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December 5th
6:01pm Fresh Air: The Gutting Of The Voting Rights Act overcast
1:12pm Revisionist History: A New Day at the Races overcast
8:22am The Daily: The Blurry Line Between Rap Star and Crime Boss overcast
December 4th
3:05pm Check your air filters. Test your alarms. Consider bumping your bcrypt.gensalt() work factor... (Yes, I have production code that is so old I may have to bump my bcrypt work factor.) #cryptography ... mastodon
12:25pm Radiolab: Boy Man overcast
11:46am The Daily: The Oct. 7 Warning That Israel Ignored overcast
11:01am The Daily: Sunday Special: Elon Musk at ‘DealBook’ overcast
December 3rd
9:32pm I'm just starting Spider-Man Across the Spider-verse, and this team could do Elektra: Assassin justice. #comics #movies #billsienkiewicz mastodon
12:30pm Search Engine: Who should be in charge of AI? overcast
7:56am Coffee - Added UCC Coffee with milk dokuwiki
7:55am @integerpoet I get curious about what your prompts (and process) might've been. mastodon
7:54am coffee:ucc_coffee.png - created dokuwiki
2:08am Shirt Size dokuwiki
December 2nd
4:25pm Planet Money: Why are we so bummed about the economy? overcast
4:08pm The Scathing Atheist: 563: Welcome Matt Edition overcast
6:43am Linux - Add tip for fixing Google Chrome losing passwords dokuwiki
December 1st
7:47pm The Masonic (a concert hall) in San Francisco foursquare
1:55pm The Daily: Should You Rent or Buy? The New Math. overcast
1:41pm Political Gabfest: Why Does Everyone Hate Bidenomics? overcast
12:55pm dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 16th Annual Space Telescope Advent Calendar! (Esp. for pastilla ) plurk
November 30th
5:47pm The Daily: The Bad Vibes Around a Good Economy overcast
8:11am Fresh Air: Comic Leslie Jones overcast
12:03am Looks like the upgrade to PHP 8.3 is going to be way easier than the upgrade to 8.2 was. mastodon
November 29th
6:12pm 99% Invisible: 344- The Known Unknown [rebroadcast] overcast
6:12pm Planet Money: So you want to sell marijuana across state lines overcast
3:48pm The Daily: Ending Roe Was Supposed to Reduce Abortions. It Didn’t. overcast
November 28th
8:10pm @JetForMe I've got some code up there. mastodon
7:41pm The Advent of Code sounds like fun. mastodon
6:17pm Fresh Air: Comic Leslie Jones overcast
5:57pm Radiolab: Shrink overcast
1:58pm The Daily: Israel and Hamas’s Fragile Cease-Fire overcast
8:15am Radiolab: The Interstitium overcast
November 27th
3:05pm Just remembered that time I submitted my website to Yahoo for inclusion in their hand-curated directory. #old mastodon
12:13pm The Daily: Botox, Hermès and OnlyFans: Why This May Be George Santos’s Last Week in Congress overcast
8:17am @JetForMe Aww, that's disappointing. You'd think they'd understand the value of the improved visibility the variety of colors can provide. mastodon
November 26th
4:09pm Revisionist History: This Is Your Captain Speaking overcast
3:35pm The Scathing Atheist: 562: Dos and Don’ts Edition overcast
November 25th
1:51pm Political Gabfest: Is Polling Broken? overcast
12:17pm "These Les Mis LARPers rigged the price of bread!" It's quotes like this that keep me reading Cory Doctorow. @pluralistic mastodon
November 24th
11:23am The Daily: ‘Hard Fork’: An Interview With Sam Altman overcast
10:43am Planet Money: A very Planet Money Thanksgiving overcast
November 23rd
10:31pm Nice to read about competent governance in action. "The FTC has Big Pharma's number." The FTC asks the FDA to intervene to prevent Orange Book stuffing becau... facebook
2:03pm Which team are you? (I have a hard time choosing AG Systems, Piranha or Goteki 45) facebook
1:10pm 99% Invisible: 561- Long Strange Tape overcast
12:45pm The Daily: Thanksgiving With ‘The Run-Up’: Are Black Voters Leaving Democrats Behind? overcast
12:29pm The Daily: Inside the Coup at OpenAI overcast
10:28am Uncle John’s Pancake House (an american restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
November 21st
5:46pm Revisionist History: Generative AI: Its Rise and Potential for Society overcast
5:24pm Planet Money: Economic fact in literary fiction overcast
12:50pm Planet Money: China’s real estate crisis, explained overcast
12:34pm The Daily: A Reporter’s Journey Into Gaza overcast
November 20th
12:01pm 99% Invisible: 560- Home on the Range overcast
11:35am The Daily: The New Speaker Avoided a Shutdown. Can He Avoid Being Ousted? overcast
10:24am "It is worth noting that many of the people predicting an AI-powered doomsday are also the people funding, developing, and raising money for new AI capabilities." from @404mediaco's http... mastodon
November 19th
4:17pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Watership Down Gets the Graphic Novel Treatment overcast
3:54pm Search Engine: Why don’t we eat people? overcast
November 17th
4:16pm The Daily: Two Superpowers Walk Into a Garden overcast
November 16th
6:15pm Political Gabfest: You’ll Miss Joe Manchin overcast
12:20pm The Kids of Rutherford County: Episode 4: Dedicated Public Servants overcast
8:32am The Daily: Biden’s Electric Car Problem overcast
November 15th
6:04pm The Daily: A Strategy to Treat Big Tech Like Big Tobacco overcast
3:59pm The Kids of Rutherford County: Episode 3: Would You Like to Sue the Government? overcast
2:23pm Most of the time, my IDE is stacks of tunnels. I usually choose two or three of these: *ssh*: a text-only connection to a remote target machine *tmux*: looking throw panes and windows on that ssh l... mastodon
November 14th
5:55pm The Kids of Rutherford County: Episode 2: What the Hell Are You People Doing? overcast
2:09pm The Daily: Hamas’s Bloody Arithmetic overcast
9:02am Fresh Air: Best Of: Werner Herzog / Greta Lee overcast
November 13th
12:09pm The Daily: The Doctors of Gaza overcast
12:09pm Radiolab: Funky Hand Jive overcast
November 12th
3:47pm Planet Money: The alleged theft at the heart of ChatGPT overcast
3:33pm The Daily: From Serial: ‘The Kids of Rutherford County’ overcast
3:12pm Linux dokuwiki
4:56am Linux - [Terminal Configuration] dokuwiki
November 11th
12:23pm Search Engine: The Bull of Wall Street overcast
10:29am Another good read by Cory Doctorow @pluralistic : "Jezebel's owner's top-exec is bent on ending reality-based coverage in favor of 'letting robots shit out brand safe AI-assisted articles abou... mastodon
7:29am Linux - [Configuration] Add xprop tip for future use dokuwiki
November 10th
7:05pm I have a note to self to "Get rid of test code generating vim" I have no idea what I meant. @zannah might appreciate the sentiment. #code #todo mastodon
3:24pm Linux - [Configuration] dokuwiki
2:22pm The Daily: What Adidas Knew About Kanye overcast
2:22pm Political Gabfest: Was That A Great Or Terrible Night For Biden? overcast
9:49am @integerpoet You'd think, right? But even after this election, I fear identity politics will overcome reason for the next one. mastodon
November 9th
12:49pm Fresh Air: Sofia Coppola On ‘Priscilla’ overcast
12:22pm Planet Money: Never have I ever overcast
12:17pm The Daily: The Supreme Court Tests Its Own Limits on Guns overcast
5:36am Linux - [Configuration] dokuwiki
November 8th
5:56pm Radiolab: Toy Soldiers overcast
12:34pm 99% Invisible: 559- The Six-Week Cure overcast
8:31am The Daily: The Trumps Take the Stand overcast
November 7th
10:04pm Minor hand injury @JetForMe Tell us the story! What did you do? What's the prognosis? Is that a stitches situation? You up to date on your shots? Did you drive yourself to the hospital like that? D... mastodon
6:24pm Revisionist History: The Bear Was Poked With Maria Konnikova overcast
4:01pm Linux - [Configuration] dokuwiki
2:54pm Linux dokuwiki
2:27pm Linux dokuwiki
12:46pm Revisionist History: Oil and Blood: The Osage Murders from Cautionary Tales overcast
9:01am The Daily: The Growing Republican Battle Over War Funding overcast
8:37am Linux dokuwiki
12:23am Linux dokuwiki
November 6th
3:02pm Linux - [Configuration] dokuwiki
2:08pm Linux dokuwiki
11:47am Search Engine: Why’d I take speed for twenty years? (Part 2) overcast
11:14am The Daily: Swing State Voters Are Souring on Biden overcast
November 5th
10:08pm Note to self: The Scathing Atheist crew loves playing Codenames and Codenames: Pictures. And I should try Dave the Diver sometime. #games mastodon
3:55pm Linux dokuwiki
3:14pm Linux dokuwiki
1:08pm Political Gabfest: Could Nikki Haley Actually Win? overcast
12:43pm ultraedit - removed dokuwiki
November 3rd
5:10pm Another great explainer by Cory Doctorow on *why* the Right is selling the idea that Social Security is being gobbled up by the old and rich right now, leavi... facebook
3:40pm Planet Money: FTC Chair Lina Khan on Antitrust in the age of Amazon overcast
3:15pm The Daily: 1948 overcast
12:50pm Planet Money: Antitrust in America (classic) overcast
9:12am Linux dokuwiki
7:17am Linux dokuwiki
November 2nd
6:23pm The Scathing Atheist: 559: Commedia dell’Hearte Edition overcast
8:18am The Daily: The Many Missed Warnings Before Maine’s Mass Shooting overcast
8:00am 99% Invisible: 558- The Fever Tree Hunt overcast
November 1st
5:31pm The Daily: Lessons From an Unending Conflict overcast
7:49am Revisionist History: Unlocking Hidden Potential with Adam Grant overcast
October 31st
1:38pm Radiolab: Border Trilogy Part 3: What Remains overcast
1:21pm Search Engine: Why’d I take speed for twenty years? overcast
8:32am The Daily: A Historic Strike (And Win) For Auto Workers overcast
October 30th
12:21pm The Daily: Israel’s Invasion Begins overcast
12:04pm Search Engine: Otherworld x Search Engine overcast
October 29th
10:37am @jwz I get Dave McKean (Sandman artist) vibes from the visuals. mastodon
October 28th
6:06pm Planet Money: All you can eat economics overcast
5:01pm Search Engine: Is there a sane way to use the internet? overcast
11:58am dblume says pastilla , thought of you when I saw the photo near the bottom ofThe crap I Will Take to the Antiques Roadshow | The ... plurk
10:57am @JetForMe I just discovered him today (via front page of reddit), and I'm captivated. mastodon
10:54am I just discovered Neil Kohney's "The Other End", and this comic is deeply profound. #comics #life #serenity mastodon
10:33am The tale of Bog-Thing, in Neil Kohney's The Other End. #comics #preservation mastodon
9:56am This comic, Juicy caboose-y, is a fever-dream and I am compelled to share it. facebook
8:59am @JetForMe If you'd used LLMDB you could've used a more concise declarative format: "dump the interesting area in a relevant way" 😂 It's like pair programming. mastodon
October 27th
5:07pm General Python Notes dokuwiki
3:26pm The Daily: A New Threat: Surprise Hurricanes overcast
October 26th
6:04pm The Daily: Introducing ‘The War Briefing’ overcast
5:51pm The Scathing Atheist: 558: Precognitive Edition overcast
8:32am The Daily: The House Finally Has a Speaker overcast
October 25th
5:47pm Fresh Air: Mitt Romney’s Reckoning overcast
1:03pm Fresh Air: ‘Killers Of The Flower Moon’ Author David Grann overcast
1:01pm 99% Invisible: 557- Model Village overcast
8:34am The Daily: Why Israel Is Delaying the Ground Invasion overcast
October 24th
12:51pm Fresh Air: What’s Next For The Group That Overturned ‘Roe’? overcast
9:09am The Daily: The Lawyers Now Turning on Trump overcast
October 23rd
10:19pm This is why I pre-ordered Doctorow's "The Lost Cause". It's hopeful. facebook
11:49am Radiolab: Border Trilogy Part 2: Hold the Line overcast
11:43am Revisionist History: Silicon Valley on the Couch overcast
11:19am The Daily: The Problem With a $2 Trillion Deficit overcast
October 22nd
10:58pm The Whitest Kids U' Know: Dinosaur Rap (I'll repost this as many times as I need to.) facebook
9:15pm Lillian Blume, Elizabeth Der, I'd heard about this a while back. I didn't realize it performed its finale a few years ago. Anyway, it's art that hits home. facebook
12:43pm Serial: The Kids of Rutherford County - Trailer overcast
12:25pm Planet Money: How unions are stopped before they start overcast
October 21st
2:13pm Salesforce Park (a park) in San Francisco foursquare
10:54am Harborview Restaurant and Bar (a cantonese restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
October 20th
3:50pm Political Gabfest: Still No House Speaker overcast
3:20pm The Daily: Hamas Took Her Son overcast
10:27am I love Cory Doctorow's subtle little reminders like "The basis for this is a racist hoax called 'The Tragedy Of the Commons,' written by the eugenicist white... facebook
October 19th
6:05pm The Scathing Atheist: 557: Sinking Our Heath Into It Edition overcast
12:07pm The Daily: A Texas Town Wanted Tougher Border Security. Now It’s Having Regrets. overcast
October 18th
10:33pm My software programmer peeps: Things in the universe are lazy-loaded. "...objects are not only influenced by their surroundings, they may lack distinct prope... facebook
10:24pm @JetForMe I think it's awesome. Keep it up. mastodon
9:24pm Search Engine: Heavyweight x Search Engine overcast
7:20pm @tommyyum Are objects in the universe lazy loaded? That seems fine, we've been doing that for years. #code #computerscience #algorithms mastodon
6:08pm Planet Money: Indicator exploder: jobs and inflation overcast
5:55pm Search Engine: The Fond Du Lac Apartment Mystery overcast
12:29pm Search Engine: Where did the 8 billion dollars go? overcast
8:37am The Daily: The Diplomatic Scramble to Contain the Israel-Hamas War overcast
October 17th
1:50pm Search Engine: Why are we still buying diamonds? overcast
8:57am The Daily: The Arm-Twisting, Back-Stabbing Battle for House Speaker overcast
8:40am @nixCraft If you're going to use your history, then curate it by removing dupes. #unix #linux #bash mastodon
7:54am Nathan Yau made a heatmap of how the Most Common Causes of Death, by Age, has changed over the last few decades. #data #datavi... mastodon
7:52am Nathan Yau made a heatmap of how the Most Common Causes of Death, by Age, has changed over the last few decades. facebook
October 16th
4:45pm Search Engine: Why’s it so hard to figure out how many people watch Stranger Things? overcast
1:43pm Search Engine: Does anyone actually like their job? overcast
9:11am A great post by Cory Doctorow, "A Major Defeat For Technofeudalism" wrapping up the loss of the means-plus-function patent by Landmark for things like having... facebook
October 15th
12:02pm Search Engine: Why are drug dealers putting fentanyl in everything? (Part 2) overcast
October 14th
2:12pm Search Engine: Why can’t we just turn the empty offices into apartments? overcast
11:34am Planet Money: Maria Bamford gets personal (about) finance overcast
11:14am Search Engine: What’s going on with Elon Musk? overcast
9:39am Everyone is Digital, by The Motorleague facebook
October 13th
3:23pm These two. Just look at them. We're lucky reality could withstand their combined greatness in such close proximity. facebook
1:50pm The Daily: Golan’s Story overcast
October 12th
6:23pm Political Gabfest: Gaza War overcast
12:23pm The Daily: The Spoiler Threat of R.F.K. Jr. overcast
8:26am @pluralistic Can you make Amazon X-Ray files for those who read your ebooks on Amazon devices? #books #ebooks mastodon
October 11th
6:18pm Search Engine: How do I find new music now that I’m old and irrelevant? overcast
5:52pm 99% Invisible: 556- You Ain’t Nothin But a Postmark overcast
8:03am The Daily: Israel’s Plan to Destroy Hamas overcast
October 10th
3:44pm Search Engine: Wait, should I not be drinking airplane coffee? overcast
12:43pm Search Engine: How sad are the monkeys in the zoo? overcast
9:01am The Daily: The New Supreme Court Cases to Watch overcast
October 9th
11:48am Revisionist History: Guns Part 6: “Sin is the failure to bother to care” overcast
11:12am Search Engine: 09 The End overcast
11:10am The Daily: War in Israel overcast
October 8th
8:52pm Acoustic Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins. Check out young Billy Corgan! facebook
8:40pm Sometimes I get sad that my kids will never have played Guitar Hero or Rock Band (or even Taiko: Drum Master) with friends. I'm sure they'll do other wonderful stuff, but that was a nice moment in ... mastodon
1:15pm Planet Money: A man, a plan, wind power, Uruguay overcast
12:59pm Radiolab: The Secret to a Long Life overcast
October 7th
2:00pm Kajiken 歌志軒 (a ramen restaurant) in San Mateo foursquare
12:26pm Today I learned the voyaging couple in the music video for The Smashing Pumpkins' “Tonight, Tonight” were (still are!) married in real life, and went on to b... facebook
October 6th
10:35am Lillian Blume, can I share this with our son? 😂 facebook
9:43am The Daily: Chaos or Conscience? A Republican Explains His Vote to Oust McCarthy. overcast
October 5th
11:35pm An interview with one of my favorite writers, Ed Brubaker. facebook
6:40pm Political Gabfest: We Need to Talk About Kevin…McCarthy overcast
12:12pm Planet Money: The flight attendants of CHAOS overcast
12:06pm The Daily: The Mosquitoes Are Winning overcast
October 4th
5:35pm 99% Invisible: 555- The Big Dig overcast
8:28am The Daily: The Ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy overcast
October 3rd
6:36pm Search Engine: 08 The Kidnapping of Ape #8398 overcast
9:16am The Daily: Sam Bankman-Fried Goes on Trial overcast
October 2nd
1:36pm Search Engine: 07 The Drug Trader overcast
1:16pm Search Engine: 06 The Lunatic Who Crashed Crypto overcast
1:06pm The Daily: Amazon’s Most Beloved Features May Turn Out to Be Illegal overcast
October 1st
3:05pm Search Engine: 05 Genesis overcast
11:29am Search Engine: 04 The Skeptic overcast
9:41am PC - [GHub Configuration] dokuwiki
September 30th
1:52pm Radiolab: Poison Control overcast
1:47pm Revisionist History: Guns Part 5: The Footnote overcast
1:15pm Political Gabfest: Donald Duck and the Seven Dwarves overcast
12:57pm Click through and read the "DISPATCH FROM THE CYBERPUNK CITY" manifesto in the tiny box by @jwz, of Mozilla, XScreenSaver and DNA Lounge fame. It describes today. It's worth it. https://w... mastodon
12:53pm Click through and read the "DISPATCH FROM THE CYBERPUNK CITY" manifesto in the tiny box by JWZ, of Mozilla, XScreenSaver and DNA Lounge fame. It's worth it. facebook
September 29th
3:26pm Planet Money: A trucker hat mystery, the curse of September and other listener questions overcast
3:07pm The Daily: Why the Government is About to Shut Down overcast
September 28th
6:26pm Political Gabfest: Donald Duck and the Seven Dwarves overcast
12:14pm Search Engine: 02 ConstitutionDAO overcast
10:30am @integerpoet I'm dreading that there's going to be so many more of these. I'm "dyslexic" in that way - where I write words that aren't what I meant, but are sorta plausible. I'd be that h... mastodon
8:36am The Daily: The Presidential Politics of the Autoworkers’ Strike overcast
September 27th
6:54pm Search Engine: 01 Welcome to Crypto Island overcast
