
Jan 23 2012, 5:10pm
dblume shares Serious fountain pens for serious beginners. Another notable Leigh Reyes post. She's trying to help you. plurk
Jan 23 2012, 5:05pm
dblume gives you data files from scrobbles. (OK, the link is towards the bottom.) plurk
Jan 22 2012, 6:58pm
dblume asks would you test my commenting system at my blog? Most of the posts on the front page are open for comments. plurk
Jan 22 2012, 6:58am
dblume wrote about burying his parents this upcoming week. plurk
Jan 21 2012, 7:59pm
dblume shares Invaded Again plurk
Jan 20 2012, 5:47pm
dblume shares a documentary on PA Presents (Penny Arcade), especially for you artists. plurk
Jan 20 2012, 9:37am
dblume shares the list of seized items from the founder of Megaupload. plurk
Jan 18 2012, 6:18pm
dblume shares Fincher on His Role on Return of the Jedi. plurk
Jan 18 2012, 5:50am
dblume says What‽ Now one of my programs says Jaiku disappeared. First blippr, then jaiku. plurk
Jan 17 2012, 7:25pm
dblume says a fly with an amazing golden butt was named after Beyoncé. plurk
Jan 17 2012, 5:46pm
dblume says Note to self: The way to search a Google+ profile is like so: Glau inurl:100860607625286470922 plurk
Jan 17 2012, 4:25am
dblume met Cody McCabe at MineCon. He made the RealWorldMineCraft blocks. plurk
Jan 17 2012, 12:39am
dblume shares SNSD with a big cuddly Giraffe. plurk
Jan 16 2012, 6:17pm
dblume quotes, "Nothing is unstable." -- Lawrence Krauss on SciFri plurk
Jan 16 2012, 10:49am
dblume shares I describe all the details of my Dead Mans Switch. plurk
Jan 16 2012, 5:05am
dblume shares My daughter discovers her first cassette tape with liner notes. plurk
Jan 15 2012, 1:20am
dblume says that was some good football. plurk
Jan 14 2012, 1:30am
dblume says when I saw this illustration of a proposal in Central Park, I looked at the design on the handrail and... plurk
Jan 13 2012, 8:00am
dblume shares The FF2K. How long until Christmas? plurk
Jan 13 2012, 4:03am
dblume shares My Moo business cards came in! plurk
Jan 12 2012, 6:14am
dblume says Gah, I miss Lex from BeyondTheSea2. Where do you guys go for JPop reviews now? plurk
Jan 12 2012, 5:37am
dblume shares the homework assignment my daughter got yesterday, and how I attempted to solve it. plurk
Jan 11 2012, 6:17pm
dblume shares The Art of Phở, an interactive comic. link via Loish. plurk
Jan 11 2012, 6:06pm
dblume loves that on Mike's birthday the shadow of the star crosses the pentagon on the floor in his small house. plurk
Jan 11 2012, 6:02pm
dblume shares especially for narilka, Nathan found a good dataset from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. plurk
Jan 10 2012, 6:41pm
dblume says The Ludum Dare Tom Entries have been announced. plurk
Jan 10 2012, 6:12pm
dblume says this infographic bothers me on multiple levels. Way more than it should. plurk
Jan 10 2012, 5:55pm
Jan 9 2012, 4:32pm
dblume shares Coffee science. Esp. for ninjanuity. Source. plurk
Jan 9 2012, 4:28pm
dblume shares Lovely pen drawing. narilka might note the pen on the right. plurk
Jan 9 2012, 5:59am
dblume shares From our game of pictionary today. plurk
Jan 8 2012, 9:26am
dblume shares Two Against One video. plurk
Jan 7 2012, 8:29pm
dblume dreamt about amazing cleavage, and the challenge of not staring directly at it. plurk
Jan 7 2012, 8:19pm
dblume says The mortality rate of Total Drug Resistant TB (TDR-TB) is 100%. plurk
Jan 6 2012, 7:08am
dblume shares Finally ready for the holidays. Especially for pastilla. plurk
Jan 5 2012, 7:15pm
dblume says I went and got my free Facebook / Moo cards. plurk
Jan 5 2012, 12:16am
dblume says this year is the 20th Anniversary of my changes to NetHack. plurk
Jan 4 2012, 6:00pm
dblume wonders if neonepiphany and zannah have read this article on the new 3rd Gen cameras? plurk
Jan 4 2012, 4:55pm
dblume shares My son had a spider on his head, so I punched it. plurk
Jan 4 2012, 4:37pm
dblume likes Gabe's Finn and Jake poster and my Marceline desktop. plurk
Jan 4 2012, 12:09am
dblume says Yes, I did drop by Evil Mad Scientists Worldwide Headquarters after working out today. plurk
Jan 1 2012, 6:03pm
dblume says " We exaggerate the dangers and our vulnerability." From Wake Up Tiger. plurk
Dec 31 2011, 7:47am
dblume is enjoying breaking the Christmas lights at the top of the flickr page. plurk
Dec 30 2011, 5:35pm
dblume shares Sarah and the Seed by Ryan A. plurk
Dec 30 2011, 1:17am
dblume shares Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant... plurk
Dec 28 2011, 9:33pm
dblume says Aww, blippr seems to be gone. It was kinda neat, like pownce was kinda neat, too. plurk
Dec 28 2011, 7:42pm
dblume says Ugh, Consumer dblume awakens. LEGO set 7961 is no Limited Edition LEGO set 7663. Alas, Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator. plurk
Dec 28 2011, 5:14pm
dblume shares Brian Wataru draws Pokemon based only on their descriptions here. plurk
Dec 28 2011, 6:55am
dblume shares I got a day to relax today. (Read from the bottom up). plurk
Dec 28 2011, 6:45am
dblume shares This is the "fortune" I got from my fortune cookie today. I can only draw one of two conclusions from it. plurk
Dec 26 2011, 7:33pm
dblume says after I was certain the world's supply of Men's Pocky was exhausted, I've been given Canadian "Men's Pocky!" plurk
Dec 25 2011, 7:16am
dblume shares Don't let the creepy green frog-thing photobomb your family Christmas photo. plurk
Dec 24 2011, 7:00pm
dblume shares The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ... plurk
Dec 24 2011, 6:22pm
dblume shares I've... I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. plurk
Dec 24 2011, 9:52am
dblume wonders if anyone's seen Kabei. plurk
Dec 23 2011, 6:38am
dblume shares Me Freaking Out My son was prepping one of his new videos and got surprised by his sister. plurk
Dec 22 2011, 11:30pm
dblume shares Performance Reviews: A Guide for the Borderline Clinically Depressed. plurk
Dec 22 2011, 5:22pm
dblume shares Santa Claus has his pant legs bitten by a crocodile... plurk
Dec 21 2011, 6:54pm
dblume shares Bejeweled 2 deconstruction. Especially for zannah. plurk
Dec 20 2011, 1:15am
dblume thinks these Super Cap Racers seem fun! plurk
Dec 19 2011, 10:32pm
dblume shares If you’re worried that basic civil liberties were already suspended, well, you should be. plurk
Dec 19 2011, 5:47pm
dblume shares Microsoft Made No Profit From Anyones Zunes, Yo. plurk
Dec 18 2011, 6:45pm
dblume shares Googly-eyed Flying Spaghetti Monster plurk
Dec 17 2011, 8:23pm
dblume shares 2011: The Cinescape plurk
Dec 15 2011, 10:59pm
dblume shares what the db-class statement of accomplishment looks like. I got 97%! plurk
Dec 14 2011, 5:47pm
dblume shares Filmography 2011 plurk
Dec 11 2011, 8:40pm
dblume has taken his db-class final, anyway. It was a good class, and I recommend looking into future classes. plurk
Dec 7 2011, 6:21pm
dblume is still making an effort to catch up with Stanford's DB class, but this is finals week, and important life-stuff keeps getting in the way. plurk
Dec 7 2011, 4:57pm
dblume thinks it interesting that a local show's cannonball mishap, (MythBusters) got tweeted by thinkgeek, then retweeted by notch. I saw notch's RT. plurk
Dec 7 2011, 1:30am
dblume shares Portal mirrors. (from ) plurk
Dec 5 2011, 11:28pm
dblume is plurk
Dec 5 2011, 5:32pm
dblume is back at work and is deleting voice mail from the police, and from panicked loved ones from two weeks ago. plurk
Dec 4 2011, 5:04am
dblume has hosted his father's memorial service. We've said our good-byes. Friends and family said it was good. plurk
Dec 1 2011, 11:02pm
dblume shares 2011 Hubble Space Telescope advent calendar. plurk
Nov 28 2011, 10:18pm
dblume says there's this spam-compromised site, tcvwalking. View the source, and there's interesting encoded javascript. plurk
Nov 28 2011, 6:50am
dblume notes that "still here" isn't. (esp. for narilka) plurk
Nov 28 2011, 6:37am
dblume shares something that happened while gathering dads books this week. plurk
Nov 25 2011, 6:14pm
dblume shares my Black Friday tip: Awesome Indie Game Music: 10 albums for as low as $1.00. plurk
Nov 24 2011, 2:23am
dblume is so tired. My wife has really pulled me through this. plurk
Nov 23 2011, 12:38am
dblume says found in my late father's wallet: a ticket to see Neil deGrasse Tyson next week. plurk
Nov 18 2011, 4:44am
dblume shares MineCon loot! Special thanks to ThinkGeek! plurk
Nov 17 2011, 5:36pm
dblume shares this is what I do to my OCD friends. plurk
Nov 17 2011, 3:50am
dblume says What‽ 10,000 SW:TOR codes did not run out that quickly! plurk
Nov 14 2011, 5:58am
dblume shares My Man, Sir Isaac Newton He discovered the laws of motion, gravity, and optics; he co-created calculus...and then he turned 26! plurk
Nov 13 2011, 1:15am
dblume says the Google Summer of Code has been good to DokuWiki. It now uses jQuery and versions media files. plurk
Nov 12 2011, 6:34pm
dblume asks why am I suddenly in a house-cleaning frenzy? Oh, that's right: I don't want to take my midterm. plurk
Nov 12 2011, 5:27pm
dblume says Apple is sending me a replacement for my iPod Nano (1st Gen) so it doesn't explode on me. plurk
Nov 11 2011, 10:28pm
dblume shares Guys, you gotta come up here and see this! plurk
Nov 11 2011, 6:07pm
dblume shares MineCraft theme from LEGO. plurk
Nov 11 2011, 9:32am
dblume shares Get back into your Free Speech Zone before you have an accident. plurk
Nov 10 2011, 5:49pm
dblume shares Leigh starts her latest blog post with a reference to a 1953 SciFi novel. plurk
Nov 10 2011, 5:11pm
dblume shares Official Minecon trailer My son and I are going to this. plurk
Nov 9 2011, 7:13pm
dblume shares All the creeper really wanted. Esp. for boyo plurk
Nov 9 2011, 5:39pm
dblume says I always make time for Extra Creditz. This week's episode is on The Uncanny Valley. plurk
Nov 9 2011, 5:24am
dblume shares "You’ve made this switch with every jar you’ve opened." A Brief Rant on the Future of Interactive Design plurk
Nov 8 2011, 5:46pm
dblume shares Original caption, way wrong: "A child dresses up in a costume in Hong Kong on Halloween"... plurk
Nov 7 2011, 9:35pm
dblume shares "Super Mario Land 3D’s hunger for batteries is eternal; it’s like the Sinistar of batteries." Tycho plurk
Nov 7 2011, 8:02pm
dblume shares Californians are so pottymouthed. plurk
Nov 4 2011, 4:00am
dblume shares YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Hall... Torturing your children is the best! plurk
Nov 2 2011, 5:50pm
dblume shares I'm totally naming my band, "Alexander's Dark" so we can be Alexander's Dark Band. plurk
Nov 2 2011, 3:32am
dblume shares Mechanical Black - Together in Electric Dreams Biggest nerdgasm ever! Java, Python, Apple, Mail, etc. authors together in transvestite sendup of classic. plurk
Nov 1 2011, 5:24pm
dblume is carefully watching the activity of the office as I try to surreptitiously place eviltrons. plurk
Nov 1 2011, 5:08pm
dblume says wow, Notch is a developer after my own heart. plurk
