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August 8th
11:59am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 4: Inflation & Drinking Buddies overcast
11:35am The Daily: The Alex Jones Verdict and the Fight Against Disinformation overcast
August 7th
10:43pm RT @GermanGarciaArt: I'm not sure why everyone is posting images of Death, but here's she eating icecream in a bike twitter
10:43pm RT @QasimRashid: Today 43 Republicans voted to keep insulin at $1200/mo instead of $35. Tomorrow every Republican will ask you to be outrage… twitter
10:42pm RT @VeryBadLlama: government: hey is it cool if we spend $115,000 to house this poor person for a year voters: wtf?? absolutely not gover… twitter
6:38pm Daeho Korean BBQ & Beef Soup (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
August 6th
10:42pm RT @micefearboggis: When an article says "some scientists think" then remember this: I, a scientist, once thought I could fit a whole orange… twitter
5:52pm RT @wihorne: Calling Republicans "hypocrites" for weaponizing Christianity misunderstands their goals & whitewashes the problem. I take … twitter
5:46pm RT @CREWcrew: In case you forgot, there's a lot the former president did before January 6th, too. Here's a list of some of his worst offens… twitter
9:47am RT @SIfill_: What if we gave to teachers a fraction of the attn & support we give to police? How about 100,000 new teachers,w/ supports … twitter
August 5th
11:42pm RT @briantylercohen: When Republicans have power, they ban abortion, cut billionaires’ taxes and attack LGBT Americans. When Democrats have … twitter
8:39pm I don't want a gun because I've got a ceramic burr grinder. It scratches the itch for that zen-like periodic disassembly and parts maintenance, then re-assem... facebook
1:59pm I feel like a little hacker replacing the battery in old LCD Timex watches. I know about the weird little latches you sometimes need a pin for and there's us... facebook
12:04pm Political Gabfest: Nothing’s The Matter With Kansas overcast
11:29am The Daily: Vacationing in the Time of Covid overcast
10:00am RT @_alexbrogan: 10 incredible free websites that will make you more intelligent (if you let them): twitter
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August 4th
11:27pm RT @MissaMHx: How to spot a good bit of pseudoscience. You’re welcome. twitter
10:47am 99% Invisible: 502- 99% Vernacular: Volume 3 overcast
10:34am The Scathing Atheist: 494: Married a Weirdo Edition overcast
10:03am The Daily: How to Interpret the Kansas Referendum on Abortion overcast
7:50am RT @ewarren: If we expand our Democratic majority in the Senate by two votes, and if we hold onto the House, we can protect the right to an … twitter
August 2nd
3:40pm This American Life: 776: I Work Better on Deadline overcast
10:09am Fresh Air: Xenophobia & The Klan On The Texas Gulf Coast overcast
9:33am The Daily: The Killing of bin Laden’s Successor overcast
August 1st
11:40am The Lunduke Journal of Technology (private feed for Linux, Alternative OS, & Retro Computing News - July 31, 2022 overcast
11:21am The Lunduke Journal of Technology (private feed for The Linux Laptop Makers - Dell, System76, Purism, & HP overcast
10:56am Fresh Air: Rethinking The Sex Talk overcast
10:55am The Daily: How Monkeypox Went From Containable to Crisis overcast
July 31st
11:08pm RT @djrothkopf: It's not that no former president might have been indicted for criminal conduct, certainly several could have been. It is th… twitter
5:30pm Planet Money: Two recession Indicators overcast
5:14pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 3: Booms, Busts & Us overcast
4:47pm Planet Money: Little House on the Blockchain overcast
4:30pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 2: GDP & What Counts overcast
4:09pm Planet Money: Best by, sell by, use by overcast
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July 30th
11:02am Soul Grind (a coffee shop) in Pacifica foursquare
July 29th
9:27pm RT @BWJones: The USPS is not a corporation. There are no share holders. There is no requirement to turn a profit. Would you make the Marine… twitter
4:38pm RT @TimRossComedy: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, buy the pond, tell him he can’t have the fish but he can … twitter
1:23pm RT @_benjamintd: Isochrones 😍 ! This map shows you how far a 5h train ride will take you, departing from any city in Europe.… twitter
12:07pm Revisionist History: “I Was A Stranger and You Welcomed Me” overcast
11:41am Radiolab: The Humpback and the Killer overcast
11:15am Radiolab: You v. You overcast
11:03am Political Gabfest: Did You Apologize to Manchin Yet? overcast
6:34am Coffee dokuwiki
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July 28th
11:52pm RT @drvolts: Republicans are saying "well now you've forced us to be assholes!" in about 50 different ways right now and jezus christ I hope… twitter
11:52pm RT @DougJBalloon: Opinion | I was a lifelong supporter of same-sex marriage. Then Joe Manchin agreed to support the climate bill. twitter
4:56pm The Scathing Atheist: 493: Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing Edition overcast
4:24pm The Daily: How Expecting Inflation Can Actually Create More Inflation overcast
12:22pm On the effort to stop designating a dead lady a witch, the cause's champion had to say, "it has nothing to do with critical race theory, [so you don't have t... facebook
July 27th
2:42pm YOU WANT MY GUN COME TAKE IT FROM ME TIKTOK youtube_favorites
2:09pm Revisionist History: When Will Met Grace overcast
1:51pm 99% Invisible: 501- 99% Vernacular: Volume 2 overcast
1:28pm The Daily: How Roe’s Demise Could Safeguard Gay Marriage overcast
July 26th
10:52am @integerpoet Was that the DALL-E prompt? twitter
8:20am Me, too... twitter
July 25th
1:58pm Political Gabfest: Hot, Hotter, Hottest overcast
1:43pm The Daily: Death of a Crypto Company overcast
1:03pm Greatest dividend payoff ever. Showed my son K-On (a really great anime about a pop-music club), and now he plays its songs on the piano in his free time. Th... facebook
11:41am RT @CIRA_CSU: Smoke from the Oak Fire covering California and Nevada skies. This morning's imagery via GOES-West: twitter
9:23am RT @dmofengineering: Rooting through git blame trying to figure out who’s responsible for this shit. twitter
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July 24th
5:52pm Eureka! (an american restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
4:43pm RT @Lexialex: The Saudis bribed a Twitter employee into handing them the names and IP addresses of Saudi dissident accounts. Those dissident… twitter
4:32pm @FriendlyAshley @zannah @mattbooshell @FriendlyAshley, That's perfect. How did you share the version with subtitles? They're better than the… twitter
3:46pm RT @mattbooshell: disorienting times twitter
3:40pm @branitfx I've long loved your video "World Builder" on Vimeo. It's not accessible there anymore. Is there another place from which you shar… twitter
3:23pm RT @ToriatheistTori: twitter
1:50pm Pacific Pipe Climbing (a climbing gym) in Oakland foursquare
8:25am The DALL-E 2 Prompt Book, with advice and suggestions for better prompts. A book on "prompt design". Esp. for Hiromi Cota facebook
July 23rd
3:43pm RT @DLX: I love deleting apps but Springboard’s Wiggle Mode is slow, inefficient and the product of a bygone era – this is why I’m proposing… twitter
3:42pm RT @MadiHilly: MYTH: We don't have a solution to nuclear's "waste problem" REALITY: Nuclear waste isn't a problem. In fact, it’s the best s… twitter
July 22nd
4:04pm This post on visualizing Delaunay Triangulation is amazing. It's a detailed walkthrough with interactive images that let you add sheep and literally smash th... facebook
3:52pm This was an amazing walk-through. Add sheep. Smash that like button. And get tmux tips from nearby posts. twitter
10:16am The Daily: Utah’s ‘Environmental Nuclear Bomb’ overcast
9:51am The Scathing Atheist: 492: Dear Old Dads Edition overcast
July 21st
11:15pm You got a free minute? Go check what you recently Shazammed or bookmarked. You thought it was noteworthy then. facebook
10:36pm RT @RepDonBeyer: The past week: - 209 House Republicans vote against abortion rights - 205 House Republicans vote against protecting interst… twitter
10:19pm There's evidently a correlation between conservatism and searches for transgender porn. Shocked. I. am. shocked. facebook
11:48am The Daily: The Case Against Donald Trump overcast
11:20am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 1: Recessions & Rap Battles overcast
9:11am Caffe Bene - San Jose (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
July 20th
4:45pm 99% Invisible: 500- 99% Vernacular: Volume 1 overcast
2:38pm The Daily: How Abortion Bans Are Restricting Miscarriage Care overcast
July 19th
3:23pm The Daily: Broken Climate Pledges and Europe’s Heat Wave overcast
1:17pm RT @IGN: Here are 9 CAT things you can do in Stray 😻 #stray #cats twitter
July 18th
10:19pm RT @yacitus: “If you have unanimous opposition to a bad policy with no real political proponents and then can’t get a single thing done abou… twitter
11:43am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 1: Recessions & Rap Battles overcast
11:32am Radiolab Podcasts (Radiolab): The Gatekeeper overcast
11:05am The Daily: When Biden Met M.B.S. overcast
8:54am RT @hausofdecline: twitter
July 17th
5:14pm RT @AstroKatie: We got tricked by science fiction into thinking a futuristic city is all about flying cars and crystal towers and hologram b… twitter
5:07pm RT @BillRoper: twitter
2:55pm The staggering scope of U.S. gun deaths goes far beyond mass shootings. (Good stuff in this article, it doesn't over-simplify. Click through.) facebook
July 16th
10:57pm RT @drvolts: What the hell, a thread. Start with Frank Wilhoit's famous formulation: "Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to… twitter
5:11pm Revisionist History: Star Struck overcast
1:19pm RT @nessguerrero: Living in LA, I’ve lived in many a neighborhood in which police helicopters circle all day and they don’t do anything exce… twitter
July 15th
1:27pm RT @clichedout: I asked the produce guy if I could try a grape and he said he wouldn’t care if I lit the store on fire with him in it twitter
1:25pm The A.I. suggested I'm about 2/3 normal. facebook
1:20pm I am 67% normal. Test yourself at #HowNormalAmI twitter
11:53am Political Gabfest: Lowest Approval Rating overcast
11:17am The Daily: A View of the Beginning of Time overcast
10:55am Revisionist History: Star Struck overcast
July 14th
9:41pm RT @CREWcrew: Supporting Donald Trump is supporting an attack on democracy. twitter
5:29pm RT @RexChapman: A beautiful collaboration… twitter
4:19pm If I have to know about this glamorous horror, so do you. h/t Rick Mann facebook
2:03pm RT @csa_asc: Oh wow! 🤩 Canada’s NIRISS on #Webb has found water in the atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-96 b! 💧 ☁️ Check it out 👇 Credit: CSA,… twitter
10:33am The Scathing Atheist: 491: Surfing the Webb Edition overcast
10:06am The Daily: How Sri Lanka’s Economy Collapsed overcast
9:45am Revisionist History: In Triplicate overcast
9:29am Love this thread with practical advice for burnout, like setting up low-activation tasks. Related to my "Leave the last panel blank" post in… twitter
July 13th
11:26pm You guys remember May 2020, near the beginning of the shutdown? The mood...? facebook
7:45pm 99% Invisible: 499- Say Aloe to My Little Frond overcast
1:38pm RT @equalityAlec: THREAD. This is a thread about how the New York Times uses "experts" to manipulate the views of readers to support police… twitter
11:02am The Daily: Could the Midterms Be Tighter Than Expected? overcast
July 12th
3:21pm RT @froomkin: The idea that because Trump lied so much you can’t say for sure what he really believed has it exactly backwards: His lies wer… twitter
11:57am Radiolab: Baby Blue Blood Drive overcast
11:20am The Daily: Can Elon Musk Get Out of Buying Twitter? overcast
10:55am Planet Money: Two crypto crash Indicators overcast
9:15am RT @RayPride: 18 twitter
3:51am git - Remove company name dokuwiki
12:10am The Scathing Atheist: 490: Pajam-Packed Edition overcast
12:10am Political Gabfest: The “Is The Major Questions Doctrine Bogus?” Edition overcast
July 11th
2:38pm Lihue Airport (LIH) (an airport) in Lihue foursquare
12:19pm Anuenue Cafe (a hawaiian restaurant) in Kōloa foursquare
11:31am @integerpoet We met in Southern California where food is actually pretty great. What makes that avocado toast exciting? twitter
10:08am This is the lede tweet. Now go back to the top of the thread and enjoy the rest about billionaires in space. twitter
July 10th
8:25pm So, Kevin Villela actually got it right. I'm impressed. This is The Ultimate Productivity 'Hack' for coders. (Not joking.) facebook
8:16pm This is amazing. Worth the watch. twitter
5:38pm Waikomo Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Kōloa foursquare
5:14pm Kauai Coffee Plantation (a farm) in Kalāheo foursquare
4:34pm Hanapepe Swinging Bridge (a bridge) in Hanapēpē foursquare
3:54pm Japanese Grandma's Cafe (a café) in Hanapēpē foursquare
12:09am RT @CREWcrew: There is overwhelming evidence that Ginni Thomas is not fit to be a federal official, given her involvement in attempting to o… twitter
12:07am RT @KalenXI: I feel like some podcasts need to learn proper RSS feed maintenance. 1. Don't put reruns in your feed. This isn't radio. When … twitter
July 9th
10:23pm Uncle's Shave Ice & Smoothies (an ice cream shop) in Kōloa foursquare
10:08pm Kenji Burger (a burger joint) in Kōloa foursquare
5:05pm Puka Dog (a hot dog joint) in Kōloa foursquare
July 8th
11:38pm RT @SIfill_: If you’re not tracing this back to the post-Brown Massive Resistance movement you’re doing it wrong. The determination to destr… twitter
1:01pm Java Kai (a coffee shop) in Kapa‘a foursquare
11:02am RT @SIfill_: This is the Governor of a State. Every day they try to normalize the concept of theocracy. It is dangerous, contrary to the Con… twitter
July 7th
6:16pm RT @ElieNYC: I have learned, with much sadness, that the "what could Biden do" people also seem the people least willing to read whole artic… twitter
10:29am The first photo was taken in San Jose, CA. The 2022 Audubon Photography Awards. facebook
July 6th
11:24pm Hideaways Pizza Pub (a pizza place) in Hanalei foursquare
10:52pm RT @JuliusGoat: Joe Biden needs to announce that the Supreme Court’s right wing extremists have delegitimized the institution and instruct t… twitter
10:52pm RT @drvolts: This is the root of it. Public goods are equalizing agents; in their absence, there is only raw power competition in which the … twitter
5:28pm Wishing Well Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Hanalei foursquare
July 5th
4:10pm JoJo's Shave Ice (an ice cream shop) in Hanalei foursquare
2:12pm To be fair, The guns are an essential part of the problem. The guns are an essential part of the problem. (The problem has other components … twitter
2:10pm @WaterworldNL @LaurynIpsum Small Arms Survey says 120 guns per 100 people un the U.S., while Finland has 32 and Sweden has 23. twitter
2:03pm RT @OhsakaRin: !!!!!!! Churches in the USA are not allowed to promote any political agendas, including specific parties and/or candidates, s… twitter
July 4th
8:46pm RT @shannonrwatts: Having unfettered access to 400 million guns isn’t freedom. Being able to take your kid to a Fourth of July parade withou… twitter
7:41pm This American Life: 773: The Longest Distance Between Two Points overcast
7:41pm Fresh Air: Investigating The Far-Right Militia Groups Of Jan. 6 overcast
7:41pm Radiolab: My Thymus, Myself overcast
3:41pm Wailua Falls (a waterfall) in Wailua foursquare
1:44pm Java Kai (a coffee shop) in Kapa‘a foursquare
12:26pm Lihue Airport (LIH) (an airport) in Lihue foursquare
5:07am Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
July 3rd
3:59pm Revisionist History: Way to Go, Ohio overcast
3:30pm Planet Money: Suitcases, secret lists, and Citizens United overcast
3:04pm RT @Thom_Hartmann: 1/ Dear Republicans: We Tried Your Way and It Does Not Work (a thread): twitter
11:49am RT @MarkusDeserno: Why does increasing atmospheric CO₂ warm the planet? The greenhouse effect, duh. But do you know how that works? I can … twitter
July 2nd
10:27pm RT @DanRather: With all that’s going on, the assault on the separation of church and state is not getting enough attention. twitter
10:12pm RT @drvolts: "Personally, I think someone with Biden’s ear should tell him he’s perhaps four months away from going down in history as the p… twitter
7:55pm Revisionist History: The Magic Wand Experiment overcast
2:18pm RT @Thom_Hartmann: 1/ The Nightmare Scenario SCOTUS is Plotting For the 2024 Election Takeover: twitter
July 1st
9:39am The Daily: An Abortion Rights Champion of the 1970s on Life Before and After Roe overcast
9:12am The Scathing Atheist: 489: Death Roe Edition overcast
June 30th
10:25pm RT @mikeduncan: To the extent I have sage advice to give it is thus: be not led by those whose goal is "get back to normal." That old normal… twitter
10:24pm RT @5thCircAppeals: Today marks the end of what is surely one of the worst terms in #SCOTUS history. Guns and prayer and abortion got most o… twitter
7:31pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Live! Grab the Steering Wheel Edition overcast
6:44pm Planet Money: When Subaru came out (Classic) overcast
5:41pm The Daily: How Long Will Europe Support Ukraine? overcast
10:51am RT @SenWarren: Our planet is on fire, and this extremist Supreme Court has destroyed the federal government’s ability to fight back. This … twitter
8:43am RT @Sifill_LDF: The reckless abandon with which the majority on this Court, by sheer force and audacity, has diminished the rights held by p… twitter
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June 29th
10:39pm RT @allinwithchris: "Seditious tradition:" @chrislhayes on how Trump’s coup plot followed a "pre-existing script in American history." twitter
10:34pm RT @mjs_DC: “Joe Biden set to nominate anti-abortion activist to federal judgeship one week after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade” is a … twitter
10:25pm RT @AOC: And public trust in SCOTUS is already undermined. THEY destroyed it by hiding income from political grps, voting to keep 1/6 docs f… twitter
8:33pm RT @whstancil: This is the single bluntest assessment of the Democratic Party I've ever seen a liberal make in a major paper. A true must-re… twitter
6:52pm RT @RATM: Fuck you I won't do what you tell me twitter
5:20pm @neonepiphany @StinkyPinkle Hard vs soft water is not California's main water problem. Come back in a week when the sky is orange. twitter
5:09pm RT @Sifill_LDF: “Pro-life.” Please. twitter
4:50pm RT @goldman: A fun thing about having a plan instead of just sads is that when you do media, the media helps reiterate your plan. twitter
4:32pm The Dust Devils of Mars is pretty cool. facebook
4:03pm @yacitus But enabling all the states to stop other Whites from marrying Blacks wouldn't annul his marriage. He'd keep his, and allow states … twitter
1:59pm Finalizing the Equal Rights Act is realistic. This article clearly lays out how this could be done. twitter
1:55pm Serious question: Why is Loving v. Virginia safer from being overturned than Obergefell v. Hodges in this Supreme Court? Wouldn't they both … twitter
8:54am 99% Invisible: 497- Hometown Village overcast
8:36am The Daily: An Explosive Jan. 6 Hearing overcast
8:11am Planet Money: Recession referees overcast
June 28th
12:46pm RT @drvolts: I've said this a million times, as have a million others, but: they don't *care* if they are exposed. If they are exposed &… twitter
8:21am Planet Money: The tale of the Onion King (Update) overcast
8:21am Radiolab: Galápagos overcast
7:43am The Daily: The New U.S. Abortion Map overcast
June 27th
9:43pm RT @Sifill_LDF: The overwrought writing,selective fact picking, reckless abandonment of stare decisis & misrepresentations of the positi… twitter
5:40pm RT @MollyJongFast: Reading a lot of pieces which fail to capture the incredible rage I feel about a Supreme Court doing something wildly unp… twitter
12:11pm @yacitus This week's Scathing Atheist is going to be intense. So much to cover, not that they hadn't been warning us. 🤬 twitter
11:04am Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Corrections in Ink overcast
10:43am The Daily: Inside Four Abortion Clinics the Day Roe Ended overcast
10:38am Reply All: #189 Goodbye All overcast
9:18am The endings from active shootings in the United States. facebook
7:40am Welcome dokuwiki
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June 26th
5:41pm Ramen Izakaya Yu-Gen (a ramen restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
9:30am Even if we can't do all three, we should do what we can, esp. guarantee the right to travel, as Kavanaugh has already mentioned rescinding t… twitter
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June 25th
10:12pm RT @SJohnsdottire: Pro-lifers don't like complexity. At 17 weeks my placenta detached and he was much too small. I thought I felt my baby's … twitter
10:12pm RT @tomtomorrow: I think most people understand this but sometimes it's worth stating the obvious anyway: this is a watershed moment. The ol… twitter
11:28am The Daily: Special Episode: Roe v. Wade Is Overturned overcast
11:06am Political Gabfest: SCOTUS Guts The Establishment Clause overcast
June 24th
11:28pm RT @deAdder: The Supreme Court of the United States overturns Roe V Wade. #RoeVsWade #roeVwade twitter
5:20pm RT @mattlindner: The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods on LinkedIn twitter
1:22pm Americans should consider the Mexican model of abortion rights, per this NYT podcast. twitter
1:19pm RT @MerriamWebster: Happy Friday afternoon. Our word for you this week is ‘jackassery,’ defined as “a piece of stupidity or folly.” Can yo… twitter
10:54am Woohoo! My 11yo Interrobang Chrome extension (press Ctrl+? for ‽) just got its last update approved. (Requires more rigorous approval proces… twitter
10:38am RT @mjs_DC: Kavanaugh preemptively declares that states can't prohibit their residents from traveling elsewhere for an abortion due to the "… twitter
10:15am RT @fordm: In a solo concurring opinion, Thomas says the court should reconsider rulings that protect contraception, same-sex relationships,… twitter
9:55am RT @SenWarren: My statement on the Supreme Court overturning #RoeVWade: twitter
9:52am RT @Skeletress: @ElieNYC Even SCOTUS agrees it’s compromised. This part of the dissent is just stunning. twitter
9:18am The Daily: One Elite High School’s Struggle Over Admissions overcast
8:35am The Daily: Bonus: A Major Ruling on Guns overcast
June 23rd
9:25am Reply All: #189 Goodbye All overcast
9:05am The Scathing Atheist: 488: Even More Problematic Ezra Edition overcast
8:35am The Daily: The Supreme Court Case That Could Doom U.S. Climate Goals overcast
8:14am This American Life: 773: The Longest Distance Between Two Points overcast
June 22nd
7:05pm RT @jkiggins: The Solstice bench doing it’s magic ⁦@UOW⁩ (only at the winter and summer solstice the circle shadows form straight lines) twitter
2:34pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 880: Larry’s Pantaloons - Crypto bust, Musk talks to Twitter, China gets TikTok data, ADAS crash data overcast
1:25pm So I replied to an internet stranger on a humorous post. They reply "Are you explaining the joke to me?" And I proceed to write this paragraphs long *explana... facebook
8:18am 99% Invisible: 496- The Rights of Rice and Future of Nature overcast
7:45am The Daily: How Biden’s Approval Rating Got So Low overcast
7:14am RT @GridSageGames: Interested in making a roguelike? Not sure how? r/RoguelikeDev is holding our 6th annual dev tutorial/code-along event! h… twitter
1:37am PC dokuwiki
June 21st
7:27pm Tiger Tea & Juice (a bubble tea shop) in San Jose foursquare
2:59pm Lillian Blume facebook
2:52pm Robot Chicken - The Emperor's Phone Call youtube_favorites
11:52am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Season 7: The Experiment Experience overcast
11:48am Revisionist History: Relax and Win from Legacy of Speed overcast
11:23am The Daily: Why Is It So Hard to Buy a House in America Right Now? overcast
10:59am Planet Money: The debate over what’s causing inflation overcast
June 20th
10:41am @zannah So much yikes. Interesting to see the two sides of the "5 stars is expected unless you have major complaints" debate. Seems it's ser… twitter
9:02am Planet Money: Let them eat lunch overcast
8:46am Planet Money: The Gecko Effect overcast
June 19th
5:45pm Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar (a new american restaurant) in Newark foursquare
8:37am Planet Money: On The Case: Recession, Formula, and Greenbacks overcast
8:37am Radiolab: No Special Duty overcast
8:37am Radiolab: Neanderthal’s Revenge overcast
June 18th
5:44pm Political Gabfest: Drunk as Rudy Guiliani overcast
5:10pm The Daily: A New Podcast From The Times: First Person overcast
10:54am RT @RBReich: Is anyone else confused about why a "free speech absolutist" would fire employees for speaking out? twitter
June 17th
4:10pm So I sent my kids some Life Pro Tips, except my dyslexic self wrote "Pro Life Tips". I can only hope they read it wrong in the way I meant t… twitter
3:16pm Nice. (Original comic by srgrafo.) twitter
12:24pm The Daily: What the Jan. 6 Hearings Have Revealed So Far overcast
11:51am Reply All: #188 Into the Depths overcast
7:54am RT @sxsw: #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce is now available on demand and everyone everywhere should see it! #SXSW twitter
June 16th
4:08pm Ever wonder what those imposing Buddhist guardians do on their day off? facebook
10:27am 99% Invisible: 495- Meet Us by the Fountain overcast
10:26am The Scathing Atheist: 487: Running Up That Hillsong Edition overcast
10:00am The Daily: How Worried Should We Be About Monkeypox? overcast
