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December 6th
6:52pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
2:50pm Can you say "mama?" facebook
December 5th
7:52am "[The new movie about Tommy and me] premiered last week but I stayed in Yosemite so I haven't gotten to see it yet." --Alex HonnoldClassic. He doesn't even... facebook
December 4th
1:35pm RT @erinscafe: SNAP is about making sure people don’t starve, regardless of their situation. Requiring people to work 20 hours a week for 3 … twitter
1:34pm I love it!! twitter
12:57pm RT @DavidCornDC: I took a close look at the House Republican's impeachment report--someone has to do it!--and discovered it's a magnum opus … twitter
12:48pm @zannah This was the next Tweet in my feed: twitter
December 3rd
3:20pm RT @whstancil: Remember when it came out 12 hours ago that Trump had directly, personally commandeered the Pentagon contracting process to s… twitter
10:48am I loved this talk so much! twitter
December 2nd
5:12pm RT @brianschatz: This is the official position of the Republican Party and if someone wants to distance themselves from this report they can… twitter
2:24pm @zannah I don't actually hope this approach worked for them. It didn't work for us, either. They should go ahead and make good on a sort of … twitter
2:18pm RT @CucumberTonic: All other rubik’s cube achievements are cancelled twitter
December 1st
5:50pm Ramen Nagi (a ramen restaurant) in Palo Alto foursquare
2:44pm I love that it was the chairwoman of the county Republicans that investigated the election results when she saw the Democratic candidate had suspiciously too... facebook
2:39pm RT @AdamHSays: wow. twitter
10:13am dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 12th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
November 30th
10:34pm dblume shares In Korea, "Nabi" (Butterfly) is a common name for a housecat. Watch BiBi play a cat, complete with pushing a glass off a table and giving you a "wat?" look. [MV] BIBI(비비) _ NABI(나비) plurk
5:18pm Tee Nee Thai (a thai restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
2:48pm RT @davidsirota: Wall Street is mad at Bernie Sanders’ tuition-free college plan because it is financed by a tax on Wall Street speculation.… twitter
November 29th
10:39pm TIL about Hot Ones, where guests eat wings in increasing order of hotness while being interviewed. Here's Steve-O. facebook
8:25am Bill's Cafe (a breakfast spot) in San Jose foursquare
November 28th
7:58pm RT @Megavolt1: Press Watch: Political reporters still can’t handle the GOP’s moral and ethical collapse | twitter
6:16pm RT @AndyRichter: The only remedy to America‘s “partisan divide“ is for white people to accept demographic changes and learn to share power w… twitter
November 27th
8:03pm "An accreditation agency that was working with the U.S. on its sting operation also listed the university as legitimate." twitter
5:46pm Bon Chon Chicken (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
12:33pm RT @jacobsoboroff: BREAKING: Trump administration wanted to separate *five times as many families* as they were able to before they were for… twitter
10:35am RT @AndiEwington: DM: ‘You come to large wooden door.’ Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’ DM: ‘An orc opens it and asks you to come in.’ Cat: ‘I… twitter
November 26th
8:56pm RT @imillhiser: Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh quietly released a brief opinion that lays out his blueprint for one-party Republican rule. twitter
8:35pm @Tyrus_Blackhorn @DichotomusPrime @freddiefoulds @CriticalRole Twitter's weird. I can imagine most people taking this at face value. (The le… twitter
November 25th
5:28pm RT @rauchg: twitter
12:15pm "Obama made a point of getting daily exercise, an antidote to stress, and he’d also golf regularly with a trio of old friends and trusted aides. Covering Oba... facebook
11:05am Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2019. (Click through!) facebook
7:49am RT @McFaul: Missed the impeachment hearings over the last 2 weeks? Well, I watched almost every word (doing commentary for @NBCNews & @… twitter
November 24th
1:58pm RT @donmoyn: Wallace: who hacked the DNC? Kennedy: "I don't know, nor do you." Wallace: It is the unanimous assessment of US intelligence th… twitter
1:57pm RT @LouisatheLast: This sort of thing happens all the time. Can we please get some kind of legislation that says if you are practicing medic… twitter
1:53pm RT @fred_guttenberg: YOU ARE A LIAR!!! Following the Parkland shooting which resulted in my daughters murder, the House passed gun safety l… twitter
November 23rd
8:31pm You guys! Parasite was a pretty fun movie. You should see it. facebook
8:21pm RT @RadioFreeTom: If the choice is between living under liberals in a constitutional republic under the rule of law, or getting conservative… twitter
8:00pm RT @RVAwonk: So, um, it appears that Facebook deviated from its policy and extended a line of credit (to the tune of hundreds of thousands o… twitter
12:48pm Century 25 Union Landing (a movie theater) in Union City foursquare
9:14am Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Union City foursquare
November 22nd
3:13pm RT @CREWcrew: Twitter is full of people joking about how no one is surprised that Trump lied to cover up his attempt to profit off the G-7. … twitter
3:12pm RT @Inferis: Man, this is so great. twitter
7:50am “Voltaire was right. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities — and social media lets authoritarians push absurdities to bil... facebook
November 21st
9:46pm Oops. Apparently my friends were watching the Tesla Truck unveiling while I was watching the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. facebook
9:45pm Oops. Apparently my friends were watching the Tesla Truck unveiling while I was watching the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. twitter
3:52pm RT @girlsreallyrule: Hill: "In the course of this investigation, I would ask that you please not promote politically driven falsehoods that … twitter
November 20th
9:50pm This one's pretty easy: You have a choice when you use ride share. Don't use the service that excuses the cold-blooded murder and dismemberment of a journali... facebook
5:15pm RT @shanvav: NSA Fmr Deputy Director Inglis' take on @Snowden: "I thought that he was reckless...Not a whistleblower in any way shape or for… twitter
12:29pm RT @brentsimmons: This article from 2014 — about why Webster’s 1913 dictionary is amazing, and how you can import it into… twitter
November 19th
1:43pm @zannah That "we" reads like "not me personally". twitter
12:40pm RT @simondonald: For fuck’s sake. Socialism is NOT Communism. Capitalism - anybody can be rich. Communism - nobody can be rich. Socialis… twitter
12:10pm Happy Blade Runner Day. facebook
November 18th
9:52pm This was one of the most interesting bugs I've ever heard about. Some might even have to ask their apartment neighbors to put their Nintendo Switches in airp... facebook
2:35pm RT @RAICESTEXAS: The U.S. has broken a record. We now have over 100,000 children in immigrant-related custody, per a United Nations study. … twitter
8:58am @flowingdata The article says "waiters and waitresses have a median salary of $21,780" but the bubble's Y-axis position far below zero ($0k)… twitter
7:44am @b0rk @d6 Actually, tac is useful for removing duplicates from your history, so history search pattern matching has more hits. See this: twitter
November 17th
6:25pm RT @CREWcrew: Remember when Trump tried to hold the next G-7 summit at his struggling Doral golf resort? He claimed it was because it's what… twitter
5:12pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
9:01am RT @ddale8: It’s been hard to communicate just how comprehensively Trump has been lying about his Ukraine scandal. So I made a list. Here … twitter
November 16th
5:24pm "Trump is successful because his hyper-tribalism dovetails perfectly with this polarized moment in American history. He didn’t create the divisions fracturin... facebook
5:20pm "Trump is successful because his hyper-tribalism dovetails perfectly with this polarized moment in American history. He didn’t create the di… twitter
4:44pm Coffee is good for you. ☕ facebook
4:43pm @nycsouthpaw "Friends on the other side" said the supposed to be nonpartisan Attorney General. Click through to see some Trump administratio… twitter
1:03pm @jwise0 It was nice to see you recognize my @bangbangconwest t-shirt at Planet Granite and make sure I get my talk submitted in time. (And g… twitter
November 15th
10:02pm @natalietran If it's any consolation, my hand-crafted birthday party invitation told everyone to go through the "rot iron" gate when they ar… twitter
7:42pm RT @JohnBrennan: Your comments reflect the despicable nature of your character, hate & fear of our foreign service officers & desper… twitter
7:32pm @yacitus How about that? Once again, premature optimization is the root of evil. twitter
November 14th
12:27pm RT @quantian1: No other textbook, and possibly no other book, will ever have a better opening paragraph than Goodstein's "States of Matter": twitter
12:24pm @triagegirl True that. I love the auntie-encouraged cultures of wearing protective clothing, sharing, eating right, and getting enough sleep… twitter
8:51am @triagegirl Serious question: Like what? Say you want there to be an observer in a few millennia who could appreciate the resilient system y… twitter
8:40am Saw the announcement of @github ‘s Arctic Cold Vault and the Archive Partner Program Panel with @longnow . My people! twitter
November 13th
7:51am Palace of Fine Arts (a historic site) in San Francisco foursquare
November 12th
9:30pm Click through and read. The Secret Reason Republicans Won't Impeach Trump twitter
3:34pm Today's False Knees is awesome. (As they usually are.) Sjon Svenson may especially like it. facebook
8:36am I wonder if the deletion signals that Trump doesn't support losers, or whether Trump's just not loyal back? twitter
November 11th
1:35pm RT @jonfavs: This is an important piece that shows the dangers of coverage that focuses on the partisan politics of impeachment instead of t… twitter
12:56pm @pocketcasts Please do! #QuantifiedSelf and #Lifestream fall in and out of vogue, but it'd be a service that distinguishes you, and people w… twitter
10:35am @pocketcasts If you scroll half-way down this Last dot fm feed, , you'll see plenty of NPR, TWiT, and Science Friday… twitter
10:32am @pocketcasts I'm looking for programmatic access to my activity feed. Maybe I want to have a record I can access from anywhere, upload to ht… twitter
9:35am "Oh, I *am* the devil."That's the sincere realization my son just made bouldering with me today. He completed his first V5 (Congrats, Son!), and has been e... facebook
November 10th
4:19pm I'm really enjoying season 3 of True Detective. Mahershala Ali is becoming one of my favorite actors. facebook
12:12pm @pocketcasts Question: Does Pocket Casts offer User Activity Feeds? If I listened to Fresh Air #300, you'd have an RSS/Atom feed (or RESTful… twitter
November 9th
10:22pm "Secular Assault" Based on an actual quote from Bill Barr at Notre Dame. facebook
4:59pm Here's a comic with a little timeline in it for ya. facebook
4:58pm RT @DarrinBellArt: @realDonaldTrump twitter
3:42pm RT @WajahatAli: Republican Party will not reset after Trump. The ideology will be more extreme. They will find a more polished, less self de… twitter
12:46pm RT @waldojaquith: It is a bedrock Republican belief, at this point, that any Democratic victory is illegitimate. twitter
10:57am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
November 8th
6:45pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
1:22pm RT @forvrin: @zannah This meme is dead to me now twitter
1:14pm @fpccraig @zannah Speaking of pizza domains, I wrote one for fairly sharing that last slice of pizza between two people where one wants the … twitter
1:12pm Trump didn't lie when he said he liked using OPM (Other People's Money). twitter
12:23pm Maciej's pointing out that these are relatively small amounts of revenue for the companies, and if their principles really weren't so right-… twitter
12:13pm Not the Enforcement and Removal Operations arm of ICE. Why not the ATF, though, since it was about guns? Still, we have to be vigilant about… twitter
10:28am RT @StephenKing: Sometimes I feel like screaming, "Everybody knows that Trump is as crooked as a broken nose and as dumb as a fencepost. Jus… twitter
November 7th
11:03am @zannah Turns out that today's my 13th #MyTwitterAnniversary too! But they didn't give me a fancy graphic to share. So I'll just share the t… twitter
10:55am @zannah I've just been updating my DokuWiki, Gallery, WebSvn, GitList and all my bespoke sites for DreamHost's imminent forced upgrade from … twitter
November 6th
12:18pm Thank you, benevolent time traveller, for returning to this time to stop the literate crab uprising. twitter
November 5th
1:16pm RT @ACLU: The president’s attacks fit a broader, bipartisan government playbook to delegitimize and intimidate whistleblowers and those who … twitter
1:14pm RT @FairVoteCA: “Because candidates are still seeking a second or third preference, they don’t want another candidate’s supporters to active… twitter
9:03am david completed "Update RPS site for PHP 7.2" tasks
8:58am Home dokuwiki
7:12am david prioritized "Update RPS site for PHP 7.2" tasks
November 4th
8:57pm @neonepiphany HBD! FWIW, I'm over 50yo and still boulder. It's just that I climb down a little before jumping down nowadays. twitter
4:56pm RT @lottydoes: “losing/taking virginity” - turns sex into an object - places pressure on the decision - you don’t actually lose or take any… twitter
4:54pm @DreamHost Today's XKCD is relevant. BTW, Dreamhost is auto-upgrading this month. twitter
4:45pm RT @jdmaccoby: PRESS: how will you pay for your plans? TRUMP: mexico PRESS: ok GOP: economics PRESS: sure WARREN: a detailed set of ref… twitter
1:20pm ProTip for old-timer @dreamhost customers. If you wrote old PHP 5 code that uses mysql_connect(), you'll have to change it when they auto-up… twitter
8:24am RT @MalwareJake: The next time a whistleblower takes the @snowden route, this tweet will be known as "exhibit one" twitter
8:21am RT @SassyOlli: Don't be a sucker. Racism is for chumps. twitter
8:15am @neonepiphany What were the others? twitter
November 3rd
4:27pm RT @TerpTheatre: Event Organizer: We're sorry, there won't be interpreters at the event where you are presenting about Deaf things, sign lan… twitter
3:41pm McCarran International Airport (LAS) (an airport) in Las Vegas foursquare
11:26am Eggslut (a breakfast spot) in Las Vegas foursquare
9:38am All USA citizens should watch this video from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. This is what putting country over party loo… twitter
9:30am It also notes how odd it is that Trump started a criminal investigation into the report that resulted in his "total and complete exoneration… twitter
November 2nd
10:33pm I love the cannon sound the fountain makes when does the super tall jets. instagram
8:15pm Fountains of Bellagio (a fountain) in Las Vegas foursquare
7:35pm Atlantis Aquarium (an aquarium) in Las Vegas foursquare
7:28pm Fountain of The Gods (a sculpture garden) in Las Vegas foursquare
1:48pm @neonepiphany You can find spam at You're welcome. twitter
10:52am RT @washingtonpost: Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall twitter
10:50am RT @nytimes: The Trump administration is expected to roll back an Obama-era regulation meant to limit the leaching of heavy metals like arse… twitter
10:24am SAHARA Las Vegas (a hotel) in Las Vegas foursquare
November 1st
7:53pm McCarran International Airport (LAS) (an airport) in Las Vegas foursquare
5:08pm Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
12:36pm RT @yacitus: Nationalism Isn’t Patriotism via @thenib twitter
7:04am RT @attn: Watch President @BarackObama make an excellent point about call-out culture. twitter
October 31st
3:49pm RT @jessicamckellar: I first met Emile while he was serving a life sentence at San Quentin. When his sentence was commuted, he needed to be… twitter
3:46pm RT @TopherSpiro: BREAKING: Trump just broke his campaign promise to support Medicare negotiation of prescription drug prices. twitter
3:40pm @yacitus Congrats, Daryl! twitter
October 30th
2:57pm Twitter's stopping all political advertising. Facebook needs to step up. Facebook's policy of "Political ads are the ones that we allow to b… twitter
1:49pm RT @yacitus: Only now do we understand the true cruelty of Trump’s family separation twitter
1:45pm RT @jimmykimmel: We mashed up @BarackObama’s Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump’s al-Baghdadi speech, and the results are amazing twitter
October 29th
4:04pm Rare found curb ankylosaurus. instagram
October 27th
9:13pm Just got around to this. Love it. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete facebook
October 26th
8:48pm RT @nakanodrawing: "Hey everyone, I've been having trouble catching that mouse. Do you guys have any tips?" "Be patient and don't pounce to… twitter
1:31pm Lotus Thai Restaurant (a thai restaurant) in Danville foursquare
12:37pm Century Blackhawk Plaza (a movie theater) in Danville foursquare
10:13am Blackhawk Automotive Museum (a museum) in Danville foursquare
October 25th
10:26pm The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck (Official Music Video) Don't read anything about this video. Just experience it. The music, the dance, the cinemat... facebook
8:51pm California Combatting Wildfire Risk By Shutting Off Oxygen To Thousands Of Residents facebook
5:16pm Was learning about GraphQL at but they lost me at: "empireHero": { "name": "Luke Skywalker" }, "jediHero": { "name… twitter
7:46am @zannah In Edward Snowden's autobiography, Permanent Record, he says Ghost In The Shell is his favorite anime! twitter
October 24th
8:32pm RT @Alwaida_lily: ICE killed a woman and erased all the evidence twitter
2:43pm RT @Grace_Segers: Me, writing an email: I'm using an exclamation point so you know I'm friendly and excited! But now I'm using a period so … twitter
10:17am ProTip: moreutils' ts (timestamp prepender) is awesome, and if you use it in crontab escape any percent characters. (% has different special… twitter
10:12am RT @nihilocrat: the buried lede here is "global warming could be stalled for 20 years with the same amount of money the world spends on its … twitter
9:44am RT @kurteichenwald: Can you imagine if Dems stormed the room where secret depositions were taken by Benghazi committee? The ones never rele… twitter
7:43am "These are the first sit-in protesters in history to be fighting for high crimes and misdemeanors." facebook
October 23rd
5:03pm RT @amyg__g: "I just want to note that they attacked Obama with racism, smeared his wife & kids, demanded his birth certificate and not … twitter
3:33pm RT @CREWcrew: The IRS has not turned over President Trump's tax returns to Congress. Charles Rettig, Trump’s hand-picked IRS Commissioner, … twitter
1:31pm RT @slpng_giants: THIS IS A LIE!!!! AN OUTRIGHT LIE! We asked this very same question to @Poynter, whose standards are supposed to be met f… twitter
1:30pm RT @drvox: The worst thing Republicans are doing gets the least attention. twitter
1:23pm RT @jbendery: Here is a Republican congressman bragging about crashing a classified intel meeting he's not supposed to be in, with his cell … twitter
9:20am Comcast is lobbying against encrypted DNS and is misrepresenting it in their deck. If you care about privacy, click through. twitter
October 22nd
10:43pm RT @ryangrim: Bernie Sanders pledges to end practice of prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act twitter
6:56pm Century 20 Great Mall and XD (a movie theater) in Milpitas foursquare
1:05pm RT @EqualCitizensUS: Retweet if you agree states should use ranked choice voting to elect the president! No one should win a state with a me… twitter
October 21st
9:38pm GNOME has been targeted by a patent troll. It'd have been cheaper for them to pay the ransom, but they're going to fight. Good on them. facebook
1:31pm RT @jimsciutto: In a further demonstration of the helter-skelter of US Syria policy, 200 US troops will now remain in Syria to guard oil fie… twitter
10:37am Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2019. (Click through. The emo white-haired spider is worth it alone. Not to mention the tulip bud... facebook
8:04am It reminds me of the time in 2016 when Trump finally and resentfully said, "Barack Obama was born in the United States, Okay?" And there was… twitter
October 20th
6:17pm shell tips dokuwiki
6:14pm Bon Chon Chicken (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
5:17pm shell tips dokuwiki
1:30pm RT @JackiSchechner: Proof there was no actual search b/c if there were, they could just pick whichever was second. twitter
9:24am Cafe Gourmet (a café) in San Jose foursquare
October 19th
4:17pm Reducing the number of lines of code to a 10th of the original size and making it more maintainable is pretty great. Getting a 17x speed improvement is just... facebook
1:00pm RT @PamKeithFL: I want you to understand that McConnell’s refusal to ensure a quorum at the FEC was specifically designed to allow 45 and ot… twitter
October 18th
11:20pm This video is a two-fer. I have a hard time wrapping my head around which way the water actually (looks like) it's going. And Destin calls out the way we ca... facebook
10:54pm If you like Abba or don't like Giuliani, you'll enjoy this. facebook
7:54pm RT @Bernstein: Mark Zuckerberg just publicly retrofit the reason for founding Facebook from a tool that could rate the attractiveness of fem… twitter
1:53pm RT @Carrie_Rachel: I don't understand why we don't call this hoarding. The obeisance to unchecked capitalism and materialism is a mental ill… twitter
1:31pm RT @zannah: twitter
10:49am RT @reymondin: « What is real is being purposefully conflated with what is fake, through technologies that are capable of scaling that confl… twitter
7:47am @Arlene48387455 @Castbox_fm @SlateGabfest , the latest episode "The 'Don’t Be a Tough Guy. Don’t Be a Fool! I Will Call You Later' Edition" … twitter
October 17th
9:42pm RT @ewarren: Here's the thing, Mark. Trump isn't just posting a lie on his own page for his own followers. Facebook is accepting millions of… twitter
7:06pm RT @DanRather: I cannot remember a time when the world saw the United States this unsteady, adrift, corrupt, or incompetent. twitter
8:40am Favorite github commit today: "obstreperous pony-petting anamorphic mindmeld" twitter
8:40am RT @gkoberger: I wrote a song about the history of web dev, as I remember it! 🥁🥁🥁🥁 🎤 It's the end of web dev as we know it 🎶 And I feel fi… twitter
7:41am RT @ddiamond: The front page of the NYT website — on day 1,000 of the Trump administration — reads like a parody prediction from 2016 of wha… twitter
October 16th
6:28pm RT @RegalMovies: FOLLOW us and RETWEET with #DoubleTapPrizeGiveaway for a chance to win! Rules: twitter
2:30pm This is the "good letter" Lindsey Graham said Trump had sent Erdogan. twitter
1:30pm RT @4TheRefugees: Full transcript of remarks at today’s press conference on Trudeau failing refugees. We’re a non-partisan org and the last … twitter
11:18am RT @jakelikesonions: Old comic about labels twitter
7:26am RT @steve_vladeck: When @realDonaldTrump is no longer President, there will be a flurry of people who worked in the administration rushing t… twitter
October 15th
10:33pm The Lines of Code That Changed Everything. (The RSS item should've mentioned Dave Winer.) facebook
4:32pm RT @DanRather: So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors… twitter
12:43pm Scenes From the Aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Japan facebook
10:47am Click through to see some amazing miniature scale decaying Tokyo storefronts. (Worth it.) facebook
8:09am RT @MissoulaAF: Look what your precious Oxford comma did this time, nerds. twitter
October 14th
8:28pm RT @Sifill_LDF: Pay attention to this move towards theocracy. The Attorney General rails against secularism, and the Secretary of State has … twitter
11:37am @Daliblume I adore you. That was my joke. That it sounds so lovely I thought I'd be paying, instead of getting rewarded for surviving it. twitter
6:13am $10,000 is a little high for me to pay for just one month's rent, but those amenities sound worth it. Where do I sign up? twitter
October 13th
4:24pm Holy cow, you can even make out the "Black Belt". This does not correlate to a population map at all. facebook
1:32pm RT @Sleestak: I'm sorry but the idea of Star Trek cosplayers walking around a Renaissance Faire like time travelers will always be hilarious… twitter
12:46pm Apple's iOS 13 "Mail" app makes it harder to do one of the actions I do most frequently when triaging email. They got rid of the customizable suggested folde... facebook
12:23pm "Tho’ I never arrived at the perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, but fell far short of it, yet I was, by the endeavour, a better and a happier m... facebook
7:56am Once you learn the password, you'll appreciate the thoughtful image choice they used for the article. facebook
October 12th
3:32pm @neonepiphany Love it as much as I hate Facebook's smarmy response, "If Senator Warren wants to say things she knows to be untrue, we believ… twitter
1:24pm Fentons Creamery & Restaurant (an ice cream shop) in Oakland foursquare
12:17pm Homeroom (a mac & cheese joint) in Oakland foursquare
11:23am Sather Gate (a monument / landmark) in Berkeley foursquare
10:44am Doe Library (a college library) in Berkeley foursquare
10:33am Campanile (Sather Tower) (a scenic lookout) in Berkeley foursquare