5:48pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 946: AI is Number Two - iPhone 15 hands on, Amazon hardware event, Instacart IPO, Unity blinks overcast
5:43pm Planet Money: The natural disaster economist overcast
5:25pm 99% Invisible: 554- Devil in the Details overcast
8:22am The Daily: Did Hollywood Writers Get Their Happy Ending? overcast
September 26th
6:39pm Planet Money: A black market, a currency crisis, and a tango competition in Argentina overcast
2:16pm I feel like I'm the only one at work who likes git trailers (key:value pairs at the end of commit messages). I have to fight our tool which automatically adds non-trailer lines to the end of commit... mastodon
9:03am Reply All: Search Engine with PJ Vogt overcast
8:55am The Daily: Gold Bars, Wads of Cash and a Senator’s Indictment overcast
September 25th
5:11pm To procrastinate? Or if my boss is looking, I'll pococurate. #haiku #wotd mastodon
2:22pm Favorite Reddit comment of the week, on Taylor Swift asking people to register to vote: "I don't exactly cherish the idea of a pop star saving the world from a game show host, but at this poin... mastodon
12:54pm Revisionist History: Guns Part 4: Moral Hazard overcast
12:19pm Radiolab: Smog Cloud Silver Lining overcast
10:39am Winners of the 2023 Astronomy Photographer of the Year (Worth clicking through.) facebook
9:17am The Daily: An Unexpected Battle Over Banning Caste Discrimination overcast
8:20am Planet Money: “Based on a true story” overcast
September 24th
1:58pm Political Gabfest: Who’s Winning The Autoworkers Strike? overcast
11:23am The Scathing Atheist: 553: Yes We CAN Edition overcast
September 23rd
3:22pm Long Beach Airport (LGB) (an airport) in Long Beach foursquare
10:08am Cream Pan Bakery & Cafe (a bakery) in Tustin foursquare
September 22nd
9:43pm The Office for the Preservation of Normalcy. Numbers Station for Alan Henry, few others like Nomenclature Opsec for Hiromi Cota (h/t JWZ) facebook
5:50pm Hako (a sushi restaurant) in Irvine foursquare
September 21st
8:20pm North Italia (an italian restaurant) in Irvine foursquare
September 20th
5:34pm 99% Invisible: 553- Cautionary Tales of the Sydney Opera House overcast
1:54pm Winners of Ocean Photographer of the Year 2023 facebook
1:32pm San Jose Airport (SJC) to Roku - [Longterm Parking in Roku Lot] dokuwiki
9:08am The Daily: Is College Worth It? overcast
September 19th
5:47pm The Daily: Inside Ukraine’s Drone Attacks on Russia overcast
8:01am "Our bosses have alarming, persistent, rock-hard erections for firing our asses and replacing us with shell-scripts." -- Cory Doctorow's "How to Think about ... facebook
September 18th
9:53am Planet Money: How to launder $600 million on the internet overcast
9:40am Planet Money: China’s weakening economy in two Indicators overcast
9:36am The Daily: The Ozempic Era of Weight Loss overcast
September 17th
3:28pm Polar Bear Ice Cream (an ice cream parlor) in Capitola foursquare
1:34pm Margaritaville (a mexican restaurant) in Capitola foursquare
12:39pm Handcar Tours (a tour provider) in Marina foursquare
11:50am Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail (a hiking trail) in Monterey foursquare
September 16th
11:15pm 10 Drum Intros That Go Hard For No Reason (Bucket Drum Edition) youtube_favorites
12:10pm Revisionist History: Guns Part 3: A Shooting Lesson overcast
September 15th
11:48pm Tonight, I have Regrettes. facebook
2:39pm The Daily: The Republican Attempt to Impeach President Biden overcast
September 14th
10:37pm @mafe Apparently vim has six modes, but I only use three regularly. My IDE is tmux+vim+entr, for pretty much everything. Would love to get into go and rust soon. What're you coding? mastodon
7:46pm Political Gabfest: Impeach ‘Em All, Let God Sort ‘Em Out overcast
6:58pm The Scathing Atheist: 552: Quits and Giggles Edition overcast
8:21am The Daily: An Armored Train and a Dangerous New Alliance overcast
September 13th
6:20pm Planet Money: China’s weakening economy in two Indicators overcast
3:49pm 99% Invisible: 552- Blood in the Machine overcast
9:27am Been using vim for ages. Just learned that "z" is the fold command key because the shape of the z looks like folded paper from the side. #code #vim #til mastodon
8:23am The Daily: A New Covid Shot for a New Covid Era overcast
September 12th
7:36pm Shoreline Amphitheatre (an amphitheater) in Mountain View foursquare
4:44pm The Daily: A Breaking Point for the U.S. Auto Industry overcast
September 11th
9:44am Fresh Air: Mark Ronson On The ‘Barbie’ Soundtrack & Score overcast
9:28am This American Life: 808: The Rest of the Story overcast
9:11am The Daily: U.S. v Google overcast
8:38am So many cool things in this video. This deceptively simple tile isn't named Einstein after the scientist, but after the German translation, "one stone". facebook
8:07am Has Woke gone too far? Starfield makes some users change gender to fire guns. (True article, but my "woke" intro is pure sarcasm.) #gaming mastodon
7:59am Has Woke gone too far? Starfield makes some users change gender to fire guns. (True article, but my "woke" intro is pure sarcasm.) facebook
September 10th
5:46pm Radiolab: Born This Way? overcast
4:23pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Wikipedia’s Moment of Truth’ overcast
9:44am Revisionist History: Guns Part 2: Getting out of Dodge overcast
9:20am @integerpoet If it were, I imagine it risks the feline jumping off. mastodon
September 9th
September 8th
6:13pm "A university prof friend of mine and all their colleagues are writing grad student recommendation letters by feeding a few bullet points to an LLM, which in... facebook
4:47pm Planet Money: Is economists’ favorite tool to crush inflation broken? overcast
3:08pm The Daily: A Tragic Fire and Broken Promises in South Africa overcast
10:38am When you visit a new website, always pretend to navigate to another tab or the close box, and the page will get scared and offer you a coupon to stay. Like a car dealership. #protip #sitedesign #da... mastodon
September 7th
7:50pm Political Gabfest: Is Biden The Last Politician? overcast
6:19pm The Daily: Why One Drug Company Held Back a Better Drug overcast
September 6th
7:58pm This American Life: 808: The Rest of the Story overcast
7:42pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 941: Hurriquake! - Chokepoint Capitalism, America COMPETES Act, Google Topics, Internet Archive overcast
8:35am The Daily: How 100,000 Migrants Became a Political Crisis in New York overcast
September 5th
3:22pm The Scathing Atheist: 550: Dragon My Heart Around Edition overcast
7:47am The Daily: Passenger Planes Nearly Collide Far More Than You Know overcast
September 4th
1:08pm Mycelia in a petri dish looks like an iris. facebook
10:09am @JetForMe @mastodonmigration I wonder if visibility would've been better if you'd added hashtags even though you're on your own instance. I'll boost, but as you know, I can't comment/change anything. mastodon
September 3rd
2:49pm Radiolab: Touch at a Distance overcast
September 2nd
10:05pm @integerpoet Yes and it was the trainers. They looked at eyes, and swiped right. The machine generated content we're getting now is a reflection of what the trainers looked at, and now we know they... mastodon
3:09pm It says something about humanity that we've trained our A.I. to create images of people with amazing eyes, lips, boobs and butts, but mere vague Lovecraftian suggestions of crab tentacles for finge... mastodon
10:30am Planet Money: How to fight a patent pirate overcast
10:30am Revisionist History: Guns Part 1: The Sudden Celebrity of Sir John Knight overcast
September 1st
12:50pm Val Jamora, thought of you. facebook
9:38am The Daily: Arizona’s Pipe Dream overcast
August 31st
7:49pm The Scathing Atheist: 550: Dragon My Heart Around Edition overcast
7:15pm Political Gabfest: March Forth, Trump! overcast
2:45pm The Daily: A Major Overhaul of Prescription Drug Prices overcast
August 30th
6:04pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 941: Hurriquake! - Chokepoint Capitalism, America COMPETES Act, Google Topics, Internet Archive overcast
6:02pm Planet Money: Summer School 8: Graduation and the Guppy Tank overcast
8:22am The Daily: A Breakout Moment for Vivek Ramaswamy overcast
August 29th
7:50pm 99% Invisible: 551- Office Space overcast
5:50pm The Daily: A Marriage, a Secret and a Crackdown in China overcast
5:10pm @JetForMe I'm stunned. Who could have predicted that‽ Only fix is to provide encryption backdoors, I guess. Nothing could go wrong with that. mastodon
August 28th
9:47am Radiolab: Rumble Strip: Finn and the Bell overcast
9:31am Planet Money: The secret entrance that sidesteps Hollywood picket lines overcast
9:13am The Daily: A New Race to the Moon overcast
August 27th
August 26th
11:10pm @JetForMe It's JWZ's. mastodon
5:12pm Gao Viet Kitchen (a vietnamese restaurant) in San Mateo foursquare
11:21am Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
10:47am Philz Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
August 25th
2:26pm Political Gabfest: Who Won the Trump-less Debate? overcast
2:06pm The Daily: A Plane Crash, 10 Dead People and a Question: Was This Putin’s Revenge? overcast
9:16am @rubymayvalentine So much yes. In addition to RSS, provide email notification to those who opt in. Not everybody uses feed readers. But, more and more people are returning, so yay! Nicky Case is ba... mastodon
8:56am This how you gonna play it Meta?Instagram Throttles 404 Media Investigation Into Drug Ads on Instagram, Continues to Let People Advertise Drugs. facebook
8:31am The problem with using A.I.: "This is an inescapable, biological aspect of human cognition: we can’t maintain vigilance for rare outcomes. This has long been... facebook
August 24th
10:51am This American Life: 808: The Rest of the Story overcast
8:28am The Daily: A Fiery First Republican Debate — Without Trump overcast
August 23rd
5:54pm Planet Money: Summer School 7: Negotiating and the empathetic nibble overcast
4:08pm 99% Invisible: 550- Melanie Speaks overcast
8:29am The Daily: Ready or Not, Driverless Cars Are Here overcast
August 22nd
7:45pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 941: Hurriquake! - Chokepoint Capitalism, America COMPETES Act, Google Topics, Internet Archive overcast
7:18pm Serial: The Retrievals - Ep. 5: The Outcomes overcast
9:29am Serial: The Retrievals - Ep. 4: The Clinic overcast
8:28am The Daily: Why the Coral Reef Crisis in Florida Is a Problem for All of Us overcast
August 21st
9:05pm Lines like this are one of the reasons why I read Cory Doctorow: "To call this a 'transparent ruse' is to do violence to good, hardworking transparent ruses all the world over" #openai h... mastodon
9:01pm Lines like this are why I read Cory Doctorow, "To call this a 'transparent ruse' is to do violence to good, hardworking transparent ruses all the world over" facebook
9:36am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Ongoing Mystery of Covid’s Origin’ overcast
9:25am The Daily: Inside the Sputtering Campaign of Ron DeSantis overcast
August 20th
10:00pm Someone said Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim vs the World is just Roman Roy if he’d had a well… tumblr
8:25am Serial: The Retrievals - Ep. 3: The Sentence overcast
August 19th
2:26pm Aww, the show "The Peripheral" based on William Gibson's novel has been cancelled. facebook
11:16am Serial: The Retrievals - Ep. 2: The Nurse overcast
11:05am Fresh Air: Christopher Nolan On ‘Oppenheimer’ overcast
10:26am Planet Money: Vacation, and why the U.S. takes so little of it overcast
August 18th
10:47am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 940: Chia Fresca - Black Hat, DEF CON, AI Bill of Rights, BlueJeans, Zoom AI disclosure, Snoopers’ Charter overcast
10:38am The Daily: How a Paradise Became a Death Trap overcast
9:59am My .clang-format file references where it explicitly doesn't enforce line length. Thanks @torvalds! #code #c #formatwars mastodon
August 17th
10:38pm @JetForMe I was hoping for a haiku and started counting syllables. mastodon
10:31pm I'm having fun reading Elmore Leonard books, and only now realize he got to enjoy seeing 3:10 to Yuma made into a movie twice, 50 years apart from each other. I wonder what he thought of that. #mov... mastodon
10:14pm "It’s hard to overstate how fucking scummy the credit reporting world is." You get 'em Mr. Doctorow. facebook
7:54pm Revisionist History: Doctors, Guns, and Money overcast
7:54pm Political Gabfest: Georgia v. The Trump 19 overcast
3:37pm The Scathing Atheist: 548: Synthetic Edition overcast
8:17am The Daily: Hunter Biden’s Legal Problems Keep Getting Worse overcast
August 16th
8:31pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 940: Chia Fresca - Black Hat, DEF CON, AI Bill of Rights, BlueJeans, Zoom AI disclosure, Snoopers’ Charter overcast
5:46pm Planet Money: Summer School 6: Operations and 25,000 roses overcast
8:46am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 940: Chia Fresca - Black Hat, DEF CON, AI Bill of Rights, BlueJeans, Zoom AI disclosure, Snoopers’ Charter overcast
8:38am The Daily: Why a Coup in Niger Has the World’s Attention overcast
August 15th
7:59pm 99% Invisible: 549- Trail Mix: Track Two overcast
5:48pm This American Life: 807: Eight Fights overcast
9:08am When I log in to a new device after a few days, I "git pull" my personal dotfiles repo out of a compulsive habit. Just in case. Even though you'd think I'd know if a pull is needed, as I'... mastodon
8:26am The Daily: A Law Used Against the Mafia — and Now Trump overcast
August 14th
11:00am Long thread/15 @pluralistic @medium Re: Medium, I noticed that if you try to use to share the members-only article, it exposes up to the first dinkus, but doesn't give a clue that there's ... mastodon
9:10am Fresh Air: Looking Back On The U.S. Bombing Of Hiroshima & Nagasaki overcast
9:00am The Daily: What Lahaina Lost in Hawaii’s Wildfires overcast
August 13th
12:36pm Fresh Air: Uncovering The Story Of An Institutionalized Family Member overcast
12:14pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Silicon Blockade’ overcast
August 12th
5:39pm Fresh Air: A Memoir Of Kidnapping overcast
12:27pm Radiolab: The Internet Dilemma overcast
10:23am Fresh Air: Reflecting On The End Of Sight overcast
8:13am Planet Money: The new Biden plan that could still erase your student loans overcast
August 11th
7:37pm Political Gabfest: Abortion Rights Win at the Polls overcast
12:25pm The Daily: The End of An Era for U.S. Women’s Soccer overcast
August 10th
6:00pm The Scathing Atheist: 547: Bureau of Atheism Edition overcast
9:21am The Daily: Lives, Livelihoods, and the High Cost of Heat overcast
August 9th
6:10pm 99% Invisible: 548- Trail Mix overcast
3:58pm The Daily: Elon Musk’s Quest to Own the Stars overcast
8:58am "Now the health care system is composed of a series of gigantic, abusive monopolists — pharma, hospitals, medical equipment, pharmacy benefit managers, insur... facebook
8:55am Every time I get on Mastodon, I wish we'd implement @jwz's suggestion here. #mastodon #activitypub #threads mastodon
7:38am @unwiredben I'm interested to hear what you find out. I remember hearing him on the podcast This Week in Tech. mastodon
August 8th
5:56pm Fresh Air: Jason Moran At The Piano overcast
1:06pm Fresh Air: Best Of: Actor Richard E. Grant / Comic Leanne Morgan overcast
9:37am @JetForMe @olivierlacan I'm often pessimistic and sarcastic. Instead, I'm going to be honest here: Yeah, I believe they will. I try to be charitable with voluntary claims about robots.txt. mastodon
9:32am @b0rk It's not just me! I have re-written things I'd thought would be interesting without realizing it too. (Proprietary work scripts so can't share.) mastodon
8:29am The Daily: The Legal Strategy Behind the Latest Trump Indictment overcast
August 7th
12:04pm Fresh Air: Remembering Pee-Wee Herman Actor Paul Reubens overcast
11:36am The Daily: The Economy is on an Upswing. Should Biden Get Credit for It? overcast
August 6th
10:17pm You guys. I could've written this myself. I wish I had. This is what I want: just normal web things. facebook
12:08pm Fresh Air: Novelist Andre Dubus III overcast
11:34am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Vanishing Family: Life in the Shadow of a Cruel Genetic Mutation’ overcast
8:43am Fresh Air: Congress’s New Rebel Faction overcast
August 5th
7:08pm Planet Money: A tarot card reading for the U.S. economy overcast
12:31pm Radiolab: Right to be Forgotten overcast
10:39am Visa/Mastercard have hiked their swipe fees by 40% since the pandemic's start (3–5% of every transaction), and are trying to convince people that lowering th... facebook
August 4th
8:17pm I'm here for @b0rk throwing shade at ltrace. 😂 mastodon
8:02pm A great post on Google's Web Environment Integrity by Cory Doctorow. #wei #google #privacy #enshittification mastodon
8:01pm A great post on Google's Web Environment Integrity by Cory Doctorow. facebook
4:17pm The Scathing Atheist: 546: Morning Show Edition overcast
4:17pm Radiolab: Little Black Holes Everywhere overcast
2:41pm The Daily: Fighting Canada’s Unending Fires overcast
August 3rd
8:17pm Political Gabfest: The Defendant Knew They Were False overcast
4:49pm The Daily: 43% vs. 43%: Why Trump and Biden Are Tied in Our New Poll overcast
August 2nd
9:48pm Forever Alone Meets Michelle Jenneke youtube_favorites
5:57pm Planet Money: Summer School 4: Marketing and the Ultimate Hose Nozzle overcast
4:24pm The Daily: The Charges Against Trump for Conspiring to Overturn the Election overcast
8:45am Revisionist History: Taxonomy of the Modern Mystery Story overcast
August 1st
7:28pm 99% Invisible: 547- Cooking with Gas overcast
6:06pm The Daily: The Secret History of Gun Rights overcast
July 31st
8:00pm San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) (an international airport) in San Jose foursquare
5:33pm The Scathing Atheist: 545: Sound of Barbenheimer Freedom Edition overcast
5:05pm Political Gabfest: Can Israel Survive As A Democracy? overcast
4:17pm Portland International Airport (PDX) (an international airport) in Portland foursquare
2:21pm Peninsula Park / Rose Garden (a playground) in Portland foursquare
1:20pm Capitola Coffee (a coffee shop) in Portland foursquare
12:30pm Matt's BBQ (a bbq joint) in Portland foursquare
11:40am Bridge City Comics (a comic book store) in Portland foursquare
8:06am Fried Egg, I'm In Love (a breakfast spot) in Portland foursquare
July 30th
7:32pm Laurelhurst Park (a park) in Portland foursquare
3:54pm Lúc Lác Vietnamese Kitchen (a vietnamese restaurant) in Portland foursquare
3:29pm Pioneer Courthouse Square (a plaza) in Portland foursquare
1:11pm Portland Japanese Garden (a garden) in Portland foursquare
12:29pm International Rose Test Garden (a botanical garden) in Portland foursquare
10:54am Coava Coffee Roasters Cafe (a coffee shop) in Portland foursquare