June 15th
9:17pm In Milpitas, there are often cars with a Sikh Khanda (☬) decal on them. Today, I saw this Pastafarian decal (right). facebook
3:57pm Rina Sawayama's "This Hell". Complete with "I'm so angry. I have a sign" signs, and '90s line dancing. facebook
12:45pm RT @drvolts: One finding from Ackva's research that people don't like to hear: simply giving your money to an effective climate charity is v… twitter
9:06am RT @berkmitk: wir alle bahn, wir alle. twitter
8:41am Aw shit. My deepest condolences to Shamus Young's family. I'd been following TwentySided since the procedural city screensaver 13 years ago,… twitter
8:13am The Daily: The Claws of a Bear Market overcast
12:49am General Python Notes - Mention flask gunicorn nginx dokuwiki
June 14th
9:35pm @zannah Is it weird that the Armory always makes me think of buildering instead of the other stuff it is known for? twitter
4:56pm JWZ here for you with the choice quotes about facebook
June 13th
10:52pm The goat, he screams like a man. facebook
12:00pm Reply All: #188 Into the Depths overcast
11:52am Political Gabfest: Is San Francisco a Hellscape? overcast
11:22am The Daily: The Incomplete Picture of the War in Ukraine overcast
9:24am Winners of the 2022 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition facebook
June 12th
8:07pm RT @drvolts: I truly wish I could persuade everyone in the US to watch this video -- a wonderfully clear explanation of why the US streetsca… twitter
7:58pm RT @AndrewSproule4: twitter
9:50am Philz Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
June 11th
11:39pm The Belief System of Conservatives dokuwiki
2:48pm Tesla's autopilot conveniently shuts off one second before impact."NHTSA said it had discovered in 16 separate instances when this occurred that Autopilot ... facebook
11:09am The Daily: The Real Meaning of Chesa Boudin’s Recall overcast
10:46am The Scathing Atheist: 486: Grand Unified Edition overcast
June 9th
10:03pm RT @equalityAlec: The actual evidence is clear: real safety is the product not of the machinery of state violence, but comes from reducing i… twitter
6:44pm CoCo Ichibanya (a japanese curry restaurant) in Irvine foursquare
2:13pm Cream Pan (a bakery) in Fountain Valley foursquare
10:17am The Daily: The Proud Boys’ Path to Jan. 6 overcast
9:24am 99% Invisible: 494- Flag Days: Unfolding a Moment overcast
June 8th
5:19pm Elliott Noel, haven't seen you in years. Still thought of you. facebook
4:33pm RT @anildash: 60% of the population of the United States just lost any constitutional protections against warrantless assault or home invasi… twitter
1:21pm The Daily: ‘Most Violence Is Not Caused by Mental Illness’ overcast
10:45am OMG, Ethan's thread initially seems harsh to Republicans, but it's coherent and eventually meshes nicely with this linked Reddit post The Be… twitter
June 7th
7:42pm RT @eevee: "sorry i can't support being queer, it's against my faith" sweetie your faith says a thousand other unhinged things that you qui… twitter
7:41pm RT @CREWcrew: Yeah, we absolutely need to talk about this because Trump campaign officials were literally trying to change the outcome of an… twitter
5:25pm RT @ancient_james: Very happy about this. twitter
5:22pm RT @ClareMariscal: This twitter
11:36am Planet Money: Homer Simpson vs. The Economy overcast
11:26am Planet Money: The bank war (Classic) overcast
11:15am Radiolab: Origin Stories overcast
11:04am The Daily: Why Polling on Gun Control Gets It Wrong overcast
8:13am RT @AstroKatie: We are a speck of dust on a speck of dust, the briefly shining debris of long-dead stars, destined to one day be a smudge of… twitter
June 6th
1:25pm RT @RexChapman: The GOP is responsible for blocking gun laws. A history lesson… twitter
1:17pm ProTip on the candle: "If someone starts asking you too many questions about NFTs: Have the following words ready: web3, blockchain, metaverse, crypto. Squir... facebook
1:12pm RT @caldatelier: The sign for transgender in Filipino Sign Language has a beautiful meaning that you will understand why it is valuable to t… twitter
12:59pm RT @ericlo: @nhannahjones @F_Leonard @AfricanArchives The 1619 Project JUSTICE Page 476: Citizens inherit not just the glory of their nation… twitter
11:00am The Daily: What Depp v. Heard Means for #MeToo overcast
June 5th
10:01pm RT @LeeHepner: This is a jaw-dropping data point: “SFPD continues to arrest a number of Black people equal to the entire Black population o… twitter
9:06pm RT @BrynnTannehill: I have a friend, whose husband is a retired Marine special forces guy. He spent better part of a year at the siege of Kh… twitter
9:23am Political Gabfest: Forgive Me, Joe overcast
June 4th
8:07pm RT @drvolts: Meanwhile, these two gave their middle fingers to the law & are being rewarded by getting away scot free. Sends a great mes… twitter
June 3rd
4:09pm I'm capable of floating above that deep dive for hours. twitter
11:53am The Daily: The Cost of Haiti’s Freedom overcast
10:36am "The Moanalorian." Cosplay can be pun. facebook
June 2nd
12:44pm RT @olafurw: Off by one twitter
12:05pm 99% Invisible: 493- Divining Provenance overcast
12:02pm The Scathing Atheist: 485: French Fried Edition overcast
11:37am The Daily: Lessons in Gun Control From California overcast
10:59am Next week, June 9th will be the 20 year anniversary of my blog! facebook
1:08am Yesterday’s shooting at a med school hospital in Dayton, OH didn’t make national news because it was overshadowed by another shooting at ano… twitter
June 1st
5:45pm RT @RexChapman: Instead of passing common sense gun legislation they’re just going to randomly scare the shit out of little kids periodicall… twitter
5:43pm RT @CREWcrew: Companies like Lyft, Whirlpool, Nike, and Zillow have so far kept their promises--and not funded the Sedition Caucus. twitter
3:40pm The Daily: Portraits of Grief From Uvalde overcast
3:05pm RT @davidhogg111: Every parent in America needs to watch this twitter
1:13pm I'll retweet "Good Bones" most every time it crosses my feed. twitter
8:55am @zannah Wait, you ran out of images for a long-running automated process, but you still remembered it needed to be done manually? You're an … twitter
May 31st
5:59pm TIL my wife doesn't know Missing Persons. facebook
4:52pm RT @BeschlossDC: Infamous Tulsa Race Massacre was this week 1921: twitter
4:46pm Click through to see the other panels. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. twitter
2:47pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 877: First, You Need Bootstraps - Seth Green’s NFT stolen, DuckDuckGo and Microsoft, Apple Union battle overcast
2:13pm The Daily: Why the Police Took 78 Minutes to Stop the Uvalde Gunman overcast
11:02am RT @Rschooley: Every politician should be asked, “What’s your plan for reducing the number one cause of death for American children?” See if… twitter
8:54am RT @tzimmer_history: This is a crucial observation – and it points to a problematic distortion in the broader political discourse: White peo… twitter
May 30th
4:51pm Radiolab: Radiolab After Dark overcast
May 29th
9:42pm @waryas_carol @yacitus @Danm1971 @LifeIndiscreet @yacitus, that whole argument is moot. The Heller decision determined "well regulated milit… twitter
12:59pm Planet Money: The NRA’s Secret Tapes overcast
12:29pm Political Gabfest: No Way to Prevent This overcast
May 28th
9:30pm RT @TristanSnell: The NRA convention in Houston BANNED GUNS from the gathering — making it the only gun-free place in Texas. twitter
10:59am Previously I'd posted about misleading liberal propaganda on guns vs. video games (2019), and about wanting my legacy for my children to be repealing the Dic... facebook
May 27th
10:21pm RT @ClaraJeffery: I pretty much only take the time to write when I am very angry. And I am fucking LIVID. So here's an incomplete list of … twitter
5:55pm RT @drvolts: Gotta read between the lines a little here, but the answer to the headline question is: they are terrible people willing to be … twitter
2:54pm This gem from 2016 would still be relevant, except we're on the road to making the choice to abort illegal. So... facebook
11:52am The Daily: What Really Caused the Baby Formula Shortage overcast
7:16am Coffee - Added LaColombe Draft Latte Mocha dokuwiki
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May 26th
2:52pm Thinking about this person-on-the-street interview I saw a long time ago: Q. How many genders are there? A. I don't know. I just got here. twitter
11:40am RT @CREWcrew: This week we got a set of incredibly damning documents from the Secret Service about the Trump family. This is what we learned… twitter
10:43am Reply All: Introducing: Stolen - Surviving St. Michael’s overcast
10:38am The Scathing Atheist: 484: Childish Things Edition overcast
10:08am The Daily: The Big Lie and The Midterms overcast
9:50am Fresh Air: George Carlin overcast
May 25th
8:50pm RT @AJentleson: The leaders of our party are not built for this moment. They're too old and too wedded to outdated ways. They still believe … twitter
4:46pm RT @timjacobwise: Thoughts and prayers are great when there's nothing else you can do. Offering them demonstrates compassion. But when you c… twitter
3:45pm 99% Invisible: 492- Inheriting Froebel’s Gifts overcast
1:04pm RT @DorothyABrown: Without a definition of what success looks like this starts to feel like a check the box exercise. So many racial equity … twitter
1:00pm RT @Maide: I get DMs about this emote I added to our work Slack every couple weeks. People really appreciate the sentiment. twitter
9:29am RT @davidhogg111: I’ve been working on this for four years and spent every day studying in college the history of how we got here, political… twitter
9:20am RT @freezydorito: nighty night twitter
8:30am The Daily: Another Elementary School Massacre overcast
7:30am Radiolab: La Mancha Screwjob overcast
May 24th
9:29pm Liberals will read this and think, "have they no shame", Conservatives will read this and think, "Darn tootin', the only cure is more guns." twitter
9:22pm RT @KevinSixx13: Freedom isn’t owning 25 rifles, it’s going to the grocery store and not having to worry about being killed by one. twitter
8:38pm OMG. These tracked changes to the NYT article. twitter
11:19am @integerpoet I open dunkable tweets and potential retweets in other tabs but don't visit them yet, then when I'm done reading my feed, I all… twitter
9:35am The Daily: Is the U.S. Changing Its Stance on Taiwan? overcast
8:55am RT @drvolts: Remember last month when a retired federal judge appointed by George HW Bush said that Republicans are planning to steal the 20… twitter
May 23rd
12:14pm Planet Money: Investing in mediocrity overcast
11:57am 99% Invisible: 491- The Missing Middle overcast
11:48am The Daily: A Tactical Disaster for Russia’s Military overcast
11:01am @zannah The fact the artist minimized her pupils to little dots in that moment of incredulity is the pièce de résistance. twitter
8:10am RT @CoreyBrickley: That's right! The square hole twitter
7:57am RT @G_S_Bhogal: Everyone, a new MEGATHREAD is here! In 40 tweets I'll explain 40 mind-altering concepts. Reading time: ~7 minutes. Value: … twitter
May 22nd
3:30pm RT @JoshDorner: “Disputed” claims of mass voter fraud. No, not disputed, FALSE. twitter
11:05am The Daily: A Better Understanding of Long Covid overcast
9:35am RT @DavidOAtkins: If I had told you 3 years ago that a pandemic would kill over 1 million Americans, Trump would launch a violent coup after… twitter
9:34am RT @ewarren: The American people should be able to know that Congress is making decisions based on what’s best for the country—not what’s be… twitter
9:23am RT @mathladyhazel: Mathematics is important 😎 twitter
May 21st
5:20pm The Daily: The Battle for Azovstal: A Soldier’s Story overcast
4:33pm Political Gabfest: More Fetterman! overcast
3:57pm Reply All: A Message About the Future of the Show overcast
2:50pm RT @itsJeffTiedrich: raise your hand if you'd like to see Ginni Thomas testify under oath in front of Congress on live television for 11 str… twitter
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May 20th
9:48am RT @Roku: On this day in 2008, we released the first ever Roku streaming player. #StreamingDay twitter
May 19th
3:22pm RT @tomtomorrow: Republicans legislating forced birth while opposing emergency funds for baby formula is pretty heavy handed satire tbh twitter
11:56am RT @mjs_DC: Horrific. Red state doctors are already refusing to treat miscarriage patients for fear of being investigated and punished. Whic… twitter
11:55am The Daily: The Mexican Model of Abortion Rights overcast
11:21am The Daily: Inside Operation Lone Star overcast
10:54am The Scathing Atheist: 483: Manifestering Edition overcast
10:29am RT @briantylercohen: On the SAME day, Republicans both held a press conference blaming Biden for the baby formula shortage *AND* voted again… twitter
10:28am This American Life: 770: My Lying Eyes overcast
May 18th
9:57pm RT @drewtoothpaste: hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the third week of may, 2022, the one-star candle reviews have returned twitter
4:51pm RT @DevonGalley: @VasardRp Who needs to be convinced that anything silent, invisible, intangible, immeasurable, an undetectable doesn't exis… twitter
4:28pm RT @daringfireball: Nicholas Weaver: ‘Cryptocurrency Should “Die in a Fire”’ twitter
4:23pm "The New York Times Has Badly Lost Its Bearings" Its next editor, Joe Kahn, needs to get it back on course. twitter
4:05pm RT @KevinMKruse: This is the RNC Finance Chair who was accused of sexual harassment by nine women, not to be confused with the RNC *Deputy* … twitter
3:50pm RT @henrymance: if you're a middle-aged tech billionaire, you could argue about the number of bots on Twitter *OR* you could buy a stake i… twitter
1:09pm Cream Pan (a bakery) in Fountain Valley foursquare
May 17th
11:11pm RT @jfinn6511: What do you do when you’re a #transgender teen and your teacher is your bully? A teacher takes it upon herself to out #LGBTQ … twitter
10:53pm RT @SDonziger: BREAKING: In a powerful video, @RepMcGovern demands that President Biden issue an immediate pardon of me. 10 Congresspersons … twitter
8:44pm Panvimarn Thai Cuisine (a thai restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
1:49pm Bite Mi Asian Kitchen (a vietnamese restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
9:44am RT @WMRine: I don’t think I’ve read a better summary of what US political journalists should be doing that also makes clear what a terrible … twitter
May 16th
6:08pm Meiji Seimen (a japanese restaurant) in Costa Mesa foursquare
4:47pm RT @ted_ra: This thread is for the white parents, like me. If you have a kid who spends any time online or plays video games, they are bein… twitter
2:37pm Tierra Mia Coffee (a coffee shop) in Long Beach foursquare
10:18am Fresh Air: How Tucker Carlson Conquered Cable overcast
10:06am The Daily: The Racist Theory Behind So Many Mass Shootings overcast
May 15th
9:40pm RT @RevJacquiLewis: 18 years old and writing about white genocide before he went out to massacre Black folks buying groceries. But tell me … twitter
4:54pm The Covid Capitulation facebook
11:46am Reply All: #187 Flying the Coop overcast
11:21am Planet Money: Buy now, pay dearly? overcast
10:51am RT @Esqueer_: These laws are fantastic but it really shows just how far the US is devolving. It's the first time since the 1850's that state… twitter
10:49am RT @markpopham: The wild fantasy for Democrats is like Mitch McConnell hearing a guy be like "have you no DECENCY sir" and being like "my go… twitter
10:46am RT @equalityAlec: THREAD. A survey just released about what people in the U.S. are most worried about should send chills down our spines. An… twitter
May 14th
10:10pm RT @brianschatz: We could pass this immediately with Republican cooperation but we do not have it. twitter
12:13pm Radiolab: Frailmales overcast
1:20am "The thing that determines whether you’re the product isn’t whether you’re paying for the product: it’s whether market power and regulatory forbearance allow... facebook
May 13th
3:13pm Esp. for Lillian Blume, you can play the game of frog. facebook
3:12pm I'm J6, and won't judge those who chose C6. That's another winning frog too. twitter
12:38pm Political Gabfest: Why Did White Evangelicals Get So Angry overcast
11:52am The Daily: One Million overcast
May 12th
2:17pm "Pop Culture Has Become an Oligopoly". Is it true that we're seeing more franchises and derivative works than ever nowadays? Adam Mastroianni gathers the dat... facebook
11:45am RT @raymondh: "Sgr A* it completes an orbit in mere minutes. This means the brightness and pattern of the gas around Sgr A* was changing rap… twitter
11:33am The Scathing Atheist: 482: Fool On Parade Edition overcast
11:02am The Daily: Why Inflation Doesn’t Affect Us All the Same overcast
10:42am The Daily: Senator Joe Manchin’s Conflict of Interest overcast
10:04am RT @drvolts: So far we know that Trump asked his defense secretary to: 1. shoot protestors (but just, y'know, in the legs); 2. bomb suspecte… twitter
10:03am RT @imillhiser: The 49 senators who support the Women's Health Protection Act represent over 41 million more people than the 51 senators who… twitter
9:31am RT @chrislhayes: Best to think of it as a Pop-Up Bribery Boutique twitter
9:23am RT @GeorgeTakei: I don’t know how to say it more clearly, but to young people especially: If you don’t vote this November, you might not hav… twitter
May 11th
7:39pm Planet Money: A 12-year-old girl takes on the video game industry (UPDATE) overcast
7:26pm The Daily: A Post-Roe America, Part 2: The Abortion Providers overcast
5:29pm The Daily: How Putin Co-opted Russia’s Biggest Holiday overcast
12:57pm RT @MattNegrin: Tonight I’m using tiktok to explain to Gen Z how CBS News is the new Fox News twitter
12:53pm RT @ed_hawkins: Choose your climate future. twitter
12:02pm ProTip: You should go into "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" thinking "This is a Sam Raimi film" to set your expectations. And if you loved the E... facebook
11:40am @b0rk vim twitter
9:02am The first order tragedy here is that the world's given up on the Republican party. They're not even held to account anymore. twitter
8:39am 99% Invisible: 490- Train Set overcast
7:26am Radiolab: Debatable overcast
May 10th
3:58pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
3:14pm Climbing Shoes - created dokuwiki
May 9th
4:04pm RT @erinentrada: ♥️♥️♥️ twitter
3:02pm The Daily: The Unseen Trauma of America’s Drone Pilots overcast
11:17am RT @ClaraJeffery: 1/ Today we're launching a special issue—15 stories in total—on how Private Equity how has completely warped the US econom… twitter
11:16am RT @ClaraJeffery: 6/ .@markhelenowski made a delightfully dystopian Starship Troopers-style video about the Private Equity takeover. twitter
10:45am 99% Invisible: Roman Mars on Blank Check with Griffin and David overcast
May 8th
10:20pm I give myself the easiest to-do lists on the weekend. Today there was: * Boulder at Movement gym * Read TPB * Reconcile checking account * W… twitter
9:27pm RT @PreetBharara: Have never done this somewhat silly Twitter thing before, but RT if you believe in the separation of church and state twitter
2:26pm Do you read comic Trade Paper Backs (TPB)? I just re-read Lazarus, and highly recommend it. Great world building, full of potential for so many stories. Lots... facebook
2:08pm I just re-read the six TPBs of @MichaelLark66 and Greg Rucka's Lazarus, and it is epic and engrossing. The worldbuilding is great and you ca… twitter
11:34am The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘It Was Just a Kayaking Trip. Until It Upended Our Lives.’ overcast
11:11am The Daily: The Story of Roe v. Wade, Part 2: The Culture Wars (From the Archive) overcast
9:35am Here's an impassioned plea for the Democrat party to adopt the energy of the Ukrainian soldiers who told the Russian warship to go f--- itse… twitter
9:27am RT @ziyatong: This is considered the most complex character in Chinese. It's "Biáng " which is a type of noodle. With 58 strokes, it's so co… twitter
9:24am RT @wes_kao: Most companies suck at on-boarding new team members. Here's how to on-board yourself when starting a new job: twitter
May 7th
3:47pm The Daily: A Post-Roe America, Part 1: The Anti-Abortion Activists overcast
12:15am RT @yacitus: “Learning to like unfamiliar things is one of the noblest human pursuits; it builds our empathy for unfamiliar people.” twitter
May 6th
11:10pm Insomnia Cookies (a bakery) in San Francisco foursquare
6:26pm Wooly Pig (a sandwich place) in San Francisco foursquare
5:27pm Philz Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
11:16am RT @leilacohan: If it was about babies, we’d have excellent and free universal maternal care. You wouldn’t be charged a cent to give birth, … twitter
9:24am RT @raymondh: Highlight of my day: My 10 year old son asked, "What is AI?" and "How do machines learn?". So, we built a 12 element perceptr… twitter
9:23am RT @SorayaMcDonald: In order for capitalism to work, you need a permanent underclass of who people work shitty jobs for no or little pay and… twitter
9:21am RT @IjiDrach: @BoozyBadger Relevant: twitter
May 5th
9:18pm RT @KenMatta_AZ: After almost 20 years, my last day at the Secretary of State's Office will be this Friday, May 6th. I'm moving to the priv… twitter
9:07pm RT @ewarren: I’m MADDER than hell. And I’m determined to fight like hell. twitter
7:28pm Reply All: Introducing: Stuck with Damon Young overcast
7:19pm Revisionist History: See Revisionist History Live! overcast
7:16pm Political Gabfest: The “End Of Roe Is Nigh!” Edition overcast
4:40pm The Scathing Atheist: 481: Uterus-ky Business Edition overcast
8:35am The Daily: A Post-Roe Map of America overcast
8:13am Fresh Air: The Wonder of the Human Voice overcast
12:06am RT @CREWcrew: Ginni Thomas sent messages to the White House about a plan to get the Supreme Court to overturn the election. Clarence Thomas… twitter
May 4th
9:29pm I appreciate the Bill Sienkiewicz nod in the Moon Knight finale. Seems appropriate. facebook
6:11pm 99% Invisible: 489- Pandemic Tracking and the Future of Data overcast
2:46pm RT @drvolts: Opposing abortion is such a shitty simulacrum of actual human morality & decency. twitter
8:06am The Daily: Is This How Roe Ends? overcast
5:43am Welcome dokuwiki
May 3rd
11:33pm Fresh Air: The Wonder of the Human Voice overcast
10:35pm RT @GeorgeTakei: Listen up, friends. I’ve lived a long time in this country. I’ve experienced a lot. And I know, and have a deep sense, when… twitter
3:24pm RT @willy_lowry: A visibly shaken and angry Senator Elizabeth Warren just spoke in-front of #SCOTUS. @TheNationalNews twitter
3:21pm RT @lauraolin: Thinking again today about the dedication in Gloria Steinem’s memoir My Life On The Road: twitter
11:22am Fresh Air: Moral Panic in the Classroom overcast
8:47am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 873: A Little Patience and a Lot of Tape - Musk buys Twitter, Ethereum stumbles, broadcasting to aliens overcast
8:43am The Daily: The Mar-a-Lago Midterms overcast
8:20am RT @djrothkopf: One by one the GOP seeks to pare away the fundamental rights of all who they see as threats--of women to control their own b… twitter
8:12am RT @nhannahjones: “It wasn’t until 1979—a full six years after Roe—that evangelical leaders..:seized on abortion not for moral reasons, but…… twitter
May 2nd
11:35pm RT @cmclymer: The anti-choice movement will celebrate the end of Roe and go back to not caring about health care, not caring about child pov… twitter
1:58pm RT @pattonoswalt: I never met George Carlin but I always felt like I knew him. He’s 14 years gone and if anything his voice has gotten loude… twitter
1:27pm Lillian Blume, do you follow these eagles? Booster (the baby eagle here in Milpitas) will presumably follow some of the same growing routines as Spirit. This... facebook
11:54am The Daily: Are Unions Making a Comeback? overcast
11:23am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 872: From The People Who Brought You Lickable TV - Netflix declines, CNN+ folds, Pixel Watch rumors, Moonbirds NFT, salty chopsticks overcast
May 1st
7:41pm RT @GeorgeTakei: There’s much talk these days of what being a man entails. I’m more of a man than someone like Tucker Carlson will ever be b… twitter
2:06pm RT @birbigs: I’ve always respected @Trevornoah so much but this closing speech from the White House correspondents’ dinner is particularly s… twitter
2:04pm RT @AshishKJha46: You may have heard that Congress is considering funding for COVID It's actually a pretty simple question in front of them… twitter
2:02pm RT @DarrenMcLean_uk: One problem, two solutions twitter
1:33pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘This Was Trump Pulling a Putin’ overcast
April 30th
3:40pm Planet Money: Planet Money book club overcast
1:56pm Radiolab: Hello, My Name Is overcast
10:24am Political Gabfest: So Much Free Speech! overcast
10:03am Click through for a good article with adorable animation on Elemental Power Plants. facebook
April 29th
9:43pm Eminem - Lose Yourself in the style of Linkin Park by Anthony Vincent. (h/t Hiromi Cota) facebook
5:50pm RT @ewarren: Yes. Next question. twitter
5:31pm RT @SenSanders: In the last 3 months, as gas prices soared, Exxon Mobil doubled its profit to $5.5 billion. Instead of increasing supply or … twitter
11:08am The Daily: The Risks of a New U.S. Approach in Ukraine overcast
10:49am The Scathing Atheist: 480: Fifty Yard Lyin’ Edition overcast
10:04am Amused by @Noah_Lugeons's lawyer replacing "prayer" with "masturbation" to describe the Supreme Court case. It's fine in private, but please… twitter
9:41am RT @AaronFullerton: I beat cancer. If they suddenly find a cure for cancer now, I’m gonna be so mad! This tweet is about student loans. twitter
April 28th
8:23pm RT @rubycumulous: the cia faked vampire attacks in the philippines to attempt to discourage people from joining the communist guerilla movem… twitter