9:50am California Memorial Stadium (a college football field) in Berkeley foursquare
October 11th
9:03pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
5:16pm RT @robreiner: To my friends in the GOP: You know he’s unfit. You know he’s committed crimes. You know he commits Impeachable offenses on a … twitter
10:45am And if you have moreutils' "pee", then you can easily see just the message and verification of its signature like so: curl -s… twitter
10:07am It's over 10 years old, but still nice to occasionally verify the weekly warrant canary signature before reading it.… twitter
9:01am RT @theintercept: Critics of @Snowden’s decision to leak classified NSA documents noted at the time that safeguards existed to prevent Ameri… twitter
October 10th
9:37pm Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019 facebook
8:34pm RT @integerpoet: She shouldn’t have to be heroic. But she is. twitter
1:54pm RT @FakeLibStats: Did you know that the benefits of reading outweigh any negatives caused by eating cake twitter
11:07am dblume shares A desktop vacation to the Bungle Bungles in Australia, esp. for pastilla A Photo Trip to the Bungle Bungles plurk
9:27am RT @Mikel_Jollett: SHE WARNED US ABOUT EVERYTHING. Hillary Clinton in 2016: “Turkey is at war with the Kurds... If Turkey cuts off the Tru… twitter
October 9th
9:54pm RT @MykeCole: What’s so blood-boiling about the Trump presidency is how unspeakably *stupid* he is. He isn’t even a worthy adversary. How do… twitter
12:36pm RT @mollycrabapple: In advance of Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, the US had the SDF destroy their border fortifications. This looks like activ… twitter
9:17am RT @trevortimm: This reminds me of when, in 2014, the CIA was caught spying on emails between the IC's director of whistleblowing & Cong… twitter
October 8th
1:07pm RT @jhooks: Saying “hi” in a DM or chat and just mutely waiting is not something I’d consider a social grace. It fundamentally destroys th… twitter
11:16am Billionaire or Supervillian? twitter
11:13am @neonepiphany In all seriousness, I would've checked the range that included 5 hours. twitter
11:09am RT @mjs_DC: Florida Republicans' poll tax continues to work as intended. twitter
8:39am RT @ChrisEvans: I think everyone who chooses to stay out of politics(which is your right) should make a mental note of where they would draw… twitter
October 7th
4:17pm The rich really do pay lower taxes than the rest. And we're subsidizing this tax loss with tarriffs, a regressive tax, further hurting the l… twitter
3:21pm RT @RyanLizza: This is objectively insane. There is no other way to describe it. It does not matter whether you’re a reporter, a conservativ… twitter
11:25am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
October 6th
12:36pm Birthday Family Excursions mydlma
October 5th
10:41pm RT @davidcicilline: Just a quick reminder about all the bills Mitch McConnell is still blocking. twitter
10:13am Gorillaz' "Plastic Beach" intended to tell a complete story over "4 or 5" music videos. Those were "Stylo", "Melancholy Hill", "Broken" and then "Rhinestone ... facebook
9:28am RT @gregolear: Let’s talk about Mike Pence. Our corrupt VP has managed to stay off the radar for three years, hiding in the wide shadow cast… twitter
9:20am RT @DanielEllsberg: Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the day I started copying the Pentagon Papers. My older son @RobertEllsberg was 13… twitter
8:15am Everybody needs a little enrichment. facebook
October 4th
8:45am RT @Snowden: The EU's 2019 Whistleblower Directive explicitly protects *public* disclosure without requiring reporting through internal or e… twitter
7:54am At the "Emma Saying" YouTube channel where she pronounces "Tinnitus" both ways, one of the comment reads, "it's pronounced "tih-nigh-tus" this channel is FAK... facebook
October 3rd
10:21pm @neonepiphany TIL how taiyaki get their filling. Thank you, @neonepiphany twitter
4:38pm RT @yacitus: ‘And, just like that, I’m back on team “Fuck you, Facebook.” This company is a legitimate menace to liberal democracy.’ twitter
3:29pm RT @vaurorapub: Wow. This article about how Warren is refusing to give special access to rich Silicon Valley techies and they are still back… twitter
3:22pm RT @Snowden: "Is it not chilling to realize that if citizens ever felt a need to challenge a fascist government, or a brutal dictatorship, t… twitter
7:36am RT @natalietran: twitter
October 2nd
2:27pm @Foursquare Developer just emailed me about Pilgrim SDK and addressed me as Lakshmi. That's not the name they have for my developer account.… twitter
12:39pm Winners of Japan’s 2019 Laundromat of the Year Award facebook
12:27pm Even though you might write queries like: select -> from -> where -> group by -> having, that's not the order in which queries a… twitter
10:12am RT @ewarren: We have to break the grip that lobbyists have on our government for good. My plan to end Washington corruption calls for someth… twitter
8:49am Life imitates art. Tokyo dating site Deai-Kei had employees pretend to be love interests to keep clients subscribed to the service. This was… twitter
October 1st
2:19pm RT @fairvote: Retweet if you agree: Being represented by elected officials that reflect the interests of my community is critical for all of… twitter
1:21pm RT @DanRather: There will be a time when many people will have a vested interest in pushing the narrative that none of this was predictable.… twitter
1:19pm @zannah Wait. I was certain you had a cronjob posting these. Do you do them manually? twitter
8:38am RT @JD_Tuccille: "repeated evocations of terror by the political class were not a response to any specific threat or concern but a cynical a… twitter
September 30th
3:18pm RT @noornet: This still gives me chills. Ingenious. Carl Sagan explains how the Ancient Greeks, Eratosthenes of Cyrene, the chief librarian… twitter
12:20pm RT @Snowden: can you believe that the president will criticize you for exposing their wrongdoing whether or not you "followed proper channel… twitter
7:48am This was eventually my read, too. twitter
September 29th
7:50pm "Why'd they used to separate the children's graves from the adults? ... Seems like a bad idea somehow." Snarky political commentary in The Dead Don't Die. facebook
September 28th
9:02pm RT @gregolear: With the news coming rapid-fire, I want to make sure we target Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. These are despicable traitors, wor… twitter
9:02pm RT @Snowden: Not a joke: the CIA allegedly ran an operation to livestream surveillance of women in the toilet, hoping to overhear them plann… twitter
September 27th
9:55pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park (5 minute version) youtube
2:04pm I really enjoyed this week's Radiolab podcast, "Silky Love". It has an international gonad hunt! And mysteries yet unsolved. twitter
12:42pm "If you dismiss something because it seems unimaginable, that’s a mistake. It’s a failure of imagination." twitter
12:38pm @Randy_Au @b0rk I love your Godzilla/City sample data so much. twitter
September 26th
4:48pm @Snowden I'm at lol. twitter
12:27pm This right here. twitter
11:27am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
September 25th
5:00pm @zannah I love that your Keykode is "ZANNAH X BB8" twitter
11:30am RT @daringfireball: Trump Is a Threat to Journalism Around the World: twitter
7:48am RT @Snowden: "Whoever blew the whistle about what Trump told the leader of Ukraine did so in the legally correct way, yet the allegation has… twitter
7:46am RT @JSTOR_Daily: Three NSA employees who did what critics said Snowden and Manning should have done, that is, go through the system and use … twitter
September 24th
1:55pm This is a big achievement (for me): My son is now a certified lead belayer at the local climbing gym! Yay! Lead climbing is a whole other level of fun.🎉 facebook
11:21am Oktoberfest, 2019. Witness the song of my people. facebook
11:19am RT @ryanacash: From left to right: iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone XS iPhone 11 Pro Handheld and unedited. #shotoniphone twitter
7:46am RT @Principles_1st: Hey, GOP—Here’s a principle: a sitting president should never leverage the office to pressure foreign governments into i… twitter
September 23rd
8:37pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park youtube
4:09pm Illustrations of Autumn in a Tokyo suburb. (Click through.) facebook
8:41am RT @natalietran: When you’re a kid it takes ages between your turn in bowling. As an adult it feels like the moment you sit down a younger … twitter
8:40am When I get stuck in my own head, I just have to remember NDDYYSSA #NDDYYSSA #hamlet twitter
8:17am We'd long seen the hang gliders over the local hills, and this weekend Lillian took the kids for their first tandem flights. Maddie got stunts, and Aaron cau... facebook
September 22nd
11:17pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park youtube
September 21st
2:15pm RT @amazingmap: 50% of Canadians live south of the red line #Map #Maps #Amazingmap #Amazingmaps #Canada #Population #Geography twitter
12:49pm RT @profkeithdevlin: To those who asked why Edward Snowden took his revelations to the @guardian rather than go the whistleblower route, the… twitter
12:46pm RT @page_eco: Fascinating: Moore’s Law predictions vs actual growth in transistor count. by @datagrapha twitter
7:25am Mazzetti's Bakery (a bakery) in Pacifica foursquare
September 19th
5:24pm @HiromiCota @zannah I love this one. We can do it easier with Mr. J! twitter
2:18pm Come for the homopolar motor sculptures. Stay for the pan to the cat. facebook
8:54am RT @RoKhanna: Here’s how we can make sure that every American has fair and equal representation when they go to the polls on Election Day: … twitter
September 18th
6:27pm Koja Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
5:11pm ProTip: Section 7 of the man pages explains Linux concepts. You can open a random one (excluding some boring fonts) with: apropos -s 7 . | … twitter
10:04am A little Streisand Effect here. twitter
8:58am RT @SlenderSherbet: "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP, TERRY" twitter
September 17th
1:42pm RT @ACLU: This book contains no government secrets that have not been previously published by respected news organizations. @Snowden wrote … twitter
12:29pm RT @BrandonPhilips: California friends: Please call or email @GavinNewsom to support ranked choice voting for more Californians. Voting is … twitter
9:07am It's interesting and scary to see these clickbait headlines take a life of their own. "Richard Stallman who defended Jeffrey Epstein" and "Richard Stallman D... facebook
September 16th
11:19pm Just read "The Walking Dead" volume 32 in exactly the spirit that Kirkman intended. It was really, really good not to be spoiled. What a fun ride. facebook
12:24pm RT @davidfrum: The Kavanaugh defense was not "Yes, I drank too much in my last year of high school and first year of college, misbehaved in… twitter
September 15th
10:48pm Here's a tip to optimize your history use in Linux. #ProTip twitter
12:59pm North Beach Pizza (a pizza place) in San Mateo foursquare
10:44am Ryptic Room Escape - 3rd Avenue (an arcade) in San Mateo foursquare
9:40am Welcome dokuwiki
9:09am @LibraryThing @librarythingtim Have LibraryThing RSS feeds stopped? Consider "Version Control" in yesterday, but not… twitter
September 14th
2:26pm @yacitus Contrarian that I am, I waited to finish the book before replying. Yes, I recommend it. Don't know if it was me or the book, but it… twitter
September 13th
6:54pm Taqueria Las Vegas (a mexican restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
5:42pm Musca Domestica! facebook
September 12th
9:25am RT @dorrismccomics: twitter
September 11th
9:30pm RT @RBReich: 6 e-cigarette deaths ever: Vape control now! 36,000 gun deaths annually: Thoughts and prayers. twitter
9:13pm RT @FairVoteCA: #SB212 is on its way to the Governor. Thank you @BenAllenCA and @DavidChiu! #SB212 allows counties to use top two or RCV t… twitter
5:25pm RT @absurdistwords: Ok. If you want to know what fascist propaganda is, let this be your exemplar. This is a celebration of state violence… twitter
4:42pm Soooo... I got the answer wrong, and since I did, I am now keeping my word and posting this picture (selected by Daryl Spitzer). I'm challenging my friends ... facebook
September 10th
12:26pm RT @CREWcrew: Prestwick airport near Trump Turnberry received $0 in payments from DoD between 2008 and 2017. In 2018, DoD payments suddenly… twitter
8:32am RT @NicolasHeidorn: Bravo also to sponsor @FairVoteCA and thank you to supporters @LWVC , @ACLU_CAP, @aaaj_alc, + more! twitter
September 9th
10:46am I'm still slowly working my way through "Version Control" but I get the idea that @dexterauthor might also like the contrast between the ima… twitter
10:41am I love the contrast between the image's text and the alt text, "ERROR: We've reached an unreachable state. Anything is possible. The limits … twitter
10:35am RT @paulkrugman: Now imagine the same thing happening to the agencies that produce employment, inflation, and growth statistics. It's not ha… twitter
8:38am RT @GoodyearBlimp: It’s literally what we do, Maureen. twitter
September 8th
10:09pm ProTip: You can disable the blur on the Windows 10 Sign-In screen. twitter
3:57pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
September 7th
11:23pm RT @michaelharriot: Thread: Today I learned the interesting story of Abaco, the island in the Bahamas hit hardest by hurricane Dorian. twitter
11:00pm Tim O'Reilly said tax rates have never influenced his business decisions, and believes tax cuts don't result in economic growth. (This was on Google+, in 2012) facebook
10:37pm So I like Billie Eilish even more after this interview with her and her family. facebook
12:36am @yonatanzunger Do you happen to still have the image that accompanied your 2014 Google+ post "Spotted in Mountain View: notorious space gang… twitter
September 6th
3:30pm RT @galacticdad: oh god oh fuck twitter
12:23pm RT @JoshRudes: .@washingtonpost has been "reliably told" that Trump is intentionally withholding a White House visit and US military aid "in… twitter
September 5th
9:25am "Every one of us remembers being failed by the Proper Channels once. We can all picture the cop and the swim coach exchanging nods, closing ranks to protect ... facebook
9:21am RT @nickyknacks: I'll usually spend six hours writing a piece to get it out of my head. After writing this one yesterday, I'm thinking about… twitter
7:46am RT @igorbobic: here’s a thought bubble: If the Pentagon has suddenly decided it doesn’t need to fund projects it has previously deemed criti… twitter
7:44am RT @usclimatestrike: YUP 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Warren got it right here. The fossil fuel industry wants it to seem like we're banning planes, taking peopl… twitter
September 4th
7:29pm I'd have made it just vol. MMXIX. But still - Republicans cheating! twitter
11:35am "In the study, it appeared as though aspirin didn’t work [increase survival rate from a heart attack] for Libras and Geminis but halved your risk of death if... facebook
11:12am Worth the read: "How to Kill your Tech Industry" twitter
8:17am RT @catvalente: Happy September everyone! I just found out that sea urchins are called sea urchins because hedgehogs used to be called urch… twitter
September 3rd
8:59pm RT @nowthisnews: ‘It doesn’t really go away. You manage it.’ — Bill Hader opened up about the reality of having anxiety and how to deal with… twitter
3:47pm This is what the "sincerely held religious beliefs" law is for. To suppress classes of people that would otherwise have protections. Did thi… twitter
2:59pm RT @PooltoyWolf: So I went to put away my wind chimes for #HurricaneDorian, and... 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 twitter
10:14am @neonepiphany I just fired off a question to my entire family to see if they can't do it. Now to adopt an alternating rumble/kegel exercise … twitter
8:24am RT @psybermonkey: Me: *destroys spider web Spider: wow Me: *puts up fake spider web Spider: WOW twitter
September 2nd
10:09pm RT @KenTremendous: Our tax dollars paid money directly into the President’s personal bank account, just because. The fact that anti-tax hawk… twitter
September 1st
6:05pm Izumi Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
2:55pm Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:41pm Boba Guys (a bubble tea shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:22pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
10:33am instagram
10:11am Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
August 31st
9:35pm RT @runwithskizzers: There is a bill that passed the house, & has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk since FEBRUARY but since he is … twitter
August 30th
3:35pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
12:26pm Also to @SallyQYates twitter
11:50am a crack runs through it instagram
9:34am "Decades later, 81 percent of these faithful white evangelical soldiers for Jesus stood up and voted for Trump, the epitome of glitz, greed and bigotry." facebook
8:29am Dad inspiration. twitter
August 29th
2:47pm You guys! There's a False Knees book! twitter
2:37pm Click through to see context for this reply from DARPA. facebook
2:34pm RT @DARPA: @ambivalentricky Please. Demogorgons are such a Department of Energy thing. twitter
August 28th
August 27th
5:06pm @zannah , because it was you, I misread that RT as SparkleNotes, not SparkNotes. twitter
8:48am “My concentration starts to drift after a page or two. I get fidgety, lose the thread and begin to look for something else to do.” (a quote from Nicholas Car... facebook
August 24th
11:07pm RT @wilsonhartgrove: For those who think it’s “divisive” to acknowledge 400 yrs of systemic racism in America, a photo of the Klan rally in … twitter
12:45am Long Long Man youtube_favorites
12:31am The latest 99% Invisible podcast is about the "Peace Lines" in Ireland separating the Protestants from the Catholics, and what life nearby is like. The same ... facebook
August 23rd
4:33pm It's gotten to the point that when I learn about Linux's eventfd, I hope @b0rk's made a zine page for it, so I can learn about it even more … twitter
1:21pm @yacitus Glad you said that. When it wasn't my usual "The Daily" I skipped it. I'll make room for it. twitter
August 22nd
2:21pm RT @integerpoet: This is baller. Also her shirt. twitter
12:21pm ❤️ instagram
8:09am @flowingdata the image for your Polar Density post reminds me of a sun, some exotic fish, and a pineapple. So tropical! twitter
August 21st
5:17pm The Habit Burger Grill (a burger joint) in Tejon Ranch foursquare
12:05pm Parkside Dining Hall (a college cafeteria) in Long Beach foursquare
9:16am Watch through for the octopus dreaming. facebook
7:38am @neonepiphany I still like the idea of Switch from the original script. twitter
August 20th
10:15pm OMG, that one guy pushing them down and moving on to another as the one they just settled gets up to resume its escape. Feels like my job to… twitter
9:25pm RT @JohnJHarwood: even for Trump, cancelling a foreign trip because the other leader rules out selling part of her country to you is hard to… twitter
1:30pm Homewood Suites by Hilton Long Beach Airport (a hotel) in Long Beach foursquare
August 19th
August 18th
5:19pm Must Be Thai (a thai restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
August 17th
10:35pm RT @CREWcrew: In every presidential administration but Trump’s, we haven’t spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars at the president’… twitter
10:47am TC Pastry (a dim sum restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
9:18am RT @dmimno: Tip for students going off to college: study 80s/90s pop culture. Particularly Ferris Beuller, Princess Bride, Simpsons seasons … twitter
9:14am RT @Pinboard: Every day I go out and see stuff with my own eyes, and then I go to report it on Twitter and see promoted tweets saying the op… twitter
August 16th
8:32pm RT @NewYorker: The Borowitz Report: “Denmark would be interested in purchasing the United States in its entirety, with the exception of its … twitter
3:58pm RT @acnewsitics: How sad it must be to be a Trump supporter Believing that scientists, scholars, teachers, economists, & journalists ha… twitter
12:53pm "Tell us a few details about you and we’ll guess which political party you belong to." And then they go on to reveal the primary indicators. facebook
12:34pm "The team found that people tend to secularize when four factors are present: existential security (you have enough money and food), personal freedom (you’re... facebook
August 15th
7:27pm @integerpoet @b0rk It's an intra-page link to the banana so you can know how big the light gray cat is. twitter
3:37pm RT @moorehn: So first the context: Why the bond market tells you more about the economy than the stock market. We all hear about the stock… twitter
August 14th
6:37pm Why didn't I think of traceroute-mapper? twitter
August 13th
11:57pm RT @staceyinpieces: If you’re reading this and you’re thinking that the ICE raid in Mississippi was justified because the 680 men and women … twitter
8:50am RT @smitajamdar: What reading a web page used to be like: *find page; read page* What it’s like now: *find page; accept cookies; decline ne… twitter
August 12th
6:50pm Update: I got the numbers above by taking Public Citizen's numbers and dividing by populations, but Wikipedia would put the numbers more lik… twitter
4:37pm This is misleading liberal propaganda. Japan has a smaller population than the USA. The last stat could be per 1M People to normalize it. So… twitter
4:35pm This is misleading liberal propaganda. Japan has a smaller population than the USA. The last stat should be per 1M People to normalize it. So that'd be:Gun... facebook
4:12pm RT @BruceBartlett: At the beginning, I think Trump attracted many true believers who are now disillusioned, and a few professionals who thou… twitter
August 11th
2:36pm "For Trump then to create uncharacteristically this faux portrait of familial love, to play-act a kind of happy Daddy, Mommy, and Baby — by … twitter
2:23pm RT @AlexandraErin: So, this is something that came up in the exposes on the Republican-owned farms in Iowa, but: the reason rich white peopl… twitter
2:02pm "Navy Ditches Touchscreens for Knobs and Dials" Hallelujah! My Prius's MFD (Multi Fuction Display) has been malfunctioning for months. The car's buttons and ... facebook
3:01am Dream Warriors - My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style last_fm
2:56am Us3 - I Got It Goin' On last_fm
2:51am Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) last_fm
August 10th
10:16pm RT @WalshFreedom: Agreed, but as you know, it’s so much worse than Trump simply being a nut job. He’s completely & utterly unfit to be P… twitter
10:16pm RT @Megavolt1: California banned open carry after the Black Panthers went to the state capitol with long guns to discuss a bill banning open… twitter
10:06pm RT @neeratanden: Apparently the NYTimes argument is that it’s entirely right to publish emails stolen by Russia to undermine our democracy … twitter
9:33pm RT @CREWcrew: It’s been almost 2 months since the Office of Special Counsel called for Kellyanne Conway’s firing due to her Hatch Act violat… twitter
9:51am RT @ZenPopArt: My new cover for @TIME magazine. Hand-drawn all the cities where mass-shootings have occurred, so far, this year. It's a fr… twitter
August 9th
8:50pm RT @Mikel_Jollett: Every single major Republican in the country is calling our gun crisis a “mental health” crisis while AT THE SAME TIME su… twitter
2:33pm You have to click through to determine whether or not it's satire. twitter
6:08am @zannah Well, if it's not the video games, it's the comics. No, wait, we like the franchise movies nowadays. OK, not the comics. We're back … twitter
August 8th
4:56pm RT @JohnBonifaz: This is such an outrage. The level of cruelty of Donald Trump's administration knows no bounds. These ICE raids are politic… twitter
2:43pm RT @ACLU: ICE cruelly swept through Mississippi, leaving children stranded without parents or knowledge of when they could be reunited. THIS… twitter
2:43pm RT @CREWcrew: NEW: James Mattis joins John Kelly as former Trump cabinet members who helped implement the zero tolerance policy and now stan… twitter
August 7th
7:07pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
8:33am RT @LATBermudez: Reading headlines across the U.S. today you wouldn't know that one of the deadliest hate crimes against Latinos happened 3 … twitter
8:32am RT @clairewillett: Everyone demanding that Beto apologize for swearing has it backwards. This is the most I’ve ever liked him. I don’t trust… twitter
8:24am A lot of choice quotes in this article. Click through! One was, "The undercurrent of all this, one that few seem willing to grapple with, is that Trump has a... facebook
August 6th
12:23pm RT @TranslateRealDT: TOP: (Dec. 14, 2012) Hours after Sandy Hook, President Obama handwrites his address to the nation at the nearby Newtown… twitter
11:25am RT @TedAlcorn: This takedown of the myth that US gun violence is connected to video games is probably the most exquisite I’ve read. Those qu… twitter
8:26am RT @b0rk: was also reminded about why MDN ( is so important: the information on random websites is not always accura… twitter
August 5th
4:01pm RT @RepSwalwell: Most countries have violent video games & films, persons w/ mental health illness, and extemists. But no country has th… twitter
August 4th
4:21pm Like I said in 2016, "You know what legacy I want to leave my kids? Repealing the Dickey Amendment." facebook