9:42am Pip's Original (a donut shop) in Portland foursquare
July 29th
9:17pm 3 ways to tie the Alpine Butterfly youtube_favorites
8:33pm Tesla uses DRM to defraud its customers. Teslas lie about the driving range during the first half of a full battery charge. A Korean regulator found that the... facebook
6:27pm Oma's Hideaway (a malay restaurant) in Portland foursquare
5:54pm The curse of bigness. "Microincentives and Enshittification" Why Google Search suuucks. facebook
3:19pm Ken's Artisan Bakery (a bakery) in Portland foursquare
2:45pm Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Portland foursquare
11:13am Portland Saturday Market (a market) in Portland foursquare
10:40am Stumptown Coffee Roasters (a coffee shop) in Portland foursquare
9:43am Pip's Original (a donut shop) in Portland foursquare
July 28th
7:16pm Baby Doll Pizza (a pizzeria) in Portland foursquare
2:26pm Cartlandia (a food truck) in Portland foursquare
11:07am Multnomah Falls Overlook (a scenic lookout) in Corbett foursquare
10:34am Multnomah Falls (a waterfall) in Bridal Veil foursquare
July 27th
8:08pm Ben & Jerry's (an ice cream parlor) in Portland foursquare
5:15pm Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House (a brewery) in Portland foursquare
3:44pm Powell's Books Gold Room (a bookstore) in Portland foursquare
July 26th
7:24pm Rachel's Ginger Beer (a cocktail bar) in Seattle foursquare
6:42pm Manao (a thai restaurant) in Seattle foursquare
12:59pm Theo Chocolate Factory Tour (a factory) in Seattle foursquare
12:25pm Lighthouse Roasters (a coffee shop) in Seattle foursquare
11:42am Paseo Caribbean Food (a caribbean restaurant) in Seattle foursquare
9:51am Lake Washington Ship Canal Fish Ladder (a great outdoors) in Seattle foursquare
July 25th
3:46pm Pike Place Chowder (a seafood restaurant) in Seattle foursquare
2:06pm Seattle Waterfront (a waterfront) in Seattle foursquare
12:03pm Fonté Café & Wine Bar (a coffee shop) in Seattle foursquare
9:53am Piroshky Piroshky (a bakery) in Seattle foursquare
July 24th
6:36pm Danbo Ramen (a ramen restaurant) in Seattle foursquare
1:31pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: How the British Empire Twisted the Truth overcast
11:30am Biscuit Bitch (a breakfast spot) in Seattle foursquare
9:15am Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) (an international airport) in SeaTac foursquare
6:33am San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) (an international airport) in San Jose foursquare
July 22nd
10:23pm What if, for my next project, I just go down my "Read Later" lists and "" bookmarks, Wiki histories, and teach myself all those things I thought w... facebook
10:00pm headspace-hotel: introvertedx10: This linguistic problem is only going to continue getting worse unless we fuck it in the ass now. tumblr
4:15pm "La derecha oprime, la izquierda libera" is "the right oppresses, the left liberates". It's also a mnemonic for which way to turn a screw, like, "rightie tightie, leftie lo... mastodon
4:07pm Timeless. From eight years ago... (Preview may be screwed up, tap through for goat comic.) facebook
11:49am Planet Money: Planet Money Paper Club overcast
11:28am Fresh Air: ‘Justified’ Star Timothy Olyphant overcast
July 21st
12:44pm Fresh Air: The Threat Of Deadly Fungal Pathogens overcast
12:23pm Radiolab: The Right Stuff overcast
12:03pm The Daily: Can Barbie Be Rebranded as a Feminist Icon? overcast
9:42am Good points in here. facebook
July 20th
8:39pm Political Gabfest: Trump Legal Traffic Jam overcast
8:01pm The Scathing Atheist: 544: Sissified Edition overcast
8:17am The Daily: The Man Trying to Save Phoenix From Historic Heat overcast
July 19th
6:00pm Planet Money: Summer School 2: Competition and the cheaper sneaker overcast
5:35pm The Daily: How the Birth Control Pill Got Over the Counter overcast
1:14pm @integerpoet I didn't mean to imply I put any effort into anything. I just subscribe to RSS feeds, and notice that often for some feeds people delete posts, but the contents live on in the feeds, a... mastodon
July 18th
2:53pm 99% Invisible: 545- Shade Redux overcast
2:43pm The Daily: The Writers’ Revolt Against A.I. Companies overcast
9:31am @integerpoet "Delete?" Cute. Want to see it in my RSS feed? Do you tell your kids it's possible to delete things they send from their phones? mastodon
July 17th
12:43pm Fresh Air: The History Of The Crack Era From People Who Lived Through It overcast
12:12pm Fresh Air: Life, Death & Rising Temperatures overcast
12:06pm The Daily: China’s Economic Rebound Hits a Wall overcast
July 16th
8:06pm Planet Money: Surprise, you just signed a contract! How hidden contracts took over the internet overcast
4:30pm @integerpoet It's wishful thinking to say "The Age of Social Media is Dead". I think some of the points are correct, though. "social-media operators discovered that the more emotiona... mastodon
12:31pm Radiolab: The Fellowship of the Tree Rings overcast
July 15th
11:40am Soul Grind (a coffee shop) in Pacifica foursquare
9:59am Pedro Summit (Pedro Point Overlook) (a scenic lookout) in Pacifica foursquare
July 14th
2:22pm Political Gabfest: The World Is Burning overcast
1:56pm The Daily: How Clarence Thomas Came to Reject Affirmative Action overcast
July 13th
6:36pm The Daily: How Affirmative Action Changed Their Lives overcast
8:16am Why are so many Californians homeless? It’s not “homeless migration.” Suggestions for ways we can do better. facebook
July 12th
5:57pm Planet Money: Summer School 1: Planet Money goes to business school overcast
5:37pm Fresh Air: The Countdown To End WWII overcast
3:42pm The Daily: The Great Resignation is Over overcast
9:50am @dmitry I have a forkbomb shirt that gets reactions from a certain type of folk. What's your 2600 shirt look like? mastodon
9:48am Happy Anniversary, release of first images from the JWST. Click through to be amazed by creation. facebook
July 11th
7:26pm 99% Invisible: 544- Chick Tracts overcast
6:59pm Revisionist History: Acting Out overcast
5:55pm Radiolab: Man Against Horse overcast
8:37am The Daily: Many Countries Banned Cluster Munitions. The U.S. Is Sending Them to Ukraine Anyway. overcast
July 10th
3:21pm Planet Money: The quest to save macroeconomics from itself overcast
3:08pm The Daily: Will Threads Kill Twitter? overcast
July 8th
4:54pm Radiolab: The Cataclysm Sentence overcast
July 7th
4:43pm @JetForMe yep, I think you and Doctorow would agree on that being an important factor. Breaks your heart for local businesses that don’t do SEO and lose out to crappy alternatives. mastodon
4:38pm @JetForMe the way I read Mastodon, threading is not great. After I asked for context here, *then* I read your earlier post that set up the context. Yeah, sorry to hear about the options you have. M... mastodon
3:55pm @JetForMe Heh, Cory Doctorow has been writing about the enshittification of everything for a year now. He actually breaks it down pretty nicely, but it looks like things will get worse before they ... mastodon
3:44pm @JetForMe Are you OK? (Mostly jk, but sorta want to hear the story that led to you posting this.) mastodon
1:14pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: After Affirmative Action & why America overpays for subways overcast
12:00pm So I'm enjoying episode 5 of the western, "Godless", appreciating how my family made it through Lone Wolf and Westmorland to get me where I am, and 25m in th... facebook
11:28am Political Gabfest: Rural Arkansas Explored in an Extra Gabfest Reads overcast
10:21am The Scathing Atheist: 542: SCOTUS? Damn Near Killed Us Edition overcast
8:22am The Daily: The Complicated Future of Student Loans overcast
July 6th
7:53pm My most secret not-a-secret is I host an online glossary for Neal Stephenson's "Anathem", and not only that, I created a Kindle .mobi glossary for in-situ definitions when reading the boo... mastodon
7:31pm @StillIRise1963 I'd settle for just official blogs with RSS feeds from the government. mastodon
11:48am The Daily: Russia After the Rebellion overcast
11:08am "...the oniscidae , better known as cochineal..."Exsqueeze me? You mean "better known as the pillbug or roly-poly".Also, say "armadillidium vulgare" out ... facebook
10:55am I'm staying on Mastodon because I like services having a web UI. I'll create a Threads account too, but the lock-in to a mobile app means I likely won't use it as much. mastodon
9:59am @integerpoet Interesting choice on their part that made your recipe work. They chose no web UI. So deleting the mobile app is sufficient to remove all functionality. Doesn't really affect your home... mastodon
July 5th
9:01am Planet Money: Planet Money Live: Two Truths and a Lie overcast
8:54am 99% Invisible: 543- In Proximity: Ryan Coogler and Roman Mars overcast
8:31am The Daily: How MrBeast Became the Willy Wonka of YouTube overcast
July 4th
7:42pm The Daily: From Serial: ‘The Retrievals’ overcast
5:30pm The Daily: A Clash Between Religious Faith and Gay Rights overcast
4:01pm @b0rk Related, you can usually tweak your shell's history settings to only keep unique and interesting commands you've executed, so it's easier to find them. mastodon
10:07am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
July 3rd
1:42pm This is how we get Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" mastodon
July 2nd
4:37pm @integerpoet I'm right behind you. Sounds nice. mastodon
9:24am Revisionist History: A Good Circle overcast
July 1st
10:18am Soul Grind (a coffee shop) in Pacifica foursquare
9:28am Pedro Summit (Pedro Point Overlook) (a scenic lookout) in Pacifica foursquare
June 30th
2:26pm The Daily: The Supreme Court Ends Affirmative Action overcast
2:26pm The Scathing Atheist: 541: Sad Pastor Edition overcast
June 29th
11:01pm dblume says ten or eleven years ago there were all these covers of Touhou's Bad Apple!!Bad Apple!! - Touhou Cover (feat. FamilyJules7x, Max... plurk
8:35pm Political Gabfest: Live in Washington D.C. with Governor Wes Moore overcast
6:13pm The Daily: Is Washington Finally Ready to Take On Big Tech? overcast
June 28th
6:05pm 99% Invisible: 542- Player Piano overcast
5:43pm The Daily: Suspicion, Cheating and Bans: A.I. Hits America’s Schools overcast
June 27th
4:17pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
3:42pm 99% Invisible: 542- Player Piano overcast
3:34pm The Daily: Speaker McCarthy Has Lost Control of His House overcast
June 26th
5:32pm My wife is going to disown me over this, but here goes: The Case Against Travel. facebook
3:03pm Artwork probably about two little weirdos being friends. mastodon
2:48pm Make Your Renders Unnecessarily Complicated youtube_favorites
2:17pm You guys, watch this amazing tutorial on how to making a working camera in Blender. facebook
1:51pm Radiolab: Americanish overcast
1:18pm The Daily: A 36-Hour Rebellion in Russia overcast
June 25th
3:30pm Fresh Air: The Countdown To End WWII overcast
1:24pm Invisibilia: Invisibilia Presents: Buffalo Extreme overcast
1:22pm Radiolab: Americanish overcast
10:38am "The idea of a cage match between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk doesn’t strike me as fun or exciting or cute or clever. It strikes me as lame." A good, short post by M. G. Siegler https:/... mastodon
June 24th
10:11pm Note to self, consider: Sequence Diagrams: Class Diagrams: Freeform: #collaboration #communication mastodon
10:02pm It's a post about music and has overlapping charts, and all I'm seeing are three Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" album covers. facebook
2:14pm Planet Money: Mike The Mover vs. The Furniture Police overcast
1:05pm Revisionist History: Feeling A Bit Attacked with Maria Konnikova overcast
June 23rd
10:30pm @SpaceLifeForm Thanks, I was wondering about that. mastodon
4:05pm @JetForMe I hear ya. I hope your days get better. mastodon
2:31pm Serial: The Retrievals - Trailer overcast
2:27pm The Daily: Understanding Ukraine’s Counteroffensive overcast
June 22nd
8:10pm Political Gabfest: Not THAT President Kennedy overcast
2:52pm Fresh Air: Celebrating America’s Black Working Class overcast
8:16am The Daily: Lost 2 Miles Below the Ocean overcast
June 21st
5:56pm Planet Money: Twins (classic) overcast
4:14pm 99% Invisible: 541- The Frankfurt Kitchen overcast
4:08pm The Daily: The Re-Militarization of Germany overcast
2:22am git - [git] dokuwiki
June 20th
2:44pm Fresh Air: Celebrating America’s Black Working Class overcast
2:31pm Fresh Air: John Mellencamp overcast
1:16pm My GenX peeps know that Pluto was a planet, Brontosaurus was a dinosaur, and Manta rays were really cool genus of fish. facebook
8:40am Fresh Air: Could Artificial Intelligence Destroy Humanity? overcast
8:34am The Daily: Inflation Is Way Down. Is It by Design or Just Luck? overcast
June 19th
12:58pm Radiolab: Beware the Sand Striker overcast
12:32pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The High-Risk Feat of Bringing ‘American Born Chinese’ to TV’ overcast
June 18th
6:32pm Planet Money: The 60-day job race overcast
5:10pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
June 16th
7:53pm @SpaceLifeForm @JetForMe @ProPublica Yeah, I think I had the same problem with Cory Doctorow. Wanted to see original posts and real engagement, but landed on an account that just had too many boost... mastodon
2:09pm 99% Invisible: 540- The Siren of Scrap Metal overcast
1:53pm Political Gabfest: What Could Judge Cannon Do? overcast
12:54pm The Daily: The Kids Take the Climate Change Fight to Court overcast
June 15th
6:03pm Mogu Mogu Mazemen (a ramen restaurant) in Costa Mesa foursquare
12:30pm Cream Pan (a bakery) in Fountain Valley foursquare
9:33am The Scathing Atheist: 539: Data Over Dogma Edition overcast
8:48am The Daily: How Saudi Arabia Took on Pro Golf — and Won overcast
June 14th
5:38pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: The economics of innovation overcast
5:23pm The Daily: Arraigned, Again: Trump’s Federal Court Hearing in Miami overcast
7:52am Radiolab: Eye in the Sky overcast
June 13th
1:19pm Fresh Air: The SCOTUS Conservative ‘Supermajority’ overcast
8:12am The Daily: A Forced Reckoning in the Restaurant Industry overcast
June 12th
12:01pm First great Revisionist History podcast in a long time: "The Pushkin Prize for Egregiously Deceptive Self-Promotion," taking the piss out of Columbia University and George Santos at the s... mastodon
11:45am Revisionist History: The Pushkin Prize for Egregiously Deceptive Self-Promotion overcast
11:17am The Daily: Nuclear Secrets and Taped Conversations: A Look at the Evidence Against Trump. overcast
June 11th
12:20pm Fresh Air: ‘Succession’ Creator Jesse Armstrong & Exec. Producer Frank Rich overcast
11:49am Political Gabfest: Trump Is Indicted – Again overcast
11:30am Planet Money: The town that changed economics overcast
June 10th
8:45pm @JetForMe 👍 mastodon
11:20am Political Gabfest: Chris Christie Kamikaze Campaign overcast
June 9th
2:30pm The Daily: Special Episode: A Second Trump Indictment overcast
2:17pm The Daily: There’s No Escaping Wildfire Smoke overcast
9:55am Mastodon or ActivityPub feature request: We have RSS feeds for original public user posts. Would like another feed for public user boosts. #mastodo... mastodon
June 8th
1:50pm The Scathing Atheist: 538: Shiny Happy Edition overcast
1:16pm The Daily: A Guide to the Suddenly Crowded Republican Primary overcast
12:39pm Randall Munroe's "What if? 2" has the following snippet: "I notice that I started this paragraph with 'there's some good news.' I don't know why I did that." I feel like that co... mastodon
4:39am Lazarus TPBs by Greg Rucka - created dokuwiki
June 7th
5:54pm Fresh Air: ‘Succession’ Creator Jesse Armstrong & Exec. Producer Frank Rich overcast
5:48pm Planet Money: The Spider-Man Problem (update) overcast
5:26pm Fresh Air: Clarence & Ginni Thomas’ Path To Power overcast
12:50pm The Daily: Turned Away and Left at Sea overcast
June 6th
10:41pm According to Casey Newton, we're in for a heck of an interesting social experiment. "The platforms give up on (the) 2020 lies""For a coup to work in 2024, ... facebook
8:19pm Fresh Air: ‘Succession’ Creator Jesse Armstrong & Exec. Producer Frank Rich overcast
8:01pm 99% Invisible: 539- Courtroom Sketch overcast
6:00pm The Daily: The Fight Over Phonics overcast
5:10pm CLI quick tip: URL encode with jq: $ printf %s 'encode this' | jq -sRr @uri encode%20this $ jq -rn --arg x 'encode this' '$x|@uri' encode%20this mastodon
June 5th
7:54pm We get one mailed overdue notice from the IRS and my wife blinks immediately. "Pay them! Pay them! Pay them!" 🤣(For my non-California friends, we're in an ... facebook
5:02pm Probably the best take on the "AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue" story is this one from Cory Doctorow @pluralistic. We're in danger of being misdirected by regular crooks who want us to wat... mastodon
4:58pm Probably the best take on the "AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue" story is this one from Cory Doctorow. We're in danger of being misdirected by regular crooks w... facebook
4:29pm Keyoxide dokuwiki
11:42am Fresh Air: Why Our Allergies Are Getting Worse overcast
11:16am The Daily: The New Afghanistan, Through the Eyes of Three Women overcast
12:07am Great piece on Private Equity firms by Cory Doctorow. "The long, bloody lineage of private equity's looting" facebook
June 4th
12:36pm Radiolab: The Seagulls overcast
June 3rd
4:55pm The Daily: Special Episode: A Crash Course in Dembow, a Misunderstood Pantry Staple and Simple Tips to Keep Calm and Carry On overcast
4:41pm Planet Money: AI Podcast 3.0: Dial M for Mechanization overcast
9:58am Niles Farmers Market (a farmers market) in Fremont foursquare
June 2nd
3:50pm Planet Money: AI Podcast 2.0: The host in the machine overcast
3:23pm The Daily: America’s Big City Brain Drain overcast
2:35pm Great piece from ProPublica on our rights that are at risk from the Supreme Court. Guess which Justice questions the most rights? The one in an interracial m... facebook
2:19pm USA! USA! USA!Interesting that in the USA a science piece has to be relegated to "opinion" nowadays. Hmm...?Some tl;dr: Reasons include: unhealthy behavi... facebook
12:01am Happy Friday. Here's Metric's "Black Sheep" with Brie Larson (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) facebook
June 1st
10:28pm Chilling with your A.I. homie. Ragebait always wins. facebook
9:56pm AI-Controlled Drone Goes Rogue, "Kills" Human Operator in USAF Simulated Test. But wait, it gets better. Paperclips being optimized. facebook
6:30pm Political Gabfest: Kevin McCarthy, Hercules of Capitol City overcast
10:50am The Daily: How the G.O.P. Picked Trans Kids as a Rallying Cry overcast
8:21am Revisionist History: The Crisis in Girls’ Sports with Lauren Fleshman and Linda Flanagan overcast
May 31st
