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February 27th
1:55pm Sometimes the Unix timestamp ends with 000000 when the local time is 00:00:00 (midnight). And they stay in sync for a minute! Partay! In California, we gonna party for a full minute on midnight mor... mastodon
12:53pm The Daily: The Voters Willing to Abandon Biden Over Gaza overcast
7:43am General Python Notes - [Linux script that takes either stdin or files] dokuwiki
7:38am 99% Invisible: The Power Broker #2: Jamelle Bouie overcast
February 26th
10:58am The Daily: The Alabama Ruling That Could Stop Families From Having Kids overcast
February 25th
10:33am Montclair Egg Shop (a breakfast spot) in Oakland foursquare
February 24th
6:47pm Pho Hà Noi (a vietnamese restaurant) in Cupertino foursquare
12:44pm The Scathing Atheist: 575: Hovering Jesus Rules Edition overcast
12:18pm Search Engine: Where did all the roaches go? overcast
February 23rd
4:30pm The Daily: Trump’s Cash Crunch overcast
4:10pm Political Gabfest: Can Putin Be Stopped? overcast
February 22nd
6:20pm The Daily: Putin’s Opposition Ponders a Future Without Aleksei Navalny overcast
8:20am Political Gabfest: Well-Meaning, Elderly Man With A Poor Memory overcast
12:39am Heh. I made a JSON-to-CSV converter script #!/usr/bin/jq -rf # (clever jq code from StackOverflow) only to learn I never needed it.'s VisiData already imported my JSON just fi... mastodon
February 21st
4:08pm Political Gabfest: Well-Meaning, Elderly Man With A Poor Memory overcast
12:58pm The Daily: What Happens if America Turns Its Back on Its Allies in Europe overcast
9:56am Really enjoyed this @404mediaco article on the emergence of AI-generated fake recipes with fake images. This is just the beginning. mastodon
February 20th
6:01pm The Daily: Stranded in Rafah as an Israeli Invasion Looms overcast
February 19th
10:56am The MIT AI Lab PDP-10 had a switch with "Magic" and "More Magic" modes? That reminds me that `vim` also has Magic and Very Magic regex modes. mastodon
6:31am bash-stdin-or-filename - Moving because now have stdin and stdout sections dokuwiki
6:29am Bash Script Stdin and Stdout - created dokuwiki
February 18th
9:49pm San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) (an international airport) in San Jose foursquare
3:57pm Hakata Ikkousha (a ramen restaurant) in Costa Mesa foursquare
3:22pm North Lake (a lake) in Irvine foursquare
1:47pm The Lost Bean (a coffee shop) in Irvine foursquare
11:42am Blue Bowl (a smoothie shop) in Irvine foursquare
11:23am Aldrich Park (a college quad) in Irvine foursquare
9:34am 99% Invisible: 570- The White Castle System of Eating Houses overcast
February 17th
3:08pm Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee (a donut shop) in Costa Mesa foursquare
1:36pm Santa Monica Seafood (a fish market) in Costa Mesa foursquare
11:38am Little Corona Beach (a beach) in Corona del Mar foursquare
9:49am Mariner's Farmers Market (a fruit and vegetable store) in Irvine foursquare
February 16th
6:19pm Cocohodo (a bakery) in Irvine foursquare
5:13pm Hako (a sushi restaurant) in Irvine foursquare
2:08pm Yakult USA Factory (an office) in Fountain Valley foursquare
12:04pm Movement Fountain Valley (a climbing gym) in Fountain Valley foursquare
10:43am The Lost Bean (a coffee shop) in Costa Mesa foursquare
February 15th
7:10pm Sanukiseimen Mugimaru (a noodle restaurant) in Costa Mesa foursquare
4:18pm Orange County Museum of Art (an art museum) in Costa Mesa foursquare
2:27pm Cream Pan (a bakery) in Fountain Valley foursquare
1:04pm Pickle Banh Mi Co. (a vietnamese restaurant) in Fountain Valley foursquare
5:53am San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) (an international airport) in San Jose foursquare
February 14th
5:40pm The Daily: The Biden Problem Democrats Can No Longer Ignore overcast
6:35am Fresh Air: The Surprisingly Lax Regulation Of Our Railroads overcast
February 13th
2:40pm Nice to see that @pluralistic 's "enshittification" has made it. @danhon made a handy reply guidance banner, "Do not reply to teach me about capitalism or enshittification. I know.&q... mastodon
2:29pm Mechanical Keyboard dokuwiki
12:36pm Fresh Air: Emma Stone overcast
12:20pm The Daily: Why the Race to Replace George Santos Is So Close overcast
February 12th