Oct 31 2011, 4:16pm
dblume says that alt-text in today's xkcd comic hit home. I copied it here. plurk
Oct 30 2011, 12:43am
dblume says Korean BBQ chicken for dinner. plurk
Oct 28 2011, 10:36pm
dblume wonders if evilcouch has weighed in on this old news. plurk
Oct 28 2011, 4:43pm
dblume says Sorry, guys, I cant get you into MineCon. plurk
Oct 28 2011, 4:37pm
dblume shares To Young Women of Talent ( via Leigh Reyes ) plurk
Oct 28 2011, 4:13pm
dblume shares Best Math Question Ever. From FlowingData plurk
Oct 28 2011, 4:57am
dblume shares The Important Field. via xkcd. plurk
Oct 27 2011, 11:38pm
dblume shares Hello Kitty Wheatley plurk
Oct 27 2011, 11:10pm
dblume shares from Mt. Rainier casts a big shadow on Seattles sunrise. plurk
Oct 27 2011, 8:25pm
dblume says so, I was not the first developer to rely on Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. plurk
Oct 26 2011, 10:35pm
dblume shares Microsoft Security Essentials is removing Chrome from some peoples computers. plurk
Oct 26 2011, 10:27pm
dblume shares Mourir Auprès de Toi [To Die By Your Side] by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn plurk
Oct 26 2011, 5:59pm
dblume likes that a definition of "inasmuch" is "insofar as." plurk
Oct 26 2011, 3:47pm
dblume shares Cable does not enter slot. Rotate 180°. plurk
Oct 26 2011, 5:41am
dblume shares a 22-minute epic song to work out to. Esp. for ninjanuity plurk
Oct 25 2011, 4:52pm
dblume shares I Have Never Loved Someone - Calligraphy Fountain pen artwork by Leigh Reyes plurk
Oct 25 2011, 5:19am
dblume shares Bicycle chain sculpture. from makezine. plurk
Oct 25 2011, 5:13am
dblume shares from amix plurk
Oct 24 2011, 11:51pm
dblume shares from Jesus Is Love. plurk
Oct 24 2011, 4:34pm
dblume got a mosquito bite just under my eye. Very swollen. Looks like I've been in a fight, though. "You shoulda see the other guy." plurk
Oct 23 2011, 3:02pm
dblume shares Ceiling cat during the formation of the world. plurk
Oct 23 2011, 4:00am
dblume shares And so it came to pass that she and the rain became friends. plurk
Oct 23 2011, 3:05am
dblume shares Hey Buds. 'Sup playa. plurk
Oct 21 2011, 5:21pm
dblume shares a linkdump. Just discovered thanks to evilcouch's replurk. plurk
Oct 21 2011, 4:42am
dblume shares The Assumption Song plurk
Oct 20 2011, 10:47pm
dblume shares Seadragonicorn: The most magical creature of all. plurk
Oct 20 2011, 4:53pm
dblume shares Terms that have different meanings for scientists and the public. Esp. for halophoenix. plurk
Oct 18 2011, 10:59pm
dblume shares Peacock spider I love these little guys! plurk
Oct 18 2011, 6:06pm
dblume shares "The girl in these photos looks underaged." "Quick, upload them to our SkyDrive." plurk
Oct 16 2011, 4:18pm
dblume shares Aubrey Plaza (Julie Powers)'s loves the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Soundtrack because of the happy memories with her friends. plurk
Oct 16 2011, 4:00am
dblume shares iPhone 4S prank with Siri. plurk
Oct 15 2011, 4:59pm
dblume shares Just weird: Guys vs. Cartoon plurk
Oct 15 2011, 7:17am
dblume says if you followed me at Google+, you'd see what's coming down the pike on my page-a-day drawings. plurk
Oct 14 2011, 5:24pm
dblume shares Toast in the Shell: Birth of Toast plurk
Oct 14 2011, 4:43pm
dblume says pastilla, there you are! plurk
Oct 12 2011, 3:22am
dblume shares a secret: I'm totally checking out the new album on October 19th. But I won't admit it. plurk
Oct 11 2011, 3:19am
dblume says The True Origins of Pizza (한글자막) plurk
Oct 7 2011, 5:04am
dblume shares "Using a pen to draw a pen, how Inception." --Leigh Reyes plurk
Oct 6 2011, 4:43pm
dblume says They got him. So glad this is over. plurk
Oct 5 2011, 7:15pm
dblume shares especially for davidd Neil Gaiman and Ira Glass all at once! plurk
Oct 5 2011, 5:30pm
dblume shares Parenthood. From The Atlantics In Focus: Animals in the News. plurk
Oct 5 2011, 2:10am
dblume shares Wait, the cake isn't a lie? plurk
Oct 4 2011, 5:22pm
dblume asks Grr. Is there a reliable stream of the Apple iPhone keynote? plurk
Oct 4 2011, 4:48pm
dblume loves these spooky abandoned Victorian Houses made from Lego bricks. plurk
Oct 4 2011, 4:38pm
dblume shares [UT3] Nyan Cat Deemer! plurk
Oct 4 2011, 5:08am
dblume says I'm not a silly little SNSD fanboy! I'm not! I'm not! plurk
Oct 2 2011, 12:10am
dblume shares "Hey look, mommy! Spaceships!" plurk
Sep 30 2011, 9:28am
dblume says Yay! I just scored me a free album! plurk
Sep 29 2011, 5:35pm
dblume shares Floppy music DUO - Imperial march plurk
Sep 28 2011, 9:52pm
dblume shares "Obsession and passion require a beautiful, terrible imbalance." (from Leigh Reyes. ) plurk
Sep 28 2011, 5:29pm
dblume says Registration successful! I'm taking a free online class at Stanford. Let's see how this goes... plurk
Sep 28 2011, 4:16am
dblume shares Rule Number 6. Especially for halophoenix plurk
Sep 27 2011, 6:03pm
dblume shares The Deleted City The Deleted City plurk
Sep 27 2011, 4:55pm
dblume shares Высотка на Красных воротах, дотянуться до звезды! ... Climbing Stalin’s Red Gates Skyscraper In Moscow. plurk
Sep 27 2011, 5:33am
dblume says we're going to Minecon! plurk
Sep 26 2011, 4:20am
dblume shares HB-Flex-Update3 My programmable flashlight has an accelerometer! plurk
Sep 26 2011, 1:00am
dblume asks you to draw a stickman. plurk
Sep 23 2011, 9:53pm
dblume shares The evolution of Microsoft Windows. plurk
Sep 23 2011, 4:35pm
dblume can't stop laughing at the Friendship episode of Kris and Scott’s Scott and Kris Show. plurk
Sep 23 2011, 4:06pm
dblume says learning about rude hand gestures makes me want to visit 27bslash6 again. plurk
Sep 22 2011, 9:12am
dblume seriously almost bought when Jeff Bezos announced the company splitting in two. plurk
Sep 21 2011, 5:17pm
dblume shares Things we never told you. Ode to a bookstore death. plurk
Sep 21 2011, 4:51pm
dblume does not need to buy himself Slave Leia and T-Rex artwork. Nope. Can live without it. I'm Okay. plurk
Sep 21 2011, 4:31pm
dblume thinks Today's escalator chin-up bar XKCD is sublime. plurk
Sep 20 2011, 6:49pm
dblume says so, my little Dead Man's Switch has no fix for "write failed: No space left on device ( 28 )" yet. Dreamhost, what am I to do with you? plurk
Sep 20 2011, 6:07pm
dblume shares How Americans Spend Their Day. plurk
Sep 20 2011, 5:56pm
dblume shares The number of photos at Facebook. from 1000 memories. plurk
Sep 19 2011, 6:06pm
dblume shares Trust Issues. plurk
Sep 19 2011, 3:05am
dblume says Considering buying Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 for the family. Is there a way to make the apps behave like... plurk
Sep 18 2011, 6:37am
dblume make a mobile CSS style for my wiki! plurk
Sep 17 2011, 7:09pm
dblume shares Notch answers a few unsolved problems. plurk
Sep 15 2011, 5:45pm
dblume shares CATS "He gave me the worst cat in the world." plurk
Sep 14 2011, 2:33am
dblume shares Star Trek Comics plurk
Sep 14 2011, 12:35am
dblume may have found the most awesome geek dad. If his son knows even half those characters, I'm impressed. plurk
Sep 13 2011, 6:13pm
dblume shares Review: Century old pen as sexy librarian. plurk
Sep 13 2011, 12:15am
dblume is proud that his company's new disc vault won best new product at CEDIA this year. plurk
Sep 11 2011, 5:31am
dblume shares What Socialism Is And Is Not. plurk
Sep 11 2011, 3:25am
dblume says Good News: We're not Five Guys virgins. Bad News: I made the wrong order. plurk
Sep 9 2011, 10:48pm
dblume shares Toiletpaper: Over is right; under is wrong. plurk
Sep 9 2011, 6:55pm
dblume shares The Social Psychology of Burning Man. Nicely written. plurk
Sep 9 2011, 5:00pm
dblume says Sometimes I think about getting just one more domain... plurk
Sep 6 2011, 3:12am
dblume shares In her Black Ink post, Leigh links to a story about reproducing Los Alamos's Manhattan Project ink. plurk
Sep 2 2011, 9:44pm
dblume shares the art of clean up, for... you know who you are. plurk
Sep 2 2011, 4:22pm
dblume shares a Venzi Copelle dot-grid notebook review from Leigh Reyes. plurk
Sep 2 2011, 4:18pm
dblume says Hmm. Pleased to read mass email from Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, sad seems broken. plurk
Sep 1 2011, 4:22am
dblume has been bingeing on Space Oddity and Major Tom. All because of this childrens book. plurk
Aug 31 2011, 9:54pm
dblume shares President God. plurk
Aug 31 2011, 4:40pm
dblume shares Same kid. plurk
Aug 31 2011, 3:28pm
dblume says alright, who's coming to the East Side Taco Festival of Innovation with me? plurk
Aug 30 2011, 4:36pm
dblume shares Wacom Inkling Trailer Wacom Inkling, especially for ... oh, lots of artists out there: neonepiphany, narilka, elfkin... plurk
Aug 29 2011, 8:23pm
dblume shares Humboldt County leads the nation. (esp. for pastilla) plurk
Aug 29 2011, 3:48am
dblume shares Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan T... plurk
Aug 28 2011, 6:50am
dblume shares Some pics from our family vacation last week. plurk
Aug 28 2011, 5:22am
dblume says my wife is playing "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton! This is a summer vacation mix-tape success! She likes it! plurk
Aug 28 2011, 4:56am
dblume shares What is up with Noises? (The Science and Mathemati... plurk
Aug 19 2011, 7:01pm
dblume shares Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions plurk
Aug 19 2011, 4:53pm
dblume shares Sand Kitten especially for Tyranny plurk
Aug 19 2011, 8:02am
dblume updated his Interrobang extension for Chrome to be a little more useful. plurk
Aug 17 2011, 2:46pm
dblume shares Seasons: ...Of Our Discontent Seasons: "...Of Our Discontent" A girl with speakers in her arms but no volume control. plurk
Aug 17 2011, 2:31pm
dblume shares Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3 match to settle lawsuit. I couldn't love that guy more. plurk
Aug 17 2011, 12:02am
dblume shares Arduino IR remote and Closed Caption parser. Especially for zannah. plurk
Aug 16 2011, 11:55pm
dblume shares Tardis Corset. "A corset's job is to make things that are bigger on the inside take less space." plurk
Aug 16 2011, 4:37pm
dblume shares Notch and Gabe talking about Minecraft and PAX. plurk
Aug 15 2011, 5:07pm
dblume shares Neil deGrasse Tyson and Warren Buffet ask the U.S.A. government to get real. plurk
Aug 15 2011, 8:03am
dblume shares flickr is dead. An opinion piece. Especially for davidd and neonepiphany. plurk
Aug 15 2011, 2:28am
dblume shares "Minecraft Family" My 10yo daughter's first video. plurk
Aug 11 2011, 7:55pm
dblume just told his wife that her husband and her son are going to Vegas. plurk
Aug 11 2011, 4:23pm
dblume likes these logos from fictitious companies at fauxgo. plurk
Aug 10 2011, 9:27pm
dblume shares The Secret Cities of Yemen. Amazing photos. plurk
Aug 9 2011, 6:20pm
dblume shares Tornado mod in MineCraft. plurk
Aug 9 2011, 6:16pm
dblume says Ha, ha. My wife just wrote, "damn it, I'd interrobang you, if I knew how to do it... ?!?!" Poor little not-Chrome-user. plurk