3:51pm RT @brianschatz: We have a white supremacist problem. We have a gun problem. We have a money in politics problem. twitter
3:51pm RT @brianschatz: Your Republican government cut funding for a program called CVE - Countering Violent Extremism. They re-allocated the money… twitter
August 3rd
3:33pm For your daily dose of self-loathing. (Lyrics are in the comments. Some gems like: ♫ I’m the human personification of a terrible thing like giving up in the ... facebook
3:24pm I *still* sometimes try to connect to a local device (router/raspi/etc) when I've forgotten I've signed in to a VPN. :headdesk: twitter
2:56pm OMG, I can't believe I needed that! Part of my bespoke Windows backup is to make a file backup of my saved PuTTY settings. After the latest Windows 10 update... facebook
2:28pm Just chilling... youtube_favorites
2:24pm MONDO GROSSO / ラビリンス youtube_favorites
9:02am RT @wblut: Trying my hand at this animated gif thingy #processing #CreativeCoding twitter
8:56am RT @JeffMerkley: Senate Republicans jammed a bill through committee that allows the govt to hold migrant children up to 100 days in internme… twitter
August 2nd
2:44pm RT @CNNOpinion: "Librarians to publishers: Please take our money. Publishers to librarians: Drop dead.” When it comes to e-books and competi… twitter
8:43am Scientific study suggests that guns kill people. facebook
August 1st
7:54pm Better Schools Won’t Fix America facebook
4:16pm RT @BreeLundberg: Nobody is a “sellout” for wanting to make money off art. It’s sad to see that insult thrown at indie game devs, illustrato… twitter
12:47pm An appreciation of whales. facebook
July 31st
3:18pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
6:49am Porto's Bakery & Cafe (a cuban restaurant) in Downey foursquare
July 30th
4:44pm RT @SarahKSilverman: A guy tries to light his shoe on fire & 18 yrs later we still all take our shoes off through security. In that tim… twitter
2:15pm The Lions Lighthouse for Sight (a lighthouse) in Long Beach foursquare
9:50am Naples Canal (a harbor / marina) in Long Beach foursquare
July 29th
7:23pm RT @Zeddary: On the subject of #CrimeInfested. A thread. Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, owned and lived in a condo on 43rd … twitter
5:03pm RT @tonyhawk: Kid at skatepark: “Are you Tony Hawk?” me: I am him: “no you’re not” me: ok, I’m not him: “but are you, FOR REAL?” me: I am, … twitter
5:01pm RT @robreiner: The President of the United States is a racist. He’s made it abundantly clear his re-election is based on white nationalism. … twitter
12:23pm Bite Mi Asian Kitchen (a vietnamese restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
12:07pm The Hangar At LBX (a food court) in Long Beach foursquare
8:57am RT @vermontgmg: Former CIA executive—this is the kind of warning we should listen to: twitter
8:35am US citizens do not have the right to an attorney when detained by immigration. They can hold you indefinitely and ignore your presentation of citizenship pro... facebook
7:44am Brotman Hall (a college administrative building) in Long Beach foursquare
July 28th
9:26pm RT @LibyaLiberty: Did you know that you, a US citizen, do not have the right to an attorney provided for you when detained by immigration? S… twitter
6:44pm RT @ErrataRob: As I document here, Barr's speech calling for crypto backdoors has so many fallacies it's hard to list them all. I list a bun… twitter
6:03pm Homewood Suites by Hilton Long Beach Airport (a hotel) in Long Beach foursquare
2:53pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Lebec foursquare
9:59am Casa de Fruta (a gourmet shop) in Hollister foursquare
7:23am Ted Rosenthal Trio - They Can't Take That Away from Me last_fm
7:17am Ted Rosenthal Trio - I Loves You Porgy last_fm
7:11am Ted Rosenthal Trio - Fascinatin' Rhythm last_fm
7:06am Ted Rosenthal Trio - Let's Call the Whole Thing Off last_fm
6:49am Ted Rosenthal Trio - Rhapsody in Blue last_fm
6:48am C418 - Oxygène last_fm
6:41am C418 - Haggstrom last_fm
6:38am C418 - Moog City last_fm
6:35am C418 - Living Mice last_fm
6:35am C418 - Death last_fm
6:31am C418 - Subwoofer Lullaby last_fm
6:29am C418 - Door last_fm
6:28am C418 - Key last_fm
6:24am Pink Floyd - Eclipse last_fm
6:20am Pink Floyd - Brain Damage last_fm
6:17am Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like last_fm
6:09am Pink Floyd - Us and Them last_fm
6:03am Pink Floyd - Money last_fm
5:58am Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky last_fm
5:51am Pink Floyd - Time last_fm
5:47am Pink Floyd - On the Run last_fm
5:46am Pink Floyd - Speak to Me last_fm
July 27th
10:46pm RT @random_walker: Privacy scholars and activists were worried about surveillance capitalism at least as far back as 1995, when DoubleClick … twitter
5:16pm RT @Snowden: Watch the voting machine used in US swing states get hacked to rig an election. @Jhalderm, @UMich, and @nytimes demonstrate why… twitter
4:38am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
4:35am Cake - The Distance last_fm
2:19am Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
2:15am Talking Heads - Burning down the house (remastered) last_fm
2:06am Pink Floyd - Time last_fm
July 26th
6:10pm Koja Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
9:35am RT @neonepiphany: If your game starts right up with a cutscene that you can't pause to turn on subtitles, you haven't made your game more im… twitter
9:34am RT @yomnapple: The night before, I was panicking, and finally I was like "fuck it, I'm just going to cat these mp3s together !!!!" and .... … twitter
7:38am ♪And you may ask yourself, "How do I work this?"♪ Dude, that's our job description. twitter
7:03am Pink Floyd - Time last_fm
July 24th
8:32pm RT @timjacobwise: 12/ Trumpism must b stopped by a clear mandate. And I can't think of an approach that does that other than one rooted in a… twitter
8:25pm RT @AndyRichter: So it’s even more clear there’s only 2 ways to look at it: 1. Our Pres. committed numerous crimes, and should be tried/puni… twitter
9:44am RT @PAYOLETTER: and you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful mouse and you may tell yourself, THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL FIFE twitter
8:54am @Pinboard @neonepiphany Employee pressure works on ethical companies. The unethical companies will continue to contribute to assure they get… twitter
4:08am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
4:03am Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
3:54am Talking Heads - Road to nowhere (remastered) last_fm
3:49am Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remastered) last_fm
3:45am Talking Heads - Burning down the house (remastered) last_fm
3:45am Talking Heads - Burning down the house (remastered) last_fm
3:40am Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
3:40am Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
3:35am Perfume - FLASH last_fm
3:35am Perfume - FLASH last_fm
July 23rd
7:58pm RT @iamdevloper: It's only jQuery if it's from the jQueré region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling javascript twitter
1:29pm I just finished chapter 8 of "Version Control", and I think I'm experiencing a very WTF feeling that @dexterauthor wants me to feel, because… twitter
12:26pm RT @TheRaDR: While you're in your Mr. Rogers feels, a few things to remind you about his radical theology. 1/x He was a Presbyterian min… twitter
10:33am "MAGA is a slur and your hat is hateful." A worthy read by Tim Wise. Click through. twitter
8:49am Oh, FFS. Adding such a backdoor is not worth the risk, Barr. Our golden era of in-the-clear communication is simply over.… twitter
July 22nd
9:15pm RT @RepDianaDeGette: The Trump admin’s new “expedited removal” rule should terrify us all. It will allow ICE officers to approach ANYBODY in… twitter
7:28am Mom and Dad were right. Too much TV is bad for you. facebook
July 21st
8:14pm RT @CREWcrew: President Trump was involved in a cover-up. There’s no question. twitter
9:54am RT @timjacobwise: 1/ If the Dems blow this election it will not be because they were "too far left on policy" or because they "weren't left … twitter
9:49am @Narilka @zannah That's a line from an upcoming Jurassic Park movie. twitter
July 20th
10:23pm RT @aaronsojourner: @realDonaldTrump This chicken can claim it's doing an awesome job driving because it took over the wheel when momentum's… twitter
4:37pm Polly Ann Ice Cream (an ice cream shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:02pm Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
July 19th
10:24pm Awesome. And now the search term, "gay song "you need to calm down"" is in my search history. twitter
1:41pm RT @MaryRobinette: Let's talk about peeing in space. Several people, in response to my NY Times essay, have said that women couldn't go in… twitter
12:51pm RT @bvalentine615: Remember when technology was new and exciting and you would willingly build a free app as an excuse to go to Oshkosh ever… twitter
July 18th
7:46pm RT @integerpoet: While using #FaceApp to see how I’ll look when I’m older, I discovered a serious privacy violation. They obviously broke in… twitter
7:45pm @integerpoet Ha, nice one Dorian. twitter
10:23am The 2019 Audubon Photography Awards. Click through, it's worth it. (Esp. you, Sjon Svenson) facebook
July 17th
2:08pm "Telling four non-white members of Congress — American citizens all, three natural-born — to 'go back' to the 'countries' they 'originally came from'? That’s... facebook
12:39pm RT @MBCitizenusa: @nick_ramsey @USEEOC @politicalwire Hey @senatemajldr @GOPLeader @RepLizCheney @realDonaldTrump It’s literally a racist co… twitter
July 16th
12:40pm RT @AndrewLSeidel: I want to explain something about Mike Pompeo's new Commission on Inalienable Rights. Pompeo is seeking to redefine "hum… twitter
10:28am @neonepiphany To this day, I'll play with a plastic butter knife as if I'm Carson D. Carson with a bowie knife. twitter
10:20am RT @ChrisLu44: If you've ever been told to "go back to your country," you'll never forget it. But as @gtconway3d explains, Trump isn't "some… twitter
8:43am Ted Cruz evidently has this backwards. As Pew Research demonstrates (link in comment), if you rely on an appeal to authority from a tax free entity serving W... facebook
July 15th
9:52pm RT @GrowlyGrego: RICK ASTLEY: What do you want for your birthday? WIFE: the UP dvd RICK ASTLEY: No. twitter
July 14th
4:39pm @neonepiphany "tolerance, viewed as a moral absolute, amounts to renouncing the right to self-protection" twitter
July 13th
8:22am RT @RonWyden: McConnell’s failure to take the threat of election interference seriously is the biggest threat facing America’s democracy. twitter
July 12th
10:48am @zannah Whoah, I use "no maj" the way Bros use "no homo". Like when I "accio" a candy bar that was out of reach and somebody sees me. I say,… twitter
July 11th
9:55pm An Illustrated Guide to San Francisco's Most Unusual Statues facebook
2:57pm RT @JuddApatow: We rewrote and illustrated the Mueller report so you’ll actually read it - INSIDER. This is amazing. twitter
2:51pm RT @TulsiGabbard: If it wasn’t for Snowden, the American people would never have learned the NSA was collecting phone records and spying on … twitter
9:35am RT @bbw1984: In 2013, the UK Govnt denied its “bulk” surveillance practices. Today, after @Snowden revelations & 6yrs of our litigation… twitter
July 10th
5:38pm Click through, and scroll down to the YouGovBlue chart of the Conditions at the Border. It's hard to believe how callous Republicans have be… twitter
5:33pm RT @KurtNiceHHL: Answer: Racism, willful ignorance and a piss-poor media hell-bent on creating spectacles for TV ratings instead of doing … twitter
July 9th
9:03pm Read "Securing American Elections: Prescriptions for Enhancing the Integrity and Independence of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections and Beyond" by the Stan... facebook
2:34pm @zannah We referenced when we went shopping for ours. twitter
1:07pm "The only constituents they need to worry about are corporations." twitter
1:05pm Getting really tired of the Gmail unnecessary "Leave site" bug. twitter
July 8th
5:16pm Just look at that poll. Well done, Black Protestants, all college educated, and all "unaffiliated". (And you White Evangelical Protestants? You should do som... facebook
12:32pm RT @larry_levitt: The suit being heard tomorrow, supported by the Trump administration, would overturn the entire ACA and throw the health s… twitter
July 7th
5:48pm @raymondh's PyBay 2018 Keynote is still paying dividends. As a thought experiment, I wrote four flavors of a Python multi-threaded ping dae… twitter
12:33pm RT @burgotastic: Unbelievable twitter
12:02pm Another example of why America really needs Ranked Choice voting. Here, let Australia explain: twitter
July 6th
8:03pm Mill Valley Community Center (a community center) in Mill Valley foursquare
10:16am "'That's Deneb, Altair and Vega' you said as you pointed out the Summer Triangle." from one of my favorite songs that references Tanabata. Happy Tanabata wee... facebook
10:06am RT @LOLGOP: I'm still doing the math, but I think torturing kids in concentration camps while employing undocumented & foreign guest wor… twitter
July 5th
7:34pm RT @ShallTakeCare: That the Department of Justice could so transparently tell a court to hold on while it makes up a lie is shameful @Richa… twitter
July 4th
11:35pm "Fake drone-projected street signs can spoof driverless cars". Oh, that's not horrifying at all. facebook
10:11am Let us always remember this item from Mad Magazine: The Ghastlygun Tinies. facebook
10:00am RT @AndyWPOliver: Any claims today that MAD Magazine's demise reflects its lack of relevance in 2019 are clearly at odds with Matt Cohen &am… twitter
9:42am I'm one of those kids. It helped shape me into the skeptical person I am today. I hope future generations will have a reason to scan the edg… twitter
9:17am ❤️🐊 twitter
8:28am "But no president since the Civil War has been more uninterested in the rhetoric of healing and unity than Donald Trump. It is difficult to express how deepl... facebook
8:08am Happy Independence Day, Middle North America! facebook
July 3rd
8:05pm @juliusmusseau @b0rk Reminds me of the Roman Mars Mazda Virus. (It's actually very similar, give it a listen.) twitter
3:20pm “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a sho... facebook
3:17pm RT @DavidPriess: “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers wh… twitter
12:07pm RT @WillHitchUVA: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies ... a theft from those who hunger and are no… twitter
12:06pm RT @chbooksdc: Reminder: the best way to avoid MAGA tourists in DC this holiday weekend is to enter a bookstore. twitter
11:26am RT @smotus: Very important perspective on Trump’s tank display, from a friend of a friend in the military: twitter
9:17am RT @github: Reviewing a pull request doesn’t always happen all at once. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to keep track of the files… twitter
8:15am RT @eilperin: SCOOP: Park Service has diverted $2.5 million in fees --normally used to improve parks around the country -- for Trump's July … twitter
8:00am RT @brianklaas: Nothing to see here. A president who calls the press “the enemy of the people,” scapegoats minorities, hires cronies & f… twitter
July 2nd
3:12pm RT @Dan_F_Jacobson: HUGE CENSUS NEWS — the Government just advised that the decision has been made to print the the census questionnaire WIT… twitter
8:49am My favorite part of this article: "'we have the brand new Sherman tanks and we have the brand new Abrams tanks,' Trump added." Then the reporter reminds us "... facebook
8:24am RT @VividFoundry: Cyberpunk is 100% political. It is an imaginary space where we question inequality, hierarchy, & whom society seeks to… twitter
7:39am RT @RBReich: Which world dictator does this describe? -- He orders a military parade to glorify himself -- Has daughter and son-in-law to … twitter
July 1st
10:07pm @doitlikejustin Your handy Amazon Wishlister stopped working two days ago. Please let us know if you plan on fixing it. twitter
3:46pm RT @NHKWORLD_News: See how a young Japanese potter makes unique ceramic art that’s getting him followers worldwide. twitter
June 30th
4:34pm RT @waltshaub: The most horrifying part of this story is that the Justice Department fought to prevent these doctors from having access to t… twitter
4:31pm RT @RepAdamSchiff: The Trump doctrine: Accept Kremlin denials of election interference over your own intelligence agencies. Repeatedly. Co… twitter
3:33pm Uncle Tetsu (a dessert shop) in San Mateo foursquare
9:22am RT @b0rk: how I got better at debugging twitter
June 29th
11:11am A link to the spec for the lazy: and here's the changelist that implements it at : https://t… twitter
11:07am Safari already supports the CSS media query "prefers-color-scheme" and the next Chrome does too. Everybody, add it to your CSS! Your visitor… twitter
1:21am @ircri Use jk instead of Esc. Keeps your fingers on the home row anyway. twitter
1:16am RT @RohdeD: @MichaelSctMoore The Taliban gave me toothpaste & soap. twitter
June 28th
1:26pm RT @Liz_Wheeler: Clearest MRI of pregnancy ever recorded. This is crazy. twitter
10:54am RT @BeRusTerr: RULES FOR DATING MY DAUGHTER 1 Do not injure my daughter or thru inaction allow my daughter to come to harm 2 Obey orders giv… twitter
10:47am RT @TomTaylorMade: This is an especially cruel trick to play on time-travellers. twitter
10:40am RT @raymondh: #python tip: itertools.repeat() is faster than range() for looping a fixed number of times when you don't need the loop varia… twitter
10:32am This is the genius plan that has been troubling me. twitter
10:22am RT @DanRather: Vladimir Putin didn't just attack American elections. It was an attack on the entire United States meant to undermine our dem… twitter
June 27th
2:38pm RT @AOC: In meeting I asked “Why can the president take money from other agencies to build his little wall, but can’t move money to get kids… twitter
2:35pm RT @drvox: 12. Republicans are adults, making free choices. They could behave otherwise. McConnell could behave otherwise. He has chosen thi… twitter
2:31pm RT @KevinMKruse: Wow, look at that vote. twitter
9:44am RT @mjs_DC: BREAKING: Supreme Court's conservative rule 5–4 that the federal judiciary cannot rein in partisan gerrymanders. This is the nig… twitter
June 26th
1:59pm RT @ddale8: Asked if he has an exit strategy for Iran in case war does break out, Trump told reporters, "You're not going to need an exit st… twitter
1:54pm RT @nycsouthpaw: Robust majority in US Senate votes against humanitarian relief for children in the camps. twitter
1:16pm @alexprengere @raymondh @teoliphant This algorithm doesn't yield that first 1 coefficient. So it'd need more (or different) code to be corre… twitter
12:56pm If you know me, you may be surprised to learn I quite like John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars. (I've never read any of his YA novels, but he di... facebook
12:30pm "in order to be compelling, examples should be rooted in real code" (PEP 572 itself) Thanks for the pull request, @VictorStinner twitter
9:04am We don't need to wash our clothes as often as we do. facebook
7:46am RT @CREWcrew: 1. Caliburn International makes $750 a day per child at its immigrant detention center 2. John Kelly promoted Trump’s zero-tol… twitter
June 25th
9:03am Do yourself a favor and click through. I wonder if the hostile nation, the Gay and Lesbian Nation of the Coral Sea, has taken note of the Sacred Band of Theb... facebook
8:31am RT @jerrysaltz: There is always a tweet. twitter
June 23rd
8:49pm "For 10 years, not one migrant child died in U.S. government custody. Since September, at least 6 kids have died in the custody of DHS or … twitter
1:51pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Milpitas foursquare
June 22nd
9:30pm San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (an airport) in San Francisco foursquare
1:12pm Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) (an airport) in Honolulu foursquare
12:50am RT @nowthisnews: Exclusive: @robreiner, @SophiaBush, @StephenKing, @jvn, and more are cutting through the Trump administration’s lies about … twitter
June 21st
3:50pm Zippy's Koko Marina (a diner) in Honolulu foursquare
12:27pm Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve (a nature preserve) in Honolulu foursquare
2:15am RT @SenKamalaHarris: Something you may have missed: the Trump administration is arguing in court that they aren't required to provide detain… twitter
12:14am Leonard's Bakery (a bakery) in Honolulu foursquare
June 20th
9:42pm The Cheesecake Factory (an american restaurant) in Honolulu foursquare
7:17pm Matsumoto Shave Ice (an ice cream shop) in Hale‘iwa foursquare
1:14pm Dole Plantation (a farm) in Wahiawā foursquare
June 19th
8:29pm Pali View in Kāne‘ohe foursquare
1:08pm Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) (an airport) in Honolulu foursquare
3:11am Kansai International Airport (KIX) (関西国際空港) (an airport) in Izumisano-shi, Japan foursquare
June 18th
7:50pm Cupnoodles Museum (カップヌードルミュージアム 大阪池田) (a museum) in Ikeda, Japan foursquare
7:04pm Ōsaka Station (大阪駅) (a train station) in Osaka, Japan foursquare
1:25am Shake Shack (a burger joint) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
12:19am Nishiki Market (錦市場) (a market) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
June 17th
10:43pm Golden Pavilion (金閣舎利殿) (a historic site) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
9:11pm あらし山 新渡月 (a japanese restaurant) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:06pm Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama (嵐山モンキーパーク いわたやま) (a zoo) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
6:42pm Okochi Sanso (大河内山荘) (a garden) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
5:01pm Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (竹林の小径) (a trail) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
3:20pm I used to joke about a scenario like this. Glad to learn it actually happened. twitter
12:14am Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ 道頓堀店) (a discount store) in Osaka, Japan foursquare
June 16th
11:09pm Dotonbori (道頓堀) (a neighborhood) in Osaka, Japan foursquare
10:06pm Rikuro's (りくろーおじさんの店 なんば本店) (a dessert shop) in Osaka, Japan foursquare
9:55pm Namba Station (なんば駅) (a metro station) in Osaka, Japan foursquare
8:06pm Vairocana Buddha (Nara no Daibutsu) (東大寺盧舎那仏像 (奈良の大仏)) (a monument / landmark) in Nara, Japan foursquare
7:59pm Nandaimon Gate (南大門) (a buddhist temple) in Nara, Japan foursquare
7:56pm Todai-ji Temple (東大寺) (a buddhist temple) in Nara, Japan foursquare
7:14pm Nara Park (奈良公園) (a park) in Nara, Japan foursquare
7:14pm Kōfuku-ji Temple (興福寺) (a buddhist temple) in Nara, Japan foursquare
6:24pm Nakatanidou (中谷堂 三条もちいどの店) (a wagashi place) in Nara, Japan foursquare
6:06pm JR Nara Station (JR 奈良駅) (a train station) in Nara, Japan foursquare
2:12am Teppan Tavern Tenanmonya (鉄板居酒屋 祇園てなもんや) (a japanese restaurant) in Kyōto, Japan foursquare
12:36am 文の助茶屋 本店 (a café) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
June 15th
9:58pm Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺) (a buddhist temple) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
9:28pm Starbucks Coffee (Starbucks Coffee 京都二寧坂ヤサカ茶屋店) (a coffee shop) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
9:19pm DANDELION CHOCOLATE (a café) in Kyōto, Japan foursquare
8:35pm ひさご (a donburi restaurant) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
8:12pm Houkanji Temple and Yasaka Pagoda (法観寺 八坂の塔) (a buddhist temple) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:58pm 金剛寺 (八坂庚申堂) (a buddhist temple) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:39pm Yasui Konpiragu (安井金比羅宮) (a shrine) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
6:20pm 辰巳大明神 (a shrine) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
6:20pm Shijo-ohashi Bridge (四条大橋) (a bridge) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
1:01am Chao Chao Gyoza (チャオチャオ餃子 四条河原町店) (a dumpling restaurant) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
June 14th
10:40pm Nijo-jo Castle (二条城) (a castle) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:54pm Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社) (a shrine) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:21pm Ichinomine (Kamisha Shinseki) (一ノ峰 (上社神蹟)) (a shrine) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:00pm Yotsutsuji (四ツ辻) (a trail) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
5:34pm 伏倉大神 (a shrine) in Kyōto, Japan foursquare
June 13th
11:42pm Nishiki Market (錦市場) (a market) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
10:44pm ラーメン横綱 五条店 (a ramen restaurant) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
9:37pm Shinkansen Kyoto Station (東海道新幹線 京都駅) (a train station) in Kyoto, Japan foursquare
7:07pm Shinkansen Platforms (新幹線ホーム) (a platform) in Chiyoda, Japan foursquare
7:06pm Tokyo Station (東京駅) (a train station) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
3:42pm Never thought I'd say this, but Robert Reich is understating it a little. The president has already invited a foreign power to hack for his personal benefit. facebook
2:21pm This is a delicate, miniature sculpture made from dandelion seeds by Euglena. Click through to watch how it sways in the air. facebook
2:09pm Important: Everybody, please use the prefers-color-scheme media query in your Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Your users will appreciate it. #… twitter
June 12th
10:32pm Akihabara (秋葉原) (a neighborhood) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
8:34pm Akiba Fukurou (アキバフクロウ) (a pet café) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