8:04am The Daily: Republicans Impeach One of Their Own overcast
May 30th
5:52pm Every Little Thing: Why Do We Baby Talk? overcast
2:46pm Planet Money: AI Podcast 1.0: Rise of the machines overcast
2:28pm The Daily: The Godfather of A.I. Has Some Regrets overcast
May 29th
2:08pm On the library being required to turn off Wi-Fi when closed to discourage homeless people from gathering outside: "Patterson reaffirmed its 2017 findings tha... facebook
11:50am Nothing impresses me more than when scientists say "hold up, we were wrong". facebook
9:02am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
May 28th
12:58pm I love that Cory Doctorow is staging "ideas lying around" for the coming crises that'll cause use to grasp for ideas for change. His ideas are in Chokepoint Capitalism and a series of pos... mastodon
12:56pm I love that Cory Doctorow is staging "ideas lying around" for the coming crises that'll cause use to grasp for ideas for change. His ideas are in Chokepoint ... facebook
10:57am Just one more cool thing I'd almost wear as an ally, but won't because it'd be perceived wrong by some. facebook
May 27th
5:02pm Keyoxide - [Example Signature Profile] dokuwiki
1:44pm The Daily: Special Episode: An Interplanetary Jazz Legend, a Cosmic Vegetable and a Psychic Prodigy overcast
12:49pm Keyoxide - [Example Signature Profile] dokuwiki
10:32am I made some notes about Keyoxide at my wiki. The only assumption is that the reader already has a PGP key pair. #identity #cryptography #pgp #keyoxide mastodon
9:43am Discovered Keyoxide here at Mastodon. Not the worst use of "TXT" DNS records, and I learned about GPG key "notations". So now I'm on Keyoxide too. mastodon
3:26am Keyoxide - [Keyoxide] dokuwiki
1:00am Every once in a while, I'll check the text and verify the PGP signature in's weekly warrant canary. Can't believe I haven't automated it yet. mastodon
May 26th
12:51pm Radiolab: On the Edge overcast
12:23pm The Daily: The Ticking Clock of a U.S. Debt Default overcast
11:58am The Daily: The Headlines: May 26 overcast
May 25th
8:23pm Political Gabfest: When Is The X Date? overcast
6:22pm The Daily: Millions of Dollars, Thousands of Robocalls and 1 Legal Loophole overcast
9:31am I used to think "begging the question" was a smart-person way to say "assuming the original point". I now much prefer to think it's just a straight up bad, cursed translation. h... mastodon
7:47am The Daily: The Headlines: May 25 overcast
May 24th
5:47pm Planet Money: Green energy gridlock overcast
5:29pm Fresh Air: How a Secretive, Extremist Group Radicalized The American Right overcast
4:05pm The Daily: Ukraine Lost in Bakhmut. But It Has Much Bigger Plans. overcast
8:12am The Daily: The Headlines: May 24 overcast
May 23rd
4:59pm Revisionist History: The Mystery of Mastery with Adam Gopnik overcast
4:56pm The Daily: The Supreme Court vs. Andy Warhol overcast
4:56pm 99% Invisible: 538- Train Set: Track Three overcast
8:13am The Daily: The Headlines: May 23 overcast
May 22nd
1:04pm The Daily: Is Trump’s Nomination Now Inevitable? overcast
12:33pm The Daily: Introducing The Headlines: May 22 overcast
May 21st
11:14pm From the Washington Post: Type in your job to see how much A.I. will affect it. facebook
10:44pm The Trucker's Hitch...But Better. [Auto-Locking] youtube_favorites
6:12pm Revisionist History: The Mystery of Mastery with Adam Gopnik overcast
6:12pm Radiolab: Family People overcast
5:17pm Radiolab: The War on Our Shore overcast
May 20th
7:26pm Planet Money: Predictions: Jobs! overcast
7:10pm The Daily: Special Episode: Classic TV, New Music and a Side of Pasta overcast
6:55pm Planet Money: How AI could help rebuild the middle class overcast
1:26pm Crumbs (a breakfast spot) in Danville foursquare
1:26pm Rock City (a trail) in Alamo foursquare
9:40am Danville Farmers' Market (a farmers market) in Danville foursquare
May 19th
3:58pm If you're an old climber who's getting far-sighted, and you keep your glasses on a rope but have to shorten that bight, then what you want to use is an alpin... facebook
2:03pm The Daily: When the Culture Wars Came for NASA overcast
2:03pm The Scathing Atheist: 535: Mormon Money Mormon Problems Edition overcast
9:42am From Loish, "Mental health struggles sometimes feel like this to me. Stuck inside, observing the mess, and waiting for it to pass." facebook
May 18th
8:08pm Political Gabfest: What Is The Comstock Act? overcast
7:30pm The Daily: An Anonymous #MeToo Source Goes Public overcast
7:38am 99% Invisible: 537- Paved Paradise overcast
May 17th
4:55pm Noodle In A Haystack (a japanese restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
4:33pm Schubert’s Bakery (a bakery) in San Francisco foursquare
4:14pm Green Apple Books (a bookstore) in San Francisco foursquare
7:49am The Daily: Turkey’s President Fights for Political Survival overcast
7:00am VisiData - [Inspecting Columnar Data] dokuwiki
2:47am shell tips - [Protips for find] dokuwiki
May 16th
6:48pm Radiolab: The War on Our Shore overcast
5:12pm The Daily: The Day Title 42 Ended overcast
May 15th
3:46pm Radiolab: The War on Our Shore overcast
3:23pm The Daily: The Lifesaving Power of … Paperwork? overcast
3:14pm The Daily: The U.S. Banned Spyware — and Then Kept Trying to Use It overcast
1:08pm The more shelves I apply Contact Paper to, the better I get and the less I care about a job well done. Either they cancel each other out, or it's a double-wi... facebook
May 14th
3:31am Potential Projects - [Potential Projects] dokuwiki
May 13th
1:09am Here's IBM's CEO, Arvind Krishna, openly admitted that he'll use AI to slash IBM's workforce. Every tech company I know is doing AI innovation challenges. I ... facebook
1:00am Excellent explainer by Cory Doctorow: How Amazon makes everything you buy more expensive, no matter where you buy it facebook
May 12th
7:22pm Planet Money: Inflation and the Profit-Price Spiral overcast
7:03pm The Daily: Biden’s Radical Option to End the Debt Fight overcast
5:57pm Political Gabfest: Donald Trump is Liable overcast
May 11th
6:47pm The Daily: Even More Trouble for George Santos overcast
2:32pm It is weird that I find this completely and utterly inspiring? Like we can be genuinely who we are on our way to who we'll become. facebook
May 10th
6:11pm Fresh Air: The Child Labor Crisis In America overcast
5:42pm Planet Money: The Day of Two Noons (Classic) overcast
3:54pm The Daily: Trump Liable for Sexual Abuse overcast
May 9th
8:06pm Fresh Air: The Child Labor Crisis In America overcast
8:00pm Fresh Air: How South Africa Narrowly Avoided Civil War overcast
7:39pm 99% Invisible: 536- Nuts and Bolts overcast
7:49am The Daily: A Big Policy Change at the Border overcast
May 8th
2:04pm Planet Money: How to fight a squatting goat overcast
1:42pm The Daily: A Crisis of Ethics at the Supreme Court overcast
12:57pm git - [Resolving a Merge Conflict] dokuwiki
11:02am git - [Resolving a Merge Conflict] dokuwiki
May 7th
9:39pm Played the Random playlist of songs I have today. Turns out Angela Aki, a soulful, sweet, heartfelt pianist wrote one song, "Today", and also covered the Sma... facebook
4:24pm 4Minute (포미닛) - 물 좋아? last_fm
4:21pm Norah Jones - Travelin' On last_fm
4:15pm Primus - Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers last_fm
4:10pm 上木彩矢 - 夏のある日 last_fm
4:05pm Asian Dub Foundation - Naxalite last_fm
3:59pm アンジェラ・アキ - TODAY last_fm
3:54pm Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
3:52pm Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - Yokoku last_fm
3:39pm Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - We The Common (For Valerie Bolden) last_fm
3:33pm Norah Jones - All a Dream last_fm
3:28pm 平野文 - メランコリーの軌跡 last_fm
May 6th
6:43pm Eureka! (an american restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
5:04pm Use whatever digital tools you like and document what you used. But don't submit straight up AI artwork as your own original submission. Those stars, the thi... facebook
1:04pm Century at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
11:02am Mayflower Restaurant (a dim sum restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
9:57am Niles Farmers Market (a farmers market) in Fremont foursquare
May 5th
5:31pm The original proposal of the Tragedy of the Commons didn't involve studying human behavior at all. It was a justification to take the commons."Hardin — an ... facebook
4:28pm Radiolab: Ologies: Dark Matters overcast
4:03pm The Scathing Atheist: 533: Jedi or Not, Here I Come Edition overcast
3:59pm The Daily: How Streaming Hurt Hollywood Writers overcast
May 4th
6:01pm Political Gabfest: E. Jean Carroll, ‘Why Didn’t You Scream?’ overcast
2:48pm The Daily: What if You Could Save Someone From an Overdose? overcast
8:59am May the 4th be with you. facebook
May 3rd
5:46pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: the influencer industry overcast
5:31pm Revisionist History: Introducing: So Many Steves, A New Audiobook from Steve Martin and Pushkin overcast
3:43pm 99% Invisible: 535- Craptions overcast
8:26am The Daily: The Democrats’ Dianne Feinstein Problem overcast
May 2nd
4:55pm Fresh Air: Comedian Roy Wood Jr. overcast
8:21am The Daily: A Third Bank Implodes. Now What? overcast
7:51am On April 28th 2023, the Equal Right Amendment was shot down (likely for the last time) by Senate Republicans with little fanfare. This is the language that w... facebook
May 1st
8:30pm I really wanted to “quote post” the Mastodon post about quote posts coming soon. But I couldn’t. Yet… mastodon
1:36pm Fresh Air: How Private Equity Firms Widen The Income Gap overcast
1:20pm The Daily: Kevin McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Dilemma overcast
1:11am Home Repair - [Red Flags] dokuwiki
April 30th
5:39pm Home Repair - [Kitchen Faucet Installation] dokuwiki
4:11pm Home Repair dokuwiki
3:35pm Home Repair dokuwiki
1:47pm Koret Auditorium (an auditorium) in San Francisco foursquare
1:08pm San Francisco Public Library (a library) in San Francisco foursquare
12:52pm Pixlcat Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
April 29th
5:50pm Planet Money: Financial advising while Black overcast
3:02pm Planet Money: The zoo economy (classic) overcast
1:23pm Radiolab: The Golden Rule overcast
April 28th
10:22pm “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” The Florida Surgeon General tweaked a vaccine analysis until the final revision's finding... facebook
1:55pm Invisibilia: The Goodbye Show overcast
1:31pm The Daily: The Ballad of ‘Deepfake Drake’ overcast
April 27th
9:34pm "This is absolute catnip for private equity — free government money, no obligations, no enforcement, and the people you harm are literally dying and can’t co... facebook
8:05pm Political Gabfest: Biden: ‘Let’s Finish the Job’ overcast
8:05pm The Scathing Atheist: 532: Pride Piper Edition overcast
6:55pm "This is absolute catnip for private equity — free government money, no obligations, no enforcement, and the people you harm are literally dying and can’t complain. What’s not to like?" -... mastodon
8:20am The Daily: Can India Become the Next Global Superpower? overcast
April 26th
5:59pm Fresh Air: Dismantling Anti-Fat Bias overcast
8:26am The Daily: Voters Are Wary of Biden. Here’s Why He Might Win Anyway overcast
April 25th
6:16pm 99% Invisible: 534- For Amusement Only (Free Replay) overcast
3:35pm Fresh Air: Judy Blume overcast
9:36am Fresh Air: How the AR-15 became the bestselling rifle in the U.S. overcast
9:29am The Daily: Fox News Fires Its Biggest Star overcast
April 24th
3:15pm Fresh Air: A tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder overcast
3:03pm The Daily: How Two Generals Led Sudan to the Brink of Civil War overcast
April 23rd
12:39pm Planet Money: The quest for the factory-built house overcast
April 22nd
4:11pm Planet Money: Tax Code Switch overcast
3:51pm Radiolab: Corpse Demon overcast
April 21st
2:35pm 99% Invisible: 533- Dear John and Roman overcast
2:33pm Political Gabfest: Was Fox News Punished Enough? overcast
1:55pm The Daily: Why Low-Ranking Soldiers Have Access to Top Secret Documents overcast
1:36pm The Scathing Atheist: 531: Higher Power Edition overcast
April 20th
9:33am People to Donate to dokuwiki
8:31am The Daily: The Blockbuster Fox Defamation Trial That Wasn’t overcast
2:19am The defunct Habari blog engine relies on the "broken" not-inherited static variables behavior pre-PHP 8.1. If you upgrade to PHP 8.1 go chan… twitter
12:05am RT @AnnCoulter: COMPROMISE SOLUTION ON ABORTION! Ban abortion for registered Republicans only. twitter
April 19th
8:12pm 99% Invisible: 533- Dear John and Roman overcast
5:32pm The Daily: Abortion Goes to the Supreme Court (Again) overcast
3:49pm 99% Invisible: 533- Dear John and Roman overcast
April 18th
6:07pm Fresh Air: Will Fox News Pay For Spreading Lies About Voter Fraud? overcast
2:03pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 8 overcast
2:01pm The Daily: How the I.R.S. Became a Political Boogeyman overcast
3:16am Data Analysis - Add mention of Plotly dokuwiki
April 17th
3:13pm RT @ShadeX6: More bad angels-- twitter
2:34pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 7 overcast
2:07pm Revisionist History: Malcolm Goes to Debate School overcast
10:44am The Daily: China and Taiwan: A Torrid Backstory overcast
8:35am @DataAngel @zannah I think we're still in early stages of @doctorow's #enshittifcation, where the customers and restaurants get locked-in. O… twitter
April 16th
5:35am Data Analysis - [GnuPlot] dokuwiki
12:25am david completed "Ensure all the links on this site are current." tasks
April 15th
5:19pm Planet Money: The life and possible death of low interest rates overcast
5:04pm The Scathing Atheist: 530: Tongue in Cheek Edition overcast
12:51pm Century at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
9:50am general:visidata_airpassengers.png dokuwiki
5:21am Data Analysis - [VisiData] dokuwiki
5:20am general:visidata_airpassengers.png - created dokuwiki
5:11am general:matplotlib_airpassengers.png - created dokuwiki
4:54am general:airpassengers.png - created dokuwiki
1:33am This article by Cory Doctorow is important. It describes how Uber finds the minimum pay it can get away with. "payouts are continuously tweaked in the backgr... facebook
April 14th
9:01pm Where does Cory Doctorow come up with these? "[Some countries] must constantly innovate new ways to osculate the cloacae of large firms, lest they slither over to another country and set up 'h... mastodon
6:10pm I learned in that VisiData can open webpages and extract tabular data! And was amused to see @saulfp play code golf … twitter
6:02pm dxbdeleteme - removed dokuwiki
5:44pm data_analysis - removed dokuwiki
5:43pm Data Analysis - created dokuwiki
5:22pm forbidden.html - removed dokuwiki
2:26pm Political Gabfest: That Shoddy Abortion Pill Ruling overcast
2:01pm The Daily: Broadway’s Longest-Running Musical Turns Out the Lights overcast
1:37pm Python3 dokuwiki
11:36am loish:A drawing about the special kind of anxiety that bathroom... tumblr
11:34am RT @ShadeX6: DEATH-star twitter
10:19am WSL - Add instructions to allow matplotlib to plot dokuwiki
April 13th
6:09pm The Daily: What We’re Learning From the Leaked Military Documents overcast
12:43pm RT @ShadeX6: Frog--🙂 twitter
9:00am Planet Money: Two mysterious bond market indicators overcast
April 12th
5:52pm 99% Invisible: 532- For a Dollar and a Dream overcast
5:07pm About This Wiki - [Jack Jackrum] dokuwiki
4:46pm Playground - old revision restored (2021/05/28 15:46) dokuwiki
4:10pm About This Wiki dokuwiki
3:48pm The Daily: How Strong (or Not) Is New York’s Case Against Trump? overcast
April 11th
6:08pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 6 overcast
9:09am The Daily: Inside Russia’s Crackdown on Dissent overcast
April 10th
3:27pm Radiolab: The Library of Alexandra overcast
11:56am Revisionist History: Higher Animals with Michael Specter overcast
11:23am The Daily: An Extraordinary Act of Political Retribution in Tennessee overcast
10:42am The Daily: ‘The Run-Up’: The Republican Party Sorts Through Its Mess overcast
9:45am Munch munch munch facebook
9:38am RT @JimBenton: munch munch munch twitter
3:27am VisiData dokuwiki
April 9th
11:29pm Adorable Japanese onomatopoeia in Daoko and Keiichi Arawi's "Onomatopoeia Rap ~Summer Play~". Could be a fun project to document the words. facebook
9:38am You see that ad over there? Everything advertised on social media is overpriced junk. Do your own search for what you need. Or buy the woke-free razors. facebook
3:01am People to Donate to - created dokuwiki
April 8th
11:18am Martha & Bros. Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
10:36am Noë Cafe (a café) in San Francisco foursquare
April 7th
11:42pm It's Friday night! I'm going through's most viewed and recently added CSV datasets with visidata, just checking on t… twitter
4:35pm Facebook had been serving me this ad for a while, and I'd been kind of afraid of accidentally clicking on it for all the other ads I'd start getting. Only no... facebook
3:04pm 99% Invisible: 531- De Fiets Is Niets overcast
3:03pm Political Gabfest: No Mugshot For Donald Trump overcast
2:28pm The Scathing Atheist: 529: Phoenix Rising Edition overcast
2:28pm The Daily: The Outsourcing of America’s Border Problem overcast
April 6th
8:39am The Daily: America Has a Problem in Africa: China overcast
April 5th
6:05pm 99% Invisible: 531- De Fiets Is Niets overcast
3:27pm Unshaven yaks, all the way down. twitter
9:19am RT @AP: April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain. h… twitter
8:40am The Daily: What It Was Like at Donald Trump’s Arraignment overcast
8:05am More than everything you ever wanted to know about how bicycles work, including why some spokes go that way, and those other spokes go that way. facebook
April 4th
3:07pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 5 overcast
8:59am Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 3 overcast
8:51am The Daily: The Election That Could Reshape Wisconsin, and the Country overcast
April 3rd
1:52pm Fresh Air: Michelle Yeoh / Adam Sandler overcast
1:50pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 2 overcast
1:33pm The Daily: Fear and Bravado: Inside Trump’s Reaction to the Indictment overcast
8:37am RT @ShadeX6: X twitter
8:36am RT @Berlinnaeus: Irish Independent this morning... twitter
April 2nd
6:11pm Stuft Pizza (a pizza place) in Milpitas foursquare
1:30pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 4 overcast
1:02pm Planet Money: The safety net for banks overcast
12:45pm Planet Money: A Great Recession bank takeover overcast
April 1st
11:23pm @zannah Maybe some people did this: twitter
11:15am @neonepiphany , @b0rk has a question you'd have excellent insights on, "in video games, a small number of perceived inconsistencies in how t… twitter
March 31st