Aug 8 2011, 6:53am
dblume shares Detroit in Ruins. plurk
Aug 8 2011, 6:53am
dblume shares Jonathans Starbucks Card. Get a coffee, give a coffee. plurk
Aug 8 2011, 4:12am
dblume shares that Warren Ellis is a recommended writer at Google+. Especially for evilcouch. plurk
Aug 7 2011, 6:47am
dblume says OMG, my son sings this song to me!! It comes from a Marceline episode of Adventure Time. plurk
Aug 7 2011, 5:52am
dblume says hurry! Today, please DIAF! plurk
Aug 5 2011, 10:31am
dblume shares Whoops, I gourced my lifestream. plurk
Aug 4 2011, 3:14pm
dblume shares Australias Why Census Matters. plurk
Aug 3 2011, 6:36pm
dblume shares So you're mad about something on the internet. What do you do? plurk
Aug 1 2011, 8:07am
dblume says I made an Interrobang Extension for evilcouch. plurk
Jul 29 2011, 5:17pm
dblume shares Wunderland Kalkar plurk
Jul 25 2011, 9:43pm
dblume shares I keep telling her she can't use her ears to fly but she wont listen! plurk
Jul 25 2011, 6:16pm
dblume shares The Worlds Last Mens Pocky. It is done. The era is over. plurk
Jul 23 2011, 9:15am
dblume shares Is the HPV vaccine safe? An infographic. plurk
Jul 22 2011, 1:54am
dblume shares Dancing Squid: Soy sauce reanimates the dead! Zombie squid! Nom! plurk
Jul 22 2011, 12:04am
dblume shares ISS Crew Views Shuttle Landing. What an amazing shot. plurk
Jul 21 2011, 4:18pm
dblume says this review- the blue bic makes me think of Camilla d'Errico, and that makes me miss ComicCon all the more. plurk
Jul 20 2011, 7:01pm
dblume thinks not only do you guys identify with this ComicCon comic, but you probably recognize what Annarchy bought. plurk
Jul 18 2011, 5:21pm
dblume says this shot of stormwater pouring into an underground garage got to me. plurk
Jul 17 2011, 5:45pm
dblume shares Read to the end. plurk
Jul 17 2011, 3:19am
dblume shares Hydrothermal Worm marine organism imaged on a Quanta SEM plurk
Jul 15 2011, 9:14pm
dblume shares a detail of one of the world class athletes in the Tour de France. plurk
Jul 15 2011, 7:41am
dblume loved Summer Wars. plurk
Jul 12 2011, 8:36pm
dblume never wanted to go to PAX more than now. plurk
Jul 9 2011, 8:35pm
dblume says Hmm... That's odd... plurk
Jul 9 2011, 6:40pm
dblume says Happy odd day! 07/09/11. Where will you be at 1:03:05? plurk
Jul 8 2011, 6:46pm
dblume shares Oscar Grant’s photograph of his killer, Johannes Mehserle. plurk
Jul 7 2011, 8:54pm
dblume says Wow, it's hard for me not to visit Google+ if I happen to be leaving GMail or Google Reader. plurk
Jul 6 2011, 9:25pm
dblume shares Broccoli House plurk
Jul 6 2011, 5:11pm
dblume has a special treat for zannah! plurk
Jul 6 2011, 4:58pm
dblume says "We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them." -- John Waters plurk
Jul 5 2011, 8:59pm
dblume says There's a good boulderer at PG with the body of an Evangelion. Especially skinny long torso, all musculature, broad shoulders. plurk
Jul 5 2011, 5:36pm
dblume says We heart 90 years of communism. plurk
Jul 4 2011, 9:51am
dblume sings America, Fuck Yeah! plurk
Jul 4 2011, 6:12am
dblume shares When I was young... plurk
Jul 4 2011, 4:23am
dblume says dear self: Put the damn pieces together. plurk
Jul 3 2011, 4:30am
dblume shares Lex wrote another post at Beyond the Sea! Ayumi Hamasaki – Love songs plurk
Jul 2 2011, 7:23pm
dblume says Let's all eat our nearly-expired emergency rations, now. plurk
Jul 1 2011, 10:43pm
dblume shares Plot Device (especially for davidd) plurk
Jul 1 2011, 4:55pm
dblume shares Hitler learns topology. plurk
Jul 1 2011, 4:17pm
dblume says Good luck! Hamlet. One rabbit. plurk
Jun 30 2011, 9:32pm
dblume says the Executive Assistant Iris TPB actually got printed. Been so long since the announcement, I'd forgotten. plurk
Jun 30 2011, 4:17am
dblume shares Org Charts for Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. via business insider plurk
Jun 30 2011, 1:41am
dblume says I've got Google+ invites to give out. Anybody want one? plurk
Jun 29 2011, 10:56pm
dblume shares Natsumi Hayashis Levitating Girl. plurk
Jun 29 2011, 4:46am
dblume shares Google+ from xkcd plurk
Jun 28 2011, 4:25pm
dblume shares An infographic dissecting the nature and ramificat... Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus plurk
Jun 28 2011, 4:41am
dblume shares The Prince and the Sea. By Emily Carroll plurk
Jun 28 2011, 4:16am
dblume shares What is a CEO? By amix. plurk
Jun 27 2011, 9:40pm
dblume shares People of Clouds plurk
Jun 27 2011, 9:04pm
dblume shares Elements of Happiness: A Happy Life Depicted in Diagrams. plurk
Jun 27 2011, 6:04pm
dblume shares Glastonbury 2011. plurk
Jun 27 2011, 1:44am
dblume says note to self: In every .htaccess everywhere: AddCharset UTF-8 .txt plurk
Jun 26 2011, 8:46am
dblume has been coding and reading Cryptonomicon. This explains why I'm always working on secret projects. plurk
Jun 26 2011, 6:03am
dblume shares The Black Keys - Tighten Up plurk
Jun 26 2011, 5:50am
dblume thinks every year, Sarah's birthday cake gets a little bit better. plurk
Jun 26 2011, 4:59am
dblume says tonight: a little Breaking Bad, a little secret project work. plurk
Jun 26 2011, 4:52am
dblume wonders how he got an friend request from XSS expert Dorian on Diaspora? plurk
Jun 25 2011, 1:48am
dblume will watch Lost in Austen tonight, but that means no secret project work. plurk
Jun 24 2011, 9:16pm
dblume shares 【Megurine Luka】 secret, especially for halophoenix plurk
Jun 24 2011, 9:11pm
dblume shares Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start plurk
Jun 24 2011, 4:51pm
dblume shares eight minutes in, Mike Krahulik delivers the Geek version of "it gets better." plurk
Jun 24 2011, 4:23pm
dblume loves how Shamus's Project Frontier is coming along. plurk
Jun 24 2011, 4:05pm
dblume shares a really sweet musical message left for Notch. plurk
Jun 23 2011, 11:11pm
dblume would really want to watch Super 8 with davidd and then go out for drinks. plurk
Jun 23 2011, 9:22pm
dblume shares Everything Is A Remix Part 3 is out! plurk
Jun 23 2011, 8:20pm
dblume shares Leigh decided to sketch in a new notebook to try it out. plurk
Jun 23 2011, 3:06am
dblume is back from the World Series of Poker, Miss U.S.A. and some other shows we actually saw. plurk
Jun 17 2011, 5:20pm
dblume shares My penis deals poison. plurk
Jun 17 2011, 4:04pm
dblume shares Top 10 Myths About Introverts. plurk
Jun 16 2011, 5:42pm
dblume asks Do you know the link between these two things? plurk
Jun 16 2011, 3:38pm
dblume says with this heatwave, the Pocky cellar is earning its keep. plurk
Jun 16 2011, 8:51am
dblume enjoyed Pride and Prejudice more than he has any right to. plurk
Jun 15 2011, 11:58pm
dblume asks what was that conspiracy site/wiki with all the partially redacted documents on supernatural occurrences? plurk
Jun 15 2011, 7:28am
dblume says OK, so now my music is up at Google Music Beta... and this is not a good thing for me. I need to groom the metadata again. plurk
Jun 15 2011, 3:39am
dblume is not capable of not following yourbro at tumblr. He's Finn The Human! plurk
Jun 14 2011, 5:50pm
dblume shares Goodbye to Drama Movie Genres. Note the small pocket of Crime in the 1970's? Loved it. plurk
Jun 14 2011, 5:22pm
dblume shares Fathers Day Story, June 2011 You Take What You Need From Your Father. from "Sh*t My Dad Says"'s Justin Halpern plurk
Jun 13 2011, 6:17pm
dblume shares some thoughts on internet security. plurk
Jun 13 2011, 3:27am
dblume shares Jumping Spider. Click through for an interesting conversation. plurk
Jun 11 2011, 9:48pm
dblume shares TMNT vs. Samurai Pizza Cat plurk
Jun 10 2011, 7:35pm
dblume shares BMW-powered twin-rotor hoverbike. plurk
Jun 10 2011, 4:12pm
dblume says this macro photo of Black★Rock Shooter reminded me of zannah's old macro photos. plurk
Jun 10 2011, 3:48am
dblume shares Tattoos are like cats. (from icanhascheezburger ) plurk
Jun 9 2011, 10:01pm
dblume shares 4 Web Premium Convenience Fee @ USD 13.50 = USD 54.00; 1 E-Ticket @ USD 5.00 = USD 5.00; Sum: USD 59.00 plurk
Jun 9 2011, 4:09pm
dblume likes the gender and time comparisons on twitter. plurk
Jun 9 2011, 3:55pm
dblume shares Slates Hollywood Career-O-Matic graphs Rotten Tomatoes data. plurk
Jun 8 2011, 11:46pm
dblume has seen too many tech demos that go like this. plurk
Jun 8 2011, 9:31pm
dblume says Leigh Reyes must've changed her blog's feed. I didn't notice and I have lots of catching up to do! Yay ! plurk
Jun 8 2011, 6:14pm
dblume thinks it's fascinating that people around the world are watching a supernova and tracking its wax and wane. plurk
Jun 8 2011, 4:39pm
dblume shares Kinect self-awareness hack. plurk
Jun 8 2011, 4:31pm
dblume shares Killer kisser from damnyouautocorrect plurk
Jun 8 2011, 3:15am
dblume shares The SDF-1 (Macross) in Minecraft plurk
Jun 8 2011, 12:02am
dblume says it's cute intern season at Google! plurk
Jun 7 2011, 10:36pm
dblume did not know what to expect from Biutiful, and it had some scenes that'll stay with me forever. plurk
Jun 5 2011, 10:36pm
dblume says I'm honestly writing another goddamn login page. Must play Jonathan Coulton's "Code Monkey." plurk
Jun 2 2011, 8:58pm
dblume shares Life imitates art. plurk
Jun 2 2011, 5:12pm
dblume shares Human brain limits Twitter friends to 150. plurk
Jun 2 2011, 5:09pm
dblume shares Minecraft timelapse of the building of the City of Arches plurk
Jun 1 2011, 4:31pm
dblume says my next project takes me out of my comfort zone, and I won't be able to share it with you. It's further extension of my brain to the cloud. plurk
Jun 1 2011, 4:24pm
dblume thought of an acceptable fix for a Plurk API issue with my archiver! plurk
May 31 2011, 8:32pm
dblume shares How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory (from Rolling Stone magazine.) plurk
May 31 2011, 8:15pm
dblume shares Look at that, you son of a bitch. plurk
May 31 2011, 5:04pm
dblume thinks halophoenix would probably like the Desktop Diaries series. Link is to the Michio Kaku episode. plurk
May 31 2011, 3:40pm
dblume says davdd might be amused to learn that Ira Glasss colleagues think hes score higher as a psychopath. plurk
May 29 2011, 6:09am
dblume fired up the external brain enhancement. Will monitor it closely over the next few days. plurk
May 28 2011, 7:47am
dblume shares a super early sneak peek at my latest project. plurk
May 27 2011, 3:50pm
dblume asks braains? plurk
May 26 2011, 5:49pm
dblume likes this comic explaining Google Correlate. plurk
May 26 2011, 5:07pm
dblume is pulling the engine cord on a new highly targeted external brain! Should be ready in T-3 days. There. I'm committed. plurk
May 25 2011, 5:22pm
dblume shares The Problem with YouTube. (By Shamus Young.) plurk
May 25 2011, 4:46pm
dblume says Yes, I did the "first link" trail from spark plug to philosophy. (Read the alt text.) It works. plurk
May 25 2011, 4:31pm
dblume shares annoying.js: javascript that you should never use. Just don't. Please. plurk
May 24 2011, 4:47pm
