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July 4th
6:21pm Self and cairn on Slacker Hill instagram
6:10pm @thatkidwho @SenDuckworth I'm looking for a retraction/correction from the NYT. Do you have a link? I wonder about the tactic by Warren of t… twitter
12:32pm RT @SteveSchmidtSES: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unal… twitter
11:12am Eight AM (a breakfast spot) in San Francisco foursquare
8:54am Slacker Ridge (a scenic lookout) in Sausalito foursquare
July 3rd
3:20pm RT @SenDuckworth: Trump's message to our troops: Sure I may be selling you out to Putin, but I'm also threatening to veto your pay raise jus… twitter
2:43pm Click through. Worth the read. If we don't observe a change that levels the field, then the listening was just performative. People with pri… twitter
9:47am Reply All: #163 Candidate One overcast
12:27am My people. twitter
July 2nd
10:01pm Your Shelter In Place song for the moment, Mitski's "Nobody". []( facebook
9:57pm No sooner do I post this tweet than @b0rk posts about entr, and @raymondh tweets a pdb primer. twitter
7:48pm Fresh Air: Pete Davidson & Judd Apatow On ‘The King Of Staten Island’ overcast
10:22am RT @TheBeatWithAri: GQ Magazine Correspondent @juliaioffe asks, "If kneeling in protest during the national anthem is disrespectful for the … twitter
10:19am Revisionist History: The Powerball Revolution overcast
9:49am Planet Money: Inflation, Deflation overcast
9:43am The Daily: What Went Wrong in Brazil overcast
July 1st
4:49pm RT @simonstl: Free: want to learn HTML from @jensimmons, CSS from @christinatruong, and JavaScript from @mor10 ? LinkedIn Learning and Mi… twitter
12:33pm @yacitus @b0rk (who I highly recommend following) just wrote a blog post about entr! twitter
9:26am This Week in Tech (Audio): TWiT 777: Apple’s RISCy Move overcast
9:23am 99% Invisible: 404- Return of Oñate’s Foot overcast
8:53am The Daily: A Russian Plot to Kill U.S. Soldiers overcast
June 30th
5:22pm RT @drvox: The populace has largely sorted itself. Some people want America to be a pluralist multiethnic democracy, some people want Americ… twitter
5:15pm @yacitus That's the one. It's so great for small projects where saving a file triggers a build and test in another pane. Can't say I've book… twitter
10:45am RT @drvox: If the Trump administration listened to scientists and lowered the soot pollution standard, it could save 140,000 lives over the … twitter
9:46am The Daily: A Major Ruling on Abortion overcast
8:02am RT @potatomochii: Nobody Nobody No bo dy No bo dy Nobody No bo dy twitter
June 29th
10:10pm # "I Got My File From Clearview AI, and It Freaked Me Out" [](ht... facebook
9:23pm If I'm interviewing you for a job, and you say "ssh tmux entr vim" that's the secret code for an insta-hire. twitter
9:19pm I am 100% on the ssh + tmux + entr + vim train. #linux #programming (todo: pdb) twitter
7:19pm This American Life: 709: The Reprieve overcast
3:34pm RT @brianklaas: This is a simple, yet profound quote. It’s absolutely correct and is applicable to so many lives in seemingly prosperous dem… twitter
2:06pm Not sure if the R is for Republican or Russian. []( facebook
2:03pm RT @brianschatz: This is disgusting and shows that they see this as a political problem to be managed, not the moral and national security c… twitter
10:04am The Daily: A Conversation With a Police Union Leader overcast
8:58am Perfect accompanying image of a crow giving you the stink eye. twitter
June 28th
9:56pm I think #TRE45ON is a pretty clever hashtag. facebook
2:28pm RT @ProjectLincoln: The president "didn't hear" the man shout "White Power." The president "didn't see" the brief about Russia. The presiden… twitter
2:26pm That's the time I can be me. twitter
8:09am Fresh Air: Pete Davidson & Judd Apatow On ‘The King Of Staten Island’ overcast
June 27th
7:34pm Planet Money: Seed Spy overcast
6:21pm The Daily: A Bit of Relief: The Long Distance Chorus overcast
4:51pm RT @LifeIsStrange: Happy London #Pride Day! The Square Enix London Team are making a donation to the Albert Kennedy Trust who provide suppor… twitter
1:42pm RT @STEWest: I'm an Afghanistan vet. Came home as a passenger on a MedEvac. Spent that flight sitting feet from my critically injured brethr… twitter
12:54pm RT @dusttodigital: Remembering Big Bill Broonzy, born on this day in 1903 in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Here he is playing "Hey, Hey" in 19… twitter
June 26th
6:36pm Neat looking weird succulent plants with tall thingies growing out of unexpected places. instagram
6:31pm The Scathing Atheist: 384: Dead Wrong Edition overcast
5:57pm RT @AoDespair: The list of shit that should end a failing and corrupted presidency just got a fresh chart-topper. If the Republican Party st… twitter
5:54pm RT @drvox: I hope seeing how the US has responded to coronavirus has quashed any remaining notion that climate action depends on facts, reas… twitter
4:00pm RT @wendellpotter: Amid America's #COVID19 disaster, I must come clean about a lie I spread as a health insurance exec: We spent big $$ to p… twitter
1:48pm @zannah Nearly did a spit take at "I don't speak Japanese but I love Aoi Sora". So half of us will think it's a Naruto song and half of us w… twitter
1:41pm Tokyo Bon 東京盆踊り2020 (MakuDonarudo) Namewee 黃明志 ft.Cool Japan TV @亞洲通吃 2018 All Eat Asia youtube_favorites
11:14am RT @yacitus: “Science denial is notoriously resistant to facts because it isn’t about facts in the first place. Science denial is an express… twitter
10:02am Radiolab: The Third. A TED Talk. overcast
10:02am Political Gabfest: Global Pariahs overcast
9:42am The Daily: A Dilemma in Texas overcast
June 25th
7:57pm Revisionist History: Hedwig’s Lost Van Gogh overcast
5:01pm @neonepiphany May I recommend voxels and ? twitter
1:40pm Maybe Trump is right when he says that coronavirus case counts are up because the U.S. has increased testing. Let's find out with data. facebook
12:35pm @DanRather @yacitus Oh, they're there. Busy appointing unqualified grateful life-term right-wing federal judges. twitter
12:19pm RT @ewarren: These are lifetime appointments of extreme, right-wing judges that could impact American lives and livelihoods for generations … twitter
11:10am Radiolab: Post No Evil Redux overcast
10:53am The Daily: The Voters Trump Is Losing overcast
10:13am Never stop exploring. The last in this series from one of my favorite places. instagram
8:15am RT @Zebrafarm2000: @aravosis twitter
June 24th
10:13pm Most cases per capita: Chile, Peru, United States, Brazil. Most cases: United States, Brazil. Most Deaths: United States, Brazil. Yeah, it's the American Virus. facebook
7:31pm Planet Money: Owner Of A Broken Hertz overcast
6:52pm RT @SenWhitehouse: Mitch McConnell today held on the Floor, back to back, and with no apparent sense of irony, votes on his partisan effort … twitter
6:00pm @thatkidwho That's a fair question. twitter
5:56pm RT @dr_glitzkrieg: ADA compliance requires a business provides reasonable accommodations for your disability. Curbside pickup and home deli… twitter
5:39pm instagram
1:50pm RT @ewarren: Too many leaders are prematurely moving on from this crisis. The last time I checked, we were still fighting coronavirus—and lo… twitter
1:46pm RT @AlexCKaufman: Facebook is giving its staff the OK to override climate scientists and promote fossil fuel-funded misinformation about th… twitter
1:41pm RT @girlsreallyrule: A church in Arizona is holding a political rally today that benefits one politician and one political party - it's past… twitter
12:53pm The Daily: The Epidemic of Unemployment overcast
12:53pm 99% Invisible: 403- Return of the Yokai overcast
8:50am Even scarier, the second time she tested positive she didn't have the classic symptoms, just high blood pressure which can go unnoticed. facebook
June 23rd
7:48pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 776: Phat Boyin’ It All Day overcast
5:03pm The only way is up. Both literal (on a stalactite near the exit) and figurative. From one of my favorite places. instagram
3:34pm RT @Eugene_Scott: The fact that so many conservative Christians have interpreted many people’s desire to eradicate white supremacy as a prec… twitter
3:14pm RT @DanRather: A rule of thumb: If you're lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you're limiting polling places, if you're forcing people t… twitter
3:12pm RT @scottpwaldman: Facebook quietly overruled its own fact checkers to reinstate a climate denial group’s misleading post. The company also … twitter
9:46am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Axios Today overcast
9:29am The Daily: The Battle Over the Democratic Party’s Future overcast
7:48am @allanblackford @natalietran Mum and Favorite Sister are on the left, Nat's in green on the right. twitter
June 22nd
10:44pm RT @kyliu99: My grandmother taught me much about love and life. I get to tell you a little about her in this essay for @GuernicaMag. https:/… twitter
7:25pm RT @theblerdgurl: This is why animators, riggers, digital scene painters, concept artists, compositors and editors really need more credit. twitter
4:53pm RT @drvox: Among all the dumb things about this: if you really thought this was going to happen, and you were the PRESIDENT OF THE US, would… twitter
2:32pm RT @Lin_Manuel: Let me tell you what I wish I’d known When I was young and dreamed of glory You have no control Who lives, who dies, who [b… twitter
12:12pm Change. (From a favorite place.) instagram
11:28am Learn one new thing today. I've been following Julia Evans (b0rk) at Twitter, and she's been creating pages of question that are so easy and fun to interact ... facebook
10:11am RT @BillKristol: You look at the polls and think "he can't win." But Trump's path to victory doesn't depend on persuading Americans. It depe… twitter
9:51am RT @waltshaub: Trump's laying the groundwork for an election challenge. Barr's corrupt enough to help him do it. That's why the House must i… twitter
8:51am The Daily: How Facebook Is Undermining Black Lives Matter overcast
June 21st
8:29pm Revisionist History: Dragon Psychology 101 overcast
8:07pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: ‘Facing the Wind’ overcast
4:07pm What is your wish? (More art from one of my favorite places.) instagram
June 20th
6:26pm Revisionist History: Dragon Psychology 101 overcast
5:50pm RT @clarkware: This is a fantastic, approachable read on viruses and vaccines. Great use of metaphors to explain complex topics. twitter
5:40pm Karen, about to invoke a righteous "call the authorities" spell on your POC ass. facebook
3:00pm Psychogeography, revisited: a collection of subjective maps reflecting personal experiences of built environments in the midst of a pandemic… twitter
2:47pm RT @ProjectLincoln: “I will be removing my car’s brakes. You have the freedom to keep driving with brakes in your car if you want. Preventin… twitter
2:44pm RT @brhodes: We are so many miles further down to road to authoritarianism than our political and media culture can process. twitter
2:17pm Planet Money: Money And Justice overcast
11:22am RT @RepAdamSchiff: Here’s why this matters: Stone told Trump and his campaign in advance about WikiLeaks’ planned release of Clinton emails… twitter
10:07am RT @KenTremendous: This is completely fucking crazy. The Attorney General lied about a U.S. Attorney stepping down from his position. That a… twitter
10:01am The best anime contact juggling tutorial you'll ever find. []( facebook
June 19th
4:50pm RT @AntonishiaM: Juneteenth FACTS please stay informed. #JUNETEENTH2020 twitter
4:46pm RT @GlennKesslerWP: Jaw-dropping to read that the German success re the coronavirus pandemic was based on U.S. research that was ignored or … twitter
4:43pm @neonepiphany I love seeing you and @b0rk sharing how you've been moved by @DrIbram 's work. twitter
1:47pm “All that I’m after is a life full of laughter.“ instagram
1:43pm The Daily: The History and Meaning of Juneteenth overcast
1:01pm The Daily: The Latest: The Supreme Court Rules on DACA overcast
11:28am RT @neonepiphany: “The good news is that racist and antiracist are not fixed identities. We can be a racist one moment, and an antiracist th… twitter
10:46am Political Gabfest: Because of Sex overcast
12:13am MONDO GROSSO / 惑星タントラ [Vocal:齋藤飛鳥(乃木坂46)] youtube_favorites
June 18th
10:52am One of my favorite places. instagram
9:45am Reply All: #162 The Least You Could Do overcast
8:49am The Daily: Who Will Be Joe Biden’s Running Mate? overcast
8:49am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 775: Bacon Buddies overcast
8:15am RT @ciarapollock: he was a punk she did ballet what more can i say twitter
8:14am RT @earthvisuals: A herd of deer relaxing by cherry blossom trees in Nara, Japan twitter
8:03am RT @profmusgrave: Protesters Say Statue Tripped, Fell Into Water twitter
June 17th
7:35pm The Daily: The Killing of Rayshard Brooks overcast
1:26pm @way2faz Yes, yes there was. twitter
12:23pm At one of my favorite locations. instagram
3:46am The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (album) last_fm
3:43am Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild remix) last_fm
3:39am Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Album Version) last_fm
3:36am The Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches last_fm
3:27am Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance last_fm
3:24am Kina Grannis - In Your Arms last_fm
3:20am Lenka - The Show last_fm
3:16am Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin' (Featuring Jill Scott) (Explicit) last_fm
June 16th
8:03pm 99% Invisible: 402- Instant Grammification overcast
6:59pm RT @MaxCRoser: The population of the US is 330 million The population of the EU is 446 million [source] twitter
6:14pm I am totally down with removing master/slave and whitelist/blacklist. But I don't know why people also bring up blackhat/whitehat (in terms of computer secur... facebook
3:08pm RT @zannah: Humble Bundle has a great new bundle where they are deviating from their norm and donating 100% of the proceeds to charities (LD… twitter
10:36am RT @RexChapman: If you’re having a rough day take a minute to watch this little man... twitter
10:17am Every Little Thing: Meet the DJs of the Bird World overcast
9:35am The Daily: A Landmark Supreme Court Ruling overcast
June 15th
5:44pm RT @JBfromDC89: My mom's facebook cover photo omg twitter
10:54am The Daily: What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus overcast
10:28am The Daily: The Sunday Read: Getting Out overcast
June 14th
10:31pm RT @ProjectLincoln: Retweet if you agree that the president should reveal his full medical records. twitter
10:08pm OMG, you guys. What a read.Following an Oakland tavern and its staff — from the tattooed bartender to the undocumented cleaner — as they weather the econom... facebook
9:55pm This American Life: 708: Here, Again overcast
3:31pm dblume shares another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two. Big Two - David's Place plurk
3:30pm Here's another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two. twitter
3:29pm Here's another fun card game to play with those sheltering in place with you: Big Two.(What with the Internet Archive possibly going away and every other s... facebook
2:28pm RT @AOC: Oh look, someone took a photo of what my life is like debating Republicans in committee each week twitter
June 13th
10:08pm RT @ACLU: Refusing to expand vote by mail in the midst of a pandemic is blatant voter suppression. twitter
9:04pm I wondered why people love Avatar: The Last Airbender, so I started watching it. It started off cheaply animated and childish. There was one notable episode ... facebook
7:31pm Invisibilia: Trust Fall overcast
7:22pm Radiolab: The Liberation of RNA overcast
7:02pm Planet Money: Patent Racism overcast
5:44pm Big Two david_dlma
11:58am RT @EricaJoy: oh this resonates, so to be very clear: my end game is not “living in harmony.” my end game is the end of anti-blackness. … twitter
10:23am "The internet is a giant Rube Goldberg machine that transports tiny scoops of rage from one place to another via a complicated system of gears, pulleys, and ... facebook
10:15am RT @Dark_Tesla: “Wow. Cops killed a black man. Look at this video, he was begging for his life and they were laughing." "That's terrible. B… twitter
June 12th
7:46pm Fresh Air: The Brutal History Of The Texas Rangers overcast
7:42pm The Daily: Special Episode: The Song That Found Me overcast
1:08pm # A procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed. Not only is the winding path imaginary, but so is the terrain, the place n... facebook
12:30pm RT @rebeccawatson: East Coast protestors: “Let’s deface and destroy the statues of racists and colonizers!” San Francisco: “agreed but we g… twitter
9:42am Political Gabfest: He Is Going to Change the World overcast
8:53am The Daily: The Struggle to Teach From Afar overcast
8:04am RT @JennyENicholson: We're gonna have to retire the expression "avoid it like the plague" because it turns out humans do not do that twitter
June 11th
6:55pm President Trump's ghostwriter thinks he is a Psychopath. facebook
2:19pm RT @MachinePix: Pivoting belt sorter by GachiSoft. twitter
11:42am This California cop explains why he says All Cops Are Bastards. [](https://mediu... facebook
9:42am The Scathing Atheist: 382: Social Justice Gobbledygook Edition overcast
9:04am The Daily: Georgia’s Election Meltdown overcast
7:51am RT @natalietran: really hoping this passion for the question "do all lives matter?" is applicable when people arrive here to seek asylum twitter
June 10th
9:37pm RT @ewarren: Republicans who close their eyes, plug their ears, and sing "la la la" as Trump spreads conspiracy theories and misinformation … twitter
9:36pm RT @EmmaWatson: Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren… twitter
9:32pm RT @JohnWoodrowCox: This claim is not supported by actual evidence. @dataeditor & I analyzed two decades of school shootings, including … twitter
7:25pm Every Little Thing: How Squirrels Track Their Nuts overcast
7:15pm Planet Money: The Very First Vaccine overcast
6:53pm RT @BerniceKing: No arrests have been made for the death of #BreonnaTaylor, who was killed in her home by a hail of bullets from @LMPD offic… twitter
10:56am Radiolab: Graham overcast
10:16am Radiolab: Nina overcast
9:00am Pepsi’s $32 Billion Typo Caused Deadly Riots []( facebook
June 9th
7:39pm RT @brianefallon: Restoring the Voting Rights Act is good in theory but even if you move heaven and earth to get it through Congress, Republ… twitter
7:35pm RT @drvox: I am extremely here for @iamjohnoliver's choking fury & grief. Every second of this is worth watching. twitter
11:07am Would like to angel fund the company that kills fax (as in fax machines and e-fax) everywhere for good. twitter
10:05am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 774: The Mafia is Zooming overcast
9:40am The Daily: The Case For Defunding the Police overcast
June 8th
4:48pm RT @KevinAMaley: This single sentence does an incredible job of succinctly capturing the essence of aims for Cotton and really contemporary,… twitter
11:22am Images From a Worldwide Protest Movement []( facebook
11:18am RT @DrIbram: I’m imagining what would be happening if it were Black people across the nation defying stay-at-home orders and demonstrating i… twitter
9:32am The Scathing Atheist: 381: Samson of a Gun Edition overcast
9:27am The Daily: Why Are Police Attacking Protestors? overcast
8:54am RT @djmckenna00: Something I've learned while in law school is about the social construction of crime. I work in a legal clinic on wage the… twitter
8:45am They're water guns. It's summertime. He's playing with his other mutli-racial friends. facebook
June 7th
10:09pm This comes highly recommended from Political Gabfest. It explains why Romney might criticize the president while LIndsey Graham collaborates with his previou... facebook
6:58pm The Scathing Atheist: 380: Beach Body of Christ Edition overcast
6:46pm The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 8: ‘We Go All’ overcast
1:28pm RT @NinjaDuce: @JuggernautBG From an interview she had this January. twitter
1:04pm RT @ScotCuthbertson: On this day 65 years ago, Alan Turing (41) killed himself. He had played a pivotal role in WWII by cracking German enig… twitter
12:19pm RT @Kt_Leung: So, you want my thoughts on Cho Chang? Okay, here goes...(thread) twitter
9:23am Plot twist: It's not a deep fake. The A.I. learned Birdsong, and is instructing them how to rise against man. [ facebook
9:22am Plot Twist: It's not a deep fake. The A.I. learned Birdsong, and is instructing them how to rise against man. twitter
June 6th
9:50pm RT @ChuckWendig: honestly do you blame it twitter
3:51pm My son relaxing at Duboce park. instagram
June 5th
8:18pm Planet Money: Police Unions And Police Violence overcast
10:24am Political Gabfest: Inspecting the Bunker overcast
10:00am The Daily: Why They’re Protesting overcast
June 4th
9:51pm According to Rick Mann's excellent COVID-19 Data site, Peru just overtook the U.S. as the world's sickest (per capita) country, and their trajectory isn't go... facebook
7:31pm Every Little Thing: When Astronauts Come Home overcast
7:31pm Revisionist History: Introducing Revisionist History Season 5 overcast
5:46pm RT @SamTLevin: Everything about the Vallejo police killing of Sean Monterrosa is horrifying + this is based on the dept's own description (v… twitter
3:43pm "The Menopause", an Eisner nominated story by Mira Jacob. []( facebook
3:12pm RT @JYSexton: PLEASE. Tell people about this. I'm going to provide some history of Neo-Confederate, white-identity, apocalyptic evangelical… twitter
3:02pm Congrats to The Oatmeal for his Eisner nominated story, "You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m About to Tell You". It's worth the read, click through. [https:... facebook
2:52pm "Perilous Atheists". How dare they defend and treat [your "other" community here] communities as equals‽ twitter
10:00am The Scathing Atheist: 380: Beach Body of Christ Edition overcast
10:00am Reply All: Programming Note overcast
9:40am Planet Money: Where’d The Money Go, And Other Questions overcast
9:22am The Daily: The Showdown at Lafayette Square overcast
June 3rd
6:20pm RT @ewarren: Holding this morally bankrupt and relentlessly corrupt administration accountable is a critical job, and Congress needs to step… twitter
2:06pm @Gladwell eloquently explains (citing Northern Ireland riots) why establishing legitimacy is far more effective than merely using force to d… twitter
2:02pm RT @GreatDismal: But if Lynch won’t direct, who else could pull it off? twitter
1:42pm Malcolm Gladwell eloquently explains (citing Northern Ireland riots) why establishing legitimacy is far more effective than merely using force to dominate de... facebook
1:15pm RT @sarahcpr: How to bible twitter
12:51pm "If we are going to make progress, we’ve got to address these things, and if this painful process is going to help us address this — there’s… twitter
12:46pm My mind keeps going back to the thought that the police murdered George Floyd the day Amy Cooper tried to sic the police on Christian Cooper, frantically sta... facebook
11:10am @zzzeek @raymondh That's usually the way I construct them too. Seems like it's a matter of thinking in terms of whole tokens or of matchable… twitter
9:59am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: The Limits of Power overcast
9:28am The Daily: The Mayor of Minneapolis overcast
9:02am Two tweets here: 99pi's list of worthy orgs, and a list from @romanmars that you'll have to click through: twitter
8:48am OMG, I wasn't ready to see that parody of the zoom logo appear like that on my Twitter timeline. That's on me, I should've known @jwz would … twitter
8:42am Zoom won't encrypt calls because they "want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad pur… twitter
June 2nd
10:10pm "We Must Dismantle White Supremacy" by Ben and Jerry's"What happened to George Floyd was not the result of a bad apple; it was the predictable consequence ... facebook
7:53pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 773: The Duchess of Sealand overcast
9:05am The Daily: The Systems That Protect the Police overcast
8:26am Oh, FFS. The President wants more government oversight and intervention when it comes to social networks, but somehow less when it comes to … twitter
8:19am RT @ACLU: This appears to be grossly unjustified use of a chemical weapon on protesters and raises serious human rights concerns under inter… twitter
June 1st
8:32pm RT @ewarren: The President of the United States tear-gassed peaceful protestors in order to clear the way for a useless photo-op outside the… twitter
8:24pm RT @JoeMyGod: Trump just had peaceful protesters tear-gassed out of a park so he could waddle across to wave a bible he's never read in fron… twitter
3:57pm "It's certainly the logical conclusion of Trumpism to be hiding in your bunker yelling at governors for being losers for not killing more people." facebook
3:55pm RT @joshtpm: I don't know if it's the end of Trumpism, as in the curtains closing. But it's certainly the logical conclusion of Trumpism to … twitter
3:51pm @neonepiphany Look, a webcomicname "oh no" in the wild. This one from XKCD. (Note the punctuation stops at the oh no, so I think it qualifie… twitter