7:55pm 日テレ大時計 (a monument / landmark) in Minato, Japan foursquare
5:15pm Tsukiji Outer Market (築地場外市場) (a market) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:01pm 築地川銀座公園 (a park) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
2:01pm "I do not want to impress you. I am ready to be nothing, in the grand scheme. I am eager to be nothing." from Gen X is Having a Very Gen X Moment. facebook
1:56pm Facebook just asked me to "Please agree or disagree with the following statement: Facebook cares about its users."Its users' what? Its users' eyeballs? Sur... facebook
4:56am @integerpoet Even allowing for impressive enabling tech, Penny Arcade makes some good points here when it comes to one of the providers: twitter
12:27am Yoroiya (与ろゐ屋) (a ramen restaurant) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
June 11th
11:03pm Wadakura Fountain Park (和田倉噴水公園) (a park) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
10:40pm Imperial Palace East Garden (皇居東御苑) (a garden) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
8:50pm Suzukien (壽々喜園) (a dessert shop) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:31pm Senso-ji Temple (浅草寺) (a buddhist temple) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:03pm Kaminarimon Gate (雷門) (a monument / landmark) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
4:55pm Asahi Beer Tower (a business center) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
4:33pm PRONTO (a café) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
1:50am Katsu Midori (回し寿司 活美登利) (a sushi restaurant) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
June 10th
10:58pm North Observatory, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都庁 北展望室) (a scenic lookout) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
10:15pm Meiji Jingu Shrine (明治神宮) (a shrine) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
8:57pm Deus Ex Machina (a coffee shop) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
8:00pm Hedgehog Cafe HARRY (ハリネズミカフェ HARRY) (a pet café) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
7:58pm TOTTI CANDY FACTORY (a dessert shop) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:39pm Shibuya Crossing (渋谷駅前スクランブル交差点) (an intersection) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:39pm SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (a record shop) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
4:22pm Starbucks Reserve Roastery (a coffee shop) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:06am Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage (リッチモンドホテル プレミア東京押上) (a hotel) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
5:04am Terminal 2 (第2ターミナル) (an airport terminal) in Tokyo, Japan foursquare
June 9th
2:25pm Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) (an airport) in Honolulu foursquare
7:42am International Terminal (an airport terminal) in San Francisco foursquare
June 7th
4:30pm You guys! Coffee is good for you! "Coffee, Even a Lot, Linked to Longer Life" ❤️☕ facebook
3:22pm @rsyncnet , thanks for adding "account idle" alerts. I can stop my little system of touching a file on one client, and checking the file fro… twitter
June 6th
2:32pm RT @briantylercohen: God damn Elizabeth Warren is on point here. twitter
7:36am RT @HillaryClinton: The administration is canceling “English classes, recreational programs and legal aid” for kids in migrant shelters, mea… twitter
June 5th
5:20pm You guys back home in Southern California stay safe! 🐞 facebook
4:00pm RT @LOLGOP: Kinda amazing how little news it makes that Trump is trying to illegally transfer nuclear technology to the country that produce… twitter
1:02pm RT @tyger11: English is weird. If you sing a song and people say you “killed it”, that's good. If they say you “murdered it”, that's bad. Ke… twitter
10:42am RT @anjalitsui: Payday lenders have spent around $1 million at the Trump Doral resort over the last two years. They are fighting federal re… twitter
10:41am RT @jakelikesonions: Spaghetti twitter
8:55am @zannah Was the adult good that day? twitter
5:44am Perfume - FLASH last_fm
5:39am Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
5:39am Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
June 4th
5:13pm I think the citizens of England really get Trump. They're showing him images of Obama and the USS John S McCain. facebook
June 3rd
3:31pm RT @asmith83: What a sentence. twitter
11:34am RT @AOC: Seems like Trump’s DOT Secretary, Elaine Chao,has been caught trying to use her position to enrich her family’s shipping company. … twitter
8:24am RT @PostOpinions: Dear Robert Mueller: Your report can’t speak for itself. Respectfully, @EJDionne twitter
June 2nd
5:25pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
12:41am It's (almost) the one-year anniversary of an awesome cover of one of my favorite Perfume songs. "Flash" as performed by Girlfriend. facebook
12:39am dblume shares It's (almost) the one-year anniversary of an awesome cover of one of my favorite Perfume songs. "Flash" as performed by Girlfriend. Perfumeさんの「FLASH」をGIRLFRIENDが歌ってみました! plurk
12:29am Perfumeさんの「FLASH」をGIRLFRIENDが歌ってみました! youtube_favorites
June 1st
5:46pm Flowers. #nofilter instagram
9:41am Click though and read the thread. It's important. twitter
12:45am Here, let Australia explain why America needs ranked choice voting. (Click through and watch the video. Turn on the audio. It's so good.) facebook
12:42am America needs ranked choice voting. twitter
May 31st
4:43pm RT @JonathanBlitzer: Here’s an idea for how to reduce the number of Central American migrants traveling to the US through Mexico. Rather tha… twitter
11:56am RT @GlennKesslerWP: Two Trump administration officials concealed the role of a GOP strategist in adding a citizenship question to the census… twitter
9:14am John Wick is a fairy. h/t @zannah at Twitter facebook
May 30th
10:42pm Anjelah Johnson - Nail Salon Uncut (Stand Up Comedy) youtube_favorites
2:21pm RT @CREWcrew: Trump has apparently violated the Presidential Records Act. twitter
2:20pm RT @AriBerman: How GOP rigs elections: Suppress votes to win Gerrymander to stay in office despite will of voters Manipulate census to pr… twitter
9:01am Christine Sun Kim's "English vs. Deaf English" twitter
9:01am Christine Sun Kim's "English vs. Deaf English" facebook
May 29th
9:45pm RT @mannyfidel: Fox News shows have been using white supremacist language. Here's how: twitter
9:13pm RT @NormOrnstein: So here is a powerful take away from Mueller’s statement: the fact that Mitch McConnell is blocking the bill to protect th… twitter
4:17pm Facebook's Dirty Tricks. "This is ridiculous. The only thing the incident shows is how expert Facebook has become at ... abrogating its responsibility as the... facebook
8:32am The Trump administration is now changing climate science reports to suit their agenda. American climate science will lose credibility. twitter
8:26am The Trump administration is now changing climate science reports themselves to suit their agenda. (This is new. They used to just say they didn't believe the... facebook
May 28th
1:27pm RT @rebeccavallas: Just your periodic reminder that few policies are more truly *pro-life* than expanding Medicaid —-> twitter
1:25pm RT @MEPFuller: Actually amazing that you could design a $1.5 trillion tax cut and get hardly any economic growth, hardly any wage growth for… twitter
12:27pm The Incredible Ice Formations of Lake Baikal (worth the click-through) facebook
8:19am I strongly agree with this part of the argument, "regardless of whether or not one believes a fetus is ethically equivalent to an adult, it doesn't obligate ... facebook
May 26th
4:33pm Barnes & Noble (a bookstore) in Emeryville foursquare
9:38am Trump suggests that Chairman Kim is his ally in an attack on a fellow American. He's unfit for the office. twitter
9:34am RT @Pappiness: The House voted 247 to 175 to end military assistance to Saudi Arabia. The Senate voted 54 to 46 to end military assistance … twitter
9:33am RT @greenhousenyt: Tim O'Brien said that Pelosi “hit on something that is core to Trump's con. His whole life is about the cover-up. He has … twitter
9:26am RT @BillKristol: Needless to say, there's no chance Japanese diplomats said this. Pure projection by Trump. But the other U.S. officials in … twitter
May 24th
7:30pm I can understand Jared's perspective here. Trump does come across as an abuser. Worth clicking through and reading. See if it doesn't resonate. facebook
7:25pm I can clearly see what Jared's presenting. The president doesn't seem healthy. This isn't how we treat people, professionally or personally,… twitter
3:05pm Apple dokuwiki
11:27am @zannah That took me a couple of takes to see it. twitter
11:23am I like the extinction symbol. The planet with an hourglass. Don't think I can voxelize it in a a 4x4x2 voxel space, though. Hmm... twitter
11:22am I like the extinction symbol. The planet with an hourglass. Don't think I can voxelize it in a a 4x4x2 voxel space, though. Hmm... facebook
7:58am RT @Slate: This is quite literally what corruption looks like. twitter
7:47am The president and the senate are refusing to defend our democracy from attack. "The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential e… twitter
May 23rd
10:37pm We walked Bay To Breakers this year, and somehow someone took a photo of me that makes it look like I was running. Gonna keep this one! facebook
5:09pm RT @ryanjreilly: The @ACLU’s @benwizner says Assange indictment "establishes a dangerous precedent that can be used to target all news organ… twitter
3:33pm RT @AdamSerwer: This is a deliberate effort to establish a precedent that can be used to prosecute journalists for doing their jobs and publ… twitter
May 22nd
10:50am I said this on Twitter, but in light of the Facebook disinformation networks, I should say it here, too: The president and the senate are refusing to defend ... facebook
10:44am RT @EJDionne: "Stephen Colbert nails it: 'Now, I know I give the GOP a hard time and often imply that you’re a spineless group of self-inter… twitter
8:46am Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
8:41am Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remastered) last_fm
8:41am Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remastered) last_fm
8:37am Talking Heads - Heaven (Remastered) last_fm
8:37am Talking Heads - Heaven (Remastered) last_fm
8:34am Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Remastered) last_fm
8:34am Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Remastered) last_fm
8:31am RT @TheMittani: if you ever wonder why i got politically 'radicalized' it's because i grew up in alabama as an athiest child of two biochemi… twitter
8:29am Talking Heads - Found A Job (Remastered) last_fm
8:24am Talking Heads - Take Me to the River (remastered) last_fm
8:19am Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Remastered) last_fm
May 21st
1:42pm Uber and Lyft drivers are hacking surge pricing for better fares by synchronizing when they say they're unavailable. Technically, it's "a clever use of in-ga... facebook
12:16pm Vanlal Tochhawng, this is how Modi is described to Americans. Is it far off? facebook
May 19th
3:58pm RT @lxteefxh: The only person who used the filter right twitter
12:20pm Thai Spice (a thai restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
10:18am Ocean Beach (a beach) in San Francisco foursquare
8:26am Here we go! instagram
8:19am Starbucks (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
6:34am Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station (a metro station) in Fremont foursquare
6:09am Might even be better with a little Quinoa. facebook
6:02am RT @Delavegalaw: If Dems never conduct a formal House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry, Trump's 2020 message will be that Dems' failu… twitter
5:57am RT @brianschatz: These guys take every situation and make it unimaginably worse. Every administration faces nearly impossible situations but… twitter
May 18th
8:17pm But to be clear, being gay or trans is still a sin. facebook
7:13pm From a Republican House member, "While impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risk we face in an environment of extreme pa... facebook
7:13pm "While impeachment should be undertaken only in extraordinary circumstances, the risk we face in an environment of extreme partisanship is n… twitter
9:27am The Embarcadero at Pier 33 (a harbor / marina) in San Francisco foursquare
May 17th
10:25pm RT @AOC: The GOP doesn’t care about babies at all - especially brown, black, or poor ones. If they did, they’d: - cosponsor the Green New De… twitter
6:26pm Dishdash Grill (a middle eastern restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:19am The president and the senate are failing to (refusing to) defend our democracy from attack. "The Russian government interfered in the 2016 p… twitter
May 16th
11:26pm RT @RoqPlanas: Here is Trump's pick for ICE Director, Mark Morgan, discussing child migrants on Tucker Carlson tonight. twitter
11:25pm RT @AstroKatie: Reminder: If you actually want fewer abortions to happen, make education and contraception more available. The ONLY thing ac… twitter
11:21pm RT @thinkprogress: Senate refuses to consider bills protecting elections from foreign interference twitter
6:10pm "Right to Work", a comic. Worth the read. facebook
8:17am You guys. It's not that anti-abortion lawmakers don't know how women's bodies work. At all. They don't care. They're happy to see pro-choicers wring their ha... facebook
May 15th
4:20pm The Melt (an american restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
12:20pm SHN Orpheum Theatre (a theater) in San Francisco foursquare
May 14th
12:44pm RT @ChuckWendig: Biden is a man out of time, deeply unprepared for the challenges of this age. twitter
12:43pm RT @ewarren: Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists—it’s designed to turn us against each … twitter
May 13th
5:28pm RT @FlyByKnite: Bless you, Bill Nye. twitter
4:59pm The rare freshwater pineapple. instagram
3:30pm I'm looking forward to what the opening credits of Game of Thrones will be next week for S8:E6. I love the little changes. twitter
9:14am Like streaming video? Be conscientious about it, and make time for your loved ones. (I have a problem with this, too.) facebook
7:05am San Jose Evergreen Community College Extension At Milpitas (a community college) in Milpitas foursquare
May 12th
9:57pm RT @gtconway3d: Think of it. The Russia investigation was a legitimate investigation, with a legitimate basis, into how a hostile foreign po… twitter
9:57am Mayflower Restaurant (a dim sum restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
8:41am Talking Heads - Road to nowhere (remastered) last_fm
8:41am Talking Heads - Road to nowhere (remastered) last_fm
8:37am Talking Heads - Burning down the house (remastered) last_fm
8:37am Talking Heads - Burning down the house (remastered) last_fm
8:31am Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better (Remastered) last_fm
8:31am Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better (Remastered) last_fm
8:26am Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
8:26am Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
8:22am Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remastered) last_fm
8:22am Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remastered) last_fm
8:18am Talking Heads - Heaven (Remastered) last_fm
8:17am Talking Heads - Heaven (Remastered) last_fm
8:14am Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Remastered) last_fm
8:14am Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Remastered) last_fm
8:09am Talking Heads - Found A Job (Remastered) last_fm
8:09am Talking Heads - Found A Job (Remastered) last_fm
8:04am Talking Heads - Take Me to the River (remastered) last_fm
8:04am Talking Heads - Take Me to the River (remastered) last_fm
7:59am Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Remastered) last_fm
7:59am Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Remastered) last_fm
7:53am Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers [Remastered] last_fm
7:50am Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life (Remastered) last_fm
7:46am Talking Heads - And She Was (Remastered) last_fm
May 11th
9:52pm @yacitus Yes, I did, and I was really tempted. But that book sounds like a commitment. twitter
4:49pm @yacitus That's a pretty big book. Let us know what you think. twitter
2:27pm RT @digby56: Guys, Rudy isn't just "seeking dirt" on his client's political rival, he is openly leveraging the power of the *current US p… twitter
May 10th
5:15pm RT @LOLGOP: Seems like every Democrat needs to start saying the obvious truth: He's making up lies that could could get women and doctors k… twitter
5:11pm RT @kurteichenwald: 1. The most obscene thing the GOP has brought: If rules dont have enforcement mechanisms, they are ignored. Hearings on … twitter
May 9th
12:40pm RT @AndrewGillum: Not "only in the Panhandle." I was a Mayor in the Panhandle. Only at a @realDonaldTrump rally. That's where a weak man… twitter
12:54am A paper by Richard Border et al. found the serotonin transporter gene 5-HTTLPR (a "depression gene") had no effect on depression. We'd thoug… twitter
May 8th
10:20pm RT @nowthisnews: ‘The president, aided and abetted by the attorney general, tears at the very fabric of our Constitution.’ — @RepRaskin list… twitter
8:29pm RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: It’s time for us to have an unapologetic atheist in the Oval Office twitter
3:08pm Uber admits they need to destroy public transit, and still may never become profitable. Given that they might never make a profit, and they get those billion... facebook
2:24pm RT @AOC: “6 weeks pregnant” = 2 weeks late on your period. Most of the men writing these bills don’t know the first thing about a woman’s b… twitter
2:22pm RT @mmurraypolitics: Maybe the most important thing to understand when it comes to public opinion and the Mueller probe. It's Fox News view… twitter
1:26pm Clocktower Coffee Roasting Co. (a coffee shop) in Mountain View foursquare
12:43pm Link Wray & His Ray Men - Jack The Ripper last_fm
12:39pm Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Album Version) last_fm
12:35pm Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
12:32pm Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked last_fm
12:28pm Hyuna Kim - Bubble Pop! last_fm
12:24pm 上木彩矢 - 君去りし誘惑 last_fm
12:21pm SISTAR - 나혼자 (Alone) last_fm
11:55am Srasa Kitchen (an asian restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
May 7th
10:52am RT @Susan_Hennessey: The president's transparent desperation in wanting to prevent Mueller and McGahn from testifying is a pretty good indic… twitter
8:23am Esp. for Elliott Noel, Legit, the git graph language, with a Brainfuck interpreter, conveniently proving that Legit is Turing complete! facebook
May 6th
4:05pm RT @otduet: First attempt at removing cars off the roads with neural nets. Will have to dream harder. twitter
2:30pm RT @TheTattooedProf: TAX CHURCHES twitter
12:26pm RT @RBReich: Attorney General William Barr has made a mockery of the Department of Justice and the rule of law. Here are at least 5 lies he'… twitter
12:18pm Winners of the 2019 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition. You guys, click through! If only to see the pic titled "Bohemian Skirt" and read the ca... facebook
May 5th
11:50am RT @davidsirota: Please retweet twitter
May 4th
4:03pm This looks so fun! (Folding) facebook
10:18am I made a command-line Markdown renderer helper service thingy. facebook
10:08am I made a command-line Markdown renderer helper service thingy. twitter
9:58am May the Fourth be with you. facebook
May 3rd
1:42pm RT @ewarren: A hostile foreign power attacked our democracy. The president welcomed that attack, obstructed the investigation into it, &… twitter
11:03am RT @girlsreallyrule: Patti Davis, Reagan's daughter, to the Republican Party: "...if you are going to stand silent as America is dismantled … twitter
May 2nd
11:36pm "And then you are lost. He has eaten your soul." facebook
9:51pm RT @TheAtlantic: "Not in my memory has a sitting attorney general more diminished the credibility of his department on any subject." @benjam… twitter
May 1st
1:42pm RT @Comey: Writing this brought me no joy. I’m sad for our country. via @NYTOpinion twitter
1:05pm Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
1:02pm Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
12:59pm Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
12:53pm Metric - Black Sheep last_fm
12:49pm Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
12:43pm Mazzy Star - Into Dust last_fm
April 30th
12:49pm @JackieKazil @raymondh I think we're "list comprehending" directly into the slice assignment. That list comprehension doesn't result in a li… twitter
April 28th
11:48pm Puuung's drawing are so inspiring! I love the architecture and angle/perspective of the images, too. facebook
6:00pm Milpitas Library (a library) in Milpitas foursquare
4:56pm REI (a sporting goods shop) in Fremont foursquare
1:22pm A great Twitter Thread on the complicated legacy of the American Civil War. facebook
11:56am RT @loneblockbuster: Colleen said if this gets 50,000 retweets we each get to tell one customer to shut up. twitter
April 27th
5:28pm Koong's (a chinese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:30pm Horrifying PDF Experiments. Someone discovered that Google Documents implements enough of the PDF JavaScript API to embed breakout into a PDF document. Click... facebook
April 26th
April 25th
10:23pm I fixed an eight-year-old security bug yesterday. twitter
10:22pm I fixed an eight-year-old security bug yesterday. facebook
12:58pm This process needs to be transparent. We need to understand who holds our Personally Identifiable Information, and it'd be better to opt-in … twitter
10:26am The government took on an indefensible position because they felt they had to oppose Snowden. Now they're walking it back. facebook
10:25am Click through for the video. facebook
10:22am RT @Snowden: First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then... they admit you were right all along and maybe shouldn't have been violati… twitter
10:19am Seems like we see more and more people retreating to indefensible positions and digging in instead of pragmatically accepting and weighing t… twitter
10:12am RT @JameelJaffer: "An immense intrusion into the privacy of millions of people, but there is no evidence that it has made us more secure"--t… twitter
April 24th
12:25pm Hot.Dry. California. instagram
April 23rd
12:12pm I don't care how long I've work at Roku, when I see three of those ninja turtles scroll by in the City Stroll screensaver, I have to look fo… twitter
11:56am Coachella Music Festival, where were you when I was driving through town with nothing but time on my hands for four years in the late 1980s? facebook
8:19am RT @dead_lugosi: Dear Underrepresented Developers, @strangeloop_stl Opportunity Grants are open for applications. Many years ago I was given… twitter
April 22nd
12:05pm RT @studentactivism: The Guardian article has been up for ten hours. No statement yet from @WAGOP, @WaHouseGOP, @WaSenateGOP, or @jtwilcox11… twitter
12:03pm RT @drvox: Unbelievable thread. Just a member of the Washington legislature (previously on record calling for Christian holy war) planning v… twitter
10:28am RT @Nick__Bentley: Maybe my favorite evolutionary story: 300 million years ago there were no microorganisms that could decompose trees, so d… twitter
8:42am I claimed affiliation with "American Independent" (oops, I wanted "unaffiliated") when applying for RealID, and promptly got a one-question survey call from ... facebook
April 21st
4:57pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
April 18th
7:46am RT @QasimRashid: Remember last month the Coast Guard white supremacist who planned to mass murder Americans w/his dozens of guns? •He’s NOT … twitter
April 17th
10:00pm Q. Should abortion be legal up until the moment of birth? A. (Click through for Christina Cauterucci's thoughtful answer.) twitter
9:07am @neonepiphany Now I'm imagining Steve Ballmer promoting KitKats like the Zune. twitter
April 16th
8:15pm RT @hamishNews: 🚨🚨@theprojecttv EXCLUSIVE: Nauru’s former President has “days” to live. He wanted to give one final interview to describe … twitter
7:13pm Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) (an airport) in Los Angeles foursquare
5:15pm Porto's Bakery & Cafe (a cuban restaurant) in Downey foursquare
4:28pm CSULB Bookstore (a college bookstore) in Long Beach foursquare
10:15am SDSU - Montezuma Hall - Aztec Student Union (a student center) in San Diego foursquare
April 15th
8:07pm Woodstock's Pizza (a pizza place) in San Diego foursquare
4:54pm San Diego International Airport (SAN) (an airport) in San Diego foursquare
12:21pm Santa Clara DMV Office (a government building) in Santa Clara foursquare
8:36am Happy 20th Birthday, LiveJournal! I'm glad I got the no-ads permanent account. (You hear that, Facebook? I'll pay, if you're willing to make me a customer in... facebook
April 14th
9:18pm RT @TomHRLC: “National security does not lie in the fairytale of border security; it does not repose in the ongoing torture of free human be… twitter
April 13th
10:12am TC Pastry (a dim sum restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
8:21am @neonepiphany You're not wrong. It's a song of my people, and I don't ask or expect anybody else to read or watch it. twitter
8:10am @zannah Yay! And it's the Japanese language with subtitles version! twitter