8:23pm RT @itsJeffTiedrich: hi kids! it's me, your favorite sexagenarian here to tell you that when I was a kid we taxed the shit out of the wealth… twitter
8:18pm RT @TheBloggess: My husband and I worked hard to pay off our student loan debt and we’ve saved for decades for our child’s college fund, so … twitter
6:06pm RT @drvolts: Securing freedom for the marginalized necessarily involves constraining the freedom of the powerful. When right-wingers invoke … twitter
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3:07pm This American Life: 768: The Other Front Lines overcast
3:06pm Planet Money: Risky business overcast
2:47pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Hybrid model of Dubai, Asgard, and Minas Tirith #BurjConifer twitter
8:04am The Daily: Most of Us Have Had Covid overcast
April 27th
4:56pm This American Life: 768: The Other Front Lines overcast
4:56pm 99% Invisible: 488- It’s a Small Aisle After All overcast
8:40am The Daily: The Supreme Court Considers a Football Coach’s Prayers overcast
April 26th
2:41pm It's surprisingly hard to get accessibility right with a screen reader and an HTML shopping cart table. Reminds me of trying to get a site to look the same o... facebook
12:40pm The Daily: How a Sudden Mask Ruling Left the C.D.C. Reeling overcast
11:48am dblume wonders if anybody here is over at Mastodon too? plurk
8:02am RT @KurtKohlstedt: I get that we all have personal priorities, but with 44 billion dollars, I would at least build myself a Rocketeer suit, … twitter
7:43am Fresh Air: Michelle Yeoh overcast
April 25th
4:48pm @KalenXI Agreed on all counts. This "free speech" stuff has to be tempered with Zunger's "tolerance is not a moral precept" observation. Dan… twitter
2:47pm @KalenXI I fear it's bad for Elon Musk too. It's just a tarpit, who wants that headache. Who'd pit themselves against idle teens? Have you s… twitter
1:54pm @integerpoet He stalls a couple of years, becomes president, and pardons himself. At least that's a backup plan. Democrats cry "constitution… twitter
12:22pm The Daily: A Push for Traffic Stop Reform overcast
12:02pm Planet Money: Finally, our comic book overcast
4:43am git dokuwiki
April 24th
4:47pm Fresh Air: Inside The Murdoch Media Empire overcast
3:52pm Planet Money: TikTok to the top overcast
12:48pm Reply All: #186 The Contact List overcast
April 23rd
5:48pm Political Gabfest: Farewell, Jocelyn! overcast
April 22nd
6:37pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
5:34pm Ein Bier. Bitte. facebook
1:16pm RT @zackfreedman: Scan it. Scan it scan it scan it scan it twitter
9:44am The Scathing Atheist: 479: Earspace Edition overcast
9:18am The Daily: France’s Big Decision overcast
8:47am 99% Invisible: 487- Atlas Obscura overcast
8:23am An essay on gun reform. Gun activists can nit pick at it, but the larger message makes sense. "In the United States, a person does not have the right to rand... facebook
8:18am RT @cmclymer: In the United States, a person does not have the right to randomly get in a car and do whatever the hell they want in it. For … twitter
8:16am RT @BetteMidler: twitter
7:05am Coffee - Added Trader Joes Cold Brew Coconut Cream Latte dokuwiki
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April 21st
6:27pm The Daily: When Texas Went After Transgender Care, Part 2 overcast
7:22am @zannah No, I don't have any experience with Notion yet. Would love to hear your thoughts on what you try out. twitter
2:25am San Jose Airport (SJC) to Roku - [Longterm Parking in Roku Lot] dokuwiki
1:56am general:sjc-shuttle-roku.png - created dokuwiki
April 20th
9:13pm RT @SDonziger: On Day 988, I was called into the halfway house today for a final meeting. Below are my thoughts after I stepped out. 5 day… twitter
9:11pm @zannah IMHO, Confluence's search is bad. And since they dropped wiki markup, their formatting is 2000's Word bad. Try 'em out. But play wit… twitter
4:14pm RT @1st1: WOW. Bloomberg finally opensourced memray—a new versatile memory profile for Python. Can't way to use it. Thread 👇 twitter
3:41pm 99% Invisible: 487- Atlas Obscura overcast
1:47pm The Daily: When Texas Went After Transgender Care, Part 1 overcast
1:23pm @WorkFlowy , this feature request has 9 follows and 15 upvotes. Please make it happen. twitter
12:54pm @WorkFlowy Would really love to set the printed date format in preferences. Instead of seeing only "Thu, Apr 21, 2022", would love to specif… twitter
12:49pm RT @NASAPersevere: Truly fascinating. I zoomed in with my Mastcam-Z camera on a Phobos solar eclipse. This detailed video can help scientist… twitter
7:55am @zannah You're not gonna leave DokuWiki are you? twitter
April 19th
9:08pm RT @polina_giralt: current mood twitter
3:41pm RT @SpaceHub_SL: Most detailed image of #Jupiter 😲 twitter
10:15am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 871: 17 Years… 10,000 Mistakes - Elon Musk, Bill Gates’ Metaverse, Zuckerberg security detail overcast
9:55am Fresh Air: Trump, The GOP Kingmaker / Remembering Gilbert Gottfried overcast
9:47am The Daily: The Cost of Dissidence in Russia overcast
8:40am @feedly @D2KX_ I have the same failure as the others. Both i/my and i/latest fail. Broken since yesterday. Today they have the "salesInfo" J… twitter
April 18th
3:45pm @feedly Is your "i/latest" page still supposed to work? It doesn't work for me anymore (as of today). twitter
3:07pm RT @drvolts: Pruitt gives up the game here: "I think Oklahomans know when the New York Times and CNN and MSNBC and those places are against … twitter
11:59am Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast: Introducing Tiffany Dover Is Dead* overcast
11:57am The Daily: Biden’s Student Loan Dilemma overcast
11:57am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 870: Kim Apple Says Good Morning - Elon Musk’s Twitter stake, Unreal Engine 5, WWDC predictions overcast
11:17am RT @Megavolt1: “How an accidental discovery made this year could change the world A lucky discovery involving lithium-sulfur batteries has … twitter
8:47am Here's a modern riff of Scott McCloud's 2008 introduction to Google Chrome. Contra Chrome. facebook
April 17th
3:05pm This American Life: 767: Do Not Go Gentle overcast
2:19pm Fresh Air: The Pandemic Profiteers overcast
1:32pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: He Wanted to Die Holding Hands overcast
1:18pm Reply All: Introducing: Conviction - The Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan overcast
11:36am On excess deaths: "A year ago, it was possible to defend the American [pandemic outcomes] record as merely below average — worse than it should have been but... facebook
11:17am We shouldn't let media induced fear strip us of agency. Change for the better can happen. twitter
9:23am RT @JamesClear: Look around your environment. Rather than seeing items as objects, see them as magnets for your attention. Each object gen… twitter
April 16th
2:42pm RT @yishan: I've now been asked multiple times for my take on Elon's offer for Twitter. So fine, this is what I think about that. I will as… twitter
1:26pm Radiolab: NULL overcast
11:40am The Scathing Atheist: 478: Conventional Edition overcast
9:30am RT @hannah_recht: NEW: The federal “test-to-treat” program is meant to be a one-stop shop to get covid treatment. But as cases rise again, p… twitter
April 15th
9:25pm @integerpoet Here, then: "Impressed at how Turbo Pascal is so fast, but kinda drawn to how cool Metrowerks is. Can't convince my boss to buy… twitter
2:27pm RT @Genie2ofBaghdad: twitter
12:01pm The Daily: 27 Years in Solitary Confinement overcast
11:44am Political Gabfest: Double Bazelon overcast
8:19am Flora and Fauna Blossom in Anti-War Watercolor Paintings by Hiroki Takeda facebook
7:21am Coffee - Agreed with myself on TJ's French Vanilla Cold Brew dokuwiki
April 14th
6:35pm RT @neonepiphany: It would be hilarious if Elon Musk bought Twitter and when he got it it was missing the interior lights and the 12V outlet twitter
6:18pm The Daily: Twitter’s Elon Musk Problem overcast
7:59am 99% Invisible: 486- Rumble Strip overcast
7:48am RT @gcostantino: Gov. Abbott's order for truck inspections is all an unnecessary PR stunt, critics say : NPR #GregAbbott hurting #Americans … twitter
April 13th
9:45pm RT @normative: After one brazen failed coup attempt, Trump is openly laying the groundwork for a second attempt to steal a presidential elec… twitter
5:56pm @KalenXI Or... Imperial Tackleball vs Metric Tackleball? twitter
2:42pm @KalenXI Maybe the kick isn't so important in American Football. Maybe it's warball or battleball or gridball? Dodgeball seems to already co… twitter
1:35pm @KalenXI Consider Kickball > kickball stickball Hoping this can extend to American Football and Rugby too. twitter
8:41am The Daily: The Next Phase of the War in Ukraine overcast
8:15am Pew Research finds you guys are likely very old. facebook
7:37am Planet Money: How manatees got into hot water overcast
April 12th
8:37pm "the equivalent of 143 consecutive marathons—one each day" My mind fails to comprehend this. twitter
6:48pm RT @JesseJenkins: We'll fall more than a billion tons short of the United States' 2030 climate pledge if Congress fails to act in the next f… twitter
6:47pm RT @tessalaprofessa: I want a ventilation report card framed by the door of every building I walk into. What did we spend the last two years… twitter
12:02pm Planet Money: Turkey’s runaway inflation problem overcast
11:46am Radiolab: In the Dust of This Planet overcast
11:44am The Daily: Biden’s Climate Shift overcast
9:11am RT @MorePerfectUS: NEW: Tax filing could be free right now. The IRS already has the authority to create a free, easy-to-use online tax fili… twitter
April 11th
6:56pm RT @ParkerMolloy: Take that, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia twitter
4:33pm RT @tomrkobayashi: A thread about pedestrian guard rails in Tokyo, why not. This one is very common. They are used along the municipal road… twitter
1:59pm Maybe a minor spoiler for Everything Everywhere All at Once (don't worry if you accidentally read it, it doesn't ruin anything, and it's early in the movie):... facebook
12:33pm The Daily: How Two Friends Beat Amazon and Built a Union overcast
11:54am Political Gabfest: Hey, Groomer overcast
April 10th
12:05pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
9:18am RT @Carnage4Life: The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme while Ethereum is a platform for pyramid s… twitter
9:05am @rainydayretro @neonepiphany @ProtonMail Yep, FWIW, for that reason ProtonMail encourages me to have immaculate email higiene. I use their l… twitter
April 9th
9:44pm @rainydayretro @neonepiphany @ProtonMail Not what you guys are discussing, but I like my email with the domain So s… twitter
3:32pm yakiniQ Cafe (a café) in San Francisco foursquare
April 8th
10:06am The Daily: How Germany’s Approach to Russia Backfired overcast
9:43am Reply All: #185 The Rainbow Chain overcast
1:23am git - Add instructions for rebasing dokuwiki
April 7th
11:32pm I've been attacked by Microsoft. facebook
9:52am The Scathing Atheist: 477: Fetal Attraction Edition overcast
9:26am The Daily: A Covid Mystery in Africa overcast
8:53am It seemed like I've been seeing more sexy thumbnail images in YouTube for categories where it makes little sense, and have wondered if it's changing what con... facebook
12:13am @learn_byexample Yes. Went there again since you mentioned it and just learned about CTRL-W } for tags in a preview window that leaves focus… twitter
April 6th
8:14pm I'm embarrassed to admit I continue to learn cool new vim features. Like, why didn't I know this years ago? twitter
3:17pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 869: The Kids Are Alright - Wyze camera flaw, E3 is over again, Dorsey apologizes for centralized web overcast
2:41pm This American Life: 766: Well Someone Had to Do SOMETHING! overcast
2:38pm 99% Invisible: 485- Murder Most Fowl overcast
8:24am The Daily: Why Proving War Crimes Is Difficult and Rare overcast
7:47am @neonepiphany @AnxietySong Challenge accepted. twitter
April 5th
9:47am Revisionist History: Michael Lewis on Why It’s Hard to Find Real Experts overcast
9:30am The Daily: How the War in Ukraine is Creating a Global Food Crisis overcast
April 4th
1:12pm RT @integerpoet: My poll has somewhat fewer data points, but for the sake of surreality I insist there's a significant correlation here. twitter
11:32am This American Life: 765: Off Course overcast
11:27am The Daily: ‘The Illegality of the Plan Was Obvious’ overcast
April 3rd
6:48pm So Gong Dong Tofu House (a korean restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
1:51pm Radiolab: Inheritance overcast
6:27am Home Repair - Undid the smart quoting where I meant "inches" dokuwiki
April 2nd
10:08pm RT @MeanestTA: Everyone on my team (5 men ages 48-75) texts me to make sure the slang they’re using is correct in context. Some examples bel… twitter
3:35pm Home Repair - created dokuwiki
2:29pm Planet Money: When bricks were rubles overcast
11:29am Political Gabfest: Burner Phone overcast
April 1st
11:17am The Daily: Inside Mariupol overcast
10:56am Planet Money: The Bond King overcast
8:04am git dokuwiki
6:28am git dokuwiki
March 31st
10:50am The Scathing Atheist: 476: Ad Hoc Edition overcast
10:20am The Daily: How Democrats Evened the Congressional Map overcast
10:01am 99% Invisible: 484- Dear Hank and John and Roman overcast
March 30th
10:14pm Some of the smartest people I know cite Naomi Wu's reviews of terrible air purifying products. First the Razer Zephyr, now the Dyson Snot Canon. facebook
9:48pm RT @GavinNewsom: Reading some banned books to figure out what these states are so afraid of. twitter
3:19pm The Daily: The Political Lives of Clarence and Ginni Thomas overcast
12:33pm Great thread on reactionary backlash politics. Click through for the elaboration. twitter
12:22pm @natalietran ...Says the lady in the land of quokkas. We here in the states just share quokka pics back and forth. twitter
12:06pm @zannah Nah, it's OK if your cats don't wear pants when you answer the door. Kinda weird if they did. twitter
March 29th
7:26pm Toro (a sushi restaurant) in Fremont foursquare
11:58am Radiolab: Stress overcast
11:43am Planet Money: Two inflation Indicators: Corporate greed and mortgage rates overcast
11:29am The Daily: Senator Joe Manchin’s Conflict of Interest overcast
10:08am Reply All: #167 America’s Hottest Talkline overcast
9:52am RT @pink_funk: After sleeping on it and more contemplation this morning, my feelings about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock last night are tha… twitter
March 28th
9:52pm RT @ParkerMolloy: Input: “the singularity” twitter
12:15pm Radiolab: The Right Stuff overcast
11:43am The Daily: Four Million Ukrainians in Limbo overcast
11:26am The Scathing Atheist: 475: Leave it to Beavers Edition overcast
March 27th
3:01pm Coffee - Added LaColombe Draft Latte Oatmilk dokuwiki
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March 26th
7:55pm @integerpoet I didn't get it either. Was gonna guess text-based lynx? twitter
7:50pm RT @vermontgmg: It’s wild to me that one political party has all but abandoned democracy and been overtaken by wild conspiracy theories and … twitter
2:17pm 1 oz coffee (a coffee shop) in Santa Clara foursquare
8:47am @integerpoet Huh. Thought the Duck called 'em Quocs. twitter
March 25th
7:21pm @integerpoet Don't be disquieted. Those are the expected cat-egories. twitter
7:20pm @integerpoet Does it work with uncivilized ducks that don't wear little red duck shoes and introduce themselves? twitter
1:47pm RT @brianschatz: There was an organized conspiracy which was well funded and armed and tried to overthrow the American government and the pe… twitter
11:48am Political Gabfest: Deep Sigh overcast
11:10am The Daily: Ukraine Puts Putin’s Playbook to the Test overcast
6:20am Coffee - Added Royal Mills Island Mocha dokuwiki
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March 24th
4:17am Coffee - Added O'Neill Jim's Signature Roast dokuwiki
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March 23rd
6:06pm Radiolab: Stress overcast
5:46pm Reply All: #184 Alex Goldman, Demon Hunter overcast
5:28pm 99% Invisible: 483- Grid Locked overcast
4:28pm The Daily: The Confirmation Hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson overcast
11:38am RT @BrockKeeling: if you think you can’t stomach another painted ladies/full house scene, check out @inspire_fpv’s phenomenal drone clip tha… twitter
March 22nd
5:31pm tl;dr It's because many Republicans agree that the Democratic party is a fundamentally illegitimate political faction. twitter
12:47pm Revisionist History: The Future of Drones from What’s Your Problem overcast
12:31pm Planet Money: Tech giants and tiny dogs overcast
12:14pm The Daily: Will Sanctioning Oligarchs Change the War? overcast
11:52am The Daily: Could the U.S. See Another Covid Wave? overcast
9:54am Coffee - Added UCC Caffee Latte dokuwiki
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March 21st
6:08pm I'm so in love with these drawings. Kei Endo Creates Highly Accurate and Detailed Survey Drawings of Japanese Hotel Rooms facebook
8:47am Planet Money: Escape from Russia overcast
March 20th
5:57pm Thai Spice (a thai restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
2:08pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
12:26pm Cinderella Bakery & Café (a bakery) in San Francisco foursquare
10:01am RT @BrianneKohl: My 8yo daughter met a girl at summer camp last year named "Internet." I said no way, that can't be her name but my daughter… twitter
March 18th
10:19pm The bravery of these cosmonauts. facebook
11:10am The Daily: The Global Race to Mine the Metal of the Future overcast
10:48am The Scathing Atheist: 474: Dowse of Ill Repute Edition overcast
8:56am dblume says my first website is 25 years old. plurk
8:54am My first website is over 25 years old, and is still up. twitter
March 17th
4:14pm RT @Schwarzenegger: I love the Russian people. That is why I have to tell you the truth. Please watch and share. twitter
3:29pm Political Gabfest: I Call On You To Do More overcast
2:46pm The Daily: Four Paths Forward in Ukraine overcast
9:57am RT @drvolts: Sarah Bloom Raskin -- whose nomination to the Federal Reserve Board was sunk by 50 Republicans + Joe Manchin -- wrote a scorche… twitter
March 16th
4:53pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 866: Can’t Talk, Doing Laundry - M1 Ultra, Mac Studio, DuckDuckGo’s neutrality, TikTok’s Oracle deal overcast
3:10pm 99% Invisible: 482- Natalie de Blois: To Tell the Truth overcast
8:32am The Daily: Inflation Lessons From the 1970s overcast
March 15th
6:44pm KoJa Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in Fremont foursquare
4:08pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
1:24pm RT @DrEricDing: BREAKING—a bill to make Daylight Savings permanent just passed the US Senate by **Unanimous Consent** (S.623: Sunshine Prote… twitter
12:24pm Fresh Air: Former U.S. Ambassador To Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch overcast
12:17pm This American Life: 764: School’s Out Forever overcast
11:54am The Daily: The Story Behind a Defining War Photo overcast
March 14th
2:44pm Visualizing Black Holes with General Relativistic Ray Tracing (Click through. You can at least enjoy the amazing black holes even if you don't read the post.) facebook
2:35pm RT @ukigoni: I have interviewed real Nazis, including the personal aides of Ribbentrop and Goebbels, men who worked at the Reich Chancellery… twitter
12:11pm Radiolab: The Helen Keller Exorcism overcast
11:46am The Daily: How Russians See the War in Ukraine overcast
March 13th
11:26am Political Gabfest: Price of a Gallon of Gas overcast
March 12th
3:26pm Planet Money: Grocery delivery wars overcast
3:12pm 99% Invisible: 481- The Future of the Final Mile overcast
1:04pm RT @ElyKreimendahl: “sorry I responded to this in my head” is a real thing and we should say it twitter
March 11th
10:00pm RT @RogerMiles: The Russian Embassy in Lisbon. Two neighbouring houses are projecting the blue and yellow onto its facade. The ambassador is… twitter
1:12pm RT @ahandvanish: There's a big reality gap right now between people who are actively staying on top of COVID research & those who just t… twitter
11:22am The Daily: Putin’s Endgame: A Conversation With Fiona Hill overcast
9:48am I'll strive to have the presence of mind of this man. Did the right thing without hesitation. twitter
8:34am RT @ElieNYC: Republicans in Missouri, Idaho, and Texas are taking inspiration from the Fugitive Slave Act when they write their laws, and as… twitter
8:25am Bob Wachter, Chair, UCSF Dept of Medicine, has been waiting for cases to reach 10 per 10K/day as his "should I mask" threshold. Here in Santa Clara county, w... facebook
March 10th
12:36pm RT @twkovach: Thread: Have you wondered what share of Russian oil imports we could have offset if light trucks hadn’t come to dominate the U… twitter
12:30pm RT @jakelikesonions: twitter
11:48am Reply All: #183 The Venova King overcast
11:29am The Scathing Atheist: 473: Saturn Ails Ya Edition overcast
11:04am 99% Invisible: 480- Broken Heart Park overcast
11:01am The Daily: Inside Ukraine’s Embattled Cities overcast
March 9th
7:13am The Daily: Will Banning Russian Oil Hurt Russia, or the U.S.? overcast
March 8th
8:32pm RT @stuartpstevens: What @POTUS is doing is very methodically saving the world. This is a moment he has prepared for his entire life. The 20… twitter
6:17pm Pho Mai #1 (a noodle house) in San Jose foursquare
2:54pm You like indy games and want to support Ukraine? Then this is for you! facebook
2:51pm RT @necrosofty: The bundle for Ukraine is live!! ~1,000 games worth over $6,500, $10 minimum donation, all proceeds … twitter
9:32am The Daily: Why Zelensky Poses a Unique Threat to Putin overcast
9:00am The Daily: On the Road With Ukraine’s Refugees overcast
March 7th
1:56pm Coffee dokuwiki
1:53pm coffee:barefoot_the_boss_espresso.png - created dokuwiki
1:45pm coffee:philtered_soul_beans.png - created dokuwiki
11:12am @rsyncnet Enjoyed these tech notes. Interesting to see the Python Pickle of untrusted data issue demonstrated. Thanks. twitter
10:10am @yacitus, have you seen Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time yet? twitter
8:52am RT @KurtKohlstedt: Be the still-growing fallen tree you want to see in the world 🙏🌳🦄 twitter
March 6th
7:42pm Who had escaped vengeful fox demon on their 2022 Annihilation bingo card? facebook
7:28pm RT @woodyatpch: twitter
1:29pm Radiolab: Life in a Barrel overcast
1:13pm Invisibilia: Uncomfortable with power? Tell us about it! overcast
1:12pm Planet Money: Of oligarchs, oil and rubles overcast
12:58pm Planet Money: ‘Fortress’ Russia put to the test overcast
12:43pm The Scathing Atheist: 472: Texas-stential Threat Edition overcast
March 5th
11:55pm RT @jdawsey1: Trump mused to donors that we should take our F-22 planes, "put the Chinese flag on them and bomb the shit out" out of Russia.… twitter
5:24pm RT @BillPascrell: This is your regular reminder that when donald trump withheld military aid for Ukraine to extort President Zelenskyy, 99% … twitter
12:46pm Political Gabfest: I Need More Ammunition overcast
March 4th
10:44am The Daily: The Death of the Competitive Congressional District overcast
March 3rd
6:40pm The Daily: Why Russia Hasn’t Defeated Ukraine overcast
March 2nd
3:41pm My company's conference intermission playlist tricked me into learning I actually like Elton John's and Dua Lipa's "Cold Heart". facebook
2:57pm RT @SenMarkey: Louis DeJoy's decision to buy dirty, gas-guzzling postal trucks is a huge mistake. I'm on the Senate floor demanding that we … twitter
2:44pm Fresh Air: How Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Changes The World As We Know It overcast
2:22pm 99% Invisible: 479-According to Need wins duPont-Columbia Award overcast
2:13pm The Daily: How Europe Came Around on Sanctions overcast
March 1st
2:35pm This American Life: 763: The Other Mr. President overcast
2:22pm The Daily: In Ukraine, the Men Who Must Stay and Fight overcast
8:23am Change in Common Household Types in the U.S. (Click through for an interesting graph on which household types (married with children, single, roommates) are ... facebook
8:21am Change in Common Household Types in the U.S. (Click through for an interesting graph!) twitter
February 28th
12:47pm The Daily: The Battle for Kyiv overcast
February 27th
10:02pm RT @theisen95: some thoughts about Texas twitter
9:50pm RT @deesnider: People are asking me why I endorsed the use of "We're Not Gonna Take It" for the Ukrainian people and did not for the anti-ma… twitter
11:38am This American Life: 466: Blackjack overcast
11:35am Radiolab: Speed overcast
February 26th
3:14pm Planet Money: Putin’s big bet: Sanction-proofing Russia overcast
3:05pm Planet Money: How bad is inflation? overcast
February 25th
4:03pm 99% Invisible: 478- Art Imitates Art overcast
3:50pm Political Gabfest: Putin’s War overcast
3:26pm The Daily: Ukrainians’ Choice: Fight or Flee? overcast
8:59am RT @Zachanner: I’m convinced the most destructive force in the world is insecure dudes. twitter
February 24th
3:59pm RT @cmclymer: There’s a lot I wanna say here, but Greg Abbott basically just told closeted trans children that if they come out, his state g… twitter
3:04pm The Scathing Atheist: 471: Smite as Well Edition overcast
2:37pm The Daily: The Russian Invasion Begins overcast
12:32pm RT @VonnegutDoc: Hey, vegetable lovers: @VonnegutDoc is now Certified "Fresh" on #RottenTomatoes at 90%. Viewer reviews are at 93%. Congratu… twitter
10:10am RT @Dixie3Flatline: We're going to see a lot of propaganda, disinformation, and old footage from every side involved in this. You think you'… twitter
February 23rd
10:12pm RT @mjs_DC: In the span of just four days, Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott have outlawed gender-affirming care for trans minors in Texas and orde… twitter