1:47pm RT @yacitus: “Facebook’s real risk here, as I see it, is getting branded as the social network for racists. Talent retention is the top chal… twitter
11:48am This American Life: 706: A Mess to Be Reckoned With overcast
10:56am "How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change" by Barack Obama[ facebook
10:36am RT @Iron_Spike: Gonna be wild to explain to your grandchildren how racist white Americans reacted to having a black President for 8 years by… twitter
9:58am The Daily: A Weekend of Pain and Protest overcast
8:48am RT @rialoveftw: Post office in #Oakland completely untouched - save for this one piece of gratitude twitter
May 31st
9:08pm RT @GeorgeTakei: The next time a great man like Colin Kaepernick takes a knee in peaceful protest, you’d better listen. Don’t stage a walk o… twitter
8:38pm RT @michaelharriot: Now, unlike most of the other threads, I’m gonna do this in real time and strictly from memory so forgive me if I leave … twitter
May 30th
8:20pm @zannah Thank you for sharing this! It looks so cute. twitter
3:28pm Radiolab: Dispatch 6: Strange Times overcast
3:16pm Planet Money: Small America Vs. Big Internet overcast
2:58pm The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 7: ‘Where We Go One’ overcast
2:44pm The Daily: Special Episode: The Latest From Minneapolis overcast
1:45pm RT @lukebutlerlab: When I release a bird I like to say “Oh no it escaped!”, so the bird gets a little boost to its self-esteem. Also, the st… twitter
11:59am David Attenborough Presents: A Drunken Thirty-Something Female Coming Home Alone (Again) facebook
11:39am RT @Rschooley: twitter
11:11am RT @ChrisMurphyCT: You spent $325,000 in taxpayer money to stage a walkout of a 49ers game in order to make perfectly clear you don’t stand … twitter
11:10am RT @brianschatz: Cities are burning, and Trump makes it worse by providing enthusiastic legal and rhetorical cover for white supremacy. He w… twitter
May 29th
11:54pm I like Rina Sawayama's "XS". The song is catchy and the video is a silly sendup of consumerism. So I go to Genius to see if anybody made any good observation... facebook
11:06pm RT @MichelleObama: Like so many of you, I’m pained by these recent tragedies. And I’m exhausted by a heartbreak that never seems to stop. Ri… twitter
4:10pm RT @PabloTorre: Riots are bad and that’s why we would all respect a completely peaceful and polite way to famously protest police brutality … twitter
1:22pm Illustrator Ryosuke Ootomo memorializes the small, relatable moments of life. (Like that moment when you peel the tape off a box but it’s obstructed by anoth... facebook
10:38am Political Gabfest: It’s Not a Lie, It’s a Tweet overcast
9:04am As President Trump holds Twitter accountable, they could lose their liability shield under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. So now they'll have... facebook
8:31am "What we learned with COVID is that, actually, a different kind of leader can be very beneficial," Dr. Evans said. "Perhaps people will learn to recognize an... facebook
8:25am The Google Chrome update from 81.0.4044.138 to 83.0.4103.61 broke some New Tab extensions' ability to start with focus on the omnibar (addre… twitter
May 28th
4:27pm RT @Papyrus_Stories: Ancient hedgehogs: a visual thread. 1st up is *maybe* my favourite – JUST LOOK AT HIM! Faience hedgehog rolled up in a… twitter
12:04pm "You're watching a professional wrestling match. Trump and Twitter and Facebook are all symbiotic and all interested in the same pursuit: dismantling democra... facebook
12:03pm RT @JYSexton: Tech isn’t interested in fact-checking because all content is profitable, whether accurate or intentionally inaccurate. In fac… twitter
12:02pm "'Social media should not fact check posts' says child molester Mark Zuckerberg" [ facebook
11:58am RT @SachaBaronCohen: Let’s be very clear: Trump is bullying social media companies to spread his lies, hate and conspiracies to win the ele… twitter
11:56am RT @JuddLegum: 1. This is a clarifying moment. It shows exactly what Facebook is and who Zuckerberg is Trump is violating Facebook's rule… twitter
11:53am RT @MadameHoneyPot: @pookleblinky And let's not forget the contributions of Navajo women to circuits (aka literally fairchild semiconductors… twitter
9:59am RT @ewarren: Facebook’s algorithm sows division and its ads policy allows politicians to lie without consequence, turning the platform into … twitter
9:37am Planet Money: Three Big Ideas overcast
9:17am The Daily: Space Travel, Privatized overcast
May 27th
11:32am 99% Invisible: Suits: Articles of Interest #10 overcast
11:25am The Daily: Can the Postal Service Survive the Pandemic? overcast
May 26th
8:02pm This American Life: 705: Time Out overcast
4:26pm RT @KenTremendous: Senator Loeffler has just run one of the all-time great grifts: 1. Get insider info about pandemic 2. Sell $20m in stoc… twitter
9:40am The Daily: The Story of Two Brothers From Mexico overcast
May 25th
8:22pm A Ninja Warrior course for squirrels. Worth the watch. Click through and enjoy. facebook
6:38am I'm "Fool Industrial". twitter
May 24th
2:22pm Maxfield's House of Caffeine (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
1:27pm Mission Dolores Park (a park) in San Francisco foursquare
May 23rd
5:42pm RT @franklinleonard: I have a feeling that this bit of work by @JustVent6 by way of @nytimes and @deAdder is going to be one of the indelibl… twitter
3:34pm The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 6: Impasse overcast
3:06pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: How I Built Resilience: Live with Tony Xu and Marcia Kilgore overcast
2:30pm RT @KenTremendous: You found out the pandemic was coming, sold all your stock, bought stock in a company that makes PPE, and publicly towed … twitter
May 22nd
10:43pm RT @even_kei: Kids these days will never know the hardships of each week having to overcook a fresh hardboiled egg yolk for the computer mou… twitter
7:58pm Planet Money: J. Screwed overcast
7:58pm The Scathing Atheist: 379: Apocalypse Service Edition overcast
12:39pm Political Gabfest: L-Shaped Recovery overcast
11:48am instagram
11:46am Radiolab: Speedy Beet overcast
11:26am Helpful Tips for Extroverts. []( facebook
9:26am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: The Last Archive overcast
1:03am RT @a_greenberg: Three years ago today, Marcus Hutchins stopped WannaCry, an $8 billion cyberattack. Then the FBI arrested him. Today we'r… twitter
May 21st
8:19pm Check out today's "Confirmed Cases per Capita". That bold blue line is America on the verge of overtaking Belgium and Spain to be the #1 sickest country in t... facebook
5:20pm RT @JYSexton: Once more. And for the love of god listen. Donald Trump hasn't failed in fighting the pandemic. He isn't interested in fighti… twitter
5:13pm RT @drvox: Notice: the idea that Fox should work for him -- that Fox is official state propaganda -- is not treated here as something contro… twitter
9:49am Fresh Air: Breaking The Edward Snowden Story overcast
9:29am The Daily: A Teenager’s Medical Mystery overcast
8:45am "'Devs is like a companion piece to Ex Machina,' Garland said in an interview with Engadget last week." (Spoilers in the comments.) [ facebook
May 20th
6:25pm RT @Roku: On this day in 2008: Our first video streaming player was shipped. #StreamingDay twitter
5:49pm Fresh Air: How Meditation Can Ease Pandemic Anxiety overcast
5:49pm Planet Money: How To Get Trillions To Millions overcast
12:15pm Every Little Thing: Old Life, This One’s For You overcast
11:50am The Daily: Why Is the Pandemic Killing So Many Black Americans? overcast
May 19th
4:57pm The Scathing Atheist: 378: Gates of Hell Edition overcast
4:46pm 99% Invisible: Perfume: Articles of Interest #9 overcast
11:59am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 771: Ferment All the Things overcast
11:14am The Daily: Trump’s Purge of the Watchdogs overcast
9:14am "[Doordash] was among the WeWorkian class of companies that, for me, represented everything wrong about startup evolution through the 2010s. ... Was this a b... facebook
9:13am "[Doordash] was among the WeWorkian class of companies that, for me, represented everything wrong about startup evolution through the 2010s.… twitter
May 18th
6:15pm dblume shares People recommended the FX miniseries Devs. Here's why it reminded me of the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. From Wipeout to Devs - David's Place plurk
6:13pm People recommended the FX miniseries Devs. Here's why it reminded me of the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. []... facebook
6:05pm People recommended the FX miniseries Devs. Here's why it reminded me of the 1995 PlayStation game Wipeout. twitter
4:40pm RT @peytonhooten: @gtconway3d @realDonaldTrump @ProjectLincoln twitter
12:35pm This American Life: 704: Our Pulitzer-Winning Episode overcast
11:39am The Daily: Can Government Spending Save the Economy? overcast
10:24am RT @maxbittker: 🌀⭐️ ⭐️🌀 A desktop pet & virtual ecosystem. Fill up your orb and watch life unfold twitter
10:10am RT @jcguan: been learning german, made some notes to remember what balls/balloon type things are called twitter
May 17th
9:36pm You guys and your fancy Facebook avatars. Back in my day, we had to build them one voxel at a time. facebook
4:30pm From Wipeout to Devs david_dlma
3:02pm RT @BarackObama: Congrats to the high school Class of 2020, as well as to the teachers, coaches, and most of all, parents and family who’ve … twitter
2:53pm RT @MuellerSheWrote: Of note: McConnell’s wife runs the department of transportation. twitter
2:44pm Every Little Thing: Dream Your Way to a Better You overcast
2:44pm The Scathing Atheist: 378: Gates of Hell Edition overcast
2:26pm Revisionist History: Revisionist Revisited: Free Brian Williams overcast
1:56pm The Daily: ‘The Sunday Read’: Letters of Recommendation overcast
12:20pm RT @Moudhy: First day of dog agility training went great thanks for asking twitter
12:14pm RT @ewarren: Once again, Trump has disposed of an Inspector General whose role was to serve as independent government oversight on behalf of… twitter
8:11am Radiolab: Octomom overcast
May 16th
12:07pm Reply All: #161 Brian vs. Brian overcast
11:39am The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 5: The Accidental Emperor overcast
May 15th
7:34pm Planet Money: Episode 1,000 overcast
7:14pm Political Gabfest: There Is No Plan overcast
4:33pm dblume shares some Shelter In Place music. The JWZ Mixtape 215 jwz mixtape 215 plurk
2:54pm The Daily: Reopening, Warily overcast
1:32pm RT @KenTremendous: It is a daily, ritualistic, international humiliation to have this dingdong leading our country. twitter
May 14th
2:28pm Radiolab: Why Fish Don’t Exist overcast
2:06pm Planet Money: #999: The Restaurant From The Future overcast
12:58pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 770: The Vanna White Effect overcast
12:48pm The Daily: The Saga of Michael Flynn overcast
May 13th
11:36am The Daily: The Constitutional Clash on a Conference Call overcast
10:23am RT @PhilippineStar: These stray cats were spotted occupying the circle marks intended for the implementation of social distancing protocols … twitter
May 12th
10:26pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 770: The Vanna White Effect overcast
10:26pm 99% Invisible: A Fantasy of Fashion: Articles of Interest #7 overcast
5:41pm RT @KenTremendous: This is really it, in a nutshell. The institutions that report on and cover news of the Presidency have a deeply-held rev… twitter
11:41am The Daily: Boris Johnson’s Change of Heart overcast
11:15am This American Life: 703: Stuck! overcast
May 11th
4:11pm RT @drvox: By covering this fact (as explained by the brilliant @xkcdComic) so little, & the protests of a tiny faction of lunatics so m… twitter
3:11pm RT @drvox: I constantly see in surveys that college & post-college education make people more liberal. The right is allowed, nay, encour… twitter
3:09pm RT @Politidope: Oh my. This is so good. twitter
12:29pm What Happens Next? COVID-19 Futures, Explained With Playable Simulations 🔬 Here's a real deep dive! 30 min read/play: twitter
9:33am The Daily: The Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery overcast
8:40am Playable simulations of COVID-19 futures. (with art and code by Nicky Case) []( facebook
8:22am RT @ncasenmare: Let's say 1 person who's convinced of misinformation, on average, convinces 3 others. This means R0 = 3. But! If you teach … twitter
May 10th
3:42pm The Daily: ‘The Sunday Read’: The Iceman in Winter overcast
3:42pm Revisionist History: Revisionist Revisited: A Good Walk Spoiled overcast
2:29pm "But until we stop reflexively seeing people as viral threats, those old small pleasures we crave are likely to remain elusive." [ facebook
1:18pm Radiolab: David and Dominique overcast
12:46pm RT @drvox: An excellent, level-headed review of Covid-19 risks. twitter
11:21am RT @PamKeithFL: In case it’s not 100% clear to you, Zuckerberg censored the Project Lincoln ad on FB, but let every, single, lie-fest Trump … twitter
May 9th
5:06pm The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 4: Headquarters overcast
4:43pm Fresh Air: Jane Mayer On How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s ‘Enabler-In-Chief’ overcast
4:36pm Radiolab: David and Dominique overcast
2:20pm RT @WajahatAli: This is a devastating 6-minute segment by @MSNBC showing how Trump bungled the #COVIDー19 response. His own words. A snapshot… twitter
9:02am The Scathing Atheist: 377: Reality Check Edition overcast
May 8th
7:52pm Planet Money: #998: Journey To The Center Of The Fed overcast
6:47pm The Daily: A Bit of Relief: Rick Steves’ Travel Dreams overcast
2:44pm RT @marceelias: BREAKING @RNC says it is doubling its budget to oppose voting rights in court to $20,000,000. Republican spox: RNC is prep… twitter
2:39pm RT @mikeduncan: Happy VE Day everyone. Today’s history lesson is: Dont tolerate Nazis. twitter
10:51am The Daily: The Arrival of the ‘Murder Hornet’ overcast
9:52am RT @shannondorf_: i cant wait to walk down the aisle twitter
May 7th
8:05pm Radiolab: Dispatch 5: Don’t Stop Believin’ overcast
8:05pm Political Gabfest: Vote By Mail overcast
12:40pm RT @Megavolt1: AP Exclusive: US shelves detailed guide to reopening country twitter
12:32pm RT @BrianRoemmele: I will let out a bit of a secret. I have been running a full IBM System/370 Mainframe on a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero for ~5 y… twitter
10:46am @KalenXI Let us know how this project goes. I might follow your lead. twitter
9:31am Planet Money: #997: Georgia’s Open Question overcast
9:11am Every Little Thing: Inside the Jigsaw Puzzle Factory overcast
9:02am The Daily: The Chinese Lab Theory overcast
May 6th
4:23pm RT @traceylross: So many of us stayed home for 2 months - an unprecedented act of solidarity - only for this administration to squander that… twitter
4:23pm "So many of us stayed home for 2 months - an unprecedented act of solidarity - only for this administration to squander that time and double down on a 'plan'... facebook
1:09pm RT @HillaryClinton: It appears the plan is, shamefully, to have no plan. Americans will suffer. We must replace this administration in N… twitter
11:02am RT @ksplanet: People are calling this "the second-worst performance Lincoln ever attended." @realdonaldtrump twitter
9:21am 99% Invisible: 401- The Natural Experiment overcast
8:45am The Daily: A Socially Distanced Senate overcast
May 5th
5:30pm @yacitus ProPublica ran an article on some of these people today. "Los New Yorkers". twitter
4:34pm RT @doctorow: 94.5% of the $349B that Congress appropriated for the small business Payroll Protection Plan went to giant, well-heeled corpor… twitter
4:21pm RT @byharryconnolly: Having tried Ignoring Expert Advice and having it blow up in their faces, the administration has decided to try Not Hav… twitter
4:19pm RT @30SECVlDEOS: Quarantine Day 53: twitter
11:19am The Scathing Atheist: 376: To Bleach His Own Edition overcast
11:09am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 769: Me? I’m On Unhinged overcast
10:33am The Daily: Bursting the College Bubble overcast
May 4th
2:13pm @automatic Thanks for the quick reply. I notice you use Mapbox, not Google Maps. Either way, I don't see the endpoint that takes such a para… twitter
12:59pm McConnell + Trump = Plutocratic Populism. (From Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson) twitter
12:55pm JANE MAYER: So the political scientists are Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson. And they've got a new book coming out that's called "Let Them Eat Tweets." And wha... facebook
12:51pm Spot on. What if we'd had a *competent* malignant narcissist plutocratic populist for president these past three years? Trump actually faile… twitter
11:48am A collection of recent @PresVillian tweets by @jwz : twitter
11:41am RT @choo_ek: Imagine the impact on the economy a competent, anticipatory, and science-based approach to the pandemic would’ve had. twitter
11:39am RT @JoeBiden: The hard truth is that it didn’t have to be this bad. The lack of preparation, the slow response on testing, the failure to ad… twitter
10:18am The Daily: One Meat Plant. One Thousand Infections. overcast
10:14am The Daily: ‘The Sunday Read’: Alone at Sea overcast
8:53am RT @ewarren: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Donald Trump is our most corrupt president in modern history. But he’s just the wo… twitter
May 3rd
3:54pm Political Gabfest: Come On, Man, I Heard You Liked Me overcast
2:34pm RT @neonepiphany: twitter
2:33pm @JuddLegum twitter
2:08pm RT @davidaxelrod: “I’ve heard from every C.D.C. in the world...and they say, ‘Normally our first call is to Atlanta, but we ain’t hearing ba… twitter
9:23am RT @ranthonylemke: Japanese #Murderhornets decimate a bee hive of 30 000 bees in about four hours - leaving piles of heads behind as they re… twitter
May 2nd
11:23pm RT @LisaRieffel: My kid wrote a song called, “I Wonder What’s Inside your Butthole” Quite honestly, it slaps. twitter
9:37pm RT @LoudmouthLira: If you would have told me on November 10, 2016 that the Trump presidency would end in 2020 with the economy failing and t… twitter
5:06pm Python - [Various Approaches to threaded URL Requests] dokuwiki
4:57pm Planet Money: #996: About That Hazard Pay overcast
4:27pm The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 3: Mirror Image overcast
4:17pm The Daily: A Bit of Relief: Tea and Toast overcast
3:22pm Python - [Fibonacci Generator with Itertools] dokuwiki
1:35pm RT @waltshaub: Tomorrow, Trump will fire the IC Inspector General. Trump also replaced DoD's IG. And Trump nominated a White House lawyer to… twitter
1:03pm @automatic What's the format of the "Path" column in the exported CSV file? (We loved your product. Thanks for a good run.) twitter
12:13pm "Hindsight's 2020." OMG. That's the quote. facebook
May 1st
3:25pm Thanks to Rick Mann's excellent COVID-19 Data site, this is the chart that's really getting me. The trend in "Confirmed Cases per Capita". Even with as littl... facebook
2:43pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
1:02pm This is fun! Click through and see if you recognize clips from songs to help identify generational gaps in popular music. facebook
11:54am The Daily: Tilly Remembers Her Grandfather overcast
11:54am The Scathing Atheist: 376: To Bleach His Own Edition overcast
April 30th
7:51pm Reply All: The Scaredy Cats Horror Show overcast
5:28pm RT @timoni: It's like I always say: there's no Venn diagram overlap between project managers and conspiracy theorists twitter
4:35pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
12:14pm Fresh Air: Jane Mayer On How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s ‘Enabler-In-Chief’ overcast
12:04pm The Daily: Biden’s Campaign of Isolation overcast
12:04pm Planet Money: #995: Buybacks And Bailouts overcast
8:30am RT @diannaeanderson: My friend who is a nurse just posted this image about why we should wear face masks and ... I love it. twitter
8:24am RT @CREWcrew: Unreleased tax returns. Ending the release of WH visitor logs. Ripping up docs. Refusing to keep notes on conversations with P… twitter
April 29th
7:17pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
12:32pm Fresh Air: Author Shares His ‘Notes From An Apocalypse’ overcast
12:27pm Every Little Thing: Tell Us What You’re Missing Most overcast
12:24pm The Daily: The Governor and the Protester overcast
11:58am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 768: Steer Into the Skid overcast
April 28th
10:17pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
10:13pm RT @gvanrossum: Python 3.9a6 is out! With new parser (PEP 617), dict|dict (PEP 584), list[int] (PEP 585), str.remove{prefix,suffix}() (PEP 6… twitter
8:05pm 99% Invisible: 400- The Smell of Concrete After Rain overcast
4:48pm RT @chrislhayes: Tyranny is the government telling you you can't go to a hair salon because there's a plague. Freedom, on the other hand, i… twitter
1:09pm RT @KenTremendous: Every time someone at the DoD or USAF has the idea to do a flyover or military display they should calculate the cost and… twitter
12:02pm The Daily: The State of Testing overcast
9:25am U.S. deaths soared in early weeks of pandemic, far exceeding number attributed to covid-19 facebook
8:56am RT @integerpoet: The problem isn’t excessive videoconferencing. The problem isn’t insisting that all staff occupy the same open plan office… twitter
April 27th
10:20pm "If a new administration succeeds him in 2021, it will have to clean up the toxic dump he leaves behind. If he is re-elected, toxicity will have become the l... facebook
3:23pm RT @mattbc: This, by the way, is what a failed nation-state looks like. twitter
3:18pm @yacitus It started off as a reasonable defense for the kleptocracy, (big employers employ employees, too! Why should they not get relief?),… twitter
2:05pm @KenTremendous @yacitus Daryl, Did you read Monty's Medium post? "This crisis was caused by either the purposeful or negligent actions of a … twitter
1:47pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
1:43pm During the pandemic people are watching films projected onto the sides of buildings. facebook
10:29am This American Life: 702: One Last Thing Before I Go overcast
10:07am The Daily: A Glut in Oil overcast
9:15am The need for COBOL programmers we have now makes me realize we're going to have an epoch problem in 18 years. twitter
April 26th
7:34pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: Closing the Restaurant That Was My Life for 20 Years overcast
4:08pm Chinese Poker david_dlma
3:46pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
April 25th
12:03pm Planet Money: #994: Making It Work overcast
11:46am The Daily: ‘Rabbit Hole,’ Episode 2: Looking Down overcast
April 24th
9:55pm On your next 4/20, I recommend adding Samurai Champloo S1:E9 "Beatbox Bandits" to your watchlist. It's a good, stand-alone episode, and you don't need any mo... facebook
9:29pm Love this. I'm doing something "artsy" for me, and it's the dumbest thing ever. Even my family won't notice. (Building a new reactive theme for an ancient bl... facebook
9:13pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
5:22pm Blue Angels to fly in honor of healthcare workers, who clearly did not ask for this. facebook
2:52pm Political Gabfest: Georgia Out of Its Mind overcast
1:50pm RT @sarahcpr: How to medical twitter
12:33pm The Daily: A New Way to Mourn overcast
1:10am I really loved Lee's Comics. Thus ends an era in the lives of many a local comic book lover. facebook
April 23rd
10:28pm RT @nycsouthpaw: Politics can be unpredictable, but the Republican idea of shoveling taxpayer money into the pockets of oil companies and cr… twitter
7:21pm Fresh Air: Actor Zoe Kazan overcast
4:28pm RT @BillKristol: This is in Phoenix today. The health care workers standing up to pro-Trump protester have become the symbol of a silent maj… twitter
4:22pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
2:01pm RT @IrvingSwisher: Does Nikki Haley not know what we're doing for businesses right now? Sounds like she's also against PPP. If your answer … twitter
12:39pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: How I Built Resilience: Live With Guy and Simon Sinek overcast
12:32pm The Scathing Atheist: 375: Being Detained Edition overcast
12:10pm The Daily: Getting Off Rikers Island overcast
10:29am RT @ashishkjha: I like this @JeremyKonyndyk analogy a lot Our house is on fire (pandemic) We can suffocate (social distancing) or feed the… twitter
10:07am This is a great, concise explanation of the Outrage Cycle (Trump keeping critics distracted with outrage), and how to combat it. Click through. facebook
7:39am Fresh Air: The FBI, CIA & The Truth About America’s ‘Deep State’ overcast
April 22nd
7:12pm Planet Money: #993: Negative Oil overcast
4:44pm I was nominated by my friend Daryl Spitzer to do a 10 day album challenge . Pick one album a day that influenced me, at any age, and post a picture of it. No... facebook
12:43pm Every Little Thing: Black Holes: Free Your Mind overcast
12:43pm 99% Invisible: 399- Masking for a Friend overcast
12:25pm The Daily: Who’s Organizing the Lockdown Protests? overcast
11:24am Why do some British people not like Donald Trump? facebook