8:05am RT @mtaibbi: There are simply too many things kept secret, from the budgets of intelligence agencies to programs like drone assassination an… twitter
April 12th
7:56pm Suddenly the oil and vinegar makes me want to re-read The Watchmen. instagram
7:54pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Santa Clara foursquare
9:05am Note-to-self: If I were to add people to follow on Instagram, I'd consider these: facebook
April 11th
9:40pm RT @EFF: Much of this indictment appears to cover ordinary journalistic activity, like protecting sources. The indictment even casts the use… twitter
7:44am RT @ggreenwald: The @ACLU's point is vital: if the US can force the arrest and then extradite foreigners like Assange on foreign soil for pu… twitter
12:31am RT @MIT_CSAIL: Left: MIT computer scientist Katie Bouman w/stacks of hard drives of black hole image data. Right: MIT computer scientist M… twitter
April 10th
10:31pm Mike Kobb, had you seen this one? (Click through to see both pictures side by side.) facebook
10:14pm RT @tribelaw: Utterly jaw-dropping — to the point where I had to listen three times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. How Barr, whom I on… twitter
3:42pm A Photo Visit to Mount Fanjing, with two temples at the top of lonely spire called the New Golden Summit, or Red Clouds Golden Summit. (Click through for a d... facebook
12:50pm Context for #EHTBlackHole, may be of interest to @zannah twitter
April 9th
10:30pm @tinydotblot Lionhead. (Or a Conway Game of Life glider generator.) twitter
9:05am This is confusing, because if you scan the bill itself, it says, "The Secretary of the Treasury, or the Secretary’s delegate, shall continue to operate the I... facebook
8:44am RT @DanaVivianWhite: "Millennials" is used in the media to infantilize, discredit, and instill distrust of an educated, hard-working, low-ea… twitter
April 8th
9:24pm This is the best visualization of something Lovecraftian I've ever seen. (Blink as you watch it for better effect.) You'll recognize Bob Ross, but your mind ... facebook
1:58pm RT @stephenfry: Sagacity from the great Sagan (via @LandonRoss) twitter
1:14pm Vasona Dam & Canal (a great outdoors) in San Jose foursquare
9:05am Japanese artist Issei Nomura has created an ambigram that reads as the outgoing Heisei one way, and the incoming Reiwa the other. facebook
April 7th
7:37pm Somisomi (a dessert shop) in Cupertino foursquare
6:53pm Doppio Zero (a pizza place) in Cupertino foursquare
April 6th
10:57am RT @sehurlburt: Time to do this again! I'm happy to RT your tech blog post. If you don't have one, write one! Requirements: 1. You identify… twitter
9:42am I can't tell what I love more about reap.vim. It's a vim plugin that overloads the "=" command and executes Python snippets inline. But its documentation and... facebook
April 5th
11:35pm RT @drvox: This was always where it was headed -- got nothing to do with illegal immigration & everything to do with brute, ugly xenopho… twitter
April 4th
2:54pm Los Gatos Creek Trail (a field) in Los Gatos foursquare
12:58pm RT @MarsCuriosity: When I dip you dip we dip. This dip in post-sunset light was caused by Phobos. The Martian moon was rising as the sun s… twitter
April 3rd
11:52pm RT @AOC: Related: Chelsea Manning has been trapped in solitary confinement for refusing to answer questions before a Grand Jury. Solitary c… twitter
8:13pm RT @WIRED: Unprotected Facebook user data has been found on Amazon’s servers, exposing hundreds of millions of records. It's just the latest… twitter
April 2nd
8:55am Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Milpitas foursquare
April 1st
9:26pm My feed URL has changed livejournal
9:18pm I have a new geeky blog post. All I try to do is maintain my web services, but everybody keeps ending or breaking theirs. facebook
9:11pm dblume says if you follow my blog in a feed reader, please update the feed URL. The feed URL is now David's Place plurk
1:19pm People who use feed readers: My blog's feed has changed! Please re-subscribe at the new address 2/2 twitter
1:19pm I wrote a new blog post about trying to maintain webservice clients in a world of changing webservices. 1/2 twitter
1:12pm @feedly Thanks! You rock! (Looks like the other Feedly followers didn't get automatically moved from the old feed to the new feed. Oh, well,… twitter
8:03am @feedly Feedly won't let us subscribe to because it FORCES its users to a non-secure URL that redirects, but Feedly … twitter
March 31st
5:40pm Still not Defeated david_dlma
4:49pm Dixon Landing Park (a park) in Milpitas foursquare
March 30th
7:38pm Macy's (a department store) in Newark foursquare
3:29pm Really good advice here: 20 Things Every 20-Something Should Do to Start Adulting Like a Pro facebook
March 29th
7:26pm Dishdash Grill (a middle eastern restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
2:35pm Netflix, Inc. (an office) in Los Gatos foursquare
9:24am I really respect this man's quest. (The Oreo Aficionado) facebook
7:44am Chinese censors incinerated the entire run of a kickstarted Call of Cthulhu RPG sourcebook. This is notable because the book was intended for export. As Boin... facebook
March 28th
4:39pm RT @ethanschoonover: How METAL are my 6th grade girls learning Text Adventure coding? Here are a few of their Interactive Fiction game title… twitter
4:37pm RT @LizzieSwann1: Me: Husband, please stop leaving empty wrappers on the kitchen surface. Husband: twitter
1:51pm Aerial Photos Reveal the Sculptural Beauty of Japanese Highway Interchanges facebook
1:29pm Vasona Reservoir (a lake) in Los Gatos foursquare
9:48am RT @SlenderSherbet: "fuck off I'm talking" twitter
March 27th
5:23pm Lillian Blume, you'll be shocked to learn that e-charting isn't all it was proclaimed to be. facebook
1:46pm Vasona Dam & Canal (an other great outdoors) in San Jose foursquare
12:23pm RT @chrisinsilico: Whatever this report says, here’s what I know: when I was at Cambridge Analytica, the company hired known Russian agents,… twitter
8:40am Amber heard, Jeremy irons and Other Names that are Just Very Short Stories. facebook
March 26th
2:19pm Los Gatos Creek Trail (a field) in Los Gatos foursquare
1:42pm The Carrières de Lumières, or Quarries of Lights, looks fascinating! facebook
1:29pm RT @drvox: If the media would react to serial liars like an actual human being reacts -- refusing to trust them absent extraordinary evidenc… twitter
9:57am Roku (an office) in Los Gatos foursquare
March 25th
4:51pm @Daliblume, you've got to click through and read the thread. You've been lounging in the bath all wrong. twitter
12:11pm RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) The Barr Summary—a very different document from the Mueller Report—is being woefully misread by media. It doesn't… twitter
9:38am Roku (an office) in Los Gatos foursquare
March 23rd
3:13pm @SwarmApp , actually, isn't working either. There's a lot of stuff in the page source, but it renders as nearly noth… twitter
2:24pm Happy National Puppy Day! facebook
10:04am Planet Granite (a Climbing Gym) in Sunnyvale foursquare
March 22nd
8:22pm @SwarmApp Love you guys! You moved (or deleted) our user activity feeds yesterday. (They were at Where are they now… twitter
March 21st
8:49am I love the Japanese language a little more today. I just learned the origin of "sayonara" meant "if it be thus", which reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut's "so it g... facebook
March 20th
12:14pm RT @RBReich: Children have been ripped from their parents and locked in cages. Some have been abused. Others have died. Now, they are being … twitter
March 19th
12:11pm RT @andrewjgregor: In a first, Germany is requesting the removal of the Trump appointed ambassador to Germany, #RichardGrenell. They conside… twitter
March 18th
2:58pm (The other half of the time they're just parenthetical.) 2/2 twitter
2:58pm Half the time, my Slack replies are direct and on point. 1/2 twitter
March 17th
7:28pm Here's yet another reason I make my own backups of my social media accounts: MySpace lost all music uploaded from 2003 to 2015. (There are TWO different link... facebook
12:08pm I just published "The Best LiveJournal and Google+ Backups" over at Medium. twitter
11:32am The puppy is a mocha, and the rose is a Swiss mocha. instagram
11:20am RT @AOC: If you want to know what subconscious bias looks like, it’s a headline saying “AOC is underwater with every group EXCEPT women, non… twitter
9:13am RT @trevorsumner: 1of x: BEST analysis of what really is happening on the #Boeing737Max issue from my brother in law @davekammeyer, who’s a … twitter
March 16th
9:02pm RT @MuslimIQ: Every single American murdered by extremists in 2018 was murdered by a white supremacist or far right extremist. Every Singl… twitter
March 15th
1:38pm RT @brianschatz: FYI under Obama 10 million was given to groups combating white supremacy and neo-Nazis. Trump administration froze the awar… twitter
March 14th
March 13th
2:30pm RT @atrupar: The president tweeted this morning that science is fake because he saw someone say it on Fox News, and it wasn't even a blip on… twitter
2:28pm RT @qntm: A group of hedgehogs is called an array, which means that everything in an array is a hedgehog, I don't make the rules twitter
12:43pm RT @AOC: 💰Amount President Trump has transferred from other agencies to fund his ‘Build the Wall’ Emergency: $10s of millions, & has ide… twitter
March 11th
March 9th
8:00pm U.S. Army Assures Public That Robot Tank System Adheres to AI Murder Policy facebook
March 8th
March 7th
7:57pm RT @Snowden: #Manafort: 47 months for a lifelong carnival of criminality. Petraeus: 0 days for trading the country's highest secrets for a m… twitter
March 6th
4:12pm RT @jjinux: Enter `cal 9 1752` on any *nix machine, and you'll see the September when they skipped a bunch of days. HT Travis Winfrey. twitter
March 5th
10:33pm This is an archive of me throwing shade at President Obama in 2012 in a movie recommendation. facebook
5:32pm RT @yacitus: Trump vowed ‘A Plus’ relief for Alabama. That’s not what California and Puerto Rico heard. twitter
5:31pm @yacitus Related: Lindsey Graham knows which side of his bread is buttered. If you want any federal help, best to up your kowtow game. twitter
5:05pm RT @Snowden: I used to take a victory lap every time one of these stories came out. It felt good to see history vindicate my decision to exp… twitter
10:49am Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2018 Photo Contest facebook
March 4th
11:36am RT @danpfeiffer: On one side we have a racist authoritarian enmeshed in a swamp of criminality and corruption on the other side we have peop… twitter
March 3rd
7:53pm Now that Google+ is going away, I've staged a backup of all my posts over at my lifestream. googleplus
12:04pm Progress on my Google+ and LJ backups livejournal
March 2nd
7:49pm Bonchon - Silver Creek, CA foursquare
February 28th
1:31pm @zannah I love your CorpFiction, Z. twitter
February 26th
2:28pm Today's False Knees made me think of @zannah. Can't imagine why. twitter
February 24th
4:03pm Favorite quote today from #bangbangconwest? Andre Arko's "Averages are lie candy for your brain." twitter
2:40pm @StanZheng Ah, that was during the "Secret Life of NyaN" talk. #bangbangconwest #badcatpuns twitter
10:16am Baskin Auditorium foursquare
10:12am RT @b0rk: this one might be my favourite twitter
February 23rd
7:12pm @stenoknight It was impressive that you got terms like Nginx, Parseltongue, and Django right! (I like that !!Con West has me writing those t… twitter
4:15pm @stenoknight Your captioning here at #bangbangconwest has been amazing. When I think I've misheard, I often check the captions to see that y… twitter
11:36am Jack Baskin Engineering Auditorium 101 foursquare
February 22nd
10:08am @Outlook Thank you SO MUCH for adding the ability to disable "Only reply to selected text"! Now please add a setting… twitter
February 21st
7:25pm RT @JuddLegum: 1. What happened yesterday in North Carolina was one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen in politics. For months… twitter
February 20th
5:13pm RT @JordanUhl: "Why don't you go fuck yourself, you tiny brained—and I hope this gets picked up, because you're a moron. I tried to give you… twitter
3:32pm @yacitus I do, but it's not like "Factfulness: Ten Reasons Why We're Wrong About The World", which is all pro-tips. This one is more biograp… twitter
1:25pm Music - [Music] dokuwiki
12:26pm In Michael Lewis's "The Undoing Project", the section on the undue influence of "anticipation of regret" helps me better understand the bad … twitter
10:23am I just made a short regex that used "?" in its three different contexts. re.compile('(https?://') twitter
February 19th
4:06pm @neonepiphany You get the best work perks. twitter
February 18th
1:03pm Tartine Bakery foursquare
February 15th
1:43pm Getting ready for some rain at the reservoir. instagram
February 14th
11:42am RT @MarsCuriosity: It seems to me you lived your life like a rover in the wind never fading with the sunset when the dust set in. Your … twitter
February 13th
11:20am Thanks for your service, Opportunity Rover. facebook
February 11th
February 10th
10:01am Keiichi Matsuda's hyper reality videos are the best. Worth the watch. facebook
10:00am HYPER-REALITY youtube_favorites
February 9th
February 8th
February 7th
3:38pm A Photo Trip to China’s Daocheng County facebook
12:13pm He didn't sign the non-disparagement agreement. (Which allows him to draw this comic showing his side of the firing, and disparaging his previous employer!) facebook
12:07pm RT @BettyBowers: CONSTITUTION SAYS: “Keep church & state separate.” Amend 1. JESUS SAYS: “Don’t pray in public. Only hypocrites do that… twitter
12:01pm RT @MarsCuriosity: "Far better it is to dare mighty things... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because… twitter
February 6th
February 5th
9:01am "Trump is a mental health story. Reporters need to stop covering him as if he’s strictly a political one." From a journalist for Time Magazine, The Atlantic;... facebook
7:50am Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves facebook
February 4th
February 3rd
1:19pm Apple - [Configuration] Add brew install gnuplot dokuwiki
12:48pm Superb Owl Sunday III (esp. for Sjon Svenson) facebook
February 2nd
9:22pm I'll put an archive of my Google+ posts over here:... googleplus
February 1st
5:12pm RT @zannah: transparency is important. twitter
5:09pm RT @voxdotcom: This simple cartoon explains how tax brackets actually work in the US. twitter
January 31st
5:23pm @zannah @philaros Nope, Gnocci are dumplings too. So dumplings aren't the same as calzone as per the cube rule. Filled donut is definitely a… twitter
12:33pm RT @Delafina777: "Phoenix-born girl" for "trans girl" might be the most lovely kenning I've encountered yet. twitter
12:03am Leaving Facebook makes you happier and less politically polarized. facebook
January 30th
January 29th
12:47pm The Man Who Won Capitalism. (Click through. It's a four panel comic.) facebook
12:31pm @zannah (^ᴗ^)ノ(° -°ノ) (Restarting the process.) twitter
11:45am @zannah kill -15 pidof(/usr/bin/girl) twitter
8:39am Hey hard-g gif truthers - Frankenstein isn't the monster. twitter
January 28th
11:02pm DreamHost Shared Hosting ProTip: Directories with group write permission no longer are allowed to execute certain code. Remove that permissi… twitter
8:25am Me, ten years ago. Living through our three greatest fears. #10yearschallenge facebook
January 26th
10:01pm @DreamHostCare I'm a happy 12-year DreamHost customer. Suddenly today my cronjobs on Rabun are failing with "bad interpreter: Permission den… twitter
7:32pm @natalietran This tweet makes me want to read American Kingpin again. Great, true story with someone getting help orchestrating his fake dea… twitter
January 25th
3:16pm RT @OKBJGM: let’s say for a moment that i am a billionaire. i am an intelligent person with a top flight education. i believe that i got to … twitter
2:42pm @zannah I love how they animate their normal logo into devil horns, too. twitter
11:23am RT @NatashaBertrand: Nearly 3 months after deeming Russia in violation of a chemical weapons law, the Trump admin has yet to impose new sanc… twitter
January 24th
7:33pm RT @JoyAnnReid: One last thing: note that Donald Trump used no hardball tactics to try and get Mexico to pay for “the wall” as he promised. … twitter
12:30pm RT @TheFrankOzJam: I’m very disappointed that Nick Sandmann has no intention of apologizing because he says he had every right to stand ther… twitter
12:29pm RT @AdyBarkan: What Republicans never understand is that we are real people with real hopes and dreams and lives. Their cruel policies are w… twitter
10:44am @zannah Programmers / Engineers: I have a Raspberry Pi with dozens of bespoke cronjobs that each do their jobs, check on each other, and nar… twitter
January 23rd
5:14pm @zannah But we run them through their daily exercises at dinnertime: "What's my phone number?" "Who do you love more, mommy or daddy?" (My k… twitter
4:30pm @zannah Only when you're the parent of a teenager out with their friends. You mind honestly goes - "what if my child's phone was destroyed i… twitter
4:28pm RT @ianbremmer: A quick timeline of The Emergency. twitter
2:18pm RT @sarahkendzior: People who say "Don't impeach because it won't work" blow my mind. The government is shut down by a nuke-bearing sociopat… twitter
2:17pm RT @drvox: The worst people. twitter
1:10pm Winners of the 2018 Ocean Art Underworld Photo Contest. (There are a lot of candidate userpics here. I especially like 23 Roar, and 25 Curiosity.) facebook
12:09pm RT @skenigsberg: This needs to be repeated: Trump went from Mexico paying for a wall to not paying government employees until the American p… twitter
12:07pm RT @ThePlumLineGS: It's incredible to me that so many smart people don't understand that if Trump reopened govt tomorrow without any strings… twitter
9:08am A comic. The Proudest day of Grace's life was graduating as a doctor. h/t Vanlal Tochhawng facebook
January 22nd
2:43pm The World's Largest Single-Terminal Airport Building. (Click through.) facebook
January 21st
10:16pm Woohoo! I'm going to @bangbangconwest! twitter
9:04pm RT @BruceBartlett: For some strange reason, the media continue to refer to the ongoing clash between Trump and Democrats over the wall as a … twitter
11:58am I think turtle is mad. facebook
January 20th
7:00pm RT @b0rk: this is such a good math video! twitter
January 19th
11:55pm "Smirky McFuckface and his teen klan of hooting shitheels are gonna need some harsh fucking deprogramming to get rid of the MAGA brainwashing" Sadly, there's... facebook
10:16pm Desert Gin. (A comic you can read in 2m.) facebook
10:15pm @zannah Oh right, the poison. The poison for Kuzco. The poison chosen specially to kill Kuzco. Kuzco's poison. twitter
9:43am RT @ASlavitt: May be my favorite thing the Trump Administration says about why it’s a good thing to take health care away from people which … twitter
January 18th
5:26pm RT @LOLGOP: Pelosi is demanding something that recently got 100 votes in the Senate. Trump is demanding something that hasn't even come clos… twitter
10:33am @zannah I'm so old. twitter
January 17th
9:25pm shell tips - [jq Tips] dokuwiki
1:36pm In San Jose, CA instagram
1:05pm shell tips - [jq Tips] dokuwiki
9:19am Fivethirtyeight says I'm anti-social, surly, disrespectful, conscientious, creative and open to adventure. (As if I were a loner climber, authority hating, b... facebook
January 16th
11:52pm This episode of Radiolab, about one of the worst players in the NHL getting voted into the All-Star Game was really, really great. Worth the listen. facebook
9:01pm RT @AOC: We have secured enough Republican votes in the Senate to reopen government. Our obstacle now is Mitch McConnell, who won’t call th… twitter
3:34pm RT @RBReich: Senate Republicans have refused to vote to reopen the U.S. government, but have no problem voting to lift sanctions on a Russia… twitter
2:54pm RT @thenib: No government? No problem! From @JenSorensen: twitter
January 15th
8:16pm RT @SenWhitehouse: As you wonder why @realDonaldTrump is being so unreasonable, damaging and disrespectful in the shutdown, think about what… twitter
8:14pm RT @bertomeister: The wall is a metaphor for racism, nationalism & white supremacy. The wall Trump desires isn’t made of concrete or ste… twitter
4:55pm RT @thenib: New from @MattBors: A horrible crisis at our southern border! twitter
1:01pm RT @TheDweck: This is the news photo that would make a returning time traveler realize they fucked something up twitter
11:13am Is a veterinary textbook recommending injecting yourself with adrenaline to enrage yourself for fair(er) fights with cats? twitter
8:57am Huh, here's an article on Marie Kondo that doesn't hate on her or Americans. It points out how she's my polar opposite, I try to purge stuff with contempt an... facebook
January 14th
8:01pm RT @voxdotcom: "Coffee naps" are more effective than separately drinking a cup of coffee or taking a quick nap. We explain: twitter
January 13th
10:46pm RT @raymondh: QOTD: "Things are rarely true for just one reason; finding multiple explanations for things gives you an improved understandin… twitter
January 10th
12:49pm RT @Slate: Nothing says urgency like the partial funding of a construction project for which land has not yet been acquired. twitter
January 9th
8:40pm RT @kurteichenwald: A paragraph I wish I had written, since it is perfect in every way. twitter
5:13pm RT @jennycohn1: Remember when the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team admitted that the Diebold GEMS central tabulator used in 37 states … twitter
January 7th
January 6th
8:38pm RT @AOC: If the GOP wants a wall so badly, they can try to propose and pass a bill like anybody else. Instead, they are seizing gov operat… twitter
January 3rd
8:35pm This is one of those days where I anxiously scan Twitter and Reddit looking for trouble with my product, because I just made a big release, … twitter
January 2nd
4:10pm Stop being controlled by an external entity? Or not? #BandersnatchChallenge twitter
December 30th 2018
5:53pm Shake Shack foursquare
December 29th 2018
4:11pm instagram
12:30am RT @IlhanMN: Our President is threatening to shut down the southern border over funding for his $5,000,000,000 wall. Experts say doing so wo… twitter
December 27th 2018
2:44pm Dogpatch Boulders foursquare
December 26th 2018
December 22nd 2018
1:17pm RT @Ocasio2018: Next time we have a gov shutdown, Congressional salaries should be furloughed as well. It’s completely unacceptable that me… twitter
1:17pm RT @Ocasio2018: For the wall’s $5.7 billion, every child in America could have access to Universal Pre-K. Yet when we propose the SAME $, w… twitter
11:42am RT @JYSexton: It’s unethical to report on this battle over funding for the border wall without mentioning the wall is a ridiculous concept t… twitter
11:41am RT @AdamSchiff: A good man resigns as Defense Secretary, The acting Attorney General ignores the advice of ethics lawyers, And the governm… twitter
10:59am I love f-strings because they're convenient and easy for me to read, the fact that they're surprisingly fast is just icing on the cake. twitter
December 21st 2018
10:26am RT @SenFeinstein: Matthew Whitaker’s reported refusal to follow the recommendation of ethics officials further indicates that he views his r… twitter
December 20th 2018
9:45pm RT @drvox: Trump is now turning away lawful asylum-seekers showing up at lawful points of entry. It was never about "law & order," never… twitter
10:43am RT @Lollardfish: The people who made the decision to treat an infant in this way should be fired immediately and investigated for criminal m… twitter
December 19th 2018
1:37pm @Dragon16111 @Outlook How do you change the background and foreground colors of unformatted messages to match the mode? I'm talking about me… twitter
December 18th 2018
8:35am RT @notwaldorf: Happy Monday! Here’s a ✨magical doodling app✨ I just built! It uses Magenta’s SketchRNN model to complete a doodle you sta… twitter
8:31am RT @MarkRober: Someone stole a package from me. Police wouldn’t do anything about it so I spent the last 6 months engineering up some vigila… twitter
December 17th 2018
12:46pm RT @danpfeiffer: The modern Republican Party is about billionaire funded racial demagoguery to appear populist while enacting a corporatist … twitter
December 16th 2018
5:58am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
5:53am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
December 15th 2018
December 14th 2018
2:20pm RT @drvox: Yes. It's really difficult to overstate the effect that RW media has had on the intellectual state of the right -- not only in th… twitter
10:30am shell tips - Added jq dokuwiki
8:39am 神前暁 - "Senjougahara, Tore" last_fm
8:34am Tsubasa Hanekawa (Yui Horie) - sugar sweet nightmare last_fm
8:27am Nadeko Sengoku (Kana Hanazawa) - Ren'ai Circulation last_fm
8:23am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
8:17am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
8:13am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
December 13th 2018
12:29pm RT @americansunited: A new poll shows that voters' anti-atheist prejudice is finally fading: Three-quarters of all voters now say they would… twitter
10:30am RT @tribelaw: NEW RULE: Cheat & lie & commit enough felonies to become president — and you’ll get not just the office with all its… twitter
10:29am RT @brianschatz: If only there were something you could’ve done about this. twitter
December 12th 2018
11:11am RT @duretti: "There's enough mediocrity in the world, our lives are short [...] let's make it good if we're gonna to bother to spend the tim… twitter
December 11th 2018