6:31pm Of course GPT-4 hired a TaskRabbit worker to solve CAPTCHAs. twitter
6:30pm Of course GPT-4 hired a TaskRabbit worker to solve CAPTCHAs. mastodon
1:28pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Special: What the Trump Indictment Means overcast
1:10pm The Daily: The Indictment of Donald Trump overcast
12:52pm The Scathing Atheist: 528: Banned Wagon Edition overcast
11:46am Home Repair dokuwiki
8:58am RT @Rainmaker1973: Looking from above, shadows are our best avatars. An impressive optical illusion artwork by Kostya Terentev [📹 chuuubaka… twitter
March 30th
10:07pm I rely on the 1.1 free tier with read access for user_timeline and home_timeline. If Twitter doesn't offer any free read API, my usage will … twitter
5:08pm Political Gabfest: Why Netanyahu Blinked overcast
5:08pm The Daily: The Plan to Save Baseball From Boredom overcast
March 29th
5:28pm 99% Invisible: 530- The Panopticon Effect overcast
3:23pm The Daily: Israel’s Far Right Government Backs Down overcast
12:26pm RT @Joetoddstanton: My favorite clip of Miyazaki - "maybe you can" twitter
March 28th
7:00pm Planet Money: Inside a bank run overcast
5:44pm Radiolab: Alone Enough overcast
12:32pm RT @ShadeX6: 💀 twitter
12:27pm The Daily: The Fight Over ‘Cop City’ overcast
March 27th
11:07am The Daily: A Sweeping Plan to Protect Kids From Social Media overcast
10:45am 99% Invisible: 529- The Wilderness Tool overcast
9:23am RT @ShadeX6: Stray Toaster-- twitter
March 26th
2:12pm Presidio Tunnel Tops (a park) in San Francisco foursquare
12:13pm Chocolate Covered (a chocolate shop) in San Francisco foursquare
10:20am Philz Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
8:56am Cory Doctorow reminds us "The fight over these [judicial] decisions to create socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the poor is a political fight. ... what will make change is th... mastodon
March 25th
10:00pm Political Gabfest: Trump Will Be Indicted Next Tuesday overcast
12:50pm The Scathing Atheist: 527: Marshtacular Edition overcast
March 24th
5:06pm I don't know when they did it, but GitHub added the support needed for verified links for Mastodon. You don't have to fool with anymore! Yay! mastodon
4:21pm Best printer review ever happens to be this one. Welcome to our future. facebook
2:45pm RT @TansuYegen: Dad and Daughter❤️❤️ twitter
1:14pm The Daily: Should The Government Pay for Your Bad Climate Decisions? overcast
March 23rd
11:29pm 99% Invisible: 529- The Wilderness Tool overcast
6:50pm The Daily: Our Film Critic on Why He’s Done With the Movies overcast
4:42pm RT @ShadeX6: Top hat-- twitter
7:59am "How fake sugars sneak into foods and disrupt metabolic health" A charming, animated post from The Washington Post. Reduce your intake of highly processed fo... facebook
12:28am I just backed Red Team Blues: Another audiobook that Amazon won't sell on @Kickstarter twitter
March 22nd
5:56pm 99% Invisible: 529- The Wilderness Tool overcast
5:37pm The Daily: Barney Frank on His Role in the Banking Crisis overcast
March 21st
10:51pm Another great read from Cory Doctorow. "These layoffs have nothing to do with 'trimming the fat' or correcting the hiring excesses of the lockdown. They're a project to transfer value from wor... mastodon
6:13pm Fresh Air: Character & Voice Actor Clancy Brown overcast
4:22pm RT @US_Stormwatch: Unbelievable satellite imagery of one of the most intense March cyclones on record for California with the eye of the sto… twitter
2:14pm RT @Rainmaker1973: The Alpine ibex, also known as the steinbock, is a species of wild goat that lives in the mountains of the European Alps.… twitter
8:50am The Daily: China, Russia and the Risk of a New Cold War overcast
8:08am Fresh Air: Michelle Yeoh / Adam Sandler overcast
2:54am git dokuwiki
March 20th
5:31pm @DataAngel @zannah But I think it's 100% code that you have to say in a business setting where they keep records. Like, "don't embezzle the … twitter
1:12pm Revisionist History: Started From The Bottom with Justin Richmond overcast
1:06pm The Daily: How TikTok Became a Matter of National Security overcast
10:57am RT @ShadeX6: Obey-- twitter
9:16am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Spirited Away to Miyazaki Land’ overcast
March 19th
2:16pm Planet Money: Planet Money Records Vol. 3: Making a hit overcast
March 18th
2:44pm Planet Money: How Silicon Valley Bank failed overcast
2:28pm 99% Invisible: Twenty Thousand Hertz- Golden overcast
2:06pm Radiolab: Apologetical overcast
1:45pm RT @LaerteCoutinho1: twitter
1:23am RT @Mahoukarp: 🦈Giveaway!🦈 Ahoy! Axolotls are now available in my shop! Time for a giveaway! I will be giving 3 sets of Goobs chosen randoml… twitter
March 17th
7:52pm RT @mikemaihack: Good morning. ☕️🥧 twitter
7:49pm RT @steppingdisks: Happy Magik Monday! art by @mikemaihack twitter
7:40pm RT @peachmomoko60: twitter
3:39pm That’s the thing inside a raspberry that I never get to see! instagram
10:19am The Daily: Why the Banking Crisis Isn’t Over Yet overcast
9:56am Political Gabfest: Go Ahead, Call It A Bailout overcast
8:48am RT @ATRightMovies: TOM HANKS telling a great story about being directed by Clint Eastwood. twitter
12:59am RT @adolfux: Today marks ten years since this infographic back page about the Kowloon Walled City was published by South China Morning Post.… twitter
March 16th
7:00pm The Scathing Atheist: 526: Elevated Edition overcast
4:24pm RT @kortizart: 1/ This might be the most important oil painting I’ve made: Musa Victoriosa The first painting released to the world that u… twitter
8:40am The Daily: France’s Battle Over Retirement overcast
March 15th
6:21pm Fresh Air: Revisiting The Genius Of Buster Keaton overcast
4:15pm 99% Invisible: 528- A Whale-Oiled Machine overcast
1:11pm RT @scottlava: “Every rejection, every disappointment has led you here to this moment.” . . Dedicated to @dunkwun Da… twitter
1:08pm RT @DanielHandler: I am thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the great @artofmmignola (creator of HELLBOY)! Our ILLUMINATED EDITIO… twitter
8:42am The Daily: What to Know About the Covid Lab Leak Theory overcast
March 14th
6:04pm The Daily: The Implosion of Silicon Valley Bank overcast
March 13th
1:25pm So glad somebody has this clip of Michelle Yeoh talking about doing her own stunt work in the 1992 Hong Kong movie Police Story 3. twitter
1:15pm RT @ShadeX6: Do not talk to the snakes-- twitter
12:27pm Fresh Air: How The Police Became Untouchable overcast
11:56am The Daily: What Is E.S.G., and Why Are Republicans So Mad About It? overcast
11:04am Happy National Napping Day! mastodon
11:03am Happy National Napping Day! facebook
March 12th
11:29pm RT @bubbaprog: The shot I was hoping for, the show's director missed, but Getty's Kevin Winter got twitter
5:56pm Fresh Air: Revisiting The Genius Of Buster Keaton overcast
5:50pm Fresh Air: President Jimmy Carter overcast
5:50pm Revisionist History: Rodents and Red Wine with Maria Konnikova overcast
9:32am Still enjoying using my Mid 2012 MacBook Air every day. Happy 10-year Anniversary, little laptop. #apple made this one right. twitter
March 11th
4:36pm Radiolab: Buttons Not Buttons overcast
4:15pm Planet Money: Why platforms like HBO Max are removing streaming TV shows overcast
4:08pm Political Gabfest: Another Florida Man Is Running For President overcast
10:32am Wow, that’s really unintuitive. twitter
March 10th
6:52pm NEW PHO SAIGON NOODLE & GRILL RESTAURANT (a vietnamese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:58pm The Daily: Protests and the Future of Democracy in Israel overcast
11:19am "replace 'AI' with 'SALAMI' ('Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences'). It’s a lot easier to keep a clear head … twitter
11:17am "replace 'AI' with 'SALAMI' ('Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences'). It’s a lot easier to keep a clear head when someone asks you, 'Is this SALAMI intelligent? ... mastodon
11:01am Reminding Bay Area residents that there will be sunlight again. Can you find the moon in there? instagram
9:38am The Scathing Atheist: 525: Lord Only Knowles Edition overcast
March 9th
10:18am The Daily: A New Child Labor Crisis in America overcast
8:35am 99% Invisible: 420- The Lost Cities of Geo Redux overcast
March 8th
5:40pm Planet Money: The value of good teeth overcast
9:36am RT @RPHutch1975: Skottie Young bringing Magikal cuteness for a X-Men #21 variant #xmen twitter
9:03am RT @RealLyndaCarter: Reminder that disability is a spectrum. It is sad to see so many disabled people accused of "faking" because they can w… twitter
8:30am The Daily: Who Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines? overcast
8:12am Fresh Air: The Rise Of QAnon overcast
March 7th
10:47pm Kung Fu Cooking Girls (English subs, sous-titres français) youtube_favorites
2:39pm Invisibilia: It’s Been A Minute: The molten center of ‘The Real Housewives’ multiverse overcast
12:31pm RT @artofmmignola: As the first full-length Hellboy comic was published 29 years ago this week I thought I'd post some lesser known Hellboy … twitter
12:30pm Happy Anniversary New Order's Blue Monday, with that amazing LP floppy disk sleeve. twitter
12:18pm RT @JohnHyphen: not only is public transport free in Brussels, but they even have a bus called "Not The 48" which takes you to a mystery loc… twitter
7:54am The Daily: Ron DeSantis’s Rise From Unknown to Heir Apparent overcast
March 6th
4:14pm Revisionist History: A Treat for the Die-Hards overcast
4:02pm The Daily: How a Derailed Train Galvanized an Ohio Town, and Congress overcast
1:57pm RT @ScottNover: the people who want to ban tiktok would think differently if they followed my favorite account, which is called @unclogging_… twitter
March 5th
1:38pm Revisionist History: A Treat for the Die-Hards overcast
1:25pm Radiolab: The Trust Engineers overcast
March 4th
9:16pm RT @teru_by_m: #私の世界へご案内します 🐝⚔️✨ #REDTAILWORLD twitter
5:18pm Planet Money: Seinfeld-onomics overcast
5:04pm Planet Money: CBOhhhh, that’s what they do overcast
1:21pm RT @Comichistorians: #DCcomics #Batman writer of #DarkKnight Returns, #FrankMiller and #Marvel’s #StanLee both had a #cameo in a #lowbudget … twitter
March 3rd
4:20pm Political Gabfest: So It Was A Lab Leak? overcast
4:00pm The Daily: Why Russia Is Taking Thousands of Ukrainian Children overcast
1:56pm RT @Colin_TBTAMC: Original art by Mike Mignola featuring The Wolf Man, The Bride of Frankenstein & Frankenstein's Monster, from 2022. twitter
March 2nd
8:47am The Daily: Will the Supreme Court Let Biden Cancel Student Debt? overcast
8:13am RT @bengal_art: Happy birthday Chun-Li! 🔥🤍 twitter
March 1st
6:34pm 99% Invisible: 527- RoboUmp overcast
4:36pm RT @sccld: Temperatures in the low 30s are expected in early am tomorrow in South County/hillside areas and mid-30s in the rest of the Count… twitter
8:51am The Daily: A Threat to Abortion Pills. Plus, the U.S. Shares Secrets overcast
8:27am VW wouldn’t locate kidnapped child because his mother didn’t pay for find-my-car subscription facebook
8:02am Radiolab: Golden Goose overcast
February 28th
9:47pm RT @fozmeadows: human gender and sexuality are very much like animal taxonomy, in that both look structured and simple on the surface, but o… twitter
9:14am Apple - [BSD vs. Linux commands] dokuwiki
8:20am The Daily: Why So Many Buildings Collapsed in Turkey overcast
8:20am Crimetown: Introducing “Operation: Tradebom” overcast
February 27th
3:16pm Planet Money: Meow Money Meow Problems overcast
3:16pm Serial: The Coldest Case In Laramie - Trailer overcast
3:09pm The Daily: Why Election Denialism Might Cost Fox News $1.6 Billion overcast
9:03am Esp. for Lillian Blume Artisanal Ghibli Collection Blends Animation with Craftsmanship. facebook
12:24am Great rant: "There's NEVER just one ant. I guaran-f*cking-tee you that these same creeps have 1,000 other fake Wix websites with 1,000 fake Amex merchant accounts for 1,000 REAL businesses. Ho... mastodon
12:19am Great rant from Cory Doctorow on a scammer that places look-alike Google ads, and they order from the restaurant you wanted at a 15% markup (with their own c... facebook
February 26th
3:49pm Planet Money: Jay & Shai’s debt ceiling adventure overcast
February 25th
12:23pm The Scathing Atheist: 523: Revived Edition overcast
11:41am The Scathing Atheist: 522: Putting the Sus in He Gets Us Edition overcast
February 24th
6:11pm Stuft Pizza (a pizza place) in Milpitas foursquare
4:34pm RT @UnseenOps: The Soviet ЭШ 6/45 Walking Excavator is like a living piece of post-apocalyptic artwork. The rust, the mismatched curtains, e… twitter
3:32pm Political Gabfest: What Tucker Carlson is Saying When You’re Not Listening overcast
2:58pm Political Gabfest: President Nikki Haley? overcast
11:42am RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: The unexpected sound of a Shoebill stork twitter
February 23rd
2:35pm The Daily: A Ruling That Could End the Internet as We Know It overcast
February 22nd
10:50pm 99% Invisible: 526- Orange Alternative overcast
3:56pm The Daily: The Veterans Fighting to Legalize Psychedelics overcast
8:04am The Daily: Why ‘Made in China’ Is Becoming ‘Made in Mexico’ overcast
4:14am Apple dokuwiki
1:45am Apple - Add link for installing Powerline fonts for iTerm2 dokuwiki
February 21st
5:09pm The Daily: The Online Search Wars Got Scary. Fast. overcast
12:20pm RT @ShadeX6: Sublime-- twitter
February 20th
5:48pm Hangar 101 (a storage facility) in San Jose foursquare
3:12pm Gate 8 (an airport gate) in Long Beach foursquare
12:17pm Blue Bowl (a juice bar) in Long Beach foursquare
8:37am Moongoat Coffee (a coffee shop) in Costa Mesa foursquare
February 19th
6:51pm Roma D' Italia (an italian restaurant) in Tustin foursquare
2:40pm Orobae (a bubble tea shop) in Irvine foursquare
2:12pm Uroko Cafe (an asian restaurant) in Costa Mesa foursquare
February 18th
7:04pm Hako (a sushi restaurant) in Irvine foursquare
2:04pm Mendocino Farms (a sandwich place) in Tustin foursquare
February 17th
2:42pm Long Beach Airport (LGB) (an airport) in Long Beach foursquare
11:27am Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
February 16th
11:59pm RT @pascalcampion: I remember #pascalcampion twitter
11:56pm RT @tzimmer_history: The “cancel culture” and anti-“wokeism” moral panics rely on a complete inversion of the actual balance of power, portr… twitter
11:47pm RT @ShadeX6: More bad angels-- twitter
6:15pm The Daily: A Crisis Within a Crisis in Syria overcast
February 15th
6:23pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: Inside the Fed, then and now overcast
6:23pm Fresh Air: 50 Years Of ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ overcast
9:21am RT @ShadeX6: ❤️!! twitter
8:46am The Daily: The Online Search Wars overcast
8:46am 99% Invisible: 525- The Chinatown Punk Wars overcast
7:57am Apple dokuwiki
7:20am Apple dokuwiki
3:27am Apple dokuwiki
February 14th
3:06pm The Daily: Why the U.S. Keeps Shooting Objects Out of the Sky overcast
February 13th
7:28pm Fresh Air: Inside The Criminal Investigation Into Trump’s Finances overcast
9:04am The Daily: The Navy’s Very Expensive Mistake overcast
9:04am Planet Money: Our 2023 valentines overcast
3:15am git - [Creating a branch (and possibly pushing to upstream origin)] dokuwiki
February 12th
12:22pm Planet Money: The ice cream conspiracy overcast
12:22pm Planet Money: Baby’s first market failure overcast
9:39am Happy Superb Owl Sunday! Esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
February 11th
10:51pm Killing In The Name Performed By The North Korean Military Chorus (Rare Footage) facebook
4:40pm Political Gabfest: Biden Gets Frisky overcast
February 10th
4:08pm RT @sccld: Our 2022 Star Library plaque from the Library Journal came in the mail. We were also named the 4th best library system with a bud… twitter
3:38pm The Daily: How Sports Betting Hit the Mainstream in America overcast
2:15pm RT @ShadeX6: Going Rogue-- twitter
February 9th
4:55pm Planet Money: Groundhog Day 2023 overcast
3:06pm The Scathing Atheist: 521: Accountability Edition overcast
2:59pm The Daily: The Most Empty Downtown in America overcast
February 8th
9:18pm RT @BillyHynes: McKeever writes colours and Mike Mignola draws a three part Eddy Current strip in the back of Metropol 9-11. Never reprinted… twitter
6:40pm If you don't color your spy balloon blue, you're doing it wrong. twitter
3:05pm First tweet of the day. Am I over my limit? twitter
2:53pm The Daily: The Police Unit That Was Supposed to Keep Memphis Safe overcast
2:53pm 99% Invisible: 524- The Day the Music Stopped overcast
February 7th
1:39pm The Daily: The Deadly Earthquake in Turkey and Syria overcast
1:39pm The Daily: A Chinese Balloon and a Diplomatic Showdown overcast
1:39pm Radiolab: Ukraine: The Handoff overcast
8:18am git - Document blobless clone dokuwiki
February 6th
5:51pm "ChatGPT is, in technical terms, a 'bullshit generator'. ... It's not time to chat with AI, but to resist it." Summary by JWT here, full article in comment. facebook
February 5th
6:01pm So Gong Dong Tofu House (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
February 4th
11:52pm The Regrettes "What Am I Gonna Do Today," posted two months into the Covid shutdown. It's a mood. It still hits me. facebook
4:29pm The Scathing Atheist: 520: Just the Facts Ma’am Edition overcast
2:36pm Political Gabfest: Is Police Reform Possible? overcast
11:58am Tap through for a fascinating description of design choices for the display of map projection connections. (Yeah, the part I like was the poster design evolu... facebook
February 3rd
11:58pm "Netflix’s lawyers would nuke you until the rubble bounced." Another gem from Cory Doctorow. twitter
3:19pm The Daily: The End of the Pandemic Emergency in the U.S. overcast
12:51pm Re: Netflix password sharing: Love Sarah's summary here, also go read Cory Doctorow's write up. twitter
8:23am RT @LakotaMan1: I’m starting to think that white kids ARE strong enough to learn Black and Native history. It’s their parents that are havin… twitter
5:24am Coffee - La Colombe Vanilla Latte dokuwiki
5:22am coffee:lacolombe_vanilla_latte.png - created dokuwiki
February 2nd
7:45pm The Scathing Atheist: 520: Just the Facts Ma’am Edition overcast
6:12pm The Daily: A Revolution in How Democrats Pick a President overcast
7:52am This likely will push me off Twitter for practical purposes. The free API is crucial for archiving my tweets in my lifestream. @TwitterDev ,… twitter
7:44am RT @bnwkr: @TwitterDev Absolute liar. twitter
12:56am Beer dokuwiki
February 1st
6:18pm 99% Invisible: 523- Six-on-Six Basketball overcast
8:36am The Daily: The State of the U.S. Economy in 4 Numbers overcast
8:06am @zannah Nice! Year of the Rabbit, Valentine's Day month, and good ol' rabbit rabbit. twitter
January 31st
6:03pm Fresh Air: Revisiting The Waco Siege, 30 Years Later overcast
5:54pm Fresh Air: ‘White Lotus’ Actor F. Murray Abraham overcast