dblume shares What's going to happen to me? I'm a frog. (from Pictures for sad children ) plurk
May 23 2011, 5:09pm
dblume is so close! plurk
May 23 2011, 3:42pm
dblume shares Minecraft Universe plurk
May 23 2011, 3:17am
dblume shares Why F1 steering wheels have over 20 buttons. plurk
May 23 2011, 2:37am
dblume shares Yugoslavian monuments (you like to scroll, you dirty girl) plurk
May 22 2011, 4:25am
dblume was raptured, but everyone there was holier than thou. plurk
May 19 2011, 5:14pm
dblume shares The correlation of hate with education, religion, creativity, immigrant population, income and politics. plurk
May 19 2011, 3:59am
dblume says this makes me happy. All it is is a cronjob-generated text file, but it gets served correctly. plurk
May 17 2011, 6:56pm
dblume is a little peeved at Uwajimaya. plurk
May 17 2011, 6:37pm
dblume asks if davidd has seen this use of the photo of his cars headlight casing. plurk
May 16 2011, 11:04pm
dblume shares Play Ball! (from Be Awesome. ) plurk
May 16 2011, 8:12pm
dblume likes that Paul Taylor explains poit in 2010 on a 2006 comic. plurk
May 16 2011, 6:01pm
dblume shares Definitive Daft Punk visualised in realtime, done in HTML5 and CSS3. plurk
May 16 2011, 4:37pm
dblume shares Punch the Internet His Dark Thesis at Penny Arcade plurk
May 15 2011, 4:41pm
dblume walked the Bay to Breakers! plurk
May 15 2011, 1:34pm
dblume shares Making the rich look poor. plurk
May 15 2011, 12:18pm
dblume says Good morning, Snowflake! plurk
May 13 2011, 5:06am
dblume shares A picture of two of the desktop images at our home. Marceline and Minecraft. plurk
May 13 2011, 12:19am
dblume shares Angry Most Useless Machine (pushed to the limit) plurk
May 12 2011, 4:39am
dblume shares Bacon Starry Night (via Craftzine ) plurk
May 11 2011, 3:48am
dblume shares Electric Dreams (Tron came out two years before this.) plurk
May 10 2011, 10:34pm
dblume shares A Chinese Ghost Story 2011 plurk
May 9 2011, 5:37pm
dblume says possible rain in San Francisco on Sunday! In May! During Bay to Breakers! Who's bringing rain down here?! plurk
May 9 2011, 5:56am
dblume is watching Eden of the East tonight. plurk
May 8 2011, 9:47pm
dblume was in a comic book store full of Moofia, Black Rock Shooter, Tokidoki, etc. and thought of zannah. They were running a big MTG challenge, too. plurk
May 7 2011, 5:34am
dblume shares Worlds Largest Model Airport plurk
May 6 2011, 9:53pm
dblume shares Pastilla, are you OK? plurk
May 5 2011, 6:34pm
dblume shares a long-time blogger, husband and father of two recently passed. plurk
May 4 2011, 4:37pm
dblume shares "You know you're not the first." An ad for used BMWs. plurk
May 4 2011, 2:10am
dblume loves Trudi, the plush turret from Portal. (thanks halophoenix) plurk
May 3 2011, 8:47pm
dblume says Why, yes, I **am** that easily manipulated. plurk
May 3 2011, 5:05pm
dblume says never use passwords whose unsalted hash can be looked up here. N.B. Don't provide your password there! Do this: plurk
May 2 2011, 4:56am
dblume is glad to have converted my family from Wipeout to Sasuke. plurk
May 2 2011, 4:48am
dblume shares What gender and age does Google think you are? plurk
May 1 2011, 5:01am
dblume shares GlaDOS from Game-ism plurk
Apr 29 2011, 5:51pm
dblume shares Arcade Fire's Wilderness Downtown experiment. plurk
Apr 29 2011, 5:01am
dblume has thirty two subdomains. Most are cronjob related, though. plurk
Apr 28 2011, 5:47pm
dblume shares The Nostalgia Chick reviewed The Fifth Element. (She's also in the Bay Area this week.) plurk
Apr 27 2011, 11:23pm
dblume shares French Press Technique (especially for ninjanuity) More details. plurk
Apr 27 2011, 6:04pm
dblume shares You match your age to the movie- Oh, right, sorry, it only goes up to 35. plurk
Apr 27 2011, 5:54pm
dblume says even I couldn't make Portal 2 last long enough. It's a brilliant game, but too expensive for its single-player length. plurk
Apr 27 2011, 4:24pm
dblume says So, The Pen Addict gets hired by JetPens. plurk
Apr 22 2011, 5:29pm
dblume shares Ben Templesmith does X-23 plurk
Apr 22 2011, 3:36pm
dblume shares Busy Day in Manhattan, but theres always time for newspaper. plurk
Apr 21 2011, 10:05pm
dblume says Heh, this Wapsi Square reminded me of the Karma Medic. plurk
Apr 21 2011, 8:54pm
dblume shares Chewbacca dog plurk
Apr 20 2011, 7:18pm
dblume says Ooh, the iPhone Tracker may make a nice addition to my lifestream! plurk
Apr 20 2011, 4:56pm
dblume shares The Tweet Topic Explorer for dblume. plurk
Apr 20 2011, 6:10am
dblume says My boy is interested in Portal 2! I'm so proud! plurk
Apr 20 2011, 12:08am
dblume shares Video of a railgun shooting a round through a solid steel plate then seven kilometers further. plurk
Apr 19 2011, 5:04pm
dblume says OK. Notch sped up the next release of Minecraft so he could focus on on Portal 2. plurk
Apr 19 2011, 5:00pm
dblume shares My son asked me what this was. He had no idea who the girl was. (Lara Croft in Minecraft.) plurk
Apr 18 2011, 4:49pm
dblume shares A dumb devil plurk
Apr 17 2011, 7:15am
dblume thinks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead is the best thing since Idle Hands plurk
Apr 15 2011, 9:19pm
dblume shares Kyle is in a relationship. plurk
Apr 15 2011, 8:51pm
dblume says David Mitchell says one who stammers also stammers in foreign languages but not when talking to animals. plurk
Apr 12 2011, 5:11pm
dblume loves the first story, "War or Hearts" about religion vs. atheism in this This American Life podcast. plurk
Apr 12 2011, 4:44pm
dblume added this link on the detrimental effects of being interrupted to his chat status. plurk
Apr 11 2011, 10:23pm
dblume shares Macross Origami. Especially for halophoenix, as if you hadn't already seen it. plurk
Apr 10 2011, 2:40am
dblume asks what was that anime thatkidwho recommended on Crunchyroll? About the family cyborg's suspicious activity? plurk
Apr 10 2011, 1:22am
dblume shares Before I die... plurk
Apr 8 2011, 5:53am
dblume shares North Korean kindergartener guitar prodigies in action. plurk
Apr 8 2011, 4:10am
dblume is amused that the movie Tangled gives credit for the job of Caffeination. plurk
Apr 5 2011, 11:05pm
dblume asks his Mac OS X-using friends if they have any tips for him? (Best practices or favorite apps?) plurk
Apr 5 2011, 6:39pm
dblume says Oh, my God! Look at all those tabs! Would you please finish reading some of those pages and close their tabs? plurk
Apr 5 2011, 5:07pm
dblume says click through to the pictures inside the nuclear plant too, imagining working there in the dark is scary. plurk
Apr 5 2011, 5:28am
dblume says the first thing I did to set up the new iMac was to set Belruel as the desktop image. plurk
Apr 4 2011, 7:18pm
dblume shares Intricate 3D printed gaming dice. Especially for drahkar plurk
Apr 4 2011, 4:53pm
dblume likes this farming vs. mining metaphor of software development. plurk
Apr 4 2011, 5:40am
dblume says todays xkcd has me concerned. plurk
Apr 2 2011, 6:51pm
dblume loves Notchs April Fools day joke in Minecraft. plurk
Apr 2 2011, 6:34pm
dblume shares April Fools 2011: Complex Numbers in Math Class plurk
Apr 2 2011, 6:57am
dblume just spent too much time upgrading one of his blogs to Habari 0.7. plurk
Apr 1 2011, 9:34pm
dblume says hearing Mike and Jerry screw up the origin of X-23 is getting to me. plurk
Apr 1 2011, 7:08pm
dblume just told his children Minecraft is over. Let's see if they fall for it. plurk
Mar 31 2011, 10:01pm
dblume loves Paul Allens office. plurk
Mar 31 2011, 5:59pm
dblume cannot believe Mojang beat Valve. Real mixed feelings about that one. plurk
Mar 30 2011, 11:22pm
dblume thinks this Oatmeal comic is inspired by this Hyperbole and a half comic. Alot. plurk
Mar 30 2011, 11:13pm
dblume just recently discovered the web comic Wapsi Square. plurk
Mar 29 2011, 10:58pm
dblume shares Why do goat eyes look so weird? Bonus: They rotate to match the horizon. (As mentioned in the comments.) plurk
Mar 29 2011, 4:48pm
dblume shares Joey, have you seen my monnnkey? plurk
Mar 28 2011, 4:05pm
dblume shares the Belarusian National Library during Earth Hour. Especially for neonepiphany plurk
Mar 28 2011, 5:18am
dblume asks Would you like to tweet this? (No, not this. Just making a comment on the web design decision.) plurk
Mar 28 2011, 4:38am
dblume asks what computer should we get next? plurk
Mar 25 2011, 8:25am
dblume says deleting your online presence is a potential requirement for working at Penny Arcade. plurk
Mar 25 2011, 5:12am
dblume shares The very first YouTube comment I upvoted. plurk
Mar 25 2011, 12:04am
dblume shares Jack Dorsey comes up with an idea for an even more live LiveJournal. (Twitter.) plurk
Mar 24 2011, 5:17pm
dblume is furious! MPAA refuses PG-13 rating to Sucker Punch unless sex scene is edited to look non-consensual. plurk
Mar 23 2011, 11:42pm
dblume says that lousy Twitter bum (at the end) didn't bus his coffee cup nor leave a tip! plurk
Mar 23 2011, 8:55pm
dblume shares Hoolahoop plurk
Mar 23 2011, 4:16am
dblume shares Bringing order to your top desk drawer, from halophoenix and especially for davidd. plurk
Mar 21 2011, 4:31pm
dblume says the Minecraft documentary met minimum funding! It'll get made! plurk
Mar 19 2011, 9:33am
dblume shares with his friends that he's got a sorta scrummy sprint backlog start page, and you can see it. plurk
Mar 18 2011, 3:48pm
dblume shares Doggies (OK, Wolves) in Minecraft (esp. for narilka and zannah) plurk
Mar 18 2011, 6:33am
dblume shares Caterina Fake's thoughts on the Fear Of Missing Out [FOMO] and Social Media. plurk
Mar 18 2011, 6:02am
dblume loves that Peter Molyneux loves Minecraft! plurk
Mar 18 2011, 4:33am
dblume wonders what kind of coffee I'm going to have? ... plurk
Mar 17 2011, 5:14pm
dblume shares Talking to your kids about Star Wars. plurk
Mar 16 2011, 5:33pm
dblume shares milkypink reported her experience of the earthquake. plurk
Mar 16 2011, 4:57pm
dblume says studies with questionable source data and wrongful conclusions drive me batshit crazy. plurk
Mar 16 2011, 3:04am
dblume shares The Best XXX Ever! (Mom don't read) plurk
Mar 16 2011, 2:17am
dblume will slog through a Kenneth Branagh flick so he can watch the Devon Aoki extravaganza. plurk
Mar 15 2011, 11:05pm
dblume shares The Five Stages of Debugging. plurk
Mar 15 2011, 5:18pm
dblume shares What if there were not so many white people? plurk
Mar 14 2011, 5:04pm
dblume has hot tubs filled with money, a view of future kingdom for kids, and dungeon for those with poor etiquette. plurk
Mar 12 2011, 6:52pm
dblume finally heard from family friends at Fukushima. They're all OK, all they had to do was clean up a huge mess in the house. plurk
Mar 11 2011, 7:24pm
dblume wonders if you can spot the outlier. plurk
Mar 11 2011, 6:34am
dblume shares Men's Pocky Protected by Killer Turtles! plurk
Mar 9 2011, 5:14pm
dblume shares, the New York MTA. The explanation. plurk
Mar 9 2011, 4:54pm
dblume shares Before the Internet. By Penny Arcade. plurk
Mar 8 2011, 9:55pm