4:59pm 99% Invisible: 478- Art Imitates Art overcast
3:17pm The Daily: ‘A Knife to the Throat’: Putin’s Logic for Invading Ukraine overcast
12:35pm @KalenXI Was it a Japanese restaurant? It's the typical shortening of "sandwich" in Japanese, not really a trend there. twitter
February 22nd
3:05pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
10:44am This American Life: 466: Blackjack overcast
10:24am Revisionist History: Revisiting Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis overcast
10:12am Planet Money: Predictions: Inflation! overcast
10:00am Planet Money: A SWIFT getaway overcast
9:43am 99% Invisible: 477- Call of Duty: Free overcast
9:32am The Daily: Russian Troops Advance overcast
February 21st
5:43pm Confetti Italian Ice & Custard (a dessert shop) in Costa Mesa foursquare
3:47pm RT @wondermarkfeed: "Hey, you left the fridge open again." Wondermark #1527; A Light for the Leftovers twitter
3:05pm Paderia (a bakery) in Irvine foursquare
1:02pm The Vox Kitchen (an asian restaurant) in Fountain Valley foursquare
11:02am RT @RBReich: How about we nix Presidents Day and make Election Day a national holiday instead? twitter
February 20th
5:44pm Baekjeong Irvine (a korean restaurant) in Irvine foursquare
3:28pm RT @MilesCorak: An American friend asked me about the consequences of the occupation of Ottawa. What did the protestors accomplish? Some mi… twitter
3:25pm RT @MattOrtega: Biden has handled Ukraine crisis incredibly well. Pursued diplomacy the entire way, armed Ukraine, refusal to commit any U.S… twitter
2:37pm Orobae (a bubble tea shop) in Irvine foursquare
1:53pm Kéan Coffee (a coffee shop) in Tustin foursquare
1:37pm Sender One Climbing, Yoga and Fitness (a climbing gym) in Santa Ana foursquare
8:12am RT @AOC: Imagine if defunding schools was as politically controversial as not wanting to fund robodogs and mass surveillance. Imagine if pol… twitter
February 19th
10:07pm RT @GeorgeTakei: For the Japanese American community, today is a solemn day. It's the Day of Remembrance, the anniversary of FDR's Executive… twitter
6:33pm Honda-Ya Japanese Restaurant (a japanese restaurant) in Tustin foursquare
4:21pm Mitsuwa Marketplace (a supermarket) in Costa Mesa foursquare
2:13pm Cream Pan Bakery & Cafe (a bakery) in Tustin foursquare
9:47am 99% Invisible: 476- Reaction Offices and the Future of Work overcast
9:18am Reply All: Presenting: Science Vs. Joe Rogan: The Malone Interview overcast
8:46am Radiolab: The Wordless Place overcast
8:29am The Scathing Atheist: 470: My Favourite Marsh Edition overcast
February 18th
12:29pm Political Gabfest: Angry Parents overcast
11:53am The Daily: ‘Somebody’s Got to Save Us, While We’re Saving Everybody Else’ overcast
7:46am RT @SanFranciscoBA: The hometown looking gorgeous. twitter
February 17th
8:43pm RT @mcapriglioneart: When you ask me how I'm doing and I say "I'm functioning" this is what I mean twitter
4:07pm RT @seanhecht: Difficult situation on campus. Traffic jam of automated food delivery robots, apparently all stuck behind a carelessly discar… twitter
10:21am The Daily: Why U.S. Soldiers Won’t Come to Ukraine’s Rescue overcast
10:02am The Daily: An American-Style Protest in Canada overcast
9:07am RT @Cshearer41: Each square has area 4. What’s the area of the pink right-angled triangle? twitter
8:30am RT @KalenXI: Well as we all know only middle eastern people can be terrorists. When an American tries to depressurize the plane mid-flight t… twitter
6:12am Coffee - Added Kitu Super Coffee Vanilla dokuwiki
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February 16th
10:55pm @yacitus You can't just ask to get baptized again, because if the first baptism worked, then the second attempt actually undoes it. (XOR not… twitter
12:21pm The Daily: The Rule at the Center of the N.F.L. Discrimination Lawsuit overcast
10:19am RT @risahoshinoMD: I never understood why masks are so stigmatized here in the U.S. I’m from Japan where we have been regularly masking sinc… twitter
8:49am @propublica, nobody's "wondering if COVID-19 will become endemic". We accept it will. We're wondering what the new normal will be. twitter
February 15th
6:29pm Khun Nine Thai (an asian restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
11:02am The Daily: How Ukrainians View This Perilous Moment overcast
10:35am The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 8: An Appointment in Perth overcast
February 14th
10:38pm RT @allinwithchris: “It is madness to buy 45,000 to 65,000 gas vehicles for the U.S. Postal Service in the year of our Lord 2022,” says @chr… twitter
12:59pm RT @VonnegutDoc: Seventy-seven years ago today, 22-year-old PFC Kurt Vonnegut was climbing out of an underground slaughterhouse, and wonderi… twitter
12:20pm RT @bigblackjacobin: I wrote about why I think NFTs are good for nothing except fraud, theft, waste, speculation, and endless commodificatio… twitter
10:28am RT @CompSciFact: An NFT is a constant pointer, not a pointer to a constant. twitter
10:12am The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 7: The Detail of the Deputies overcast
9:36am The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 6: Cucumbers and Cooker Bombs overcast
9:12am I am here for this platter of amuse-bouches of user experience nightmares. Laura Javier is one of my tribe. facebook
February 13th
3:05pm Mitski: nihilistic yet adorbs. Also good taste in Ghibli films. facebook
10:14am The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 5: A Study in Scarlett overcast
9:50am Alviso Marina County Park (a harbor / marina) in Alviso foursquare
8:55am dblume says happy Superb Owl Sunday! Esp for sjonsvenson plurk
8:51am Happy Superb Owl Sunday! Esp.for Sjon Svenson facebook
February 12th
9:07pm RT @chrischirp: THREAD: I keep being asked when we can go "back to normal" or "like it was before". My personal thoughts: We've added a new… twitter
8:05pm @integerpoet Oh no. Even at work, I'm identified by my voxel personas. twitter
5:45pm RT @shannonrwatts: It’s almost like we’re being manipulated by misinformation from autocrats who want us to die. Also see: gun violence. twitter
3:02pm The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 4: The Meeting and the Mole overcast
2:02pm RT @G_S_Bhogal: My friends, a new MEGATHREAD has arrived! In 40 tweets I’ll explain 40 useful concepts you should know. Reading time: ~7 m… twitter
1:48pm RT @MeidasTouch: Wow. @thelostdebate just exposed how Alabama’s racist gerrymandering works in the clearest way I've ever seen. Make this vi… twitter
8:10am The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 3: Sir Albert and the Missing “H” overcast
February 11th
5:31pm RT @kristenhavlik: “If people are running for office so they can day trade individual stocks while receiving classified information, and if … twitter
2:08pm The Scathing Atheist: 469: Thunderverse Edition overcast
2:00pm The Daily: The Saga of Joe Rogan overcast
February 10th
3:46pm Political Gabfest: Legitimate Political Discourse overcast
3:04pm The Daily: Why Democratic Governors Are Turning Against Mask Mandates overcast
8:27am @DreamHostCare Actually, kudos to Dreamhost for sending the upgrade warning email a month ahead of time. I know my site wouldn't have worked… twitter
8:13am @DreamHostCare Sorry! That was a late night VICTORY "ha ha ha!" I'm a Dreamhost customer since 2006 using the dead 2007 blogging platform Ha… twitter
12:30am RT @pookleblinky: Remember that polio's overwhelmingly predominant symptom was diarrhea. We don't remember polio nowadays, only longpolio. twitter
12:26am RT @NeoliberalSnow: Cholera cases are declining in our community. Now's the time for everyone to resume drinking fecal contaminated water fr… twitter
February 9th
10:27pm Hahaha I just upgraded my Habari blog engine to PHP 8.0. (It's been dead since before 7.2. So. Many. Changes.) This is because DreamHost is … twitter
4:51pm Turns out Covid-19 is not like the flu. A giant study shows a striking rise in long-term heart and vessel disease."some of these conditions are chronic con... facebook
2:25pm The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 3: Sir Albert and the Missing “H” overcast
2:13pm The Trojan Horse Affair: Part 2: The Case of the Four Resignations overcast
12:33pm The Daily: A Movement to Fight Misinformation… With Misinformation overcast
12:07pm RT @Revenge32137972: @MarsCuriosity Rugged Mars has taken big bites out of the Curiosity rover's wheels twitter
February 8th
9:50pm RT @owillis: Imagine you’re Trump and the WaPo describes your attempt to destroy evidence as just “cavalier” while the NYT says it was becau… twitter
3:46pm This American Life: 761: The Trojan Horse Affair overcast
3:40pm The Daily: Is Russia Bluffing? overcast
2:23pm RT @PatinkinMandy: Repost from @garrison_hayes on TikTok twitter
8:20am The long-run effect of Obama’s choice to bail out lenders, not borrowers. As stocks tumble, wealthy speculators bid up house prices. facebook
February 7th
9:23am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 860: Cheese in Your Gruel - Nvidia done with ARM, Spotify controversy, Google kills FLoC, FBI and Pegasus overcast
9:22am The Daily: Who Else Is Culpable in George Floyd’s Death? overcast
February 6th
5:39pm RT @danielsgoldman: I will never understand why 10 more GOP Senators didn’t join with the 7 brave ones to convict Trump in Impeachment 2.0 t… twitter
12:55pm Cinderella Bakery & Café (a bakery) in San Francisco foursquare
February 5th
5:29pm Planet Money: Uncle Sam wants YOU to fight inflation overcast
5:11pm Planet Money: The M&M anomaly (Classic) overcast
5:01pm Radiolab: Forests on Forests overcast
3:51pm @yacitus @drvolts To be clear, I am not Reddit's u/Kni7es. But what they wrote and what Roberts wrote seemed aligned. When I read Roberts's … twitter
11:40am @WorkFlowy Type or text-only paste (Ctrl+Shift+v) "debug issue" into WorkFlowy, and there's no way for it not to be … twitter
9:41am RT @kottke: "Ethan Coen" reviews Joel Cohen's The Tragedy of Macbeth. "In a move that would get you kicked out [of] the DeVry Institute of M… twitter
9:34am You guys! Click through and read "Ethan Coen's" review of Joel Coen's "The Tragedy of MacBeth". facebook
February 4th
10:28pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Cat-friendly interior design hack: transparent ceiling drop panels #cattic twitter
8:46pm @yacitus @drvolts Daryl, have you seen this old explainer too? twitter
12:42pm Political Gabfest: Am I Normal? overcast
12:11pm The Daily: A ‘Zero Covid’ Olympics overcast
9:12am Excellent. I hate newsletters. I'm gonna try this with Casey Newton's Platformer. twitter
9:09am RT @hotvickkrishna: If Wordle was a Movie #wordle #comedy #skit #parody @piyaltree twitter
7:02am todo-git - removed dokuwiki
7:02am git - created dokuwiki
February 3rd
3:51pm The Scathing Atheist: 468: Take Me to Your Litter Edition overcast
3:21pm The Daily: Is ISIS Back on the Rise? overcast
2:38pm Structure of Slit-scan facebook
February 2nd
11:20pm This American Life: 760: A City Walks Into an Investigation overcast
10:29pm RT @thenib: Shelf it: twitter
8:59pm RT @drvolts: This is really wild: the detailed inside story of the 11-slide scientific presentation that shifted Boris Johnson from climate … twitter
3:14pm 99% Invisible: 475- Rock Paper Scissors Bus overcast
12:19pm RT @JRubinBlogger: The authoritarian right has mounted a devious, three-prong strategy to control debate, indoctrinate the young and eradica… twitter
12:09pm @feedly Issue may be related to: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e._enrichProfileInfo is not a function at main.f6fab5cafe76946d67ed.js… twitter
12:03pm @feedly Something regressed today. "r" for refresh doesn't complete correctly. "shift-a" for mark-all-as-read fails to complete correctly to… twitter
11:08am Greatest hits from a NeoLiberal version of John Snow, the father of epidemiology. Addressing preventable disease through deregulation and individualism. facebook
8:42am The Daily: The Trump Plan to Seize Voting Machines overcast
1:53am shell tips - [expect tips] dokuwiki
February 1st
9:07pm RT @JuddLegum: 1. This will be a thread of companies that sent out earnest Tweets celebrating Black History Month but donated a bunch of mon… twitter
4:09pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
1:40pm Jane Campion's "Power of the Dog" is really good. It expects you to pay attention, but it rewards you for it. It's going to stay with me for a long time. Her... facebook
12:12pm This American Life: 760: A City Walks Into an Investigation overcast
11:47am This American Life: 759: A Couple Walks Into a House overcast
11:36am The Daily: Did Democrats Make Inflation Worse? overcast
9:05am @zannah My wife and I just re-watched the Ronnie Chieng stand-up routine explaining why Chinese love money because of your tweet! I hope you… twitter
January 31st
2:30pm Planet Money: The Spider-Man Problem overcast
2:12pm Planet Money: Two indicators: supply chain solutions overcast
2:00pm The Daily: We Need to Talk About Covid, Part 2: A Conversation with Dr. Fauci overcast
9:53am RT @SenWarren: How do we expand health care access, fix our child care system, & make investments to fight climate change?   We make sur… twitter
January 30th
11:22pm RT @evilrooster: This is just to say I have eaten the bread ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ the lemon 🟨⬛️🟨⬛️⬛️ the meals 🟨⬛️⬛️🟨🟩 the slime 🟨🟩⬛️🟩⬛️ the plum… twitter
4:53pm Serial: The Trojan Horse Affair - Trailer overcast
4:50pm Radiolab: The First Radiolab overcast
10:59am Political Gabfest: The Breyerwatch Hath Ended overcast
January 29th
10:44pm RT @HeerJeet: There's nothing to stop a president or would be president from encouraging followers to commit all sorts of federal crimes wit… twitter
11:04am RT @haileytjmclaugh: The Enigma of Casita Madrigal twitter
9:27am The Algorithm That (Recently) Changed the World facebook
January 28th
4:26pm @yacitus I'm thinking of gifting my children Maus now. twitter
3:18pm The Daily: ‘Who Do You Want Controlling Your Food?’ overcast
12:32pm Coffee - Boss Cafe au lait dokuwiki
12:31pm coffee:boss_flash_brew_cold_cafe_au_lait.png - created dokuwiki
12:07pm RT @AriBerman: Before he sided with GOP to kill voting rights bills Joe Manchin said: “​​We act like we’re going to obstruct people from vot… twitter
9:31am I think the thing I love most is how snail shows the phone with his right hand, then holds it up to his left ear to continue his conversatio… twitter
9:31am I think the thing I love most is how snail shows the phone with his right hand, then holds it up to his left ear to continue his conversation. facebook
January 27th
11:39pm Victory! While he was home, I had my son watch Death Note with me. Then Grimes released a music video Shinigami Eyes today (where her eyes turn red, and they... facebook
10:19pm RT @andrewkarre: In light of a Tennessee district banning MAUS, I'm sharing the greatest two pages ever written and drawn about the importan… twitter
10:07pm @raymondh Pythonista data file tip: learn to use the very handy VisiData. twitter
9:34pm RT @Numbers28: Education isn’t memorizing that Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Education is understanding how millions of ordinary Germans wer… twitter
3:31pm The Scathing Atheist: 467: Noahide and Seek Edition overcast
2:56pm The Daily: Biden Gets a Supreme Court Pick overcast
1:00pm @shanlonwu @yacitus Don't be counting your chickens before they're hatched. Just because Mitch McConnell can't block a nomination the same w… twitter
10:30am For clarity, this is brittlestar's explainer. (Since Twitter only emphasized the quoted tweet, not the linked tweet.) twitter
8:56am The Mcminn County School board needs to watch @brittlestar's tweet on how to tell if you're on the right side of any issue.… twitter
8:55am Looks like the Mcminn County School Board didn't read my "How to tell if you're on the correct side of any issue" post. They just unanimously voted to ban th... facebook
January 26th
4:03pm This American Life: 759: A Couple Walks Into a House overcast
3:43pm Movement Santa Clara (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
2:12pm The Daily: We Need to Talk About Covid, Part 1 overcast
1:39pm So Israel is at over 1% population new COVID cases per day now? (Compare: the US is about 9x lower.) Click-through, the image here is an old static image. facebook
12:22pm RT @AriBerman: Your daily reminder that Mitch McConnell made up a nonexistent Senate rule to block Merrick Garland 8 months before election … twitter
10:50am RT @dangillmor: "Cryptocurrency is a scam." Scathing and mostly persuasive takedown of what is surely AT LEAST a bubble that will deflate an… twitter
10:41am How to tell if you're on the correct side of any issue. facebook
January 25th
4:46pm 99% Invisible: 474- The Punisher Skull overcast
4:15pm The Daily: How Partying Could Be Boris Johnson’s Undoing overcast
12:51pm Excellent False Knees today. If you don't see the comic, click through. facebook
January 24th
11:45pm RT @SenWarren: A 2-cent #WealthTax on America's ultra-rich would raise hundreds of billions in revenue each year. That’s money we could inve… twitter
4:46pm Revisionist History: From Deep Cover: Who Was Bob Cooley? overcast
4:38pm The Daily: Documenting a Death by Euthanasia overcast
4:06pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘How Disgust Explains Everything’ overcast
1:11pm RT @Snowden: Two men posture over who is the toughest. Pressured by fear of the leering crowd's judgment, they refuse to negotiate, instead … twitter
9:39am RT @JennMcClellanVA: Last year, I found my Dad’s poll tax receipt among his papers. He kept it as a reminder of the barriers our family face… twitter
9:09am See the Tonga eruption overlaid over highly populated areas like California, England, Spain, in "How big was the Tonga eruption?" facebook
January 23rd
2:16pm RT @DanPriceSeattle: Who would have thought you could avoid mass resignations with a decent minimum wage, free health care, guaranteed paid … twitter
12:48pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 858: The Meat CEO - E3 goes virtual, microdosing in the metaverse overcast
January 22nd
5:00pm Planet Money: ‘Soul Train’ and the business of Black joy overcast
4:52pm Radiolab: The 11th: A Letter From George overcast
12:33pm RT @SameeraKhan: This is the most American thing ever. twitter
9:58am Hippies Brew (a café) in Union City foursquare
January 21st
12:54pm Reply All: Programming Note overcast
12:53pm Political Gabfest: Has It Only Been A Year? overcast
12:40pm The Daily: What the ‘Djokovic Affair’ Revealed About Australia overcast
9:11am RT @pwnallthethings: So just to be clear Twitter wasn't super interested in finding a way to mark accounts of actual medical professionals d… twitter
8:21am I don't block Wordle posts. I only block posts with the term, "🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩". All your stories of struggle and failure are welcome. facebook
7:55am Coffee - Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew Coffee dokuwiki
7:54am coffee:trader_joes_organic_cold_brew_coffee.png - created dokuwiki
12:14am The thing people are missing about McConnell distinguishing African-Americans from "Americans", is that he said they don't need the John L. Lewis Voting Righ... facebook
January 20th
7:23pm RT @CPopeHC: These numbers are surely less shocking to people who follow criminal justice issues closely, but wow. twitter
4:05pm The Scathing Atheist: 466: The Pen is Mightier Edition overcast
3:38pm The Daily: Microsoft and the Metaverse overcast
11:00am This is amazing. Click through to learn about GPS in an interactive post. facebook
10:59am This is amazing. Click through to learn about GPS in an interactive post. twitter
January 19th
8:56pm 99% Invisible: 473- Mini-Stories : Volume 14 overcast
4:47pm Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (a dumpling restaurant) in Santa Clara foursquare
1:43pm The Daily: A Last-Gasp Push on Voting Rights overcast
12:19pm PS1 dokuwiki
11:35am PS1 dokuwiki
January 18th
6:31pm RT @alyankovic: So… I’m making a movie. twitter
5:23pm Winners of the 2021 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest facebook
5:22pm RT @JohnLyonTweets: Tips for improving concentration: -Make a list of tasks. -Take on one task at a time. -Take On Me was a fun song. -Ooh I… twitter
4:29pm Fresh Air: Attorney Laura Coates On The Fight For Voting Rights overcast
4:00pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 858: The Meat CEO - E3 goes virtual, microdosing in the metaverse overcast
3:59pm The Daily: The Civilian Casualties of America’s Air Wars overcast
January 17th
9:50pm RT @MorningConsult: The United States has a lower vaccination rate than any other country tracked besides Russia. twitter
11:35am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 857: New World Disorder - The future of finance, Web3, NASA Webb Telescope, synthetic biology, CES 2022 overcast
11:03am Because this, except like Fitzpatrick 2: twitter
10:59am Set your skin tone on Slack Emoji? twitter
January 16th
9:19pm RT @joncoopertweets: There’s something missing among this crowd of Trump supporters… I just can’t put my finger on it. twitter
5:17pm Planet Money: The rapid testing show overcast
1:38pm Planet Money: No such thing as a free return overcast
11:35am Radiolab: Darkode overcast
January 15th
8:53pm RT @rebeccamakkai: The thing you need to understand about today's Zillow find is that it was built in 2010 in the United States of America. … twitter
4:40pm Tips - created dokuwiki
January 14th
12:02pm RT @timjacobwise: SCOTUS majority is just making shit up now, with no pretense to reason. They say OSHA can't impose COVID rules in most wor… twitter
11:54am "That policy fuels extremism, it doesn’t staunch it. It rewards extremism, it doesn’t punish it." twitter
11:03am Political Gabfest: Talking Filibuster overcast
9:51am Love a good strike that doesn't have collateral damage.Bus drivers in Japan went on a strike but continued to drive their routes while refusing to take far... facebook
8:47am RT @MaxKennerly: @LeaderMcConnell Your multi-trillion 2017 tax cut for the rich couldn't be filibustered. It passed the Senate 51-49. The G… twitter
8:45am RT @BerniceKing: Please share this quote from my father through #MLKDay2022: “I think the tragedy is that we have a Congress with a Senat… twitter
5:59am Coffee - Added Starbuck Nitro Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream dokuwiki
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January 13th
5:40pm RT @ElieNYC: I want everybody to remember that the Supreme Court has said the government doesn't have the authority to make people wear a ma… twitter
2:37pm I told my college-bound son I was turning his room into the VR room. Then this appears in my feed. It's destiny. He should take it as a warning not to be in ... facebook
12:31pm 99% Invisible: 472- Mini-Stories : Volume 13 overcast
12:25pm The Scathing Atheist: 465: Tontine Edition overcast
11:56am The Daily: ‘The Kids Are Casualties in a War’ overcast
1:09am The author of some of my favorite stories is Nisio Isin. (西尾 維新). It's a fun pseudonym because you'd normally say "Nishio Ishin", but Nisio changed the "shi"... facebook
January 12th
9:50pm RT @tzimmer_history: The reactionary counter-mobilization against “Critical Race Theory” is working exactly as intended, producing precisely… twitter
12:22pm The Daily: Russia and the U.S. Face Off Over Ukraine overcast
January 11th
4:46pm I'd best stop Wordle right here and now.Wordle 206 3/6⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜🟩🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 facebook
4:15pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 857: New World Disorder - The future of finance, Web3, NASA Webb Telescope, synthetic biology, CES 2022 overcast
3:41pm This American Life: 758: Talking While Black overcast
3:27pm The Daily: This Covid Surge Feels Different overcast
January 10th
2:24pm The Daily: The Rise and Fall of the Golden Globes overcast
January 9th
2:33pm Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast: Democracy on a Knife’s Edge with Bart Gellman & Sherrilyn Ifill overcast
2:26pm Vox Conversations: What it means to be a “good” rich person overcast
2:24pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘What if There’s No Such Thing as Closure?’ overcast
1:46pm Fresh Air: Why Dan Bongino Is Building A Right-Wing Media Infrastructure overcast
1:02pm This American Life: 757: The Ghost in the Machine overcast
11:12am OMG, when the reply chains in Reddit reveal you're all of a mind. Spoiler in comment. facebook
1:14am RT @drvolts: Good lord is this both dystopic & plausible. twitter
January 8th
6:00pm Planet Money: The rest of the story, 2021 overcast
5:25pm Coffee - La Colombe, Latte Draft Triple Shot dokuwiki
5:24pm coffee:lacolombe_triple_shot_draft_latte.png - created dokuwiki
4:49pm RT @elysewanshel: @BryanGutmann I hated doing that so much I made a stamp twitter
3:24pm Planet Money: HBO 2.0 overcast
3:09pm Radiolab: Worst. Year. Ever. overcast
2:51pm The Scathing Atheist: 464: Off the Beaten Patheos Edition overcast
2:03pm RT @BernieSanders: When we talk about income and wealth inequality in America today, this is what we're talking about. Right now, the two w… twitter
4:28am To Do dokuwiki
12:56am Bloodywood - Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal) If you miss Rage Against the Machine, but you want it a little more Indian Folk Metal. Very worth the listen. No fla... facebook
12:45am dblume shares Happy 10 year anniverary to Girls' Generation Japanese version of "Mr. Taxi" Girls' Generation 少女時代 'MR. TAXI' MV (JPN Ver.) plurk
January 7th
12:19pm Political Gabfest: Well, Obviously It’s Jan. 6 overcast
12:01pm The Daily: Jan. 6, Part 3: The State of American Democracy overcast
11:08am RT @4TaxFairness: BREAKING: America's billionaires got $1 TRILLION richer in 2021, a 25% gain in collective wealth that will go largely unta… twitter