7:52am The Daily: 7 States, 1 River and an Agonizing Choice overcast
January 30th
7:54pm Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (a dumpling restaurant) in Santa Clara foursquare
5:08pm Just saved my ass by retrieving the oldest possible zfs snapshot (3 months ago) of my .localrc at my backup at @rsyncnet. Glad I customized … twitter
4:03pm Fresh Air: Revisiting The Waco Siege, 30 Years Later overcast
3:56pm Revisionist History: From Broken Record: Rick Rubin in Conversation with Malcolm Gladwell overcast
3:50pm Radiolab: Birthstory overcast
3:33pm The Daily: The Death of Tyre Nichols overcast
1:54pm Today's Poorly Drawn Lines describes nearly every day of software development. facebook
1:52pm Today's Poorly Drawn Lines comic describes every day of software development for me. twitter
1:34pm RT @carlosortega3d: A piece I started this weekend, l really missed just sitting down and sculpt without thinking. Model based on an old ske… twitter
9:56am No hallway is complete without artwork on the walls. facebook
January 29th
4:20pm git - [Limit scope of huge repos] dokuwiki
10:41am Planet Money: To all the econ papers I’ve loved before overcast
January 28th
4:59pm Planet Money: The story of “Monopoly” and American capitalism overcast
January 27th
4:26pm "Here is how platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers; finally, the... facebook
2:54pm RT @cat_auras: twitter
2:52pm RT @LukasWerneck: Me empolguri no Warm uo de hj e saiu esse redesign da Magik #Magik #Redesign #Xmen twitter
2:26pm Political Gabfest: DeSantis University overcast
1:50pm The Daily: Arrests, Executions and the Iranian Protesters Who Refuse to Give Up overcast
12:50pm "How Facebook’s Real Names policy helps Cambodia’s thin-skinned dictator terrorize dissenters" by Cory DoctorowReal names aren't stopping conservative extr... facebook
January 26th
5:58pm The Scathing Atheist: 519: Decade and Counting Edition overcast
8:27am The Daily: An Aggressive New Approach to Childhood Obesity overcast
8:05am Fresh Air: Forced Labor & Rebuilding After Natural Disasters In The U.S. overcast
January 25th
5:47pm 99% Invisible: 522- The Comrades overcast
2:23pm The Daily: How Nonprofit Hospitals Put Profits Over Patients overcast
January 24th
5:17pm The Habit Burger Grill (a burger joint) in Fremont foursquare
3:03pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
2:15pm Fresh Air: Forced Labor & Rebuilding After Natural Disasters In The U.S. overcast
7:53am The Daily: What Biden Miscalculated About His Classified Documents overcast
January 23rd
2:25pm RT @ebyesterday: Cool to see a few Oakland buildings on the "accidental Wes Anderson" reddit. Good reminder that we've got some incredible a… twitter
2:02pm Fresh Air: What’s Next For The New GOP-Led House? overcast
1:33pm The Daily: The Debt Ceiling Showdown, Explained overcast
10:55am @zannah Did that just end with "because it was haunted and I'm probably"? "I'm probably" what? A vampire? The ghost was checking if you're … twitter
9:11am RT @xkcd: My mom sent me some papers that belonged to my grandfather, Darwin Randall Crum, which included a collection of “Disfrustrating Pu… twitter
8:58am RT @ShadeX6: More Death by coffee-- twitter
7:23am git dokuwiki
January 22nd
3:38pm Chase Center (a basketball stadium) in San Francisco foursquare
2:51pm Wooly Pig (a sandwich place) in San Francisco foursquare
10:58am RT @TOWERXVI1: @Boringstein @SaperiaTrance even if it was true it's like. yup. that's. yup that's how vaccines work. yup that was your immun… twitter
January 21st
5:02pm RT @fasc1nate: In 1971, a cement truck crashed near Winganon, Oklahoma. The mixer was too heavy to move so they left it. The locals have sin… twitter
3:49pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Two Horrifying Days in D.C. overcast
1:35pm Planet Money: Charles Ponzi’s scheme overcast
1:03pm Every once in a while I think about the Republican dots in the "Net favorability of religious groups and beliefs among Democrats and Republicans". It's like ... facebook
January 20th
4:51pm Radiolab: Ukraine: Under the Counter overcast
2:33pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: The 2% inflation target overcast
1:31pm @DreamHostCare You might be failing to renew Let's Encrypt certificates. Message #: 11869620 is an instance where the old certificate got re… twitter
12:00pm The Daily: A Mother, a Daughter, a Deadly Journey overcast
6:08am Coffee - Added La Colombe Oatmilk Double Latte dokuwiki
6:06am coffee:lacolombe_oatmilk_double_latte.png - created dokuwiki
January 19th
10:42pm Some streaming apps make you choose a profile by asking "Who is watching?" I'm going to name my profile Bear. Who is watching? Oh my God! Be… twitter
6:11pm Political Gabfest: Does Alito Hate Sotomayor? overcast
4:24pm RT @ShadeX6: "Look into my heart, Faust. Tell me whom my treachery is aimed...and strike me dead if I've not said the truth." --Victoria. twitter
2:41pm The Scathing Atheist: 518: Surgeon Popularity Edition overcast
2:11pm The Daily: Why the U.S. Is Sending More Powerful Weapons to Ukraine overcast
8:08am Re: Art and machine learning. It's just a two-tweet thread, click through and read the second tweet. twitter
January 18th
6:18pm 99% Invisible: 521- A Sea of Yellow overcast
5:44pm Jay Kuo on the "Debt Ceiling" vs the "Deadbeat Ceiling". Worth the read. twitter
1:42pm RT @pascalcampion: This week’s cover for the New Yorker. It's probably my favorite cover so far. Not because it's the " better drawn" one or… twitter
1:36pm Cristobal Tapia de Veer, the composer for the opening theme to HBO's "The White Lotus" replied to me on Twitter. This after I said his theme made me think I ... facebook
11:14am I'm trying to work, but my earwork (ohrwurm) is the opening theme to White Lotus season 2, esp. where it gets increasingly discordant. It's … twitter
8:44am The Daily: The ‘Enemies List’ at Madison Square Garden overcast
8:24am Invisibilia: Life Kit: What’s your attachment style? overcast
January 17th
5:30pm Hard Fork: ChatGPT Transforms a Classroom + Is ‘M3GAN’ Real? overcast
3:10pm The Daily: China’s Abrupt Reversal of ‘Zero Covid’ overcast
3:06pm RT @HowThingsWork_: How Things Work: Knee Replacement Surgery.🦵💉Video credit: 🎥 @ghOstmedical twitter
3:06pm RT @ShadeX6: Jason Pearson--the BOSS!! twitter
3:02pm RT @chelsdaniel280: X-Men Unlimited #39 Cover - Art by Chris Bachalo #Storm #XMen #Marvel #MarvelComics twitter
January 16th
5:56pm I'm sitting here, slowly moving ahead in the Library's queue for Kate Beaton's "Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands". I'm looking forward read… twitter
1:48pm RT @nicolettabaldar: variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #31 @Marvel @veve_official 💖 #Spiderman #Marvel twitter
1:24pm Radiolab: Games overcast
9:42am RT @Rainmaker1973: Roughly 5% of the energy dispersed when a metal is deformed is spent moving the atoms around, but the remaining 95% is di… twitter
9:25am Political Gabfest: Weaponization of Government overcast
8:12am RT @brown_berzerker: @jpalmiotti @ShadeX6 twitter
8:11am RT @Comicsen8mm: ¡Buenos días Frikazos del Universo! #XMenMonday 🖼 -> Chris Bachalo (@ShadeX6) twitter
January 15th
4:34pm “Help get that old man off the wall! He’s gonna hurt himself!” instagram
January 14th
8:00pm TIL Kate Beaton's got a book, Ducks: Two Years In the Oil Sands. And now I'm #22 on its waitlist at the library. facebook
12:25pm The Garden Court (an american restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
January 13th
8:00pm RT @GeorgeTakei: And yet here you are, controlling what women can do with a bun in the oven. twitter
7:54pm Can we pretend I'm buying M&Ms just so I can be a "soft, woke, beta male feminist who has serious, serious problems?" I want in on that. twitter
7:34pm RT @dinesh_s: The "original art" to the cover of SANDMAN #1 is a thing of absolute insane beauty! twitter
5:53pm So Gong Dong Tofu House (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
2:27pm The Scathing Atheist: 517: Handling a Cockatrice Edition overcast
2:14pm The Daily: The Presidents and the Classified Documents overcast
11:10am RT @mathladyhazel: The visual proof of why pi=4. It seems %100 correct. 👀 twitter
8:27am @yacitus @tweetbot The 1.1 API is still working for me. twitter
January 12th
8:34am Planet Money: Planet Money Movie Club: It’s a Wonderful Life overcast
8:27am The Daily: The California Floods overcast
January 11th
9:19pm RT @Biz_Ukraine_Mag: Ukrainian girl dances in front of a Banksy original in Bucha. (Photo: Stephan Goss) twitter
9:13pm RT @aaronronel: justice for Stephanie Hsu who is without nomination tonight despite clearing some of these other girls with her Jobu Tupaki … twitter
6:02pm 99% Invisible: 520- Mini-Stories: Volume 16 overcast
3:57pm The Daily: A Jan. 6 Moment for Brazil overcast
2:42pm When Ke Huy Quan won Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe, not only was he wearing a googly eye on his tuxedo lapel, his wife was wearing googly eye rhinestone... facebook
2:25pm RT @angryasianman: Just want to make sure you saw the the googly eye. twitter
7:58am This American Life: 788: Half-Baked Stories About My Dead Mom overcast
January 10th
8:44pm Oh, the ≡ in M≡GAN isn't for an E, it's for a 3. twitter
2:57pm The Daily: The Southwest Airlines Meltdown overcast
12:26pm @d4vsanchez @feedly Yep! I even liked your tweet yesterday when I was observing it then too. Then a few hours later, they fixed it. Today, I… twitter
12:06pm @feedly @d4vsanchez Was temporarily fixed yesterday, but broken with the following line again right now: TypeError: Cannot destructure prop… twitter
January 9th
5:11pm RT @d4vsanchez: Seems like I'm hitting a buggy version of @feedly in my browser twitter
3:18pm The Daily: Speaker McCarthy. But at What Cost? overcast
2:48pm This American Life: 787: Baby’s First Christmas overcast
1:20pm RT @AlecStapp: Reminder for whenever you hear the term “personal carbon footprint” twitter
1:18pm Been thinking about how fascinating the lotus plant is. Beautiful, elegant flower. Cool looking edible "root" (actually subterranean stem, not root) that's f... facebook
12:51pm Click through for a 5-tweet thread about John Snow's spirit "helping" notable doctors and advisors navigate the pandemic. Last one is worth … twitter
12:47pm RT @BadLipReading: Everything changes once you know what McCarthy and Gaetz were actually saying #118thCongress #KevinMcCarthy #MattGaetz twitter
8:30am I knew brussel sprouts were more bitter when I was a kid than they are now. I didn't know they tasted better before that though."In the late 1960s, our ind... facebook
8:14am RT @Rainmaker1973: There are 12 black dots at intersections in this image. Your brain won’t let you see them all at once. [Here's why: ht… twitter
January 8th
11:38am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘She Fell Nearly 2 Miles, and Walked Away’ overcast
11:19am Planet Money: The economics lessons in kids’ books overcast
January 7th
10:59pm I'm starting the Rust Book I code in one tmux pane and run this in another: git ls-files | entr -c sh -c 'rusty-ta… twitter
10:36pm RT @neilhimself: Still true. twitter
9:19pm This was amazing. So, looks like I'm watching Conan the Barbarian again. twitter
January 6th
11:01pm This Knot is a GAMECHANGER! - The Alpine Butterfly Knot. youtube_favorites
9:58pm Welcome to 2023, an inflection point where it becomes frustratingly hard to know if anything is real or trustworthy. #machinelearning #chatgpt #stablediffusion mastodon
2:16pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 907: The Old Guys Look Back - 2022 year in review, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence, Ukraine, Elon Musk overcast
2:14pm Radiolab: Universe In Verse overcast
1:51pm The Scathing Atheist: 516: De-Pope-ulated Edition overcast
1:39pm The Daily: Consider the Burying Beetle. (Or Else.) overcast
1:08pm RT @samdoesarts: Sharing some of my favs from 2022 #digitalart twitter
12:27pm RT @ElieNYC: It's two years since January 6. * The man who let them all walk away, FBI Director Chris Wray, still has a job. * The man who h… twitter
10:07am RT @pascalcampion: Winter #pascalcampion twitter
9:58am git - Add mention you can pull --rebase if you feel lucky dokuwiki
January 5th
3:39pm Political Gabfest: Kevin McCarthy In Hell overcast
3:05pm The Daily: The Life and Lies of George Santos overcast
12:49pm RT @SahilBloom: Today is my 32nd birthday. Over the last month, I asked several 90-year-olds what advice they would give to their 32-year-o… twitter
9:33am RT @petridishes: twitter
January 4th
4:36pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 907: The Old Guys Look Back - 2022 year in review, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence, Ukraine, Elon Musk overcast
4:23pm The Daily: Inside Russia’s Military Catastrophe overcast
12:31pm Esp for Chris Zamara, 56 years ago, on January 4, 1967, The Doors released their self-titled debut album. facebook
9:26am RT @CREWcrew: It's outrageous that the Trump Org hasn't been banned from federal contracts yet, given that it was convicted of multiple coun… twitter
8:56am RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: There is a caterpillar in Australia that stacks all of its moulted heads, and wears them as a crown Uraba lugens also… twitter
8:54am RT @mjs_DC: It didn't get as much attention as it deserved, but notorious Trump Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk recently prohibited federally funded… twitter
8:01am RT @brianklaas: This is absolutely correct. We’ve built a system—particularly on the American right—that rewards political influencers, not … twitter
7:55am I'm going to to have to upgrade every remaining PHP 7.X project to 8.X, so making a note of this thread by @jwz twitter
January 3rd
1:37pm I love it when artists share WIPs like this. Tap through to see the first tweet of the final work. twitter
12:14pm RT @RohitaKadambi: The Evangelical girls in my class who weren't allowed to read "Harry Potter" because it "had witchcraft" now think they c… twitter
11:17am Fresh Air: Actor Rosie Perez overcast
11:07am The Daily: A Crisis of Kevin McCarthy’s Own Making overcast
January 2nd
2:34pm Fresh Air: Seth Meyers / Stephen Merchant overcast
9:45am Fresh Air: Questlove’s Christmas Playlist / Best Films Of 2022 overcast
9:31am Radiolab: New Normal overcast
9:09am A really good review of 2022 from the history professor Heather Cox Richardson, "Letters from an American". facebook
January 1st
10:00pm RT @MollyJongFast: We see first hand here how anti-choice is actually anti-healthcare twitter
4:31pm Bob's Donuts (a donut shop) in San Francisco foursquare
12:07pm Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
December 31st 2022
3:21pm RT @drvolts: US policy types really need to shake off the neoliberal cobwebs & remember that urgent collective emergencies have always r… twitter
11:06am RT @lindyli: Teachers can only write off $300 on their taxes for classroom expenses But Trump can write off the $130,000 in hush money he p… twitter
11:05am RT @drvolts: Corruption in plain sight. twitter
December 30th 2022
4:16pm RT @uhd2020: How the solar system travels through the galaxy! twitter
10:39am The Scathing Atheist: 515: Omission Accomplished Edition overcast
9:47am Aaron and I went to an omakase dinner at Soho Modern Japanese for our two birthdays! It was really delicious and fun to just let the chef decide what you eat... facebook
December 29th 2022
11:31am Political Gabfest: Conundrum 2022 with Alison Bechdel overcast
10:41am RT @jquinn985: Raise your hand if you were personally victimized by Starbucks for Life twitter
December 28th 2022
2:54pm Planet Money: Which economic indicator defined 2022? overcast
2:46pm Radiolab: The Flight Before Christmas overcast
1:58pm It's not just that Starbucks tells you you're "not a winner" five times in a row every day, it's that they make you wait for a super long an… twitter
December 27th 2022
2:27pm Political Gabfest: Inciting Insurrection overcast
December 26th 2022
3:24pm Planet Money: In defense of gift giving overcast
1:07pm Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
December 25th 2022
12:55pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: The fight over ESG investing overcast
12:40pm The Daily: A Restaurant Critic (Ours) On the Year That Changed Him Forever overcast
December 24th 2022
December 23rd 2022
December 22nd 2022
2:24pm Political Gabfest: Inciting Insurrection overcast
2:17pm The Scathing Atheist: 514: Holiday Leftovers Edition overcast
2:00pm The Daily: A Crisis in Peru Signals Trouble for South America overcast
10:59am The "yard sale model" explains how we actually live in a trickle-up economy. Click through, it's interactive and it may be the best thing yo… twitter
10:10am The "yard sale model" explains how we actually live in a trickle-up economy. Click through, it's interactive and it may be the best thing you read today. facebook
9:44am Content warning: Great professional advice #code #developers, but link to birdsite "They'll be quiet and sound unsure." I feel attacked. But excellent advice from @thingskatedid about usi... mastodon
9:32am RT @thingskatedid: junior/mid people: learn to use your self-doubt like a tool. it works to your advantage. that unsureness is what drives … twitter
December 21st 2022
5:57pm RT @neilhimself: In the spirit of the holidays, we have a gift for the best fans in the world: more Death & Dream. This deleted scene f… twitter
5:34pm Radiolab: Null and Void overcast
5:33pm 99% Invisible: 519- Balikbayan Boxes overcast
3:44pm The Daily: The Lives They Lived overcast
December 20th 2022
4:14pm It's heartbreaking because it can take months for a nebula to puff back up again after you remove the slide. mastodon
4:13pm The 20th picture in the Space Telescope Advent Calendar is somebody taking a microscope slide and pushing it down on the nebula to flatten it for a better in-focus picture. You can tell where the g... mastodon
3:21pm Radiolab: Null and Void overcast
3:03pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a President overcast
2:47pm The Daily: A Congressional Call to Prosecute Trump overcast
December 19th 2022
10:01pm Here is a handy chart to determine if your symptoms are from COVID, flu, RSV, and/or a cold. (h/t @sawaboof at Twitter) facebook
9:57pm RT @sawaboof: Here is a handy chart to determine if your symptoms are from COVID, flu, RSV, and/or a cold. twitter
3:01pm Planet Money: The sports ticket price enigma overcast
2:36pm The Daily: How This World Cup Changed Soccer overcast
December 18th 2022
11:17pm Esp for @Daliblume, this is Maytree's Carol of the Bells. twitter
10:19am A very good post by Cory Doctorow on why having the Fed continuously increase interest rates until morale improves won't stop inflation this time. facebook
