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September 15th
7:27pm RT @Snowden: If you're an ExpressVPN customer, you shouldn't be. twitter
12:05pm RT @cmclymer: This is an absolutely perfect response from Gov. Gavin Newson to the results in CA tonight. It could not have been written bet… twitter
10:08am RT @AOC: Couldn’t agree more. Taxing the rich will help us expand Medicare, extend childcare, take action on climate, and so much more. We … twitter
8:43am This American Life: 747: Suitable for Children overcast
8:43am 99% Invisible: 458- Real Fake Bridges overcast
8:27am The Daily: Mexico’s Path to Legalizing Abortion overcast
September 14th
11:33am Planet Money: This Is Your Brain On Drug Ads overcast
11:17am The Daily: A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes overcast
10:50am Political Gabfest: 20 Years Since 9/11 overcast
September 13th
10:22am These are awesome! Click through (in incognito mode, as needed). Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2021 facebook
8:59am The Daily: Biden’s Bet on Vaccine Mandates overcast
September 12th
9:04pm My son and I are are bouldering at Planet Granite, and they start playing Bakemonogatari's theme "Renai Circulation". Aaron looks at me, and I'm making this ... facebook
1:04pm RT @shinypb: This is one of the best pieces of software engineering writing I’ve ever read: > If a problem calls for clever, okay, then … twitter
10:27am RT @ThePlumLineGS: This is ominous. I've compiled numerous examples of high-profile GOP candidates who are vowing to contest future losses a… twitter
9:52am RT @MansoorAdayfi: 1/8 20 years ago, I heard about 9/11 on the radio in Afghanistan. At 18, I couldn’t imagine buildings so tall or why some… twitter
9:52am RT @MollyJongFast: Every year I think about Brian David Sweeney’s message twitter
September 11th
6:37pm House of Prime Rib (a steakhouse) in San Francisco foursquare
2:43pm Only way to figure out what I forgot to fix and include in the release is to start all the production builds, I guess. twitter
11:20am RT @drvolts: The Biden admin. has steadily been doing mid-sized things like this that a) are good & improve the world, and b) are wildly… twitter
11:18am RT @SDonziger: Love this Tik Tok on @Chevron's unprecedented and illegal private prosecution of me. It has more than 200,000 views. Indepe… twitter
September 10th
4:50pm California Dept. of Technology released their Digital Vaccine Record code on GitHub. facebook
2:03pm The Daily: ‘We’re Going to Take Over the World’ overcast
8:44am The Overton Window has moved so much that I'm taking this as surprisingly great news and it makes my day. Yay, we get a delay before the par… twitter
7:01am The Scathing Atheist: 447: Little Praisers Edition overcast
6:50am @KalenXI @AventonBikes Appreciate the general advice: Checking Reddit and support forums too. twitter
September 9th
7:36pm @ThePlumLineGS @yacitus All this trouble over the filibuster when it'll be gone in two years after the Republicans regain the Senate. The fi… twitter
5:32pm RT @drvolts: Accusing your opponent of cheating & attempting to overthrow negative election results is become a baseline Republican stra… twitter
9:41am The Daily: ‘I’m Part of Something That’s Really Evil’ overcast
9:11am This American Life: 746: This Is Just Some Songs overcast
9:01am @prof_gabriele @yacitus It's not that we're bored. We're resigned that nothing will come of it. There will be no consequences of the attack,… twitter
September 8th
9:42pm RT @MuellerSheWrote: This is bullshit, Portland. This was your opportunity to rid the department of bad cops. Shame on you. twitter
1:14pm I know it doesn't match the four picture meme, but I would've just posted four pictures of Special Quesadillas anyway. They practically defi… twitter
1:12pm Work at Roku long enough, and ⟲ becomes less "Anticlockwise Gapped Circle Arrow" and more "Instant Replay button". twitter
12:20pm My local comic book store is closing for good today, after 19 years. End of an era. facebook