9:44am RT @davidenrich: Exclusive: @realDonaldTrump's company wants a break on the rent it owes the federal govt for its DC hotel – exactly the typ… twitter
April 21st
9:52pm RT @abigaildisney: OK, I've been holding my tongue on the theory that a pandemic is no time to be calling people out on anything other than … twitter
7:43pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 767: Fifteen Years Later overcast
11:41am The Daily: The Supreme Court Rules From Home overcast
9:46am President Trump: "I think in a certain way, a scarf is better, it’s actually better." He couldn't have been more wrong.I almost wrote, "I am sick to death ... facebook
April 20th
3:59pm This American Life: 701: Black Box overcast
10:25am The Daily: The Next Year (or Two) of the Pandemic overcast
9:51am Fresh Air: How Dr. Fauci ‘Changed Medicine In America Forever’ overcast
7:51am RT @PJVogt: If this was a Sim City map you’d start over. twitter
April 19th
8:52pm Really seems like the light fixture in the Westworld Delos Boardroom is an organic chemical molecule. Can anybody identify which one? (The only one I know is... facebook
3:35pm RT @RexChapman: Most incredible thing you’ll see today. These two women are playing tennis from rooftop to rooftop in the Italian city of … twitter
12:19pm Radiolab: The Cataclysm Sentence overcast
12:05pm instagram
11:55am The Daily: The Sunday Read: The Woman Who Might Find Us Another Earth overcast
10:55am On the cruise line industry registered outside the U.S. wanting a U.S. bailout: "The thing to remember is that if allowed to fail, the cruise ships won’t sin... facebook
April 18th
7:03pm RT @scottlincicome: Still laughing abt this twitter
1:21pm Planet Money: #992: The Mask Mover overcast
10:00am Here's my 2012 Google+ post (yes, Google+) archiving an answer to "I want to learn something new, but what?" Seems like now is another good … twitter
8:38am Pass The Pepper: Social Distancing is Nothing to Sneeze At youtube_favorites
April 17th
7:01pm The Daily: Introducing ‘Rabbit Hole’ overcast
7:01pm Political Gabfest: I Alone Can Open It overcast
2:44pm RT @drvox: Can't blink these days or you'll miss an episode of horrific GOP behavior that in any other era would have been a decade-defining… twitter
10:49am The Daily: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Progressivism and the Pandemic overcast
9:43am RT @pgirguis: I’ll leave this. Right. Here. twitter
April 16th
9:41pm Iceland tested 10% of their population for COVID-19, and half of those who tested positive were asymptomatic.Dr. Kári Stefánsson "The methods we’ve used in... facebook
9:37pm As @GetCollege wrote, "The means without the will amounts to nothing. What we have here is a total failure of leadership." America has the m… twitter
3:50pm Esp. for Val Jamora facebook
2:51pm Fresh Air: The ‘Big Business’ Of Inequality overcast
2:24pm Fresh Air: Remembering John Prine overcast
2:16pm The Scathing Atheist: 374: Absolutely Relative Edition overcast
1:54pm The Daily: Kicked Out of China overcast
11:16am Planet Money: #991: Lives Vs. The Economy overcast
April 15th
1:28pm RT @ThePlumLineGS: I've compiled a side-by-side comparison of the reaction to coronavirus by Trump and the World Health Organization. The t… twitter
12:33pm Fresh Air: Understanding The Origin Of ‘Heaven And Hell’ overcast
12:04pm The Daily: 24 Hours Inside a Brooklyn Hospital overcast
8:26am I guess it depends on how you define "school shooting". When teachers and students return to school, they'll probably find plenty of bullet holes. facebook
8:07am 99% Invisible: 398- Unsheltered in Place overcast
April 14th
1:47pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 766: Zoom, But Use Protection overcast
12:55pm Every Little Thing: How Did Prehistoric Parents Feed The Kids? overcast
11:09am The Daily: Examining the Allegation Against Joe Biden overcast
April 13th
7:12pm This American Life: 700: Embiggening overcast
12:53pm RT @xkcdComic: RIP John Conway twitter
12:50pm In this video about Zoom security, at the part where he says "an end to encryption" was a great time to say "oops, that's the GOVERNMENT's goal, not ours" an... facebook
10:04am The Daily: Voices of the Pandemic overcast
8:18am @alexstamos @SlexAxton Congress beat you to it. twitter
8:16am At "an end to encryption" was a great time to say "oops, that's the GOVERNMENT's goal, not ours" and mention the EARN IT Act.… twitter
April 12th
10:56pm I just wasted much time configuring nginx to only redirect external-facing sites to https but (trying to) keep pi.hole on http. Nginx was wo… twitter
5:30pm RT @BlackHalt: Cat vs Dog challenge twitter
1:02pm Invisibilia: The Last Sound overcast
12:46pm The Daily: The Sunday Read: Weird Al Yankovic’s Weirdly Enduring Appeal overcast
11:39am RT @88SEATTLE61: @B52Malmet @gofundme twitter
April 11th
9:50pm RT @TVietor08: On February 26, Trump was scheduled to meet with top infectious disease experts to discuss urgent social distancing steps. In… twitter
9:26pm It's a thing of beauty. There are no checks and balances, and there never will be repercussions. The system has been tested and there's no p… twitter
9:18pm RT @KenTremendous: He didn't "misstate" them. He knew what the truth is. He's the goddamn Attorney General of the goddamn United States. He … twitter
9:16pm Tomorrow might be the day that the U.S. has a higher percentage of COVID-19 deaths per case than China does. Either we're not testing enough, or their medici... facebook
7:24pm Every Little Thing: Essential Workers Call In overcast
4:41pm RT @ircri: This is solid gold watchdogging. Nice work. twitter
4:40pm RT @AOC: When late stage capitalism takes a selfie: twitter
12:36pm Shelter At Home Day 26: "You just failed with wife test." "You failed the husband test a long time ago... F*cker." 🤣 facebook
11:52am Radiolab: Dispatch 4: Six Feet overcast
11:35am The Daily: A Bit of Relief: ‘Soup Is Soup’ overcast
11:25am Planet Money: #990: The Big Small Business Rescue overcast
April 10th
2:08pm Political Gabfest: Relationships During a Pandemic overcast
2:00pm Political Gabfest: It’s Easy to Talk About Lysol overcast
1:47pm The Daily: ‘I Become a Person of Suspicion’ overcast
April 9th
11:48pm The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck (Official Music Video) youtube_favorites
7:21pm The Scathing Atheist: 373: Fight for Your Right to Petri Edition overcast
5:51pm RT @ewarren: Our political system has debated the role of government since the founding, but the time for cheap political shots at governmen… twitter
5:50pm RT @KevinMKruse: Brilliant (from @mannysands). twitter
5:47pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: In San Francisco, a teddy bear safari map circulated on parents groups starting last month has rapidly expanded "from a s… twitter
4:53pm dblume shares I just published the rules for a variant of "Chinese Poker" that we like to play. A “Chinese Poker” Card Game Variant - David Blume - ... plurk
4:41pm Hey Ted Pederson and Julie Pederson, remember playing Chinese Poker with Derek and Pei? I forgot the rules, so I fired up a classic Macintosh emulator, and r... facebook
4:37pm I just published A ‘Chinese Poker’ Card Game Variant twitter
3:32pm Reply All: #59 Good Job, Alex overcast
3:03pm Every Little Thing: Essential Workers Call In overcast
2:55pm The Daily: On the Front Lines in New Orleans overcast
9:03am RT @GrogsGamut: This is so damn good twitter
9:01am RT @BarackObama: Social distancing bends the curve and relieves some pressure on our heroic medical professionals. But in order to shift off… twitter
April 8th
9:00pm RT @Sifill_LDF: Get your coffee and sit with this THREAD. “Safeguards that took centuries to build have crumbled, and fascism is eyeing this… twitter
8:54pm RT @JeremyKonyndyk: It is stunning, as the article says, that Trump’s task force has still produced “no document you can download, no websit… twitter
8:46pm RT @bradleyrsimpson: One of Trump’s most lasting and under appreciated effects is the brazen handing over to and looting of basic government… twitter
7:44pm Planet Money: #989: What If No One Pays Rent? overcast
7:44pm Radiolab: Space overcast
6:07pm RT @tedlieu: It appears the @realDonaldTrump Administration seized 500 ventilators that Colorado ordered. Then Trump gives back 100 and cred… twitter
6:05pm RT @brianbeutler: .@SenatorLoeffler you should still resign immediately, but you should also donate the wealth you stole, which you will now… twitter
2:35pm The Daily: The Latest: Bernie Sanders Drops Out overcast
2:35pm 99% Invisible: 397- Wipe Out overcast
2:23pm The Daily: A Crisis Inside the Navy overcast
April 7th
9:35pm Let this be Wisconsin's legacy, and a cautionary tale to those who want to vote. twitter
9:29pm RT @Lollardfish: Please attach this to every bill and then refuse to budge. twitter
9:24pm RT @GreatDismal: twitter
9:22pm I've bookmarked Rick Mann's excellent COVID-19 charts, and I check three of them each evening."Daily Cases": I'm watching the trajectory of those lines, an... facebook
7:46pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 765: Holds Each Cheek Separately overcast
4:25pm "Narcissistic personalities are weak. ... Trump is afraid to actually *do* anything in this crisis." facebook
3:57pm RT @CREWcrew: NEW: By removing Glenn Fine after he was named chairman of the group overseeing $2 trillion in coronavirus relief funds, Trump… twitter
3:51pm RT @edarcherthinks: To whomever is chalking names and descriptions of trees on the pavements across Walthamstow. I love you. This made my he… twitter
12:55pm The Daily: Wisconsin’s Pandemic Primary overcast
12:19pm RT @Leahgreenb: The Supreme Court has started issuing decisions remotely in order to protect their own safety. One of their first remote d… twitter
12:17pm RT @brianefallon: 1. Win the election. 2. Add seats to the Court. 3. Save democracy. twitter
10:43am Republican politicians have been admitting in public that letting people vote doesn't serve their agenda. This is a great success. Next step… twitter
10:22am Yay! @loishh made a fanart of Mugen from Samurai Champloo! twitter
April 6th
10:26pm Great thread explaining the insidious workings of viruses. twitter
10:10pm RT @davidaxelrod: And as you listen to him denigrate reporters, remember what @realDonaldTrump told Lesley Stahl in 2016 about why he attack… twitter
10:08pm RT @ddale8: This is significant not only because the president is saying things that aren't true but because he's using this imaginary testi… twitter
3:27pm RT @DavidVidecette: This is the moment The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was closed due to Coronavirus. Last time this happene… twitter
10:26am The Daily: The Sunday Read: The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune overcast
10:05am The Daily: A Historic Unemployment Crisis overcast
April 5th
9:48pm It's almost like the states are uniting for a common cause. facebook
9:44pm RT @jonfavs: Governor Newsom is doing what the federal government could be doing right now if it wasn't run by Donald Trump twitter
6:12pm Raspberry Pi dokuwiki
1:40pm Invisibilia: The Reluctant Immortalist overcast
April 4th
4:23pm Planet Money: #988: The Economics Of Hospital Beds overcast
12:07pm The Daily: A Bit of Relief: Introducing ‘Sugar Calling’ overcast
11:32am Great graphs. Really love seeing "Confirmed Cases per Capita" and "Deaths as a Percentage of Cases", for additional perspective. facebook
10:07am RT @ChrisLu44: Susan Collins in February: “I believe that the president has learned from this case. The president has been impeached. That's… twitter
10:05am RT @ddale8: Trump sometimes says they inherited an obsolete or broken system. That’s vague and subjective. But saying they inherited obsolet… twitter
10:02am @neonepiphany @Criterion The Eel has been in my queue for well over five years. Netflix DVD never had it. Always only ever in their stupid "… twitter
April 3rd
6:04pm Radiolab: Dispatch 3: Shared Immunity overcast
10:55am The Daily: The Return of the Governor overcast
10:55am Political Gabfest: Maybe It Is Infrastructure Week overcast
7:54am RT @MDowellEdTech: Legally speaking, a corporation is a person. So any #CorporateBailout should be limited to $1200 twitter
7:48am RT @MDowellEdTech: Who’s going to this? twitter
April 2nd
8:45pm RT @movie_pundit: Are we here for a world where we go back out again but, like, in those puffy dinosaur costumes for, like, a year? twitter
8:06pm RT @CREWcrew: Deutsche Bank appears to have failed to monitor and report suspicious financial activity found in accounts controlled by Presi… twitter
4:17pm Revisionist History: Revisionist Revisited: Analysis, Parapraxis, Elvis overcast
2:21pm RT @deAdder: Cartoon for April 2. #coronavirus #COVIDー19 #Trumpdemic #Facebook twitter
12:24pm The Scathing Atheist: 372: Quarantine Angst Edition overcast
11:47am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 764: Tech Support in Tights overcast
11:45am The Daily: A Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci overcast
10:51am RT @edyong209: I asked if there was a simple framework for thinking about airborne risks. Linsey Marr gave the perfect answer. It's such a s… twitter
10:46am "... we should forge a strategy to defeat the coronavirus and open the way to economic revival. If we act immediately, we can make the anniversary of D-Day o... facebook
10:44am RT @brianschatz: Ten Weeks to Crush the Curve | NEJM twitter
10:00am RT @NatSecMulligan: This playbook sat on my office shelf when I was the Director for Preparedness and Response at DOJ. In 2018 I joined a gr… twitter
8:54am RT @brianschatz: This pandemic is worse because of the Trump administration. Because of their disdain for experts, because of their magical … twitter
April 1st
9:54pm AlphaStar (an A.I. that plays StarCraft II) decisively beat Team Liquid’s Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz, one of the world’s strongest professional StarCraft player... facebook
9:09pm This is amazing. twitter
9:06pm RT @mmpadellan: This tweet, from 2 years ago, seems on the nose. #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath twitter
7:25pm Reply All: #160 The Attic and Closet Show 2 overcast
6:07pm Clear and actionable advice from Bill Gates. facebook
5:57pm RT @jjinux: Udemy has put together a collection of some of our best free courses: twitter
2:27pm RT @dfriedman33: Sen. Kelly Loeffler sold more stock than known, $18.7 million, including shares in retail stores, while buying into a compa… twitter
12:58pm Radiolab: Dispatch 2: Every Day is Ignaz Semmelweis Day overcast
12:52pm 99% Invisible: 396- This Day in Esoteric Political History overcast
12:32pm The Daily: The Race for a Vaccine overcast
9:15am RT @umairh: My partner, the doctor, rolling her eyes: tell them I don’t want their claps and cheers during a pandemic, I want them to stop v… twitter
March 31st
9:19pm RT @jonrog1: Incredibly, Trump’s inability to ever admit there’s anything he doesn’t know simultaneously blows up the “distracted by impeach… twitter
7:21pm Planet Money: #987: The Race To Make Ventilators overcast
7:04pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 764: Tech Support in Tights overcast
3:21pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers.'" - Fred Ro… twitter
2:47pm Click through for an excellent rebuttal to a defense of the New York Times' he-said/she-said coverage. "The New York Times Is Committing ‘Journalistic Malpra... facebook
12:47pm RT @matociquala: The end result of running government like a business is not efficiency, but maximizing resource extraction, profit, and cr… twitter
11:58am The Daily: Why the U.S. Is Running Out of Medical Supplies overcast
11:32am Worth clicking through. There's in door in their ceiling! What could it lead to‽ facebook
11:31am RT @VafeR: Alright kids, gather round. A few of you may remember that my 3yo discovered a door in our ceiling, and has been asking about wh… twitter
March 30th
7:34pm This American Life: 698: The Test overcast
12:25pm The Daily: Back From the Brink overcast
7:58am RT @jerm_cohen: Here is part 1, 2, and 3 of “Quarantine Cutie” all in one tweet twitter
March 29th
9:12pm Is it possible to surf the web without touching your face? (Are you touching your face right now?) facebook
9:03pm RT @314chler: @natalietran 2019 ok boomer 2020 r u okay boomer? twitter
4:23pm Fresh Air: Best Of: Marc Maron / Hank Azaria overcast
11:27am Fresh Air: Michael Pollan On The Drug We Use Every Day: Caffeine overcast
11:12am The Daily: Special Episode: What I Learned When My Husband Got Coronavirus overcast
10:52am Invisibilia: White v. White? overcast
March 28th
7:57pm Shout out to the foley artists of The Expanse, too. I just watched a heartfelt speech from Nagata at 38m in on S4:E5, and when she walked away off camera, yo... facebook
2:02pm RT @ziibiing: Yesterday, a thing happened that I’ve feared since Trump got elected. The Secretary of Interior ordered a reservation disest… twitter
1:22pm Radiolab: Dispatch 1: Numbers overcast
12:26pm The Scathing Atheist: 371: Electric Boog-Achoo Edition overcast
11:41am Planet Money: #986: America Unemployed overcast
10:23am The Daily: Special Episode: Jody’s Playlist overcast
March 27th
9:56pm From @jwz , Why Zoom is bad and you should care. twitter
8:42pm RT @YellowstoneNPS: A perfect example of what to do when approached by wildlife! 🤣 Thanks Deion for putting the #YellowstonePledge into acti… twitter
4:46pm RT @KevinMKruse: "I was extremely unhappy with Lordstown, Ohio," Trump says about GM's decision to sell off its factory there. Wow, look at… twitter
3:27pm Political Gabfest: Two Trillion Dollars overcast
3:04pm RT @ShirazMaher: I've been debating about whether to 'go public' on having coronavirus - which I kind of did inadvertently this morning. So,… twitter
11:56am @yacitus Only anecdotal, and it sounded plausible to me. You don't think some Americans are afraid of being pulled into potentially high med… twitter
9:57am To be fair, most of the affected will be city-dwelling Democrats. twitter
9:38am The Daily: A Kids’ Guide to Coronavirus overcast
8:44am I wonder how Reiko Nagase is doing nowadays. twitter
8:39am RT @wrathofgnon: Swedish anti-ugly architecture group @arkuppror has collected a fine bunch of Scandinavian houses that did not quite live u… twitter
7:51am You guys, click through and watch this. It's so worth it. AdventureTime, Rick and Morty, Mr. Robot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shining and so much more. facebook
March 26th
9:40pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 763: Ghost Finger overcast
8:58pm Whoa, whoa, whoa. The fact that American won't get tested early because they don't want to be found positive and end up having to pay a lot … twitter
5:31pm RT @JeremyKonyndyk: We knew it could happen. We knew it *would* eventually happen. So: We left them a playbook. We left them an expert N… twitter
11:53am Planet Money: #985: Where Do We Get $2,000,000,000,000? overcast
11:43am The Daily: A Historic Stimulus Bill overcast
11:43am Planet Money: #984: Food And Farmworkers overcast
March 25th
10:15pm RT @chrislhayes: Dangerous insanity that will quite literally make the pandemic worse. WE HAVE TO TEST EVERYWHERE PARTICULARLY EARLY THAT'… twitter
10:11pm RT @sahilkapur: The Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this ad.… twitter
3:30pm RT @alfranken: Sometimes it's best not to overlook the obvious. twitter
2:08pm RT @KenTremendous: In the end we will have handled this worse than any nation on earth, because our leaders lied to us, said it was under co… twitter
12:57pm These kids don’t know how to load a dish drying rack. I’ve failed. twitter
9:39am The Daily: ‘Raring to Go by Easter’ overcast
8:46am "How Twitter users turned 9 year-old Quaden Bayles into a scammer, and how the rapid spread of false information made his bullying even worse." A really good... facebook
8:20am Migrating from vim-pathogen to native vim 8 packages twitter
8:03am "I guess it’s not surprising that a political party that thinks sacrificing school children for the NRA is acceptable would also think that sacrificing grand... facebook
7:59am RT @RKJ65: I guess it’s not surprising that a political party that thinks sacrificing school children for the NRA is acceptable would also t… twitter
7:58am RT @RepKatiePorter: As a consumer protection attorney who fought big banks, I know to read the fine print—so that’s what I did when the Pres… twitter
7:56am RT @brianschatz: The President is too confused, too indecisive, too disorganized, too easily manipulated, too personally callous, and too an… twitter
March 24th
8:39pm RT @JuhanaIF: This one's a real head-scratcher. twitter
8:34pm RT @BenjaminToff: I see we've reached the withholding-ventilators-due-to-insufficient-praise level of villainy twitter
3:34pm RT @cmyeaton: This is the moment I warned of - we have sacrificed so much already, but it feels like nothing is working. That's because it t… twitter
10:57am Planet Money: #983: You Asked About The Virus Economy overcast
10:40am The Daily: Why the American Approach Is Failing overcast
7:58am RT @xecretcode: This has never been more true. Ignore science & suffer the consequences. 😵🌎 #coronavirus twitter
7:52am RT @RepAdamSchiff: The same guy who said “I alone can fix it,” And then said “I take no responsibility,” Now wants to be in charge of a $5… twitter
March 23rd
2:28pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 763: Ghost Finger overcast
2:28pm Reply All: #159 The Attic and Closet Show overcast
1:42pm This American Life: 697: Alone Together overcast
1:03pm Thank you, "Shelter in Place" Order, for making me get familiar with Windows 10's Virtual Desktops. They're going to really help. twitter
10:03am The Daily: The Pandemic and the Primary overcast
8:24am Happy National Puppy Day! facebook
7:59am RT @brianschatz: McConnell abandoned a bipartisan process at around 8 pm on Saturday and had his people write the bill alone. The result was… twitter
March 22nd
9:41pm Steven Levy interviews the doctor who helped defeat smallpox. Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant explains what's coming. facebook
9:32pm "Within a loyalty cult, no one will tell the president that starting widespread emergency testing would be prudent, because anyone who does is at risk of los... facebook
2:35pm The Daily: Special Episode: The Mixed-Up Brothers of Bogotá overcast
12:30pm The Scathing Atheist: 370: Socially Distant Edition overcast
11:43am RT @SenWarren: Millions may now lose their jobs. And Trump wants our response to be a half-trillion dollar slush fund to boost favored compa… twitter
10:52am RT @EllenKuwana: I barely got sentences of explanation out and owner of Taste of India calmly stopped me and said, “What do you need? I will… twitter
10:37am @zannah I'm going to have to share this at work. We put a lot of time into each of those services. twitter
10:23am One detail I love of "The Expanse" is how they use their technology without any exposition for the audience. Like in S3:E8 at 22:00, Holden worries he might ... facebook
March 21st
5:42pm RT @KenTremendous: This is key. The news will continue to deteriorate next week, but it doesn't mean what we're doing isn't working. We slam… twitter
2:38pm Milpitas Library (a library) in Milpitas foursquare
2:35pm Every Little Thing: Is It Weird to Be Nice to Alexa? overcast
2:17pm The Daily: Special Episode: Alone Together overcast
March 20th
10:05pm RT @mspowahs: I get it: you're on lockdown. You're trying to do a lot with a little. It's hard to find joy in the midst of fear, depression,… twitter
9:52pm RT @gregpmiller: Trump fired Joe Maguire as DNI a month ago. Now he and practically every other living ex-DNI or NCTC chief has signed onto … twitter
6:49pm RT @gtconway3d: .@realDonaldTrump’s disordered mental state is extremely relevant to the current crisis. twitter
6:36pm RT @RadioFreeTom: If it turns out that U.S. Senators were using inside knowledge of a pandemic to protect their financial holdings while bul… twitter
6:35pm RT @NormOrnstein: That is a multiplier for the larger problem. He is a narcissistic sociopath who has created the most incompetent executive… twitter
6:30pm RT @AndrewYang: If you find out about a nation-threatening pandemic and your first move is to adjust your stock portfolio you should probabl… twitter
5:52pm Nice parallax! instagram
4:18pm Invisibilia: An Unlikely Superpower overcast
3:37pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 6 overcast
3:17pm Reply All: Announcement! We’re taking calls and broadcasting live this week overcast
2:57pm Political Gabfest: How Long Will It Last? overcast
12:52pm Parkside Commons (a college residence hall) in Long Beach foursquare
12:36pm Blue Bowl (a juice bar) in Long Beach foursquare
8:27am Planet Money: #982: How To Save The Economy Now overcast
7:56am The Daily: New York City Grinds to a Halt overcast
March 19th
7:59pm @uscensusbureau My answer is (sorta) here: "in most cases students living away from home at school should be counted at school, even if they… twitter
7:16pm RT @BillKristol: This new ad from @ForTheRuleOfLaw will run Friday morning on Fox and Friends. "We pretty much shut it down...It'll be down … twitter
4:41pm RT @Limericking: .@Boeing had cash, which it blew On buybacks, and bonuses too. When revenues slowed, It felt it was owed A $60-bil bailout… twitter