3:52pm To all my Imperial Valley peeps, don't worry! The Tsunami Warning has been called off. 🤣 (Edit, there's no Tweet preview? The tweet's from the National Weath... facebook
2:52pm The Daily: Why Boeing’s Top Airplanes Keep Failing overcast
2:52pm Planet Money: A lawsuit for your broken heart overcast
1:03pm Planet Money: Morally questionable, economically efficient overcast
11:59am So the experiment has run its course. I respect that the maintainers knew that the name could eventually fund the Taliban and knew the other associated risks. So it goes with a few TLDs, .... mastodon
February 11th
12:36pm Radiolab: Cheating Death overcast
10:05am Happy Superb Owl Sunday VIII, esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
February 10th
4:49pm Ted Pederson may appreciate. facebook
4:20pm Search Engine: What are we gonna do about all these cats? overcast
3:10pm Poofy white clouds with a clear blue sky instagram
11:25am 49ers Team Store (a sporting goods retail) in Santa Clara foursquare
February 9th
4:04pm The Daily: Kick Trump Off the Ballot? Even Liberal Justices Are Skeptical overcast
3:37pm The Scathing Atheist: 573: Swifty Boat Edition overcast
February 8th
6:27pm Political Gabfest: Congress Can’t Aid, Can’t Arm, Can’t Legislate, Can’t Impeach overcast
3:12pm The Daily: A Guilty Verdict For a Mass Shooter’s Mother overcast
8:11am 99% Invisible: 569- Between the Blocks overcast
February 7th
9:37am @Claire @b0rk As an example, I saw Julia's reply (or accidental post?) to @gvwilson about awesome sqlite examples in my feed reader. But I don't and never have followed Greg. The post was available... mastodon
8:33am The Daily: El Salvador Decimated Gangs. But at What Cost? overcast
8:06am Fresh Air: Unpacking The Immigration Crisis overcast
5:02am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
February 6th
9:57pm Oops! That was supposed to be my favorite git config option in reply to @b0rk 's thread mastodon
9:12am The Daily: The U.N. Scandal Threatening Crucial Aid to Gaza overcast
8:33am [merge] conflictstyle = diff3 mastodon
February 5th
2:42pm Fresh Air: The Birth Of Psychedelic Science overcast
2:16pm Radiolab: Breaking Newsve About Zoozve overcast
2:08pm The Daily: The 1948 Economic Moment That Might Explain Our Own overcast
1:48pm Radiolab: G: Relative Genius overcast
February 4th
12:28pm Search Engine: How do you survive fame? overcast
9:27am @Em0nM4stodon How to choose‽ Based on the number of commits and size of my dotfiles, I have to go with #vim. .vimrc has gotten the most love and attention. mastodon
February 3rd
10:11pm You know, as I was reading a book, and I was hoping that Amazon wasn't wasting CPU and bandwidth as they notify everyone about it. As one does. As our forefathers did. (Turns out Amazon's bug was t... mastodon
10:07pm @JetForMe That's good! Is it yours? mastodon
8:01pm GoodReads' HTTP Conditional GET is broken. We get 304s ("Not Modified") I updated a book today. GET works: $ curl -s " mastodon
1:34pm Planet Money: Groundhog Day 2024: Trademark, bankruptcy, and the dollar that failed overcast
February 2nd
4:38pm Political Gabfest: Will The Carroll Verdict Hurt Trump? overcast
4:11pm Milpitas Library (a library) in Milpitas foursquare
4:08pm The Daily: On the Ballot in South Carolina: Biden’s Pitch to Black Voters overcast
3:47pm The Scathing Atheist: 572: Dry Aged Roast Edition overcast
February 1st
3:30pm Bash Script Stdin or Filename dokuwiki
8:56am The Daily: Secure the Border, Say Republicans. So Why Are They Killing a Plan to Do That? overcast
8:55am Planet Money: The Chicken Tax (Classic) overcast
8:23am @404mediaco @keyoxide For example, here's verifiable cryptographic proof of things that are mine on the web. And if you're wondering if something else is mine, then encrypt a message to me (with my... mastodon
8:20am Reading @404mediaco 's "Fake Bill Ackman and Jim Cramer Instagram Ads are Trying to Take My Money" about how Meta hosts obviously scam ads that link to others' CRD numbers as "proof ... mastodon
January 31st
5:58pm The Daily: Is the Future of Medicine Hidden in Ancient DNA? overcast
8:42am 99% Invisible: 568- Don’t Forget to Remember overcast
January 30th
9:35pm Planet Money: Bonus: Janet Yellen on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! overcast
2:37pm The Daily: Trump’s Voters vs. Haley’s Donors overcast
8:32am Radiolab: Zoozve overcast
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