9:24am RT @joswr1ght: I'm thankful for the amazing work @b0rk does and shares with the rest of the community. Check out and bookmark… twitter
8:09am Coffee - Added Blue Bottle New Orleans Style Iced Coffee dokuwiki
8:04am coffee:blue_bottle_new_orleans_iced_coffee.png - created dokuwiki
December 17th 2022
9:39am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
December 16th 2022
10:30pm @ianepperson welcome to the fediverse! It'll take a little getting used to. Consider following @feditips . Make an intro post, and use hashtags. Mastodon relies on hashtags for discovery. mastodon
8:07pm Radiolab: Null and Void overcast
6:25pm So Gong Dong Tofu House (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:58pm Invisibilia: Revisiting Love and Lapses: A Conversation with Code Switch host B.A. Parker overcast
12:35pm Political Gabfest: Is Kyrsten Sinema Toast? overcast
12:32pm The Daily: Did Artificial Intelligence Just Get Too Smart? overcast
8:33am Nothing like Starbucks telling you you're "not a winner" five times in a row every day. Thanks, Starbucks. I get it. #starbucksforlife twitter
12:30am This is the .vimrc mapping I've wanted all along: Navigating completion pop up menu with j and k and using "jk" to exit insert mode. inorem… twitter
December 15th 2022
11:37pm RT @falcennial: whomever tweeted "fragile narcissist buys criticism factory" I want u to know I remember these words and laugh every day twitter
5:23pm RT @jzux: she’ll text you back bro, she’s just screenshotting your message and sending it to a 10-person group chat with the caption “oof” twitter
2:45pm Planet Money: Spam call bounty hunter overcast
12:31pm git - macOS mergetool vimdiff diffopt-=hiddenoff dokuwiki
11:37am The Scathing Atheist: 513: Seven Headed Vulgarian Edition overcast
11:14am The Daily: Scenes from a Russian Draft Office overcast
9:54am david prioritized "Upgrade site to PHP 8.2" tasks
December 14th 2022
10:04pm @keiryu30489325 @kglee Prime minister Tomiichi Murayama already issued a signed apology and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe repeated the apology. … twitter
7:44pm RT @feefal_: Biblically accurate angels if they slayed✨ twitter
6:31pm Fresh Air: Kumail Nanjiani overcast
6:13pm 99% Invisible: 518- Mini-Stories: Volume 15 overcast
4:39pm RT @ThatEricAlper: "I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolu… twitter
4:38pm @kglee The ferry tragedy tree and comfort women tree both came back this year, too. Was there just last night and noticed. Googled to see wh… twitter
2:48pm It's time to get to work. (A #comic by Poorly Drawn Lines that attacked me.) #comics mastodon
1:01pm The Daily: The Unexpected Ways the Left is Winning in the Abortion Fight overcast
7:34am Fresh Air: Kumail Nanjiani overcast
2:59am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
12:20am Apple - [Configuration] added ctags dokuwiki
December 13th 2022
6:09pm Pizz'a Chicago (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
2:18pm Fresh Air: The Chaos At Twitter overcast
1:59pm The Daily: The Far-Right Plot to Overthrow Germany’s Government overcast
December 12th 2022
4:54pm I've been a professional developer for 200 years and I'm still tweaking my .vimrc. Receipt: Found a couple of comments after keyboard mappings. That's a bug. #code #vim mastodon
4:52pm I've been a professional developer for 200 years and I'm still tweaking my .vimrc. twitter
3:42pm Planet Money: The case of the missing cheese racks overcast
3:22pm Radiolab: The Middle of Everything Ever overcast
3:20pm The Daily: How Layoff News Is Hiding a Hot Job Market overcast
1:31pm RT @ShadeX6: KPOW! twitter
1:19pm RT @ppolitics: The psychosis of the American military-industrial complex is on full display in the White House. Under Biden, Congress is re… twitter
December 11th 2022
2:49pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
1:45pm 99% Invisible: 517- The Divided Dial overcast
12:25am Esp. for .@yonatanzunger, I prompted ChatGPT with 'In a story, a man tells his wife, "I'm leaving you," and his wife replies, "who is she?" … twitter
December 10th 2022
11:27pm We're at an inflection point with AI. There's shockingly excellent "samdoesart"esque renders in r/StableDiffusion. Stackoverflow temporarily banned ChatGPT r... facebook
10:36pm RT @AJamesMcCarthy: I got it! Mars reappearing after being temporarily hidden by the moon. I got a ton of footage, I'm going to clean it up … twitter
10:32pm "Freaks and Geeks", the 2000-era TV show about high school in 1980 is closer to its subject than we are to it. #tv #old mastodon
10:13pm "Freaks and Geeks", the 2000-era TV show about high school in the '80s is closer to the '80s than we are to it. facebook
11:33am RT @lastplacecomics: 🤖New comic: It's a Rescue🤖 twitter
11:16am RT @winchestermegg: Cinnamon rolls 🫓🫓 twitter
10:38am The Scathing Atheist: 512: Tug O’ Warnock Edition overcast
10:09am Political Gabfest: Can We Stop Talking About Georgia Now? overcast
December 9th 2022
11:03pm RT @pkedrosky: I am so troubled by what I see everywhere all at once with ChatGPT in the last few days. College and high school essays, coll… twitter
1:40pm RT @potatopohtato_: why did i laugh on this twitter
11:55am The Daily: A Court Case That Could Transform Elections overcast
11:18am The Daily: When Book Bans Came to Small Town New Jersey overcast
December 8th 2022
10:27pm RT @neilhimself: 10th best episode of TV this year? I'll take it with delight. Thank you! #sandmannetflix twitter
8:51pm The Daily: Why Haiti Asked for an Intervention overcast
6:49pm Movement Santa Clara (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
3:31pm RT @samdoesarts: Water study #digitalart twitter
9:58am RT @jonathan_eff: GOOD MORNING TO HAIR SPIKES twitter
December 7th 2022
11:06pm Really great interview with Cory Doctorow. "Cory Doctorow wants you to know what computers can and can't do" in the New Yorker. (He also has excellent though... facebook
10:17pm RT @ElieNYC: When we see the splits between non college educated whites and college educated whites, remember that college is where many are… twitter
10:03pm @nathaliejacoby1 Of course yes. "If they are good workmen, they may be of Asia, Africa, or Europe. They may be Mohometans, Jews or Christian… twitter
2:41pm RT @ahl: Always be sure to provide ample parking when presenting a google doc twitter
December 6th 2022
8:23pm When coffee is all gone. It's over. mastodon
3:09pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
1:26pm RT @Rainmaker1973: Ed Fairburn repurposes old maps, transforming them into beautiful, highly-detailed portraits, merging landscape and human… twitter
12:31pm Fresh Air: ‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah overcast
12:07pm The Daily: The Last Senate Seat overcast
11:41am Fresh Air: How Should Nations Memorialize Their Atrocities? overcast
10:23am RT @SienkiewiczArt: twitter
10:22am RT @ShadeX6: Death star-- twitter
December 5th 2022
6:40pm RT @drvolts: If there were any real "fiscal conservatives" in government, this would be a front-page scandal & lead to calls for reform.… twitter
1:06pm Planet Money: My Favorite Tax Loophole overcast
12:47pm The Daily: Life in Ukraine as Russia Weaponizes Winter overcast
9:32am Planet Money: Messi economics overcast
December 4th 2022
2:11pm Political Gabfest: Is Antisemitism Back? overcast
10:43am RT @better_conflict: COVID was far more deadly in Red counties than it was in Blue, because polarization made entire communities skeptical o… twitter
December 3rd 2022
11:41pm I hope there's a season two of The Peripheral.Spoiler link follows, dropping this for my future self about what "creating a new stub" means. (Also, Klept i... facebook
7:59pm RT @JamaalBowmanNY: Yesterday, Senate Republicans and their pal Joe Manchin voted to deny rail workers paid sick leave. I am heartbroken, an… twitter
5:26pm Done. No more Hulu visible form the main page. For archival purposes, here are the four entries from my 2008 Hulu activity feed: mastodon
2:52pm In 2008 to 2009, Hulu provided user activity RSS feeds! I wish more companies provided those. Today I'm going to replace my Hulu feed with my Mastodon feed in my Lifestream. I'm "replacing&quo... mastodon
9:43am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
December 2nd 2022
8:42pm RT @tfswebb: always read the plaque twitter
6:22pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
3:33pm The Scathing Atheist: 511: Putting the Dumb in Wisdom Edition overcast
3:04pm The Daily: Who Pays the Bill for Climate Change? overcast
1:09pm RT @POTUS: I just want to make a few things clear: The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure. And instead of giving it a p… twitter
1:05pm RT @TheFungi669: Elon Musk hates Tim Cook but loves Donald Trump. I know, I’m comparing apples to oranges. twitter
1:04pm RT @EFF: Eight San Francisco supervisors recently voted to approve a policy that would allow police to arm robots with bombs. Thankfully, th… twitter
11:52am The Daily: A Landmark Jan. 6 Verdict overcast
11:25am Fresh Air: ‘Armageddon Time’ Filmmaker James Gray overcast
December 1st 2022
11:31pm Silly NASA. That's not what the moon looks like, so we know this is fake. /s (Go to image 15) facebook
11:22am dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 15th Annual Space Telescope Advent Calendar! (Esp. for pastilla) plurk
9:54am Today's Google Doodle honors videogame pioneer Jerry Lawson, and lets you make video games. Try it out! #game #gamedev mastodon
9:38am @zannah That looks deliciously stupid. Would watch. Reminds me of my other favorite story, of the Yosemite bum climbers who recovered plane … twitter
12:12am I just tried playing Tiny Islands. It's kinda fun and adorable. h/t @zannah #game mastodon
November 30th 2022
5:43pm 99% Invisible: 516- Cougar Town overcast
4:06pm The Daily: What It’s Like Inside One of China’s Protests overcast
8:53am RT @seanpphillips: Night Fever, new book from #edbrubaker @jacobr_phillips and me out in June… Here’s a trailer. twitter
7:55am #protip for happiness: Exercise, eat well, get enough sleep. Have more and warmer social connnections of all kinds. From the multi-generatio… twitter
7:49am #protip for happiness: Exercise, eat well, get enough sleep. Have more and warmer social connections of all kinds. From the multi-generational Waldinger’s study. #happiness #health #friends #sleep ... mastodon
1:15am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
November 29th 2022
5:01pm RT @Sentinelcreativ: This town ain't big enough for the both of us. twitter
11:45am Every year, every time I renew donations to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) my mind starts singing Peter Gabriel's Games Without Frontiers. So, here. Now you g... facebook
10:59am Fresh Air: ‘Armageddon Time’ Filmmaker James Gray overcast
10:21am Fresh Air: To Retire, Or Not To Retire? overcast
10:14am The Daily: A Secret Campaign to Influence the Supreme Court overcast
November 28th 2022
8:27pm RT @JuddLegum: 1. In response to Trump breaking bread w/an unrepentant racist, top GOP elected officials have said nothing The silence deli… twitter
2:18pm Radiolab: More Perfect: The Political Thicket overcast
2:15pm The Daily: Qatar’s Big Bet on the World Cup overcast
November 27th 2022
4:21pm RT @jwz: PSA: Do Not Use Services That Hate The Internet. As you look around for a new social media platform, I implore you, only use one th… twitter
11:58am Planet Money: One economist’s take on popular advice for saving, borrowing, and spending overcast
11:35am The Scathing Atheist: 510: Dressing Down Edition overcast
12:43am I may have to learn Rust, because I really want GitUI to work with Vim key bindings. So I may have to fix #code #rust #git mastodon
November 26th 2022
6:01pm RT @CREWcrew: Congress shouldn't end the year without passing a Congressional stock ban. Sign now and tell them: it's time to get this don… twitter
3:54pm Political Gabfest: What If Twitter Dies? overcast
3:04pm @zannah if you add 'rel="me"' to your Mastodon link at, you'll get a little checkmark by it in your Mastodon profile. (May have to touch your profile to refresh.) Edit: And... ... mastodon
8:56am The new CEO of Twitter created a couple of polls like "should Twitter reinstate President Trump and other previously banned accounts" then reinstates them sa... facebook
12:32am Have you taken a COVID-19 test at home? The NIH wants your test to count, either way, positive or negative. twitter
12:28am Have you taken a COVID-19 test at home? The NIH wants your test to count, either way, positive or negative. facebook
November 25th 2022
9:33pm RT @drvolts: I will keep repeating this until I die: the Democrats had the opportunity to put their entire agenda into a legislative proposa… twitter
5:13pm RT @drvolts: I'm not the first person to point this out, but these right-wing areas become "2nd amendment sanctuaries" because they *want* g… twitter
3:13pm It's tragic to see Elon Musk quote "vox populi, vox dei" as an appeal to authority, so nobody can blame him, where that "authority" is actua… twitter
3:05pm RT @electricalWSOP: There is an envelope marked FASCIST MANIFESTO on my desk. I open it and retrieve a 3x5 file card, with the words "I am n… twitter
November 24th 2022
10:01pm I just added the CSS prefers-color-scheme media feature at my simple portal. It's just text, so just background/foreground. But adding the feature anyway made me happy that the page will try to acc... mastodon
9:46pm RT @MichaelWarbur17: Aired only once in 1998 on the live SNL show for which it was written and effectively banned and never aired again. I … twitter
9:38pm RT @thenib: Recipe for disaster. @JenSorensen ✒ twitter
11:44am RT @ultrakillblast: twitter
10:15am Happy Thursday, my non-U.S.A friends. twitter
November 23rd 2022
11:32pm A reminder to not dump fatty down the sink or garbage disposal. Click through to learn where it should go. facebook
4:36pm An impressively cogent and persuasive explanation of what I thought was just a silly tweet about insulin. The cost of insulin should really … twitter
3:12pm Coffee - Added LaColombe Peppermint Mocha Latte dokuwiki
3:10pm coffee:lacolombe_peppermint_mocha_latte.png - created dokuwiki
2:36pm RT @jwz: @steve_lieber As an app-only walled garden, Hive Social is not a part of the World Wide Web in any meaningful sense. Anyone letting… twitter
1:19pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 902: May Contain Nuts - Evernote bought, Trump on Twitter, Holmes sentencing, FTX mess, Artemis launch overcast
1:13pm Revisionist History: The Cadillac Lyriq: Malcolm Gladwell meets an Electric Icon – Part One overcast
11:10am 99% Invisible: 515- Super Citizens overcast
10:49am The Daily: Talking Turkey: A Holiday Special Edition overcast
9:33am Lillian Blume, I want to make a pilgrimage to the Philz at Folsom and 24th St now. "The Man Who Caffeinates Silicon Valley" facebook
9:20am I love Philz Coffee. This is the story of its founder, Phil Jaber. "The Man Who Caffeinates Silicon Valley" mastodon
November 22nd 2022
10:23pm I have a private wiki where I keep things like a list of which cans of coffee I'd buy again. #coffee #wiki #sharing mastodon
8:55am The Daily: The ‘Tripledemic’ Explained overcast
November 21st 2022
12:09pm Fresh Air: Weird Al Yankovic overcast
11:43am Radiolab: What’s Up Doc? overcast
11:31am The Daily: Trump Faces a New Special Counsel overcast
10:36am @zannah Have you seen How I Experience The Web Today? twitter
November 20th 2022
10:11pm @Pinboard Please refresh the certificate for Thanks, dblume 🍺 twitter
9:30pm Motivated by love. am•a•teur |ˌømədər| noun ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from French, from Italian amatore, from Latin amator ‘lover,’ from amare ‘to love.’ (As seen at mastodon
5:14pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Rethinking J. Edgar Hoover overcast
4:48pm Planet Money: How the cookie became a monster overcast
4:29pm Planet Money: Sam Bankman-Fried and the fall of a crypto empire overcast
November 19th 2022
10:14pm RT @eaton: So, here’s the interesting bit. That diagram is not what you get out of a code review. It’s what you get out of an *architectural… twitter
10:12pm RT @SahilBloom: The Harvard Study of Adult Development began tracking the lives of 268 Harvard sophomores in 1938. It is considered the lon… twitter
9:39pm RT @anildash: A reminder that may not be obvious: amplification on social networks has monetary value. Twitter’s algorithm counts it as enga… twitter
5:05pm The Daily: ‘The Run-Up’: The Post-Mortem overcast
1:38pm RT @ofsevit: Hey so if both crypto and Elon musk are shown to have no clothes in the span of like three days, it’s been a good week. twitter
10:03am Peet's Coffee & Tea (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
November 18th 2022
2:17pm RT @MosquitoCapital: I've seen a lot of people asking "why does everyone think Twitter is doomed?" As an SRE and sysadmin with 10+ years of… twitter
2:11pm @MosquitoCapital Happened to me just this past weekend. First symptom was an RAII file lock didn't get *unlinked*. It was created, but didn'… twitter
2:01pm RT @Avi_Bueno: We should probably have a serious discussion about the ease with which a billionaire haphazardly purchased & immediately … twitter
12:01pm Political Gabfest: SBF FTX WTF? overcast
11:27am The Daily: The Man Who Was Supposed to Save Crypto overcast
10:07am RT @b0rk: is the best mastodon getting started guide I've seen so far twitter
12:34am RT @dmofengineering: Large, long lived distributed systems often *cannot* be restarted. Change over time has created hidden, circular depend… twitter
November 17th 2022
11:44pm Visit this link to see where else I'm at besides Twitter: twitter
11:25pm @integerpoet Thanks, will be using a feed reader to follow your Mastodon RSS feed, so I'll only see public posts. (Because I can't remember … twitter
11:09pm RT @Twitter: Twitter is about to go offline. See you soon! twitter
11:04pm BIBI's new album Lowlife Princess: Noir (Kpop, ballads, "an album full of anger, desire, and love") can be mostly streamed on YouTube. Just … twitter
8:30pm RT @dimeford: Ex-Twitter employees pitching investors next week. #RIPTwitter twitter
8:21pm RT @JoshuaPHilll: Oh shit lol. Twitter HQ in San Francisco tonight twitter
12:41pm 99% Invisible: 405- Freedom House Ambulance Service: American Sirens overcast
12:35pm The Scathing Atheist: 509: V4C Kickoff 2022 Edition overcast
12:08pm The Daily: The Far Right Rises in Israel overcast
9:29am @zannah Oh. They really don't have legs. That promo's bad for them because for people like me, I couldn't really envision how weird that loo… twitter
1:10am Shakira's "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" may be my favorite official FIFA song of all time. Such a positive and energetic vibe. mastodon