dblume is supposedly really going to love Never Let Me Go. plurk
Mar 8 2011, 12:06am
dblume shares A little moody. plurk
Mar 7 2011, 3:57am
dblume momentarily confused Never Let Me Go with Let The Right One In. plurk
Mar 7 2011, 12:07am
dblume is panic eating arare. All the Men's Pocky is gone from the Bay Area. plurk
Mar 6 2011, 2:09am
dblume loves that he had to caution his kids against derezzing each other. plurk
Mar 3 2011, 11:30pm
dblume shares The Backwater Gospel (The Undertaker) plurk
Mar 3 2011, 6:45pm
dblume shares Minecraft Fruit Fucker plurk
Mar 2 2011, 5:33am
dblume wishes he had a squidillion dollars. plurk
Mar 1 2011, 10:17pm
dblume thinks the Facebook commenting system with two-way sync (between Facebook Wall and Blog) is pretty good. plurk
Mar 1 2011, 6:26pm
dblume shares CSS Ninja (via sjonsvenson) plurk
Mar 1 2011, 5:45am
dblume shares via Pusheen the cat plurk
Feb 28 2011, 7:49pm
dblume says every. single. meeting. scheduled for today got delayed or cancelled. plurk
Feb 28 2011, 8:26am
dblume shares Graph of Autism vs. Vaccinations. Via indexed. plurk
Feb 27 2011, 1:19am
dblume says I'm supposed to love Fish Tank. (Checking out the new releases this week.) plurk
Feb 26 2011, 10:29pm
dblume says What?! Emerald City gets Mack, D'Errico, and Templesmith?! Never been more jealous! plurk
Feb 25 2011, 2:05am
dblume is at the House of Blues and is surprised that the concert sold out. plurk
Feb 24 2011, 9:55pm
dblume just went bowling with Greyson Chance before he opens for Miranda Cosgrove tonight. plurk
Feb 24 2011, 2:48am
dblume really loved seeing The Old Mill and Night on Bald Mountain represented in Disney's World of Color show. plurk
Feb 21 2011, 4:31am
dblume is seriously considering driving from Southern California to San Francisco to see Ben Templesmith. plurk
Feb 21 2011, 4:18am
dblume says Rush is coming to the Bay Area. Me? I'm taking my daughter to Miranda Cosgrove on Thursday in Downtown Disney. plurk
Feb 21 2011, 4:17am
dblume says The March Wired (19.03) issue has a GREAT article: Faster - One man's quest to outrace the wind. plurk
Feb 18 2011, 6:42pm
dblume shares the most useful image title [or alt] text Ill ever read. plurk
Feb 18 2011, 6:33pm
dblume shares Minecraft - Diamonds plurk
Feb 18 2011, 6:04pm
dblume shares "Best Watch I Have Ever Owned!! I was going to purchase a second watch but I did not want to pay another 9.95 in shipping." plurk
Feb 18 2011, 12:58am
dblume thought the HauteLook acquisition was an Adobe Flash sales site thing, not a "flash sales" thing. plurk
Feb 17 2011, 5:55pm
dblume shares Impressive Troll analysis with a personal message at the end about maturity. plurk
Feb 17 2011, 5:44pm
dblume shares The Oatmeal on Obama meeting with Jobs, Schmidt, and Zuckerberg. plurk
Feb 17 2011, 5:20pm
dblume says my two Borders are staying open! (Three total staying open in the Bay Area, all the others are closing.) Milpitas and Sunnyvale! So lucky! plurk
Feb 17 2011, 5:15pm
dblume shares woot meets minecraft. plurk
Feb 15 2011, 5:21am
dblume says looks like we've got a family project! Minecraft Papercraft. plurk
Feb 14 2011, 6:17pm
dblume says I’ll make a GUI interface using Visual Basic, see if I can track an IP Address out of this. plurk
Feb 14 2011, 7:39am
dblume might really like the noteslate. plurk
Feb 14 2011, 6:12am
dblume says I have a functional staging area in preparation of the move to Habari 0.7. plurk
Feb 11 2011, 5:08pm
dblume says don't be alarmed, but that was the last box of Men's Pocky. plurk
Feb 11 2011, 5:34am
dblume shares An unmatched left parenthesis for... you know who you are. plurk
Feb 10 2011, 6:40pm
dblume shares A Kid Demonstrates the Kaleidescape Kid's Remote plurk
Feb 8 2011, 11:23pm
dblume says The Oatmeal should order online from Specialtys. plurk
Feb 8 2011, 11:00pm
dblume hates being sent to blog posts written entirely by SEO bots. plurk
Feb 8 2011, 9:00pm
dblume shares OKCupid's best questions for first dates. Do you like the taste of beer? plurk
Feb 7 2011, 5:16am
dblume shares Robot orders a scone at a local coffee shop. plurk
Feb 6 2011, 5:49am
dblume shares Ideal Women (via maoxians delicious links ) plurk
Feb 5 2011, 11:04pm
dblume says I used Minecraft to teach my kids about local file storage, our home network, and the internet. plurk
Feb 5 2011, 8:14pm
dblume never knew that Groupon coupon maintenance would be such a big part of my life. plurk
Feb 5 2011, 7:47pm
dblume shares All 6 faces are pretty much identical except for jawline, nose length and body size. plurk
Feb 5 2011, 7:25pm
dblume is not staying at the Grand Californian. The block of rooms with discounts is all sold out. plurk
Feb 5 2011, 9:01am
dblume watched an old Wong Kar Wai film based on somebody's 100 best Hong Kong movies. plurk
Feb 4 2011, 7:12pm
dblume shares A study on transgender discrimination. plurk
Feb 3 2011, 6:09pm
dblume shares Physicist Brian Green on NPRs Fresh Air explaining parallel universes. Especially for halophoenix. plurk
Feb 2 2011, 11:48pm
dblume says my little blog's administrator just got UCE from News Corp. promoting The Daily iPad app. plurk
Feb 2 2011, 10:13pm
dblume says CNN reports that Tumblr is using an image by The Oatmeal. plurk
Feb 2 2011, 6:24pm
dblume shares How graphs look to colorblind people. 7% of the population is colorblind. plurk
Jan 29 2011, 7:56am
dblume spent way too long looking for a decent quality video of Perfume's Edge (69 mix) for watching online. plurk
Jan 28 2011, 11:28pm
dblume blames narilka for the bubblegum K-pop he's been listening to. plurk
Jan 28 2011, 12:43am
dblume shares Moths to a Flame plurk
Jan 27 2011, 11:06pm
dblume shares The nedroid Pizza Delivery Robot. plurk
Jan 27 2011, 5:03pm
dblume shares How to launch your startup in 16 easy steps. plurk
Jan 26 2011, 7:28pm
dblume shares Zero Punctuation reviews Minecraft! plurk
Jan 26 2011, 6:20pm
dblume shares The Coenfographic. plurk
Jan 26 2011, 5:44pm
dblume shares A climbing wall at Bjoeks, Groningen, Netherlands plurk
Jan 25 2011, 5:12pm
dblume likes Speed Dial for Chrome. plurk
Jan 25 2011, 5:28am
dblume sorta liked the Avenging Angels shirt, but NBC just didn't treat that show fairly. plurk
Jan 24 2011, 10:47pm
dblume shares plurk
Jan 24 2011, 8:10pm
dblume shares Pachelbel's Music Box Canon in D (especially for zannah). Rattle rattle rattle. plurk
Jan 24 2011, 7:36pm
dblume shares Vi Hart's Mobius story of Wind and Mr. Ug. plurk
Jan 23 2011, 8:57am
dblume shares my son gives some advice to his mother. plurk
Jan 22 2011, 7:28pm
dblume shares Movable Type sold to Infocom. Especially for neonepiphany. plurk
Jan 21 2011, 10:24pm
dblume thinks This dog waiting by its owners grave is especially sad. (Not to diminish the whole tragedy, though.) plurk
Jan 19 2011, 5:51pm
dblume says 14.6% of French editors of Wikipedia claim to believe in Pastafarianism. -Jimmy Wales plurk
Jan 19 2011, 12:11am
dblume shares Wolves from Hyperbole and a Half. plurk
Jan 18 2011, 11:45pm
dblume says one site attacked by the same botnet that got mine is Singer Electronics, maker of Telemarketing machines. plurk
Jan 18 2011, 6:09pm
dblume says OK, Personal Movie Recommendation Engine, I won't watch the new movie with Zoe Saldana, because I'd dislike it. plurk
Jan 18 2011, 5:58pm
dblume shares Are the Richest Americans also the Best Educated? A county-by-county chloropleth. plurk
Jan 17 2011, 11:55pm
dblume might get burned. Strange comments are appearing on an old post describing an old WordPress exploit. plurk
Jan 17 2011, 12:01am
dblume shares Why Chinese Girlfriends are Superior. Especially for pastilla plurk
Jan 16 2011, 11:48pm
dblume shares Today you, tomorrow me. A story about the kindness of strangers. plurk
Jan 14 2011, 7:36pm
dblume is attempting to take down a botnet. plurk
Jan 13 2011, 5:58pm
dblume is amused that there are **ten years** in the archives list at my first blog. plurk
Jan 13 2011, 5:48am
dblume asks if any of you use the all-you-can-read ePadLibrary membership deal? plurk
Jan 12 2011, 10:07pm
dblume wonders if drahkar is reading the current Penny Arcade arc. plurk
Jan 12 2011, 6:12pm
dblume really wants to make these lighter/motorcycle transformers. plurk
Jan 12 2011, 5:04pm
dblume says my daughter got mad at me when she found out Miku Hatsune had a concert here and we didn't go. plurk
Jan 11 2011, 10:25pm
dblume shares Notabilia: Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia plurk
Jan 11 2011, 8:04am
dblume shares a scene from the household Minecraft server logs. plurk
Jan 11 2011, 12:28am
dblume shares The Manor (Le Manior) plurk
Jan 8 2011, 6:47pm
dblume shares 1:1 Replica of Roman Colosseum in Minecraft Beta plurk
Jan 8 2011, 9:00am
dblume shares Two hearts in the snow. plurk
Jan 7 2011, 4:44pm
dblume shares Funny Business on Mao's lip on the 100 RMB note. plurk
Jan 6 2011, 11:12pm
dblume shares Okinawa Sobas photostream, especially for pastilla. Lots of historical photos with commentary. plurk
Jan 6 2011, 9:58pm
dblume just picked up Lady Mechanika. I wonder if davidd and sjonsvenson would approve? plurk
Jan 6 2011, 6:41pm
dblume is starting the Your Kid is a Dirty Vector campaign. To all my peers who don't vaccinate their kids. plurk
Jan 5 2011, 5:21pm
dblume says it hurts to see this girl sneaking a peek at the sun. plurk
Jan 5 2011, 4:57pm
dblume shares Voxatron Preview (especially for halophoenix and zannah) plurk
Jan 4 2011, 10:10pm
dblume shares 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine plurk
Jan 4 2011, 5:54pm
dblume wonders if he'd watch a new show just because Summer Glau was in it. plurk
Jan 3 2011, 9:20am
dblume says halophoenix: I still laugh when I see this old post of yours and our comments at the bottom. plurk
Jan 3 2011, 8:40am
dblume says FML. Google foils my latest project. See the update at the bottom of the article. plurk
Jan 2 2011, 3:49am
dblume shares Q. "How do you get guys to a ballet movie? How do you get girls to a thriller?" ... plurk
Jan 2 2011, 3:14am
dblume got a gift from his Muse yesterday. plurk
Jan 2 2011, 12:20am
dblume shares especially for davidd: Patterson Bigfoot Footage-- The Big Truth plurk
Jan 1 2011, 8:44am
dblume says Rabbit, rabbit. plurk
Dec 31 2010, 6:47pm
dblume likes American McGee's Dorothy, a Todd McFarlane production. plurk
Dec 31 2010, 6:30pm
dblume shares Christopher Nolan's own diagram of the Inception concept (Image towards the bottom). plurk
Dec 31 2010, 5:59am
dblume says According to namebench, I can stay with OpenDNS. (Used by my router.) plurk
Dec 30 2010, 8:12pm
dblume shares The Full Video of the Joy of Stats plurk
Dec 30 2010, 10:31am
dblume shares I got me some data portability for my birthday. plurk
Dec 29 2010, 5:53pm
dblume shares Map of Slavery in the United States plurk
Dec 29 2010, 7:08am
dblume is having loads of fun with his new trebuchet. plurk
Dec 28 2010, 10:55pm
dblume shares Some of my new loot. plurk
Dec 28 2010, 4:52am