10:40am Using only food, where did you grow up? twitter
9:57am RT @michaelmina_lab: Dear @POTUS Biden, The US is at a critical point & we need greater access to faster tests Rapid tests are barely … twitter
9:33am 99% Invisible: 457- Model Organism overcast
9:07am The Daily: The Summer of Delta overcast
8:47am Every Little Thing: When Astronauts Come Home overcast
8:04am RT @neonepiphany: THERE IS NO "I" IN ASS STANCE twitter
September 7th
9:39pm RT @DanRather: It should go without saying that there can be no “both sides” for voting rights. Making it easier for more people to vote - a… twitter
9:54am The Daily: How Will the Taliban Rule This Time? overcast
9:19am RT @PeterHotez: This is simply not true. Vaccines for smallpox, later childhood vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, Hib (vaccines discover… twitter
9:15am RT @Sifill_LDF: This framing is so disappointing. “Red & blue states moving in opposite directions.” “Some tightening…some loosening.” N… twitter
September 6th
11:27pm RT @fromthebunkerjr: All. Of. This. twitter
11:19pm From Reddit: Anti-vaccine protestors marching outside a hospital in Texas, chanting "my body my choice". Guess how many are not pro-choice on another topic? facebook
3:52pm Boba Guys (a bubble tea shop) in San Francisco foursquare
11:27am Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
10:37am Philz HQ (an office) in San Francisco foursquare
September 5th
8:18pm This American Life: 746: This Is Just Some Songs overcast
7:48pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 838: Crowbar and a Foot - OnlyFans about-face, Tim Cook 10th anniversary, Elizabeth Holmes trial overcast
10:00am RT @chadloder: Reporters who describe these violent right-wing rallies as "anti-mask" or "anti-vaccine passports" — listen up. The alt-righ… twitter
9:59am RT @sciencemonkeyca: Prof Deonandan was asked by a student journalist what he would say to the 20% of polled uOttawa students who complain t… twitter
8:35am RT @paulscheer: I’m never as succinct or as eloquent as this. I’m glad someone else is… twitter
September 4th
10:35pm RT @DonLew87: George Carlin on Abortion. #Legend twitter
9:43pm RT @ChurchofSatan: Any discussion about what The Bible does or doesn’t condone is a distraction. The US is not a theocracy and religious t… twitter
4:57pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: Water Pressure overcast
1:52pm RT @johnpavlovitz: ‘The Easy, Selective Morality of the Pro-Life Movement’ twitter
September 3rd
1:57pm My passive-aggressiveness is dialed up to 11 and I don't know how to knock it back. I spend more time deleting words in messages than I do w… twitter
1:38pm Get the vaccine already. facebook
1:37pm RT @caseyliss: Give @WendyMolyneux all of the awards. This is fucking perfect. twitter
10:48am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 838: Crowbar and a Foot - OnlyFans about-face, Tim Cook 10th anniversary, Elizabeth Holmes trial overcast
10:39am Political Gabfest: $10,000 Bounty overcast
9:49am The Daily: How Texas Banned Almost All Abortions overcast
September 2nd
11:41pm Guess we're lucky that a flooding subway is way more view-worthy than the west drying up. Whatever it takes to cause action. twitter
4:46pm RT @codysimms: I'm a proud former @nytimes employee and a multi-decade subscriber. I admire their groundbreaking journalism on climate chang… twitter
12:08pm RT @sacca: What’s enraging and exhausting is: 1) How GOP extremists are actively working to make life worse for others. 2) How their actions… twitter
12:08pm RT @CharlesPPierce: Expand the Court. Do it tomorrow. Jesus Christ, a 5-4 majority said that the Texas law should stand because the three-ca… twitter
11:46am @briantylercohen As per the Supreme Court, money talks. Do you contribute more to political funds than fossil fuel industries? No? Then thos… twitter
10:20am The Scathing Atheist: 446: Vacated Edition overcast
9:47am Reply All: #178 I Am Not a Bot overcast