November 16th 2022
7:34pm RT @bradmeltzer: No words. Best Kevin Conroy tribute I’ve seen. RIP #Batman. 📷 @WhyNotStuff twitter
4:08pm The Daily: A Republican House overcast
November 15th 2022
3:48pm Fresh Air: ‘Sopranos’ & ‘White Lotus’ Actor Michael Imperioli overcast
3:23pm This American Life: 784: Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map overcast
3:18pm The Daily: Another Trump Campaign overcast
1:15pm This "Math Test" Changed How I See Humanity youtube_favorites
11:39am RT @tshirtman: Another truth bomb in a really concise and clear shape, by hank green :) twitter
9:52am This Twitter "verified account" fiasco? It's horrifying that UVA students didn’t know if they could trust the verified UVA account during an active shooter this week. #Twitter mastodon
November 14th 2022
11:48am The Daily: The Nation’s ‘Report Card’ on Remote Learning overcast
9:13am RT @ATRightMovies: Take 5 minutes to read maybe the greatest celebrity story ever. Told by Marc Haynes. twitter
November 13th 2022
7:55pm RT @SahilBloom: I recently came across data on who we spend our time with over the course of our lives. The insights are simultaneously ins… twitter
7:53pm RT @HC_Richardson: Let's keep up pressure to pass a voting rights law that makes it easy to vote, ends partisan gerrymandering, and stops th… twitter
1:40pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Young and Homeless in Rural America’ overcast
11:52am Fresh Air: Our New Climate Reality overcast
11:28am If you use a feed reader like @feedly, you can subscribe to your friends' Mastodon activity feeds. Format is: [instance]/users/[username].rs… twitter
11:23am RT @ThmsHoward: @JRubinBlogger twitter
11:16am Dang, it's hard to write "forever" code. Just has a server get full, abandoning a "lock file" despite correct RAII, and every service that relied on it blocked or eventually thr... mastodon
10:48am "Finding Batman" by Kevin Conroy (click through, it's good, it's something he decided to share) twitter
10:21am Shoutout to @DreamHostCare. Customer since 2006, just recently a shared server got full, and they moved me to a healthier server and it was … twitter
November 12th 2022
5:54pm RT @simongerman600: Another US election, another "Land doesn't vote, people do" style map showing the election results. twitter
2:06pm Planet Money: The E-Book Wars overcast
1:46pm Planet Money: Peak Sand (classic) overcast
November 11th 2022
11:09pm RT @steinkobbe: Funny thing is if Elon wasn't on Twitter I'd probably to this day think he's an evil but very capable industrialist, but tha… twitter
11:05pm RT @donmoyn: What is $30 million to spend on a guy who netted you tax cuts of $225 million in a single year? This is the democracy that Cit… twitter
12:43pm Radiolab: Butt Stuff overcast
12:18pm Radiolab: Guts overcast
12:03pm Political Gabfest: Extremely Surprising Midterms overcast
November 10th 2022
11:22pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: twitter
6:09pm RT @RobDenBleyker: 11,000 people lost their jobs because the world's biggest dork predicted we'd wanna put on VR headsets and attend work me… twitter
11:44am The Scathing Atheist: 508: Waved Off Edition overcast
11:10am The Daily: How Democrats Defied the Odds overcast
9:50am RT @damian_connelly: Happy birthday @neilhimself DELIRIUM: Have you ever spent days and days and days making up flavors of ice cream that n… twitter
8:17am Homeland Security Admits It Tried to Manufacture Fake Terrorists for Trump via @YahooNews twitter
8:15am RT @drvolts: Hey greenies, in CA and elsewhere, an idea: for your next push (ballot initiative or whatever), instead of focusing on boosting… twitter
8:13am RT @lopezlinette: How do I know so much about how @elonmusk does things? I spent 3 years investigating Tesla at @BusinessInsider from 2018-2… twitter
November 9th 2022
10:53pm Why are so many elections 49% to 51%? twitter
5:48pm 99% Invisible: 514- Train Set: Track Two overcast
10:45am The #GitHubUniverse hackable PCB E-ink badges are pretty cool. twitter
8:04am The Daily: The Republican Wave That Wasn’t overcast
November 8th 2022
11:41pm Radiolab: Guts overcast
2:01pm Planet Money: Planet Money tries election polling overcast
1:59pm The Daily: How Democracy Itself Ended Up on the Ballot in Wisconsin overcast
11:21am @netflix more of your original series' first seasons should have satisfying, strong endings. Fewer open threads/teases for a possible next s… twitter
8:57am RT @jonathan_eff: I live for Magik by Peach. twitter
November 7th 2022
9:31pm RT @steve_vladeck: One more time: Many key states—thanks to laws enacted by Republican-controlled legislatures—aren’t even allowed to *start… twitter
3:16pm RT @EclecticHams: A town in Connecticut voted on and approved a resolution asking their local Starbucks workers to work faster because peopl… twitter
2:53pm RT @alyankovic: Oh no, they suspended @danielradcliffe's Twitter account! Wasn't it obvious he was doing a PARODY??? twitter
9:33am The Daily: John Fetterman and the Fight for White Working-Class Voters overcast
9:01am The Daily: ‘The Run-Up’: The Grass Roots, Part 2 overcast
8:58am Click through for amazing swept leaf art. "Every fall this high school art teacher in Nara sweeps fallen leaves into ephemeral art" facebook
8:56am My Twitter Profile link takes you to a tiny guidepost that shows you where else I might be. It mentions I'm on Mastodon as twitter
8:52am RT @BrentToderian: You know what’s more important than what’s happening with Twitter? American voters preventing the dismantling of democrac… twitter
November 6th 2022
2:29pm RT @artofmmignola: twitter
9:58am Political Gabfest: Live From Atlanta! overcast
9:49am @zannah Same. I would've been pretty happy with either Jaiku or Plurk. twitter
November 5th 2022
8:34pm Just came across "How I experience the web today." Click through, see if you recognize the journey. facebook
November 4th 2022
2:20pm The Daily: Can Abortion Still Save the Democrats? overcast
November 3rd 2022
11:21am Fresh Air: Halloween Special: Part II overcast
11:05am The Scathing Atheist: 507: QED-Brief Edition overcast
10:39am The Daily: Why the Supreme Court Might End Affirmative Action overcast
November 2nd 2022
8:59pm RT @netflix: Yes, it’s true: The Sandman will return to Netflix! "There are some astonishing stories waiting for Morpheus & the rest o… twitter
5:47pm Planet Money: Two Indicators shaking China’s economy overcast
5:30pm Revisionist History: From Inside Voice: Lake Bell and the Sexy Baby Voice Phenomenon overcast
4:02pm The Daily: The Man Who Tried to Kidnap Nancy Pelosi overcast
7:53am RT @curious_founder: Recently I learned about a man who has trained 1,000+ people to block wind and solar projects. I read through all his… twitter
7:46am RT @thegoodgodabove: imagine being the richest man on the planet and begging Stephen King for 8 bucks lmao twitter
November 1st 2022
4:18pm Last trick-or-treater was a kid with a light blue wig and a cucumber in his lab coat. I ask who he was. "I'm Rick Sanchez." "Is that Pickle Rick‽" "Yes." (Bi... facebook
3:18pm Planet Money: Planet Money Records Vol. 2: The Negotiation overcast
3:02pm The Daily: Twitter in the Time of Elon Musk overcast
1:38pm RT @_Francis_co_Art: A house before sleep 🏠 twitter
7:39am git dokuwiki
October 31st 2022
3:08pm RT @gwenckatz: THREAD: A tale in two tweets and one FCC chairman twitter
2:42pm When I'm reminded there's Kevin Sorbo, I have to remember there's Lucy Lawless there to call him Peanut. twitter
2:40pm Think I'm really going to like the KAYA climbing app, esp. as one of my partners is out-of-town for a few years, and we can still easily sho… twitter
1:42pm Planet Money: Planet Money Records Vol. 1: Earnest Jackson overcast
1:23pm Radiolab: The Weather Report overcast
1:10pm The Daily: Xi Jinping Opens a New Chapter for China overcast
October 30th 2022
9:25pm RT @pattonoswalt: So, I’ve now seen @alyankovic’s WEIRD *twice*, and I’m going to see it again on Thursday. It is one of the funniest films … twitter
4:15pm RT @Katstodian_: I think it’s time for this again. twitter
12:13pm Political Gabfest: Are British Politics More Or Less Crazy Than Ours? overcast
October 29th 2022
7:52pm RT @MattGertz: Fox now describing the assailant only as "posting about multiple conspiracy theories online." They can't describe the conspir… twitter
7:44pm RT @LOLGOP: When you remind yourself that for Republicans "crime" means "all minorities but mostly Black people," everything makes sense. twitter
7:13pm RT @HappySinger: Keeping up with the Kardashians is exhausting tbh. twitter
1:12pm The Daily: ‘The Run-Up’: The Grass Roots, Part 1 overcast
12:30pm RT @buhhhhlieevmeee: The word "fringe" is a wholly inappropriate descriptor for ideas which are being fire-hosed at millions of Americans on… twitter
October 28th 2022
6:35pm RT @Hbomberguy: there should be forced labelling of my political opponents. like, a badge or armband of some kind twitter
11:53am The Scathing Atheist: 506: Putting the Tool in Tool Man Edition overcast
11:25am The Daily: Two Futures Face Off in Brazil overcast
10:48am Pretty good post from The Verge, "Welcome to Hell, Elon". Click through, it's a fun read. facebook
10:27am RT @verge: Welcome to hell, Elon twitter
10:20am RT @Public_Citizen: Kanye wants to buy Parler. Elon Musk wants to own Twitter. Trump owns Truth Social. Mark Zuckerberg controls Facebook… twitter
October 27th 2022
11:58pm RT @traecrowder: ON INFLATION AND THE GOP’S PLAN FOR IT twitter
6:31pm The Daily: Is New York (of All Places) About to Go Red? overcast
6:06pm Fresh Air: The “Sioux Chef,” Sean Sherman overcast
October 26th 2022
5:54pm 99% Invisible: 513- The Safety Bicycle overcast
8:38am The Daily: The Trump Subpoena overcast
8:00am RT @TansuYegen: When your dad is a VFX artist twitter
October 25th 2022
11:23pm RT @colbertlateshow: "When you lose, you accept the outcome." — @SecretaryPete on what it means to live in a democracy. See more of Pete an… twitter
6:32pm Fresh Air: The “Sioux Chef,” Sean Sherman overcast
6:21pm Fresh Air: Tracing The Path Of Steve Bannon’s Enigmatic Chinese Benefactor overcast
2:35pm Fresh Air: How The Far-Right Became The GOP’s Center Of Gravity overcast
9:07am The Daily: How Europe’s Energy Crisis Exposed Old Fault Lines and New Anxieties overcast
October 24th 2022
8:32pm @DreamHostCare FYI, today (Monday) I'm receiving email that was sent from shared hosting server Warrenton on Thursday. (It was cronjob email… twitter
3:11pm RT @MaxKashevsky: prime_minister_final_final_FINAL.docx twitter
2:27pm Esp for Lillian Blume facebook
2:22pm RT @raymondh: Today is my first day to teach #Python with version 3.11. The improved error messages are a real joy. When the final release… twitter
12:00pm Fresh Air: ‘New Yorker’ Writer Hua Hsu On Friendship, Grief, And Pop Culture overcast
11:50am The Daily: Running an Election in the Heart of Election Denialism overcast
October 23rd 2022
10:20pm RT @mehdirhasan: "They say they want to do...investigations and impeachments...but help ordinary Americans? With housing costs or gas prices… twitter
8:50pm I just finished Andy Weir's "Project Hail Mary" and loved it. What should I read next? I haven't read his "Artemis" yet. facebook
10:24am Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Tracy Flick Returns overcast
October 22nd 2022
9:27pm RT @ElliottBlackwe3: Why aren't cozy book nooks standard in all homes? twitter
4:37pm I sorta want to buy some MP3s (or any good unprotected format) of songs I like, but that's just not how the world works anymore. It really wants me to stream. facebook
1:39pm Planet Money: The high cost of a strong dollar overcast
1:17pm The Daily: ‘The Run-Up’: What 12 Years of Gerrymandering Has Done to Wisconsin overcast
9:04am RT @fasc1nate: High winds at the perfect time of day created a previously undocumented 2,400-foot rainbow waterfall in Yosemite National Par… twitter
7:37am Music - Added link to Amazon Music for download dokuwiki
October 21st 2022
5:35pm Eureka! Santa Clara (a restaurant) in Santa Clara foursquare
12:27pm Revisionist History: The Creative Power of Misfits overcast
11:57am The Daily: The Rapid Downfall of Liz Truss overcast
11:33am Political Gabfest: The Polls Do Not Look Amazing For Democrats overcast
October 20th 2022
9:43pm Esp. for Narilka Aensland. ALL of JWZ's mixtapes! A limited time offer! facebook
3:38pm The Scathing Atheist: 505: Badge to the Bone Edition overcast
3:10pm 99% Invisible: 512- Walk of Fame overcast
8:27am The Daily: Why Republicans Are Winning Swing Voters overcast
October 19th 2022
6:11pm @ShadeX6 Love this to pieces. Is there any @artofmmignola influence here? twitter
6:10pm RT @ShadeX6: Buddha-- twitter
8:15am The Daily: Race, Power and the Leaked Recording in Los Angeles overcast
October 18th 2022
10:03pm RT @RepKatiePorter: Bigger corporate profits account for *over half* of the higher prices people are paying. twitter
9:02pm RT @culturaltutor: This is the Apennine Colossus. It is 442 years old and nearly 40 feet tall. Here is its story... twitter
5:55pm Fresh Air: Chelsea Manning On Life Before & After WikiLeaks overcast
11:18am Fresh Air: Best Of: One-Pan Recipes / The History Of Money overcast
10:54am The Daily: Did Hurricane Ian Bust Florida’s Housing Boom? overcast
October 17th 2022
11:38am Radiolab: No-Touch Abortion overcast
11:31am The Daily: The Personal and Political Saga of Herschel Walker overcast
9:35am RT @JohnBauters: Some brief thoughts on why I am an #urbanist. 🌲🌿🌍 #urbanism #conservation #GoOutside twitter
5:31am shell tips - [Protips for find] dokuwiki
October 16th 2022
10:32pm RT @TheDailyShow: Conservatives and the KKK: Spot The Difference twitter
2:34pm Political Gabfest: Bonus Edition: Michigan and Arizona Midterms overcast
2:14pm Planet Money: You asked for coupons, Delaware, and the truth about goldfish overcast
1:57pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: back to school overcast
11:40am "The robot says vacant apartments are good actually. There's way too much empathy going on here." facebook
11:27am RT @atrupar: Pete Buttigieg to Margaret Brennan when she suggests Democratic divisions killed paid family leave: "Hold on. But if even one R… twitter
October 15th 2022
1:30pm The Daily: ‘The Run-Up’: The Stacey Abrams Playbook overcast
1:13pm Serial Productions: We Were Three - Part 3 overcast
10:22am Serial Productions: We Were Three - Part 2 overcast
October 14th 2022
9:14pm RT @DalaiLama: We are all here on this planet, as tourists, as it were. None of us can live here forever. The longest we might live is a hun… twitter
4:42pm RT @garius: Losing Angela Lansbury completes the trifecta of losing the total mensch group of TV crime-solvers: Falk (Columbo), Klugman (Qui… twitter
3:41pm Political Gabfest: Clarence Thomas Is A Prince Fan overcast
8:54am OMG, it's a sign! I wore Death's Joy Division shirt just yesterday! twitter
October 13th 2022
6:19pm Serial Productions: We Were Three - Part 1 overcast
5:17pm @zannah That right side of row two: Look at it upright and it's a duck, look at it sideways and it's rabbit. At least that's the prompt we g… twitter
12:53pm RT @Rainmaker1973: Artist Kohei Ohmori spends more than 200 hours on each project with a striking attention to details. Ohmori's hyperrealis… twitter
10:58am Serial Productions: We Were Three - Trailer overcast
10:55am The Scathing Atheist: 504: Putting the Sus in Jesus Edition overcast
10:25am The Daily: ‘The Decision of My Life’: Part 3 overcast
8:57am RT @drvolts: We allow fundamentalist religious figures in the US to endorse & support right-wing political candidates while operating ta… twitter
8:51am RT @ShadeX6: smart phone-- twitter
October 12th 2022
6:14pm Fresh Air: Journalist Maggie Haberman On The Making Of Donald Trump overcast
4:55pm @zannah All of those rabbits are Machine Learning / AI art rabbits, right? The reflections, ripples, couch, eyes seem off. twitter
3:58pm RT @drvolts: Don't miss @jonathanchait on National Conservatism, which is basically conservatives' way of going full fascist without using t… twitter
3:17pm RT @wihorne: You can tell that the anti-LGBTQ (& esp anti-trans) movement is a fascist moral panic bc of the way it exists in a vacuum w… twitter
2:06pm Fresh Air: A New Generation Of Resistance In Iran overcast
8:14am The Daily: A Bridge, a Bomb and Putin’s Revenge overcast
October 11th 2022
8:15pm Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2022 (Click through, it's worth it!) facebook
6:00pm 99% Invisible: 511- Vuvuzela overcast
3:29pm Invisibilia: Power Tools overcast
3:21pm The Daily: The Rise of the Single-Family Home overcast
7:04am git - git switch instead of git checkout dokuwiki
October 10th 2022
3:03pm Good points, but that's too prescriptive or absolute. Lighten up with the "none"s and "all"s. Life isn't like that, allow for the real world… twitter
11:18am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
11:14am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
3:11am Satoru Kousaki (MONACA) - Classmate last_fm
3:07am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
3:04am Primus - Jerry Was a Race Car Driver last_fm
2:58am Angela Aki - Twilight last_fm
2:53am Angela Aki - Sakurairo last_fm
October 9th 2022
9:35pm RT @ThatTonyH: I know everyone thinks Hemingway has the ultimate Six Word Story, but may I present (Via ) twitter
5:52pm Planet Money: Forging Taiwan’s Silicon Shield overcast
5:29pm Planet Money: Economic anarchy in the UK overcast
5:12pm The Daily: The Run-Up: ‘The Blueprint’ overcast
3:08pm Radiolab: The Theater of David Byrne’s Mind overcast
October 8th 2022
10:44pm RT @QueenMab87: Do not believe a 15wk abortion ban is "moderate." The vast majority of abortions occur before 15wks but the earliest fetal a… twitter
10:26pm RT @NASAAmes: The making of our Moon... A new @NASA simulation shows the Moon may have formed much faster than previously thought (over a m… twitter
12:51pm Amoeba San Francisco (a record shop) in San Francisco foursquare
11:23am Flywheel Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
October 7th 2022
10:21pm Love this aphorism in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: While one character was worrying, another says "What cannot be known hollow… twitter
7:16pm Bobaholics (a bubble tea shop) in San Jose foursquare
6:36pm Sizzling Lunch (a japanese restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
4:07pm Coffee - High Brew Cold Brew Double Espresso dokuwiki
4:06pm coffee:high-brew-cold-brew-double-espresso.png - created dokuwiki
2:51pm @raganwald, I know you were probably joking about always documenting "Is this any good? Yes" back in 2011. But I've been doing it every sinc… twitter
11:20am This is where we are now, and technology is getting better, so appropriate use will become harder to "control". For the moment, this style o…