8:49am RT @JuliusGoat: Yes, the boat hit the iceberg, but putting the children in lifeboats is the most destructive thing imaginable to their psych… twitter
8:42am RT @cszhu: oh you have a weighted blanket? haha that's cute, I sleep with the crushing weight of all the shitty code I wrote years ago still… twitter
January 6th
9:19pm RT @AndyKimNJ: Remember what Republican leaders said before amnesia set in. I took notes that night: Mitch McConnell (Jan6): "The mob was fe… twitter
5:02pm The Daily: Jan. 6, Part 2: Liz Cheney’s Battle Against the ‘Big Lie’ overcast
11:29am @evilangela @neonepiphany Honestly, I think we all knew immediately what you meant. twitter
8:00am This American Life: 757: The Ghost in the Machine overcast
7:06am Visual Studio Code - created dokuwiki
January 5th
11:27am The Daily: Jan. 6, Part 1: ‘The Herd Mentality’ overcast
10:51am Fresh Air: ‘Succession’ Star Kieran Culkin overcast
January 4th
10:09pm Rick Mann, you must've seen this reply from NASA to the Expanse writers. facebook
10:03pm dblume shares an amazing metal music video: Bloodywood - Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal) Bloodywood - Gaddaar (Indian Folk Metal) plurk
6:19pm Another great explainer is Koos Looijesteijn's "A not so gentle intro to web3": twitter
4:55pm RT @pbump: The difference in opinion between Republicans who do and don't watch Fox News. twitter
2:40pm "Samsung promises ‘groundbreaking’ new TV feature: NFT support" OMFG. It'll be like 3D TVs Redux. OK, true believers, it's your time to shine. Enjoy the mome... facebook
12:59pm Glad NPR replayed Terry Gross's interview with Dave Grohl at the end of the year. I'd have missed it otherwise. How do you not like that guy… twitter
12:58pm Glad NPR replayed Terry Gross's interview with Dave Grohl at the end of the year. I'd have missed it otherwise. How do you not like that guy? Worth the listen. facebook
9:55am This American Life: 757: The Ghost in the Machine overcast
9:44am The Daily: An Investigation Into Flawed Prenatal Tests overcast
January 3rd
8:56pm RT @jwz: @mozilla Hi, I'm sure that whoever runs this account has no idea who I am, but I founded @mozilla and I'm here to say fuck you and … twitter
9:45am Fresh Air: Dave Grohl overcast
9:20am The Daily: Why Omicron Is Counterintuitive overcast
January 2nd
1:42pm Fresh Air: A ‘Schmigadoon!’ Show overcast
1:33pm Radiolab: Flop Off overcast
January 1st
11:26am Soul Grind (a coffee shop) in Pacifica foursquare
10:22am Old Mori Trail (a trail) in Pacifica foursquare
8:56am RT @miketheitguy: Dear @msexchangeteam. The FIP-FS “Microsoft” Scan Engine Failed to Load. Can’t Convert “2201010001” to long. twitter
December 31st 2021
2:02pm Planet Money: The economic indicator of the year overcast
1:51pm Political Gabfest: Conundrums 2021 overcast
9:52am @yacitus It's the usual imposter syndrome. Making good progress, though. I'm replacing Philip James's bespoke JavaScript charts with somethi… twitter
December 30th 2021
4:17pm @zannah My sincere fear is "No, but corporate internet has weaponized attention holding to the point nobody can escape." TikTok, Instagram, … twitter
2:15pm Even when I intend to work on my own pet project, there's just so much inertia and procrastination to overcome. Why am I procrastinating? I … twitter
11:52am The Scathing Atheist: 463: Webb Slinger Edition overcast
11:25am The Daily: A Nursing Home’s First Day Out of Lockdown: An Update overcast
11:19am Reply All: Featuring: Heavyweight overcast
10:04am RT @CloarecJulien: The Church of the 95% Confidence Interval #rstats twitter
6:13am Coffee - Added Equator Coffees Cold Mocha dokuwiki
6:12am coffee:equator_coffees_cold_mocha.png - created dokuwiki
December 29th 2021
9:53pm From reddit, New Year Blessings facebook
12:25pm Invisibilia: The Nostalgia Bone from Throughline overcast
12:09pm The Daily: A Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6: An Update overcast
12:03pm The Daily: A Conversation With a Dogecoin Millionaire: An Update overcast
December 28th 2021
6:04pm Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar (a new american restaurant) in Cupertino foursquare
3:02pm Palace of Fine Arts Theater (a theater) in San Francisco foursquare
10:04am Just For You (a breakfast spot) in San Francisco foursquare
December 27th 2021
2:11pm Coffee - Added Equator Coffees Cold Latte dokuwiki
2:10pm coffee:equator_coffees_cold_latte.png - created dokuwiki
10:41am The Daily: Stories from the Great American Labor Shortage: An Update overcast
December 26th 2021
11:02am VisiData,, just keeps coming up as a handy tool to quickly massage and check tabular data. Thanks @b0rk for mentioni… twitter
10:57am They follow up with "...because you have to keep a close eye on it, or it will absolutely shit all over everything you love. You also have t… twitter
9:44am @KalenXI @Twitter My workaround for the problem is I use the Twitter API ( and mentions_timeline.json) to create an R… twitter
December 25th 2021
5:07pm RT @NASA: Merry Christmas! We got you a new telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope launched today, beginning a one-million-mile journey… twitter
December 24th 2021
3:53pm Planet Money: Planet Money’s Supply Chain Holiday Extravaganza overcast
3:53pm The Scathing Atheist: 462: Half-Roasted Edition overcast
3:53pm Political Gabfest: Build Back Never overcast
10:11am On Slow Living: "If you want to sign-on to slow-living, small but consistent habits are the best way to practice:* eat your meals mindfully, paying attenti... facebook
December 23rd 2021
3:58pm The Daily: The Year in Sound overcast
3:27pm 99% Invisible: 471- Mini-Stories : Volume 12 overcast
December 22nd 2021
12:27pm The Daily: A Covid Testing Crisis, Again overcast
10:42am RT @MollyJongFast: This is what voter suppression looks like twitter
9:52am Workflowy can be as simple or as complex and featured as I want. I haven't seen this breadth of usability anywhere else. I don't know if any… twitter
9:52am Love that I can play with @WorkFlowy's internal link flow "[[" vs mirror flow "((" with their Fractal Boards to discover my favorite relatio… twitter
December 21st 2021
3:28pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
12:36pm RT @existentialfish: Jesse Watters doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, because he's been here before. He was a key cog in Bill O'Reilly's … twitter
12:28pm Invisibilia: The Nostalgia Bone from Throughline overcast
12:20pm Revisionist History: The Revisionist History Holiday Sampler overcast
11:53am The Daily: Has Manchin Doomed the Build Back Better Plan? overcast
9:17am This is sweet. Reminds me of the anime "A Whisker Away". facebook
8:40am RT @dangillmor: This is the most detailed and persuasive takedown of the cryptocurrency "market" I've seen. Look out below, speculators. twitter
December 20th 2021
12:11pm Radiolab: Vanishing Words overcast
11:52am Radiolab: The Front Runner overcast
11:44am The Daily: ‘The Decision of My Life’: Part 2 overcast
December 19th 2021
4:12pm Reply All: #182 State of Panic overcast
3:48pm Planet Money: No shortages of labor stories overcast
3:28pm Political Gabfest: Build Back Later overcast
3:00pm RT @AndrewDesiderio: Oof, Bernie on Manchin: “I also find it amusing that Sen. Manchin indicates his worry about the deficit after voting j… twitter
9:49am RT @mehdirhasan: Don’t forget: this isn’t just about Joe Manchin. It’s about the dark money and billionaires and coal interests behind him, … twitter
December 18th 2021
10:09pm RT @FridaGhitis: I still think it’s a crime against humanity. Deliberately, knowingly, for personal political benefit, he made it possible f… twitter
10:53am RT @TheAtlantic: "What makes Fox News unique is not that it is conservative, but that its on-air personalities understand that telling lies … twitter
December 17th 2021
5:56pm Pizz'a Chicago (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
4:11pm RT @BrynnTannehill: Two fundamental truths that the left / center as a collective are failing to emotionally and intellectually accept and u… twitter
3:28pm RT @profannieoakley: I turned my art history students loose with a make-your-own-Bayeux Tapestry app. twitter
1:44pm RT @froomkin: "A massive investment in health care, education, and slowing climate change has been delayed indefinitely as a lone Democratic… twitter
1:43pm RT @Alliste35661241: twitter
11:44am The Daily: What to Expect From the Next Phase of the Pandemic overcast
9:11am I was once interviewed by the local news to report that Pluto had crossed Neptune's orbit to become the 8th planet from the sun on February 7, 1979. The inte... facebook
December 16th 2021
12:30pm The Scathing Atheist: 461: Maine Squeeze Edition overcast
11:48am The Daily: The Future of America’s Abortion Fight overcast
10:00am I thought it was a good description of death, too. "The most Breathtaking Description of Death I have ever Heard" (A three minute read.) twitter
December 15th 2021
9:39pm RT @MarkWarner: The Senate has shown it cannot do its basic duty and find 60 Senators to support basic voting rights, so I support changing … twitter
7:22pm RT @kommanderkarl: Hey y’all! I compiled my best and favorite reloads! No robot voice and now widescreen format! Enjoy!! :) twitter
5:39pm RT @LundeenOttawa: Do you remember the world’s very first nuclear meltdown? That time the US President, an expert in nuclear physics, heroic… twitter
4:48pm 99% Invisible: 470- The Three Santas of Slovenia overcast
4:16pm The Daily: An Economic Catastrophe in Afghanistan overcast
December 13th 2021
12:32pm Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2021 facebook
December 12th 2021
9:33pm RT @jjoque: Over the years I've seen old pictures of the moving desks of the Central Social Institution of Prague, but I had no idea they we… twitter
6:07pm RT @timjacobwise: 1/ For those who attack anti-racist education, one of their key beefs is with the notion of white privilege. It's not real… twitter
1:44pm Radiolab: Return of Alpha Gal overcast
1:32pm Planet Money: Two music indicators overcast
1:20pm The Scathing Atheist: 460: Vulgantuan Edition overcast
12:05pm RT @gregpmiller: This exchange between @nprfreshair and @bartongellman captures perfectly the enormous stress on political journalism in a t… twitter
December 11th 2021
10:54pm Wow. This is some compelling food for thought. Caste and the pandemic. twitter
1:55pm Thanh Tam II (a vietnamese restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
10:29am Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
9:38am Philz Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
December 10th 2021
11:46pm RT @that_mc: Also has maybe the best #alwaysreadtheplaque in the city. I like how it’s down low where a dog could read it. Wag as one. twitter
11:09pm For my old distros with OpenSSL pre-1.1.1, I think I'm just going to top out at Python 3.9. Python 3.10 requires OpenSSL 1.1.1. twitter
12:01pm RT @FreedomofPress: REMINDER: Virtually every civil liberties org has urged the Biden admin to drop its Assange charges to protect press fre… twitter
11:22am The Daily: The Censoring of Peng Shuai overcast
11:01am Political Gabfest: Ghislaine overcast
5:24am Coffee - Add Peet's Iced Espresso Black and White dokuwiki
5:21am coffee:peets_iced_espresso_black_and_white.png - created dokuwiki
12:26am RT @michaelharriot: I have a penis I’ve had it for a while & even used it a few times I’m also against unsolicited dick pics, rape &am… twitter
December 9th 2021
4:39pm The Daily: ‘Kids Are Dying. How Are These Sites Still Allowed?’ overcast
1:50pm Welp, looks like somebody in my family is going to be giving me the Bakemonogatari Humble Bundle. You can't just mix books, comics, Bakemonogatari and book-a... facebook
December 8th 2021
9:27pm 99% Invisible: 469- The Epic of Collier Heights overcast
8:43pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Gonna tell my kids this was Munger Hall at UCSB twitter
2:14pm The Daily: Why Ukraine Matters to Vladimir Putin overcast
9:42am RT @JuanFerrerVila: Tom Waits (December 7, 1949). “We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge;… twitter
9:07am The Daily: A New Strategy for Prosecuting School Shootings overcast
December 7th 2021
7:50pm On the Jan 6th insurrection "insurgents were much more likely to come from a county where the white share of the population was in decline." facebook
3:34pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
12:32pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Client: "It should be cozy -- a carpeted floor, comfortable chairs, table with flowers, and of course some natural light.… twitter
December 6th 2021
1:38pm RT @AdrienneLaF: This is absolutely essential, by George Packer: twitter
10:54am Every Little Thing: I Did It for Love overcast
10:36am Planet Money: Consider the lobstermen overcast
10:17am The Daily: The Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell overcast
8:32am @KalenXI Hope you decide to start it up again and make some room and time for your art. If you wanted to share anything, I bet your follower… twitter
December 5th 2021
3:45pm Fresh Air: The Story Of The Boeing 737 MAX overcast
10:07am RT @ValaAfshar: “How come is everything white?” —Muhammad Ali is brilliant in this 1971 interview @rexchapman twitter
8:41am @zannah And... naturally I lost the game. How is this not just always a two-fer. twitter
December 4th 2021
7:23pm RT @RepBobbyRush: 52 years ago today, the American government carried out a planned political assassination of one of our nation's brightest… twitter
December 3rd 2021
6:30pm Revisionist History: Introducing: A Slight Change of Plans, Apple Podcasts’ Best Show of the Year overcast
1:29pm Just watched "The Thing prequel featuring Ramona Flowers" and then this crossed my feed. Love it. facebook
12:01pm RT @bubbaprog: The state of Missouri commissioned a study to see if mask mandates worked. When the results came in, showing they saved lives… twitter
11:52am Political Gabfest: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overcast
11:00am The Daily: The Life and Legacy of Stephen Sondheim overcast
8:06am Coffee - Added High Brew Cold Brew Mexican Vanilla dokuwiki
8:03am coffee:high-brew-cold-brew-mexican-vanilla.png - created dokuwiki
December 2nd 2021
9:37pm RT @TheDailyShow: Kavanaugh thinks abortion rights should be left up to the states. Let’s take that argument a few steps further… twitter
12:25pm Planet Money: A locked door, a secret meeting and the birth of the Fed (Classic) overcast
12:12pm 99% Invisible: 468- Alphabetical Order overcast
11:57am The Scathing Atheist: 459: Sneaky Ninja Edition overcast
11:35am The Daily: The Supreme Court Considers the Future of Roe overcast
December 1st 2021
11:00pm RT @CREWcrew: Here’s your reminder that the Trump Organization made $1.7 billion while Trump was president, much of it from taxpayers. $1.7 … twitter
2:02pm The Daily: Amazon and the Labor Shortage overcast
12:28pm While today (12/1/21) may be American Palindrome Day, prefer to use ISO-8601. Tomorrow is International Palindrome Day (2021-12-02). twitter
12:27pm You guys. Today (12/1/21) may be American Palindrome Day, but prefer to use ISO-8601. Tomorrow is International Palindrome Day (2021-12-02). facebook
9:24am dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 14th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
8:19am This American Life: 754: Spark Bird overcast
November 30th 2021
2:58pm The Daily: What We Know About the Omicron Variant overcast
9:40am There's a higher mortality rate for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated in same-aged rage! (Spoiler: It's the Simpson’s Paradox in vaccination data)… twitter
8:21am After GivingTuesday comes UnsubscribeWednesday. facebook
November 29th 2021
4:55pm Every Little Thing: Kangaroo Pouch: A Four-Star Hotel of Horrors overcast
4:35pm Planet Money: Day of the Debt overcast
4:31pm The Daily: A Prosecutor’s Winning Strategy in the Ahmaud Arbery Case overcast
3:35pm @neonepiphany If you want to try skip ahead but can't use commas, I suppose you could "Em dash". I'll see myself out. twitter
November 28th 2021
5:18pm RT @smdiehl: Ever notice how there's a huge disconnect between how the VC thought leader class talks about NFTs and crypto coins, and how yo… twitter
4:35pm Planet Money: You asked for real raises, free shipping, and a special delivery overcast
4:16pm The Scathing Atheist: 458: Everlasting Gobble Stopper Edition overcast
11:41am RT @GeorgeTakei: What kind of democracy lets those in power draw their own districts to ensure they stay in power? Asking for a nation on th… twitter
November 27th 2021
8:02pm Ettan (an indian restaurant) in Palo Alto foursquare
4:57pm RT @MaxKennerly: Part of what makes Fox News so distressing is the incoherence. "The variant is fake, but Trump would already have a new vac… twitter
3:11pm RT @MichaelWarbur17: In 1970, students in a fifth-grade class at Hawthorne School in Beverly Hills were assigned to write a letter to someon… twitter
1:55pm Political Gabfest: Thanksgiving overcast
1:14pm Radiolab: Animal Minds overcast
11:08am RT @RepJayapal: I’m just going to leave this here. twitter
November 24th 2021
1:20pm 99% Invisible: 467- Cute Little Monstrosities of Nature overcast
12:15pm The Daily: The Farmers Revolt in India overcast
11:55am Where should you live? Take a survey of your priorities and find out. (May have to use incognito mode.) facebook
11:30am RT @FalseKnees: Oversharing twitter
9:13am Q. "Die Hard" or "The Thing" for this year's family Christmas Movie?A. ¿Porque no los dos? facebook
November 23rd 2021
2:14pm RT @abbieasr: Conspiracy theories are everywhere and people don't understand how harmful they are. I made the original Conspiracy Chart ov… twitter
11:46am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents Miracle And Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon overcast
11:30am The Daily: Righting the Historical Wrong of the Claiborne Highway overcast
9:02am RT @brianklaas: 1. I’ve spent the last decade studying authoritarianism and the breakdown of democracy—and I have bad news: the Republican p… twitter
8:53am RT @neonepiphany: If anyone out there is feeling like an impostor, I just want you to know that as a principal engineer with decades of expe… twitter
November 22nd 2021
3:16pm Invisibilia: How To Make Friends from Life Kit overcast
3:12pm The Daily: The Acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse overcast
1:43pm RT @SarahSurgey1: In England “booster shot” is spelled “borchestershire shot” twitter
10:27am Love this JavaScript HTML canvas implementation of a Chaos Pendulum. twitter
10:26am Love this JavaScript implementation of a Chaos Pendulum. facebook
10:07am Good anecdote. Not actual data. The point stands, it's good to see the bigger picture. twitter
November 21st 2021
5:04pm RT @FrogandToadbot: 'Well then,' said Toad, 'a little more sleep will not hurt me.' twitter
2:59pm Reply All: Introducing: Crime Show overcast
10:11am RT @donmoyn: Reminder that letting people walk around with military grade weapons is a choice, with consequences, and that most other societ… twitter
10:10am RT @ewarren: We spend a ton of time talking about $175 billion/year for working families & fighting climate change—which is fully paid f… twitter
November 20th 2021
10:04pm I wrote about this problem in 2012 at Google+. Update your feeds with notices of feed changes, people. twitter
10:00pm TechCrunch's original RSS feed at feedburner got taken over by a hacker. Links go to techncruncher.blogspot .com (which has been removed). O… twitter
5:10pm Radiolab: Mixtape: Help? overcast
4:34pm Planet Money: Of boats and boxes overcast
10:09am "The Kyle Rittenhouse Story Is Completely Fncking Insane To Anyone Who’s Not American" An explainer for people who don’t understand freedom. facebook
10:04am RT @Sea_Bass078: This tweet goes out to little things wrapped in dough and have a savory filling. Ravioli. Potstickers. Calzone. Soup Dumpli… twitter
November 19th 2021
12:06pm RT @JuliusGoat: Their hero is a militia shooter who killed a couple guys and they pick fights with Muppets. Their members play cartoons of t… twitter
11:17am The Scathing Atheist: 457: Flynn-quisition Edition overcast
10:57am The Daily: How Belarus Manufactured a Border Crisis overcast
November 18th 2021
4:34pm Political Gabfest: No Joe Mojo overcast
3:55pm The Daily: The Economy Is Good. So Why Do We Feel Terrible About It? overcast
3:38pm 99% Invisible: 466- The Weight overcast
November 17th 2021
4:22pm RT @DanaSchwartzzz: I feel like this holiday season, it's important to remind people of the true meaning of christmas: ghosts terrorizing ri… twitter
2:46pm The Daily: The School Board Wars, Part 2 overcast
11:53am My ideal era was very much 1991 - 1994. This helps explain it. facebook
7:50am RT @AriBerman: Dems are really really running out of time to pass Freedom to Vote Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that wo… twitter
7:45am RT @TheDebbieMia: The internet is magic sometimes. twitter
November 16th 2021
6:00pm This American Life: 753: What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate overcast
5:54pm The Daily: The School Board Wars, Part 1 overcast
12:23pm Desktop vacation: Winners of the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards facebook
8:37am This American Life: 753: What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate overcast
November 15th 2021
3:59pm Nice. I've been waiting for this before migrating further to ProtonMail. I can live with this compromise (download encrypted messages to sea… twitter
12:30pm RT @developerangst: When Rupert Murdoch is trending it always reminds me of this cartoon: twitter
11:30am The Daily: How the U.S. Hid a Deadly Airstrike overcast
November 14th 2021
12:52pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘The Untold Story of Sushi in America’ overcast
12:19pm The Daily: An Interview With Dr. Anthony Fauci overcast
November 13th 2021
11:13pm Mitski has a new song/video, "The Only Heartbreaker" and it's powerful. But that's not why we're here. I just watched the Genius video where she verifies the... facebook
4:23pm git - [Updating a local repo after remote's already renamed its branch] dokuwiki
2:11pm Planet Money: Planes, trains and bad bridges overcast
12:17pm Radiolab: Mixtape: Cassetternet overcast
November 12th 2021
9:53pm Such a great, short video: How COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work facebook
10:20am RT @briantylercohen: Republicans: INFLATION IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! INFLATION! INFLATION! 17 Nobel Prize-winnin… twitter
9:56am Every Little Thing: Important Message from Flora overcast
9:26am The Scathing Atheist: 456: Dodger Rodgers Edition overcast
6:07am Coffee - Added Trader Joes French Vanilla Cold Brew dokuwiki
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November 11th 2021
4:52pm Political Gabfest: Presidents Are Not Kings and Plaintiff Is Not President overcast
4:06pm The Daily: The Public Health Officials Under Siege overcast
8:26am 99% Invisible: 465- Shirley Cards overcast
November 10th 2021
5:43pm RT @BrentToderian: I’m still optimistic that @BillGates, everyone at #COP26, & all leaders everywhere will embrace the truth that all an… twitter
2:29pm The Daily: ‘How Did We Let People Die This Way?’ overcast
11:55am Here, take a desktop vacation. Autumn Color and Autumn Chill. Esp. for Lillian Blume, because our trees haven't all changed yet. facebook
11:46am RT @brianklaas: If you're feeling exhausted by the onslaught of crazy news about GOP efforts to subvert democracy or attack truth (from Big … twitter
11:46am RT @rosannecash: Me, my dad, and my daughter getting brainwashed by a yellow purveyor of government propaganda way back in 1991. twitter
10:45am RT @AriBerman: "the absence of federal voting rights protections is having a devastating impact on representation for communities of color, … twitter
November 9th 2021
3:23pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
2:00pm This American Life: 628: In the Shadow of the City overcast
1:48pm The Daily: A Conversation With a Virginia Democrat overcast
1:48pm Fresh Air: Filmmaker Edgar Wright On ‘Last Night in Soho’ overcast
November 8th 2021
4:01pm RT @dangillmor: Cory @doctorow weighs in NFTs -- a "fraud-ridden speculative bubble that is blazing through whole rain-forests' worth of car… twitter
1:47pm @yacitus I can't figure out all the acronyms. I relied on this tweet: twitter
10:18am Wonder what this chart would look like if it included public transportation too. twitter
9:29am Invisibilia: Therapy, with Friends overcast
9:04am The Daily: A Case That Could Transform America’s Relationship With Guns overcast
November 7th 2021
9:13pm RT @sibinmohan: This is so f*cking cool! twitter
9:03pm RT @ProfFeynman: Five great signs of intelligence: • You're not afraid or ashamed to find errors in your understanding of things. • You ta… twitter
7:27pm "A band called 'Rage Against the Machine', that band is anti-family and it's pro-terrorist." - Republican Gary Bauer (and quoted at the end of Sleep Now in t... facebook
12:50pm Political Gabfest: Gabfest Reads: Kirsten Powers, Saving Grace overcast
11:06am Radiolab: Mixtape: The Wandering Soul overcast
November 6th 2021
9:25pm RT @jasonintrator: From my 2018 book, How Fascism Works, presaging the attack on CRT twitter
5:21pm Planet Money: Moonshot in the arm overcast
4:59pm The Scathing Atheist: 455: Man God Edition overcast
9:53am RT @CREWcrew: Sens. Michael Bennet and Elizabeth Warren are introducing legislation to prohibit former politicians from holding on to their … twitter
9:49am RT @VincentRK: South Korea followed the textbook principles of epidemiology. Kept deaths 40 times lower all the way till 75% of population f… twitter
November 5th 2021
10:22am Political Gabfest: Red All Over overcast
9:38am The Daily: The Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse overcast