9:21am The Daily: New Orleans in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida overcast
9:02am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 6: Crypto & Commencement overcast
September 1st
11:02pm "The dark-store hustle has all the hallmarks of a long con. In a long con, the crook lets the mark win a little money at first, as a convincer. Then, having ... facebook
8:10pm This one. (And all the others.) Let the woman choose for herself. Yes it may be tragic. It's her tragic choice. twitter
5:47pm This American Life: 745: Getting Out overcast
3:03pm RT @MikeDrucker: REPUBLICANS: "Everything the Left does is like 1984!" ALSO REPUBLICANS: "Remember to watch your neighbors for illegal use … twitter
12:41pm The Daily: The Education Lost to the Pandemic overcast
9:58am RT @AndrewLSeidel: The Supreme Court has used the shadow docket to: 🚨overturn Roe v Wade 🚨reinstitute the cruel Remain in Mexico policy 🚨kil… twitter
8:03am RT @DanRather: It’s worth noting that many of the same people attacking the Biden Administration for leaving women’s rights behind in Afghan… twitter
August 31st
11:52am 99% Invisible: 456- Full Spectrum overcast
11:25am The Daily: America’s Final Hours in Afghanistan overcast
11:00am Every Little Thing: How Do Streets Get Named? overcast
August 30th
7:36pm RT @sethdarby: Me: I think I’ll open this kitchen drawer Potato masher: The fuck you will twitter
7:26pm Can't believe that the Democrat recommendation for who should be the replacement CA Governor is "let the Republicans choose". twitter
2:05pm RT @natehowe: Several years ago, a neighbor kid kicked a football and shattered a small basement window. We were a family of six living on a… twitter
12:57pm The Scathing Atheist: 445: Lemme Finish Edition overcast
12:33pm Planet Money: The Lost Archives of Sadie Alexander overcast
12:16pm The Daily: The Tale of California’s Recall Election overcast
11:36am RT @brianklaas: Looking at the news, it's clear that there are two emergencies facing the United States - Republican attempts to create Amer… twitter
11:12am NFTs are where you pay real money for an electronic receipt on a blockchain for a thing that's generally available for free. The blockchain itself costs a gr... facebook
8:30am Revisionist History: The Dog Will See You Now overcast
August 29th
12:39pm RT @DrAndrewThaler: In retrospect, hiding all the microchips in Horse Dewormer was a stroke of genius,. twitter
8:37am RT @HeerJeet: The whole ant-vaxxing thing really shows how much the USA right is a crazy scam. All the top guys (Trump, Abbott, Murdoch, Car… twitter
August 28th
7:14pm RT @paulkrugman: All maps of America look the same twitter
10:08am Pedro Summit (Pedro Point Overlook) (a scenic lookout) in Pacifica foursquare
August 27th
5:32pm RT @brianbeutler: Anyhow, it couldn’t be clearer that intentionally spreading Covid then blaming Biden for not ending Covid is a conscious (… twitter
2:24pm RT @ewarren: Here’s how the filibuster works, and why it’s got to go: twitter
10:56am @zannah God help anybody who suggests an odd number of chuggas. twitter
10:06am Political Gabfest: Back to School overcast
9:33am The Daily: The Bombings at the Kabul Airport overcast
9:14am Radiolab: The Unsilencing overcast
8:45am @zannah I think six hits that sweet spot. twitter
August 26th
5:30pm @KalenXI Why didn't it work out for you? twitter
11:44am RT @brianklaas: 3. This dynamic is crucial to understanding modern GOP politics, because Trump is gone but his authoritarianism now defines … twitter
10:48am RT @cfishman: Yesterday, a federal judge in Michigan did something extraordinary & important. Yes, she penalized Trump's election attor… twitter
9:44am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 5: Bubbles, Bikes, & Biases overcast
9:25am The Scathing Atheist: 444: Two Thirds of the Devil Edition overcast
9:24am The Daily: Biden’s Border Dilemma overcast
August 25th
3:32pm I expected to hear about this article, End of the Line for Uber, from @jwz. twitter