3:44pm RT @RobertFaturechi: NEW: After assuring the public about the government's coronavirus preparedness, Senate Intel chair Richard Burr, in one… twitter
3:37pm RT @RBReich: NO justification for bailouts or subsidies to corporations. They can get low-interest loans or reorganize their debts in bankru… twitter
3:23pm Every Little Thing: ELT Wants to Hear From You overcast
3:21pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 762: Synthetic Chris Evans overcast
2:57pm Just walking... instagram
12:35pm RT @Robert_E_Kelly: 1/ This is obviously racist, but it’s also an opportunistic gimmick to change the subject away from Trump’s massive mana… twitter
9:22am The Daily: One City’s Fight to Stop the Virus overcast
8:46am RT @ihatejoelkim: Maybe put them back. twitter
7:59am @uscensusbureau We excluded our kids "away at college" as directed. But now with Covid19 the dorms are not letting the kids back for the res… twitter
7:44am RT @KurtKohlstedt: Between this and the dolphins in Venice, it would seem the rest of the animal kingdom is faring pretty well in our relati… twitter
March 18th
7:17pm Planet Money: #981: How To Test A Country overcast
7:17pm 99% Invisible: 394- Roman Mars Describes Things As They Are overcast
2:54pm The Daily: Gov. Andrew Cuomo: ‘It’s Making Sure We Live Through This.’ overcast
2:39pm The Daily: The Latest: Why President Trump Changed His Tone on the Coronavirus overcast
7:57am The firm that basically created the mess that is WeWork by dumping billions of dollars into the company, also owns a patent troll that bought up the patents ... facebook
March 17th
8:15pm Some good ideas for strings to attach to corporation bailouts. Click through! twitter
5:26pm Apple - [Configuration] brew install telnet dokuwiki
3:00pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 762: Synthetic Chris Evans overcast
1:23pm RT @evanmcmurry: oh my god, the chicago aquarium closed due to coronavirus, so they let the penguins run around and check out the other exhi… twitter
11:41am Planet Money: #980: The Fed Fights The Virus overcast
11:29am The Daily: ‘It’s Like a War’ overcast
11:29am This American Life: 696: Low Hum of Menace overcast
7:54am RT @brianschatz: Just want to add that it’s Republicans in both the House and the Senate that are holding things up. I thought about not say… twitter
March 16th
5:27pm Bento Xpress (a japanese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
2:00pm Invisibilia: The Confrontation overcast
1:40pm The Daily: Why This Recession Will Be Different overcast
10:21am RT @businessinsider: Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a cure for coronavirus and offered cash so the vaccine would be exclu… twitter
8:47am The Daily: Special Episode: This Tom Hanks Story Will Make You Feel Less Bad overcast
8:03am RT @inthemoodfortw: twitter
7:55am RT @JeremyKlemin: Damn, Norway. twitter
7:42am RT @KurtKohlstedt: Architect: what kind of bathroom were you thi... Client: JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP twitter
March 15th
5:16pm Planet Money: #979: Medicine For The Economy overcast
4:18pm Just put these bad boys up over the staircase. When @planetgranitesantaclara opens their doors again, we’ll be ready! instagram
11:11am RT @chrislhayes: These airport scenes are *infuriating*. A policy designed around propaganda rather than science and announced suddenly is n… twitter
11:10am From the 19th Surgeon General of the United States twitter
March 14th
9:44pm RT @benphillips76: Graphs are useful but to really get what that rising curve is, have a look at the obituaries page of this Bergamo daily n… twitter
9:40pm "The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christi… twitter
9:37pm "The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed mal... facebook
8:53pm RT @SethAbramson: MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: NPR Source Says Trump Blocked Coronavirus Testing in January to Aid His Reelection Chances By Keeping… twitter
5:24pm RT @HamillHimself: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."- FDR "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for… twitter
2:15pm RT @RonaldKlain: Facts: The Obama administration tested 1 million people for H1N1 in the first month after the first US diagnosed case. Th… twitter
9:32am RT @dylan_thyme: hi, it’s me, a food service employee! & uhhh... no offense or anything, but i’ve seen how some of you... live? so in ca… twitter
March 13th
10:01pm RT @YoYo_Ma: In these days of anxiety, I wanted to find a way to continue to share some of the music that gives me comfort. The first of my … twitter
9:53pm RT @mmpadellan: FUN FACT: The guy who said "I alone can fix it" and the guy who said "No, I don't take responsibility at all" SAME GUY. twitter
9:52pm Everybody here in California is like "but that running water...!" twitter
7:47pm Banana Leaf (a malay restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
7:21pm The Daily: Special Episode: A Bit of Relief overcast
7:14pm The Scathing Atheist: 369: Premodern Edition overcast
2:43pm Political Gabfest: Flatten the Curve overcast
8:37am The Daily: Learning to Live With the Coronavirus overcast
7:54am No, it'd only be the end of *legal* private encrypted messaging. twitter
7:46am RT @Snowden: The government cast Manning into a dungeon for resisting a scheme to make publishers of news subject to the Espionage Act. They… twitter
March 12th
11:56pm The American President had an opportunity to be presidential, to be the individual who fit the position we elected him for. This was the moment we wanted to ... facebook
11:52pm RT @AshleyRParker: An ad-libbed riff, an error-riddled speech, and a nation on edge. Inside 10 minutes at the teleprompter that may define T… twitter
9:42pm RT @Mikel_Jollett: Just spitballing here but maybe it was a really fucking stupid idea to cover politics like sports instead of the life and… twitter
4:18pm @joe_sheehan Have you seen this? twitter
4:15pm RT @p_evans: I have seen a lot of random coronavirus-related stories but I did not see "monkey gang war" coming. MONKEY GANGS twitter
4:13pm RT @briantylercohen: Holy shit. Katie Porter holds the CDC Director's feet to the fire and gets him to commit to FREE TESTING for coronaviru… twitter
4:13pm Is this as amazing as it looks? Katie Porter got the CDC Director to commit to FREE TESTING for coronavirus for ALL AMERICANS. We need leadership like that. facebook
2:57pm The Daily: Confronting a Pandemic overcast
March 11th
10:10pm RT @kellymagsamen: Things the President could have talked about: 1) DoD Building field hospitals 2) Surging health care capacity by calling … twitter
6:18pm Planet Money: #978: Coronavirus, Oil, and Kansas overcast
2:27pm RT @FreedomofPress: Leading cryptography expert @matthew_d_green analyzed the EARN IT Act in-depth here. It's a clear and present danger to … twitter
2:15pm 99% Invisible: 393- Map Quests: Political, Physical and Digital overcast
9:25am RT @b0rk: containers vs VMs twitter
9:18am @b0rk Succinct and informative. I'm learning stuff and really appreciate this. (I also love it when you choose go to handwritten. There's ju… twitter
9:03am Part of the fun, and part of the challenge are that even though there's more than one way to get it right, there are so many ways to screw t… twitter
8:15am The Daily: Why the U.S. Wasn’t Ready for the Coronavirus overcast
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: Joe Biden Takes Command overcast
7:41am RT @Snowden: The government is attempting to exploit anger at tech companies to pass a law that intentionally undermines digital security (h… twitter
7:32am RT @jennafranke: Sounds like Berkeley instructors are handling #COVID19 well 😂 twitter
March 10th
9:51pm "Two Party System: Making your country sh*t either way". A hilarious video about Preferential Voting. facebook
9:13pm RT @PreetBharara: Donald Trump is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on America twitter
9:09pm RT @maxgladstone: That whole 'social interaction takes mana' thing is a good angle but it misses that the mana doesn't, like, vanish into no… twitter
8:59pm RT @HillaryClinton: You’re not just protecting yourself by working from home, minimizing travel, and washing your hands. You’re protecting … twitter
3:07pm RT @ThePlumLineGS: It's beyond galling that Trump is begging Dems for stimulus after saying for weeks that they only hyped coronavirus to *h… twitter
2:41pm Every Little Thing: Symphony Secrets: Dirt from the Pit overcast
2:35pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 761: The Esperanto of Time overcast
2:15pm The Daily: The Field: What Happened to Elizabeth Warren? overcast
12:40pm I had not idea how complete the Cancel Culture victory would be. twitter
9:07am RT @b0rk: the Linux kernel features that make containers work twitter
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: Why Markets Crashed on Monday overcast
March 9th
9:56pm From a friend twice removed. Elizabeth holds a PhD in biochemistry from UC Berkeley. h/t Rick Mann facebook
2:43pm "'I like the numbers being where they are. I don’t need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault,' the president said. Apparently... facebook
12:52pm RT @jayrosen_nyu: In his newsletter @brianstelter says about Trump's visit to the CDC: "Most of the news coverage of the visit downplayed ju… twitter
12:49pm RT @brhodes: It says a lot that no one around the world is looking for leadership from the US President amidst these crises. That’s a sea ch… twitter
9:37am The Daily: A Test for Abortion Rights overcast
9:37am Fresh Air: Understanding Trump’s ‘Hit List’ overcast
9:37am Invisibilia: Two Heartbeats A Minute overcast
March 8th
7:04pm Kazuma Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Fremont foursquare
10:43am A really nice primer on public key cryptography and an interesting story about Whit Diffie, of Diffie–Hellman fame. facebook
March 7th
4:49pm RT @paulkrugman: There are now good reasons to believe that the coronavirus will hit America especially hard, even though it originated in … twitter
4:44pm RT @EmericanJohnson: Vietnam was the first country to fully contain SARS and COVID-19 (with no deaths) and developed a quick-test kit in one… twitter
1:47pm The Scathing Atheist: 368: World Wide Webb Edition overcast
11:53am Planet Money: #977: Where’s The Vaccine? overcast
9:43am Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 5 overcast
March 6th
2:03pm Political Gabfest: Wash Your Hands overcast
8:29am The Daily: The Almost-Peace Deal overcast
12:16am RT @GoAngelo: 1/ I run Media Matters (a media watchdog organization). I want to say something about @ewarren's departure from the race. Hors… twitter
March 5th
10:52pm RT @UrbanFoxxxx: Obsolete utility structures repurposed as mobile masts — a series [photography by Greg Maka] twitter
3:47pm RT @KenTremendous: Again: this is *our* money. It’s American taxpayer money. He is stealing our money and giving it to himself, because he i… twitter
2:25pm RT @brianschatz: Every Senator tends to think they are the smartest person in the room, but it’s only true for Elizabeth Warren. Looking for… twitter
2:17pm Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Go and See overcast
2:17pm Reply All: #158 The Case of the Missing Hit overcast
12:50pm RT @RBReich: Nice return on investment for Kushner -- 500% -- based on policies he pushed for in the corrupt Trump White House. When these… twitter
8:26am Finalists From Smithsonian Magazine’s 2019 Photo Contest facebook
8:04am The Daily: The Coronavirus Outbreak in Washington State overcast
March 4th
5:17pm Planet Money: #976: Terms Of Service overcast
5:17pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Video Artist: Casey Neistat overcast
1:04pm The command I wanted to compose: Random learnings from man section 7: apropos -s 7 . | awk '!/iso|latin/ {print $1}' | shuf -n 1 | pee cat … twitter
1:04pm pee is like tee for pipes. man is to look up commands in a manual, and cat prints files to standard output. So I wanted to pipe standard out… twitter
1:04pm I just typed "man pee" so I could remember that "pee cat ..." was what I wanted. 1/3 twitter
9:17am The Daily: How Super Tuesday Unfolded overcast
8:52am @breanneboland I eventually got around to "dig txt". Loved it. Thanks for the inspiring post! twitter
7:39am With a National ranked choice Primary Election, there might've been a different outcome, one that better reflected the values of the voters. facebook
7:35am RT @NikkiMcR: Some things that I want: - National ranked choice primary - Federal holiday for elections - Election season of < 8 months … twitter
March 3rd
6:41pm Every Little Thing: Anesthesia and a Mysterious Chili Cheese Fry Craving overcast
6:41pm 99% Invisible: 392- The Weather Machine overcast
6:19pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Bonus Episode! overcast
2:31pm Invisibilia: Season 6 Trailer overcast
2:31pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 760: A Perfect Time to Panic overcast
9:27am The Daily: Inside the Mind of a Super Tuesday Voter overcast
March 2nd
3:26pm This American Life: 695: Everyone’s a Critic overcast
12:39pm RT @WallySierk: So, I’ve seen both Bernie people and Biden people asking why Warren hasn’t dropped out yet/ why Warren supporters aren’t lea… twitter
8:29am The Daily: Joe Biden’s Big Win overcast
8:29am Political Gabfest: Slate Plus Bonus Episode: South Carolina and Super Tuesday overcast
8:02am As money is speech, those people don't count anyway. Government won't hear them, why should they be enfranchised in the first place? People … twitter
March 1st
10:23pm RT @amattn: 1/7 #bangbangconwest is unlike any conf I’ve ever been to. A short thread: twitter
7:27pm RT @Malinowski: Two weeks ago in Munich, @SecPompeo made a commitment to me and other members of Congress: the Afghan peace deal would NOT r… twitter
4:29pm @jayrosen_nyu I'm trying to read Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury." So far, it's a stream-of-consciousness as told by a "man-child" who do… twitter
4:28pm I'm trying to read Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury." So far, it's a stream-of-consciousness as told by a "man-child" who doesn't entirely understand what'... facebook
2:47pm RT @andytuba: Flailing dragons are actually modeled on cats with tape on their butts. @GalaxyKate #BangBangConWest twitter
12:33pm Fresh Air: Understanding Trump’s ‘Hit List’ overcast
10:00am RT @MediaRemedial: It's weird to be at a tech conf where I don't know any of the people, but I have the sense that many of the folks at #ban… twitter
8:52am @ktvu's musical interstitial this morning was @primus's Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, and they let it play pretty long. It was awesome. The a… twitter
8:49am The San Francisco Bay Area's KTVU Fox 2's interstitial music this morning was Primus's "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver". It was awesome. The hosts were confused... facebook
February 29th
7:40pm @breanneboland Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate blog post versions of presentations like this. twitter
3:51pm New England Lobster Market & Eatery (a seafood restaurant) in Burlingame foursquare
3:22pm Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Belmont foursquare
9:30am TC Pastry (a dim sum restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
February 28th
9:40pm RT @RosalindPicard: What do we die from vs. what does the media make us worry about? twitter
6:20pm Fresh Air: The Supreme Court’s Battle For A ‘More Unjust’ America overcast
4:58pm RT @jayrosen_nyu: "Wednesday’s briefing was arguably the most abnormal moment yet in a profoundly abnormal presidency. But top news organiza… twitter
2:43pm Planet Money: #975: Reparations In New Zealand overcast
1:20pm Political Gabfest: Bern, Baby, Bern overcast
12:19pm Loma Brewing Company (a brewery) in Los Gatos foursquare
10:13am The Daily: The Field: Biden’s Last Hope overcast
February 27th
9:09pm Another reason to vote for Warren. Watch her name the billionaire. facebook
9:08pm RT @AuthorKimberley: Watch Warren name the billionaire. Best thing you’ll see all day! twitter
6:35pm Fresh Air: Facebook: The Inside Story overcast
3:57pm RT @brianschatz: The Vice President is starting off by not allowing the head of the NIH to speak freely. I will try to be as precise and non… twitter
3:55pm RT @DanRather: 1/8 What a disgrace. We are in a crisis and one thing that is sorely missing from the Trump Administration is an understandin… twitter
3:12pm RT @brianschatz: It would be incredibly useful to the public if the CDC would separately do a briefing, and the networks could carry it as a… twitter
12:25pm The Scathing Atheist: 367: My Corona Edition overcast
8:06am The Daily: The Coronavirus Goes Global overcast
February 26th
6:13pm This American Life: 646: The Secret of My Death overcast
4:51pm When it's on and the fan is blowing, it goes so much faster! twitter
4:36pm Moving fast and breaking things. twitter
2:05pm Political Gabfest: [Special] How To Vote for the Next President overcast
12:21pm RT @towernter: @iamdevloper twitter
9:25am Just watched The Expanse S2:E5 "Home". Now I feel like everything up to this point has really just been a prologue. There's so much potential here. I wouldn'... facebook
8:22am 99% Invisible: 391- Over the Road overcast
8:16am The Daily: Why Russia Is Rooting for Both Trump and Sanders overcast
8:07am The Daily: The Latest: The South Carolina Debate overcast
February 25th
9:36pm RT @right_movies: The tracking shot opening to William Wyler's DEAD END (1937). Before the days of digital effects, this is really incredibl… twitter
9:30pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: What is pronounced JIF‽ Correct! I'll take "Hills I Will Die On" again for 500, Alex. Daily Double! The ______ comma… twitter
6:19pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Lululemon Athletica: Chip Wilson (2018) overcast
4:07pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 4 overcast
2:34pm Click through and read the thread. Nothing is more important than your health, and corporations shouldn't be able to hold that over your hea… twitter
2:30pm RT @atrupar: Trump shut down the NSC's entire global health security unit, eliminated the NSC and DHS's epidemic teams, gutted the global he… twitter
9:34am The Daily: The Weinstein Jury Believed the Women overcast
February 24th
6:21pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 759: Never Gonna Give You Up overcast
4:28pm Winners of the 2020 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest facebook
9:17am The Daily: Can Corporations Stop Climate Change? overcast
8:58am @GlicoUSA @GlicoPRJP Isn't it about time we brought back dark chocolate Pocky like Men's Pocky? twitter
8:40am RT @A_W_Gordon: Always read the plaques twitter
8:33am RT @michaelharriot: Thread: Dear candidates, media outlets and debate moderators There are more “black issues” than police brutality, stop… twitter
7:44am At Disneyland, Lillian joined the Dark Side of the Force. Here she is using the Force choke on a couple of teenagers who need to do a better job cleaning the... facebook
February 23rd
11:49pm Lorde - Team last_fm
6:17pm Bon Chon Chicken (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
2:54pm Reply All: #157 Pierre Delecto and the Spooky Adventure overcast
2:53pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 3 overcast
12:17pm Please read this post by Jim Wright. People needs to understand where the tariff money comes from and where it goes. facebook
11:21am Lorde - Green Light last_fm
11:17am Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous last_fm
11:13am Natalie Merchant - Wonder (single version) last_fm
11:07am Natalie Merchant - Carnival (Single Version) last_fm
9:45am Natalie Merchant - Jealousy (single version) last_fm
9:41am 10,000 Maniacs - These Are Days last_fm
9:38am 10,000 Maniacs - Trouble Me last_fm
9:34am 10,000 Maniacs - Like the Weather last_fm
9:29am Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Remastered] last_fm
9:24am Talking Heads - Take Me to the River (remastered) last_fm
9:10am Talking Heads - Road to nowhere (remastered) last_fm
9:06am Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Remastered) last_fm
9:01am Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (Remastered) last_fm
7:41am Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Remastered) last_fm
6:55am Talking Heads - Burning down the house (remastered) last_fm
February 22nd
9:56pm RT @RepDonBeyer: Trump then replaced the man who sounded the alarm about Russian interference with an inexperienced and unqualified yes man.… twitter
5:19pm Political Gabfest: Two Stents overcast
4:30pm @DreamHostCare Looks like some MySQL servers at whooperswan:justman disappeared a couple of hours ago. (Even phpMyAdmin times out.) I filed … twitter
February 21st
5:45pm RT @jonlovett: Really interesting look at what is hiding beneath rosier economic statistics. twitter
3:58pm Planet Money: #974: Michael Milken overcast
3:58pm 99% Invisible: 390- Fraktur overcast
3:41pm The Daily: The Field: An Anti-Endorsement in Nevada overcast
1:10pm You guys can all link to this post when I share (sometime in the future) how badly I hurt myself bouldering. facebook
11:25am RT @brhodes: Trump is literally running interference to help Russia intervene in our election on his behalf, using the enormous power of inc… twitter
February 20th
6:14pm San Jose McEnery Convention Center (a convention center) in San Jose foursquare
6:13pm City National Civic of San Jose (a music venue) in San Jose foursquare
7:46am The Daily: The Latest: The Nevada Debate overcast
7:17am Fresh Air: ‘High Fidelity’ Author / Remembering Ladysmith Black Mambazo Founder overcast
February 19th
7:14pm RT @KenTremendous: In two weeks, I’ll be voting for Elizabeth Warren. This is a big part of the reason. She has ideological beliefs, and com… twitter
5:30pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
12:20pm University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) (an university) in Santa Barbara foursquare
9:22am RT @adamcbest: Warren is polling 5 points higher than Buttigieg and almost 10 points higher than Klobuchar in the national poll average (thi… twitter
February 18th
7:31pm Woodstock's Pizza (a pizza place) in Isla Vista foursquare
4:05pm UCLA Royce Quad (a college quad) in Los Angeles foursquare
3:26pm Duke Ellington Memorial Statue (a historic site) in Los Angeles foursquare
12:58pm UCLA (an university) in Los Angeles foursquare
February 17th
11:09pm RT @BarackObama: Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way fo… twitter
7:23pm Nguyen's Kitchen (a vietnamese restaurant) in Orange foursquare
11:29am RT @BelgianBoolean: But folks just want to hold onto this idea that working hard automatically means you'll make it. It's a convenient lie t… twitter
10:27am Douglas Park (a park) in Long Beach foursquare
February 16th
9:45pm RT @ewarren: Here's something that shouldn't be controversial to say: I believe in science. I believe that climate change threatens every si… twitter
12:30pm Oga's Cantina (a bar) in Anaheim foursquare
9:34am Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (a theme park ride / attraction) in Anaheim foursquare
February 15th
8:10pm RT @adamcbest: @jljacobson @ewarren Warren accomplished the CFPB -- the most impressive feat by any 2020 Democrat -- when she controlled zer… twitter
6:51pm Manaow (a thai restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
1:22pm Plaid Sheep (a restaurant) in Long Beach foursquare
6:34am Casa De Restaurant & bakery (an american restaurant) in Hollister foursquare
February 14th
6:00pm Fresh Air: Amazon & The ‘Rise And Reign’ Of Jeff Bezos overcast
4:15pm Planet Granite Santa Clara (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
10:18am As Randall Munroe wrote, "Mission f*cking accomplished." twitter
9:59am The Daily: The Post-Acquittal Presidency overcast
February 13th
8:54pm RT @david8hughes: Let’s talk about the moon landings. There’s no way they happened and in this thread I’m going to explain why. twitter
8:41pm This is the Oscar winning short, "Hair Love". facebook
6:30pm Political Gabfest: Bernie Burns It and Biden Bites It overcast
3:12pm RT @michaelharriot: Many people complain about the inhumanity of Stop & Frisk, but it's not about that Here's a list of the top 10 reas… twitter
1:15pm Fresh Air: The 2020 Disinformation War overcast
10:26am The Scathing Atheist: 365: Convicted Edition overcast
8:53am RT @LaserMWebber: oh, you poor apple you have seen better days SLICE *whispered* now it is your last day ** -things I overhear my husband s… twitter
8:20am The Daily: Fear, Fury and the Coronavirus overcast
February 12th
6:32pm Planet Money: #971: Our Valentines 2020 overcast
6:18pm Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: Deep Background with Noah Feldman overcast
5:02pm RT @tribelaw: The Rule of Law is gasping for breath, being suffocated by Trump and his personal henchman Bill Barr. Not even a pretense of l… twitter
2:31pm 99% Invisible: 389- Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out overcast
11:38am RT @originalspin: Buttigieg & Klobuchar’s surge and Biden’s tumble show this is anyone’s race. With Bloomberg spending billions to try t… twitter