12:16pm @zannah " a desperate bid to procrastinate" could've been appended to a few other slices, too. twitter
December 10th 2018
4:24pm RT @SBMPediatrics: Posted in the library at a middle school where my daughter played basketball today. twitter
12:23pm RT @nycsouthpaw: On Friday evening, federal prosecutors for the first time said the president had directed illegal hush money payments to wo… twitter
12:21pm RT @DavidJuurlink: Periodic reminder that these guys sold the patent on insulin for $1 and they’d be pissed that people are dying because th… twitter
December 9th 2018
1:08am RT @drvox: America 2018: Our corrupt & unaccountable president's corrupt & unaccountable son is coaching the corrupt & unaccount… twitter
December 8th 2018
5:13pm @TrevorBramble Great, succinct post. I "knew" about brace expansion, but kept forgetting about it. Your post puts it better in mind for next… twitter
5:01pm @sehurlburt I thought/hoped the explanation of my poor-man's log maintenance cronjob one-liner was amusing. twitter
December 7th 2018
10:38pm RT @AoDespair: Thread. It reads as hyperbole. But it is not. twitter
December 6th 2018
10:41am Good times. TBT HBD @madisonblume instagram
9:41am RT @ForecasterEnten: So I've written on NC-09. To me the case for fraud appears quite strong. I think the key point for fraud is that there … twitter
9:39am RT @SpacecoastPix: @JuddLegum Republicans govern under Calvinball rules. twitter
December 5th 2018
2:18pm @zannah I dunno, now that there's a confirmed neural basis for cute aggression, we're on our way from an item in the journal Frontiers in Be… twitter
8:49am @zannah Have you ever felt the urge to nom a cat? twitter
December 4th 2018
7:43pm @zannah I'd tell you, but eBay deleted my account without notification. twitter
December 3rd 2018
5:45pm @zannah It has its moments, and I liked it. But it's weird enough that I wouldn't recommend it to just anybody. If you like Wes Anderson or … twitter
12:15pm @zannah It's also "Friend Proxy" on the Netflix original series Maniac. twitter
December 2nd 2018
7:36pm RT @Ocasio2018: In my on-boarding to Congress, I get to pick my insurance plan. As a waitress, I had to pay more than TWICE what I’d pay as… twitter
7:31pm RT @TopherSpiro: 🚨 This is a "break glass" emergency with lives at stake. No one knows it's time to enroll (by Dec. 15) because Trump slash… twitter
6:26pm Beyond Thai foursquare
11:16am @TheAtlPhoto Usually you reveal each new day's photo at the Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar before 14:00 US/Eastern that day. Is ever… twitter
12:25am RT @shannonrwatts: In 1995, former president George H.W. Bush resigned as a Life Member of the @NRA because he objected to the leadership's … twitter
December 1st 2018
3:53pm dblume shares The Atlantic is doing their 11th annual Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar! plurk
8:16am RT @MaddowBlog: What Trump neglected to mention about his support for dropping sanctions on Russia was that he had a massive business deal i… twitter
November 30th 2018
4:39pm @zannah I haven't started Whamageddon yet. But thinking about its rules made me lose this game: twitter
2:09pm @zannah And thanks to this (having to announce when you're aware of something), I just lost the game. twitter
2:05pm And one of them knows (OK, carries) my name! twitter
12:05pm Finally! No ash, no rain! instagram
November 26th 2018
12:30pm @zannah @friezdj You meant, "Clearly, that'th MeowMeow." twitter
12:21pm RT @DavidCornDC: The skeptics/denialists don't have to win the argument, they just have to make it seem like there is a legitimate argument.… twitter
November 25th 2018
6:30pm RT @Snowden: Journalists working this story should note that none of #NSO Group's many, many statements made after the #Khashoggi murder den… twitter
November 24th 2018
1:30pm RT @brianschatz: We need to put a price on carbon. We need to fund our science agencies. We need green infrastructure. We need to rejoin Par… twitter
9:29am RT @acraftyarab: This is how the Arab newspapers are drawing trump. #JamalKhasoggi twitter
November 21st 2018
7:48pm RT @kurteichenwald: 1. Back in 1990, a bunch of New York Times reporters - including me - who wrote about Trump were all discussing him. The… twitter
7:32pm RT @michelleisawolf: I bet you'd be on my side if I had killed a journalist. #BeBest twitter
3:40pm Even when you get to "Stop me if this sounds familiar", don't stop. twitter
3:34pm @yacitus @thenib "Stop me if this sounds familiar." twitter
3:16pm RT @SenWarren: For years, garbage heaps claiming to be colleges stayed in business because a shady accrediting agency gave them its rubber s… twitter
12:30pm RT @waltshaub: This is what’s so dangerous about a congressional majority abdicating its constitutional duty. A POTUS fired an FBI Director … twitter
12:26pm @AskeBay @AskeBay This thread isn't *about* me but it's informed by my experience. I observed that I was only sent MC209 once. I'm letting y… twitter
10:02am A little rain just made the air quality here so. much. better. It's really wonderful. twitter
9:30am RT @EFF: It’s here! EFF and McSweeney’s have teamed up to bring you "The End of Trust" (@mcsweeneys 54), the first all-nonfiction McSweene… twitter
9:26am RT @IlhanMN: Once again, our President proves that you can’t buy a moral compass. And Saudi Arabia proves that you can, on the other hand, … twitter
9:19am @AskeBay @AskeBay That's the thing. You did the once. I have my one MC209 reminder from 2015-06-02, and later normal email from eBay months … twitter
November 20th 2018
4:10pm @eBay Idle user accounts might be flagged for deletion multiple times. Please email the user *each time* they're flagged for deletion (and e… twitter
November 17th 2018
5:10pm RT @greenhousenyt: Horrible Gerrymandering under Scott Walker >> In Wisconsin, Democrats received 1.31 million votes for the State As… twitter
5:09pm @zannah I'm so sorry for your loss. :hug: twitter
November 16th 2018
3:43pm @yacitus I don't. But I'm wary for a continued free press in this administration. Just being vigilant, to keep those laws in place. twitter
12:19pm I don't like Assange at all. But I need a transparent and accountable government. We can't let them set a precedent here that'd narrow the b… twitter
12:00pm RT @LizaGoitein: If you're wondering why this is a big deal (and it is BIG), I wrote in @just_security last year about why prosecuting Assan… twitter
11:55am RT @PaulBlu: The thrust of the Gulen story is that the WH considered shipping a U.S. green card holder to likely torture and death in exchan… twitter
8:59am git - [Changing a local branch without regard to remote branch] dokuwiki
November 15th 2018
10:08pm @ProtonMailHelp @ProtonMail In addition to appreciating the new security features you just rolled out, I want to call out that I am now get… twitter
1:42pm RT @CREWcrew: That's amazing. Not one. Not two. Not three. FOUR Mar-a-Lago members as ambassadors. People paying the president money are get… twitter
1:41pm RT @markos: Pelosi didn't cost Democrats a single seat. And anyone who thinks that a Pelosi replacement wouldn't get the same right-wing-noi… twitter
11:30am RT @yashar: My God twitter
November 14th 2018
11:40am RT @m_older: so maybe let's stop pretending that education is an optional add-on when it comes to a functioning democracy twitter
9:36am RT @integerpoet: 📷 hifructosemag: William Kidd’s ceramic sculptures imagine fruits and vegetables that don’t exist in... twitter
5:35am Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Album Version) last_fm
5:35am Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Album Version) last_fm
5:30am Gorillaz - Stylo (Feat. Mos Def And Bobby Womack) last_fm
5:26am Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild remix) last_fm
November 13th 2018
12:36pm @zannah We used this resource to send help: twitter
12:11pm RT @RBReich: House Democrats have already outlined a bill that would: 1) Overturn Citizens United. 2) Establish Automatic Voter Registrati… twitter
November 10th 2018
3:26pm RT @stevesilberman: Spot-on: "America doesn’t have a 'tribalism' problem. It has a racism problem. And the parties are not equally responsib… twitter
11:24am "The differences between the parties are never clearer than in these crisis moments. Rs get on a gut level that this is about power & th… twitter
11:20am RT @TheLoveBel0w: Imagine looking at this and thinking nothing needs to change. twitter
7:16am Sting - The Lazarus Heart last_fm
7:10am The Section Quartet - Such Great Heights last_fm
November 9th 2018
3:35pm RT @drvox: The differences between the parties are never clearer than in these crisis moments. Rs get on a gut level that this is about powe… twitter
2:28pm RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) The Whitaker scandal is deepening, as it becomes clear that Sessions' Russia recusal was a coordinated sham and h… twitter
November 8th 2018
12:12pm RT @FreedomofPress: Join us this weekend in San Francisco to hack on @SecureDrop and celebrate the life of computer scientist, digital right… twitter
November 7th 2018
9:21am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
9:21am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
9:16am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
9:16am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
9:13am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
9:09am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
9:04am Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous last_fm
9:01am Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
8:55am Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
8:51am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
7:54am @Narilka My Twitter anniversary is one day after yours! Now today is my 12th #MyTwitterAnniversary twitter
November 5th 2018
8:32pm @zannah The four engineers wear orange brassieres. twitter
9:05am Olympe de Gouges. She was ahead of her time, and her story was almost erased. twitter
November 4th 2018
8:29am @ryanqnorth I see two How to Invent Everythings at Amazon. One's a survival guide, the other promises 96% fewer catastrophes. Which do I get… twitter
November 3rd 2018
4:18pm RT @MaxFagin: November is here, and that means a massive shift is coming. And by "massive" I am of course referring to the redefinition of t… twitter
November 2nd 2018
1:33pm RT @bangbangconwest: Our shiny new website is up! twitter
9:07am RT @ddale8: Trump says he has told US officers at the border that, if migrants throw rocks, "Consider it a rifle." He's saying, obviously, t… twitter
October 31st 2018
12:53pm RT @DanRather: Any media operation that acts as a stenographer for this president, in headlines or tweets, is at risk for sending false info… twitter
October 30th 2018
10:30pm RT @ACLU: This is further proof that the president’s move to send troops to the border is a racist ploy and a huge waste of resources. twitter
October 29th 2018
7:50pm Farmhouse Kitchen foursquare
2:32pm RT @voxdotcom: Republicans in Congress have been drifting towards political extremism since long before Trump, and they’re making it impossi… twitter
10:49am RT @raymondh: Inspection Paradox with #Python: In a school with an average class size of 31, a student's average class size is 63. >>… twitter
October 28th 2018
6:54pm Potential Projects dokuwiki
6:28pm Projects dokuwiki
5:54pm Potential Projects dokuwiki
5:28pm Projects dokuwiki
October 27th 2018
9:40pm @bangbangconwest Please let us know when registration opens! twitter
October 26th 2018
12:24pm @lizargall I'm a jaded old man, but I caught my breath and had to stop for a beat when I read your "Blunt Force Trauma Delivered by Spouse" … twitter
11:07am @McFaul You missed the scare quotes around the word "bomb". He's implying it's not to be taken at face value. twitter
October 25th 2018
3:22pm RT @itsJeffTiedrich: to recap: our racist moron president is sending troops to the border to protect our country against an imaginary threat… twitter
12:29am RT @YouCaughtScott: The fact the President Of The United States can call for violence against his political enemies for almost 3 years and t… twitter
October 24th 2018
5:33pm RT @davidaxelrod: We don’t know who sent the bombs. We do know this. Words of incitement do incite. Words of encouragement for acts of viol… twitter
5:29pm RT @ClaraJeffery: Basically the White House is telling us not to worry about Trump's hacked cellphones because he's a dumbshit who doesn't k… twitter
October 23rd 2018
12:21pm @zannah Yup. This is the world that my kids are growing into. I thought I had a lock on making them work for "experience". Turns out compani… twitter
11:26am RT @StephenKing: Donald Trump’s campaign message in two words: Be afraid. My campaign message in two words: Be brave. twitter
October 22nd 2018
8:32am The brain is an odd thing. @natalietran's [bring them here], for Australia's refugee crisis, always reminds me of Siouxsie and the Banshee's… twitter
October 20th 2018
9:08pm RT @steak_ham: One thing Americans love doing is having 20% of their paycheck deducted for their “employer-provided health insurance” and th… twitter
October 19th 2018
2:24pm RT @NazeoAelkoNezen: @TheirNameIsLola One of my favorite quotes. twitter
2:18pm Just got some great music recommendations from someone with synesthesia. twitter
1:03pm RT @mmfa: CNN failed to disclose during an interview that their commentator signed an NDA legally prohibiting him from criticizing Trump htt… twitter
October 18th 2018
11:27am @fpccraig @zannah Was pretty sure that participants in fisticuffs can't use the Popeye-style spinach buff, but hyperspace mallets can be neg… twitter
October 17th 2018
8:39pm RT @zannah: The Empire Strikes Back’s long-lost making-of documentary surfaces on YouTube! #starwars twitter
2:16pm RT @markfollman: If the Dems don't win, "the lesson will be obvious: A hate-filled and low-information president can preside over a regime o… twitter
October 16th 2018
10:46pm @zannah My last share is a good article on Natalie Portman. I'm twitter
3:27pm RT @neiltyson: Imagine how much more advanced society would be today if women, who comprise half the world’s brain power, were socially &… twitter
2:19pm RT @TranslateRealDT: The actual President of the United States just publicly referred to the woman he slept with while his wife was nursing … twitter
October 15th 2018
12:19pm RT @neilrkaye: Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others. Focusing on a single count… twitter
October 12th 2018
9:07pm RT @RBReich: Last week, we learned that the President of the United States engaged in fraud to avoid millions of dollars in taxes on his fam… twitter
1:40pm RT @funder: BREAKING: Before Jamal Khashoggi disappeared, U.S. intelligence intercepted communications of Saudi officials discussing a plan … twitter
1:37pm @zannah It bothers me that you'd almost never get a perfect sphere, since the initial cut is made at a plane, not a point on the sphere, and… twitter
October 11th 2018
9:15pm RT @waltshaub: There you have it, the formula: Kashoggi was not an American citizen, and Saudis pay Trump’s hotels in American dollars. Pay … twitter
7:57am RT @JuliusGoat: Hi, guys. Imagine if one day you got kicked in the nuts, really hard, on purpose. You doubled over. Felt the pain. Nearly … twitter
October 10th 2018
2:37pm RT @LEBassett: 1. Brian Kemp is running for GA gov against Stacey Abrams (a black woman) 2. Kemp is in charge of elections & voter regi… twitter
12:27pm @JohnTakis I know this is years late, but I just read and really enjoyed your story, Apitoxin, in This Is How You Die. Thank you for writing… twitter
12:18pm RT @neilhimself: I never know whether to smile or cry at the knowledge that my rarest and most expensive book is the hardcover edition of th… twitter
12:10pm @zannah Honestly, it's even better than it looks, and it looks awesome. It's a collection of stories edited by the Dinosaur Comics guy, @rya… twitter
10:27am @zannah twitter
October 9th 2018
8:34am dancinginthesetrees: nicollekidman: natalie portman radiates such a terrifying energy i can’t... tumblr
8:08am Please take action: This blog's feed URL is changing david_dlma
October 8th 2018
5:18pm RT @drvox: The only remaining strategy is for the left to, at long last, after apologizing for itself since Reagan, fully & proudly embr… twitter
12:09pm RT @tragedythyme: A quick reminder for men: Common events for you can turn into really scary situations for women in a snap. Case in point… twitter
October 7th 2018
10:35am Another take on why not to make a protest vote. (The argument is from the Left, but point remains: Do vote for the viable candidate you prefer.) facebook
October 6th 2018
11:19pm It's late Saturday night! Let's write technical blog posts! "Getting Pip working for Python 3.7 on Rasbian" facebook
11:04pm I just published “Getting Pip working for Python 3.7 on Rasbian” twitter
10:22pm RT @mikkipedia: I think the Banksy thing is pretty badass but never forget that in 1998 Chris Burden installed a battering ram connected to … twitter
8:49am Raspberry Pi dokuwiki
8:03am Python3 - [Modules] dokuwiki
7:29am Python3 - [Debian based distros] dokuwiki
1:55am Python3 - [Debian based distros] dokuwiki
1:10am Python3 - [Debian based distros] dokuwiki
October 5th 2018
11:59pm "The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’" This reporter gets it. facebook
11:03pm Python3 - [Modules] dokuwiki
10:00pm "What goes around, comes around." "Look at what you made me do!" - Brett KavanaughIt's not a good time to be an American woman. We'll have a very partisan ... facebook
9:43am Eerie Photos of an Empty Tokyo After Typhoon Warnings facebook
12:28am In just over two years, we'll be 75% of the way to the epoch fail. (We still have 20 years to prepare.) facebook
October 4th 2018
8:33pm RT @dizwire: Holy shit, Mad Magazine 👏👏👏 Pulling no punches. twitter
4:41pm I'm just going to leave "man strip" there in my history and hope I don't have to explain anything to human resources. twitter
4:21pm "Their cruelty made them feel good, it made them feel proud, it made them feel happy. And it made them feel closer to one another. ... Once malice is embrace... facebook
1:01pm I didn't start singing until the final panel, then I read it again and sang along. twitter
12:48pm @thenib @yacitus Hands were way too big. twitter
8:51am This week's Scathing Atheist's diatribe reviews "God Friended Me". It's the six minutes from 2:00 to 8:35. Worth the listen. facebook
8:43am This is my favorite quote of the year, and if Elana hadn't transcribed it, I would've. twitter
8:33am RT @renato_mariotti: A couple of law professors I know hesitated to sign their names to this because they were afraid about the consequences… twitter
7:36am RT @Riana_Crypto: But sure, give the police an encryption backdoor guaranteeing access to everything on your phone and every message you sen… twitter
October 3rd 2018
3:32pm Miyu Kojima Creates Miniature Replicas of Lonely Deaths facebook
October 2nd 2018
4:33pm "the spirit of a president who celebrated America as a city on a hill that was generous abroad, welcoming to newcomers, and self-confident at home, has been ... facebook
3:44pm RT @Spacekatgal: Please RT if you are a man who has never been in a bar fight. twitter
10:30am Python3 dokuwiki
October 1st 2018
September 30th 2018
11:45pm How Books and Television Affect Your Brain Differently. A reminder that we should be deliberate about how we spend our time. It's not a perfect article, but ... facebook
9:27am OMG, that Venn diagram. facebook
September 28th 2018
7:32pm A fun interactive graphic that lets you zoom in on Kavanaugh's and Ford's testimony. Click through and click through! facebook
7:51am You can't say that this administration is inconsistent. Along with the leaving of the White House's ethics councilor and the resignation of the head of the O... facebook
September 27th 2018
2:51pm RT @FiveThirtyEight: “The Supreme Court must never be viewed as a partisan institution. The Justices on the Supreme Court do not sit on oppo… twitter
September 26th 2018
8:39pm Dear young people: Don't vote. facebook
8:32pm RT @molly_knight: There it is. “I would rather have a Republican child molester win than a Democrat.” Our president just said it out loud. H… twitter
6:33am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
6:27am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
6:23am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
September 25th 2018
9:42pm RT @_cingraham: Trudeau took a swipe at U.S. redistricting processes today and, well, he's got a point twitter
September 23rd 2018
4:38pm RT @missmayn: It would be nice if a Supreme Court nominee were scrutinized as hard a guy who was shot in his own apartment. twitter
7:28am Crema Coffee Roasting Company foursquare
September 21st 2018
11:42am Where it all started. Always read the plaque. instagram
September 20th 2018
10:49am On the same VW as the last sticker. instagram
September 19th 2018
7:44am I respect James Gunn's response to the credible accusations of his past actions more than I do Kavanaugh's. And Gunn still lost his job for it anyway. An exc... facebook
September 18th 2018
12:50pm instagram
September 17th 2018
12:14pm RT @TheTattooedProf: Tax this asshole's "church." As George Carlin one said, you wanna play politics, pay your fckin admission price like th… twitter
8:12am "Thinking about Attention - Walk with Me" facebook
September 16th 2018
September 15th 2018
2:30pm Mission Dolores Park foursquare
12:58pm Clarion Alley foursquare
10:48am Balmy Alley foursquare
September 14th 2018
12:16pm @ryanestrada I just read "Shiv Sena Riot" from This is How You Die. You really captured human behavior wonderfully. I LOL'ed at least twice.… twitter
September 13th 2018
10:39am RT @zannah: twitter
8:48am RT @bbw1984: Our statement 1/2: This landmark judgment confirming that the UK’s mass spying breached fundamental rights vindicates @Snowde… twitter
September 11th 2018
7:58pm RT @axios: The CBO has changed its prediction for when the deficit will reach $1 trillion from 2020 to the end of this fiscal year twitter
September 10th 2018
11:14am RT @carterforva: This comic is over 80 years old and yet you don't have to change a thing about it. It's every bit as relevant today as the… twitter
September 9th 2018
1:44pm Tucker Carlson asks (in bad faith), "How is diversity our strength?" Noah Smith gives an answer in good faith. (Please click through for the thread. It's wor... facebook
1:35pm RT @Noahpinion: 1/Tucker Carlson's question - "How is diversity our strength?" was not asked in good faith, but for purposes of racist demag… twitter
September 8th 2018
10:31am RT @chrislhayes: If the GOP retains control of both houses in the midterms, it seems certain to me Trump will take it as a sign he can do an… twitter
September 7th 2018
12:26pm RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Hey Rick, this year’s Republican budget proposes cutting $500 billion - $500 BILLION - from Medicare. I didn’t make tha… twitter
September 6th 2018
12:34pm RT @catvalente: The next person who tells me both sides are the same can jump in a pit. When the Democrats were completely in charge we all … twitter
12:32pm RT @SenKamalaHarris: Kirstjen Nielsen just announced a new Trump administration proposal to indefinitely incarcerate immigrant children in w… twitter
7:57am RT @brianklaas: For anyone wondering when Republicans might finally turn on Trump after all the scandals, corruption, lies, chaos, and insan… twitter
7:55am RT @yacitus: “… that would set a good precedent: that the Cabinet should and will remove a president who is mentally unfit for the job. By i… twitter
September 5th 2018
12:22pm Images of the Destruction Left by Typhoon Jebi in Japan (click through) facebook
11:33am Reflections of the chambermaid. facebook
8:53am How would Ajit Pai treat an ISP that favored access to one party's sites over the other's then? Now he's suggesting tech companies are censoring conservative... facebook
September 4th 2018
2:38pm RT @PreetBharara: I still can’t get over this tweet. It’s the most outrageous and damning proof of Trump’s utter contempt for the rule of la… twitter
12:54pm shell tips - [Application Memory Usage] dokuwiki
11:43am The fire at the National Museum of Brazil was devastating. (Click through.) facebook
September 2nd 2018
6:04pm I'm still working on this, too. facebook
11:24am " They are seething with imaginary grievances, illusory persecution complexes, in which they’ve become the victims of fictional, nightmarish enemies, with th... facebook
10:43am TIL: Shooting around the net, no higher than the net is legal in tennis. What an amazing shot. facebook
8:29am Voyager Craft Coffee foursquare
September 1st 2018
9:44pm The Trump administration knows which side of their bread is buttered. American farmers will be impacted by the tariffs, so they're considering subsidies for ... facebook
9:24pm RT @fawfulfan: No. No they're not. The bill they're pushing does not protect pre-existing conditions. It says people with pre-existing cond… twitter
11:20am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
11:16am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
11:11am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
11:08am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
11:04am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
10:58am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
August 31st 2018
12:46pm Reliability and consistency are requirements for building a brand. That's why some major brands can't be exceptional. facebook
9:39am New bucket-list item. Will I ever be a person lucky enough to enjoy that kind of moment? twitter
August 30th 2018
9:53pm RT @GeorgeLakoff: Stay focused. via @RBReich twitter