9:15am Planet Money: The Wheat Whisperer overcast
7:50am Coffee dokuwiki
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November 4th 2021
10:38pm RT @anna__online: the worst part of the day is when u finish ur coffee because its like. ok guess ill wait for tomorrow then twitter
2:57pm The Daily: A Rough Election Night for the Democrats overcast
November 3rd 2021
9:32pm RT @Snowden: These bastards put Daniel Hale in prison for revealing that nine out of ten people they kill with drone strikes are bystanders,… twitter
4:27pm RT @BethLynch2020: so zillow let a robot buy up thousands of properties, outbidding real buyers and artificially inflating the market, and n… twitter
3:40pm Fresh Air: Filmmaker Edgar Wright On ‘Last Night in Soho’ overcast
3:39pm The Daily: A Last Chance to Avert Climate Disaster? overcast
3:39pm 99% Invisible: 464- Finding Julia Morgan overcast
11:58am RT @brianklaas: 1. Last night's results offer key lessons regarding the struggle to protect democracy and defeat Republican authoritarianism… twitter
9:42am RT @pamela_vogel: being a progressive is like being a begrudging fan of a bad sports team that always loses but also the game itself is not … twitter
9:41am RT @timjacobwise: Have you noticed that those who condemn Critical Race Theory for suggesting racism and white supremacy were foundational t… twitter
November 2nd 2021
2:48pm git dokuwiki
10:53am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 847: Numb to Dongletown - Facebook is Meta, MacBook Pro impressions, Orbital Reef, Windows XP is 20! overcast
10:50am This American Life: 752: An Invitation to Tea overcast
10:18am The Daily: The Perilous Politics of Rising Inflation overcast
November 1st 2021
3:52pm Japan’s Jimi ‘Mundane’ Halloween Costumes of 2021 (Click through, feel attacked, it's worth it.) facebook
10:18am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 847: Numb to Dongletown - Facebook is Meta, MacBook Pro impressions, Orbital Reef, Windows XP is 20! overcast
10:15am Every Little Thing: Can I Bury a Body in My Yard? overcast
9:56am The Daily: Why Do So Many Traffic Stops Go Wrong? overcast
October 31st 2021
12:32pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Laurie Anderson Has a Message for Us Humans’ overcast
12:01pm Invisibilia: Poop Friends overcast
11:47am @yacitus Remembered that you made this recommendation and just downloaded it for a walk. twitter
11:03am RT @davidplouffe: They talk tough. But in reality, they seem to be afraid of everything. Books. Votes. Trans-athletes. Masks. Women making t… twitter
10:32am ☕️ In "the largest study to systematically assess the cardiovascular effects of regular coffee consumption in a population without diagnosed heart disease, ... facebook
October 30th 2021
10:51pm RT @BillPascrell: 297 days ago terrorists ransacked the US Capitol and *hours later* 138-of-202 (68%) House republicans voted to make trump … twitter
4:39pm Planet Money: Night of the living inflation overcast
4:27pm Planet Money: Nice work week, if you can get it overcast
4:11pm Reply All: #181 Absolutely Devious Lick overcast
12:00pm Radiolab: Mixtape: Jack and Bing overcast
10:13am RT @NASAPersevere: It’s opening weekend for the #MarsRoverTour at @museumofflight in #Seattle. See models of me and the #MarsHelicopter, and… twitter
9:20am RT @FakeShowbizNews: Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler says he’s had enough of smart-arses pointing out that microwave ovens don’t require… twitter
4:02am Restoring Great Grandfather's Clock dokuwiki
October 29th 2021
10:44pm RT @drvolts: The RW conjured a national movement of parents against CRT ***out of absolutely nothing***. The entire f'ing thing is invented.… twitter
10:43pm RT @maddow: I'll admit to being surprised that the shock ProPublica story re Senator Richard Burr isn't getting wider attention: twitter
7:15pm I can't even crack a "sexy squid games jumpsuit" Halloween costume joke because the abomination actually exists. facebook
6:48pm RT @BarackObama: Signing the Paris Agreement to fight climate change was one of my proudest moments in office. But it was always a foundatio… twitter
6:22pm Restoring Great Grandfather's Clock dokuwiki
5:22pm Architect resigns over billionaire's plans to cram 4,500 students into windowless dorms in UCSB facebook
10:42am The Scathing Atheist: 454: Hi, I’m an Atheist Edition overcast
10:35am Political Gabfest: Is Facebook Evil? overcast
9:54am The Daily: A Delicate Compromise in the Capitol overcast
7:42am Coffee - Added High Brew dokuwiki
7:39am Coffee dokuwiki
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October 28th 2021
10:30pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: To all you newly minted Dune fans, a friendly reminder: #TheExpanse has twitter
10:29pm I support @patagonia twitter
6:36pm RT @KenTremendous: I mean this is such bullshit. You are under no obligation to print provable lies from anyone, especially when those lies … twitter
2:19pm RT @billmarczak: New @citizenlab report "BREAKING THE NEWS", in which we show how New York Times journalist Ben Hubbard was hacked with Pega… twitter
12:09pm The Daily: The Trial Over Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing overcast
11:30am Restoring Great Grandfather's Clock - created dokuwiki
8:52am RT @0Bing2: @gabriel_zucman I drew on the graph a bit to highlight some important moments in the last 30 ish years. Notably the covid recess… twitter
8:47am Home dokuwiki
7:16am Coffee - created dokuwiki
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October 27th 2021
9:59pm RT @drvolts: Super-important piece for understanding the current GOP. Makes very very clear that RW accusations that the left is controlled … twitter
9:55pm RT @Joyhenderson78: white privilege is when the people you've killed aren't allowed to be referred to as victims. twitter
9:49pm RT @KendraWrites: Forget Manchin and Sinema for a second: a whole political party has abdicated its responsibility to the US people to save … twitter
1:55pm 99% Invisible: 463- Fifty-Four Forty or Fight overcast
12:31pm The Daily: The Story of Kyrsten Sinema overcast
12:11pm RT @rands: 10 films with 13 actors. Wes Anderson. twitter
9:34am We've come full circle from VT100 in the 1980s (thin terminal to remote computer) to Subversion (repo on remote, code locally), to Git (repo… twitter
October 26th 2021
6:34pm KoJa Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in Fremont foursquare
3:16pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
12:36pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 846: I Love You Zune Much - New Mac chips, new Pixel 6, Proton Mail’s big win, Squid Game rakes it in overcast
12:22pm This American Life: 751: Audience of One overcast
12:13pm Every Little Thing: Worms and Pelicans: Dentistry’s Rotten History overcast
11:57am The Daily: Why Spending Too Little Could Backfire on Democrats overcast
11:16am I'm a happy customer for years. Have used their ZFS snapshots to fix regressions and customized my snapshot schedule… twitter
October 25th 2021
9:03pm RT @amazingmap: Amazingly comprehensive map of every country in the world that uses the MMDDYYYY format twitter
3:35pm David. Don't start a Raspberry Pi distro upgrade at 1:00am. It takes hours, and you have to be present to approve some package installs. Don… twitter
2:37pm Why wasn't this invented 20 years ago when I needed it most? facebook
11:41am RT @AriBerman: Texas requires photo ID to vote. Now they're proposing closing 87 DMV offices where you get ID. 78 counties will have no DMV … twitter
9:57am The Daily: A Threat to China’s Economy overcast
9:34am Invisibilia: Friends with Benefits overcast
3:59am Raspberry Pi dokuwiki
October 24th 2021
8:33pm RT @PlaidCushion: taking very important notes during a meeting twitter
5:34pm RT @QuancyClayborne: Republicans are 100% against many of the pieces of legislation Dems are trying to pass. 100%. With a 50-50 make up and… twitter
5:21pm python dokuwiki
5:05pm General Python Notes dokuwiki
4:35pm python dokuwiki
3:41pm Planet Money: Two indicators: Congressional Game Theory and the Debt Ceiling overcast
1:31pm Radiolab: Mixtape: Dakou overcast
October 23rd 2021
9:37pm RT @emotionalpedant: not a cell phone in sight, just computers living in the moment twitter
8:48am @baconmeteor Would love for people to be able to read your prescient post at Will you renew the cert there? twitter
October 22nd 2021
10:49pm RT @ZoologyRick: Who says the tallest living land mammal can’t camouflage? 🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒 #TGIF twitter
9:01pm Kansas performing Carry On Wayward Son, complete with guitarist in a white tux and bowtie. facebook
7:10pm Bambu (a dessert shop) in San Jose foursquare
5:16pm RT @RoKhanna: Why is it so hard to pass a working class agenda? Not a single Republican vote for childcare, pre-school, a child allowance, v… twitter
5:15pm RT @karaisshort: The Musk family is truly full of villains twitter
12:34pm The Scathing Atheist: 453: Raiders of the Lost Archon Edition overcast
12:08pm The Daily: Qaddafi’s Son is Alive, and He Wants to Take Back Libya overcast
11:49am Political Gabfest: Great Resignation overcast
10:22am RT @drvolts: There's just something surreal about how the political media is so relentlessly negative about Biden that it has driven his app… twitter
10:16am RT @chrislhayes: It’s two years of the defense budget, spent over ten years is another way to think about it. twitter
9:02am RT @sdw: On a rainy night in San Francisco. (iPhone 13 Pro, telephoto, @halidecamera ProRAW) twitter
October 21st 2021
10:22pm RT @film_girl: Kudos to @Pinboard for being beyond prescient FIVE YEARS AGO twitter
10:12pm * (@Pinboard) twitter
10:10pm @Pinboard Please renew your certs for and They expired today. twitter
9:27pm RT @tribelaw: What do you call a system in which 41 Republican Senators, representing just 21% of the population, can stop voting rights leg… twitter
9:21pm I try not to engage with "suggested for you" posts. But this? 💯. I want to write it myself. facebook
3:52pm RT @DanPriceSeattle: Tuesday: The military gets an extra $10 billion added to its $725 billion budget after ending a war. Wednesday: The $9… twitter
2:19pm The Daily: A Showdown in Chicago overcast
12:37pm Make friends. facebook
12:36am "Downtown (Downtempo)" by Anya Taylor-Joy for Last Night in Soho facebook
October 20th 2021
3:01pm 99% Invisible: 462- I Can’t Believe It’s Pink Margarine overcast
1:31pm Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
1:26pm The Daily: How a Single Senator Derailed Biden’s Climate Plan overcast
12:24pm My wife just spelled bibimbap as "bimbapbop". Makes it sound musical. More K-pop than Korean food. ♫ twitter
9:57am RT @DrTomFrieden: Covid was the #1 cause of death among people ages 35-54 last month, driven overwhelmingly by unvaccinated people. twitter
8:43am You looking at me? instagram
7:32am Planet Money: Bonus: Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ overcast
October 19th 2021
5:57pm Danbi Korean Restaurant (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
2:47pm RT @mehdirhasan: That's $100 billion over 10 years - or half the cost of universal pre-K, which we're told we can't afford. They literally… twitter
2:46pm RT @JWeber988: That felt so good 😂 twitter
2:43pm Winners of the 2021 Epson International Pano Awards facebook
10:26am The Daily: The Life and Career of Colin Powell overcast
October 18th 2021
5:38pm RT @lindyli: Less than THREE percent of West Virginia’s workers are in the coal industry. That’s just 23,781 miners Our planet of 8 billion… twitter
4:14pm Planet Money: Hire power overcast
3:38pm Planet Money: How Do You Feel? (Classic) overcast
11:46am @KalenXI @jeffjarvis I'll give it a listen. Reminds me of 2004's John Gabriel's Greater Internet Theory. twitter
10:34am Radiolab: Of Bombs and Butterflies overcast
10:06am The Daily: Why Are All Eyes on the Virginia Governor’s Race? overcast
October 17th 2021
9:45pm @KalenXI "Haugen said explicitly that she believes in the potential for good that Facebook offers America and the world. And she argued expl… twitter
9:44pm @KalenXI I think Lawrence Lessig does a good job of distinguishing free speech vs what Facebook should be held accountable for here. Faceboo… twitter
5:23pm @KalenXI I've re-selected "Chronological Order" for my feeds for as long as Facebook let me. (It would re-default to engaging after a short … twitter
5:21pm @KalenXI The platform's only responsible for what it chooses to amplify. It's chosen to amplify the most engaging posts (ex., body shaming c… twitter
5:15pm RT @Snowden: Intolerance and the ruthless self-interest of political parties have so damaged the foundation of nationhood—the willingness to… twitter
October 16th 2021
3:08pm Political Gabfest: Death of Democracy overcast
October 15th 2021
9:16am The Daily: The Great Supply Chain Disruption overcast
8:50am The Scathing Atheist: 452: F—king Waste of Time Edition overcast
8:33am "How the Longest Running Shows Rated Over Episodes" by @flowingdata twitter
8:32am How the Longest Running Shows Rated Over Episodes, by Nathan Yau (click through) facebook
October 14th 2021
7:11pm There it is. Those lil' Boston Robotics dogs have levelled up to murder bot. twitter
12:00pm Reply All: #180 Who’s Going? overcast
11:28am Revisionist History: Teaser: The Compromises of Al Levitt overcast
11:23am The Daily: ‘No Crime Is Worth That’ overcast
8:33am RT @TerribleMaps: World map according to fish twitter
October 13th 2021
2:51pm This American Life: 203: Recordings for Someone overcast
2:50pm 99% Invisible: 461- Changing Stripes overcast
10:09am RT @captainsafia: Not sure why it took me so long to find this handy little icon on @github but my life is forever changed. twitter
8:45am The Daily: ‘The Decision of My Life’ overcast
October 12th 2021
10:01pm "As Facebook’s own research demonstrated, for example, the Instagram algorithm draws on many sources to determine that a particular user is body dysmorphic. ... facebook
1:47pm Click through to Jamie's post and see what happens when he tries to improve readability in macOS 11. twitter
1:43pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: Anarchist cockatoo rips out anti-bird spikes #HostileDesign #NatureIsHealing twitter
9:48am This American Life: 749: My Bad overcast
9:45am The Daily: Is Child Care a Public Responsibility? overcast
October 11th 2021
10:16am RT @katewillett: Hard to imagine we'd see this level of vaccine hesitance if we had a medical system where people could regularly see and ta… twitter
9:30am Every Little Thing: What the Flock Is in My Chimney? overcast
9:13am The Daily: Which Towns Are Worth Saving? overcast
October 10th 2021
5:40pm Planet Money: LIBOR pains overcast
5:30pm Legoland Discovery Center (a theme park) in Milpitas foursquare
2:45pm Planet Money: We set up an offshore company in a tax haven (Classic) overcast
8:00am Play a game like Tetris soon after a traumatic event to significantly reduce the likelihood of intrusive memories. (see… twitter
October 9th 2021
8:46pm There's David and... Lillian, are you using a new moisturizer? facebook
4:14pm Mile Rock Beach (a beach) in San Francisco foursquare
3:20pm Legion of Honor (an art museum) in San Francisco foursquare
12:57pm Lovejoy's Tearoom (a tea room) in San Francisco foursquare
9:22am RT @nhannahjones: When you study racism as long as I have, little can be truly shocking, but my God, this was just breathtaking and heartbre… twitter
8:43am RT @rsftaylor: @mmpadellan Think of where Americs could be if the popular vote winners had become POTUS starting in 2000 when we had a boomi… twitter
October 8th 2021
6:26pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
2:45pm RT @melanadavids: @hyjnor_ He really said 😭 twitter
11:27am RT @davidenrich: Here is a statement from Deutsche Bank’s spokesman about @OversightDems’ accusations. A source tells me that the terms of t… twitter
9:41am The Scathing Atheist: 451: All Knowing Edition overcast
9:22am The Daily: A Troubling C.I.A. Admission overcast
8:59am RT @brianschatz: I’ve seen lots of hostage taking in politics, but I cannot remember one party using a worldwide economic collapse as a leve… twitter
October 7th 2021
10:26pm RT @froomkin: I’d also present them with their own public statements first against Trump, then for, then against, then for, and ask them ver… twitter
10:19pm RT @JoyAnnReid: The more we learn, the more we need to come to terms with the simple, terrifying fact that a U.S. president — Donald Trump —… twitter
9:43pm They just installed new cameras at the nest, and Jackie and Shadow have returned to work on it again this year. Lillian Blume, you might want to follow this ... facebook
7:23pm Political Gabfest: Profits Over People overcast
6:46pm The Daily: The State of the Pandemic overcast
5:29pm RT @RainofTerra: I work at @netflix. Yesterday we launched another Chappelle special where he attacks the trans community, and the very vali… twitter
October 6th 2021
11:35pm RT @smdiehl: Lets finally talk about how NFTs are a giant scam. (1/) 🧵 twitter
4:38pm 99% Invisible: 323- The House that Came in the Mail Again overcast
2:57pm RT @nytimes: Breaking News: The WHO approved the first ever malaria vaccine, which could save tens of thousands of children in sub-Saharan A… twitter
2:30pm "The New York Times will no doubt sit down in a rural diner with the illuminati fuckdemon vaccine tentacle monster to hear its side of the s… twitter
11:09am The Daily: The Facebook Whistle-Blower Testifies overcast
9:45am RT @brianschatz: The Platform Accountability and Consumer Transparency Act (PACT) was introduced by me, @SenJohnThune, @SenatorBaldwin, @Sen… twitter
October 5th 2021
9:08pm RT @timjacobwise: Identify these cops by name. Expose them. Fire them, Take their pensions. Jail them. Wreck them. This system is not reform… twitter
1:03pm RT @RBReich: Serious question: If we just ended the longest war in U.S. history, why are we still increasing the defense budget? twitter
11:54am This American Life: 749: My Bad overcast
11:18am The Daily: The Most Important Supreme Court Term in Decades overcast
October 4th 2021
11:06am Invisibilia: International Friend of Mystery overcast
10:41am Reply All: Introducing: 544 Days overcast
10:32am The Daily: What’s Behind the Ivermectin Frenzy? overcast
9:05am RT @AOC: Moderates make up a sizeable chunk of the party. The 4% of members threatening the full agenda of a moderate president are not mode… twitter
October 3rd 2021
8:30pm So I pushed a new project to GitHub to help someone get notified when his secret recovery email gets a new message. Half the is my rant on "Balanci... facebook
2:44pm Radiolab: Oliver Sipple overcast
9:52am I am so ready for the Framework Laptop. facebook
9:35am RT @NoetheMatt: Dress it up however you like, reducing the quality of the USPS is about making a public good less effective so that private … twitter
October 2nd 2021
11:43pm @NewYorker @yacitus Oliver Sacks, who died in 2015, wrote this for The New Yorker in 2019, who tweeted about it in 2021. Makes you wonder wh… twitter
10:00pm RT @AbrahmL: As a climate reporter, it’s been frustrating to watch the legislative debate. By focusing on $3.5T as a big number, it entirely… twitter
6:56pm Planet Money: The Rent Help Is Too Damn Slow overcast
6:37pm The Scathing Atheist: 450: Sesquiquadricentennial Edition overcast
October 1st 2021
10:34pm RT @joncoopertweets: The infrastructure bill AND the economic and climate package are both totally paid for. This is how: twitter
6:26pm @neonepiphany That looks so good. Tell me it's an unfiltered yuzu beer. twitter
11:01am The Daily: ‘They Don’t Understand That We’re Real People’ overcast
9:58am RT @brhodes: It says a lot that’s not good about American politics and society that $7.5 trillion for a decade on defense gets almost no deb… twitter
9:57am RT @SenWarren: What we're trying to do here is get roads and bridges; sewers and water; broadband; child care and community-based care; comm… twitter
September 30th 2021
7:37pm Political Gabfest: Get Those Huddled Masses Out of My Yard overcast
6:42pm The Daily: The Democrats Who Might Block Biden’s Infrastructure Plan overcast
9:33am Good, short article: "Wondering why society went off-kilter during the pandemic? It was all predicted in this book" twitter
9:19am RT @DanPriceSeattle: Before the pandemic, there was 1 person worth $100 billion. Now there are 10. Before the pandemic, those 10 people wer… twitter
9:18am RT @KiaSpeaks: Anyone who frames vaccination as a personal decision and not an act of community care has already completely missed the mark … twitter
7:52am Introducing DDCoin where mining is based on quantity of internet traffic, unlike BitCoin which uses processing power for proof of work, and … twitter
September 29th 2021
8:42pm RT @SDonziger: BREAKING: In a huge victory, the U.N. has ruled that my 786-day house arrest violates international law — including my right … twitter
6:53pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 842: The Ivermectin of Smartphones - Crackdown in China, Surface Duo 2, end of magazines, Peter Thiel overcast
6:34pm Planet Money: When The U.S. Paid Off The Entire National Debt (Classic) overcast
6:19pm Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Climate Change Despondency is Solvable overcast
4:53pm The Daily: Controlling Britney Spears overcast
10:32am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 842: The Ivermectin of Smartphones - Crackdown in China, Surface Duo 2, end of magazines, Peter Thiel overcast
9:05am Chia "is a cryptocurrency where mining is based on the amount of hard disk storage space devoted to it rather than processing power, as with… twitter
9:04am Chia "is a cryptocurrency where mining is based on the amount of hard disk storage space devoted to it rather than processing power, as with Proof of Work cr... facebook
8:36am RT @RepAdamSchiff: Let’s not overcomplicate this: Republicans passed a $2 trillion tax cut for billionaires and corporations. And now they… twitter
September 28th 2021
7:22pm 99% Invisible: 460- Corpse, Corps, Horse and Worse overcast
1:06pm RT @equalityAlec: Thread. What is happening right now at the New York Times is important and dangerous. I've tried to document it thoroughl… twitter
10:02am The Daily: A Conversation With an Afghan General overcast
9:26am RT @MarkJacob16: I used to edit Page 1 stories for the Chicago Tribune, including many from Washington. In this thread, I explain why the me… twitter
9:24am RT @BernieSanders: According to recent polls: - 84% of voters want to expand Medicare to include dental, vision, & hearing - 73% want Me… twitter
September 27th 2021
9:46pm Uber and Lyft aren't helping. "In most places, in current circumstances, all things considered, it’s worse to take a [Uber and Lyft] ride than to drive a pri... facebook
9:24pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: I wanted to let this go but I wish the New York Times cared a fraction as much about a memo outlining a coup attempt as… twitter
5:23pm RT @Sammy_Roth: “The only solution to the problem of cars is fewer cars. That should be the goal of policy — not just transportation policy,… twitter
9:31am This American Life: 553: Stuck in the Middle overcast
8:57am The Daily: Another Crisis at the Border overcast
8:36am This American Life: 748: The End of the World as We Know It overcast
8:28am RT @b0rk: this discussion of a probability question is really nice (I loved the explanation of linearity of expectation at the end) https://… twitter
September 26th 2021
10:50pm Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece and doesn't need a live-action remake. Having said that, these opening credits are promising. facebook
1:05pm Satura Cakes (a bakery) in Los Altos foursquare
September 25th 2021
7:13pm RT @NormOrnstein: Memo to mainstream journalists: do not refer to the fraudulent audit as a GOP recount or anything neutral. Do not refer t… twitter
5:33pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 841: Dancing Bullwinkle - iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface preview, Inspiration4 overcast
5:08pm Planet Money: When Luddites Attack (Classic) overcast
4:22pm Invisibilia: Nun of Us Are Friends overcast
September 24th 2021
1:09pm Stuft Pizza Beer dokuwiki
9:38am Radiolab: HEAVY METAL overcast
9:05am The Scathing Atheist: 449: Not So Friendly Edition overcast
8:48am The Daily: Germany, and Europe, After Merkel overcast
8:27am Political Gabfest: True Crime overcast
September 23rd 2021
2:49pm The Daily: Redrawing the Map in New York overcast
September 22nd 2021
7:38pm Planet Money: Original Sign overcast
7:21pm Invisibilia: A Friendly Ghost Story overcast
6:05pm Revisionist History: At The Movies with Some of My Best Friends Are… overcast
2:18pm RT @JonBatiste: If you are worried about climate change like I am, join me in being part of the solution. Write Congress urging them to pass… twitter
12:10pm The Daily: Submarines and Shifting Allegiances overcast
September 21st 2021
8:00pm 99% Invisible: 459- Yankee Pyramids overcast
7:08pm The Daily: A ‘Righteous Strike’ overcast
11:03am Vocational awe is a lousy substitute for fair pay. (You may want to open in an incognito browser.) facebook
9:34am Happy Birthday to my amazing wife, Lillian Blume! We had to celebrate while dropping off the kids at college. facebook
September 20th 2021
6:22pm Radiolab: In the Running overcast
4:51pm What's an empty nest like? The night we got home: "Let's work our way down these dinosaur nuggets as part of our dinner.""Sure. How many for each of us?"(S... facebook
12:12pm Reply All: #179 Pandemic Be Damned overcast
11:09am Planet Money: Two Indicators: Women And Work overcast
10:49am The Daily: One Family’s Fight Against the Dixie Fire overcast
September 19th 2021
8:35pm RT @MotherJones: “If people could see at what price they put sugar in their coffee every morning, they would be absolutely horrified.” twitter