7:56am The Daily: The Results From New Hampshire overcast
7:19am RT @evacide: Gee, maybe back doors for law enforcement aren’t a good idea. twitter
February 11th
8:44pm Fresh Air: Michael Pollan Explains Caffeine Addiction & Withdrawal overcast
8:22pm RT @clairecmc: You may have outrage fatigue. Get over it. What happened today needs a whole new level of outrage. Trump directly helping a p… twitter
6:15pm Fresh Air: Coronavirus, Animal Infections & The Next Pandemic overcast
6:03pm Every Little Thing: Meet the Scrunchie Queen overcast
5:29pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 2 overcast
5:12pm RT @brianschatz: So for those of you who with a day job, here’s what happened: Roger Stone gets recommended for 7-9 years for his crimes. Tr… twitter
2:37pm RT @Megavolt1: In Any Sane Country, Trump's New Budget Would Be Political Suicide Cutting the CDC in the middle of a pandemic is not viable… twitter
2:32pm RT @KenTremendous: Once Bill Clinton talked to the AG (whose department was in charge of investigating his wife) on an airport tarmac for an… twitter
1:05pm Qinni is no longer with us. A few artists that I follow are celebrating her life and art with tributes today. facebook
9:43am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 757: My Fridge Killed My Apple TV overcast
9:15am The Daily: The Field: The Aftershocks of Iowa in New Hampshire overcast
8:45am RT @thisisames: Bong Joon-ho did 100% what any of us would do if we won more than one Oscar: he made them make out twitter
February 10th
9:46pm I just watched S1:E3 of The Expanse. I'm in a pretty good place. It's fun to look forward to another episode strictly because I'm vested in the story. (Remin... facebook
11:32am RT @rachmeetsworld: Best Picture 2021 is this video Brie Larson took of Taika Waititi trying to hid his Oscar under the seat in front of him twitter
10:02am Apple - [Daemons, Agents, Cron, Launchd] dokuwiki
9:29am Fresh Air: Coronavirus, Animal Infections & The Next Pandemic overcast
9:14am The Daily: The End of Privacy as We Know It? overcast
February 9th
7:01pm @carlfish On the same day that you posted your first post in about five years, I pushed a little script to github (at dblume/watch-url) that… twitter
6:46pm RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: This is a wireless antenna in California. Network coverage was disrupted by an Acorn woodpecker, a 3 ounce bird stashi… twitter
5:27pm Stuft Pizza (a pizza place) in Milpitas foursquare
9:03am RT @ChrisMurphyCT: 1/ One of Trump's favorite tactics is taking credit for Obama's economy. Democrats need to stop letting him get away with… twitter
February 8th
11:37pm So we missed out on a thing because we missed when a website updated. I have a shared hosting account on DreamHost that can send email that'll get received. ... facebook
6:54pm This equation will change how you see the world youtube_favorites
6:28pm RT @MollyJongFast: The president is so innocent he fired everyone who told the truth. twitter
12:14pm In this patent application, a human and a robot assess another human's face. The human wonders who it is. The robot determines, "He looks like he probably sh... facebook
11:14am Planet Granite (a climbing gym) in Santa Clara foursquare
February 7th
8:00pm RT @brhodes: We live in a country where one political party supports an autocracy complete with public shamings of those who tell the truth … twitter
8:00pm RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I have a lot of differences with @Snowden, but his fear about a batshit insane dictator using the NSA infrastructure se… twitter
7:58pm RT @KurtKohlstedt: twitter
7:55pm RT @Snowden: Tell me again about "proper channels." twitter
6:59pm Fresh Air: A New Frontier Of Assassination overcast
6:59pm Fresh Air: ‘American Factory’ Doc. Filmmakers On Chinese/U.S. Work Culture Clash overcast
2:39pm RT @JamilSmith: I wrote this about @ewarren after covering one of her rallies in August. Considering that a third-place finish in Iowa has e… twitter
1:10pm Every Little Thing: Drugs on Screen: A Prop Master Tells All overcast
12:57pm Planet Money: #970: Raw Milk Deal overcast
11:31am RT @dandrezner: I am so glad this gives me a chance to link to @anniekarni’s bats**t insane 2018 story about the records team that has to ta… twitter
10:37am Shit. twitter
10:36am Sh*t. facebook
8:41am The Daily: The Woman Defending Harvey Weinstein overcast
8:41am The Scathing Atheist: 364: Left Handed Edition overcast
February 6th
9:58pm Important Netflix PSA: You can turn off autoplay of trailers while browsing. twitter
6:08pm Political Gabfest: The Most Abusive and Destructive overcast
3:35pm The Scathing Atheist: 363: Beaded Curtain of Separation Edition overcast
2:37pm RT @brianbeutler: This same Treasury Department broke the law requiring the IRS to turn Trump’s tax returns over to Congress. The entire R… twitter
2:34pm RT @robertwolf32: This video on GOP crushing then candidate Trump is classic (via @AriMelber ) the next @MikeBloomberg ad has already been… twitter
2:19pm RT @sarahkendzior: Warren understands kleptocracy. She understands what's uniquely criminal about Trump's kleptocracy, but she also understa… twitter
2:18pm To be fair, it's not that he wants to kill us. It's just that he sides with Asbest, Russia. And our lives don't factor enough in that equati… twitter
8:22am The Daily: Mitt Romney’s Lonely Vote overcast
February 5th
6:09pm Planet Money: #772: Small Change overcast
2:12pm Radiolab: The Other Latif: Episode 1 overcast
2:03pm 99% Invisible: 388- Missing the Bus overcast
9:32am The Daily: The State of the Union overcast
9:02am That's in response to this (Facebook account required): twitter
8:59am "Bread and circuses" is now "coffee and podcasts". Don't look up, everything's fine. Don't create. Don't think. The President will secure th… twitter
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: What Happened in Iowa? overcast
February 4th
9:44pm RT @AdamParkhomenko: holy shit this ad twitter
9:33pm About half way into The Mandalorian now and really enjoying it. It has elements of Lone Wolf and Cub and an homage to The Seven Samurai. But all I heard when... facebook
4:07pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 756: Don’t Doubt ur Vibe overcast
9:37am Of course, of course this is the timeline where Trump gets his hands on the death note (a notebook where when you write someone's name, they die). facebook
8:46am The Daily: A Very Long Night In Iowa overcast
8:05am RT @KevinMKruse: The House sent the Senate a major election security bill back in October. It's been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk for… twitter
8:02am RT @Alyssa_Milano: Well, this should probably go viral. #MidnightInWashington twitter
February 3rd
11:31pm RT @ydklijnsma: To the person who figured out my honeypot is a honeypot could you please stop putting the picture of Pooh bear with a jar of… twitter
10:48pm RT @AlecMacGillis: It's a sign of how crazy the news cycle is right now that the United States three days ago barred immigration from the la… twitter
4:23pm This American Life: 692: The Show of Delights overcast
4:09pm RT @JillFilipovic: This is the reality of American media: There is a legitimate mainstream media that is branded as "liberal" because it doe… twitter
2:19pm Invisibilia: Invisibilia Presents: Throughline overcast
11:26am Sure, you can enter "pidof pidof" on the commandline, just to assure you get a self-referential valid pid. But what happens if you $ pidof … twitter
10:36am The Daily: The Field: Iowa’s Electability Complex overcast
9:36am @zannah I wanted the entire Twitter thread to be, "PAM PAM PAM PAM!!!" twitter
February 2nd
8:03pm RT @ChrisEvans: You guys! A dog is sledding! A dog. Is SLEDDING! Everything’s gonna be ok. twitter
2:36pm And certbot-auto looks very resource intensive (for an RPi) as it recompiles dependencies with each invocation. twitter
2:33pm Most other Americans: Superbowl! Me: I should post about upgrading EFF Let's Encrypt's certbot to use ACMEv2 on Raspberry Pi's Raspbian Jess… twitter
12:53pm Raspberry Pi - [Problem: Jessie Backports is gone.] dokuwiki
11:24am Raspberry Pi - [Problem: Jessie Backports is gone.] dokuwiki
8:20am It's Superb Owl Sunday IV! 🦉🥳 Esp. for Sjon Svenson facebook
February 1st
5:25pm Radiolab: The Bobbys overcast
10:44am RT @tomtomorrow: September 26, 2016 twitter
8:17am The Daily: The Latest: No Witnesses overcast
January 31st
8:04pm In all fairness to the President, the only advice I've ever heard about talking to the law was to not talk. I'd expect anybody to try not to make things wors... facebook
7:58pm @FairStability @integerpoet @jameshamblin @KlasfeldReports We're agreeing on quite a lot. FWIW, for me, it's not identity politics. I'm not … twitter
6:21pm Planet Money: #969: The Island No One Owns overcast
3:31pm RT @AndyRichter: So Lamar Alexander is saying Trump did attempt to tamper w the election, but we should let the election decide Trump’s guil… twitter
3:30pm RT @JesseCharlesLee: For a President to go through an entire impeachment inquiry and trial without turning over a single document or witness… twitter
3:28pm @FairStability @integerpoet @jameshamblin @KlasfeldReports The Mueller report found no collusion between the President and Russia. If you lo… twitter
3:23pm RT @Roku: On Sunday, the game will stream for free on the NFL app on Roku devices unless FOX blocks your ability to stream it. See all ways… twitter
2:53pm Political Gabfest: 49 years and 364 days of Plotz overcast
2:28pm The Daily: The Lessons of 2016 overcast
10:10am @FairStability @jameshamblin @KlasfeldReports "How could they need more?" "Why?" Note that these are questions that direct witnesses could a… twitter
10:06am RT @jameshamblin: Just to step back for a sec on the state of democracy: it‘s considered a likely career-ending political risk for any Repub… twitter
January 30th
10:14pm The President's defense is winning with Stephen Colbert's "I Am America" assertion. Since he's America, everything he does is (by definition… twitter
10:01pm RT @SethAbramson: John Bolton has only until Friday morning to go on TV, tell his story, and thereby try to compel the Senate to hear it—as … twitter
3:24pm Reply All: #156 The Cure for Everything overcast
2:43pm Planet Money: #968: The Trouble With Table 101 overcast
10:24am "Wife" is a heavily gendered word, but I'm going to share this anyway, because she's not wrong about needing a partner to share the work. It's only because o... facebook
8:34am The Daily: A Virus’s Journey Across China overcast
8:15am The Daily: The Latest: The ‘Public Interest’ overcast
January 29th
10:16pm "Facebook Won’t Remove This Woman’s Butthole As A Business Page" facebook
6:11pm Fresh Air: What Happens If There’s An ‘Election Meltdown’ In 2020 overcast
2:31pm Fresh Air: The Secret History Of Nuclear War overcast
12:19pm The hovertext, about searching release notes for terms of interest reminded me of @zannah. twitter
9:02am The Daily: Chuck Schumer on Impeachment, Witnesses and the Truth overcast
8:28am Existential Penny Arcade today. facebook
7:00am Talking Heads - And She Was (Remastered) last_fm
6:55am Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
6:50am Perfume - FLASH last_fm
January 28th
7:02pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Milpitas foursquare
6:41pm Fresh Air: Attorney General William Barr’s Unwavering Support Of Trump, Explained overcast
5:27pm 99% Invisible: 387- The Worst Video Game Ever overcast
2:43pm Just the delicious kind of nugget one might learn at a !!Con too. twitter
1:54pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 755: Somebody Stole My Tim Tams! overcast
9:33am The Daily: What John Bolton Knows overcast
9:11am The title is misleading. A seed company had withdrawn its advertising in protest of the cartoon. So, on the one hand, the cartoonist was biting the hand that... facebook
January 27th
9:41am Good for both Warren and Sanders for going on the record about Bolsonaro and Greenwald. twitter
9:15am The Daily: A Small Town’s Fight Over America’s Biggest Sport overcast
9:15am Fresh Air: Inside Trump’s Chaotic ‘Den Of Destruction’ overcast
January 26th
10:25am @neonepiphany Thank you. I'm disappointed the library has to pay the full fee after only 30s of streaming. I can see that easily abused. I b… twitter
9:54am TIL: Kanopy, a streaming service that works with local libraries to offer indies, foreign films, documentaries and more. It has a #roku app … twitter
9:39am RT @engineeringvids: Road plays music when driven over⠀ via chocolat_ice_cream (Reddit) twitter
January 25th
10:23am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
January 24th
6:40pm The Scathing Atheist: 362: Super Naturalists Edition overcast
6:33pm Planet Money: #967: Escheat Show overcast
2:27pm Radiolab: Body Count overcast
11:25am "Imagine trying to explain democracy to someone who showed up at today’s trial with no knowledge of democracy except for Lincoln’s quote about a “government ... facebook
11:16am RT @waltshaub: Imagine trying to explain democracy to someone who showed up at today’s trial with no knowledge of democracy except for Linco… twitter
8:38am The Daily: The Swing Issue That Could Win a Swing State overcast
January 23rd
11:01pm [퍼펙트센스 BeatSaber QUEEN] 뿜뿜 Bboom Bboom (모모랜드) 치어리더 서현숙 youtube_favorites
6:34pm Political Gabfest: Nobody Likes Him overcast
3:15pm The Daily: Harry and Meghan. (And Why Their Saga Matters.) overcast
11:20am The Daily: The Latest: ‘Let Us Begin’ overcast
9:33am Visualizing the Geography of FM Radio (Click through to the breakdown of Religious v Public v Country v Spanish v College v Hip-Hop and Gospel.) Nevada seems... facebook
9:13am @neonepiphany We're not defined by the content we test with. ^_^; twitter
8:26am @neonepiphany I could create a Netflix streaming feed exactly the way I make my Overcast Podcast streaming feed. Download all activity (sinc… twitter
8:17am @neonepiphany Heh, if I did that, it'd look insane. I'm the Netflix streaming channel developer for Roku. Maybe it'd look like... your XBox … twitter
January 22nd
6:36pm Fresh Air: Actor Tim Roth overcast
6:22pm Planet Money: #966: The Rise Of Putin overcast
3:18pm Fresh Air: ‘Just Mercy’ Lawyer Asks America To Reckon With Its Racist Past & Present overcast
3:09pm Fresh Air: Iran’s Secret Influence On Iraq overcast
8:48am The Daily: The Moderates’ Impeachment Moment overcast
8:28am @EffiMai "Break off a fragment of brie"? Dude, your crumbly brie dried out. twitter
8:15am @neonepiphany and (the only other sites where I have to manually enter data) sort their acti… twitter
8:12am @neonepiphany does have activity RSS feeds, so I could use that to manually log my non-Netflix movies and get them i… twitter
January 21st
10:01pm @neonepiphany Have you really been keeping track of every movie you watched since 1998‽ How? On what? I've been using a Netflix DVD activity… twitter
6:23pm 99% Invisible: 386- Their Dark Materials overcast
5:45pm RT @b0rk: literally and (which I help organize!). Single track, lots of 10 minute lightning … twitter
3:11pm Every Little Thing: America’s Next Top Word overcast
2:52pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 754: I Dream of Wiki overcast
2:17pm RT @FreedomofPress: BREAKING: In an OUTRAGEOUS violation of press freedom, the Brazilian government has ignored a Supreme Court order and ch… twitter
11:55am The Daily: Lessons From the Last Impeachment Trial overcast
January 20th
8:26am Fresh Air: Martin Scorsese overcast
January 19th
5:25pm RT @mekkaokereke: Hey people managers! Here's a free, practical tip for making your organization more inclusive. It's one of the easiest an… twitter
9:29am Palace Games: Houdini Escape and Roosevelt Escape (an amphitheater) in San Francisco foursquare
January 18th
11:39pm Looks like my $2000 catalytic converter got stolen from my $2000 car. 😕 It sounds like a muscle car now, tho! 😅 facebook
7:12pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
1:50pm Uji Time (a dessert shop) in San Francisco foursquare
1:28pm Yama-Chan Takoyaki (a japanese restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
1:05pm Chato (a tea room) in San Francisco foursquare
12:32pm Benkyodo (a japanese restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
12:25pm Yasukochi's Sweet Stop (a bakery) in San Francisco foursquare
11:46am Ramen Yamadaya (a ramen restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
11:31am yakiniQ Cafe (a café) in San Francisco foursquare
10:49am Japantown (a neighborhood) in San Francisco foursquare
January 17th
7:34pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
6:11pm The Scathing Atheist: 361: Radically Correct Edition overcast
2:56pm Planet Money: #965: Das Green Old Deal overcast
2:40pm Reply All: #155 Friendship Village overcast
2:16pm "Can I ask you a question?" facebook
7:55am The Daily: Bernie’s Big Bet overcast
January 16th
7:38pm The Walking Dead - created dokuwiki
6:09pm Political Gabfest: If You Want Her Out overcast
3:14pm Planet Money: #964: BILLBOARDS overcast
12:14pm Colleague: "Salmon for lunch? I'm going to put a lot of that in my mouth!" I held back from replying "That's what she said." No HR visit for… twitter
9:14am gdb dokuwiki
8:45am The Daily: The Impeachment Trial Begins overcast
January 15th
9:43pm RT @svdate: If there’s one, single lie that’s the most corrosive, it’s this one, which Trump has sold to so many of his supporters: That eve… twitter
6:21pm Fresh Air: Martin Scorsese overcast
6:05pm Fresh Air: The ‘Fixers’ That Created President Trump overcast
1:34pm Fresh Air: The Murderous Coup of 1898 & The Rise of White Supremacy overcast
11:15am RT @tara_atrandom: Every single time a Democratic candidate gets asked how they’ll pay for something, the answer should be, “If we can find … twitter
8:25am The Daily: The Russian Hacking Plan for 2020 overcast
January 14th
6:32pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Spindrift: Bill Creelman overcast
6:27pm 99% Invisible: 385- Shade overcast
3:35pm Every Little Thing: Caveman Confidential overcast
3:19pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 753: I Got Waylaid in Switzerland overcast
12:25pm RT @thenib: Judge not. @joeyalison ✒ twitter
11:15am Winners of the 2019 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest. Unbeknownst to the photographer, image 7 is actually the underside of a colossal frozen dinosaur frog. facebook
9:08am The Daily: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn overcast
8:22am Thursday Appointment - Eng Sub HD Beautiful Iranian short film 1 minute youtube_favorites
8:17am Click through. When I first watched it there were no subtitles, and even so it was beautiful. "Qarrar-e- Panjshannba" or "Thursday appointment” made by Syed ... facebook
8:15am @Striker10SF OMG, this doesn't link to the tweet (anymore)? Here's another link: twitter
January 13th
6:24pm Golden Sun Palace 香港樓 (a chinese restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
3:00pm Fresh Air: Remembering ‘Graduate’ Screenwriter Buck Henry overcast
3:00pm This American Life: 691: Gardens of Branching Paths overcast
9:14am The Daily: Why Australia Is Burning overcast
January 12th
7:32pm I love Geddy Lee's classic "Rash" shirt he wore on the Time Machine tour. facebook
6:02pm Bon Chon Chicken (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
2:06pm Fresh Air: The Future Of America’s Contest With China overcast
11:22am Best with audio on. Lillian Blume facebook
10:47am I just downloaded and reviewed my Yahoo Groups messages. Good to know there's nothing I'm going to miss. (This coming from the only guy in t… twitter
January 11th
11:47pm @neonepiphany nɘqo twitter
10:12pm Aaron Swartz took his own life seven years ago today while threatened by an overzealous prosecutor for using MIT's open campus internet network to download ... facebook
12:52am Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild remix) last_fm
12:48am Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Album Version) last_fm
January 10th
6:16pm Fresh Air: The Trumps & Kushners, ‘American Oligarchs’ overcast
5:35pm RT @dusttodigital: Remembering Max Roach, born on this day in 1924 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. twitter
2:14pm Planet Money: #963: 13,000 Economists. 1 Question. overcast
1:58pm Political Gabfest: Bomb Iran—We’ve Had a Bomb Iran Edition Before overcast
8:46am The Daily: The Case Against Harvey Weinstein, Part 2 overcast
January 9th
6:00pm Fresh Air: The Trumps & Kushners, ‘American Oligarchs’ overcast
2:30pm The Scathing Atheist: 360: Through a Glass Clearly Edition overcast
8:19am The Daily: The Case Against Harvey Weinstein, Part 1 overcast
January 8th
5:09pm Fresh Air: ‘Boys & Sex’ overcast
4:21pm Fresh Air: ‘Joker’ Director Todd Phillips overcast
4:20pm Planet Money: #386: The Cost Of Free Doughnuts overcast
3:42pm Radiolab: 60 Words overcast
8:40am "Engaging with current events at this particular moment in modern history feels like an endless rolling panic attack. Floods. Fires. Elections. Impeachment h... facebook
8:31am RT @cevangelista413: I think about this paragraph a lot twitter
7:47am The Daily: Pelosi’s Impeachment Gamble overcast
January 7th
4:20pm 99% Invisible: 384- Mini-Stories: Volume 8 overcast
9:44am Fresh Air: Jordan Peele / Francis Ford Coppola overcast
8:51am Click through for more amazing hyper-realistic ballpoint pen artwork from Shohei Otomo. facebook
8:24am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 752: More Seam than Bezel overcast
8:17am The Daily: Why Iran Is in Mourning overcast
January 6th
10:00pm "The president seems to believe, very fundamentally, that concerns about human rights and international law are pointless constraints on American power" but ... facebook
5:27pm RT @BrianRoemmele: Consider: millions of years ago our antecedents gave a massive sacrifice of their left hemisphere. We lost a tremendous … twitter
8:54am Fresh Air: Jordan Peele / Francis Ford Coppola overcast
8:53am The Daily: The Killing of General Qassim Suleimani overcast
January 5th
5:34pm Sushi Tomi (a sushi restaurant) in Mountain View foursquare
2:44pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Milpitas foursquare
January 4th
4:49pm Planet Money: #962: Advanced Fairness At The Marathon overcast
4:24pm Fresh Air: Patti Smith / Bruce Springsteen overcast
4:24pm Fresh Air: Ta-Nehisi Coates / Toni Morrison overcast
January 3rd
6:55pm Banana Leaf (a malay restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
6:08pm Fresh Air: Ta-Nehisi Coates / Toni Morrison overcast
3:00pm The Scathing Atheist: 359: Bird Marriage Edition overcast
12:34pm RT @integerpoet: Fox is merely the worst example. Television is the root problem. It's the wrong medium for news. Turn it off. twitter
9:57am @flowingdata You feel like there was an XKCD comic about movies, timelines, and feeling old, but can't find one? Try… twitter
9:06am The Daily: Boeing’s Broken Dreams overcast
8:42am Political Gabfest: Good Trouble overcast
7:13am Supercell - Kimi no shiranai monogatari last_fm
7:08am Hitagi Senjogahara (Chiwa Saito) - staple stable last_fm
January 2nd
2:50pm Political Gabfest: Oakland Conundrum overcast
2:31pm This American Life: 690: Too Close to Home overcast
8:23am The Daily: Our Fear Facer Makes a New Friend overcast
7:54am UC Berkeley’s Ultra-Popular ‘Adulting’ Class Shows Just How Badly Our Society Has Failed Young People facebook
January 1st
8:54pm RT @AnandWrites: Nothing more needs to be said. twitter
3:49pm The Daily: Our Fear Facer Makes a New Friend overcast
3:49pm Planet Money: #216: How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil overcast
3:33pm Radiolab: Man Against Horse overcast
12:03pm @neonepiphany @zannah I did recognize it. I know how you love that mall. Surprised you went back. twitter
December 31st 2019
9:12pm "[We] obtained a dataset from the phones of more than 12 million people. ... it took only minutes ... for us to track the whereabouts of President Trump." facebook
1:43pm Planet Money: #961: The Rest Of The Story, 2019 overcast
December 30th 2019
1:03pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Milpitas foursquare
11:06am Planet Money: #961: The Rest Of The Story, 2019 overcast
9:50am Planet Money: #960: The Writers Revolt overcast
9:27am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 750: Another Decade is in the Can overcast
December 29th 2019
10:01pm @Striker10SF explains the movie is "Qarrar-e- Panjshannba" or "Thursday appointment” made by Syed Raza Khardmand. It is common to visit grav… twitter
9:49pm RT @Daniel_Sugarman: As we approach the end of the decade, let’s remember the best TV moment of the 2010s: twitter
6:44pm Thai Spice (a thai restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
5:19pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
December 28th 2019
5:18pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
8:52am Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Milpitas foursquare
December 27th 2019
8:20pm RT @propublica: Trump has been president almost three years. He's already appointed four times more lobbyists to government jobs than Obam… twitter
3:47pm Political Gabfest: Oakland Conundrum overcast
3:15pm "[Trump's] past interviews were far more coherent and much more linguistically sophisticated than what we hear now." I didn't need a speech/language patholog... facebook