10:56am RT @zannah: Proof. twitter
August 29th 2018
11:06pm Hey Rosie VanHerp! It's the 9-year anniversary of Nathan's website (Flowing Data) appearance at 10/GUI! It's in the video around 7:15 in. facebook
7:05pm RT @RepAdamSchiff: Trump owns a hotel across the street from the FBI HQ. He has a financial stake in plans to redevelop or relocate. He car… twitter
12:10pm Wow, that's basically my current understanding. facebook
August 28th 2018
10:31am RT @yacitus: Republicans in Congress have been scared of what they might expose if they did their job of investigation and oversight. Now th… twitter
9:48am RT @KamalaHarris: Every single day these families are separated, another child goes to sleep terrified because they don’t know where their p… twitter
August 27th 2018
12:29pm These social rules could be adopted in many different situations. Nice job explaining them so clearly, @recursecenter. twitter
August 26th 2018
9:18pm @b0rk Slight preference for the handwritten text. I love seeing little margin notes like the "↖byte 11" one that's only in the handwritten o… twitter
9:34am Modest Mouse - Float On last_fm
9:29am David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 mix) last_fm
9:26am Cake - The Distance last_fm
9:23am Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
August 25th 2018
8:44pm This helps explain why the Wells Fargo of the 1980s is so different that Wells Fargo today. facebook
4:40pm Hacking conference organizers said kids had hacked “exact clones” of state election reporting websites, but that didn’t happen. facebook
August 24th 2018
4:27pm RT @byepoleher: I read this recently and I love it. Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by rea… twitter
August 23rd 2018
3:25pm RT @GeorgeTakei: So if you broke the law to win a close election, do you still get to appoint justices for life? Asking for 65.8 million fri… twitter
3:16pm That honestly took me a doubletake to figure out. twitter
3:13pm RT @FreedomofPress: Our statement on whistleblower Reality Winner being sentenced to the longest prison sentence in the history of leak case… twitter
2:49pm I'm in awe of these athletes. Sepak Takraw just looks so dangerous and painful. facebook
10:48am On why the lead story on was not Michael Cohen’s admission that Donald Trump had instructed him to violate campaign-finance laws, but the murder ... facebook
10:30am I mentioned this great answer from O'Rourke to my wife. It's worth listening to. facebook
August 22nd 2018
3:51pm O'Rourke inspires me to become a more compassionate and understanding person when explaining my views. twitter
7:35am The New York Times' "The Daily" also has a devastating series on this: “Divided,” Part 1: How Family Separations Started. facebook
6:52am Lorde - Royals last_fm
6:46am Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication last_fm
6:43am Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue last_fm
6:39am Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around the World last_fm
6:34am Pearl Jam - Even Flow (Album Version) last_fm
6:29am The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock last_fm
6:25am Primus - Tommy The Cat last_fm
6:21am Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver last_fm
6:18am Nirvana - Come as You Are last_fm
6:13am Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit last_fm
August 21st 2018
9:08pm RT @vermontgmg: THREAD: I want to take a moment to elaborate why we should be so concerned that Jim Clapper, John Brennan, Admiral McRaven, … twitter
August 20th 2018
5:40pm Python3 dokuwiki
August 19th 2018
1:37pm Yay! President Obama recommends Factfulness by Hans Rosling too! facebook
1:32pm RT @TomSteyer: If this story doesn’t make your blood run cold, remember every dictator in history—you choose your favorite—and reread it. twitter
9:14am RT @yacitus: “Make no mistake: if Republicans hold both houses of Congress this November, Trump will go full authoritarian, abusing institut… twitter
August 18th 2018
9:59pm RT @EricLevitz: Genuinely impressive how bad Donald Trump is at literally every aspect of his job. twitter
9:57pm RT @SusanKristol: Don't let military parade, Omarosa, Brennan, and Manafort stories (all important) drown out this major disgrace. twitter
9:50pm @yacitus At first blush, seems more amusing than practical. I'm more interested in docopt. twitter
8:53pm RT @everyplace: @waxpancake You know, I've had the domain for years now, and never did anything with it. I just made… twitter
August 16th 2018
7:47pm RT @pemalevy: A majority-black county in Georgia plans to shutter 7 of 9 polling locations for the November elections. This is the kind of v… twitter
1:30pm RT @SenSanders: Listen to this historian explain why Trump chants "Build That Wall!" (with @TimothyDSnyder) twitter
1:27pm RT @ACLU: Let’s have a conversation about ‘honesty.’ THREAD 👇 twitter
9:27am This is literally the way I understood the Trump Tower meeting supposedly being about "orphans". Strange to see it portrayed as a comic. twitter
9:23am RT @nicolehe: I made, a cyberpunk game you play by yelling at your computer like you're in a movie. It's an homage t… twitter
August 15th 2018
8:51pm Yeah, Dad, as a matter of fact, I do think I'm the center of the universe. facebook
3:20pm RT @JoeNBC: There are so many lies Trump worshippers tell themselves to sleep at night. But the lie they repeat most often is that Trump tur… twitter
August 14th 2018
1:29pm RT @GMPaiella: Liberals angry at Trump for this instead of the $717 BILLION defense bill are going to give me a fucking aneurysm twitter
12:21pm RT @zannah: About coffee. twitter
9:51am RT @RBReich: Even if the Pentagon budget were cut in half, the United States would still outspend China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea combi… twitter
August 13th 2018
5:21pm A short story from Andy Weir, "Digitocracy" facebook
10:08am RT @cosmiquemuffin: And now, because it is late summer -- a guide to Yellow Stripey Things twitter
August 12th 2018
7:57am Hannah Cafe foursquare
August 10th 2018
7:33pm RT @Evan_McMullin: Demographic changes don't threaten the America we know and love because America isn't defined by so-called racial purity.… twitter
10:32am I wrote a thing. Don't tell my kids, but this is how I control the local network remotely. facebook
August 9th 2018
10:45pm I just published “How to Torture your Kids from Anywhere” twitter
4:33am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
4:28am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
August 8th 2018
12:45pm 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
12:45pm RT @adamdavidson: This is insane. Wow. What else is going on in this administration. twitter
12:41pm Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous last_fm
12:38pm Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
12:32pm Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
12:28pm Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
9:00am The only way to log in at Muir Woods. instagram
August 7th 2018
11:40am Impossible Architectures: The Works of Filip Dujardin. (Click through, it's worth it.) facebook
August 6th 2018
5:21pm Just so we're clear: The FCC admits it wasn't actually hacked. It was the Obama Administration that fouled things up during the Net Neutrality Reversal proce... facebook
9:51am The president demonstrates his lack of compassion and contempt for science, geography, and California in one tweet. (Protip: Water west of the American conti... facebook
7:49am RT @natalietran: This story... Nick minding the closed Olympia Milk Bar stocked with empty cans... reads like a character from a book. Hope … twitter
7:44am Optimized floor plan with genetic algorithms: "The results were biological in appearance, intriguing in character and wildly irrational in practice." facebook
August 5th 2018
9:09pm This month, Facebook broke (their functionality in) my Dead Man's Switch, by removing the "publish_actions" scope for their party apps. So I'll try to figure... facebook
1:08pm RT @davidfrum: They knew they would be meeting with representatives of the Russian state. They knew they were being offered Russian state … twitter
2:07am Metric - Black Sheep last_fm
2:04am Lorde - Royals last_fm
1:59am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
August 3rd 2018
8:55pm RT @RBReich: twitter
9:37am My kingdom for a 1080p (not 4K) HDR TV and an 8:5 aspect ratio laptop screen (Linux). twitter
9:36am RT @zannah: It's the only way to be sure. twitter
August 2nd 2018
9:38am I'd just started Michael Lewis's "The Undoing Project" when the library notified me that Hans Rosling's "Factfulness" is ready for me to pick up! Woohoo! Tha... facebook
August 1st 2018
11:27pm I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. How hard does Sacha Baron Cohen have to work to get these sound bites? I'm glad he kept the one incredulous con... facebook
8:33pm RT @libbycwatson: any headline saying medicare for all would cost $32 trillion without noting the same study said the status quo would cost … twitter
10:55am "Lukianoff and Haidt argue how gradual exposure to ‘triggering’ content has been established as an effective way to overcome responses to trauma. Trigger war... facebook
July 31st 2018
7:53pm RT @MarsCuriosity: I shall call her Mini-Me. Build your own robot with these open source rover plans from @NASAJPL 🤖 twitter
4:19pm @rawbytz @dandgerson @WorkFlowy Agreed, there's too much whitespace, especially between the top bar and the first title/bullet. (For context… twitter
July 30th 2018
6:01pm Python3 - [Modules] dokuwiki
4:36pm Python3 dokuwiki
12:05pm Python3 - [Modules] dokuwiki
6:42am RT @ferrisjabr: If you put chalk under a powerful microscope—white cliffs of Dover type chalk, not the modern blackboard variety—you will se… twitter
July 29th 2018
7:53pm Python3 - Raspbian needed libffi-dev for Python 3.7 for _ctypes dokuwiki
6:45pm Sizzling Stone foursquare
4:24pm Python3 - [Debian based distros] dokuwiki
9:47am If we know it feels great to have worked out, and we'll be glad to have done so, why do we want to flake every time it's time to work out again? facebook
9:41am @ProtonMailHelp On free accounts, email notification is sent for but not for messages, even when… twitter
9:31am The Calif. Supreme Court decided a case that could add billions to the state economy by requiring employers to pay employees for work time t… twitter
July 28th 2018
3:01pm Laptop Magazine, to my mind, the Dell XPS is better in every way than the MacBook Pro except for this dealbreaker: Screen aspect ratio. 8:5 beats 16:9 for pr... facebook
9:34am "AutocarJS has a modular plugin system to allow you to add bicycle pedals to your car-bike abomination." facebook
9:32am Love this. Learn fundamentals first. "AutocarJS has a modular plugin system to allow you to add bicycle pedals to your car-bike abomination.… twitter
July 27th 2018
July 26th 2018
4:18pm "Everything about [the outrage over his old tweets] shouts 'bad faith.'"We're going to see a lot more of this as we get closer to election season. It won't... facebook
July 25th 2018
6:10pm SEGA told Hideki Kamiya that the game character Bayonetta shouldn't have glasses, and he insisted they stayed, then gave literally every single other charact... facebook
5:59pm I'm the only person in my family who liked Die Hard better than Skyscraper. Clearly, they're all wrong. History will judge them harshly. facebook
2:47pm RT @majornelson: The Xbox Adaptive Controller features accessible packaging, as shown in this unboxing animation. The team knew this would b… twitter
2:40pm 30 years ago. facebook
July 23rd 2018
9:33pm RT @scalzi: A leading indicator for me that you're probably a real asshole is whether you think libraries should be shut down and/or replace… twitter
July 22nd 2018
1:08pm RT @paulkrugman: I don't know the answer, but it seems like an essential question to ask, because even if democracy survives Trump -- which … twitter
1:39am A good lesson from Poorly Drawn Lines. facebook
July 21st 2018
2:42pm So it goes. I appreciate James Gunn's statement about being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. facebook
2:33pm RT @CREWcrew: This week in the NRA: -Maria Butina is charged with espionage for infiltrating groups including the NRA -news breaks that the … twitter
2:31pm RT @CREWcrew: President Trump’s handling of Scott Pruitt’s ethics fiasco highlights his failures as a manager and leader. By not immediately… twitter
5:53am C418 - Chris last_fm
5:50am C418 - Clark last_fm
5:48am C418 - Wet Hands last_fm
5:47am C418 - Dry Hands last_fm
5:42am C418 - Sweden last_fm
5:40am C418 - Key last_fm
5:38am Eric Fullerton - In Search of Diamonds last_fm
5:10am SISTAR - Give It To Me last_fm
5:07am Smash Mouth - All Star last_fm
5:04am Barenaked Ladies - One Week last_fm
4:57am Metric - Black Sheep last_fm
3:08am Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge last_fm
3:03am Mazzy Star - Fade Into You last_fm
3:00am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
July 20th 2018
10:58am Suruga Kanbaru (Miyuki Sawashiro) - ambivalent world last_fm
July 19th 2018
3:53pm RT @kurteichenwald: Unbelievable. Although nothing is unbelievable anymore. Republicans refuse to approve funding for cyber security upgra… twitter
July 18th 2018
8:07pm RT @MaxBoot: The fallout from the surrender summit is reminiscent of the old Soviet joke: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.” T… twitter
July 17th 2018
2:58pm RT @cameron_kasky: Wait, hold on, this is getting lost in the fire: The NRA was LITERALLY colluding with a Russian spy and within 24 HOURS,… twitter
12:42pm Character matters. facebook
12:08pm @zannah Makes me want to read Microserfs. twitter
July 16th 2018
5:16pm This cannot be true. (Putin helpfully answers for Trump.) facebook
12:35pm Protonmail, a secure email alternative, has a uniquely clever short URL. While works, they've also got I like the natural mne... facebook
10:33am @zannah Risky answer, indeed. twitter
10:31am RT @DanRather: The President of the United States trusts the word of a former KGB agent over the consensus of the American intelligence comm… twitter
July 15th 2018
10:54am RT @ChrisMurphyCT: I refuse to live in a world where nothing is untrue or morally wrong, just left or right. Facebook’s inability to disti… twitter
10:52am RT @NewYorkStateAG: Last month, @BetsyDeVosED quietly broke with nearly two decades of practice & stopped sharing student loan info with… twitter
10:01am If the world at large can fix and forgive FIFA, then hopefully they can forgive the U.S.A. once we make reparations for a regrettable presid… twitter
4:48am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
July 13th 2018
6:59pm RT @KenDilanianNBC: On a normal day this would be a big story. twitter
11:36am RT @jonfavs: The Russian government literally hacked state election boards and stole the information of 500,000 voters. Fuck the Republica… twitter
July 12th 2018
9:40pm RT @The_UnSilent_: Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills: Britain - 0 France - 0 Germany - 0 Netherlands - 0… twitter
11:41am Oh, wow. I didn't even know this misreading of Luke vs. Vader in Return of the Jedi might happen. Interesting take. twitter
10:04am This thread between @b0rk and @xthread demonstrates the positive potential of Twitter. Smart people helping others out. Just wonderful. twitter
10:02am This Twitter thread shows how things can go right on Twitter. Smart person shares that she learned something. Another smart person chimes in about some of th... facebook
July 11th 2018
2:30pm RT @RexHuppke: Please share this. Please be as mad as I am about this. Please fight this. Please shame everyone involved in this. twitter
8:49am It's amusing when the title doesn't match the URL. The title here is, "Believe it or not, Trump just told the truth". But the URL is help-vladimir-the-europe... facebook
4:14am Younha - Houki boshi last_fm
4:10am Younha - Aitai last_fm
4:05am 宇多田ヒカル - Beautiful World last_fm
4:00am Touhou - Bad Apple!! last_fm
3:54am Sowelu - Mamoru beki mono last_fm
3:50am Sowelu - Get Over last_fm
3:46am solua - Yoake no ashioto last_fm
3:42am Rie fu - 5000 Miles last_fm
2:33am Perfume - edge last_fm
2:31am 北出菜奈 - LUM no LOVE SONG last_fm
2:26am 安室奈美恵 - WoWa last_fm
July 10th 2018
10:54am @zannah Click through to sign up for his Seminar on the Teachings of Thump. Apparently from the guy who also brought you the "I bought every… twitter
6:20am 安室奈美恵 - Baby Don't Cry last_fm
July 9th 2018
2:00pm @KansenChu , as your constituent I urge you to vote YES on SB 822 (Wiener) and SB 460 (de Leon), the strongest net neutrality bills in the n… twitter
1:21pm @TechCrunch More than once, I've enjoyed an article and intend to share its URL, but when I scroll to the bottom to finish reading it, TechC… twitter
8:45am Nice, to verify the E.P.A.'s curated findings, ProPublica went to the contractor testers, and reviewed the military's tests, and got a better understanding o... facebook
8:31am I'm amused that Russia stepped in to protect the world at large from the off-the-rails U.S.A. when it comes to the World Health breast-feedi… twitter
July 8th 2018
9:25pm Wait, what? This can't be true. "If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution [supporting breastfeeding instead of substitutes], Washington would unleash punish... facebook
5:36pm I'm gonna be honest: I'm only to the Madison Square Garden picture in this article about the brain and Neuralink, but I've already learned so much about the ... facebook
3:49pm On information warfare and the "#walkaway" campaign: "this psychological operation ... represents a trial run for future social media manipulation efforts.... facebook
July 7th 2018
12:20pm @hellomattspicer @BillyMagnussen Ingrid Goes West's Nicky Sloane was deliciously contemptible/privileged from beginning to end. Thank you fo… twitter
10:36am RT @MarkHarrisNYC: To put it less glibly: Outreach can't change the minds of those who base their worldview on rejecting information. Which … twitter
July 6th 2018
10:41pm Anybody see Ant-Man and the Wasp yet? Let me know if you have. Do not read the comments if you haven't. facebook
3:34pm RT @DanRather: "No man who is corrupt, no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community." - Theodore Roos… twitter
8:01am The Postal Service trolled stock image sites for a photo of the statue of Liberty, and ended up using one of the replica in Las Vegas instead of the original... facebook
July 5th 2018
9:36pm A puzzle on my Father's Day card reminded me why I like developing code. twitter
9:31pm dblume shares A puzzle on my son's Father's Day card to me reminded me why I like developing code. plurk
9:11pm A puzzle my son wrote on my Father's Day card set me on a path that reminds me why I like code development. facebook
July 4th 2018
10:15pm Father's Day Challenge david_dlma
7:45am RT @tchebotarev: @stshank @500px @GettyImages @creativecommons @SmugMug @Flickr Creative Commons is critical to the growth and support of th… twitter
July 3rd 2018
6:54pm RT @SenMarkey: At the ICE facility I visited, I met a woman from Mexico who has lived here for 18 years. She called 911 after her husband br… twitter
10:03am Inspiring art from Loish from her recent trip to the Cévennes in France. facebook
July 2nd 2018
1:34pm {w[i:]+w[:i] for i in range(len(w))} is Python for JavaScript's [...w].map((_, i, a) => a.slice(i).join('') + a.slice(0, i).join('')). I… twitter
July 1st 2018
5:05pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
12:57pm There are some good points in this essay, although the title is a little provocative. "How American Collapse is Powered by Modern History’s Most Backwards Id... facebook
11:32am RT @CREWcrew: If anyone in this administration cared about ethics, Scott Pruitt would've been fired a long time ago twitter
June 30th 2018
10:17am That's pretty much what I imagined Dave Grohl would say when asked if he would replace Neil Peart. Such a silly question. facebook
June 29th 2018
9:20pm Airline's got me acclimated to neo grotesque Roboto.You're all probably going, Dude, just settle with Open Sans. But Roboto's got a version with the triang... facebook
2:09pm RT @keeltyc: Yes, I can think the top marginal tax rate should be 80%, and still be friends with someone who thinks it should be 35%. I can… twitter
2:08pm RT @CindyOtis_: Today seems like the right time to do a thread I've been thinking about for a while on how to handle the seemingly never-end… twitter
June 28th 2018
9:40pm Winners of the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
2:39pm RT @RokuPlayer: Introducing @amazonmusic on #Roku devices. 🎵 Stream millions of songs with your Prime membership and more with Amazon Mus… twitter
June 27th 2018
11:37am Grace Hopper explaining and handing out nanoseconds. facebook
June 26th 2018
2:34pm "Hypothetically if, while targeting [a single foreigner abroad], they happened to collect every single Gmail and every single Facebook message ... then the N... facebook
12:48pm RT @LilyMasonPhD: There needs to be an honest conversation about asymmetric expectations of civility. (Thread) twitter
12:41pm RT @Lawrence: Please keep doing this, Andrew. Please. (Retweet if you want more reporters to do this.) twitter
June 25th 2018
9:40am RT @AoDespair: This THREAD has it exactly and overwhelmingly correct. Civility facilities the operation of a healthy, pluralistic republic… twitter
9:32am RT @rickygervais: Suggesting that all immigrants are like gang members is like suggesting that all Americans are like Trump. twitter
June 24th 2018
9:48pm It really burns my britches to hear American politicians go on about how America's the greatest country and then also to refuse to hear criticism. Jesus, be ... facebook
9:35pm "At the end of the day, however, particularly in a rich country like the United States, the persistence of extreme poverty is a political choice made by thos... facebook
9:21pm RT @futurebreed: Friendly reminder that posting screenshots of tweets makes them less accessible to people who utilize screen readers, and… twitter
9:31am h/t to both William Gibson and Rick Mann for sharing. This is amazing. facebook
June 23rd 2018
5:16pm I don't like how Security Token and Crypto don't refer to robustness and cryptography so much anymore. I have to do an intentional context switch from encryp... facebook
June 22nd 2018
4:47pm RT @anticorruption: Tomorrow is World Whistleblowing Day 📣 RT and ❤ to your support to all #whistleblowers & the importance to #SpeakUp. #… twitter
4:38pm At the beginning of every technical challenge, I'm all "I don't even... They got me now. There's no way I'll fix th… twitter
10:18am "Only few without cellphones could escape this tireless and absolute surveillance." -From the decision in today's Supreme Court victory for the ACLU. facebook
10:14am Especially for @zannah, who actually reads the silly things. twitter
10:12am RT @ACLU: That moment when you realize you won. Thanks to @NateWessler, who argued Carpenter in front of the Supreme Court, leading to tod… twitter
8:47am This is why I donate to ProPublica. It's effective. facebook
8:45am If only there were some way to remotely and easily share something from the command line. Somebody should invent something.Protip: scp ftp mongoose webdav ... facebook
8:33am RT @Snowden: The Supreme Court just ruled the government's decades-old practice of warrantlessly tracking your historical movements via cel… twitter
June 21st 2018
7:52pm @DreamHostCare DreamObjects migration from west to east may not preserve public permissions of individual objects.… twitter
3:15pm RT @EricHolder: Here’s another zero tolerance program for the Trump Administration: EVERY child, EVERY baby has to be reunited with his or… twitter
8:29am RT @APBusiness: Burger King is sorry for offering a lifetime supply of Whoppers to Russian women who get pregnant by World Cup players to g… twitter
June 20th 2018
6:41am RT @JuddApatow: Just shut it all off. If it says Fox on it— shut it off. Have you noticed not one executive at Fox will speak publicly ab… twitter
June 19th 2018
4:23pm Another reason to love Legion: The finale opened with the Antihero dramatically singing The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes". Gave the song another chance to be in a... facebook
June 18th 2018
9:13pm RT @LeeCMcIntyre: Cognitive scientists recommend using a "truth sandwich" to report lies: say the truth, then show the liar telling the lie… twitter
9:11pm RT @JebBush: Children shouldn’t be used as a negotiating tool. @realDonaldTrump should end this heartless policy and Congress should get an… twitter
9:10pm RT @greenfield64: In a media universe consumed by the outrage of children torn from their parents, the FORBES Magazine reporting of the fla… twitter
6:35pm Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) foursquare
3:41pm Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) foursquare
6:59am Two notes on this explainer: Hashing is not encrypting. And some of those possible uses are more inefficient where we have trusted sources. (Using PGP and/or... facebook
6:34am u/One_Wheel_Drive on Mexico's victory over Germany in the World Cup: "I kept referring to the German keeper as the Berlin Wall because nothing was getting th... facebook
6:20am RT @lizthegrey: I'm a believer in Pride as a fight for justice rather than purely as a celebration. Therefore, this year for Pride, I'm mat… twitter
5:59am Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría (SJO) foursquare
June 17th 2018
7:20pm On the one hand, it can't be as bad as this essay on The Origins of America's Unique and Spectacular Cruelty. On the other hand, the US is withdrawing from t... facebook
6:52pm @zannah I'm reading this in Costa Rica where there's no standing army. So their taxes go to education (97% literacy… twitter