dblume asks anybody else impacted by mozilla uploading private information to a public server? username, email, password hash. plurk
Dec 24 2010, 1:19am
dblume shares especially for neonepiphany: My feelings about Tron. plurk
Dec 23 2010, 5:04pm
dblume shares Everything the Internet knows about me because I asked it to. By Zachary M. Seward at the WSJ. plurk
Dec 23 2010, 6:24am
dblume simultaneously suffered a lack of detecting humor and a broken discretion filter. Sorry, boyo. plurk
Dec 22 2010, 6:55pm
dblume shares Penny Arcade: Google thinks Lifehacker, MAKE, Cool Tools, and Slashdot are similar. plurk
Dec 21 2010, 10:31pm
dblume shares I drew a rampaging tortoise while the network was down. plurk
Dec 21 2010, 6:38pm
dblume shares Final Overture by Aphostol plurk
Dec 21 2010, 7:37am
dblume just showed his son our shadow on the moon. It was awesome. plurk
Dec 20 2010, 5:15pm
dblume went outside and couldn't see his shadow! AAAaaugh! Am I dead? Is this a nightmare? Is this Seattle? plurk
Dec 20 2010, 6:02am
dblume asks if you're on Diaspora*, how many photos do you see here? plurk
Dec 19 2010, 6:20am
dblume wants to write about Yahoo not utilizing the mountain of hand-made data given to them in delicious links. plurk
Dec 17 2010, 6:37pm
dblume says not only do I love PATV, I liked when they featured a Python screenshot towards the end. plurk
Dec 17 2010, 6:28am
dblume is very upset about Yahoo's upcoming shutdown of delicious. plurk
Dec 16 2010, 7:30am
dblume suggests you take a break. plurk
Dec 15 2010, 5:29pm
dblume shares Space Missions plurk
Dec 14 2010, 5:25pm
dblume was amused at the way Leo LaPorte and gang ripped into the Chrome OS Cr-480 on TWiT. plurk
Dec 13 2010, 7:09pm
dblume shares Shamus Young's "Drawn To Knowledge" episode covering Net Neutrality plurk
Dec 13 2010, 5:12pm
dblume shares It will GIVE you infinite pleasure. plurk
Dec 13 2010, 4:17am
dblume wonders how davidd would respond to Leighs deleting and restarting her online personas. plurk
Dec 10 2010, 5:01pm
dblume shares It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fishmen plurk
Dec 9 2010, 7:54pm
dblume says the page so needs to be social. plurk
Dec 9 2010, 6:08pm
dblume shares Timelapse of a drawing where Saejin Oh falls off the rails and gives up. plurk
Dec 8 2010, 7:09pm
dblume asks if anybody else is interested in Sucker Punch? plurk
Dec 7 2010, 6:07pm
dblume shares Leigh Reyes's Sweet Disposition video. plurk
Dec 6 2010, 11:37pm
dblume says There. I can finally read some of those tumblr posts that were piling up. And post the quote I'd been saving ALL DAY. plurk
Dec 6 2010, 6:41pm
dblume shares The United States of Autocomplete. plurk
Dec 6 2010, 5:52am
dblume had to kill the hot vampire babe before dealing with the great white shark. plurk
Dec 2 2010, 5:37pm
dblume wonders if halophoenix likes aurgasm, a music/song blog. plurk
Dec 1 2010, 5:05pm
dblume shares the 2010 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar. plurk
Dec 1 2010, 3:36am
dblume shares My Dad Traveled A Lot (especially for davidd) plurk
Nov 30 2010, 8:02pm
dblume shares Minecraft Creeper Plush plurk
Nov 29 2010, 7:20pm
dblume asks where's that one excellent, well researched Reddit response on how to survive when civilization collapses? plurk
Nov 26 2010, 11:58pm
dblume shares Tim Burtons Cadavre Exquis. plurk
Nov 24 2010, 11:25pm
dblume has had Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction open in a tab all week. Partially read. plurk
Nov 24 2010, 5:23pm
dblume says The Finnish-Chinese film Jade Warrior is on its way. I'm curious about this one. plurk
Nov 23 2010, 10:14pm
dblume shares In Search of Diamonds (Minecraft / Music Video) plurk
Nov 23 2010, 5:24pm
dblume shares narilka's and davidd's weather appeared side-by-side in my feed reader. plurk
Nov 23 2010, 4:16am
dblume shares Maximus plurk
Nov 22 2010, 7:00pm
dblume shares RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us plurk
Nov 22 2010, 6:31pm
dblume shares especially for davidd: Natalie teams up with Lonely Planet. plurk
Nov 22 2010, 5:04pm
dblume got a half-off Nordstrom Rack in San Jose Groupon today, but the page loaded way too fast to have a Facebook "Like" button. plurk
Nov 22 2010, 5:50am
dblume thinks you guys might soon be subjected to cute kitten photos. plurk
Nov 19 2010, 6:58pm
dblume loves The National Geographics Photography Contest 2010 at The Big Picture. plurk
Nov 19 2010, 5:37pm
dblume loves that Penny Arcade the Series 2 is starting. plurk
Nov 19 2010, 4:53pm
dblume shares Realtime Procedurally Animated Spiders plurk
Nov 18 2010, 6:34pm
dblume says have a wonderful Have Sex with a Guy with a Mustache Day. plurk
Nov 18 2010, 4:44pm
dblume thinks ceiling girl snuck into Leia's wardrobe. plurk
Nov 18 2010, 4:38pm
dblume agrees with Heilemann on the disaster area of Google results preview. plurk
Nov 17 2010, 6:30pm
dblume says the wife and I have been using this quote on marriage a lot. A whole lot. plurk
Nov 16 2010, 7:27pm
dblume shares from chocosweete plurk
Nov 16 2010, 7:02pm
dblume asks self: Really? Coffee *and* dark chocolate covered espresso beans? You know what this'll do, right? plurk
Nov 15 2010, 8:38pm
dblume shares I'm halfway through Movember. plurk
Nov 15 2010, 4:58pm
dblume sings: "Yappappa yappappa, ii shan ten" plurk
Nov 9 2010, 10:36pm
dblume shares Minecraft: The Life of Schrauben (especially for zannah) plurk
Nov 9 2010, 4:42am
dblume says Oh! Last week's Adventure Time was another Marceline episode! plurk
Nov 8 2010, 10:18pm
dblume says okay. Todays Penny Arcade? I am Gabe. Except... plurk
Nov 8 2010, 5:51pm
dblume shares In Event of Moon Disaster. plurk
Nov 8 2010, 5:38pm
dblume shares Shamus has some real architects on his Minecraft server. plurk
Nov 5 2010, 6:32am
dblume is taking his first break from Minecraft in a **long** time. Streaming a netflix video. But thinking about spelunking. plurk
Nov 3 2010, 5:01pm
dblume asks an anagram for "election results"? plurk
Nov 3 2010, 2:13pm
dblume thinks Leigh Reyes shines. If we all only had so much creative energy for the things we love. plurk
Nov 2 2010, 4:17pm
dblume voted! plurk
Nov 1 2010, 11:00pm
dblume shares Octopi. plurk
Nov 1 2010, 4:43pm
dblume says a skeleton riding a spider appeared inside my home (which I intentionally built over a massive cave) and shot me with arrows. plurk
Nov 1 2010, 4:26pm
dblume just might be in love. plurk
Oct 29 2010, 11:23pm
dblume shares Procrastination, especially for davidd. plurk
Oct 29 2010, 10:45pm
dblume asks if you'll have some cake? plurk
Oct 29 2010, 4:29pm
dblume asks narilka: There was no cake. Then there was cake. I don't know what to believe. plurk
Oct 29 2010, 4:10pm
dblume asks pastilla: So, minecraft hasn't hit Kurii's or Meimei's schools, yet? plurk
Oct 28 2010, 5:52pm
dblume shares Girls' Generation - Gee plurk
Oct 28 2010, 4:39pm
dblume shares This painting is not available in your country. plurk
Oct 27 2010, 4:53pm
dblume shares A Google Maps-like view of Shamuss Minecraft server. plurk
Oct 27 2010, 4:31pm
dblume shares depth of the zing: When to use Paleolithic vs. Neolithic. (Towards bottom of the article.) plurk
Oct 27 2010, 3:33pm
dblume says it's scary when there's a new Java update available. If I download it, will it break minecraft? plurk
Oct 25 2010, 7:32pm
dblume wonders if he should send his kids to the Stanford humor study. Cartoons and brain pictures! plurk
Oct 25 2010, 4:35am
dblume shares Dig a safe place. Block the entrance. Light it up. plurk
Oct 22 2010, 9:09pm
dblume is so close, and yet so far. Google testing 1Gb/s neighborhood internet nearby. plurk
Oct 22 2010, 5:14pm
dblume says don't let the ghostly light in the back room freak you out. plurk
Oct 21 2010, 11:48pm
dblume shares especially for neonepiphany, Bathtub IV made the YouTube Play Shortlist. plurk
Oct 21 2010, 7:07am
dblume is trying to make a call on Minecraft. plurk
Oct 20 2010, 11:46pm
dblume just heard last week's Science Friday with the notable Naturalist, Dr. Greg Graffin. plurk
Oct 20 2010, 9:54pm
dblume says Yeah, evidently I missed last month's X-23 #1. There's been so much win lately, I can't handle it. plurk
Oct 20 2010, 5:29pm
dblume asks did I mention how hard Amazon has fucked me? Again? plurk
Oct 20 2010, 4:12pm
dblume says sometimes it's hard to make it through a non-Pocky day, when it's *right there*. plurk
Oct 19 2010, 5:51pm
dblume shares Mad Men Theme Song ... With a Twist plurk
Oct 18 2010, 4:52pm
dblume says the Anti-Fraud Unit of Nigeria has emailed me, and needs a little info from me to start my fraud claim against those darn scams. plurk
Oct 18 2010, 4:03pm
dblume wonders if pastilla has seen this review of the Chinese movie Still Life? plurk
Oct 16 2010, 9:35am
dblume saw Ichi again, and still *love* it. plurk
Oct 15 2010, 9:29pm
dblume wonders if any of you are planning on watching the award-winning Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl? plurk
Oct 14 2010, 4:27pm
dblume shares Ben Templesmith is the poster boy for American Frat Boys. Esp. for evilcouch plurk
Oct 14 2010, 4:21pm
dblume says So I see this grafitti and think to myself, that reminds me of Scott Pilgrim's poster. plurk
Oct 13 2010, 7:14pm
dblume watched a bad movie because it had a pretty lady in a corset. plurk
Oct 12 2010, 6:37pm
dblume shares There's a new OK Cupid Statistics Blog Post on Gay Sex. vs. Straight Sex. plurk
Oct 11 2010, 6:29am
dblume asks why have you been hiding Eden of the East from me? plurk
Oct 11 2010, 6:00am
dblume loves 10/10/10 (No Photoshop, long exposure.) plurk
Oct 11 2010, 12:43am
dblume says Gah! The IMDB redesign has borked every API Im interested in. My service is broken. plurk
Oct 10 2010, 11:51pm
dblume shares My 10.10.10 photo. plurk
Oct 9 2010, 7:25pm
dblume shares Watching the Blue Angels at the Golden Gate Bridge plurk
Oct 8 2010, 9:11pm
dblume says dang it, I left my gold hohlraum on my other keychain. plurk
Oct 8 2010, 3:50pm
dblume shares Motivation from Boo Hoo Boo plurk
Oct 7 2010, 9:46pm
dblume says Finally. I get to try the new Twitter. plurk
Oct 7 2010, 4:55pm
dblume can remember the Greek word "callipygous" but can't remember the special Japanese term for "side-boob." plurk
Oct 5 2010, 9:36pm
dblume says Heh. Just realized I asked a friend if she was doing OK two days before RUOK Day. plurk
Oct 5 2010, 2:14am
dblume shares Work? plurk
Oct 3 2010, 6:09am
dblume seems to have settled down with an Irish Coffee and Scott Pilgrim this Saturday night. plurk
Oct 3 2010, 12:41am
dblume says because you wouldn't do it, I went and saw Resident Evil: Afterlife for you. plurk
Oct 2 2010, 7:14pm
dblume says wait, what? Craigslist doesn't escape quotes? Should I try a SQL injection? plurk
Oct 1 2010, 11:12pm
dblume loves Google's Public Data. plurk
Oct 1 2010, 9:51pm
dblume really enjoyed reading about this Monster Camp Dream. plurk
Sep 29 2010, 4:31pm
dblume shares Harrisons New Girlfriend, a guest comic at Nedroid plurk