December 26th 2019
5:02pm RT @WalshFreedom: Great informative thread here on the Steele Dossier. Read this thread & learn something. Thanks for this @RadioFreeTom… twitter
4:55pm gdb dokuwiki
3:28pm RT @SamSykesSwears: to adventurers, few monsters are as crafty or as feared as the deadly Mimic twitter
2:46pm RT @byourseff: When someone tries attacking your site but fails twitter
2:40pm RT @michaelharriot: I have mentioned this story in passing but have never written about it. It really isn't relevant to anything but it is m… twitter
2:06pm RT @drvox: Every line of this piece is jaw-dropping. twitter
12:39pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 750: Another Decade is in the Can overcast
December 25th 2019
1:56pm RT @pant_leg: actually the wiseman was named frankincense, what he brought was called frankincense’s gift a lot of people make that mistake twitter
December 24th 2019
5:04pm Pizz'a Chicago (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
3:44pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 750: Another Decade is in the Can overcast
3:42pm The Scathing Atheist: 357: They Edition overcast
10:28am Telnet Tips dokuwiki
9:38am This year's "blinry's Advent Calendar of Curiosities" is complete. Click through, there's some curious stuff there. facebook
9:34am RT @CorrieJN: Today I learned that sea sheep are a thing-- look at their cartoony little sheep "faces"! 😆😍 twitter
9:28am Every Little Thing: Travel Secrets: Airplane Seats, Cheap Gas, Dirty Toilets overcast
December 23rd 2019
6:19pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 750: Another Decade is in the Can overcast
5:51pm This American Life: 576: Say Yes To Christmas overcast
9:13am The Daily: Year in Sound overcast
December 22nd 2019
10:34pm RT @BradleyWhitford: MSM: We’re not “polarized”.The GOP is executing a White Nationalist agenda under the direction of Vladimir Putin. Stand… twitter
3:45pm Planet Money: #959: Things We Learned in 2019 overcast
1:03pm Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
12:55pm Amazon Books (a bookstore) in San Jose foursquare
9:50am Telnet Tips - created dokuwiki
9:40am shell tips - move telnet tip to telnet wiki page dokuwiki
9:35am RT @shashj: Interesting and important in light of the potential changes to the Official Secrets Act being trailed this week. "The police wen… twitter
December 21st 2019
2:57pm Planet Money: #959: Things We Learned in 2019 overcast
December 20th 2019
8:19pm The Habit Burger Grill (a burger joint) in Fremont foursquare
4:57pm Century Theatre (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
3:40pm The Daily: The Candidates: Joe Biden overcast
1:28pm RT @alicegoldfuss: JK Rowling hates trans people, but I want to talk a little bit about the *way* she hates them so you can recognize it in … twitter
1:26pm RT @ThePlumLineGS: The war over Trump's trial actually isn't complicated. Here goes: 1) If Dems are worried McConnell will run a sham tria… twitter
12:28pm RT @ouranosaurus: Millenial sadly drinking in bar: Man, J.K. Rowling sucks… Generation Xer angrily slamming down glass: LET ME TELL YOU ABO… twitter
10:37am Political Gabfest: Read My Letter overcast
December 19th 2019
6:56pm Political Gabfest: Read My Letter overcast
6:38pm 99% Invisible: 383- Mini-Stories: Volume 7 overcast
3:25pm RT @glennkirschner2: Isn’t it ironic - McConnell is complaining about a delay in referring the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate when he… twitter
3:15pm 99% Invisible: 383- Mini-Stories: Volume 7 overcast
2:53pm Planet Money: #958: When Reagan Broke the Unions overcast
8:45am The Daily: The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump overcast
December 18th 2019
11:55pm This can't be right. facebook
5:06pm RT @lsjourneys: *GIVEAWAY* Still need a holiday gift? We can help! 24 hour flash giveaway of a signed copy of #Permanentrecord 🤓 Enter by fo… twitter
4:27pm Radiolab: There and Back Again overcast
4:02pm Fresh Air: Charlize Theron overcast
3:44pm The Daily: The Latest: Impeachment Vote Update, 5:30 P.M. Eastern overcast
2:40pm Political Gabfest: Slate Presents: Lockdown overcast
1:43pm RT @brhodes: The fact that the Trump letter is not seen as an insane, alarming, authoritarian warning about the decay of our political syste… twitter
7:56am @loganjeverett @ohshitgit Leftovers from forgotten predecessors? Ten years ago I had to explain the obsolete blue square save thingy to one … twitter
7:49am RT @ohshitgit: Holy shit, y’all, this is HUGE NEWS!! Git’s lack of a clear way to undo your uncommitted changes & the confusing nature o… twitter
6:48am The Daily: A Fight Over How to Fight Anti-Semitism overcast
December 17th 2019
8:07pm RT @molly_knight: I don’t know what WaPo and the NYT are trying to prove by normalizing and both sidesing Trump’s breathtakingly corrupt and… twitter
7:57pm RT @_Mike_Sharif: States with lower populations than Los Angeles County twitter
6:37pm Fresh Air: Charlize Theron overcast
6:01pm The Daily: The Latest: The Rules overcast
5:56pm Invisibilia: Raising Devendra overcast
4:40pm shell tips - search is hanging on shell page. This is a test page. dokuwiki
2:53pm Every Little Thing: Can You Learn to Taste Better? overcast
2:36pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 749: At Least She Double Bagged It overcast
9:56am The Daily: Switching Sides in Britain overcast
9:15am RT @Phil_Lewis_: Listen to the late Dr. Olivia J. Hooker talk about the Tulsa race massacre. Here’s why she refuses to refer to it as a race… twitter
8:53am RT @tribelaw: That’s my point exactly: Vote for the Articles of Impeachment in the House, then hold them like a Sword of Damocles over Trump… twitter
December 16th 2019
6:42pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 749: At Least She Double Bagged It overcast
6:15pm This American Life: 323: The Super overcast
4:44pm Reply All: #154 The Real Enemy, Part 3 overcast
10:45am What if there's nothing after this? facebook
9:17am 99% Invisible: Smart Stuff with Justin and Roman- Founder Effect overcast
9:13am The Daily: A Secret History of the War in Afghanistan overcast
8:31am RT @ianbassin: To the House D and Rs considering your vote: Your oath to the Constitution requires you to impeach. If you abdicate your o… twitter
December 15th 2019
7:32pm @OvercastFM Thanks for the confirmation. And that's a really good point about dynamic ad insertion affecting podcast length. twitter
6:29pm The Habit Burger Grill (a burger joint) in Fremont foursquare
5:06pm Reply All: #154 The Real Enemy, Part 3 overcast
2:23pm Reply All: #153 The Real Enemy, Part 2 overcast
2:15pm Planet Money: #957: You’re Giving Your Boss A Loan overcast
1:57pm Top down shot of a baby pothole. instagram
1:36pm dblume shares Here's blinrey's Advent Calendar of Curiosities: Advent Calendar of Curiosities plurk
10:59am Finally, a question: When a <podcast-episode> has a "progress" attribute instead of a "played" attribute, progress is number of second… twitter
10:59am My script that converts from custom OPML to standard RSS XML is at GitHub here: Will adapt it to a real web API with… twitter
10:59am My listening data now appears in my lifestream, and makes for a more useful review of my time. #quantifiedself 2/4 twitter
10:59am @OvercastFM Thanks for granting your users access to their podcast listening data! I'm going to remain a paying customer because of that. It… twitter
December 14th 2019
4:17pm Perfume - FLASH last_fm
4:12pm Girlfriend - FLASH last_fm
4:06pm Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket last_fm
2:57pm Lessig is bemused that on Facebook, only organizations — with URLs matching email domains—have commercial speech rights. Me too, but it seems like the natura... facebook
9:23am Reply All: #153 The Real Enemy, Part 2 overcast
December 13th 2019
6:23pm Reply All: #152 The Real Enemy, Part 1 overcast
5:57pm Radiolab: Things overcast
2:22pm The Daily: The Latest: Country Over Party overcast
2:18pm The Daily: The Candidates: Elizabeth Warren overcast
1:00pm Fresh Air: Conan O’Brien overcast
December 12th 2019
11:22pm RT @BarbMcQuade: Here are the GOP defenses I have heard so far to articles of impeachment, along with the knee-jerk responses I have been sh… twitter
6:13pm Political Gabfest: Crossfire Hurricane overcast
3:41pm The Scathing Atheist: 356: Black Sheep Edition overcast
10:29am RT @zannah: twitter
10:20am RT @its_riccaa: Y’all need to see this video collage of all the crazy things my Physics Professor did this semester😭. He’s in his 70s and is… twitter
10:17am RT @thenib: The GOP vs. reality. @tomtomorrow ✒ twitter
7:22am The Daily: The Fate of Boris and Brexit overcast
December 11th 2019
5:47pm Fresh Air: Trump & His Generals overcast
3:56pm Fresh Air: Best Of: Edward Norton / 10 Best books / David Harbour overcast
3:30pm 99% Invisible: 382- The ELIZA Effect overcast
11:10am RT @stevesilberman: A thread on the historical significance of @GretaThunberg being chosen as the first proudly autistic @Time Person of the… twitter
9:22am The Daily: The Articles of Impeachment overcast
7:58am RT @WalshFreedom: This should’ve been the biggest story of the day. He stole money from his own charity. He had to pay $2 million in damages… twitter
December 10th 2019
6:27pm Every Little Thing: Ever Felt Someone’s Pain… In Your Butt? overcast
6:05pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 748: The BAT FAANGs overcast
4:47pm Fresh Air: What Ukraine’s President Thinks Of Trump, Putin & The Impeachment Hearings overcast
3:42pm "The Goldwater Rule" (psychiatrists shouldn't provide professional opinions in the media about public figures whom they have not examined) e… twitter
9:22am The Daily: ‘Absolutely No Mercy’ overcast
8:06am The Daily: The Latest: The Mueller Question overcast
December 9th 2019
6:31pm Koja Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
4:41pm This American Life: 689: Digging Up the Bones overcast
9:03am @tasshinfogleman @diviacaroline To be fair, the glossary was already at the end of the book. I just made it more accessible via a web page f… twitter
8:56am I just got called a "brilliant saint"! 😅 facebook
8:21am The Daily: A Woman’s Journey Through China’s Detention Camps overcast
7:53am Planet Money: #956: The Carriage Tax overcast
7:33am "since 1980, more than 100% of the growth in income has gone to the top 10%" Not a typo. From "What really drives millennial outrage" facebook
December 8th 2019
10:33pm @pocketcasts I really appreciate your responsiveness, thank you! I get that the feature doesn't seem to merit the resources now. But I figur… twitter
10:22pm RT @Breznican: This is the Nativity display outside the Claremont United Methodist Church in California. It's making some people very upse… twitter
10:22pm Now that's a powerful Nativity Scene. facebook
10:17pm @OvercastFM @pocketcasts Just downloaded it, and see my activity since 2015! Yay, I'll import that. Thank you! I'll only hit it once a day o… twitter
4:55pm "Did God help elect Trump?" tl;dr: Yes, He's playing three dimensional chess, so you better do what God wants.The post starts off with some great stuff abo... facebook
12:50pm @pocketcasts @OvercastFM Please provide programmatic access to our podcast listening history. An "activity feed" or RESTful interface. Like … twitter
12:10pm RT @soledadobrien: Sigh. Ridiculous way to frame it. Far better to ask why Cruz believes a debunked theory. Media should not be giving a pla… twitter
December 7th 2019
9:39pm Great line: "the President has crusaded against windmills" twitter
9:38pm How can you not love this line, "the President has crusaded against windmills". Perhaps he thought they were giants. facebook
8:41pm RT @ColDav77: This may be a long shot but I know how powerful the Twitter world can be. I’m profoundly deaf and have been out of work since … twitter
3:30pm RT @amyngyn: "Harassers are nice to me" by @sarahm - this abstract is too real. it's too common that leaders are surprised to hear that the … twitter
11:12am Queuing theory. "With only one teller, customers will have to wait nearly five hours on average before they are served. But if you add a second teller, the a... facebook
9:43am RT @isaach: queueing theory is nuts twitter
December 6th 2019
11:31pm The last time Congress reauthorized the Voting Rights Act in 2006, the House passed it 390-33 and the Senate 98–0. Only 1 Republican supported it today. facebook
11:29pm RT @nikobowie: The last time Congress reauthorized the VRA in 2006, the House passed it 390-33 and the Senate 98–0. It's frankly stunning th… twitter
6:52pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
5:43pm The Scathing Atheist: 355: Shots Fired Edition overcast
5:42pm Political Gabfest: Badly Written & Reseached Disaster overcast
2:50pm Can you say "mama?" facebook
8:28am The Daily: The Candidates: Bernie Sanders overcast
December 5th 2019
6:18pm The Daily: The Latest: ‘Do You Hate the President?’ overcast
8:26am Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: The Pushkin Industries Holiday Variety Show overcast
8:20am The Daily: America’s Education Problem overcast
7:52am "[The new movie about Tommy and me] premiered last week but I stayed in Yosemite so I haven't gotten to see it yet." --Alex HonnoldClassic. He doesn't even... facebook
December 4th 2019
6:17pm Political Gabfest: Good Order and Discipline overcast
5:57pm The Daily: The Latest: But Is It Impeachable? overcast
2:17pm Planet Money: #773: Slot Flaw Scofflaws overcast
2:01pm 99% Invisible: 381- The Infantorium overcast
1:35pm RT @erinscafe: SNAP is about making sure people don’t starve, regardless of their situation. Requiring people to work 20 hours a week for 3 … twitter
1:34pm I love it!! twitter
12:57pm RT @DavidCornDC: I took a close look at the House Republican's impeachment report--someone has to do it!--and discovered it's a magnum opus … twitter
12:48pm @zannah This was the next Tweet in my feed: twitter
8:12am The Daily: A Louder, Messier Phase of Impeachment overcast
December 3rd 2019
6:26pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 747: Every Click is a Vote overcast
6:01pm Radiolab: Breaking Bongo overcast
3:20pm RT @whstancil: Remember when it came out 12 hours ago that Trump had directly, personally commandeered the Pentagon contracting process to s… twitter
10:48am I loved this talk so much! twitter
9:46am The Daily: A Deadly Crackdown in Iran overcast
December 2nd 2019
5:12pm RT @brianschatz: This is the official position of the Republican Party and if someone wants to distance themselves from this report they can… twitter
4:10pm Planet Money: #955: Pirate Videos overcast
2:24pm @zannah I don't actually hope this approach worked for them. It didn't work for us, either. They should go ahead and make good on a sort of … twitter
2:18pm RT @CucumberTonic: All other rubik’s cube achievements are cancelled twitter
9:45am The Daily: Why So Many Hospitals Are Suing Their Patients overcast
9:20am The Daily: The Jungle Prince, Chapter 1: The Railway Station overcast
December 1st 2019
5:50pm Ramen Nagi (a ramen restaurant) in Palo Alto foursquare
2:44pm I love that it was the chairwoman of the county Republicans that investigated the election results when she saw the Democratic candidate had suspiciously too... facebook
2:39pm RT @AdamHSays: wow. twitter
10:13am dblume says The Atlantic is doing their 12th annual Hubble Deep Space Telescope Advent Calen...! plurk
November 30th 2019
10:34pm dblume shares In Korea, "Nabi" (Butterfly) is a common name for a housecat. Watch BiBi play a cat, complete with pushing a glass off a table and giving you a "wat?" look. [MV] BIBI(비비) _ NABI(나비) plurk
5:18pm Tee Nee Thai (a thai restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
2:48pm RT @davidsirota: Wall Street is mad at Bernie Sanders’ tuition-free college plan because it is financed by a tax on Wall Street speculation.… twitter
2:03pm Planet Money: #674: We Cooked A Peacock overcast
November 29th 2019
10:39pm TIL about Hot Ones, where guests eat wings in increasing order of hotness while being interviewed. Here's Steve-O. facebook
8:25am Bill's Cafe (a breakfast spot) in San Jose foursquare
November 28th 2019
7:58pm RT @Megavolt1: Press Watch: Political reporters still can’t handle the GOP’s moral and ethical collapse | twitter
6:16pm RT @AndyRichter: The only remedy to America‘s “partisan divide“ is for white people to accept demographic changes and learn to share power w… twitter
November 27th 2019
8:03pm "An accreditation agency that was working with the U.S. on its sting operation also listed the university as legitimate." twitter
5:46pm Bon Chon Chicken (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
3:47pm The Daily: What the Bidens Actually Did in Ukraine overcast
3:29pm 99% Invisible: 380- Mannequin Pixie Dream Girl overcast
3:15pm This American Life: 291: Reunited (And It Feels So Good) overcast
12:33pm RT @jacobsoboroff: BREAKING: Trump administration wanted to separate *five times as many families* as they were able to before they were for… twitter
10:35am RT @AndiEwington: DM: ‘You come to large wooden door.’ Cat: ‘I knock at the door.’ DM: ‘An orc opens it and asks you to come in.’ Cat: ‘I… twitter
November 26th 2019
8:56pm RT @imillhiser: Yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh quietly released a brief opinion that lays out his blueprint for one-party Republican rule. twitter
8:35pm @Tyrus_Blackhorn @DichotomusPrime @freddiefoulds @CriticalRole Twitter's weird. I can imagine most people taking this at face value. (The le… twitter
6:16pm Every Little Thing: Ants: Tiny Brains, Full Hearts overcast
1:06pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 746: My Robot Lawyer overcast
12:47pm The Daily: Why Trump Still Believes (Wrongly) That Ukraine Hacked the D.N.C. overcast
November 25th 2019
5:28pm RT @rauchg: twitter
12:26pm Fresh Air: Leonard Cohen The Poet, Writer, And Father overcast
12:26pm Fresh Air: Director Marielle Heller On Mister Rogers & Telling Kids The Truth overcast
12:15pm "Obama made a point of getting daily exercise, an antidote to stress, and he’d also golf regularly with a trio of old friends and trusted aides. Covering Oba... facebook
11:05am Winners of the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2019. (Click through!) facebook
8:12am The Daily: What Should Happen to the Navy SEAL Chief? overcast
7:49am RT @McFaul: Missed the impeachment hearings over the last 2 weeks? Well, I watched almost every word (doing commentary for @NBCNews & @… twitter
November 24th 2019
1:58pm RT @donmoyn: Wallace: who hacked the DNC? Kennedy: "I don't know, nor do you." Wallace: It is the unanimous assessment of US intelligence th… twitter
1:57pm RT @LouisatheLast: This sort of thing happens all the time. Can we please get some kind of legislation that says if you are practicing medic… twitter
1:53pm RT @fred_guttenberg: YOU ARE A LIAR!!! Following the Parkland shooting which resulted in my daughters murder, the House passed gun safety l… twitter
November 23rd 2019
8:31pm You guys! Parasite was a pretty fun movie. You should see it. facebook
8:21pm RT @RadioFreeTom: If the choice is between living under liberals in a constitutional republic under the rule of law, or getting conservative… twitter
8:00pm RT @RVAwonk: So, um, it appears that Facebook deviated from its policy and extended a line of credit (to the tune of hundreds of thousands o… twitter
12:48pm Century 25 Union Landing (a movie theater) in Union City foursquare
9:14am Starbucks (a coffee shop) in Union City foursquare
November 22nd 2019
5:57pm Fresh Air: Foreign Influence On U.S. Politics / Inside ‘The Dark Crystal’ overcast
5:44pm Planet Money: #954: What Is Foreign Interference, Anyway? overcast
5:26pm The Daily: The Latest: A Call to ‘Fox & Friends’ overcast
3:13pm RT @CREWcrew: Twitter is full of people joking about how no one is surprised that Trump lied to cover up his attempt to profit off the G-7. … twitter
3:12pm RT @Inferis: Man, this is so great. twitter
2:22pm Invisibilia: Love and Lapses overcast
8:29am The Daily: The Candidates: Pete Buttigieg overcast
7:50am “Voltaire was right. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities — and social media lets authoritarians push absurdities to bil... facebook
November 21st 2019
9:46pm Oops. Apparently my friends were watching the Tesla Truck unveiling while I was watching the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. facebook
9:45pm Oops. Apparently my friends were watching the Tesla Truck unveiling while I was watching the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. twitter
6:23pm The Daily: The Latest: The Irregular Channel overcast
6:18pm Political Gabfest: In The Loop overcast
3:52pm RT @girlsreallyrule: Hill: "In the course of this investigation, I would ask that you please not promote politically driven falsehoods that … twitter
2:34pm The Scathing Atheist: 353: Bad Dads 2: Worse Dads Edition overcast
8:20am The Daily: ‘We Followed the President’s Orders’ overcast
November 20th 2019
9:50pm This one's pretty easy: You have a choice when you use ride share. Don't use the service that excuses the cold-blooded murder and dismemberment of a journali... facebook
6:34pm Fresh Air: 14 Mysterious Deaths & The Russian Assassination Program overcast
6:23pm Planet Money: #953: Three Sides Of A Car Loan overcast
6:02pm The Daily: The Latest: ‘Everyone Was in the Loop’ overcast
5:15pm RT @shanvav: NSA Fmr Deputy Director Inglis' take on @Snowden: "I thought that he was reckless...Not a whistleblower in any way shape or for… twitter
1:24pm Fresh Air: Actor Robert Pattinson overcast
12:29pm RT @brentsimmons: This article from 2014 — about why Webster’s 1913 dictionary is amazing, and how you can import it into… twitter
8:17am The Daily: What Happened to Kamala Harris? overcast
November 19th 2019
5:46pm The Daily: The Latest: A Republican Strategy Revealed overcast
5:40pm Every Little Thing: Twinspiracies: The Truth About Twinspeak and More overcast
5:38pm 99% Invisible: 379- Cautionary Tales overcast
2:47pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 745: Highly Illegal - and Very Affordable overcast
1:43pm @zannah That "we" reads like "not me personally". twitter
12:40pm RT @simondonald: For fuck’s sake. Socialism is NOT Communism. Capitalism - anybody can be rich. Communism - nobody can be rich. Socialis… twitter
12:10pm Happy Blade Runner Day. facebook
7:41am The Daily: A Broken Promise on Taxes overcast
7:24am The Daily: The Latest: The Week Ahead in the Impeachment Hearings overcast
November 18th 2019
9:52pm This was one of the most interesting bugs I've ever heard about. Some might even have to ask their apartment neighbors to put their Nintendo Switches in airp... facebook
3:58pm This American Life: 688: The Out Crowd overcast
2:35pm RT @RAICESTEXAS: The U.S. has broken a record. We now have over 100,000 children in immigrant-related custody, per a United Nations study. … twitter
9:28am The Daily: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of WeWork overcast
8:58am @flowingdata The article says "waiters and waitresses have a median salary of $21,780" but the bubble's Y-axis position far below zero ($0k)… twitter
8:00am Planet Money: #952: Sperm Banks overcast
7:44am @b0rk @d6 Actually, tac is useful for removing duplicates from your history, so history search pattern matching has more hits. See this: twitter
7:32am Fresh Air: Actor Willem Dafoe overcast
November 17th 2019
6:25pm RT @CREWcrew: Remember when Trump tried to hold the next G-7 summit at his struggling Doral golf resort? He claimed it was because it's what… twitter
5:12pm Sen Dai Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
9:01am RT @ddale8: It’s been hard to communicate just how comprehensively Trump has been lying about his Ukraine scandal. So I made a list. Here … twitter
November 16th 2019
5:24pm "Trump is successful because his hyper-tribalism dovetails perfectly with this polarized moment in American history. He didn’t create the divisions fracturin... facebook
5:20pm "Trump is successful because his hyper-tribalism dovetails perfectly with this polarized moment in American history. He didn’t create the di… twitter
4:44pm Coffee is good for you. ☕ facebook
4:43pm @nycsouthpaw "Friends on the other side" said the supposed to be nonpartisan Attorney General. Click through to see some Trump administratio… twitter
1:03pm @jwise0 It was nice to see you recognize my @bangbangconwest t-shirt at Planet Granite and make sure I get my talk submitted in time. (And g… twitter
November 15th 2019
10:02pm @natalietran If it's any consolation, my hand-crafted birthday party invitation told everyone to go through the "rot iron" gate when they ar… twitter
7:42pm RT @JohnBrennan: Your comments reflect the despicable nature of your character, hate & fear of our foreign service officers & desper… twitter
7:32pm @yacitus How about that? Once again, premature optimization is the root of evil. twitter
6:21pm Fresh Air: How Online Extremists Are ‘Hijacking’ The American Conversation overcast
3:05pm The Scathing Atheist: 352: Vulgarity Case Edition overcast
2:52pm Fresh Air: Judd Apatow On His Mentor, Comic Garry Shandling overcast
2:46pm The Daily: The Latest: ‘It’s Very Intimidating’ overcast
2:39pm Reply All: #151 Thank You for Noticing overcast
8:10am The Daily: Capitalism on Trial in Chile overcast