4:44pm Went on an adventure with the kids for an early Father's Day excursion. facebook
5:56am RT @Mikel_Jollett: “Mexico will pay for the Wall.” “OK taxpayers will pay for the Wall.” “If taxpayers don’t pay for the Wall I’m going t… twitter
5:55am RT @ASlavitt: As you play with your own kids, Fathers’ Day would be a great time to support this bill with a veto proof majority. It would… twitter
5:54am @zannah Took me a few seconds. (It's also a reverse offset cypher.) twitter
June 16th 2018
6:57am facebook
6:57am RT @AshaRangappa_: POTUS: I am the President with all the executive power and I can start and stop whatever investigations and enforce the… twitter
June 15th 2018
8:26pm The keywords you use to find information online can shift the ideological slant of their search results.v facebook
7:11pm Oh, hello there little scorpion. No, you may not share our bed. Out you go. facebook
6:54pm RT @rabiasquared: Someone tell the Christian Taliban it actually does not matter what they believe the Bible says because the point of the… twitter
6:47pm The article about the cartoonist getting fired over anti-Trump cartoons. twitter
6:53am Pacifico Colonial foursquare
June 14th 2018
8:42pm RT @TheRealDratch: Amy Poehler was named one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy and her answers to these questions are genius: (Also… twitter
8:23pm RT @HillaryClinton: But my emails. twitter
7:25pm This is old, but so good. Somebody was disappointed that the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine posted something anti-Trump. His reply started with, "On... facebook
6:45pm RT @NoahShachtman: SCOOP: Defense contractors making millions off of immigrant kids' detention. twitter
7:17am RT @jonathanalter: This should be new standard for ALL of journalism. Don’t quote Trump if he’s lying. Just because he says it doesn’t make… twitter
June 12th 2018
12:00pm El Silencio del Campo Spa & Hot Springs foursquare
June 10th 2018
12:45pm Peace Lodge foursquare
7:59am HACIENDA ALSACIA S.A foursquare
6:16am Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría (SJO) foursquare
June 9th 2018
6:26pm Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) foursquare
4:03pm Know what I'm thankful for? Consistent keyboard shortcuts across so many applications. Vim, Facebook, GMail, Feed Reader, The Atlantic's In Focus photo journ... facebook
3:24pm Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) foursquare
11:50am Music - [Music] dokuwiki
June 7th 2018
9:44pm America Doesn’t Measure the Difference Between Good Jobs and Bad Jobs. facebook
9:50am "By using such heavy material for ratings and profit and cloaking it as a means to starting conversations, we might be doing ourselves and our children a ser... facebook
June 5th 2018
9:54pm Bill Gates is giving a copy of Hans Rosling's Factfulness to all college graduates this summer. I'm #72 in line for one of 8 copies at the Library. facebook
9:53am RT @Foone: @yasarsafkan @munin Yes! It's not JPEG, JPEG is the creator. You're thinking of JPEG's monster. twitter
June 3rd 2018
3:30pm RT @KevinMKruse: The Samantha Bee controversy reminds us that the death count in Puerto Rico is approximately 70 times higher than the gove… twitter
June 2nd 2018
7:55pm @b0rk @b0rk Treat yourself to this from the "date" documentation: $ info '(coreutils) date invocation' -> Date Inpu… twitter
7:50pm @b0rk You know what else is the exception for "man" being useful? The "date string". It's amazingly versatile. "The… twitter
8:38am On the 9.9% just under the top 0.1%, the New American Ariostocracy. "Rising immobility and rising inequality aren’t like two pieces of driftwood that happen ... facebook
June 1st 2018
3:54pm RT @JimCarrey: The WORST TERROR a child can experience is being taken from their parents. Would blonde, blue-eyed children ever be treated… twitter
May 31st 2018
12:39pm @zannah Flouncing about *disrespectfully*. Just flaunting their flouncing. Floutfully flouncing. twitter
May 30th 2018
12:35pm 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
8:18am While we're stuck in this timeline, the only thing to do is hack it. Domain experts and dedicated civil servants need to capitalize on what affects the presi... facebook
8:06am @neonepiphany I spent too long looking for an XBox anachronism in there. twitter
May 27th 2018
7:14pm "Making a 3 percent profit is better if the company spends more. ... It’s like if a mom told her son he could have 3 percent of a bowl of ice cream. A clever... facebook
5:58pm If this were really about freedom of religion it wouldn't be about ramming Christian bills through gerrymandered legislatures. And it would be about respecti... facebook
9:12am Kneeling during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice is a bit like a guardian reminding a student to do their homework. Nobody like it, not the gu... facebook
May 26th 2018
11:47pm From my friend in India. Because the whole world can see how ridiculous the United States is becoming. Peacefully protesting racial injustice is not disrespe... facebook
12:45pm @rascalking @garrett_wollman @b0rk Yep, a colleague and I use vi bindings in bash. Downside is when other colleague… twitter
May 25th 2018
7:43pm I really get the angst in this essay. facebook
3:16pm "One in five migrant kids recently placed by HHS into 'foster care or whatever' have been lost." Simon Rosenberg. This is heart-wrenching. Towards the end of... facebook
1:49pm Another Poorly Drawn Lines classic. It's just the two panels. facebook
1:47pm RT @Iron_Spike: This is the kinda shit I think about when I'm told religion is necessary because it provides humanity with a moral compass.… twitter
7:18am TIL about Fore Edge Paintings. They're so very cool. twitter
May 24th 2018
7:52pm /u/Chopsdixs illustrates why they're called "birds of paradise". facebook
11:14am @zannah Do the lights "flow" to the left? twitter
9:20am The boastful and passive-aggressive tone in today's letter from the American President to the Leader of North Korea is worthy of criticism. It's not presiden... facebook
7:34am "The key to America's competitiveness isn't lower taxes; it's investments in the American people." facebook
May 23rd 2018
7:14pm RT @MuslimIQ: White man executes 9 in Charleston •NOT Terrorism White man executes 17 at Parkland •NOT Terrorism White man executes 28 at… twitter
May 22nd 2018
8:27pm RT @brianbeutler: Hillary's email, Trump's phone, and how the media rewards bad faith. twitter
1:41pm RT @bgreene: "I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of e… twitter
May 21st 2018
9:43pm Years ago, Comcast called me to say they'd send me one of their routers for free, and all I had to do was hook it up. I said "no" because of things like this. facebook
May 20th 2018
May 18th 2018
12:56pm RT @MarcHilberer: the number of school shootings that have happened since the year 2000 around the world: ENGLAND: 0 GREECE: 1 NETHERLAN… twitter
9:20am Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
8:19am /u/seamuswray painted Trump trying to drink water. It's so good, I don't even know what to say. If it was done on say, George Washington, Lincoln, or FDR, I'... facebook
8:02am @baus Just wanted to call out I appreciate your blog, read every word, and like your experiments in twitter
May 17th 2018
6:32pm Thai Town foursquare
May 16th 2018
5:19pm RT @mattmfm: Can pundits stop saying that there are “extremists” in both parties? On the right, an “extremist” denies science and embrace… twitter
8:42am "When Facebook Rumors Incite Real Violence", an important and chilling episode of The New York Times' The Daily podcast. Less than 20 minutes. facebook
May 15th 2018
9:19pm dblume shares I don't know how to waste time on the internet anymo.... What do you guys think? plurk
9:35am @zannah Just came across this in the freetype changelog: "I should really stop coding late in the evening..." from Werner Lemberg twitter
8:35am Worth clicking through. To be fair, "Fatal clashes" doesn't described the one-sidedness of it. facebook
May 14th 2018
May 12th 2018
10:00pm @JNGross @mkapor @FakeRayKurzweil Both points taken. I know the actual test will be far more rigorous. twitter
9:55pm @b0rk @bangbangcon A part of me was hoping that bangbangcon would be the same conference day over and over again, Groundhog Day style. twitter
6:04pm Yoshi's Jazz Club & Japanese Restaurant foursquare
2:02pm Seems to me that @FakeRayKurzweil is on his way to winning his Turing Test bet against @mkapor at… twitter
1:36pm "Most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70% of the information you wish you had. If you wait for 90%, in most cases, you’re probably be... facebook
May 11th 2018
7:54am I check my credit online three times a year, each time from a different service. Today's is Equifax, and this time they say they require my request by mail w... facebook
7:46am RT @LOLGOP: This is a good point and if Hillary Clinton had done this, it would be the screaming top headline of the front page of your pap… twitter
May 10th 2018
May 9th 2018
11:58pm Defunding the Carbon Monitoring System gets them part of the way. They still need another Dickey Amendment, this one to "defund any research that may be used... facebook
10:00pm RT @MartinHeinrich: No Senator can consider Gina Haspel’s nomination to be CIA Director in good conscience without first reviewing the Durh… twitter
12:37pm RT @ColMorrisDavis: I resigned as Chief Prosecutor at #Guantanamo rather than use torture-derived evidence and later was fired from my gov’… twitter
7:44am RT @integerpoet: That makes no sense whatsoever. Obama is way too young to have negotiated that. twitter
May 8th 2018
7:32am Mike Kobb, On this week's "This Week in Tech", Leo and Ashley fanboy over Yonatan Zunger. Ashley recommended one of his tweet storms, and Leo was all, "I lov... facebook
May 7th 2018
8:31pm @b0rk I always compress with "tar -jcvf", and picture tar as Jean-Claude Van File (jcvf) compressing the files into one smaller archive. twitter
4:58pm Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Zhangjiajie. (Worth clicking through.) facebook
May 6th 2018
11:49am Photos of Kilauea's Newest Lava Fissures on Hawaii's Big Island. facebook
May 4th 2018
12:25pm Great excerpt from "Change Agent":[Telling an autopilot where to go] "Chiang Mai Airport, please""Why do you say 'please' to these things?""Because it's ... facebook
7:43am Driven to Greatness facebook
May 3rd 2018
3:41pm dblume shares Simply Brutal. Be sure to click through to the Gallery. The best stuff is hidden in the gallery. plurk
3:34pm When you visit Tokyo, be sure not to miss the The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, the largest storm drain in the world. Even their st... facebook
3:31pm RT @KenTremendous: Again, feel like someone probably had this exact headline in a 2015 "What Would the Future Be Like If Trump Became Presi… twitter
May 2nd 2018
10:13am RT @CillizzaCNN: Think about this: The current president of the United States faked a doctor's note about his overall health. He did so… twitter
May 1st 2018
April 30th 2018
9:34pm My family doesn't understand why writing throwaway lines like the following make me so happy:cp -rnv $backup_dir/.vim $HOME | grep " -> " | cut -d " " -f3 ... facebook
11:01am @zannah They can send it to us in California if they like. There's no risk of wet here. twitter
8:19am The NRA is banning guns for safety, and the South Korean President says the American President should get a Nobel Peace Prize. I MADE IT BACK TO THE GOOD TIM... facebook
April 28th 2018
9:14pm Music - [Music] dokuwiki
5:42pm @zannah Oh, that's so sweet! twitter
10:33am RT @irishrygirl: The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe because it’s handle was made of wood and they thought it w… twitter
April 27th 2018
7:14pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
1:15pm @blingcoder Had been using vim-powerline for years, just migrated to vim-airline, and love that it reports bad-smel… twitter
April 26th 2018
12:59pm Huge congrats to @marjoriemliu and Sana Takeda for your multiple Eisner Awards nominations for Monstress. Such a great comic book! twitter
12:18pm “The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period.” — Robert Waldinger, director of... facebook
April 25th 2018
2:25pm This is what happens when you skip leg day. instagram
April 24th 2018
1:50pm AMC Newpark 12 foursquare
11:19am shell tips - [Retrieving Symbols with addr2line] dokuwiki
April 22nd 2018
4:14pm I wrote a post explaining how to make the bash shell prompt responsive by using the (()) construct to evaluate $? when calculating colors. facebook
4:13pm I wrote a post explaining how to make the bash prompt responsive by using the (()) construct to evaluate $? when ca… twitter
2:33pm Responsive colors for the Bash shell prompt david_dlma
April 21st 2018
6:24pm Blue Water Seafood & Crab foursquare
2:23pm I've read a lot of criticism of James Comey, and heard two interviews. This is my favorite. Terry Gross asks two of the questions I wanted her to. 1. What wa... facebook
2:10pm Was it a mistake to shut down As is often the case, it's complicated. Listen to this interesting podcast. facebook
8:28am Anthony Spangler Elementary School foursquare
April 20th 2018
4:35pm RT @TerribleMaps: Prison population per 100,000 people twitter
8:36am Please ignore Robert Reich's political leanings. Consider whether what he says is demonstrably true regardless of party affiliation. If you care about who wi... facebook
April 19th 2018
10:20pm Janis Ian's "At Seventeen". A clear voice and eloquent depiction of a fragile time in life. facebook
April 18th 2018
8:16pm RT @ACLU: We call on @Amazon, @Google, @Microsoft, and @Apple to resist Russia's internet censorship campaign. Stand for human rights by… twitter
April 17th 2018
April 16th 2018
8:23am RT @Kaepernick7: twitter
April 15th 2018
10:29pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
7:33pm I can't imagine what it must be like for that teenager. Helping the police and FBI, but then he was slated for deportation by ICE and marked for death. facebook
12:46pm That time when Tom Cruise made UPS deliveries to show Michael Mann he could blend in. He even had lunch with a guy posing as the delivery man, and nobody kne... facebook
7:56am With the latest drop of iOS, my iMessage conversations have been occurring in chronological order. (Instead of my friends' messages appearing above my latest... facebook
April 14th 2018
2:47pm Japantown Peace Plaza foursquare
12:48pm This view with the old white walls and clear blue skies reminds me of Santorini. instagram
11:50am TC Pastry foursquare
April 13th 2018
7:14pm Bonchon Chicken foursquare
1:11pm Something from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that Rick Mann might appreciate. facebook
9:47am Linux protip: "apropos -s 4 ." to learn about the special files on your system, like /dev/full (which seems to be l… twitter
7:39am Joseph's most complex Rube Goldberg machine yet. The Cake Server. Worth watching. h/t Rick Mann facebook
April 12th 2018
12:30pm Fallen Giants. Includes Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix. facebook
April 11th 2018
12:23pm Another great collection of photos from The Atlantic: China Viewed from Above. facebook
9:45am Music - [Music] dokuwiki
April 10th 2018
4:19pm RT @maxschrems: So #Zuckerberg says that they delete data once you delete it.. 🤔 twitter
8:16am Music - [Music] dokuwiki
April 9th 2018
5:40pm You guys, click through for a nice desktop vacation. Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Meteora, Greece facebook
April 8th 2018
7:37pm Kai Stinchcombe is still right about blockchain. facebook
2:17pm @zannah Wife just confirmed that this is actually her. twitter
April 7th 2018
9:43pm instagram
12:44pm Fair enough. facebook
9:53am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
9:33am @integerpoet First time I've seen that. It was really rewarding to discover the artist and title in the image. twitter
April 5th 2018
6:57pm Robert Reich is not wrong on this. We should be making repairs in Puerto Rico, not sending troops to the border with Mexico. facebook
4:59pm I absolutely do use our library. I'm a big fan of their reservation system. facebook
April 4th 2018
7:57pm I really love this one. h/t Rick Mann facebook
1:39pm I don't run from my problems. I let my problems run me. facebook
12:36pm April Blooms in The Atlantic's "In Focus" feature. facebook
8:38am A k-nearest neighbors algorithm in Python that Raymond Hettinger calls "magical". (Note to self: Don't forget to ch… twitter
April 3rd 2018
8:16pm You guys, a Game Developer Magazine format Post Mortem! I miss these and love them so much! facebook
9:42am The White House's "1600 Daily" cites this Buzzfeed article on "a huge caravan of Central Americans" crossing Mexico to storm the U.S. You guys, we're under a... facebook
April 1st 2018
5:45pm dblume says I wrote up a little history on the evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version. plurk
5:34pm I wrote up a little history on the subtle evolution of my user-pic from 2D pixel art to the current voxel art version. facebook
5:29pm RT @cubemusicjp: Bathroom #magicavoxel twitter
5:29pm Here's a post about the creation of my current avatar, made with #magicavoxel. twitter
3:22pm Into the Next Dimension david_dlma
12:54pm Century 20 Great Mall and XD foursquare
March 31st 2018
6:06pm The Habit Burger Grill foursquare
March 30th 2018
7:14pm Thai Town foursquare
March 29th 2018
1:01am Jan Morris sounds amazing. She served in World War II, accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary when he climbed Mt. Everest, and at 90, wrote a new book about the batt... facebook
March 27th 2018
March 26th 2018
12:31pm "If we were able to see people in other countries and learn about our differences, why would there be any misunderstandings?” he asked. “War would be a thing... facebook
9:26am Want to see a factlet that I'm uncomfortable with? About the relatively few men stockpiling guns: "For the most part, they don’t appear to be religious—and, ... facebook
March 25th 2018
6:02pm Tomatina foursquare
March 24th 2018
7:51pm RT @ephtracy: #MagicaVoxel An easier way to create mountains : Enter cmd "copy | paste | loop z 1 | ero xy" -> Press UP key -> repeat http… twitter
7:44pm RT @Anguswoodly: I have to say,the new version of the light effect is fantastic #MagicaVoxel #voxel twitter
6:25pm My first voxel artwork attempt is bringing my avatar to 3D. tumblr
6:21pm My very first #magicavoxel render is of my avatar image! twitter
6:18pm I rendered my avatar in magicavoxel! facebook
March 23rd 2018
10:08pm I just downloaded my Facebook data to give it a look-see. It even shows "Advertisers with your contact info", including Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper. My top ... facebook
2:19pm ProTip: If you're going to use vi binding in bash, put "set -o vi" in your ~/.bashrc, and put "set editing-mode vi"… twitter
2:06pm @integerpoet The best help you provided was hashtagging MagicaVoxel. Maybe this'll be enough to get me to try it out. twitter
12:39pm @integerpoet Does it help to know that I noticed that intentional spacing while hopefully looking for asymmetry wit… twitter
9:33am @integerpoet It would mean everything to me if just one of the sliders were offset by just one or two voxels. twitter
March 22nd 2018
4:03pm instagram
10:57am shell tips - [Command Template] dokuwiki
10:09am I needed to see some minified json, and remembered I could pipe it to "python -m json.tool" without having to check… twitter
March 21st 2018
10:45am RT @zannah: This just makes my heart happy. twitter
9:02am @zannah I'm imagining smoothy trying to get between 3rd gear and 4th gear. twitter
March 20th 2018
11:30am Final tally of over 50,000 votes on "was edward snowden a patriot". facebook
March 19th 2018
12:45am I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that our leak detectors actually work, and when they trigger, they emit "SOS" in Morse Code. (Cute, like th... facebook
March 17th 2018
10:45am "Note: This testing does not irritate or harm the robot."Lies! That robot was peeved and will remember this. It's burying its emotions for the time being a... facebook
March 16th 2018
2:05pm Somewhere somebody is regularly committing the blockchain to their git repo. twitter
12:37pm Updates: ⓪ (No discernible sides) is a salad. ⑤ is actually a quiche. twitter
8:52am "The only need for a human is to connect the device to a network and a power supply." This phrase is still on the u… twitter
March 15th 2018
10:53pm Why doesn't Chrome trust the certificate at but other browsers do? facebook
10:32pm @zannah I love how this is a thing for you. Guess you had to skip class then? twitter
March 14th 2018
March 13th 2018
1:46pm RT @SkyNebula: Donate to @FreedomofPress today, and @DuckDuckGo will match your donation! twitter
8:47am RT @Snowden: Congratulations to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who has officially escaped felony charges for lying… twitter
8:37am Given their new CIA director, this is a question many Americans are asking. (The skit is hilarious.) facebook
8:10am RT @Snowden: The new CIA director was a key part of the torture program and its illegal cover-up. Her name was on the Top Secret order dema… twitter
March 12th 2018
8:42am Today's "1600 Daily" from the White House explains we should resent California because "California has obstructed Federal law and put the interests of crimin... facebook
March 11th 2018
5:12pm Sen Dai Sushi foursquare
March 10th 2018
11:18pm @zannah They're still two different things! ^_^; twitter
9:55am Tim suspects that Netflix is optimizing to the metric. Something that Joel Spolsky wrote about in 2002, calling it "measurement dysfunction". https://www.joe... facebook
March 9th 2018
7:11am RT @Snowden: This attack could have been prevent post-2013, when the @IETF considered including mandatory encryption as part of the new HTT… twitter
March 7th 2018
10:08am RT @zannah: twitter
March 6th 2018
8:52pm The president said "you have to de-nuke, you have to de-nuke" to the South Korean President. Either that, or he didn't, and is lying about what he said. Are ... facebook
9:16am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD foursquare
8:34am @neonepiphany Maybe that's what happens after 400,000. Like Chloe Kim winning gold. She felt really empty. Your sou… twitter
8:19am RT @thevonwong: We Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art (4/4): via @YouTube twitter
March 5th 2018
11:04am RT @tpope: here's richard typing some python into a .java file on a sony vaio running macos, wow they really did their homework https://t.c… twitter
March 4th 2018
8:45am Leonhard Euler proved the Basel Problem, that 1 + 1/4 + 1/9 + 1/16 + ... = π²/6. (Why is π in in?) It turns out you can intuit another proof by imagining lig... facebook
7:21am RT @NormOrnstein: Remember When Justice Alito mouthed “not true” when President Obama said in his SOTU that Citizens United would open the… twitter
March 3rd 2018
10:41pm I really want a Linux laptop that has screen dimensions better for programming than 16:9. Do I really have to settl… twitter
3:08pm Century 16 Bayfair Cinema foursquare
2:11pm RT @ultek85: I like trains... 🚂🤪 #voxels #voxelart #magicavoxel #lowpoly #gamedev #screenshotsaturday twitter
11:09am I forgot how much I like songs from Rush's "Hold Your Fire" and "Roll The Bones" albums. They're not usually the first albums one thinks of. Still, I really ... facebook
10:44am This is probably the most misguided Medium article I've ever read. He's not *all* wrong, but there's a lot wrong. facebook
March 2nd 2018
7:19pm Thai Town foursquare
8:34am RT @kylegriffin1: 4 years after the U.S. pledged to help fight infectious-disease epidemics such as Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control… twitter
March 1st 2018
12:54am So, I update Pihole to 3.3 and it's incompatible with Raspbian Jessie. facebook
February 28th 2018
2:53pm RT @americansunited: We respect that many people revere Billy Graham, but he also did things that are greatly troubling. Our position is th… twitter
12:19pm Daniel Suarez looks to be prescient again. I've just started his book Change Agent. "Synthetic biology was the transistor of the twenty-first century. Yet ... facebook
February 27th 2018
February 26th 2018
8:23am Did you see the Olympic Closing Ceremonies? NBC called one of the pop artists "CK" (in the closed captions), but I think it's the same Anti-Tump activist MIL... facebook
February 25th 2018
9:15am I can't tell you how much I love this one comic. facebook
9:10am We need to shed more light on these people. There's no place for these hate groups. facebook
7:47am "It has been suggested that these crimes justify not only banning people with a history of mental illness from buying weapons but also arming those without s... facebook
February 24th 2018
10:57am Seventy five years ago last week, a group of young idealists stood up to their government, "Every honest German today is ashamed of his government ... We wil... facebook
10:22am Ikigai: a Japanese concept meaning “A Reason For Being” facebook
9:30am Ha, what a practical, entertaining and effective lesson. facebook
February 23rd 2018
7:28am Porto's Bakery & Cafe foursquare
February 22nd 2018
6:45pm Colori Kitchen foursquare
1:05pm Universal Studios Hollywood foursquare
February 21st 2018
7:05pm Little Damage foursquare
6:21pm Umami Burger foursquare
February 20th 2018
5:13pm slurpin' ramen bar foursquare
4:17pm Snow Monster foursquare
4:17pm Quarters Korean BBQ foursquare
February 19th 2018
4:46pm Komodo Venice foursquare
11:04am Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum foursquare