Sep 28 2010, 5:00pm
dblume shares Gender and Age Plot of Music Preferences from Especially for narilka plurk
Sep 26 2010, 6:40pm
dblume says I'm on a boat! plurk
Sep 25 2010, 5:31am
dblume says Help! I can't find the cover of "Such Great Heights" I heard at the gym today. plurk
Sep 24 2010, 4:12pm
dblume shares especially for halophoenix Augmented Reality Book (Should be a phone and glasses feature, too.) plurk
Sep 24 2010, 4:01pm
dblume says Wait! I wear the same Gunnar glasses that evilcouch wears! plurk
Sep 23 2010, 7:54am
dblume says yeah, there's a reason for yet another personal online identity. plurk
Sep 22 2010, 9:52pm
dblume tells zannah that today's Penny Arcade comic was drawn on an iPad. plurk
Sep 21 2010, 5:31pm
dblume says my climbing gym has a new bouldering area outside! plurk
Sep 20 2010, 5:48pm
dblume shares Fibonacci Pigeons plurk
Sep 20 2010, 4:31am
dblume wonders if it's possible that I collect backup processes? plurk
Sep 20 2010, 3:49am
dblume does not have a problem. I would not make a Marceline desktop background. plurk
Sep 20 2010, 2:29am
dblume still loves Michael Heilemanns obsession with Star Wars. plurk
Sep 17 2010, 9:53pm
dblume shares Richard Dawkins reaction to the Pope claiming Nazism was actually Atheist extremism. plurk
Sep 17 2010, 12:09am
dblume shares How Democrats and Republicans Compare with regard to the economy and family values. plurk
Sep 17 2010, 12:04am
dblume thinks halophoenix would approve of where I had lunch today. plurk
Sep 15 2010, 7:13pm
dblume sees that someone punched a hole through the sheetrock facade of the moon. plurk
Sep 14 2010, 11:45pm
dblume shares The Secret Powers of Time (An animated talk.) plurk
Sep 13 2010, 4:19am
dblume loves the 100 Games Cupcake Game! plurk
Sep 13 2010, 3:51am
dblume shares My son sings Angels We Have Heard on High plurk
Sep 12 2010, 6:28am
dblume shares My daughter playing "Dolly's Dreaming and Awakening" plurk
Sep 11 2010, 5:09am
dblume asks why am I still wearing pants?! plurk
Sep 10 2010, 5:30am
dblume has a date with Milla Jovovich and an Irish Coffee. plurk
Sep 9 2010, 5:08pm
dblume is unsure of this Chatroulette-like "Play Plurk Lottery" feature. plurk
Sep 8 2010, 7:22pm
dblume shares The United States is an outlier when correlating religion to poverty. plurk
Sep 7 2010, 11:05pm
dblume says there was nothing I could do to stop my wife from renting the worst new release of the week. plurk
Sep 7 2010, 4:07am
dblume bought my son a Venus Flytrap plant. You'd think he won the lottery, he was so happy. plurk
Sep 6 2010, 4:44am
dblume says my son plays too much Plants vs. Zombies. plurk
Sep 6 2010, 1:20am
dblume shares I just realized that there's a certain theme that's been making the rounds in my house. plurk
Sep 5 2010, 6:56am
dblume shares I just downloaded ArtStudio onto my wifes iPad. plurk
Sep 5 2010, 5:45am
dblume says Wow. I'm so not going to script tonight. An Irish Coffee and the T.V. (and then The Walking Dead) are calling me. plurk
Sep 3 2010, 4:46pm
dblume likes the ideas promoted by Castles in the Air but is really annoyed by the author. plurk
Sep 3 2010, 7:46am
dblume has to pack up his vox stuff. Theyre closing shop. plurk
Sep 2 2010, 9:07pm
dblume shares Touhou Music especially for pastilla's Kurii. plurk
Sep 1 2010, 5:25pm
dblume is trying to come to grips with the new iPod nano. plurk
Sep 1 2010, 3:38pm
dblume says go ahead, enjoy your Men's Pocky. It's Wednesday. plurk
Sep 1 2010, 5:02am
dblume suffered a quadruple whammy this week. plurk
Aug 31 2010, 5:23pm
dblume says Ugh, I was using basic authentication to merge my twitter home timeline with my mentions timeline. Guess I have OAuth work to do at home. plurk
Aug 30 2010, 3:58am
dblume says Digg barfed all over my activity feed. (The link will only show the Digg Barf until I clean it off.) plurk
Aug 28 2010, 5:00am
dblume says Plants vs. Zombies has taken over my daughter's slumber party. plurk
Aug 27 2010, 4:38pm
dblume shares We're on vacation today! plurk
Aug 27 2010, 3:25am
dblume has added Cee Lo's F**k You to his rotation, but doesn't know what he'll do when the kids hear. plurk
Aug 26 2010, 6:06pm
dblume shares Meisa Kuroki - Bad Girl plurk
Aug 25 2010, 5:22pm
dblume shares Problem Solving Flowsheet plurk
Aug 25 2010, 6:54am
dblume is in love with Marceline the Vampire Queen. plurk
Aug 24 2010, 8:50pm
dblume shares When hockey players review chick flicks: 27 Dresses. plurk
Aug 24 2010, 5:14pm
dblume says it's a bad week to rent a movie. The few searches we did were all below 7.0/10, and had a negative personal recs. plurk
Aug 23 2010, 5:09am
dblume says for those of you who've stopped blogging. " that’s when I started to panic ", Carr on Microblogging. plurk
Aug 22 2010, 9:30am
dblume says My unwittingly-crowd-filtered TechCrunch feed will be leaving alpha soon. plurk
Aug 22 2010, 3:47am
dblume asks for your favorite iPad applications. plurk
Aug 20 2010, 5:07pm
dblume is sharing today's PATV, Reformat The Planet, with the kids. plurk
Aug 20 2010, 4:09pm
dblume loves photos of Russia in Color a Century Ago. plurk
Aug 19 2010, 3:39pm
dblume shares Our Secret Stash of Stuff, esp. for zannah, link via Maoxian plurk
Aug 18 2010, 2:22pm
dblume says Bada bing! Just got a Groupon for Tony Sopranos joint. plurk
Aug 17 2010, 9:05pm
dblume saw another LIDAR Prius on the road near work. Doesn't anybody have humans drive their cars anymore? plurk
Aug 17 2010, 5:02pm
dblume shares The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D. plurk
Aug 16 2010, 11:22pm
dblume says What? Hes a girl?! (Stephen Chow's son in CJ7.) plurk
Aug 16 2010, 5:23pm
dblume likes the more minimal Google Chrome, but restored the classic Blue theme from the gray. plurk
Aug 15 2010, 3:30am
dblume cannot express how much he loves San Francisco's Roys. plurk
Aug 13 2010, 10:54pm
dblume seems to be going through a Jewel phase. Yeah, I blame that Funny Or Die caper. plurk
Aug 13 2010, 8:48pm
dblume shares An iPad doodle by Jin, especially for zannah plurk
Aug 13 2010, 5:05pm
dblume shares A Pissed-Off Tutorial to Google Wave. plurk
Aug 13 2010, 4:06pm
dblume says my personal creative projects are going so *slowly*! And I do like Mad Men and reading on my Kindle. Oh. I see. plurk
Aug 13 2010, 8:43am
dblume wonders why everybody loves Don Draper's pitch for the Kodak Carousel in the episode "Wheel" in season one when... plurk
Aug 12 2010, 6:12am
dblume shares Warren Ellis appreciation gland. (Especially for evilcouch) plurk
Aug 12 2010, 4:14am
dblume is suffering from bogus friend requests at Facebook. plurk
Aug 11 2010, 4:21pm
dblume totally gets Maoxian's approach to choosing twitterers to follow. I just use different thresholds. plurk
Aug 10 2010, 8:48pm
dblume shares My FourSquare checkins on a map. plurk
Aug 10 2010, 6:43pm
dblume shares The meaning and secret of Inception. plurk
Aug 8 2010, 7:37pm
dblume shares The kids get a picture with a celebrity at the Humane Society. plurk
Aug 8 2010, 6:27pm
dblume asks for a good pre-Settlers of Catan type game? My 7-year-old is so close to ready, and I just can't wait. plurk
Aug 8 2010, 5:49pm
dblume says apparently 96% of the $9.1 billion spent on reconstruction in Iraq is unaccounted for. plurk
Aug 6 2010, 8:39am
dblume had fun describing to the kids what the Tanuki were doing with their nut sacks in Pom Poko. plurk
Aug 5 2010, 4:26pm
dblume shares a Natalia Fabia interview for those of you who like things kawaii. plurk
Aug 4 2010, 9:21pm
dblume is happy that the federal court has struck down California's Prop 8. plurk
Aug 4 2010, 8:22pm
dblume thinks Felicia Day was amusing on this week's TWiT podcast. Her inflate-her-breasts trick and the reaction it got was pretty rich. plurk
Aug 4 2010, 3:41pm
dblume shares "No Kana" Mailbox. But I have a hard time reading Kanji! plurk
Aug 3 2010, 7:59pm
dblume says the 1:00pm meeting I cancelled lunchtime Rock Climbing for? Cancelled at 12:58pm. plurk
Aug 3 2010, 5:39pm
dblume shares A matter of time before all evidence of our lives is gone. plurk
Aug 2 2010, 7:52pm
dblume shares The Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme plurk
Aug 2 2010, 4:47pm
dblume quotes "Both Targus and Microsoft said they didn't know how the file got onto" WSJ plurk
Aug 2 2010, 5:52am
dblume thinks a good way to kill a project is to pre-announce it. plurk
Aug 1 2010, 11:06pm
dblume likes 14 Blades and is growing even more fond of Wei Zhao. plurk
Aug 1 2010, 11:04pm
dblume shares New Boy plurk
Aug 1 2010, 2:16am
dblume shares Ia ia Baby Cthulhu! plurk
Jul 31 2010, 7:19pm
dblume is at the bookstore adding TPBs to my library queue. plurk
Jul 31 2010, 5:39am
dblume shares that Mila Kunis has been dating Macaulay Culkin since 2002. plurk
Jul 31 2010, 3:37am
dblume gets really tempted to get StarCraft II. plurk
Jul 30 2010, 5:19pm
dblume appreciates Leighs take on the beta,pen. plurk
Jul 30 2010, 4:55pm
dblume says the Zune client software installs and works far better on a modern OS. plurk
Jul 30 2010, 4:52am
dblume says is suggesting I attend the Penny Arcade Expo. (Link won't look the same for you as it does for me.) plurk
Jul 29 2010, 11:38pm
dblume shares Zune Error with a link to read and type into a web browser. plurk
Jul 29 2010, 5:09pm
dblume shares The 10 Most Important Things They Didnt Teach You In School plurk
Jul 29 2010, 4:22pm
dblume shares 35mm: 35 Films in Two Minutes plurk
Jul 28 2010, 4:33pm
dblume shares Ben Templesmith dancing stupidly in front of religious fundamentalists. In a suit. plurk
Jul 28 2010, 2:14am
dblume added some photos to his flickr account... plurk
Jul 27 2010, 4:38am
dblume says after watching Aya Kamiki's Revolver video, I think I need to take some pictures of my daughter's eyes. plurk
Jul 26 2010, 6:23pm
dblume is hopefully not going *anywhere* on his last day of vacation. Stay by the pool and hottub and Kindle / SDCC-loot it up. plurk
Jul 26 2010, 4:10am
dblume really loved Inception! (mild spoilers below) plurk
Jul 26 2010, 4:06am
dblume says a can of Ketchup Pringles lasted about four minutes with my family while at Ocean Beach in San Diego. (Thanks narilka!) plurk
Jul 24 2010, 4:48pm
dblume shares How could anyone resist a Free Hole? plurk
Jul 24 2010, 3:41pm
dblume shares I'll be here. Can you see the little circles? plurk
Jul 24 2010, 3:06pm
dblume loved meeting zannah, ninjanuity, narilka, Zadesquideb & drahkar after the 'con! plurk
Jul 23 2010, 8:08pm
dblume just met narilka then on my way out, Mike Mignola, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon! plurk
Jul 23 2010, 3:59pm
dblume is helping out first-time attendees at ComicCon. plurk
Jul 23 2010, 1:10am
dblume shares Kids in front of Hollywood sign. plurk
Jul 20 2010, 4:09pm
dblume shares SJC plurk
Jul 19 2010, 11:05pm
dblume shares A recommendation based on "Nobody Knows" and "Michel Gondry?" Yes, please. plurk
Jul 19 2010, 7:50pm
dblume says today is my Friday! plurk