November 14th 2019
6:16pm Political Gabfest: DP [Hearts] MB overcast
4:41pm Planet Money: #951: Snakebite overcast
4:36pm The Daily: The Latest: A New Word for What Trump Did overcast
12:27pm RT @quantian1: No other textbook, and possibly no other book, will ever have a better opening paragraph than Goodstein's "States of Matter": twitter
12:24pm @triagegirl True that. I love the auntie-encouraged cultures of wearing protective clothing, sharing, eating right, and getting enough sleep… twitter
8:51am @triagegirl Serious question: Like what? Say you want there to be an observer in a few millennia who could appreciate the resilient system y… twitter
8:40am Saw the announcement of @github ‘s Arctic Cold Vault and the Archive Partner Program Panel with @longnow . My people! twitter
8:14am The Daily: A Public Hearing, and a Feud Over Ukraine overcast
7:54am The Daily: The Latest: An Ideal Witness for the Democrats overcast
November 13th 2019
7:51am Palace of Fine Arts (a historic site) in San Francisco foursquare
7:01am Fresh Air: The Ukrainian Side Of The Impeachment Drama overcast
6:26am The Daily: A Third Grader’s Guide to the Impeachment Hearings overcast
5:43am 99% Invisible: 378- Ubiquitous Icons: Peace, Power, and Happiness overcast
November 12th 2019
9:30pm Click through and read. The Secret Reason Republicans Won't Impeach Trump twitter
6:10pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 744: Boiling the Privacy Frog overcast
3:34pm Today's False Knees is awesome. (As they usually are.) Sjon Svenson may especially like it. facebook
9:16am The Daily: A Small Act of Rebellion overcast
8:36am I wonder if the deletion signals that Trump doesn't support losers, or whether Trump's just not loyal back? twitter
November 11th 2019
3:06pm This American Life: 687: Small Things Considered overcast
1:35pm RT @jonfavs: This is an important piece that shows the dangers of coverage that focuses on the partisan politics of impeachment instead of t… twitter
12:56pm @pocketcasts Please do! #QuantifiedSelf and #Lifestream fall in and out of vogue, but it'd be a service that distinguishes you, and people w… twitter
10:35am @pocketcasts If you scroll half-way down this Last dot fm feed, , you'll see plenty of NPR, TWiT, and Science Friday… twitter
10:32am @pocketcasts I'm looking for programmatic access to my activity feed. Maybe I want to have a record I can access from anywhere, upload to ht… twitter
9:35am "Oh, I *am* the devil."That's the sincere realization my son just made bouldering with me today. He completed his first V5 (Congrats, Son!), and has been e... facebook
6:22am The Daily: Why Military Assistance for Ukraine Matters overcast
5:51am How I Built This with Guy Raz: Live Episode! Luke’s Lobster: Luke Holden and Ben Conniff overcast
November 10th 2019
4:19pm I'm really enjoying season 3 of True Detective. Mahershala Ali is becoming one of my favorite actors. facebook
12:12pm @pocketcasts Question: Does Pocket Casts offer User Activity Feeds? If I listened to Fresh Air #300, you'd have an RSS/Atom feed (or RESTful… twitter
November 9th 2019
10:22pm "Secular Assault" Based on an actual quote from Bill Barr at Notre Dame. facebook
6:08pm Fresh Air: ‘What Happens When A President And Congress Go To War?’ overcast
4:59pm Here's a comic with a little timeline in it for ya. facebook
4:58pm RT @DarrinBellArt: @realDonaldTrump twitter
3:42pm RT @WajahatAli: Republican Party will not reset after Trump. The ideology will be more extreme. They will find a more polished, less self de… twitter
12:46pm RT @waldojaquith: It is a bedrock Republican belief, at this point, that any Democratic victory is illegitimate. twitter
10:57am Crema Coffee Roasting Company (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
8:00am Planet Money: #950: Overrated Or Underrated? overcast
November 8th 2019
6:45pm Tomatina (a pizza place) in Santa Clara foursquare
6:02pm Radiolab: Dolly Parton’s America: Neon Moss overcast
2:03pm Political Gabfest: One Year From This Week overcast
1:38pm The Daily: The Saga of Gordon Sondland overcast
1:22pm RT @forvrin: @zannah This meme is dead to me now twitter
1:14pm @fpccraig @zannah Speaking of pizza domains, I wrote one for fairly sharing that last slice of pizza between two people where one wants the … twitter
1:12pm Trump didn't lie when he said he liked using OPM (Other People's Money). twitter
12:23pm Maciej's pointing out that these are relatively small amounts of revenue for the companies, and if their principles really weren't so right-… twitter
12:13pm Not the Enforcement and Removal Operations arm of ICE. Why not the ATF, though, since it was about guns? Still, we have to be vigilant about… twitter
10:28am RT @StephenKing: Sometimes I feel like screaming, "Everybody knows that Trump is as crooked as a broken nose and as dumb as a fencepost. Jus… twitter
November 7th 2019
6:01pm Planet Money: #777: Free Love, Free Market overcast
2:19pm The Scathing Atheist: 351: Dying Out Loud Edition overcast
1:44pm Every Little Thing: Sinkholes: How Scared Should I Be? Plus, Amy Sedaris overcast
11:03am @zannah Turns out that today's my 13th #MyTwitterAnniversary too! But they didn't give me a fancy graphic to share. So I'll just share the t… twitter
10:55am @zannah I've just been updating my DokuWiki, Gallery, WebSvn, GitList and all my bespoke sites for DreamHost's imminent forced upgrade from … twitter
8:18am 99% Invisible: 377- How To Pick A Pepper overcast
8:10am The Daily: ‘Because of Sex’ overcast
November 6th 2019
6:12pm The Daily: How Impeachment Consumed a Governor’s Race overcast
5:54pm The Joe Rogan Experience: #1368 - Edward Snowden overcast
12:18pm Thank you, benevolent time traveller, for returning to this time to stop the literate crab uprising. twitter
November 5th 2019
3:34pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 743: Lying is Bad is a Lie overcast
1:16pm RT @ACLU: The president’s attacks fit a broader, bipartisan government playbook to delegitimize and intimidate whistleblowers and those who … twitter
1:14pm RT @FairVoteCA: “Because candidates are still seeking a second or third preference, they don’t want another candidate’s supporters to active… twitter
9:03am david completed "Update RPS site for PHP 7.2" tasks
8:58am Home dokuwiki
8:18am The Daily: Who’s Actually Electable in 2020? overcast
7:12am david prioritized "Update RPS site for PHP 7.2" tasks
November 4th 2019
8:57pm @neonepiphany HBD! FWIW, I'm over 50yo and still boulder. It's just that I climb down a little before jumping down nowadays. twitter
4:56pm RT @lottydoes: “losing/taking virginity” - turns sex into an object - places pressure on the decision - you don’t actually lose or take any… twitter
4:54pm @DreamHost Today's XKCD is relevant. BTW, Dreamhost is auto-upgrading this month. twitter
4:45pm RT @jdmaccoby: PRESS: how will you pay for your plans? TRUMP: mexico PRESS: ok GOP: economics PRESS: sure WARREN: a detailed set of ref… twitter
3:38pm This American Life: 239: Lost in America overcast
1:20pm ProTip for old-timer @dreamhost customers. If you wrote old PHP 5 code that uses mysql_connect(), you'll have to change it when they auto-up… twitter
9:29am The Daily: The Democratic Showdown in Iowa overcast
9:13am How I Built This with Guy Raz: LÄRABAR: Lara Merriken overcast
8:24am RT @MalwareJake: The next time a whistleblower takes the @snowden route, this tweet will be known as "exhibit one" twitter
8:21am RT @SassyOlli: Don't be a sucker. Racism is for chumps. twitter
8:15am @neonepiphany What were the others? twitter
November 3rd 2019
4:27pm RT @TerpTheatre: Event Organizer: We're sorry, there won't be interpreters at the event where you are presenting about Deaf things, sign lan… twitter
3:41pm McCarran International Airport (LAS) (an airport) in Las Vegas foursquare
11:26am Eggslut (a breakfast spot) in Las Vegas foursquare
9:38am All USA citizens should watch this video from the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. This is what putting country over party loo… twitter
9:30am It also notes how odd it is that Trump started a criminal investigation into the report that resulted in his "total and complete exoneration… twitter
November 2nd 2019
10:33pm I love the cannon sound the fountain makes when does the super tall jets. instagram
8:15pm Fountains of Bellagio (a fountain) in Las Vegas foursquare
7:35pm Atlantis Aquarium (an aquarium) in Las Vegas foursquare
7:28pm Fountain of The Gods (a sculpture garden) in Las Vegas foursquare
1:48pm @neonepiphany You can find spam at You're welcome. twitter
10:52am RT @washingtonpost: Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump’s border wall twitter
10:50am RT @nytimes: The Trump administration is expected to roll back an Obama-era regulation meant to limit the leaching of heavy metals like arse… twitter
10:24am SAHARA Las Vegas (a hotel) in Las Vegas foursquare
November 1st 2019
7:53pm McCarran International Airport (LAS) (an airport) in Las Vegas foursquare
7:52pm Fresh Air: ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail overcast
7:52pm Planet Money: #949: The Pigou Club overcast
7:52pm Fresh Air: How Living With Tourette’s Inspired ‘Nothing To See Here’ overcast
7:52pm The Scathing Atheist: 350: Sesquarcentennial Edition overcast
7:52pm Political Gabfest: Halloween overcast
5:08pm Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) (an airport) in San Jose foursquare
12:36pm RT @yacitus: Nationalism Isn’t Patriotism via @thenib twitter
7:40am The Daily: A Vote on Impeachment overcast
7:04am RT @attn: Watch President @BarackObama make an excellent point about call-out culture. twitter
October 31st 2019
3:49pm RT @jessicamckellar: I first met Emile while he was serving a life sentence at San Quentin. When his sentence was commuted, he needed to be… twitter
3:46pm RT @TopherSpiro: BREAKING: Trump just broke his campaign promise to support Medicare negotiation of prescription drug prices. twitter
3:40pm @yacitus Congrats, Daryl! twitter
2:54pm Reply All: #150 The Reply All Halloween Scream-A-Thon overcast
9:21am The Daily: What Boeing Knew overcast
7:48am Planet Money: #948: A Series Of Unfortunate Recessions overcast
October 30th 2019
3:41pm Fresh Air: Mosul & The Fall of ISIS overcast
3:32pm Radiolab: Songs that Cross Borders overcast
2:57pm Twitter's stopping all political advertising. Facebook needs to step up. Facebook's policy of "Political ads are the ones that we allow to b… twitter
1:49pm RT @yacitus: Only now do we understand the true cruelty of Trump’s family separation twitter
1:45pm RT @jimmykimmel: We mashed up @BarackObama’s Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump’s al-Baghdadi speech, and the results are amazing twitter
8:26am The Daily: The Promise and Peril of Vaping, Part 2: The Story of Juul overcast
8:04am 99% Invisible: 376- Great Bitter Lake Association overcast
October 29th 2019
4:29pm This American Life: 319: And the Call Was Coming from the Basement overcast
4:04pm Rare found curb ankylosaurus. instagram
9:46am The Daily: The Life and Death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi overcast
9:46am Invisibilia: Back When I Was Older overcast
8:35am Every Little Thing: Spiders: How Many Can There Be? overcast
October 28th 2019
6:45pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 742: Leave the Wallet At Home overcast
8:17am The Daily: The Promise and Peril of Vaping, Part 1: A Mystery in Nebraska overcast
October 27th 2019
9:13pm Just got around to this. Love it. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete facebook
8:58pm Fresh Air: Ronan Farrow overcast
October 26th 2019
8:48pm RT @nakanodrawing: "Hey everyone, I've been having trouble catching that mouse. Do you guys have any tips?" "Be patient and don't pounce to… twitter
1:31pm Lotus Thai Restaurant (a thai restaurant) in Danville foursquare
12:37pm Century Blackhawk Plaza (a movie theater) in Danville foursquare
10:13am Blackhawk Automotive Museum (a museum) in Danville foursquare
October 25th 2019
10:26pm The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck (Official Music Video) Don't read anything about this video. Just experience it. The music, the dance, the cinemat... facebook
8:51pm California Combatting Wildfire Risk By Shutting Off Oxygen To Thousands Of Residents facebook
6:07pm Planet Money: #947: Some-of-the-Money Ball overcast
5:16pm Was learning about GraphQL at but they lost me at: "empireHero": { "name": "Luke Skywalker" }, "jediHero": { "name… twitter
11:05am Political Gabfest: Cooper, Taylor, SCIFer Spy overcast
8:17am The Daily: ‘A Prophet’: The Zeal of Bernie Sanders Supporters overcast
7:46am @zannah In Edward Snowden's autobiography, Permanent Record, he says Ghost In The Shell is his favorite anime! twitter
October 24th 2019
8:32pm RT @Alwaida_lily: ICE killed a woman and erased all the evidence twitter
6:15pm The Scathing Atheist: 349: John Wicca Edition overcast
2:43pm RT @Grace_Segers: Me, writing an email: I'm using an exclamation point so you know I'm friendly and excited! But now I'm using a period so … twitter
10:17am ProTip: moreutils' ts (timestamp prepender) is awesome, and if you use it in crontab escape any percent characters. (% has different special… twitter
10:12am RT @nihilocrat: the buried lede here is "global warming could be stalled for 20 years with the same amount of money the world spends on its … twitter
9:44am RT @kurteichenwald: Can you imagine if Dems stormed the room where secret depositions were taken by Benghazi committee? The ones never rele… twitter
8:25am Radiolab: Birdie in the Cage overcast
8:13am The Daily: A Victim of the Shadow Government overcast
7:43am "These are the first sit-in protesters in history to be fighting for high crimes and misdemeanors." facebook
October 23rd 2019
6:10pm Planet Money: #946: Fries Of The Future overcast
5:03pm RT @amyg__g: "I just want to note that they attacked Obama with racism, smeared his wife & kids, demanded his birth certificate and not … twitter
4:52pm 99% Invisible: 375- Audio Guide to the Imperfections of a Perfect Masterpiece overcast
4:31pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Gimlet Media: Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber overcast
3:33pm RT @CREWcrew: The IRS has not turned over President Trump's tax returns to Congress. Charles Rettig, Trump’s hand-picked IRS Commissioner, … twitter
1:31pm RT @slpng_giants: THIS IS A LIE!!!! AN OUTRIGHT LIE! We asked this very same question to @Poynter, whose standards are supposed to be met f… twitter
1:30pm RT @drvox: The worst thing Republicans are doing gets the least attention. twitter
1:23pm RT @jbendery: Here is a Republican congressman bragging about crashing a classified intel meeting he's not supposed to be in, with his cell … twitter
9:20am Comcast is lobbying against encrypted DNS and is misrepresenting it in their deck. If you care about privacy, click through. twitter
8:13am The Daily: The ‘Most Damning’ Impeachment Testimony Yet overcast
October 22nd 2019
10:43pm RT @ryangrim: Bernie Sanders pledges to end practice of prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act twitter
6:56pm Century 20 Great Mall and XD (a movie theater) in Milpitas foursquare
5:57pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 741: Jin Yang’s Not Hotdog Method overcast
1:05pm RT @EqualCitizensUS: Retweet if you agree states should use ranked choice voting to elect the president! No one should win a state with a me… twitter
10:09am The Daily: Trapped in Syria, Part 2: A Plea to Parliament overcast
October 21st 2019
9:38pm GNOME has been targeted by a patent troll. It'd have been cheaper for them to pay the ransom, but they're going to fight. Good on them. facebook
6:22pm This American Life: 686: Umbrellas Up overcast
1:31pm RT @jimsciutto: In a further demonstration of the helter-skelter of US Syria policy, 200 US troops will now remain in Syria to guard oil fie… twitter
10:37am Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2019. (Click through. The emo white-haired spider is worth it alone. Not to mention the tulip bud... facebook
9:46am The Daily: Trapped in Syria, Part 1: A Father’s Fight overcast
8:04am It reminds me of the time in 2016 when Trump finally and resentfully said, "Barack Obama was born in the United States, Okay?" And there was… twitter
October 20th 2019
6:17pm shell tips dokuwiki
6:14pm Bon Chon Chicken (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
5:17pm shell tips dokuwiki
4:06pm Invisibilia: Rough Translation: Liberté, Égalité and French Fries overcast
1:30pm RT @JackiSchechner: Proof there was no actual search b/c if there were, they could just pick whichever was second. twitter
9:24am Cafe Gourmet (a café) in San Jose foursquare
October 19th 2019
4:17pm Reducing the number of lines of code to a 10th of the original size and making it more maintainable is pretty great. Getting a 17x speed improvement is just... facebook
1:00pm RT @PamKeithFL: I want you to understand that McConnell’s refusal to ensure a quorum at the FEC was specifically designed to allow 45 and ot… twitter
October 18th 2019
11:20pm This video is a two-fer. I have a hard time wrapping my head around which way the water actually (looks like) it's going. And Destin calls out the way we ca... facebook
10:54pm If you like Abba or don't like Giuliani, you'll enjoy this. facebook
7:54pm RT @Bernstein: Mark Zuckerberg just publicly retrofit the reason for founding Facebook from a tool that could rate the attractiveness of fem… twitter
6:11pm Planet Money: #945: The Liberty City overcast
5:53pm Political Gabfest: Don’t Be a Tough Guy. Don’t Be a Fool! I Will Call You Later overcast
1:53pm RT @Carrie_Rachel: I don't understand why we don't call this hoarding. The obeisance to unchecked capitalism and materialism is a mental ill… twitter
1:31pm RT @zannah: twitter
10:49am RT @reymondin: « What is real is being purposefully conflated with what is fake, through technologies that are capable of scaling that confl… twitter
8:43am The Daily: The Week Diplomats Broke Their Silence overcast
7:47am @Arlene48387455 @Castbox_fm @SlateGabfest , the latest episode "The 'Don’t Be a Tough Guy. Don’t Be a Fool! I Will Call You Later' Edition" … twitter
October 17th 2019
9:42pm RT @ewarren: Here's the thing, Mark. Trump isn't just posting a lie on his own page for his own followers. Facebook is accepting millions of… twitter
7:06pm RT @DanRather: I cannot remember a time when the world saw the United States this unsteady, adrift, corrupt, or incompetent. twitter
6:06pm Fresh Air: Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Christopher Wylie overcast
5:50pm The Scathing Atheist: 348: Gorbellied Mumpsimus Edition overcast
5:42pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Live Episode! Milk Bar: Christina Tosi overcast
8:40am Favorite github commit today: "obstreperous pony-petting anamorphic mindmeld" twitter
8:40am RT @gkoberger: I wrote a song about the history of web dev, as I remember it! 🥁🥁🥁🥁 🎤 It's the end of web dev as we know it 🎶 And I feel fi… twitter
8:15am The Daily: A Foreseen Calamity in Syria overcast
7:41am RT @ddiamond: The front page of the NYT website — on day 1,000 of the Trump administration — reads like a parody prediction from 2016 of wha… twitter
October 16th 2019
6:28pm RT @RegalMovies: FOLLOW us and RETWEET with #DoubleTapPrizeGiveaway for a chance to win! Rules: twitter
6:21pm Reply All: ANNOUNCEMENT: We are opening the phone lines to hear your spooky stories overcast
6:21pm Radiolab: Radiolab Presents: Dolly Parton’s America overcast
2:30pm This is the "good letter" Lindsey Graham said Trump had sent Erdogan. twitter
1:59pm Planet Money: #753: Blockchain Gang overcast
1:30pm RT @4TheRefugees: Full transcript of remarks at today’s press conference on Trudeau failing refugees. We’re a non-partisan org and the last … twitter
11:18am RT @jakelikesonions: Old comic about labels twitter
8:12am The Daily: The Moderates Strike Back: The 4th Democratic Debate overcast
7:26am RT @steve_vladeck: When @realDonaldTrump is no longer President, there will be a flurry of people who worked in the administration rushing t… twitter
October 15th 2019
10:33pm The Lines of Code That Changed Everything. (The RSS item should've mentioned Dave Winer.) facebook
6:53pm 99% Invisible: 374- Unsure Footing overcast
6:31pm Every Little Thing: Grand Theft Water Lily overcast
4:32pm RT @DanRather: So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors… twitter
3:49pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 740: Sex-Positive Currency overcast
12:43pm Scenes From the Aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis in Japan facebook
10:47am Click through to see some amazing miniature scale decaying Tokyo storefronts. (Worth it.) facebook
8:49am The Daily: The Effort to Discredit the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine overcast
8:09am RT @MissoulaAF: Look what your precious Oxford comma did this time, nerds. twitter
October 14th 2019
8:28pm RT @Sifill_LDF: Pay attention to this move towards theocracy. The Attorney General rails against secularism, and the Secretary of State has … twitter
2:42pm The Scathing Atheist: 347: Heavy Petting Edition overcast
2:42pm This American Life: 685: We Come From Small Places overcast
11:37am @Daliblume I adore you. That was my joke. That it sounds so lovely I thought I'd be paying, instead of getting rewarded for surviving it. twitter
8:52am Fresh Air: Understanding Trump’s Impeachment Peril overcast
8:30am The Daily: The Story of a Kurdish General overcast
6:13am $10,000 is a little high for me to pay for just one month's rent, but those amenities sound worth it. Where do I sign up? twitter
October 13th 2019
4:24pm Holy cow, you can even make out the "Black Belt". This does not correlate to a population map at all. facebook
1:41pm Fresh Air: ‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan & Actor Aaron Paul overcast
1:32pm RT @Sleestak: I'm sorry but the idea of Star Trek cosplayers walking around a Renaissance Faire like time travelers will always be hilarious… twitter
12:46pm Apple's iOS 13 "Mail" app makes it harder to do one of the actions I do most frequently when triaging email. They got rid of the customizable suggested folde... facebook
12:23pm "Tho’ I never arrived at the perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, but fell far short of it, yet I was, by the endeavour, a better and a happier m... facebook
7:56am Once you learn the password, you'll appreciate the thoughtful image choice they used for the article. facebook
October 12th 2019
5:27pm The Daily: ‘1619,’ Episode 5: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 2 overcast
3:32pm @neonepiphany Love it as much as I hate Facebook's smarmy response, "If Senator Warren wants to say things she knows to be untrue, we believ… twitter
1:24pm Fentons Creamery & Restaurant (an ice cream shop) in Oakland foursquare
12:17pm Homeroom (a mac & cheese joint) in Oakland foursquare
11:23am Sather Gate (a monument / landmark) in Berkeley foursquare
10:44am Doe Library (a college library) in Berkeley foursquare
10:33am Campanile (Sather Tower) (a scenic lookout) in Berkeley foursquare
9:50am California Memorial Stadium (a college football field) in Berkeley foursquare
October 11th 2019
9:03pm Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
6:21pm Planet Money: #944: We Should Have Mentioned That overcast
5:16pm RT @robreiner: To my friends in the GOP: You know he’s unfit. You know he’s committed crimes. You know he commits Impeachable offenses on a … twitter
2:33pm Fresh Air: Reporters Reveal Trump’s Extreme Border Proposals overcast
10:45am And if you have moreutils' "pee", then you can easily see just the message and verification of its signature like so: curl -s… twitter
10:07am It's over 10 years old, but still nice to occasionally verify the weekly warrant canary signature before reading it.… twitter
9:01am RT @theintercept: Critics of @Snowden’s decision to leak classified NSA documents noted at the time that safeguards existed to prevent Ameri… twitter
8:05am The Daily: Why China Went to War With the N.B.A. overcast
October 10th 2019
9:37pm Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019 facebook
8:34pm RT @integerpoet: She shouldn’t have to be heroic. But she is. twitter
6:13pm Political Gabfest: Great and Unmatched Wisdom overcast
2:47pm Reply All: #149 30-50 Feral Hogs overcast
1:54pm RT @FakeLibStats: Did you know that the benefits of reading outweigh any negatives caused by eating cake twitter
11:07am dblume shares A desktop vacation to the Bungle Bungles in Australia, esp. for pastilla A Photo Trip to the Bungle Bungles plurk
9:27am RT @Mikel_Jollett: SHE WARNED US ABOUT EVERYTHING. Hillary Clinton in 2016: “Turkey is at war with the Kurds... If Turkey cuts off the Tru… twitter
8:50am This American Life: 581: Anatomy of Doubt overcast
8:49am The Daily: Republicans’ ‘Dead Chicken’ Strategy on Impeachment overcast
October 9th 2019
9:54pm RT @MykeCole: What’s so blood-boiling about the Trump presidency is how unspeakably *stupid* he is. He isn’t even a worthy adversary. How do… twitter
6:07pm Planet Money: #763: BOTUS overcast
6:00pm Every Little Thing: Nail Polish Naming: Who Does That? overcast
12:36pm RT @mollycrabapple: In advance of Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, the US had the SDF destroy their border fortifications. This looks like activ… twitter