2:52pm RT @IvoHDaalder: There's a big fallacy behind the criticism of Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan--which is that the alternative … twitter
1:30pm Every Little Thing: ELT Presents: Not Past It overcast
1:09pm The Daily: The Race to Evacuate Kabul overcast
12:50pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: Will Remote Work Kill The Office? overcast
12:17pm Esp. for Lillian Blume, another Mandy Patinkin fan in our family. facebook
August 24th
7:06pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
3:12pm RT @BritishPodcast: The British History Podcast would like to remind you that you're descended from far more sex workers than aristocrats. … twitter
1:41pm Planet Money: Planet Money Summer School 4: Bonds & Becky With The Good Yield overcast
1:33pm Reply All: Introducing: Not Past It overcast
1:14pm The Daily: Why Mexico Is Suing U.S. Gunmakers overcast
12:56pm The Daily: Children and Covid: Your Questions, Answered overcast
10:25am Some of the puncturevine in California has purple flowers. Pretty but the goat head seeds aren't worth it. facebook
10:16am It's goat head seed season again. Sometimes plants have appropriate names. Puncturevine has goat head seeds which are hard thorny things tha… twitter
10:13am Attn: Bicycle riders: It's full-on goat head thorn season again. The seeds will ruin your tires. TIL the plant really is called "puncturevine". Perfect name. facebook
9:26am "I intend to destroy segregation by positive and embracing methods. When my brothers try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to incl... facebook
August 23rd
2:35pm Revisionist History: A Serious Game overcast
9:29am RT @drvolts: I have been shouting this from the f'ing rooftops. The Ds up there dithering on about Senate tradition & bipartisanship are… twitter
August 22nd
10:13pm RT @GeorgeTakei: “I don’t trust what they put in the vaccine so I’m gonna ingest livestock dewormer” is so 2021. twitter
9:46pm @TiredMoa @GayestTiefling Sorry to go off-topic, but how is every line Mike Mignola draws magic? Individually, doesn't seem like they *shoul… twitter
6:00pm HiroNori Craft Ramen (a ramen restaurant) in Santa Clara foursquare
2:00pm Radiolab: Everybody’s Got One overcast
1:37pm Political Gabfest: Tragedy of Afghanistan overcast
August 21st
9:10pm RT @BeauWillimon: Let’s get something straight: Capitalism & Socialism are economic systems. Authoritarianism & Democracy are poli… twitter
6:42pm RT @NlGROTORO: Men pick up a few games, movies and songs they liked when they were 15-25 and then don’t consume any other new media ever aga… twitter
4:34pm The Daily: Why Apple Is About To Search Your Files overcast
4:06pm The Scathing Atheist: 443: Prayed Off Edition overcast
9:12am So much this! Some sites make it more actions to Log In than to Sign Up. Why would they make it harder to remain a member than to become a m… twitter
August 20th
9:18pm @tasshinfogleman @diviacaroline If you're reading Anathem on Kindle, did you notice the .mobi glossary mentioned in the small print at the b… twitter
2:49pm RT @evacide: If you build a surveillance machine, governments and law enforcement will demand the data. twitter
2:46pm RT @thegallowboob: cutting bell peppers and adding googly eyes is bound to heal your soul a little, give it a try twitter
August 19th
6:40pm RT @DanPriceSeattle: Can someone explain why the Military budget for next year is going up $38 billion when we just ended the war?? We kick… twitter
6:30pm RT @balajis: It is absolutely critical to fight Apple's attempt to surveil one billion people in the name of a higher cause.… twitter
5:01pm Thai District (a thai restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
9:44am TIL an early Christian ἸΧΘΥΣ symbol was a clever superimposition of all the letters, sorta like how the peace symbol is a super-imposition of the flag semaph... facebook
9:15am Kung Fu Cooking Girls, direction and character design by Jin-Roh ("Werewolf") facebook
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