8:28pm Having the kids at home for more than a year because of COVID makes suddenly becoming an empty-nester a little harder. Of course we're proud of those kids, b... facebook
7:44pm RT @Endthemisery1: Capitol Police Officer Sgt. Aquilino Gonell received Outstanding Americans By Choice Award for his courage and sacrifice … twitter
6:20pm Capital Noodle Bar - Costa Mesa (a chinese restaurant) in Costa Mesa foursquare
2:27pm Middle Earth - Elrond (a residential building (apartment / condo)) in Irvine foursquare
September 18th 2021
9:19pm RT @JoshConstine: The WSJ's "Facebook Files" is the biggest scoop in the company's history. Internal documents prove: -Facebook knew its alg… twitter
9:17pm RT @KHayhoe: This is a REALLY good idea. Social media is almost singlehandedly responsible for the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories, … twitter
5:24pm Marina Park Community Center / Sailing Center (a community center) in Newport Beach foursquare
12:58pm Boba Junkie (a bubble tea shop) in Santa Ana foursquare
10:13am Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Fountain Valley foursquare
9:33am RT @_KarenHao: On the eve of the 2020 election, troll farms were running vast page networks on FB targeting Christian, Black, & Native A… twitter
9:31am RT @waltshaub: The response to rising fascism remains absurdly meek. No accountability for the last admin. Slaps on wrists for the January 6… twitter
September 17th 2021
9:27pm RT @ewarren: In the three years after the GOP’s 2017 tax scam, 39 mega-corporations reported more than $122 billion in profits to investors … twitter
11:37am Planet Money: Afghanistan’s Money Problem overcast
11:23am The Scathing Atheist: 448: Plesiosaur Loser Edition overcast
10:41am Political Gabfest: Our Patience is Wearing Thin overcast
10:39am The Daily: A Broadway Show Comes Back to Life overcast
September 16th 2021
10:08pm RT @arlenparsa: This map is amazing. Texarkana is a city split by the border of Texas and Arkansas. In 1970 both halves of the city had a me… twitter
4:54pm RT @ThePlumLineGS: Awful new poll findings: * 76% of those who trust Fox News or other right wing media believe 2020 was stolen * Only 12%… twitter
9:23am The Daily: The United States v. Elizabeth Holmes overcast
September 15th 2021
7:27pm RT @Snowden: If you're an ExpressVPN customer, you shouldn't be. twitter
12:05pm RT @cmclymer: This is an absolutely perfect response from Gov. Gavin Newson to the results in CA tonight. It could not have been written bet… twitter
10:08am RT @AOC: Couldn’t agree more. Taxing the rich will help us expand Medicare, extend childcare, take action on climate, and so much more. We … twitter
8:51am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 840: Princess Peach 3-Frame Vine Jump - Apple event preview, Apple vs. Epic, Proton gets Tim Berners-Lee overcast
8:43am This American Life: 747: Suitable for Children overcast
8:43am 99% Invisible: 458- Real Fake Bridges overcast
8:27am The Daily: Mexico’s Path to Legalizing Abortion overcast
September 14th 2021
11:33am Planet Money: This Is Your Brain On Drug Ads overcast
11:17am The Daily: A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes overcast
10:50am Political Gabfest: 20 Years Since 9/11 overcast
September 13th 2021
10:22am These are awesome! Click through (in incognito mode, as needed). Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2021 facebook
8:59am The Daily: Biden’s Bet on Vaccine Mandates overcast
September 12th 2021
9:04pm My son and I are are bouldering at Planet Granite, and they start playing Bakemonogatari's theme "Renai Circulation". Aaron looks at me, and I'm making this ... facebook
1:04pm RT @shinypb: This is one of the best pieces of software engineering writing I’ve ever read: > If a problem calls for clever, okay, then … twitter
10:27am RT @ThePlumLineGS: This is ominous. I've compiled numerous examples of high-profile GOP candidates who are vowing to contest future losses a… twitter
9:52am RT @MansoorAdayfi: 1/8 20 years ago, I heard about 9/11 on the radio in Afghanistan. At 18, I couldn’t imagine buildings so tall or why some… twitter
9:52am RT @MollyJongFast: Every year I think about Brian David Sweeney’s message twitter
September 11th 2021
6:37pm House of Prime Rib (a steakhouse) in San Francisco foursquare
2:43pm Only way to figure out what I forgot to fix and include in the release is to start all the production builds, I guess. twitter
11:20am RT @drvolts: The Biden admin. has steadily been doing mid-sized things like this that a) are good & improve the world, and b) are wildly… twitter
11:18am RT @SDonziger: Love this Tik Tok on @Chevron's unprecedented and illegal private prosecution of me. It has more than 200,000 views. Indepe… twitter
September 10th 2021
4:50pm California Dept. of Technology released their Digital Vaccine Record code on GitHub. facebook
2:03pm The Daily: ‘We’re Going to Take Over the World’ overcast
8:44am The Overton Window has moved so much that I'm taking this as surprisingly great news and it makes my day. Yay, we get a delay before the par… twitter
7:01am The Scathing Atheist: 447: Little Praisers Edition overcast
6:50am @KalenXI @AventonBikes Appreciate the general advice: Checking Reddit and support forums too. twitter
September 9th 2021
7:36pm @ThePlumLineGS @yacitus All this trouble over the filibuster when it'll be gone in two years after the Republicans regain the Senate. The fi… twitter
5:32pm RT @drvolts: Accusing your opponent of cheating & attempting to overthrow negative election results is become a baseline Republican stra… twitter
9:41am The Daily: ‘I’m Part of Something That’s Really Evil’ overcast
9:11am This American Life: 746: This Is Just Some Songs overcast
9:01am @prof_gabriele @yacitus It's not that we're bored. We're resigned that nothing will come of it. There will be no consequences of the attack,… twitter
September 8th 2021
9:42pm RT @MuellerSheWrote: This is bullshit, Portland. This was your opportunity to rid the department of bad cops. Shame on you. twitter
1:14pm I know it doesn't match the four picture meme, but I would've just posted four pictures of Special Quesadillas anyway. They practically defi… twitter
1:12pm Work at Roku long enough, and ⟲ becomes less "Anticlockwise Gapped Circle Arrow" and more "Instant Replay button". twitter
12:20pm My local comic book store is closing for good today, after 19 years. End of an era. facebook
10:40am Using only food, where did you grow up? twitter
9:57am RT @michaelmina_lab: Dear @POTUS Biden, The US is at a critical point & we need greater access to faster tests Rapid tests are barely … twitter
9:33am 99% Invisible: 457- Model Organism overcast
9:07am The Daily: The Summer of Delta overcast
8:47am Every Little Thing: When Astronauts Come Home overcast
8:04am RT @neonepiphany: THERE IS NO "I" IN ASS STANCE twitter
September 7th 2021
9:39pm RT @DanRather: It should go without saying that there can be no “both sides” for voting rights. Making it easier for more people to vote - a… twitter
9:54am The Daily: How Will the Taliban Rule This Time? overcast
9:19am RT @PeterHotez: This is simply not true. Vaccines for smallpox, later childhood vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, Hib (vaccines discover… twitter
9:15am RT @Sifill_LDF: This framing is so disappointing. “Red & blue states moving in opposite directions.” “Some tightening…some loosening.” N… twitter
September 6th 2021
11:27pm RT @fromthebunkerjr: All. Of. This. twitter
11:19pm From Reddit: Anti-vaccine protestors marching outside a hospital in Texas, chanting "my body my choice". Guess how many are not pro-choice on another topic? facebook
3:52pm Boba Guys (a bubble tea shop) in San Francisco foursquare
11:27am Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
10:37am Philz HQ (an office) in San Francisco foursquare
September 5th 2021
8:18pm This American Life: 746: This Is Just Some Songs overcast
7:48pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 838: Crowbar and a Foot - OnlyFans about-face, Tim Cook 10th anniversary, Elizabeth Holmes trial overcast
10:00am RT @chadloder: Reporters who describe these violent right-wing rallies as "anti-mask" or "anti-vaccine passports" — listen up. The alt-righ… twitter
9:59am RT @sciencemonkeyca: Prof Deonandan was asked by a student journalist what he would say to the 20% of polled uOttawa students who complain t… twitter
8:35am RT @paulscheer: I’m never as succinct or as eloquent as this. I’m glad someone else is… twitter
September 4th 2021
10:35pm RT @DonLew87: George Carlin on Abortion. #Legend twitter
9:43pm RT @ChurchofSatan: Any discussion about what The Bible does or doesn’t condone is a distraction. The US is not a theocracy and religious t… twitter
4:57pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: Water Pressure overcast
1:52pm RT @johnpavlovitz: ‘The Easy, Selective Morality of the Pro-Life Movement’ twitter
September 3rd 2021
1:57pm My passive-aggressiveness is dialed up to 11 and I don't know how to knock it back. I spend more time deleting words in messages than I do w… twitter
1:38pm Get the vaccine already. facebook
1:37pm RT @caseyliss: Give @WendyMolyneux all of the awards. This is fucking perfect. twitter
10:48am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 838: Crowbar and a Foot - OnlyFans about-face, Tim Cook 10th anniversary, Elizabeth Holmes trial overcast
10:39am Political Gabfest: $10,000 Bounty overcast
9:49am The Daily: How Texas Banned Almost All Abortions overcast
September 2nd 2021
11:41pm Guess we're lucky that a flooding subway is way more view-worthy than the west drying up. Whatever it takes to cause action. twitter
4:46pm RT @codysimms: I'm a proud former @nytimes employee and a multi-decade subscriber. I admire their groundbreaking journalism on climate chang… twitter
12:08pm RT @sacca: What’s enraging and exhausting is: 1) How GOP extremists are actively working to make life worse for others. 2) How their actions… twitter
12:08pm RT @CharlesPPierce: Expand the Court. Do it tomorrow. Jesus Christ, a 5-4 majority said that the Texas law should stand because the three-ca… twitter
11:46am @briantylercohen As per the Supreme Court, money talks. Do you contribute more to political funds than fossil fuel industries? No? Then thos… twitter
10:20am The Scathing Atheist: 446: Vacated Edition overcast
9:47am Reply All: #178 I Am Not a Bot overcast
9:21am The Daily: New Orleans in the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida overcast
9:02am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 6: Crypto & Commencement overcast
September 1st 2021
11:02pm "The dark-store hustle has all the hallmarks of a long con. In a long con, the crook lets the mark win a little money at first, as a convincer. Then, having ... facebook
8:10pm This one. (And all the others.) Let the woman choose for herself. Yes it may be tragic. It's her tragic choice. twitter
5:47pm This American Life: 745: Getting Out overcast
3:03pm RT @MikeDrucker: REPUBLICANS: "Everything the Left does is like 1984!" ALSO REPUBLICANS: "Remember to watch your neighbors for illegal use … twitter
12:41pm The Daily: The Education Lost to the Pandemic overcast
9:58am RT @AndrewLSeidel: The Supreme Court has used the shadow docket to: 🚨overturn Roe v Wade 🚨reinstitute the cruel Remain in Mexico policy 🚨kil… twitter
8:03am RT @DanRather: It’s worth noting that many of the same people attacking the Biden Administration for leaving women’s rights behind in Afghan… twitter
August 31st 2021
11:52am 99% Invisible: 456- Full Spectrum overcast
11:25am The Daily: America’s Final Hours in Afghanistan overcast
11:00am Every Little Thing: How Do Streets Get Named? overcast
August 30th 2021
7:36pm RT @sethdarby: Me: I think I’ll open this kitchen drawer Potato masher: The fuck you will twitter
7:26pm Can't believe that the Democrat recommendation for who should be the replacement CA Governor is "let the Republicans choose". twitter
2:05pm RT @natehowe: Several years ago, a neighbor kid kicked a football and shattered a small basement window. We were a family of six living on a… twitter
12:57pm The Scathing Atheist: 445: Lemme Finish Edition overcast
12:33pm Planet Money: The Lost Archives of Sadie Alexander overcast
12:16pm The Daily: The Tale of California’s Recall Election overcast
11:36am RT @brianklaas: Looking at the news, it's clear that there are two emergencies facing the United States - Republican attempts to create Amer… twitter
11:12am NFTs are where you pay real money for an electronic receipt on a blockchain for a thing that's generally available for free. The blockchain itself costs a gr... facebook
8:30am Revisionist History: The Dog Will See You Now overcast
August 29th 2021
12:39pm RT @DrAndrewThaler: In retrospect, hiding all the microchips in Horse Dewormer was a stroke of genius,. twitter
8:37am RT @HeerJeet: The whole ant-vaxxing thing really shows how much the USA right is a crazy scam. All the top guys (Trump, Abbott, Murdoch, Car… twitter
August 28th 2021
7:14pm RT @paulkrugman: All maps of America look the same twitter
10:08am Pedro Summit (Pedro Point Overlook) (a scenic lookout) in Pacifica foursquare
August 27th 2021
5:32pm RT @brianbeutler: Anyhow, it couldn’t be clearer that intentionally spreading Covid then blaming Biden for not ending Covid is a conscious (… twitter
2:24pm RT @ewarren: Here’s how the filibuster works, and why it’s got to go: twitter
10:56am @zannah God help anybody who suggests an odd number of chuggas. twitter
10:06am Political Gabfest: Back to School overcast
9:33am The Daily: The Bombings at the Kabul Airport overcast
9:14am Radiolab: The Unsilencing overcast
8:45am @zannah I think six hits that sweet spot. twitter
August 26th 2021
5:30pm @KalenXI Why didn't it work out for you? twitter
11:44am RT @brianklaas: 3. This dynamic is crucial to understanding modern GOP politics, because Trump is gone but his authoritarianism now defines … twitter
10:48am RT @cfishman: Yesterday, a federal judge in Michigan did something extraordinary & important. Yes, she penalized Trump's election attor… twitter
9:44am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 5: Bubbles, Bikes, & Biases overcast
9:25am The Scathing Atheist: 444: Two Thirds of the Devil Edition overcast
9:24am The Daily: Biden’s Border Dilemma overcast
August 25th 2021
3:32pm I expected to hear about this article, End of the Line for Uber, from @jwz. twitter
2:52pm RT @IvoHDaalder: There's a big fallacy behind the criticism of Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan--which is that the alternative … twitter
1:30pm Every Little Thing: ELT Presents: Not Past It overcast
1:09pm The Daily: The Race to Evacuate Kabul overcast
12:50pm Planet Money: Two Indicators: Will Remote Work Kill The Office? overcast
12:17pm Esp. for Lillian Blume, another Mandy Patinkin fan in our family. facebook
August 24th 2021
7:06pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
3:12pm RT @BritishPodcast: The British History Podcast would like to remind you that you're descended from far more sex workers than aristocrats. … twitter
1:41pm Planet Money: Planet Money Summer School 4: Bonds & Becky With The Good Yield overcast
1:33pm Reply All: Introducing: Not Past It overcast
1:14pm The Daily: Why Mexico Is Suing U.S. Gunmakers overcast
12:56pm The Daily: Children and Covid: Your Questions, Answered overcast
10:25am Some of the puncturevine in California has purple flowers. Pretty but the goat head seeds aren't worth it. facebook
10:16am It's goat head seed season again. Sometimes plants have appropriate names. Puncturevine has goat head seeds which are hard thorny things tha… twitter
10:13am Attn: Bicycle riders: It's full-on goat head thorn season again. The seeds will ruin your tires. TIL the plant really is called "puncturevine". Perfect name. facebook
9:26am "I intend to destroy segregation by positive and embracing methods. When my brothers try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to incl... facebook
August 23rd 2021
2:35pm Revisionist History: A Serious Game overcast
9:29am RT @drvolts: I have been shouting this from the f'ing rooftops. The Ds up there dithering on about Senate tradition & bipartisanship are… twitter
August 22nd 2021
10:13pm RT @GeorgeTakei: “I don’t trust what they put in the vaccine so I’m gonna ingest livestock dewormer” is so 2021. twitter
9:46pm @TiredMoa @GayestTiefling Sorry to go off-topic, but how is every line Mike Mignola draws magic? Individually, doesn't seem like they *shoul… twitter
6:00pm HiroNori Craft Ramen (a ramen restaurant) in Santa Clara foursquare
2:00pm Radiolab: Everybody’s Got One overcast
1:37pm Political Gabfest: Tragedy of Afghanistan overcast
August 21st 2021
9:10pm RT @BeauWillimon: Let’s get something straight: Capitalism & Socialism are economic systems. Authoritarianism & Democracy are poli… twitter
6:42pm RT @NlGROTORO: Men pick up a few games, movies and songs they liked when they were 15-25 and then don’t consume any other new media ever aga… twitter
4:34pm The Daily: Why Apple Is About To Search Your Files overcast
4:06pm The Scathing Atheist: 443: Prayed Off Edition overcast
9:12am So much this! Some sites make it more actions to Log In than to Sign Up. Why would they make it harder to remain a member than to become a m… twitter
August 20th 2021
9:18pm @tasshinfogleman @diviacaroline If you're reading Anathem on Kindle, did you notice the .mobi glossary mentioned in the small print at the b… twitter
2:49pm RT @evacide: If you build a surveillance machine, governments and law enforcement will demand the data. twitter
2:46pm RT @thegallowboob: cutting bell peppers and adding googly eyes is bound to heal your soul a little, give it a try twitter
August 19th 2021
6:40pm RT @DanPriceSeattle: Can someone explain why the Military budget for next year is going up $38 billion when we just ended the war?? We kick… twitter
6:30pm RT @balajis: It is absolutely critical to fight Apple's attempt to surveil one billion people in the name of a higher cause.… twitter
5:01pm Thai District (a thai restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
9:44am TIL an early Christian ἸΧΘΥΣ symbol was a clever superimposition of all the letters, sorta like how the peace symbol is a super-imposition of the flag semaph... facebook
9:15am Kung Fu Cooking Girls, direction and character design by Jin-Roh ("Werewolf") facebook
August 18th 2021
7:23pm Marinate (a korean restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
9:02am University of California, Irvine (UCI) (an university) in Irvine foursquare
7:36am I'm voting NO on the MAGA recall of Gov. Newsom and writing in Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis. (The CA State Constitution already says the Lt. Gov. would normally... facebook
August 17th 2021
8:14pm The Daily: The Fall of Afghanistan overcast
7:48pm Revisionist History: Laundry Done Right overcast
2:33pm The Hangar At LBX (a food court) in Long Beach foursquare
August 16th 2021
10:08pm RT @davejorgenson: This by @GuardianAus is really well done. It’s a great use of TikTok and its effect tools, which I think makes it really … twitter
August 15th 2021
7:40pm Planet Money: Big Little Ideas overcast
7:17pm Political Gabfest: The “Little Fires Everywhere” Edition overcast
4:49pm RT @WajahatAli: Please take this moment to thank & praise @RepBarbaraLee: the ONLY Congressman who voted against the Authorization To Us… twitter
1:55pm RT @NotAgain79: If you watch anything it should be this. twitter
August 13th 2021
2:36pm RT @joeyalison: Political Comic© twitter
11:23am The Daily: A ‘Code Red for Humanity’ overcast
9:06am RT @SenWhitehouse: More on why my methane bill MUST stay in reconciliation — it will crash methane leakage by making leakers pay for polluti… twitter
7:42am Procedurally generated fish drawings. Click through and refresh the page a couple of times. facebook
August 12th 2021
2:58pm @neonepiphany Pretty sure that was one of the original Wipeout teams. (cue Prodigy - Firestarter) twitter
11:52am Revisionist History: Laundry Done Right overcast
11:47am Planet Money: Planet Money Summer School 3: Smooth Spending & The 401K overcast
11:37am 99% Invisible: 454- War, Famine, Pestilence, and Design overcast
11:08am The Daily: How Washington Now Works overcast
10:49am The Daily: The Resignation of Andrew Cuomo overcast
August 11th 2021
8:47pm I'm nearly infinity years old, and every day I have to delete half of what I wrote before I can send anything. Every first impulse I have is apparently eithe... facebook
8:40pm I still use RSS in my daily life to retrieve podcasts, tweets and posts. Anything with a feed goes into my feed reader. Hope they'll always … twitter
8:38pm RT @hotdogsladies: Still some of the finest blah-blah text I've ever seen. twitter
August 10th 2021
7:01pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
4:10pm RT @tundeolaniran: this scientist debunking vaccine misinformation is giving twitter
3:20pm Can't figure out why VisiData's colors aren't showing over Simon Tatham's PuTTY'a ssh connection. Other apps's colors are working on PuTTY, … twitter
11:08am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 835: A Straw Man Without Legs - Apple’s proposed CSAM protections, Google Pixel 6, Firefox declines overcast
10:54am Crimetown: Introducing | Not Past It overcast
10:22am The Daily: The Taliban’s Advance overcast
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August 9th 2021
10:31pm RT @RepAOC: This dire warning from the world's scientists comes as the Senate is preparing to vote on an infrastructure bill that utterly fa… twitter
10:29pm RT @Snowden: The last time China stamped an inappropriate demand for access, @Apple sold out their users out. To quote them: “While we adv… twitter
6:17pm dblume thinks he may have found is Summer anthem. (Having a 20s daughter working minimum wage jobs.) 전소연(JEON SOYEON) - '삠삠 (BEAM BEAM)' Official Music V... plurk
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12:00pm RT @SarahJamieLewis: Just going to throw it out there that good security design requires building systems that resist compromise *even by en… twitter
11:33am Every Little Thing: Do Any Animals Dance? overcast
11:14am The Daily: Back to School Amid the Delta Variant overcast
10:50am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 834: Bimbo Squalo - Blizzard mess, China tech crackdown, quarterly earnings, Rickroll hits 1 billion overcast
10:33am RT @jonathanmayer: Apple’s answer about government demands is difficult to reconcile with its litigation position against FBI & DOJ. Jus… twitter
August 8th 2021
10:28pm @bheliker Thanks for your post on setting up Flask on Dreamhost shared website hosting. twitter
6:05pm Pineapple Thai (a thai restaurant) in Cupertino foursquare
12:41pm Fresh Air: ‘The Hiroshima Cover-Up’ overcast
August 7th 2021
5:10pm RT @LOLGOP: No one should forget that as our Covid-19 numbers were dropping fast, Fox News suddenly became worried about a vaccine side effe… twitter
4:49pm Planet Money: Mobile Home Parked overcast
4:26pm This American Life: 743: Don’t You Be My Neighbor overcast
2:22pm RT @matthew_d_green: I really want a “screeching voice of the minority” Apple T-shirt, but I’m graphically challenged. twitter
2:12pm This is the most profound thread I've read in years, and it explains the Trump era."I used to think, as a naive young man, that if you exposed bullshit lik... facebook
9:53am @yacitus With all the hashtag abuse (people using unrelated popular hashtags for views), I still couldn't figure out why you said wow even a… twitter
August 6th 2021
11:24pm RT @abughazalehkat: Tucker Carlson proposes Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's far-right authoritarianism as "an option to the chaos and filth and … twitter
5:43pm RT @HamillHimself: For years, Dave Grohl has not only been selflessly fighting Foo, here he courageously combats hate with love and disco. #… twitter
5:35pm Every full-fledged developer in the world identifies with this tweet. "It worked on my computer!" twitter
5:30pm RT @MrBrendanBlack: Chemtrails are now being used by governments to secretly vaccinate their citizens against COVID-19. Only a fitted face m… twitter
11:34am Because TikTok's videos are shorter and it tracks what you watch vs swipe away, it is better than YouTube at figuring you out, and sending you down a rabbit ... facebook
11:21am RT @DavidAvromBell: Thread: It is scary, but also weirdly fascinating, how a coherent anti-democratic ideology is taking hold on the America… twitter
11:16am RT @AllisonLHedges: "I never expected to say I'd be 'scared shitless' on CNN, but that's how I feel." Election law expert @rickhasen explai… twitter
10:12am The Daily: Voices of the Unvaccinated overcast
9:54am Political Gabfest: Impeach Today overcast
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August 5th 2021
12:27pm This American Life: 743: Don’t You Be My Neighbor overcast
12:25pm The Scathing Atheist: 442: Breakfast at Anna’s Edition overcast
10:52am Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL 2: Index Funds & The Bet overcast
10:40am The Daily: The End of Andrew Cuomo? overcast
8:39am RT @KurtKohlstedt: Tsundoku: the Japanese art of acquiring reading materials then letting them pile up in one's home without reading them. twitter
August 4th 2021
8:38pm RT @seafoamghost: the amount of serotonin this guy and his tubes give me is just ridiculous twitter
12:57pm 99% Invisible: 453- The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food overcast
12:22pm The Daily: Stories From the Great American Labor Shortage overcast
9:03am RT @nhannahjones: How would we cover this if these laws were being enacted by Cuba or China or Afghanistan? twitter
8:46am @KalenXI I see what you mean. After you scroll each row left and right a little, you can infer some design decisions involved. But even then… twitter
August 3rd 2021
6:24pm RT @WorldBollard: Say hello👋🏻 to the secret world inside bollards. #WorldBollardAssociation twitter