Jul 19 2010, 6:25pm
dblume shares Code word for taking the dog on a walk... plurk
Jul 18 2010, 5:10pm
dblume says says my son was performing a song eerily similar to Twisted Nerve this morning. plurk
Jul 18 2010, 5:41am
dblume shares Bicycle Ride with the Kids plurk
Jul 18 2010, 4:00am
dblume asks you know how to make random members of my family instantly come need me for ridiculous little things? plurk
Jul 17 2010, 11:33pm
dblume is a little sad that I can't put "Cooking by the Book (lil' Bigger Mix)" on the family's vacation mix CD. plurk
Jul 17 2010, 8:39pm
dblume shares Start of a Nice Day plurk
Jul 17 2010, 7:11pm
dblume reminds gamma to use the word "banjaxed" at work. plurk
Jul 16 2010, 4:17pm
dblume just noticed Google's "Results from People in Your Social Circle" section at the bottom of the front page of results. plurk
Jul 16 2010, 5:22am
dblume says "pedipalps." plurk
Jul 15 2010, 4:51am
dblume says PSA: Do not watch Chloe. Amanda Seyfried cannot save it. Atom Egoyan will barely be forgiven because he did The Sweet Hereafter. plurk
Jul 14 2010, 6:21pm
dblume shares Every time I see the Princess Bride ambigram, it makes me happy. plurk
Jul 14 2010, 4:31pm
dblume shares Green Flash (especially for davidd) plurk
Jul 13 2010, 10:23pm
dblume really liked Undercover Karaoke with Jewel. plurk
Jul 13 2010, 5:29pm
dblume wonders why I love these collaborations so much. plurk
Jul 13 2010, 5:11pm
dblume shares Vale Harvey Pekar plurk
Jul 13 2010, 4:48pm
dblume will be missing Angelina Jolie by one day at Graumans Chinese, then by one day at ComicCon. plurk
Jul 13 2010, 4:21pm
dblume had a coffee date with his wife this morning. plurk
Jul 13 2010, 3:34am
dblume cannot be asked to choose between Sean Phillips and Eva Mendez with Maggie Q and Mark Walberg. Argh! plurk
Jul 11 2010, 11:39pm
dblume would have liked to be at ComicCon on Thursday, too. plurk
Jul 11 2010, 8:02pm
dblume shares Portal 2 concert plurk
Jul 9 2010, 4:53pm
dblume shares 300 APM in StarCraft plurk
Jul 8 2010, 4:28pm
dblume shares Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop plurk
Jul 7 2010, 3:37am
dblume tries to explain why I was so happy about a new camera that did not have a bigger CMOS. plurk
Jul 6 2010, 4:40pm
dblume says the Plurk iPhone app works again! Yay! plurk
Jul 6 2010, 6:39am
dblume says PSA: The Eclipse movie is **still** an adaptation of a YA novel. plurk
Jul 6 2010, 5:06am
dblume asks if any of you are readernauts? I am giving it a try. plurk
Jul 5 2010, 6:38am
dblume smells like fireworks. Kids are in love with explosives. plurk
Jul 1 2010, 8:02pm
dblume shares Unlikely Partners in the Animal Kingdom. Classic Cracked goodness. plurk
Jul 1 2010, 5:13pm
dblume is on his last disk of Moribito. I don't want it to end! plurk
Jul 1 2010, 5:46am
dblume shares what Ive mostly been playing [music-wise] the past few months. plurk
Jun 30 2010, 4:46pm
dblume shares The Worlds Made of Stories, Not Atoms (Robbery at Tiffany's) plurk
Jun 29 2010, 6:49pm
dblume is gonna get his ass kicked when he gets home. plurk
Jun 28 2010, 6:12pm
dblume shares Crisis in Education: She says "three drop outs during this video" but at 1 every 26 seconds, there could be five. plurk
Jun 28 2010, 5:04pm
dblume says My 7-year-old son is collecting the green stars on Super Mario Galaxy 2. I'm so proud of him. plurk
Jun 26 2010, 9:11am
dblume shares Gorillaz - Stylo plurk
Jun 26 2010, 5:12am
dblume says My son is ready for TRON! plurk
Jun 26 2010, 4:43am
dblume doesn't know what to do with his $.99 credit for an MP3 song... plurk
Jun 25 2010, 6:43pm
dblume got an email saying Primus was coming. But the closest they'll actually be is Sacramento. plurk
Jun 25 2010, 6:06pm
dblume shares Yeah, thats not what I was looking for at all. plurk
Jun 25 2010, 4:29pm
dblume shares a recommendation for the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V. plurk
Jun 24 2010, 8:24pm
dblume is pretty surprised by this dialog suggesting that syncing books deletes music. plurk
Jun 24 2010, 4:20pm
dblume shares This ad reveals the real life Rukia Kuchiki. plurk
Jun 24 2010, 3:54pm
dblume suggests that Seattle can have their clouds and drizzle back. plurk
Jun 24 2010, 3:16am
dblume asks zannah about that awesome geek toy. The magnet balance illusion top thingy? What was it? plurk
Jun 23 2010, 11:11pm
dblume wonders why the flickr photostream changes direction in the new UI. I think older photos should be on the left. plurk
Jun 22 2010, 6:01pm
dblume shares The Archive. A great 7-minute documentary on the guy who owns the world's largest record collection. plurk
Jun 22 2010, 4:27pm
dblume loves these doodles. plurk
Jun 21 2010, 2:50am
dblume explains what I meant by, "She rolls brains." plurk
Jun 17 2010, 9:55pm
dblume shares The Difference A Pair of Glasses Can Make plurk
Jun 17 2010, 9:45pm
dblume says finally! The guy who menaced Kathy Sierra is arrested! plurk
Jun 16 2010, 10:11pm
dblume loves that Chuck Palahniuk wrote David Mack a fan letter. (Pictured at the back of Dream Logic.) plurk
Jun 16 2010, 3:34pm
dblume thought of zannah while listening to the Science Friday podcast on multitasking. plurk
Jun 14 2010, 5:10am
dblume had a really great lazy Sunday! plurk
Jun 13 2010, 4:48pm
dblume shares Esp. for EvilCouch: Winchester has an excellent condition Street Fighter II. plurk
Jun 13 2010, 5:01am
dblume shares Kids at the Winchester Mystery House. plurk
Jun 11 2010, 8:58pm
dblume shares Weighted Companion Cube plurk
Jun 11 2010, 9:51am
dblume is trying out a new icon. plurk
Jun 9 2010, 4:00pm
dblume shares 50 most frequently looked up words on the New York Times. plurk
Jun 8 2010, 5:00pm
dblume is a voter. Stupid Governor redirecting money last minute from schools to prison guards. Again. plurk
Jun 7 2010, 10:35pm
dblume says My wife already threatened me with the iPhone 4. plurk
Jun 6 2010, 4:58am
dblume says my wife almost chose Jake Gyllenhaal (in PoP mode) over Mark Wahlberg. plurk
Jun 4 2010, 5:54pm
dblume thinks if the Tetris plan doesn't work, we should call in Mario. plurk
Jun 4 2010, 5:10am
dblume just deleted all his "comments" tables at one of his blogs. Whoops! Gone! plurk
Jun 3 2010, 5:33pm
dblume is going to have to give KOKIA - Fate a good listen. plurk
Jun 3 2010, 5:07am
dblume has added a legend to his lifestream. plurk
Jun 2 2010, 10:53pm
dblume says when I'm cut off in traffic, I fake a rage fit, theatrically hitting the steering column and pretending to scream. plurk
Jun 2 2010, 10:44pm
dblume was dragged into a Hot Topic. We are each other's kryptonite. plurk
Jun 2 2010, 5:46pm
dblume is amazed at that deep sinkhole in Guatemala. plurk
Jun 1 2010, 6:39pm
dblume shares How Our Laws Are Made. plurk
Jun 1 2010, 12:19am
dblume says Note to self: Don't miss The Secret in Their Eyes. plurk
May 31 2010, 10:27pm
dblume has a wife who **loved** Prince of Persia. plurk
May 31 2010, 2:06am
dblume has an idea! plurk
May 31 2010, 1:54am
dblume says I bought a hoodie today. Even though it's almost June! plurk
May 30 2010, 8:38am
dblume shares My Attempt to copy a photo by davidd. plurk
May 29 2010, 9:27am
dblume is in a late night music exploring bout. plurk
May 28 2010, 3:54pm
dblume just became a Cory Doctorow fan. Loved his story of the World's Worst Gold Farmer. plurk
May 28 2010, 6:01am
dblume is on the other side of the sickest he's felt in a year. plurk
May 26 2010, 8:28pm
dblume shares Want. plurk
May 26 2010, 5:39pm
dblume says Hypnotoad has competition. plurk
May 24 2010, 10:37pm
dblume says Silly! Nurses don't need handguns for nurse work. plurk
May 24 2010, 10:08pm
dblume loves Soluto's icon, and their concept. Hope it works. plurk
May 22 2010, 11:45pm
dblume wonders how bad is it that I wanted to be the FourSquare mayor of the lake where we fished. There's no cell reception there. plurk
May 21 2010, 8:58pm
dblume just now noticed **two player** mode at Googles Pacman Tribute today. plurk
May 20 2010, 8:50pm
dblume shares Suicide Tips by Chuck Palahniuk. plurk
May 20 2010, 4:29pm
dblume shares Happy As A Clam plurk
May 17 2010, 4:33pm
dblume likes Sword of the Stranger's Battlestar Galactica style hand-held camera fight sequences. plurk
May 14 2010, 9:37pm
dblume added a little something to my wishlist. plurk
May 14 2010, 3:26pm
dblume says today is a well-deserved Pocky Friday. plurk
May 10 2010, 6:59pm
dblume shares giraffes necking. (And an Emperor Tamarin just above.) plurk
May 10 2010, 12:14am
dblume likes Tao of District 13: Ultimatum. Her braid blade is ridiculous. plurk
May 7 2010, 8:45am
dblume shares I finally explain why I like Ichi. plurk
May 6 2010, 6:09pm
dblume shares Sean Young's home video during the making of Dune plurk
May 6 2010, 6:08am
dblume wonders what it means that I actually put "Cooking by the Book" A Lil' Bigger Mix by Mastgrr in my MP3 collection? plurk
May 5 2010, 4:06pm
dblume was within stone-throwing distance of a Maido and a Kinokuniya, but went to English Tea with his wife instead. plurk
May 5 2010, 3:39am
dblume would be the mayor of so many places if only foursquare were working today. plurk
May 3 2010, 5:00am
dblume shares my dream about the six-limbed bats. plurk
May 3 2010, 4:14am
dblume is amused at the recent plurks of one of his friends who's (evidently) going through one of her manic phases. plurk
May 2 2010, 4:30am
dblume shares especially for zannah: My man Lex has given up Morning Musume for AKB48. plurk
May 1 2010, 8:44am
dblume shares Reclaim Your Attention. plurk
May 1 2010, 8:02am
dblume wonders if pastilla or davidd would love North Korean Film Madness as much as I did. plurk
Apr 30 2010, 9:24pm
dblume shares Earthquake Pool Tsunami near my hometown. plurk
Apr 30 2010, 4:47pm
dblume says CNN doesnt get the true impact of the Facebook "Like" button. plurk
Apr 30 2010, 4:25pm
dblume is amazed at how automatic and how complete the lifestream thing has become. It's like a diary. plurk
Apr 30 2010, 4:08pm
dblume couldn't possibly love Penny Arcade any more than he does. plurk
Apr 29 2010, 9:53pm
dblume can't even begin to explain how much Date Night hit home. plurk
Apr 28 2010, 3:54pm
dblume shares In Case of Emergency: Kill All plurk
Apr 27 2010, 8:51pm
dblume shares A Folded Pen video from Leigh Reyes. plurk
Apr 27 2010, 3:35pm
dblume loves the debunking of Steve Poizner as Teacher in Dangerous School in This American Life. All local. plurk
Apr 27 2010, 4:33am
dblume hopes ninjanuity never discovers Ive muted him. plurk
Apr 26 2010, 10:05pm
dblume is still bothered that people don't get the nuances of how twitter is subtly broken. plurk
Apr 26 2010, 9:17pm
dblume shares third comment down essentially says, "You're not supposed to know how things work." plurk
Apr 26 2010, 2:09am
dblume sings, "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, go, roku!" plurk
Apr 24 2010, 5:04am
dblume can torture his family with "Surfin' Bird". It's the answer to everything. plurk
Apr 23 2010, 5:13pm