11:34am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 739: Bob Ross with Biceps overcast
11:25am 99% Invisible: 373- The Kirkbride Plan overcast
9:17am RT @trevortimm: This reminds me of when, in 2014, the CIA was caught spying on emails between the IC's director of whistleblowing & Cong… twitter
8:19am The Daily: The Freshmen: Elissa Slotkin Confronts the Impeachment Backlash overcast
October 8th 2019
1:07pm RT @jhooks: Saying “hi” in a DM or chat and just mutely waiting is not something I’d consider a social grace. It fundamentally destroys th… twitter
11:16am Billionaire or Supervillian? twitter
11:13am @neonepiphany In all seriousness, I would've checked the range that included 5 hours. twitter
11:09am RT @mjs_DC: Florida Republicans' poll tax continues to work as intended. twitter
9:29am The Daily: Is the U.S. Betraying Its Kurdish Allies? overcast
8:39am RT @ChrisEvans: I think everyone who chooses to stay out of politics(which is your right) should make a mental note of where they would draw… twitter
October 7th 2019
4:17pm The rich really do pay lower taxes than the rest. And we're subsidizing this tax loss with tarriffs, a regressive tax, further hurting the l… twitter
3:21pm RT @RyanLizza: This is objectively insane. There is no other way to describe it. It does not matter whether you’re a reporter, a conservativ… twitter
11:25am Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
October 6th 2019
12:36pm Birthday Family Excursions mydlma
October 5th 2019
10:41pm RT @davidcicilline: Just a quick reminder about all the bills Mitch McConnell is still blocking. twitter
1:05pm The Scathing Atheist: 346: Impeach Around Edition overcast
1:01pm The Daily: ‘1619,’ Episode 5: The Land of Our Fathers, Part 1 overcast
10:13am Gorillaz' "Plastic Beach" intended to tell a complete story over "4 or 5" music videos. Those were "Stylo", "Melancholy Hill", "Broken" and then "Rhinestone ... facebook
9:28am RT @gregolear: Let’s talk about Mike Pence. Our corrupt VP has managed to stay off the radar for three years, hiding in the wide shadow cast… twitter
9:20am RT @DanielEllsberg: Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the day I started copying the Pentagon Papers. My older son @RobertEllsberg was 13… twitter
8:15am Everybody needs a little enrichment. facebook
October 4th 2019
8:54pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Live Episode! Walker & Company: Tristan Walker overcast
7:02pm Planet Money: #943: Unicorn Cowboy overcast
1:59pm Political Gabfest: We’re Not Fooling Around Here overcast
1:40pm The Daily: When #MeToo Went on Trial overcast
8:45am RT @Snowden: The EU's 2019 Whistleblower Directive explicitly protects *public* disclosure without requiring reporting through internal or e… twitter
7:54am At the "Emma Saying" YouTube channel where she pronounces "Tinnitus" both ways, one of the comment reads, "it's pronounced "tih-nigh-tus" this channel is FAK... facebook
October 3rd 2019
10:21pm @neonepiphany TIL how taiyaki get their filling. Thank you, @neonepiphany twitter
4:38pm RT @yacitus: ‘And, just like that, I’m back on team “Fuck you, Facebook.” This company is a legitimate menace to liberal democracy.’ twitter
3:29pm RT @vaurorapub: Wow. This article about how Warren is refusing to give special access to rich Silicon Valley techies and they are still back… twitter
3:22pm RT @Snowden: "Is it not chilling to realize that if citizens ever felt a need to challenge a fascist government, or a brutal dictatorship, t… twitter
8:19am The Daily: How Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine Operation Backfired overcast
7:36am RT @natalietran: twitter
October 2nd 2019
6:05pm Crimetown: Introducing Mogul overcast
4:58pm Planet Money: #942: Capitalism In The Courtroom overcast
2:27pm @Foursquare Developer just emailed me about Pilgrim SDK and addressed me as Lakshmi. That's not the name they have for my developer account.… twitter
12:39pm Winners of Japan’s 2019 Laundromat of the Year Award facebook
12:27pm Even though you might write queries like: select -> from -> where -> group by -> having, that's not the order in which queries a… twitter
10:12am RT @ewarren: We have to break the grip that lobbyists have on our government for good. My plan to end Washington corruption calls for someth… twitter
9:32am 99% Invisible: 372- The Help-Yourself City overcast
9:16am The Daily: Pageantry in Beijing. Firebombs in Hong Kong. overcast
8:49am Life imitates art. Tokyo dating site Deai-Kei had employees pretend to be love interests to keep clients subscribed to the service. This was… twitter
October 1st 2019
6:25pm Revisionist History: Revisionist History Presents: The Happiness Lab overcast
3:14pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 738: The Twerklight Sonata overcast
2:19pm RT @fairvote: Retweet if you agree: Being represented by elected officials that reflect the interests of my community is critical for all of… twitter
1:21pm RT @DanRather: There will be a time when many people will have a vested interest in pushing the narrative that none of this was predictable.… twitter
1:19pm @zannah Wait. I was certain you had a cronjob posting these. Do you do them manually? twitter
9:22am The Daily: The Impeachment Dilemma for Republicans overcast
8:38am RT @JD_Tuccille: "repeated evocations of terror by the political class were not a response to any specific threat or concern but a cynical a… twitter
September 30th 2019
3:18pm RT @noornet: This still gives me chills. Ingenious. Carl Sagan explains how the Ancient Greeks, Eratosthenes of Cyrene, the chief librarian… twitter
1:55pm This American Life: 684: Burn It Down overcast
12:20pm RT @Snowden: can you believe that the president will criticize you for exposing their wrongdoing whether or not you "followed proper channel… twitter
8:17am The Daily: How the Whistle-Blower Complaint Almost Didn’t Happen overcast
7:52am The Daily: A Special Episode for Kids: The Fear Facer overcast
7:51am Fresh Air: ‘Piety & Power’ And Mike Pence overcast
7:51am The Scathing Atheist: 345: Face Off Edition overcast
7:48am This was eventually my read, too. twitter
September 29th 2019
7:50pm "Why'd they used to separate the children's graves from the adults? ... Seems like a bad idea somehow." Snarky political commentary in The Dead Don't Die. facebook
2:54pm Planet Money: #941: Three Bets overcast
September 28th 2019
9:02pm RT @gregolear: With the news coming rapid-fire, I want to make sure we target Wayne LaPierre and the NRA. These are despicable traitors, wor… twitter
9:02pm RT @Snowden: Not a joke: the CIA allegedly ran an operation to livestream surveillance of women in the toilet, hoping to overhear them plann… twitter
September 27th 2019
9:55pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park (5 minute version) youtube
2:04pm I really enjoyed this week's Radiolab podcast, "Silky Love". It has an international gonad hunt! And mysteries yet unsolved. twitter
1:45pm Radiolab: Silky Love overcast
1:17pm Political Gabfest: I Would Like You To Do Us A Favor overcast
12:42pm "If you dismiss something because it seems unimaginable, that’s a mistake. It’s a failure of imagination." twitter
12:38pm @Randy_Au @b0rk I love your Godzilla/City sample data so much. twitter
8:23am The Daily: The Whistle-Blower’s Complaint overcast
September 26th 2019
4:48pm @Snowden I'm at lol. twitter
1:39pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Headspace: Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson overcast
1:35pm Reply All: #148 Bedbugs and Aliens overcast
12:27pm This right here. twitter
11:27am Apple - [Configuration] dokuwiki
8:19am The Daily: ‘I Would Like You to Do Us a Favor’ overcast
8:19am Fresh Air: Edward Snowden overcast
September 25th 2019
6:07pm Planet Money: #770: When India’s Cash Disappeared overcast
5:00pm @zannah I love that your Keykode is "ZANNAH X BB8" twitter
11:30am RT @daringfireball: Trump Is a Threat to Journalism Around the World: twitter
8:25am The Daily: An Impeachment Inquiry Begins overcast
7:48am RT @Snowden: "Whoever blew the whistle about what Trump told the leader of Ukraine did so in the legally correct way, yet the allegation has… twitter
7:46am RT @JSTOR_Daily: Three NSA employees who did what critics said Snowden and Manning should have done, that is, go through the system and use … twitter
September 24th 2019
6:39pm 99% Invisible: 99% Invisible presents What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law overcast
6:07pm Every Little Thing: Alien Invasion: How Little Green Men Took Over overcast
1:55pm This is a big achievement (for me): My son is now a certified lead belayer at the local climbing gym! Yay! Lead climbing is a whole other level of fun.🎉 facebook
12:46pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 737: You Could See The “Screw It” in His Eyes overcast
11:21am Oktoberfest, 2019. Witness the song of my people. facebook
11:19am RT @ryanacash: From left to right: iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone XS iPhone 11 Pro Handheld and unedited. #shotoniphone twitter
9:22am The Daily: A Conversation With a Border Patrol Agent overcast
7:46am RT @Principles_1st: Hey, GOP—Here’s a principle: a sitting president should never leverage the office to pressure foreign governments into i… twitter
September 23rd 2019
8:37pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park youtube
4:09pm Illustrations of Autumn in a Tokyo suburb. (Click through.) facebook
11:36am This American Life: 683: Beer Summit overcast
11:13am The Daily: The President, Joe Biden and Ukraine overcast
8:41am RT @natalietran: When you’re a kid it takes ages between your turn in bowling. As an adult it feels like the moment you sit down a younger … twitter
8:40am When I get stuck in my own head, I just have to remember NDDYYSSA #NDDYYSSA #hamlet twitter
8:17am We'd long seen the hang gliders over the local hills, and this weekend Lillian took the kids for their first tandem flights. Maddie got stunts, and Aaron cau... facebook
September 22nd 2019
11:17pm Hang Gliding at Ed Levin Park youtube
4:00pm Planet Money: #940: Interest Rates… Why So Negative? overcast
September 21st 2019
2:15pm RT @amazingmap: 50% of Canadians live south of the red line #Map #Maps #Amazingmap #Amazingmaps #Canada #Population #Geography twitter
12:49pm RT @profkeithdevlin: To those who asked why Edward Snowden took his revelations to the @guardian rather than go the whistleblower route, the… twitter
12:46pm RT @page_eco: Fascinating: Moore’s Law predictions vs actual growth in transistor count. by @datagrapha twitter
7:25am Mazzetti's Bakery (a bakery) in Pacifica foursquare
September 20th 2019
1:32pm The Scathing Atheist: 344: Fish Taco Edition overcast
1:30pm Invisibilia: The Profile overcast
1:13pm Political Gabfest: Twin Cities overcast
8:14am The Daily: Anatomy of a Warren Rally overcast
September 19th 2019
5:24pm @HiromiCota @zannah I love this one. We can do it easier with Mr. J! twitter
5:16pm Fresh Air: Investigating Justice Brett Kavanaugh overcast
2:18pm Come for the homopolar motor sculptures. Stay for the pan to the cat. facebook
11:13am Revisionist History: Bonus: Malcolm Gladwell on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations overcast
8:54am RT @RoKhanna: Here’s how we can make sure that every American has fair and equal representation when they go to the polls on Election Day: … twitter
8:13am The Daily: Keeping Harvey Weinstein’s Secrets, Part 2: Gloria Allred overcast
September 18th 2019
6:27pm Koja Kitchen (a korean restaurant) in San Jose foursquare
6:04pm Fresh Air: Where Does Our Recycling Go? overcast
6:01pm Planet Money: #658: Strike One overcast
5:11pm ProTip: Section 7 of the man pages explains Linux concepts. You can open a random one (excluding some boring fonts) with: apropos -s 7 . | … twitter
2:31pm Radiolab: Tit for Tat overcast
1:34pm 99% Invisible: 371- Dead Cars overcast
10:04am A little Streisand Effect here. twitter
9:27am The Daily: Keeping Harvey Weinstein’s Secrets, Part 1: Lisa Bloom overcast
8:58am RT @SlenderSherbet: "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP, TERRY" twitter
September 17th 2019
9:45pm This American Life: 477: Getting Away With It overcast
1:42pm RT @ACLU: This book contains no government secrets that have not been previously published by respected news organizations. @Snowden wrote … twitter
1:24pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Stitch Fix: Katrina Lake overcast
1:09pm Every Little Thing: Limbo: The Haunting Backstory of Getting Low overcast
12:29pm RT @BrandonPhilips: California friends: Please call or email @GavinNewsom to support ranked choice voting for more Californians. Voting is … twitter
9:34am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 736: Leave the Phone, Save the Donuts overcast
9:25am The Daily: Who Really Attacked Saudi Arabia? overcast
9:07am It's interesting and scary to see these clickbait headlines take a life of their own. "Richard Stallman who defended Jeffrey Epstein" and "Richard Stallman D... facebook
September 16th 2019
11:19pm Just read "The Walking Dead" volume 32 in exactly the spirit that Kirkman intended. It was really, really good not to be spoiled. What a fun ride. facebook
12:24pm RT @davidfrum: The Kavanaugh defense was not "Yes, I drank too much in my last year of high school and first year of college, misbehaved in… twitter
8:25am The Daily: The C.I.A. Spy Inside the Kremlin overcast
September 15th 2019
10:48pm Here's a tip to optimize your history use in Linux. #ProTip twitter
12:59pm North Beach Pizza (a pizza place) in San Mateo foursquare
10:44am Ryptic Room Escape - 3rd Avenue (an arcade) in San Mateo foursquare
9:40am Welcome dokuwiki
9:09am @LibraryThing @librarythingtim Have LibraryThing RSS feeds stopped? Consider "Version Control" in yesterday, but not… twitter
September 14th 2019
9:27pm Fresh Air: Behind-The-Scenes Of The Weinstein Investigation overcast
7:27pm The Daily: ‘1619,’ Episode 4: How the Bad Blood Started overcast
2:26pm @yacitus Contrarian that I am, I waited to finish the book before replying. Yes, I recommend it. Don't know if it was me or the book, but it… twitter
September 13th 2019
6:54pm Taqueria Las Vegas (a mexican restaurant) in Milpitas foursquare
6:16pm Fresh Air: The CIA’s Secret Search For Mind Control overcast
5:42pm Musca Domestica! facebook
3:11pm Planet Money: #939: The Working Tapes Of Studs Terkel overcast
8:19am Political Gabfest: Democratic Debate Special: Slate Plus Teaser overcast
8:18am The Daily: The Third Democratic Debate overcast
September 12th 2019
6:11pm Political Gabfest: Last Mustache in Washington overcast
1:52pm Fresh Air: Trump’s Businesses & Conflicts Of Interest overcast
1:43pm The Scathing Atheist: 343: The Harder They Falwell Edition overcast
9:25am RT @dorrismccomics: twitter
8:54am Reply All: #147 The Woman in the Air Conditioner overcast
8:27am The Daily: An Interview With Andrew Yang, the Outsider at Tonight’s Democratic Debate overcast
September 11th 2019
9:30pm RT @RBReich: 6 e-cigarette deaths ever: Vape control now! 36,000 gun deaths annually: Thoughts and prayers. twitter
9:13pm RT @FairVoteCA: #SB212 is on its way to the Governor. Thank you @BenAllenCA and @DavidChiu! #SB212 allows counties to use top two or RCV t… twitter
6:16pm This American Life: 205: Plan B overcast
5:25pm RT @absurdistwords: Ok. If you want to know what fascist propaganda is, let this be your exemplar. This is a celebration of state violence… twitter
4:42pm Soooo... I got the answer wrong, and since I did, I am now keeping my word and posting this picture (selected by Daryl Spitzer). I'm challenging my friends ... facebook
3:24pm Planet Money: #794: How To Make It In The Music Business overcast
3:01pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: Dippin’ Dots: Curt Jones overcast
8:15am The Daily: John Bolton Is Fired. Or Did He Resign? overcast
September 10th 2019
6:17pm 99% Invisible: 370- The Pool and the Stream Redux overcast
2:56pm Every Little Thing: Putting a Phantom Tune to Rest overcast
2:44pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 735: I’ve Got a Chatroom in My Thigh overcast
12:26pm RT @CREWcrew: Prestwick airport near Trump Turnberry received $0 in payments from DoD between 2008 and 2017. In 2018, DoD payments suddenly… twitter
9:33am The Daily: A Historic Peace Plan Collapses overcast
8:32am RT @NicolasHeidorn: Bravo also to sponsor @FairVoteCA and thank you to supporters @LWVC , @ACLU_CAP, @aaaj_alc, + more! twitter
September 9th 2019
10:46am I'm still slowly working my way through "Version Control" but I get the idea that @dexterauthor might also like the contrast between the ima… twitter
10:41am I love the contrast between the image's text and the alt text, "ERROR: We've reached an unreachable state. Anything is possible. The limits … twitter
10:35am RT @paulkrugman: Now imagine the same thing happening to the agencies that produce employment, inflation, and growth statistics. It's not ha… twitter
9:38am The Daily: Parliament Strikes Back in Britain overcast
8:38am RT @GoodyearBlimp: It’s literally what we do, Maureen. twitter
7:56am The Scathing Atheist: 342: The “Where’s My Fiddle?” Edition overcast
September 8th 2019
10:09pm ProTip: You can disable the blur on the Windows 10 Sign-In screen. twitter
3:57pm Century 16 at Pacific Commons and XD (a movie theater) in Fremont foursquare
September 7th 2019
11:23pm RT @michaelharriot: Thread: Today I learned the interesting story of Abaco, the island in the Bahamas hit hardest by hurricane Dorian. twitter
11:00pm Tim O'Reilly said tax rates have never influenced his business decisions, and believes tax cuts don't result in economic growth. (This was on Google+, in 2012) facebook
10:37pm So I like Billie Eilish even more after this interview with her and her family. facebook
12:04pm Planet Money: #938: The Marshall Plan overcast
11:58am The Daily: ‘1619,’ Episode 3: The Birth of American Music overcast
12:36am @yonatanzunger Do you happen to still have the image that accompanied your 2014 Google+ post "Spotted in Mountain View: notorious space gang… twitter
September 6th 2019
5:59pm Radiolab: What’s Left When You’re Right? overcast
3:30pm RT @galacticdad: oh god oh fuck twitter
2:14pm Political Gabfest: Prolix Prorogue overcast
12:23pm RT @JoshRudes: .@washingtonpost has been "reliably told" that Trump is intentionally withholding a White House visit and US military aid "in… twitter
8:13am The Daily: The Secret Push to Strike Iran overcast
September 5th 2019
11:17am Crimetown: Bonus Episode: The Streets Don’t Love You Back overcast
9:25am "Every one of us remembers being failed by the Proper Channels once. We can all picture the cop and the swim coach exchanging nods, closing ranks to protect ... facebook
9:21am RT @nickyknacks: I'll usually spend six hours writing a piece to get it out of my head. After writing this one yesterday, I'm thinking about… twitter
8:11am The Daily: Walmart Enters the Gun Control Debate overcast
7:46am RT @igorbobic: here’s a thought bubble: If the Pentagon has suddenly decided it doesn’t need to fund projects it has previously deemed criti… twitter
7:44am RT @usclimatestrike: YUP 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. Warren got it right here. The fossil fuel industry wants it to seem like we're banning planes, taking peopl… twitter
September 4th 2019
7:29pm I'd have made it just vol. MMXIX. But still - Republicans cheating! twitter
6:31pm How I Built This with Guy Raz: The Life Is Good Company: Bert and John Jacobs overcast
6:14pm Planet Money: #371: Where Dollar Bills Come From overcast
1:29pm Reply All: #130 The Snapchat Thief overcast
11:35am "In the study, it appeared as though aspirin didn’t work [increase survival rate from a heart attack] for Libras and Geminis but halved your risk of death if... facebook
11:12am Worth the read: "How to Kill your Tech Industry" twitter
9:16am The Daily: The Sudden-Death Phase of the Democratic Primary overcast
8:17am RT @catvalente: Happy September everyone! I just found out that sea urchins are called sea urchins because hedgehogs used to be called urch… twitter
September 3rd 2019
8:59pm RT @nowthisnews: ‘It doesn’t really go away. You manage it.’ — Bill Hader opened up about the reality of having anxiety and how to deal with… twitter
7:45pm The Scathing Atheist: 341: Bear it All Edition overcast
7:38pm 99% Invisible: 369- Wait Wait…Tell Me! overcast
5:58pm This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 734: Forking Windows overcast
3:47pm This is what the "sincerely held religious beliefs" law is for. To suppress classes of people that would otherwise have protections. Did thi… twitter
2:59pm RT @PooltoyWolf: So I went to put away my wind chimes for #HurricaneDorian, and... 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 twitter
10:14am @neonepiphany I just fired off a question to my entire family to see if they can't do it. Now to adopt an alternating rumble/kegel exercise … twitter
9:31am The Daily: A Potential Peace Deal With the Taliban overcast
8:24am RT @psybermonkey: Me: *destroys spider web Spider: wow Me: *puts up fake spider web Spider: WOW twitter
September 2nd 2019
10:09pm RT @KenTremendous: Our tax dollars paid money directly into the President’s personal bank account, just because. The fact that anti-tax hawk… twitter
September 1st 2019
6:05pm Izumi Sushi (a sushi restaurant) in San Francisco foursquare
2:55pm Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:41pm Boba Guys (a bubble tea shop) in San Francisco foursquare
2:22pm Dogpatch Boulders (a climbing gym) in San Francisco foursquare
10:33am instagram
10:11am Blue Bottle Coffee (a coffee shop) in San Francisco foursquare
August 31st 2019
9:35pm RT @runwithskizzers: There is a bill that passed the house, & has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk since FEBRUARY but since he is … twitter
7:50pm Planet Money: #937: Moving To Opportunity? overcast
7:47pm The Daily: ’1619,’ Episode 2: The Economy That Slavery Built overcast
August 30th 2019
3:35pm Starbucks (a coffee shop) in San Jose foursquare
3:13pm Crimetown: S2 E19: From the Ashes overcast
12:26pm Also to @SallyQYates twitter
11:50am a crack runs through it instagram
11:07am Political Gabfest: Don’t Worry I’ll Pardon You overcast
9:34am "Decades later, 81 percent of these faithful white evangelical soldiers for Jesus stood up and voted for Trump, the epitome of glitz, greed and bigotry." facebook
8:29am Dad inspiration. twitter
8:05am The Daily: Political Mayhem in Britain and Italy overcast
August 29th 2019
6:02pm Revisionist History: The Queen of Cuba overcast
2:47pm You guys! There's a False Knees book! twitter
2:37pm Click through to see context for this reply from DARPA. facebook
2:34pm RT @DARPA: @ambivalentricky Please. Demogorgons are such a Department of Energy thing. twitter
11:03am Planet Money: #936: The Modal American overcast
10:39am Fresh Air: Emmys Week: Ava DuVernay & Michael K. Williams overcast
8:26am The Daily: Why Uber Still Can’t Make a Profit overcast
August 28th 2019
6:09pm Fresh Air: Emmys Week: Phoebe Waller-Bridge / Ben Stiller & Patricia Arquette overcast
11:32am Radiolab: The Memory Palace overcast
8:16am The Daily: Why the Amazon Is Burning overcast
August 27th 2019
6:33pm Fresh Air: Emmys Week: Bill Hader & John Mulaney overcast
6:33pm 99% Invisible: 368- All Rings Considered overcast
5:06pm @zannah , because it was you, I misread that RT as SparkleNotes, not SparkNotes. twitter
10:59am How I Built This with Guy Raz: Aden + Anais: Raegan Moya-Jones overcast
9:25am This Week in Tech (MP3): TWiT 733: Fake Moos overcast
9:24am The Daily: How the U.S.-China Trade War Hurts the Rest of the World overcast
8:48am “My concentration starts to drift after a page or two. I get fidgety, lose the thread and begin to look for something else to do.” (a quote from Nicholas Car... facebook
August 26th 2019
11:15am This American Life: 682: Ten Sessions overcast
9:24am The Daily: The First Women to Report Jeffrey Epstein overcast
August 25th 2019
1:21pm Radiolab: Right to be Forgotten overcast
August 24th 2019
11:07pm RT @wilsonhartgrove: For those who think it’s “divisive” to acknowledge 400 yrs of systemic racism in America, a photo of the Klan rally in … twitter
4:46pm The Daily: Introducing ‘1619,’ a New York Times Audio Series overcast
2:44pm Invisibilia: Kraftland overcast
2:25pm Reply All: #41 What It Looks Like overcast
2:06pm The Scathing Atheist: 340: One Nation, Indivisible Edition overcast
9:39am Crimetown: S2 E18: United States v. Kwame Kilpatrick overcast
9:33am Planet Money: 935: You Asked For A Food Show overcast
12:45am Long Long Man youtube_favorites
12:31am The latest 99% Invisible podcast is about the "Peace Lines" in Ireland separating the Protestants from the Catholics, and what life nearby is like. The same ... facebook
August 23rd 2019
4:33pm It's gotten to the point that when I learn about Linux's eventfd, I hope @b0rk's made a zine page for it, so I can learn about it even more … twitter
1:21pm @yacitus Glad you said that. When it wasn't my usual "The Daily" I skipped it. I'll make room for it. twitter
11:30am Political Gabfest: 1619 overcast
August 22nd 2019
6:30pm Every Little Thing: How to Get Rid of an Earworm