9:23am RT @JuliusGoat: GOP: stealing next election Dems: no don't GOP: if you win we're ignoring it Dems: join a bipartisan law to stop it? GOP: uh… twitter
9:03am RT @BrendanNyhan: Nothing to worry about, just America's #2 demagogue meeting with the man who destroyed Hungarian democracy through precise… twitter
8:25am Alternative using VisiData: $ vd $(ls -1t *.csv | head -1) ! @ l % . twitter
8:22am quick CLI plot CSV with ISO-8601 date column: $ cat gnuplot.gpi set term dumb `tput cols` `tput lines`*9/10 set timefmt '%Y-%m-%d' set xdata… twitter
August 2nd 2021
11:55pm quick CLI plot CSV with ISO-8601 date column: $ cat gnuplot.gpi set term dumb `tput cols` `tput lines`*9/10 set timefmt '%Y-%m-%d' set xdata… twitter
9:28am Every Little Thing: Cheese: Why Do We Worship Rotten Milk? A NSFW History overcast
9:14am Revisionist History: Little Mermaid Part 3: Honestly Ever After overcast
8:49am The Daily: A New Chapter of the Coronavirus overcast
8:46am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 833: Herbs of Providence - Billionaires in space, Right to Repair, Akamai outage, NSO Spyware overcast
8:15am "Peloton demanded $40/month 'subscriptions' from owners to continue using their treadmills. The pretense here is that the subscription comes with safety soft... facebook
12:06am RT @Sifill_LDF: Then it is incumbent upon Sen. Manchin to deliver the 10 Republicans who will support the bill. He has not been able to do s… twitter
August 1st 2021
3:41pm RT @revmagdalen: In any other country, the ex-president, who has always refused to accept his successor as legitimate, gathering a cabinet a… twitter
12:14pm RT @SenWarren: Professor @DorothyABrown is right: the IRS targets low-income Americans, especially Black Americans, because they’re the chea… twitter
11:52am RT @MartinHeinrich: Electrification is gaining momentum, folks! Excited to have @USRepKCastor and @RepPaulTonko join me in this growing effo… twitter
5:36am About This Wiki - [Hogfather] dokuwiki
July 31st 2021
9:15pm Browsing Amazon Prime, saw a trailer for The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. Figured it had to be @johngreen, but they don't list writer credits… twitter
7:05pm @doitlikejustin FYI, your awesome amazon-wish-lister suddenly stopped working around 12 hours ago. twitter
2:59pm Political Gabfest: Medieval Battle overcast
2:20pm Planet Money: Three Reasons for the Housing Shortage overcast
2:07pm The Daily: From Opinion: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Story We Tell About America overcast
1:51pm The Daily: The Story of Simone Biles overcast
1:11pm Why, yes, I do know that one toaster screensaver. Tell me more. I thought they were doing fine, but am glad for your dream to save them in space. facebook
10:28am RT @DavMicRot: Vaccine mandates are very unpopular among Republican leaders & Twitter trolls, but are supported by majorities of actual … twitter
July 30th 2021
6:41pm This'll work. Deep fry the vaccine and offer it at fairs. twitter
6:39pm RT @ewarren: We have to build infrastructure for the 21st century, not the 20th. That means roads and bridges, but also fighting the climate… twitter
5:05pm Revisionist History: Little Mermaid Part 2: The Fairytale Twist overcast
3:47pm RT @MarshallJulius: Gregory Hines said that if a biography of the Nicholas Brothers was ever made, their dance numbers would have to be comp… twitter
12:33am Refining a C++ interview question tomorrow. Writing code in one tmux pane, and letting entr do its thing in the other with: ls -1 *.cpp | e… twitter
July 29th 2021
6:53pm The story behind many gay men's favorite "nail polish remover". By David Mack. No, Ninjelica Sunshine, not that David Mack. facebook
1:57pm Conway's Soldiers game breaks my mind. It's so easy to get to rank 1, 2, 3 and 4. Why is it impossible to get to 5 with a finite number of moves? facebook
11:41am RT @EthicsInBricks: Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds … twitter
9:36am RT @nancook: Very good graphic on what is in the bipartisan infrastructure plan vs. what President Biden first proposed: twitter
8:27am The Daily: Why Is China Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal? overcast
8:27am The Scathing Atheist: 441: Leftover Vulgarity Edition overcast
July 28th 2021
11:30pm Not conspiracy theories nor social media nor things "actually being worse", our worsening political rage is correlated with conservative eva… twitter
8:34pm Planet Money: SUMMER SCHOOL #1: The Stock Market & Penelope The Cow overcast
8:05pm The Daily: The Saga of Congress’s Jan. 6 Investigation overcast
7:36pm RT @BrendanNyhan: We're so desensitized but Fox is choosing to beam this nonsense out to millions of people every day during a deadly pandem… twitter
4:30pm RT @Kasparov63: Trumpists spreading entirely contradictory, and false, explanations for Jan 6 is not an accident or blunder; it's the point.… twitter
4:05pm 99% Invisible: 452- The Lows of High Tech overcast
11:20am Facebook reached out to me to say the rocket dicks vs. universal healthcare meme was not accurate because Nigeria, Syria and Yemen also don'… twitter
11:12am You guys. A super important correction here. I shared a meme comparing countries that send rocket dicks to space (the U.S.A.) vs countries with universal hea... facebook
9:21am Saying "she does not deserve to have any judgement passed" and "she is the GOAT" contradict each other. Either GOAT has diminished meaning t… twitter
July 27th 2021
7:56pm This American Life: 742: The Thing I’m Getting Over overcast
2:49pm RT @sahouraxo: Obama, who increased Bush’s illegal drone strikes 10 fold, is planning a big bash for his 60th birthday at his mansion in Mar… twitter
2:46pm RT @Snowden: Every newspaper in America should be saying this. twitter
11:53am RT @ggreenwald: His crime was leaking documents that proved Barack Obama and John Brennan were lying about the number of innocent people who… twitter
11:52am RT @Snowden: Daniel Hale, one of the great American Whistleblowers, was just moments ago sentenced to four years in prison. His crime was te… twitter
11:03am Fresh Air: Jad Abumrad overcast
10:19am The Daily: The Vaccine Mandate Conundrum overcast
July 26th 2021
5:38pm RT @nxthompson: So awesome. A math Ph.D. is given no chance in the Olympic cycling race, so she blitzes off from the start. No one gives cha… twitter
10:44am The Daily: Breakthrough Infections, Explained overcast
10:23am Radiolab: The Queen of Dying overcast
9:43am @mykola I have seen abuse of "I'll do it later" that leads to real world problems. Should be possible to respect boundaries and still ask, "… twitter
9:34am Esp. for Hiromi Cota... facebook
9:26am RT @iamfabiano: Cute Easter egg in the new subway train in Stockholm twitter
July 25th 2021
2:07pm @WorkFlowy's production app is hitting all the productivity sweet spots for me right now. Big fan of using the Fractal Boards as mini Kanban… twitter
1:26pm RT @v_pradeilles: POV: async functions taking over my code base twitter
9:25am Vindicated by history again. They should listen to me more. facebook
July 24th 2021
9:00pm Yikes. Significant cognitive deficit correlated with Covid infection. Sounds like a vicious cycle I've read in a Sci Fi story. My anti-vaxxe… twitter
7:29pm The Scathing Atheist: 440: 8 Minute Absalom Edition overcast
7:05pm Planet Money: Banque Worms overcast
2:10pm RT @brianbeutler: Worth remembering that Republicans became effectively pro-Covid because Donald Trump abandoned Americans to the virus, and… twitter
2:06pm RT @integerpoet: It's almost as if people with deficient risk assessment skills also have deficient risk assessment skills. twitter
11:05am RT @EBHarrington: THREAD: As news stories drop about COVID+ pandemic deniers & anti-vaxxers ranting defiantly from ICU beds, let's revie… twitter
10:41am RT @mattzollerseitz: Saw Summer of Soul, first of what I’m sure will be many viewings. Excellent in every way. I’m glad people aren’t making… twitter
9:16am RT @ShadyAshamalla: Until our children can be vaccinated, those eligible that decide not to are allowing community transmission to rise and … twitter
9:14am If it's not exactly right, it's probably pretty close. facebook
July 23rd 2021
11:12pm So now YouTube hopes I'd want to watch Zero Two Dance videos. Oh, please. I love Daoko, I know Hibiki Yoshizaki's disturbing music video. Yo… twitter
7:01pm RT @KenTremendous: Real galaxy brain stuff here. They're cheating, but instead of stopping them from cheating -- a totally achievable goal, … twitter
4:45pm @tpederson "This is the Cheap Trickiest song ever written not by Cheap Trick." --YouTube comment twitter
11:07am RT @pdrupp: I'm absolutely begging reporters to also cite the cost of inaction on climate if you're going to throw out some huge number for … twitter
11:06am @KalenXI Children of Republicans think they're named after Rush Limbaugh. The sheets are the mechanism to ensure they're all of a like mind. twitter
10:11am Reply All: #177 Gleeks and Gurgles overcast
10:11am Political Gabfest: Actually It Is ‘Infrastructure Week’ overcast
9:34am The Daily: Putting a Price on Pollution overcast
July 22nd 2021
10:19pm RT @AndrewLSeidel: I still think Brett Kanabeer should be impeached. He is unfit for the Supreme Court. And it is so jarring to see the cred… twitter
7:44pm Facebook is ****ing People. From the Patreon post: "Former Facebook VP Brian Boland went on CNN to say yeah, Facebook totally has the data and knows everythi... facebook
9:28am Revisionist History: Little Mermaid Part 1: The Golden Contract overcast
9:03am Planet Money: Video Gaming The System overcast
8:48am The Daily: Who Killed Haiti’s President? overcast
8:17am Fukuoka to paint giant port crane as a giraffe. Esp. for @zannah (I wouldn't have minded an AT-AT, myself.) twitter
8:14am @zannah, this might be of interest to you. (I wouldn't have minded AT-ATs, myself.) twitter
8:05am I think endowment effect accounts for some of the staying power around the buzz of Cryptocurrencies. Those who bought in are compelled to pe… twitter
July 21st 2021
6:00pm I'm a software developer. So much (like SO MUCH) of my work is communication with other humans too. It's not the part I look forward to most… twitter
3:21pm RT @EvlondoCooper: But the problems with Bezos’ space trip receiving 86% of climate change’s total 2020 coverage in ONE DAY were wonderfully… twitter
12:21pm RT @kevincollier: This is pretty minor in light of NSO's recent scandal, but they issue all their press releases as pdfs emailed to reporter… twitter
12:18pm RT @amnesty: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ | | END | | UNLAWFUL | | TARGETED | |SURVEILLANCE | | _____ ____| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•… twitter
10:41am RT @SenWarren: Intuit spent years chasing profits under the guise of helping low-income taxpayers. The government shouldn't be relying on pr… twitter
9:47am RT @PhilJamesson: how was your vacation twitter
9:22am RT @CharlesMBlow: When Jim Crow was first established, the process was slow, one outrage at a time. The state laws were systematically alter… twitter
8:58am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 832: Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet - Windows 365, Windows on iPad overcast
8:45am Crimetown: Introducing | Firebug overcast
8:43am Every Little Thing: What It’s Like To Live in the White House overcast
8:25am Radiolab: Breaking News about The Other Latif overcast
8:23am The Daily: Reacting to Chinese Cyberattacks overcast
July 20th 2021
8:36pm 99% Invisible: 451- Hanko overcast
8:05pm The Daily: Facebook vs. the White House overcast
5:10pm I have no words for how frustrating this is. twitter
10:08am RT @KenTremendous: Important to send the message there will never be accountability for any powerful government official who lies under oath… twitter
July 19th 2021
1:20pm RT @AoDespair: Lying has no cost. It will therefore be maintained as a feature of our continuing misrule. twitter
1:16pm RT @jsrailton: 21. BREAKING: Americans 🇺🇸 including US. Gov. officials are on the #PegasusProject list... ...even the #Biden administration… twitter
10:27am RT @abierkhatib: Remember when @Snowden accused Israel of enabling the dismemberment Khashoggi thro using Israeli spyware. Y’all owe him an … twitter
9:55am The Scathing Atheist: 438: Dumb-brella Edition overcast
9:14am The Daily: Do We Need a Third Covid Shot? overcast
8:50am RT @noUpside: 🧵The last 48 hours on here have been all about The Vaccine Discourse. Is FB killing people? Is the govt passing the buck? Who … twitter
July 18th 2021
9:04pm @vivisextion @zannah @CaseyHo OMG, my family loves Made with Lau. Highly recommend. twitter
6:59pm Reply All: #176 Twicarus overcast
6:29pm Revisionist History: The Judgment of Helen Levitt overcast
5:58pm Every Little Thing: Why Is This Goose Out to Get Me? overcast
5:49pm Every Little Thing: Why Is This Toy Talking? overcast
4:34pm RT @jaketapper: I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Operation Warp Speed, approved by then-President Trump, is a remarkable accompl… twitter
3:32pm RT @duty2warn: We've often said, if they had Fox News in the 1950s, we'd still have polio. Dr. Fauci on Jim Acosta delivers the same messag… twitter
3:31pm RT @MattNegrin: This is like covering a mass shooting by saying a series of bullets have been appearing inside people and never asking where… twitter
10:36am RT @Snowden: Stop what you're doing and read this. This leak is going to be the story of the year: (LINK: twitter
10:26am RT @SenWarren: TurboTax tried to cheat people into paying for free services – and now they’re getting out of the game. This is the moment fo… twitter
July 17th 2021
8:16pm Revisionist History: Project Dillard overcast
7:46pm The Scathing Atheist: 439: Insult and Pepper Edition overcast
7:32pm RT @girlsreallyrule: This is how a vaccine works and it is genius. twitter
7:30pm RT @tzimmer_history: I have somewhat ambivalent feelings about the use of the term “fascism” to describe the American Right. It’s complicate… twitter
4:55pm RT @pdxlawgrrrl: Counter-protesters to an anti-trans rally in Los Angeles yelled “don’t shoot” at the police. A police officer responded by … twitter
4:53pm RT @ScottHech: There should be consequences for journalistic malpractice like this. Not only inverting the x-axis, but making it seem like t… twitter
12:03pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
11:45am Just For You (a breakfast spot) in San Francisco foursquare
July 16th 2021
9:26pm So, eradicating pellagra (a malnutrition disease) was a political issue with Southern Gentlemen against the cure, just like getting vaccinated for COVID is. ... facebook
5:33pm RT @jonfavs: Meanwhile, we’re just asking people nicely here while Delta runs rampant because we’re all too afraid of Republican talk show h… twitter
1:21pm Political Gabfest: Mature Minor overcast
12:42pm The Daily: State-Sponsored Abuse in Canada overcast
July 15th 2021
11:03pm I started Harvard's CS50, and I know it's legit because @davidjmalan pronounced .gif correctly in the first lesson. twitter
10:37am RT @EricBoehlert: never in the history of the US has a major political party fought **in favor of a public health crisis** the way today’s G… twitter
10:07am RT @KamalaHarris: The Delta variant is on the rise. Get vaccinated. twitter
5:14am Home - If rendering with xbr sidebar no need for newline escape code dokuwiki
12:41am RT @chimeracoder: when I say "missionary work is genocide", people get alarmed, but then actual Christians will straight-up justify LITERAL … twitter
July 14th 2021
3:58pm @tayhatmaker Please fix HTML typo in your TechCrunch article on Clubhouse DM feature. The first anchor has a misplaced bracket in it. Dr… twitter
3:05pm RT @ummjackson: After years of studying it, I believe that cryptocurrency is an inherently right-wing, hyper-capitalistic technology built p… twitter
July 13th 2021
8:50am This American Life: 740: There. I Fixed It. overcast
July 12th 2021
11:45pm RT @mehdirhasan: If you only watch 1 thing tonight, please watch this rather chilling video that my producer, the great & powerful Ivy G… twitter
11:35pm RT @Megavolt1: 10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter Swap out some Netflix time for these fun channels that feed your brain as the… twitter
8:37pm Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
2:53pm RT @emorwee: I spent the last two weeks trying to put the gravity of this moment for the climate into words. I hope you read them. twitter
2:22pm Kahului Airport (OGG) (an airport) in Kahului foursquare
July 11th 2021
7:41pm Duke's Beach House (a restaurant) in Lahaina foursquare
4:53pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Lahaina foursquare
4:53pm Honokeana Bay (a beach) in Lahaina foursquare
3:54pm Napili Market (a grocery store) in Lahaina foursquare
3:13pm RT @jasonintrator: The far right picks a minority that they can demonize and vilify as a mortal threat to traditional values in order to jus… twitter
10:45am The Gazebo Restaurant (a breakfast spot) in Lahaina foursquare
12:23am RT @tribelaw: Rep. Clyburn: “I'm not asking you to eliminate the filibuster. ... But what I'm saying to you is that nobody ought to have the… twitter
12:22am RT @waltshaub: It’s absolutely bone chilling to think of a law making it illegal to teach anything but a state’s official version of history… twitter
July 10th 2021
6:48pm Black Sand Beach (a beach) in Hāna foursquare
6:07pm Waianapanapa State Park (a state / provincial park) in Hāna foursquare
4:40pm Kipahulu Falls (a waterfall) in Hāna foursquare
4:01pm Wailua falls (a waterfall) in Hāna foursquare
3:23pm Red Sand Beach (a beach) in Hāna foursquare
10:06am Maui Swap Meet (a flea market) in Kahului foursquare
July 9th 2021
10:52pm RT @jayrosen_nyu: Two Harvard professors who spent more than twenty years studying the breakdown of democracies in Europe and Latin America … twitter
10:48pm RT @fromthebunkerjr: All. Of. This. twitter
10:46pm RT @drvolts: There is *NO* credible argument against better funding the IRS. It's the "fiscally conservative" thing to do, as it raises much… twitter
8:44pm Wombats are far more than mere makers of cube-shaped turds. Click through. facebook
8:03pm RT @AndyRileyish: I punched Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult into a paper strip for the music box, just because why not eh twitter
8:01pm RT @UFWupdates: We often get asked why we cover our skin even in hot weather. Why do we need long pants, long sleeves and head/face covering… twitter
5:20pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Lahaina foursquare
July 8th 2021
10:09pm Maui Brewing Company Kahana (a brewery) in Lahaina foursquare
July 7th 2021
6:34pm Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice (a dessert shop) in Lahaina foursquare
4:25pm Nakalele Blowhole (a scenic lookout) in Lahaina foursquare
10:41am The Gazebo Restaurant (a breakfast spot) in Lahaina foursquare
July 6th 2021
11:43pm RT @CharlesPPierce: This person does not have any intention to assist in the governing of the United States. twitter
8:20pm Maui Food Trucks (a food truck) in Spreckelsville foursquare
5:52pm The Daily: The Rise of Delta overcast
5:52pm This American Life: 740: There. I Fixed It. overcast
3:11pm Tin Roof Maui (a comfort food restaurant) in Kahului foursquare
1:48pm Kahului Airport (OGG) (an airport) in Kahului foursquare
7:44am Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
July 4th 2021
8:40pm RT @SenSanders: 89% of Democrats & 79% of Republicans support expanding Medicare to include dental, hearing & vision care. 86% of D… twitter
6:33pm RT @MSignorile: It still blows me away that major newspapers sill report on the 2 parties in this sort of standard way — we’re in a “partisa… twitter
6:29pm RT @michaelharriot: On this day, 102 years ago, an event kicked off one of the worst periods of white backlash in history. It started becau… twitter
12:19pm RT @Snowden: Treason—and for good reason. #July4th twitter
12:00pm This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 829: You Don’t Even Get a Beanie Baby! - Windows 11 unveiled, China bans Bitcoin mining, gig app for intel gathering overcast
July 3rd 2021
10:46pm RT @AndrewDessler: Quick 🧵 on wet bulb temperature and why it matters for human survivability. To understand this, first some facts about t… twitter
7:40pm Radiolab: The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 5 overcast
7:30pm Revisionist History: Lord of the Rankings overcast
7:15pm Planet Money: The Rest Of The Story, Summer 2021 overcast
3:45pm RT @eevee: github copilot has, by their own admission, been trained on mountains of gpl code, so i'm unclear on how it's not a form of laund… twitter
2:13pm RT @equalityAlec: Thread. You're going to hear a lot about how cops need more resources because "crime is surging" in the next few months. … twitter
2:11pm RT @drvolts: The Democratic Party of my imagination (which so rarely manifests in reality) would have spent the last week absolutely tearing… twitter
July 2nd 2021
10:50pm Argentina is poised to overtake the U.S.A. with overall most cases per capita of COVID-19 over the next few days. Shortly after, Colombia will take 3rd place... facebook
10:38pm RT @AOC: Gee I wonder why Republicans are so opposed to a Jan 6th investigation twitter
3:52pm I don't know how this video from the Roku Advanced Initiatives group got out, esp. to our competitors. But since the cat's out of the bag, here's what we're ... facebook
10:40am I don't generally do positive memes, but I was attacked by the earnest wish for self improvement. facebook
10:10am The Scathing Atheist: 437: Indentured Edition overcast
10:08am Political Gabfest: Failed Justice Breyer Countdown overcast
9:25am The Daily: The Debate Over Critical Race Theory overcast
July 1st 2021
10:30am @KalenXI I read it the same way, yet my wife painstakingly composes messages with those. I think she thinks it softens the message and makes… twitter
9:33am 99% Invisible: 449- Mine! overcast
June 30th 2021
11:19pm RT @doctorow: @Snowden I really liked this post; I suggest reading @AnnaMerlan's REPUBLIC OF LIES for good ethnographic and sociological ins… twitter
10:08pm Nice. Dave Grohl gives shout outs to The Gap Band, Cameo, and similar artists as influences of his Nirvana drumming. twitter
9:59pm RT @RepDonBeyer: Wild to hear my Republicans colleagues claiming the House doesn't have time to investigate the worst attack on our democrac… twitter
10:09am RT @raymondh: Fields are commonly delimited with commas, tabs, newlines, ampersands, and vertical bars (|). But these need to be escaped if… twitter
June 29th 2021
10:07pm This is so great. Watch and enjoy. And learn about doppler compensation from mustached bats. facebook
8:27pm Preserving Hong Kong, in miniature. Love these miniatures so much! Worth clicking through. facebook
5:57pm RT @SecureDrop: Ten years ago on this day, the late Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz made the first commit to SecureDrop, the open-source whist… twitter
3:27pm RT @itsJeffTiedrich: hi kids! it's me, your favorite sexagenarian here to tell you that when I was a kid the top tax rate was 90% and not on… twitter
11:00am Preserving Hong Kong, in miniature. Love these miniatures so much! Worth clicking through. twitter
10:38am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 829: You Don’t Even Get a Beanie Baby! - Windows 11 unveiled, China bans Bitcoin mining, gig app for intel gathering overcast
10:20am This American Life: 539: The Leap overcast
10:12am Radiolab: The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 4 overcast
9:59am The Daily: The Collapse of Champlain Towers overcast
9:27am RT @brianbeutler: Our norms around this (that is, the ones Democrats respect) are bad and we can do better. twitter
June 28th 2021
5:39pm @neonepiphany You have water? Don't pour it out after you sous vide! twitter
5:37pm RT @abufelix12: Please take the time to read the first sentence of this article, which is a masterpiece. twitter
1:45pm RT @thingskatedid: 💡FAQ about displaying stuff in a terminal twitter
12:28pm RT @thingskatedid: 🧵 Make yours and everybody else's lives slightly less terrible by having all your programs print out their internal stuff… twitter
10:05am Radiolab: The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 3 overcast
9:50am Planet Money: Bobby Bonilla Day overcast
9:35am The Daily: What the Japanese Think of the Olympics overcast
June 27th 2021
9:30pm @integerpoet Authenticate with JWT tokens and you won't need to remember your PIN number anymore. twitter
12:15pm Radiolab: The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 2 overcast
11:43am Radiolab: The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 1 overcast
11:32am The Daily: From Opinion: Anthony Fauci Is Pissed Off overcast
10:14am RT @exline_ken: Talk about hitting the nail on the head. #EndTheFilibuster twitter
10:12am RT @yacitus: “#StopTheSteal is not merely Trump’s way of being a sore loser or clinging to relevance (though it is those things). It is the … twitter
9:35am RT @Green_Footballs: Honestly, I don’t know why this is even a question. Of course Trump knew what he was doing. He did it in front of the w… twitter
June 26th 2021
2:54pm RT @jeffjarvis: The reborn UFO mania is driving me insane. It is a symptom of human hubris that we think we must be able to explain everyth… twitter
1:39pm RT @Strandjunker: 1923: Adolf Hitler led a failed coup. He was treated leniently, and Germany moved on. 1933: Adolf Hitler turned Germany i… twitter
June 25th 2021
10:31pm @yacitus Oh! Yay! We're on the same page! I was unsure how you felt about it. Glad we both felt the same way. And glad you got to read the C… twitter
8:54pm @yacitus Listened to it. Reminded me of "The Drunken Driver has the Right of Way" by Ethan Coen. Also reminded me of sponsored content. Your… twitter
8:51pm Revisionist History: I Love You Waymo overcast<